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UPDATED May 2024

The right gaming mouse can help you stay on top of all the action and complete each move that you want to make. You can find the best gaming mouse with our shopping guide to the top models around.

MOUSE 2024


Thanks to the ergonomic design of this computer mouse, you can play for hours without any discomfort. PICTEK gives you adjustable settings for customizing the mouse too.


With seven buttons that you can program based on your needs, this PICTEK mouse is suitable for all types of games. It has an ergonomic design and both an adjustable roll rate and DPI.


Some shoppers received mice with covers that cracked with regular use. Others had issues with the way the mouse scrolled.


With good balance and weight, this Logitech mouse is great for those who want to use more caution when playing games. This mouse lets you customize features and lights based on your preferences.


The scroll wheel on this mouse moves incredibly fast to help you get through any level or stage as quickly as possible. You can customize all 11 of the buttons for more effective playing too.


The unusual shape and design of this mouse might feel uncomfortable or not fit in a larger hand. Some dislike the placement of the wheel on this model too.


Those looking for a basic gaming mouse that performs like an ordinary model will like this mechanical model. The long cord gives you more freedom and will not tangle as you move the mouse.


A rubber coating used on the outside of this mouse keeps your hands in place and prevents slips. It also has a braided cable that plugs into your computer that won’t tangle.


You may prefer a gaming mouse that features more buttons. This model is a little larger than others and won’t fit comfortably in small hands.


Lovers of sports games will appreciate this mouse, which SteelSeries designed for use with those games. This model is quite sensitive and features programmable buttons that you can adjust as needed.


Designed for use with esports titles, the Rival 600 helps you get your players across the field or court in seconds. It has mechanical switches and an optical sensor inside that work with all types of games.


Some customers had issues with the mouse disconnecting from their systems. Others who played more often found that the rubber wore down.


Though the Logitech G903 is expensive, it’s worth its price tag because of amazing features like its LIGHTSPEED technology. This model has an advanced sensor and all the customization features that gamers need.


With an accurate and reliable sensor, this is the top mouse for those who want an easier way to play computer games. Its LIGHTSPEED technology operates faster than any other model we considered.


This is one of the more expensive mice out there and may not work with your budget. A few users found the placement of the buttons confusing.

Shopping Guide for the Best Gaming Mouse

An ordinary computer mouse can help you accomplish most of the things you want to do online, including checking your email and reading the news. The best gaming mouse can completely change the way you use the internet and play your favorite games though. These gadgets have multiple buttons that correspond to different actions. You can click one to fire all your weapons at an enemy or to make your football player grab the ball and run down the field to score a touchdown. All the best gaming mice for 2024 are suitable for hardcore gamers and those who play frequently.

Our shopping guide to the top computer mouse for 2024 covers the most important factors to consider when buying one, including whether it’s compatible with your operating system and if it feels comfortable in your hand.

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Shopping Guide for the Best Gaming Mouse

You’ll also find sections that go over some of the different games you can play with a top mouse and how you can really make that gadget work for you. As with our other shopping guides, we’ll also give you some advice on how much you should spend. To find the ultimate gaming mouse that will work with your favorite titles, you’ll want to read through our handy guide.

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Selection Criteria

We spent hours looking online at the top gaming mice around to find just five that we recommend to our readers. Not only did we look at online reviews, but we also checked with some of the best websites such as PC Gamer and Tech Radar to see what models they tell gamers to buy. Though we did consider all their top models, we wanted to check with actual users to see what they thought. We wanted to find gaming mice that both experts and real gamers loved. To find those models, we looked at customer reviews in terms of what ratings they gave those products and what they mentioned in their reviews. If any model had a large number of critical reviews, we took it off our list.

Whether you look at the product matrix or our detailed product reviews, you’ll find everything you need to know about each mouse. We made note of any issues that multiple shoppers had and highlighted the benefits of the top models. You can rest assured that our shopping guide only includes the best gaming mice of the year. We recommend checking out those products via the links we provided after you read through the entire guide.

What Factors Determined the Five Best Gaming Mice?

Selection Criteria - DPI range
DPI Range
Selection Criteria - Adjustable features
Adjustable Features
Selection Criteria - Button placement , Ergonomic design
Button placement & Ergonomic design
Selection Criteria - Optical sensor
Optical Sensor

Why Buy a Gaming Mouse?

  • Fast response time: With an ordinary mouse, you might notice that it takes so long for your actions to happen that you miss out on an important step in your game. Gaming mice respond much faster and in less than one second.
  • Easy to use: These models are also easy to use and install. When you buy a wired mouse, you can plug it into the appropriate port and start playing. Wired mice may require a little more work because you need to connect the mouse to your system.
  • Compatible with most games: Whether you love battle games that recreate historic events or action games that let you save the day, you can use a mouse to quickly complete your tasks. Most of the mice we looked at are compatible with different operating systems and all types of games.
  • Less discomfort: Though you can play games with a regular computer mouse, you’ll often notice that your hand cramps up and that you feel some pain after playing a few levels. The longer you play, the more discomfort you’ll experience. Computer mice have an ergonomic design that lets you play for as long as you would like. You may find that a smaller or larger design works best for your hand though.

