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UPDATED July 2024

The best dog brush depends on your dog’s breed and how much hair it sheds.

BRUSH 2024


Suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs, this tool will help you keep your dog clean and happy. The metal teeth penetrate into the undercoat to remove as much hair as possible.


Designed for all types of hair, this brush is available in different sizes for dogs of all breeds. It has a reject button that lets you easily remove the hair too.


Some customers found that the brush didn’t work as well on long-hair pets as they expected. A small number of brushes also broke from regular use.


You can brush your pets for hours with this tool without feeling any discomfort because of its ergonomic handle. The rust-proof comb pops out of the brush, and it has a self-cleaning design.


The brush works on both cats and dogs and can remove up to 90% of the hair and fur that your pets shed. It has a quick release button for convenient cleaning and an ergonomic handle.


This brush may cause your pet some discomfort when you use too much pressure. When you use in on long-hair animals, you’ll need to clean it more often.


Fast and convenient are just two words that describe this brush. It lets you clean your pets without getting hair all over your home and keeps you comfortable as you brush.


A self-cleaning design lets you press one button to remove the bristles for peeling off the hair that came off your dog. It also has an ergonomic grip and a small area for your thumb.


The small size of this brush may be too small for your pets. Some customers found that their pets didn’t like the metal bristles.


One of the only brushes that help you clean up around your home is this one. The rubber side has a unique design that pulls any hair off your clothing and furniture.


The two sides of this brush let you remove hair from your pet and then get that hair off your clothing. It works well on smaller dogs and cats.


Some customers complained that the brush didn’t work well on dogs with longer hair. There were also some complaints about using it on pets with a thick undercoat.


Keep your dog happy and comfortable while grooming it with this glove that fits on either hand. You can use one side to remove shedding hair and the other side to remove hair from your furniture.


This 2-in-1 glove allows you to remove hair from your pet and then clean that hair off your furniture. It fits most sizes of hands and won’t irritate or aggravate your dog.


The glove can miss some of the hair and leave those strands floating in the air. It may not fit comfortably in larger hands either.

Shopping Guide for the Best Dog Brush

Grooming your dog is something that you should do on a regular basis, but if you’re like many pet owners, you probably put this task off. You might wait until the weekend or a night when you have more time. If you have the best dog brush though, you’ll have no problem regularly grooming your pet.

The best dog brush 2024 products come in different types and styles. While some are best for smaller dogs with a thinner coat, others work well on larger dogs with a thick undercoat. You’ll find products just right for your dog on our list of the top dog brush 2024 products.

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Dog brushes work especially well in the late fall and early winter. Many dogs begin developing a thicker coat that helps them stay warm. You’ll also want to use a brush in the late winter and early spring, which is when dogs begin shedding their coat to stay cool during the warmer months. Regular grooming can keep your dog happy and keep your home clean too. You may even find that you need to vacuum less often. Use our shopping guide to find out more about the top brushes and to get tips on grooming your pet.

Shopping Guide for the Best Dog Brush

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Selection Criteria​

Pet owners spend millions of dollars on supplies and tools every year, including food and accessories like brushes and leashes. When you purchase a brush that causes* your dog pain, you might feel so worried about causing it any future pain that you decide against brushing your dog. Regular grooming is an important part of owning a dog, but you may not have the money needed to pay a professional groomer. That is why we created a list of the best dog brushes that let you groom your pet at home.

When we started looking at product reviews, we immediately looked at some of the common words that customers used. We removed any products that caused dogs pain and all products that shoppers had a hard time using. That helped us narrow down our list from hundreds of products to just 20. It was then a matter of looking at the features and what customers thought about those brushes. We then identified the top five products that are suitable for all types of dogs and all pet owners. You can safely and confidently use any of the brushes on our list with your dog. View those products in the chart above and read down further to see detailed product reviews.

What is an Undercoat?

The term undercoat refers to the hair that your dog has directly against its skin. Most breeds have a thicker outer layer of hair and a thinner or fluffier layer of hair beneath. Dogs usually shed their undercoats a few times a year.

Selection Criteria​

This dog brush from Chirpy Pets is our choice for the best of the best. Though it functions like the brushes that cost $50 or more, it’s available at an affordable price that fits any budget. The brush has a thin metal comb located on the end. This comb allows you to brush your dog and reach both the outer coat and the undercoat at the same time. Though it does use metal, this comb won’t aggravate your dog or cause it any discomfort.

Once you finish grooming, simply grab the quick release latch at the top and give it a pull. This causes the comb to come out of the brush for quick cleaning.

Capable of removing up to 90% of the fur and hair from your dog, this brush has a rust-proof design that lets you use it right after bathing your pet. You can also run it through your dog’s fur after coming home from a walk in the rain. The brush has an eyelet on the end of the handle for hanging it on a hook or storing it next to your dog’s leash. This handle has an ergonomic design for added comfort too.

