Best Foundation For Dry Skin

UPDATED July 2024 

The right foundation for dry skin can hide blemishes and make your skin look softer. With our shopping guide, you can easily find the best foundation for dry skin.



With a formula that uses vitamin c and other ingredients, this product acts as both a primer and a foundation. It gives you a solid base and can prevent the appearance of wrinkles.


You can get the translucent and matte finish that you want with this primer, which also acts as a foundation. Not only does it leave your skin smooth, but it can help with dry spots too.


This foundation can make any shiny spots look worse. Most of the reviews were quite positive though, especially from those with dry or sensitive skin.


With nine colors to choose from, you can easily pick a shade that matches your natural skin tone. This complete formula will provide coverage while hydrating your skin at the same time.


This foundation provides good coverage and works with all the other beauty products you regularly use. It comes in multiple shades to match lighter and darker skin tones.


You might have some issues blending this foundation with your other makeup. Some reviewers thought the formula was a little too watery.


Suitable for use as a primer or a foundation, this stick foundation also helps you do touch-ups on the go. It can hide the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and other imperfections.


You can fight back against the signs of aging with this simple stick foundation, which goes on smoothly. The product works as a cover stick and a foundation and primer.


Some customers thought the color was a little too pink for them. One review stated that the stick broke apart the first time the shopper used it.


This formula goes on smoothly and will last for up to one full day. It comes in multiple shades and acts as a sunscreen to protect your skin when outdoors.


With an SPF of 20, this foundation can help you stay safe outside. The multiple shades available match most skin tones too.


Some shoppers received bottles that lacked the pump lid shown in the product description. Others thought the formula was too thick or heavy for their skin.


Whether you need a concealer or a small touch of color, Neutrogena has you covered with this tinted product. It actually hydrates your dry skin while giving you smooth coverage.


The unique formula of this tinted foundation hydrates your skin to reduce the appearance of dry patches. You can use it with or without other makeup products.


This foundation may not provide the full coverage that you need. Some older women complained that it stuck to their fine lines and wrinkles.

Shopping Guide for the Best Foundation for Dry Skin

In the same way that the foundation of your home acts as a base for each room, the foundation you use on your face acts like a base for any of the other products you want to use. The best foundation for dry skin is one that will function as a primer. It will cover the blemishes and imperfections that you see and help tone down any dark spots. You can use a good foundation for dry skin on its own or with other products without worrying about drying out your skin. We located the five best foundations for dry skin for 2024 that you can use daily.

Those with dry skin will often find that some beauty products can further dry out their skin. Some products can clog your pores and halt your body’s production of oils.

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Shopping Guide for the Best Foundation for Dry Skin

Your face may look and feel so dry that your skin itches or you notice flakes coming off when you wash your face at night. We found the top five products that you can use at home to get the look that you want without adding to the dryness that you experience. With our shopping guide to the best foundations for dry skin, you will easily find the right product for you.

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Selection Criteria

Not all foundations work as well for some women as others. Those with sensitive skin need products that are free of harsh chemicals and ingredients, while women with oily skin need products that will reduce shiny spots. If you have dry skin, you already know that using the wrong foundation can make your face look patchy and cause dry spots to form. As we worked on finding the best foundations for those with dry skin, we wanted to make sure that we found products that left skin looking clear and soft. That is why we consulted with both experts and real women.

We first used the web to find the foundations that experts recommend, including the products that stylists tell their clients to use. Once we had a list of product names in hand, we headed to Amazon. Not only did we want to make sure that you can buy all those foundations, but we also wanted to see what the reviews looked like. You can rest assured that all the dry skin foundations on our list have strong reviews and high ratings from customers just like you. Our shopping guide makes it easy to learn about these foundations and to find the best product for your dry skin.

What Features Helped Us Find the Top Dry Skin Foundations?

Selection Criteria - formula
Selection Criteria - rating, review
Rating / Review
Selection Criteria - price
Selection Criteria - color

Our top choice for the best dry skin foundation is this product from Monica Ann Beauty. This dual-action product works as both a primer and a foundation to create the smooth base that you want. You can use it as-is to get a light amount of coverage when spending the day outside, but you can also use it with other makeup.

The foundation will help smooth your skin and hide imperfections while also providing you with the translucent coverage that you need on a daily basis. The vitamin c used in the primer helps brighten your skin and make you look younger.

