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UPDATED May 2024

Discover the most accurate and simple bathroom scales on the market in 2024.

SCALE 2024


This scale lets you keep track of your weight loss data via an included app, but it also works with other popular apps too. You can even input your target weight and track your progress over time.


Capable of syncing to multiple devices, this bathroom scale can help you track your progress and keep track of your weight loss goals. The scale works with most popular apps and comes with a five-year warranty.


Many reviews pointed out that syncing this scale to other devices took some time. Other reviews claimed that it listed their weight wrong.


With this scale, you can now keep track of both your bone and muscle mass. It syncs with most devices and will work with apps to help you transfer that information to any device you use.


Designed to help you lead a healthier lifestyle, this scale has a digital design and provides you with information about your weight and overall health. It’s one of the only scales on the market that monitors body fat and muscle mass.


Some reviewers claimed that this scale provided them with inaccurate data. A small number of users thought it was too small also.


With an overall weight capacity of 400 pounds, this scale is suitable for users of different sizes. The four built-in sensors do a great job of determining your weight and other measurements.


Compatible with both Apple and Android devices, this scale keeps track of 13 different measurements that you can view on your phone. With four sensors on the top, this scale gives you accurate data too.


We saw a few reviews from users who complained that they couldn’t sync the scale to their devices. Some shoppers complained about getting junk mail from the manufacturer after registering the scale too.


No matter what type of device you have, you can use this scale to stay on track. It automatically shares data to a device when you sync the two for added convenience.


Similar to the Weight Gurus model, this scale costs less and helps you save some money. You can weigh and measure yourself without keeping your phone handy because the scale will share that data when you sync the two later.


Depending on the charging method that you use, charging the scale may take more time than you would like. You may have problems syncing it to other devices or apps too.


You can save time with this scale, which gives you an instant reading as soon as you step on the top. It uses tempered glass with an impact-resistant design that will last for years.


You can weigh every member of your family with this scale, which even has a Baby Weight mode for tracking the growth of your child. As soon as you step on the scale, it gives you a reading.


When you move or shift, the scale may display inaccurate readings. You may have some issues syncing it to other devices in the future also.

Shopping Guide for the Best Bathroom Scale

When you make a list of goals for the coming year, the odds are good that losing weight appears on that list. While many people want to lose weight, not everyone realizes how much the best bathroom scale can help. If you still think of those old-fashioned analog scales from years past or the one your doctor uses, now is a great time to look at some of the newer digital models. The best bathroom scales for 2024 do more than just tell you how much you weigh. You can also find out about muscle mass and other factors. These bathroom scales are also aesthetically pleasing, and can be a nice touch to a bathroom remodel.

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New bathroom scales even work with other apps and devices. No matter what weight loss app you use, you can download it to your phone and then sync that device to the scale. Depending on the model that you choose, the scale may automatically transfer all that data and information to your phone, which lets you share it with your doctor and friends. Our shopping guide for the top bathroom scales for 2024 includes the top five scales for your bathroom and tips on buying the best model.

Shopping Guide for the Best Bathroom Scale

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Selection Criteria

Before working on our list of the best bathroom scales for 2024, we sat down and created a list of the features that matter the most to shoppers. Those features include a bright display that they can easily see and accurate readings. You wouldn’t want to spend money on a scale that constantly says that you weigh more or less than you really do. We also looked at some of the more popular weight loss apps to see which ones people use today. As we looked at scales, we found products that are compatible with those apps, which lets you share data and sync other devices to the scale.

To make sure that we really found the best of the best, we went to Amazon and looked at the products ranked the highest by customers. We went through pages of the highest ranked bathroom scales to weed out those with a high number of negative reviews. After comparing each of those scales to our list of the top features, we found the five best bathroom scales that are worth your money. Not only can you read more about those scales in our shopping guide, but you can also find out what features are the most important when it comes to bathroom scales.

Selection Criteria

BMI Basics

BMI stands for Body Mass Index and is a good indicator of whether you are healthy or not. You can use the chart below to determine if you are at a healthy weight based on your BMI.

A common complaint that we saw when looking at bathroom scales was that many models have a dim display. Weight Gurus added a backlit display to this model, which allows you to see your weight and all other data at any time of the day or night. As the number one manufacturer of smart scales today, Weight Gurus wants you to be as happy and satisfied with your purchase as possible. You can call the company’s St. Louis office to ask questions before you make a purchase and after the scale arrives. This scale comes with a five-year warranty that covers the digital display and all other parts.

We like that this one syncs with most devices but that it doesn’t require you have that device with you when you step on the scale. It will record all the measurements and data for future use. When you use it with your phone or tablet later, the scale will automatically send the data to that device. This scale works with a number of fitness apps too, including Google Health and Apple Health. You can also sync the scale to almost any FitBit model.