Benefits of a Good Brush

Though you might send your dog to a groomer and let a professional work on its coat, you should also consider doing some grooming of your own. You’ll find a number of benefits associated with a good brush.

  • Save money: Groomers can charge as much as $100 or more per session. You can get the results that you want at home with a brush that costs half this amount or even less.
  • Look good: Regular brushing of your dog will keep it from shedding. This lets you leave your home and feel confident that you don’t have any hair clinging to your clothes.
  • Keep your home clean: Grooming your dog with the right brush can keep your home clean too. Whether your dog has thinner or thicker hair, it will shed fur that clings to your curtains, carpets and furniture.
  • Make your dog feel good: Using the right brush lets you clean your dog and give it a gentle massage at the same time. Regular brushing can make your dog feel better. It can even reduce the tantrums or outbreaks that your pet has too.
Benefits of a Good Brush

Other Benefits of Regular Brushing

This brush gives you more control as you groom your pet because it has a dedicated spot on the top of the handle for your thumb. You can press down with your thumb to exert pressure when working on thicker areas of fur without the brush slipping out of your hand. The bright yellow design of the tool also ensures that you never lose track of it around your house. Thanks to the ergonomic design of the handle, the brush lets you groom any type of dog without any pain or discomfort.

A series of small bristles with rounded tips make this brush great for working on mats. You can keep one hand on your pup as you comb through those mats. Many dogs won’t even notice the brush. One reason customers like this brush is because of how easily they can clean it. When you click a button on the top, the bristles retract inside the brush. You can then run your hand right across the surface to collect all the hair it picked up and throw it away. With one more click, the bristles pop back out. This lets you groom your pet without hair building up on those bristles.

Types of Brushes

While we’ll go over some of the features to consider when buying a dog brush later in our shopping guide, we wanted to start with a look at each type of brush. Not only can you see the different types out there, but you can see which ones work best on different breeds.

Slicker Brush
Also called a sticker brush, a slicker brush is one that has use pins or bristles made from a thin type of metal or wire. You can choose between one that has a flat head or one that features a curved head. These brushes are often relatively inexpensive but may not work well on thicker coats.

Shedding Glove
A shedding glove is a convenient way to groom your dog without using a standard brush. These gloves often have a piece of rubber on one side with a number of small nubs. Those nubs grip each strand that they pass and pull loose hair from your dog. Some have a cleaning side that removes loose hair from other surfaces too.

Pin Brush
If you find your dog squirming or trying to get away from you when using a traditional brush, you may want to invest in a pin brush. The metal bristles on these models have rubber or plastic pieces at the end of each bristle. Those pieces keep the metal from digging into your dog’s hair and skin.

2-in-1 Brush
Similar to a shedding glove, a 2-in-1 brush is a brush that has a grooming side and a cleaning side. The grooming side may use bristles or pins that remove hair from longer and shorter coats. You can use the opposite side to remove the hair that came out during a grooming session.

Bristle Brush
A bristle brush for dogs is a product that looks like the brush you might use on your own hair. Most have plastic or synthetic bristles, but if you want to spend more, you can get one with natural bristles. These brushes are best for short-hair dogs.

Pin and Bristle Brush
Pin and bristle brushes combine elements of both types. You’ll have a handle that you hold and two sides that you can choose from as you groom. As you brush your pet, you can flip the tool over to use the side that works best for that type of fur. This helps you remove mats and make your dog’s coat appear shinier.

Shedding Tool
Shedding tools and shedding blades are products designed to reduce the amount of hair that your dog sheds on a daily or weekly basis. Several of the products on our list of the best are shedding tools. This type of brush features a metal comb that moves through the outer coat and the undercoat of a dog at the same time. Many have a design that lets you pop the comb out for cleaning.

Shedding Blade
Some dog breeds have a short or wiry coat that won’t respond well to standard brushes. You can brush your dog for hours without seeing any hair come out but still see stray hairs around your home. A shedding blade features a metal comb with individual teeth along the bottom. The handle releases to let you use the blade as a curved or a flat tool.

Undercoat Rake
If you have a dog with a thick undercoat that sheds constantly, you might prefer an undercoat rake. These tools come with a metal or plastic handle and an attached rake that has a number of metal or wire pins. You’ll find some with up to 20 or more pins on the end. Rakes remove more hair and work especially well on undercoats.

Types of Brushes - Pin Brush
Types of Brushes - Bristle Brush
Types of Brushes - Shedding Glove
Types of Brushes - Slicker Brush

No matter what size dog you have or its breed, you can use this brush and get the results that you want. This brush comes in a bright blue color with a lime green section on one side a black section with bristles on the other. It also has an ergonomic handle and a small hole on the handle for storing on a hook in your home. The cleaning side features small green rubber nubs that you can use for cleaning after grooming. Those nubs grip the hair that your pet shed and helps you remove strands from any piece of furniture.