You’ll also look younger because of the hyaluronic acid used in the formula. This is one of the top ingredients used in anti-aging products. It gives you the sweet glow that makes you look younger and can also hide the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With regular use, this ingredient will tighten some of those wrinkles. Many women like that this is a liquid product that comes in a pump bottle. The pump allows you to dispense the perfect amount of liquid that you need. This foundation will also hydrate your skin and remove some of your dryness.

What are Some of the Benefits of Wearing Foundation?

  • Hide problem areas: The biggest benefit to wearing and using foundation is that the makeup will hide all your problem spots. You can make red patches disappear and cover up any blemishes that you have. Some foundations can even hide the appearance of dark circles under your eyes.
  • Get a smooth look: No matter what type of skin you have, you can use a foundation to get the smooth look that you want. The right foundation will blend any darker or lighter spots to make your skin look smooth and flawless.
  • Lasting coverage: A good foundation for dry skin can also provide you with the lasting coverage that you need. Not only will that makeup stay in place for a long day at work, but it can also keep up with a night of dancing or having fun with friends.
  • Hydrate your skin: One of the top benefits of using a foundation designed for dry skin is that it will hydrate your skin from the moment you put it on until you reach for your makeup remover later. Many of the top formulas that we ranked will work for 12 hours or longer to give your skin the moisture that it desperately needs.

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What are Some of the Benefits of Wearing Foundation

Types of Foundations

Before we get into the basics of picking the right foundation for your dry skin and selecting the best shade for you, we wanted to go over all the different types that you can buy. Most women automatically think of liquid foundations when they think of this type of makeup. Liquids are quite popular because they come in many different colors and are easy to blend with other products. You might find that you prefer a cream formula or a powder though. We’ll go over the main foundation types and talk about how you can use each one to help you decide.

Liquid Foundations

When you buy a liquid foundation, you can choose between one with an oil base or a water base. Those with a water base are often best for those with dry skin. Foundations with an oil base can cling to those dry patches and make your skin look bad. Liquid products work well on dry skin and will blend with any powder or other makeup that you want to use. You will find some bottles that come with a pour top and others with a pump. Those with a pump are easier to use and will reduce the risk of the liquid spilling.

Tinted Moisturizers

Not everyone needs or wants the same amount of coverage, which is why some companies make tinted moisturizers. These products are great for women with dry skin because the liquid will actually hydrate their skin throughout the day. A tinted product will provide just a hint of color, which is perfect for those who have good skin. You can get a soft and subtle look during the day and use the product to get a small amount of coverage at night. Some tinted moisturizers also have a high SPF rating and will protect your skin from sun damage.

Powder Foundations

Powder foundations are far better for people with oily skin than those with dry skin. These products come in small jars and in compacts. Compacts often have a small mirror and a brush that tucks inside, which makes it easier to do a few touch ups on the go. Powders give your skin a more natural look but do not provide the same coverage as liquids do. You typically want to skip using a powder if you have dry skin because it can make those patches look worse. Dry skin sufferers can use a powder to set another type of foundation though.

BB Cream

The term BB can stand for beauty balm or blemish balm. It has a much thicker formula than other types of foundations and is suitable for those with more skin imperfections. Many women suffer from skin discolorations that can make them embarrassed to be around others or nervous to go outside. With this type of product, you apply just a small dab to your problem areas and blend the cream against your skin. Many women like BB creams because of the hydrating effects of those products. Not only do you get the moisture that your skin needs when you first apply the cream, but it will keep moisturizing your skin throughout the day.

Stick Foundations

Have you ever come home after a long day and discovered foundation leaking all over the inside of your purse? A great way to eliminate this problem and still carry makeup with you is with a stick foundation. Max Factor makes one of these products that many women love. A stick foundation is a product that contains an actual stick of foundation inside a small tube. You can apply the foundation right onto your skin and use a sponge to blend it without getting your hands dirty. Stick foundations also offer a convenient way to touch up your makeup when you’re away from home.

Color Correcting Creams

An even better option for those with serious skin discolorations is a color correcting cream. Also called a CC cream, this type of product goes on smoothly and leaves behind a nice finish. While it doesn’t offer as much coverage as other foundations do, it does a great job of correcting both darker and lighter spots to give your skin a smoother look. A CC cream has a more natural look than other products do. Those with dry skin may want to look for a cream with anti-aging properties or one with a hydrating formula.