Benefits of Modern Scales

  • Accurate readings: One of the top benefits of new bathroom scales is that you’ll get the accurate readings that you want. You no longer need to wait for the scale to finish bouncing around because those results will appear almost instantly.
  • More information: While old scales simply tell you how much you weigh, new scales can give you information about your BMI, muscle mass and bone mass. Some of the scales we saw can also give your percentage of water weight and your overall percentage of fat in comparison to your total body weight.
  • Sync capabilities: You’ll also like that you can sync one of the newer scales to any fitness app that you use and any device that you own. The information that the scale finds and shares will help you stick to your diet while out and about. You can also share that information with your doctor.
  • Goal weight: With a new scale, you can weigh yourself and then record your goal weight. It will keep track of the progress made towards meeting that goal and let you know how much further you need to go.
Benefits of Modern Scales

Food Scale Benefits

A food scale is a great tool that you can use in combination with a bathroom scale. These devices are smaller in size and help you measure out the exact amount of food that you need for a meal or a snack. You can also use one of the newer food scales to count calories and record the number of calories you consume daily.

No matter how much weight you want to lose, you may find that you don’t lose as much as you would like. Other scales can actually leave you feeling discouraged because they only give you a reading based on pounds. This scale is accurate down to 0.2 pounds, which shows you exactly how much weight you lost in a day or a week. You can use those readings to feel better about yourself and to feel more confident.

It can also analyze your data and tell you how much muscle mass you gained or how much body fat you lost, which can be just as important as weight loss.

Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, this scale connects almost instantly to any device that uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology. It will instantly transfer data to a connected device without requiring any pesky cords. This also allows you instantly update the scale. The scale not only checks your body weight but also gives you important information about other factors like bone mass and body fat. You can even use this scale to see how many calories you burned off from day to day.

Types of Bathroom Scales

Analog Scale
Manufacturers use the terms analog and mechanical to describe the same types of scales. These models look more like the old-fashioned options that you used as a kid. Most models feature some type of metal base with a textured plastic or rubber cover on the top that keeps your feet from slipping off. A mechanical scale has a small opening on the top with black numbers against a white background. When you step on the scale, those numbers will move to show you your current weight.

Digital Scale
If you want an accurate way to keep track of your weight, you’ll want a digital scale rather than an analog model. Digital scales are more accurate and easier to see because of the digital display on the front. When you step on the scale, it will automatically determine your weight and give you an accurate reading. Some models are more accurate than others though and will give you an exact reading down to a small percentage of a pound.

Body Fat Scale
While you care about how much you weigh, you should also care about your overall percentage of body fat. A body fat scale is a special type of scale that tells you both your weight and your body fat percentage. These models will come in handy during the early days of your diet. You may want to focus more on burning calories and reducing the number of fatty deposits that you have than on how much you weigh.

Body Analyzing Scale
Serious fitness buffs highly recommend body analyzing scales for those who want to tone up and lose weight. Though similar to body fat scales, these models will provide you with even more information. You can see what your BMI is right now and keep track of how it drops over time until you reach a healthier category. Body analyzing scales also tell give you bone and muscle mass readings and can keep track of water weight.

Whether you use an Apple or an Android device, you can sync this scale to that device and carry all your important health data with you. The manufacturer made an app that you can download from either app store to access your health information when you’re away from the scale. This app lets you set a weight loss goal and keep track of that goal over weeks or months. It also shows you how much you changed from one day to the next in terms of overall weight lost and your current BMI.

This app lets you view trends to track your progress and see when you performed best too.

We like this bathroom scale because it’s accurate and because it gives you more information than other scales do. Instead of using just one sensor, this model has four sensors evenly spaced across the top. Those sensors work together to give you accurate readings about your weight. It can accommodate up to 400 pounds, which makes it one of the top scales for those who need to lose a significant amount of weight. In addition to telling you how much you weigh, it also gives you 12 other types of measurements.

Top Features of Bathroom Scales That You Should Consider

One thing you should consider is the overall size of the scale. Most manufacturers will tell you the dimensions in terms of length and width before you buy. Size is especially important if you are overweight or larger in size. Smaller scales can feel so uncomfortable that you need to lock your legs together just to stand on the scale.

A common issue we encountered when looking at bathroom scale reviews dealt with accuracy. Some reviewers had problems with the products they bought showing their weights. Some models may be a few pounds off, which can make keeping track of your weight loss extremely hard. You’ll also want to find out how accurate it is in terms of the information that it records and saves for you.

Weight Capacity
Though you might think that scales can measure hundreds of pounds, not all scales have the same weight capacity. That is why it’s important that you look for one with a weight capacity based on how much you weigh right now. This lets you know that it the scale will still work for you as you lose weight in the future. Most scales have a maximum weight capacity of between 250 and 500 pounds.