You can also use the cleaning side to remove hair from your own clothing or from your floors.

The bristles located on the opposite side help massage your pet as you move. Each bristle features a small rounded end that won’t irritate your dog’s skin. The material used on this side is flexible and will bend and move as you run the brush over your pet. This helps the bristles change shape and form to remove more hair. It also has ventilation holes that give the brush more flexibility as it moves over your dog.

Reasons to Groom Your Dog Regularly

If you’re the type of pet owner who thinks you can get by with once a month grooming session or you think that you can let a pro groom your dog a few time a year, you need to look at the most important reasons to bathe and brush your dog.

Obedience Training
An important reason to groom your dog is that this serves as obedience training. Have you ever visited a friend’s house before and watched as their dog jumped all over you? Regular grooming teaches your dog how to sit still for an extended period of time. Your dog also learns that you won’t harm it during one of these sessions. When you start working with your dog at an early age, you’ll have an easier time grooming it in the future. You might slowly add in other grooming methods over time, including giving your pup a bath and clipping its nails.

Release Natural Oils
Depending on the type of dog that you have, you may find that the dog’s coat changes color over time. If you notice that your dog’s hair appears darker or duller than it did before, this is a sign that your dog needs brushing. When you brush your dog regularly, the simple motion of the bristles moving over its skin increases the dog’s production of natural oils. Those oils are what gives your dog its bright and shiny coat. The natural oils also act as a protective element that keeps your pup from developing skin conditions.

Check for Skin Problems
Another reason you should regularly groom your dog is that it gives you the time to check out your pup for any skin problems. Even if you take your dog for regular checkups, there are issues that your vet might miss. As you brush your pet, keep an eye out for any dry skin or any bumps. You’ll also want to look for any swollen areas. Dogs suffering from infections will often jump or try to run away when the brush touches certain areas of their skin. If you notice any sore spots or abnormalities on your pup, schedule an appointment to talk about that issue with your vet.

Stop Shedding
While some dogs only shed a few times a year, other dogs shed a small amount all year long. Regular grooming can bring an end to the hair that you see moving through your air and the fur that you find clinging to your clothing. Using the right brush lets you remove loose hair from the outer coat of your dog, which is the hair that might catch on your hands when you simply pet your dog. You’ll also have the chance to work on the hair that you cannot see. Regular bathing of your pet can also help with shedding because it keeps your dog’s coat healthy.

Pet and Human Bonding
The most important reason to groom your dog is that it helps you bond with that pet. An old adage says that dog is man’s best friend. When you take a few hours to groom your dog each week, you’ll find that this saying really is true. The simple motion of running a brush through the dog’s hair allows your dog to feel safe and comfortable with you. Brushing and other types of grooming can also help your dog feel more comfortable around other humans because the process teaches them how to socialize with others. This can help your dog stay calm around other humans and animals.

Steps in the Grooming Process

Reasons to Groom Your Dog Regularly - Bathe your dog
Bathe your dog
Reasons to Groom Your Dog Regularly - Dry the dog
Dry the dog
Reasons to Groom Your Dog Regularly - Clip its nails
Clip its nails
Reasons to Groom Your Dog Regularly - Brush the dogs teeth
Brush the dog's teeth
Reasons to Groom Your Dog Regularly - Clean its ears
Clean its ears
Reasons to Groom Your Dog Regularly - Brush the dog
Brush the dog
Even if you never used any of its products before, the chances are good that you head the name Fuminator. It makes dozens of products that you can use to keep your home clean and products designed specifically for pets like this brush. Suitable for dogs with thin or thick hair, this tool has a series of small metal teeth along the edge. Those teeth grip the hair that you cannot see and will remove more hair with each pass. It comes in a variety of sizes that allow you to pick the size that is right for your breed. Using this tool just 10 minutes a day a few times a week can significantly reduce the amount of hair that your dog sheds. We like this tool because of its convenient release button. This push button sits right on the top of the tool and lets you press it to pop out the comb. You can then run your hand across the metal and remove all the fur that came off your pet. It also has an ergonomic handle that lets you keep your hand in the proper position for longer or shorter grooming sessions.