Mineral Foundations

Though the foundation industry hasn’t changed much in the last few decades, some companies did introduce mineral products that feature real minerals. The most common type that you’ll find is a mineral powder. This type comes in a small container that has a built-in sifter. This sifter removes any large chunks of powder and provides you with small grains that you can easily apply to your skin. These powders are great for hiding some minor flaws and giving your skin a nice look. Those with dry skin should consider liquid mineral foundations over powdered formulas though because the powders can draw attention to dry patches.

Sheer Foundations

When you want some light coverage and a makeup that won’t feel too heavy on your skin, you should try a sheer foundation. Similar to tinted moisturizers, these products add just a hint of color to your face. You can actually use the product on a just a few areas of your skin such as below your eyes to hide dark circles or on your cheeks to highlight your amazing cheekbones. This type of foundation can provide more coverage too. It’s great for women who want to experiment with building because you can apply multiple layers to get the look and coverage that you need.

Shimmer Foundations

Do you remember those days when you added glitter makeup to your face before hanging out with friends at the mall? Shimmer foundations can help you recreate those moments while also giving you the flawless look that you want. Unlike glitter makeup that can highlight any problem spot, shimmer foundations feature ingredients that make your skin look like it’s glowing. You’ll often want to apply the product to any areas that you want to highlight instead of applying the foundation to your entire face. Shimmer foundation can take years off your life and make you look your best.

Waterproof Foundations

Depending on where you live and what you do every day, you might consider a waterproof foundation. This is a great choice for active women because you can wear the product all day without worrying about sweat wearing it off. Waterproof foundations are also a good choice for women who run marathons or exercise outside. You can also use this type of foundation when you work outside or live in a hot climate. While the waterproof formula will stand up to sweat and all types of moisture, it takes more time to remove. You’ll typically need a specialized makeup remover to get it off.

Whipped Foundations

Whipped foundations work well on most skin types. Unlike liquids that can run as you apply them to your face, whipped products are much thicker. Companies often start with a liquid foundation and then add air that they whip into the liquid, which gives it that thicker consistency. Some companies call these products mousse foundations because they have a mousse consistency. Women with dry skin often like these products because the foundation goes on smoothly and will not stick to dry patches. We also recommend whipped foundations for older women because the thicker texture keeps the product from clinging to wrinkles and fine lines.

Types of Foundations - powder
Types of Foundations - stick
Types of Foundations - bb cream
BB Cream
Types of Foundations - mineral
Types of Foundations - color correcting
Color correcting

Primer vs. Foundation

Though some of the products that we added to our list of the best foundations for dry skin will work as a primer, you typically need to decide between a foundation or a primer. You can think about a makeup primer in the same way you would a paint primer. Before painting the walls in your home, you’ll apply at least one coat of primer. It gives those walls a smooth surface that the paint can cling to and provides more coverage than the paint does on its own. Makeup primer works in the same way.

With a makeup primer, you create a thin line between any of the makeup that you use and your skin. This can reduce the risk of that makeup staining your skin and make it easier to remove later. A primer can also fill in the fine lines and wrinkles that the foundation would otherwise stick to on your skin.

You absolutely can use a foundation without a primer, but you cannot use a primer without a foundation. Foundation comes in different colors that you can match to your natural skin tone. If you want the benefits of a primer, you can use a little moisturizer or your favorite lotion before applying your foundation.

Tips for Applying Makeup Primer

Primer vs. Foundation - step 1
Step 1
Primer vs. Foundation - step 2
Step 2
Primer vs. Foundation - step 3
Step 3

Mineral foundation such as this one from Youngblood is a good option for those with dry skin. This formula contains natural ingredients that hydrate your skin and give you a dewy glow that you’ll love. You can use this as-is when heading into work in the morning, but it also works with other products. Some customers like using this as a base and adding some loose powder to set their looks. This is the same formula and product that you can get from an upscale salon. 

Amazon lets you have the foundation shipped to your home to save you some time.

We like that this liquid foundation is available in nine different shades. You’ll find products designed for both darker and lighter skin tones to help you match the foundation to your own skin. As the bottle comes with a pump hidden inside the lid, you can use more or less of the product as needed. That pump lets you apply the foundation with your own fingers or with a makeup sponge. When used alone, the foundation provides the smooth coverage that hides your flaws from the world. If you need more coverage or color, you can use a bronzer or powder.