Multiple User Capacity
Just because you live alone or are the only person in your home concerned with losing weight, you may still want to purchase a scale that multiple people can use. Many scales will record your weight and measurements and allow you to access and look at that information later. If someone else uses your scale for any reason, it can throw off your measurements. The scale may even think that you gained an unexpected amount of weight. Some modern scales have multiple settings that let two or more people use the same scale and keep track of their private data.

As you compare different bathroom scales, you may want to look at the memory of the scale. You’ll want to ensure that it has enough internal memory to store all the readings and measurements that you want to take. It’s also important that you look at how long it will retain that memory. Some scales have limited storage space and will delete past readings to make room for new ones.

Other Readings
Very few people purchase scales today just because they want to lose weight. Many shoppers look for scales that will give them more info that they can use to customize their diet and exercise plans. Scales that tell give you a body fat percentage reading show you how much fat you have in comparison to your total weight. You can also find scales that give you readings relating to water weight, BMI, bone mass, muscle mass and even body age.

Tracking Options
In our section on the benefits of modern scales, we talked about how these newer models will work with both cell phones and fitness apps. As you shop for a new scale, think about the type of device that you use to track your fitness goals and the apps that you use on a regular basis. Make sure that the scale you buy will work with that app and device. You may want to look at how it shares data too.

How Do Bathroom Scales Work?

How Do Bathroom Scales Work?​
This RENPHO smart bathroom scale uses a unique type of technology that tracks and records all your measurements to give you the most accurate data possible. Though it gives you readings about your current weight and BMI, it also tells you how much water weight you carry and the total amount of body fat that you have. You can also check out your bone and muscle mass. One feature of this scale has that others do not have is a body age feature. It collects all your measurements and then determines the age of your body based on those features. That can be the kick in the butt that you need to get active.

Designed to work with phones and other devices, this scale syncs with both Android and Apple devices. Once you sync the two, any information collected by the scale will automatically go to your device. If you weigh and measure yourself without that device nearby, the scale will save it and share that information later. Capable of supporting up to 396 pounds of weight, the scale has a tempered glass top that won’t break or shatter. It will also automatically calibrate itself to give you more accurate readings.

Compatible with both Android and Apple devices, this one syncs easily to any device or app that you want to use. It features technology that can give you a BMI reading and provide you with info about your muscle mass and bone mass. The scale can even give you accurate data about the water weight that you carry and your overall percentage of body fat. Parents also like this scale because of its Baby Weighing Mode.

This mode lets you see how much your child weighs and chart the progress that your baby makes over time. You can then share that data with your pediatrician.

Retailing for $45 and often on sale for much less, this scale from 1byone is a good choice for those who want to save money. Though it does many of the same things that more expensive scales do, it comes in at a lower price point. Unlike other scales in this price range that use plastic or ordinary glass on top, this model features a tempered glass top. That glass is impact-resistant and won’t break when you stand on it. The sensors placed underneath the glass do a good job of determining your current weight.

How Much Do Bathroom Scales Cost?

You can look at hundreds of bathroom scales and compare all the top features, but what it really comes down to is how much you want to pay. The best scale for someone who has more money to spend will be different than the best one for a shopper who wants something cheaper.

We found that a number of scales come in at around $20 to $50. These are more basic scales like analog models that have an old-fashioned scale that bounces around when you step on the top. You’ll find out how much you weigh but not much else.

If you can increase your price range to between $50 and $75, you can get a much better scale. These models give you more information and can give you an accurate BMI reading, which helps you keep track of your progress. Some models will also work with some of the more popular weight loss apps.

The top of the line bathroom scales retail for $75 to $100 and even more. These models let you connect a Bluetooth or wireless device and transfer data from the scale to your device and back again. If you have more money to spend on a scale, we recommend one of the more expensive models.

Cons of Talking Scales

Talking scales are scales that have a voice feature, which will state out loud how much you weigh and any other features that it monitors and records. While some people like these scales, you may find that you feel self-conscious with hearing your weight spoken. You may feel even worse if you share your home with others. The voice feature on this scales can fail before any of the other features do too.

Cons of Taking Scales

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Most doctors’ offices use a type of counter balance scale. These models feature a small platform that you step on and different weights that the doctor or nurse will move to determine your weight. Though you may find counter balance scales in gyms too, they aren’t really suitable for home use.

A: Though you can weigh yourself at any point during the day, the best time is usually right after you wake up in the morning. If you grab a snack or drink anything, including coffee or water, you’ll find that you weigh slightly more. Before weighing yourself, you may want to remove as much clothing as possible to get a more accurate reading.

A: You should keep track of your BMI because this reading tells you how healthy you are. When you fall into the obese or overweight categories, you are more at risk of suffering from medical conditions in the future, including high blood pressure and heart disease. Scales that track your BMI help you get down to a healthy weight.

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