Other Products from Furminator

Dog Grooming Tips

  • Work your way from the top to the bottom: Start brushing the hair on your dog’s head and around its ears. You can then work your way down the dog and along its sides before finishing with the tail.
  • Use the right motion: You can use short and even strokes on a smaller dog and use longer strokes on a larger dog. As you brush, vary the motion you use to see which one your dog responds to the best.
  • Brush forgotten areas: When brushing your dog, you might focus so much on its back and head that you forget that it has fur on its legs and toes. You may want to use a softer brush when working on these areas because harder brushes and metal bristles can cause your dog some pain or discomfort.
  • Work on the belly: Get your dog to lay down flat on its stomach before having it roll over to expose its belly. This is a sign of submission, and only dogs that trust their owners will expose their bellies. You can slowly run the brush over your dog’s stomach, using caution around the nipples.
Dog Grooming Tips

Signs Your Dog Doesn't Like Your Brush

As much as you love your dog, you might not love the way it moves and shakes when using a regular brush. If you have a pet that just can’t sit still during grooming sessions, you might find this 2-in-1 glove helpful. Unlike traditional brushes that use metal or plastic bristles, this glove has small nubs that massage your pet as you brush. This can help even the most rambunctious of dogs sit still. Designed for use on one hand, this glove fits most people and is easy to use. It lets you groom your pet while relaxing on the couch and watching television.

Another benefit to this glove is that is has a cleaning side that you can use around your home. This side features a soft material that actually attracts and collects the hair that clings to your couch and floor. One wipe of the glove across those surfaces and you’ll collect all the strands. When it comes time to clean the glove, you’ll find that you can easily peel the hair right off either side. You also get two e-books with this glove that provide you with valuable information about caring for your pet.

How to Choose the Right Dog Brush

Our guide shows you everything you need to know about the top dog brush 2024 products, but now is the time when you make your final decision. Before buying any of the brushes on our list or choosing one of your own, you’ll want to look over our tips for choosing the right dog brush.

  • Coat type: Always consider the coat type that your dog has. While bristle brushes are suitable for all breeds, those with longer bristles and a small number of bristles are best for dogs with long hair. Short-hair breeds do best with brushes that feature a larger number of shorter bristles.
  • Shape: Brushes come in different shapes, including round and square shapes. Oval brushes are better than those that use other shapes because the rounded edges let you brush your dog’s belly and legs without the hard edges poking into its skin.
  • Ease of cleaning: Looking at the ease of cleaning is especially important when looking for a brush that you’ll use on more than one animal. You must clean the brush in between pets to keep hair from transferring from one animal to the next. When the brush spreads hair between pets, you risk affecting the PH balance of your animals. We highly recommend self-cleaning brushes that let you easily remove the hair that they pick up.
  • Animal comfort: Keep in mind the overall comfort of your animal as you look at some of these brushes. If you have a pet with sensitive skin, one with natural bristles is better than one with metal wires.
  • Human comfort: Your comfort is just as important as the comfort of your dog. When choosing a brush, make sure that it fits comfortably in your hand and that it doesn’t have any spots that rub against your palm or fingers. The best dog brush 2024 products feature ergonomic handles that help you feel comfortable when grooming your dog.
  • Construction: If you have questions about the overall construction of the brush, check the reviews that customers posted. You should pay special attention to those that mention the handle breaking or the tips on the bristles breaking or popping off.

Most Important Features for Shoppers

How Much Should You Pay for a Good Brush?

If you watch television late at night, you might see commercials and aids for pet grooming tools that cost hundreds of dollars. You can get a good brush that will work on your dog for much less though. Furminator, which makes some of the highest rated grooming products, sells brushes that retail for less than $20. Even the most expensive brush on our list, the one from Chirpy Pets, retails for less than $30.

We recommend spending between $15 and $30 to get the best brush for your dog. Spending a little more lets you get a brush that will work on dogs with thicker and longer coats as well as pets with an undercoat. Those in the range of $20 to $30 may work better than those that cost less.

When you shop online or at a local pet supply store, you may come across brushes that cost less than $10 and some that cost just a few bucks. These brushes may only last for a few grooming sessions and can cause some pain when using one on your dog. Cheaper brushes have thin handles that can break the first time you run the bristles through a thicker patch of hair too.

How Much Should You Pay for a Good Brush


When working on mats, use a gentle motion and pay attention to how your dog responds. If the mats go all the way down to your dog’s skin, let a professional groomer remove them for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: You absolutely can groom and brush puppies. Many dog breeders, who professional breed dogs and sell the puppies, start brushing puppies weeks before sending those dogs to their new homes. You can start brushing puppies when they’re only three weeks old or when you bring home a new pup.

A: The time that you spend grooming your pet will vary based on the type of dog that you own. You should give your dog a thorough brushing at least once a week, though you may need to bathe that pet less often. Dogs with longer coats may require more brushing to keep their coats free of tangles.

A: You usually can use the same brush for a dog and a cat. Buying just one brush for all the animals in your home can help you save some money. You should make sure that you buy a tool that will work on the fur and coats of all your pets.

A: With the right tools, you can cut your dog’s hair at home too. You can use a comb and a simple pair of scissors, but you may find that clippers are a better option. Clippers come with guards that help you cut your dog’s hair to the same length all over its body.

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