Matte vs. Satin Finishes

If you ever wore lipstick before, you know that those products have either a satin or a matte finish. You have the same options available to you when picking a foundation for dry skin. A matte finish is one that is somewhat duller in appearance. Most of the top liquid foundations will go on smooth and then dry to a powder finish, which is similar to a matte finish. This can make you look more professional and is suitable for use before heading to work or running errands.

A satin finish is much brighter and sleeker. It gives you a dewy appearance that can take years off your real age. Many of the cream foundations that are now available give you a satin finish. Satin finishes are often best for those with dry skin because it adds some moisture to those dry areas. Once the product dries, it leaves behind a nice and slightly dewy look that can draw attention away from any dry patches too.

You’ll also find products that dry to a semi-matte finish. These are best for those who want full coverage but do not want the dry look that a full matte finish can leave behind.

Matte vs. Satin Finishes

Expert Tip

The best foundations for those with dry skin are stick and liquid products. These foundations contain more moisture and will do a better job of hydrating your skin than other types will.

Do You Need Protection from the Sun?

While you can wear foundation anytime you go outside, you need to apply a layer of sunscreen first. Sunscreen comes in different formulas with a number that stands for its sun protection factor. Also called SPF, you’ll find products with an SPF as low as five and as high as 20 or more. Many women choose products that will do two things at once such as a moisturizer that also acts as a sunscreen. You can apply the moisturizer to your face and wait a few minutes before applying your foundation. This gives your skin time to absorb the sunscreen.

To save some time and money, look for foundations that also act as a sunscreen. We saw a number of products with an SPF of 15 or higher. Instead of applying sunscreen and then your foundation, you can put the foundation on first thing in the morning and get protection from the sun later in the day. As with any type of sunscreen though, you should reapply the product every few hours and more often as you sweat. Even if the company claims the formula can last all day, you will want to reapply the foundation to protect your skin. You can also apply a light sunscreen on top of your foundation.

Do You Need Protection from the Sun

What SPF Do You Need?

No matter how much time you spend outside or what you do in the sun, you need a foundation with an SPF of 15 or higher. Those with sensitive skin and women with paler skin may want a higher SPF.

Getting the Coverage That You Need

As you read through our product descriptions and take a look at some of the top foundations, you’ll see terms such as full coverage and light coverage. One of the most important things you need to think about when buying foundation is how much coverage you want. This really depends on the look that you want to achieve and the number of blemishes or problem spots that you have.

Let’s say that you have a big date at a four-star restaurant in town. You’ll want a foundation that offers medium coverage. This type of foundation will hide red spots, acne and discolorations and give you a more seamless and smooth look. You’ll also want to use this type of foundation when taking professional photos and going on job interviews. Foundations that offer heavy coverage are typically best for actors and those performing on stage or screen. It looks too heavy and dramatic for everyday use.

Full coverage foundations are best for women who have a number of problem spots. While it can look a little heavy when worn during the day, it offers the best coverage for all those areas. You might prefer a product that offers less or light coverage for a day at the beach.

Getting the Coverage That You Need-light
Getting the Coverage That You Need-heavy

Though Max Factor ranks among the top makeup companies in the world today, it started with just a single man by the same name. The original Max Factor made a name for himself on Hollywood film sets as he helped actresses look their best on the big screen. As more women began using his products in their personal lives, he set up his own makeup company. The Stick Foundation that the company makes is one of its oldest products. Women used and loved this foundation for more than six decades.

They especially like the convenient design of the packaging. You can use the simple twist knob on the bottom to push up the foundation stick.

This design lets you use the foundation in many different ways. You can apply it with your hands or any of your favorite tools. The smooth coverage that it offers is suitable for everyday use, but you can also use it for touch-ups. If you need to hide a red spot in the middle of the day, you can apply a small amount and blend it into your skin with your hands. This foundation is great for women on the go because you can simply toss it in your purse and take off.

Foundations and Undertones

Depending on how old you are, you might remember the craze during the 1980s that had every woman trying to figure out what season she was. While we typically don’t use seasons such as fall and winter to describe skin tones today, we do talk about cool and warm tones. These terms refer to the undertones of your skin. If you have an olive skin tone that is slightly darker, you likely have warm undertones. The undertone that you have can play a role in what colors look best on you and what types of makeup products you should use.

Let’s say that you have cool undertones. This means that you look best in cooler and lighter colors such as pale purple and blue. If you have neutral undertones, you’ll look best in shades of blue and green.

You need to pick a foundation that will work with those undertones. For example, women with warm undertones will want to pick shades in the yellow or peach families. If you have cooler undertones, you’ll want to stick with foundations in shades of pink. Women who have neutral undertones will do best with foundations from the yellow family. If you choose the wrong shade, the foundation won’t blend into your skin.

How to Find Your Undertones

The best way to find out the undertones of your skin is with a simple look at your wrist. You should stand in the natural light and look at the main vein running through your wrist to see its color. The color of that vein corresponds to your undertones.
Foundations and Undertones

What Do the Reviews Say?

Some women find one foundation they love so much that they use the same product for years. When buying the same foundation that you did before, you already know that it works. If you want to buy a new foundation for your dry skin though, you’ll want to look at the reviews. We recommend looking at the customer reviews on Amazon and also looking at what the experts think. Some of the things you should look for in online reviews include:

  • Sponsored posts: When watching video reviews and reading blog or website posts, look at whether a makeup company sponsored that post. This means that the reviewer received the product for free. Those reviewers are less likely to be completely honest because they want to continue getting free products in the future.
  • Packaging changes: One issue we came across a few times was that manufacturers changed their packaging. You might see a bottle of liquid foundation that has a built-in pump but receive a bottle that has no pump. Customers often write negative reviews about the packaging issues they had.
  • Consistency: You should also pay attention to reviews that mention the consistency of different foundations. This lets you know whether the foundation is too thick or too thin for your dry skin.

Other Things to Consider When Checking Out Reviews

What Do the Reviews Say - foundation
What Do the Reviews Say - shipping
What Do the Reviews Say - computer compared
Computer compared
What Do the Reviews Say - review

Finding the Perfect Shade

We could spend thousands of words talking about all the different foundations for dry skin and what you need to do to pick the right one. The most important factor that you need to consider is the shade of that product. Far too many women only think about the way the foundation looks when they first apply it. Many of these products will actually dry to a slightly darker shade. That is why it’s so important that you check the way the foundation looks once it dries and sets. You may even want to use the bronzer or other makeup products that you usually wear when trying colors.

The problem with buying foundation online is that the way the color looks on your screen can differ quite a bit from how it looks in the bottle and when you put it on. Many companies now make shade tools that help you decide what color to pick. You can download an app right to your phone that lets you upload a photo of yourself and answer a few basic questions. The app will then tell you what undertones your skin has and which colors you should use. Some websites offer similar tools that you can use online.

Common Signs That You Picked the Wrong Color

Finding the Perfect Shade

As REVLON existed for a number of years, you probably used some of its products yourself. One of the top dry skin foundations available today is this COLORSTAY formula from the company. While other foundations will slowly rub off your skin during the day, the long-lasting formula of this product gives you more coverage that lasts longer. It can actually last for up to 24 full hours.

Unlike other foundations that offer minimum coverage, this formula provides the deeper and more intense coverage that you want. One application can completely hide any red spots and even out your skin tone.

No matter how dark or light your skin is, you’ll have no problem finding a color that is right for you because REVLON offers this product in a variety of shades, including Blush and Cappuccino. Though one application provides a smoother look that hides some dark spots, you can add more of the foundation to get the total coverage that you need. This formula features a combination of ingredients designed to fight back against the signs of aging and hydrate your skin at the same time. It’s suitable for those with dry skin because it will highlight your skin without drawing attention to your problem areas.

Tips for Choosing the Best Foundation for Your Dry Skin

  • Change products each season: No matter what foundation you love, it’s important that you change products with each passing season. Your skin will likely look lighter in the winter than it does in the summer because you spend less time in the sun outside. Many women use the same shades in the winter and early spring before switching to different colors for the late spring and summer.
  • Get more hydration: Your dry skin will likely worsen in the winter because of the dry air in your home and workplace. That is why we recommend using a product that offers more hydration during those long and dark months. You can also apply moisturizer before putting on your foundation and apply more moisturizer before going to bed.
  • Check for irritation: Some of the foundations designed for women with dry skin can cause some minor skin irritations. These products may contain moisturizers or oils that hydrate your skin. Those ingredients can irritate your skin and make it look red, but the ingredients can also make your skin look even dryer.
  • Go lighter: If you find yourself stuck between two shades, always go with the lightest option. You can always add a little bronzer or blush to the product or your skin. This will help create the blended and complete look that you need.
Tips for Choosing the Best Foundation for Your Dry Skin

What Can You Use to Apply Foundation?

The best tools for applying foundation include makeup sponges and brushes as well as your own fingers. Sponges work best with sheer and shimmer foundations and liquid products, while brushes are best for powders. You can use your fingers to blend two or more products together.

How to Apply Foundation

Once you find the right foundation for your dry skin, you need to know how to apply it. The basic method that many women use is something called the dab and blend technique. This method works best with liquid and cream products. You will start with a small dab of the foundation applied to the center of your forehead before adding more dabs to your cheeks, chin and nose. With a makeup sponge, carefully smooth the foundation across each area. You can then go back over those spots with a sponge or your fingers to blend the edges together. We also recommend taking a look at your neck to make sure that you don’t see a line between your face and neck.

Moisturizer is a must-have for anyone dealing with dry skin. You can apply the moisturizer in the same way and give it a few minutes to set before adding your foundation. Sunscreen that acts as a moisturizer will also work well. If you want to add some more color, you can use a brush to apply bronzer to the apples of your cheeks and just below your eyes. The bronzer will brighten up your face and make it look like you just came home from vacation.

What is a Beauty Blender?

A beauty blender is a type of special makeup sponge that comes in handy when applying foundation. Instead of looking like just another sponge, it has an egg shape with a point on one end. You can use the rounded and pointed ends when both applying the foundation and blending it with other products.
How to Apply Foundation

Tips for Applying Your New Foundation

  • Use water: If your skin is so dry that it cracks and peels, you might consider mixing your foundation with water ahead of time. Even a ratio of three parts foundation to one part water will create a liquid with a thinner consistency that goes on smoothly and better hydrates your skin. Once you add the water, you can apply the foundation in the same way you normally would.
  • Remove excess foundation: Foundation can sometimes appear so heavy that it looks like you have on a mask. A good way to prevent this problem is with a little blotting. After you apply the foundation, blot your face with a dry cloth or tissue to remove any of the excess before it sets.
  • Go light first: While you can build on each layer of foundation that you use to get more coverage, you should start with a lighter look. Though you can add more layers as needed, it’s harder to remove those layers later.
  • Set the look: The best way to set the look of your foundation is with a little pressed powder. You’ll want to dip a buff into the jar and give it a good shake to remove any excess powder. When applying the powder, lightly dust the buff across your face and jaw. You can also use a setting or finishing spray in place of the powder.

The Best Order for Doing Your Makeup

Tips for Applying Your New Foundation - sunscreen
Tips for Applying Your New Foundation - primer
Tips for Applying Your New Foundation - foundation
Tips for Applying Your New Foundation - mascara
Tips for Applying Your New Foundation - lipstick
Tips for Applying Your New Foundation - concealer
Tips for Applying Your New Foundation - blush
Tips for Applying Your New Foundation - eye shadow
Eye shadow

Foundations are often so heavy that the formulas can cling to your skin and make fine lines and wrinkles look worse than they ever did before. If you want a lighter and thinner formula, this Neutrogena product is the best foundation for you. As a tinted product, it contains ingredients that change the color of the liquid. You’ll find that you can find an exact match to your skin tone and that you can easily blend this liquid with other products. It offers a lighter amount of coverage than other products do but will still work great at hiding blemishes and other imperfections.

This is one of the best foundations for dry skin because it works in two different ways. The hydrating formula actually plumps problem spots to make dry patches look fresher and brighter. You may even find that it gives your skin a more youthful appearance. This tinted product also adds moisture to your skin and will work for up to 24 hours. The ingredient listing contains products designed to reduce the signs of aging too. Neutrogena offers this tinted foundation in 10 different shades to match all skin tones, including Classic Ivory and Caramel.

How to Store Your New Foundation

The chances are good that you probably use your makeup longer than you should and that you might store it in the wrong way too. Experts often recommend that you throw away opened makeup after as little as three months, especially products that you use around your eyes and mouth. When you use a brush or sponge, you risk transferring bacteria from your face into the makeup. You will then put those germs and bacteria right back onto your face.

If you use any foundation that has pigments such as a powder foundation, you should keep it stored inside its original container and in a dark spot. You can actually store the powder in a bathroom drawer or cabinet. This keeps natural and artificial light from degrading the powder.

We recommend storing liquid foundations inside cabinets and drawers too. As many of these products come in clear glass bottles, light can break down the formulas quickly. You may want to keep the bottle stored inside a makeup bag too. If the glass breaks, the bag will catch that liquid and keep it from spilling all over the drawer. We recommend that you tighten the lid and make sure the lid is on as tightly as possible before storing the bottle too.

Which Concealer Should You Use?

How to Store Your New Foundation

Common Foundation Mistakes to Avoid

  • Leaving behind streaks: If you are not careful when applying your foundation, you might leave behind some streaks that you don’t notice until you’re out of your home. The best way to avoid those streaks is with a blender that helps blend your makeup together.
  • Your foundation flakes off during the day: When you use too much foundation on top of dry skin, you might find that it flakes off later. This often occurs because you did not use enough moisturizer. We recommend applying moisturizer in the morning and at night and giving your skin enough time to absorb that liquid.
  • The foundation highlights your wrinkles: Both older and younger women often notice that their foundation sticks to their wrinkles and the other lines on their faces. An easy way to avoid this problem is with a change in how you apply the product. Instead of using foundation on spots where your skin is dry or wrinkled, just use a little moisturizer. You can blend the foundation that you use in other spots with that moisturizer to create a more natural look.
  • Red spots show through the foundation: Certain medical conditions can leave your face looking flushed and cause bright red spots. If your foundation stops working, you should look for one with more coverage. You may need to apply some concealer to those spots too.

Expert Tip

You can make your own tinted moisturizer from your favorite moisturizer and foundation. We recommend using equal parts of both. If you want more or less coverage, you can add more or less of the foundation.
Common Foundation Mistakes to Avoid

Tips for Testing a New Foundation

No matter how confident you feel when you bring home a new foundation, you won’t know how it actually looks until you try it out. While many stores have makeup counters that let you sample products, the artificial lights in those stores can make a foundation look great. It’s not until you get outside that you realize how bad it actually looks. We recommend using some simple tips when trying out a new foundation to make sure it will work for you.

  • Use natural light: Artificial light has a slight tinge to it that can change the way colors look. When trying a new foundation, you should always use it in natural light.
  • Apply to your jaw: When applying the foundation, place a small dab directly on your jaw. You’ll want to look at how well the color matches to both your skin and neck. The right foundation will blend the two areas and essentially disappear.
  • Compare results: We also recommend that you try two or more products to compare results. You can actually use any old foundations that you have laying around. Once you put a dab of each product on your jaw, you can compare the results and see which product looks best on your skin.

Expert Tip

If you have a hard time finding a foundation that looks right on your skin, feel free to mix and match two different shades from the same company or multiple companies. Some women find that custom blends are best for them.
Tips for Testing a New Foundation

How Much Does Foundation for Dry Skin Cost?

Foundation is one of the few makeup products that you should never scrimp on, but that doesn’t mean you should spend hundreds of dollars on a simple bottle or jar. The cost often depends on the type of foundation that you buy and the company that makes it. Companies such as REVLON make foundations that you can buy online or in a drugstore. Those products cost as little as $10 or less for a simple bottle of liquid foundation. The price for a liquid foundation can also climb into the $25 to $50 price range and reach as high as $100 or more for a bottle that has just one ounce of liquid inside.

While liquid foundations are among the most expensive, you’ll find that a stick product costs about the same. Max Factor offers its Stik Foundation for around $15, but you can also find package deals that let you buy two sticks for less than retail price. Most of the other types of foundations retail for $100 or less. You’ll find drugstore brands that offer cheaper products for more women and luxury brands that charge higher prices. While some assume that luxury brands feature better ingredients and will last longer, some of the cheaper brands have a great reputation.

How Much Does Foundation for Dry Skin Cost

Frequently Asked Questions

A: It’s important that you check the return policy before buying foundation, especially if you shop online. The way that those colors look on your computer screen can vary quite a bit from how the product looks in real life. Good companies and websites such as Amazon give you the chance to try the product and return it later for a full refund. If the color does not match your skin tone, you can get your money back.

A: A popular trend sweeping through the beauty industry is a product called a spray foundation. Similar to the products used on film and television sets, this is a type of foundation that comes in a spray bottle. You can shake the bottle and then give a light spray to completely cover your entire face in one motion. Spray foundations usually do not provide full coverage.

A: Though it might sound a little strange, you really can keep foundation stored in your refrigerator. The cold air will keep the formula from degrading and will make it last longer. When you use a product with a water or oil base, you’ll want to roll the bottle between your hands to bring it up to temperature and to incorporate all the ingredients.

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