Types of Games You Can Play with a Gaming Mice

Why Buy a Gaming Mouse - Role-playing
Why Buy a Gaming Mouse - First person shooters
First Person Shooters
Why Buy a Gaming Mouse - Action
Why Buy a Gaming Mouse - Arcade
PICTEK offers the best gaming mouse for those on a budget because it offers all the features as some of the more expensive mice but retails for less than $20. As a wired mouse, this one is easy to use because you simply plug it right into your computer and start playing right away. You may need to download a driver or some software though, which your computer should do automatically. We like the great design of this model because it lets you wrap your hand around the sides and access all buttons at the same time. That ergonomic design will reduce discomfort too.

The mouse has four different rolling rates that you can choose from based on what games you play and how fast you want to scroll. It also features a variety of DPI levels that you can access via the two buttons on the top of the mouse. Each of the seven buttons located on the mouse allows you to set how you want to use them. You can program those buttons to work with the specific types of software that you use. This model has some bright lights and is compatible with most Windows operating systems.

Signs You Need a New Gaming Mouse

Even the best and most expensive gaming mice may only last for a few years or less. You can look over our list of signs that indicate you should replace your old mouse.

  • Slow response time: If you find yourself losing points and dying in your favorite games because your mouse does not respond fast enough, you should replace it. A good mouse will respond so quickly that your character will move almost instantly after you move the mouse.
  • Not comfortable: No matter what you like playing, you want to feel comfortable. If you experience any pain in your palm or fingers, you should replace your mouse. Some gamers feel sharp shooting pains in their hands or find that their fingers feel cramped the longer they play.
  • Short cord: You may want a new mouse because your old one has a short cord. That cord can make you feel like you cannot step away from your computer or leave you sitting too close to the screen. The cord should be long enough that you can move the mouse all the way across your desk.
  • Upgrade: Even if your old mouse works fine, you may want to upgrade to a better model such as a wireless mouse. A wireless mouse gives you more freedom and does not require that you plug it into your computer.

Most Popular Computer Games for 2024

Choosing a Mouse Based on Size

One important thing to consider when selecting a gaming mouse is the overall size of that mouse. As you read some of our product reviews, you’ll find that some are smaller or larger than others. A good way to decide what size is right for you is with a tryout. Even if you can’t try out the mouse on your computer desk, you can use it in the middle of the store to see if it fits comfortably in your hand. You should use the same grip that you usually use when playing. This gives you the chance to see whether you need to strain your hand to reach all the buttons or if you cannot reach some of the buttons.

We also recommend looking at the scroll wheel, which is usually on top of the mouse. If the wheel rubs against your palm, you may want to look at a different model. The best wheels will sit almost flush with the mouse and won’t irritate your palm. You can also look at the measurements listed by the manufacturer. It’s important that the top of the mouse fits comfortably inside your palm. You should also feel confident that you can use all the features of the mouse without moving or adjusting your hand.

Common Types of Mouse Grips

Wired and Wireless Computer Mice

Choosing between a wired and a wireless gaming mouse is really just a matter of preference. Have you ever used a wired computer mouse before and found that it kept you confined to one spot? The included cord, which some manufacturers call a cable, often has a USB end. You’ll plug that end into one of the available USB ports on your computer. If you need to download a new driver or any other software, a window should pop up on the computer that tells you what to do next. The main issue with corded mice is that the cord can tangle easily, especially if you use other accessories with cables and cords.

Wireless computer mice are best for those who don’t mind replacing batteries or regularly charging an internal battery. Many gamers like these models because they can use them anywhere around the computer. You can use one on a mouse pad while playing a game on your laptop in bed or while sitting in front of your computer desk. Wireless models that use ordinary batteries may not last as long as you would like though. Most gamers choose models that come with a charging system that lets them charge the batteries as they play or rest.

What to Look for in a Wired Gaming Mouse

Wired and Wireless Computer Mice - Cord length
Cord Length
Wired and Wireless Computer Mice - Braided design
Braided Design
Wired and Wireless Computer Mice - Securely connected
Securely Connected
Wired and Wireless Computer Mice - The diameter of the cord
The Diameter of the Cord

We knew that we wanted to include at least one Logitech product on our list of the best gaming mice because the company has such a strong reputation among gamers. Its G502 is one of its more affordable mice and comes with some nice features. This model has an optical sensor inside designed specifically for gamers. That sensor works quickly to transfer any movements you do with the mouse to the action on your screen. It has a high resolution of up to 12,000 DPI and a wheel that moves faster than you might imagine. Some shoppers wish that wheel was in a different place though because they occasionally hit it in the middle of a game.

Many gamers like all the features on this model that they can customize such as the lighting. You can change the amount of light produced as you play to help you focus on your screen without any distractions. This mouse also lets you adjust the speed of the wheel and program each of the 11 buttons. Not only will the G502 work with any computer that uses Windows 7 or higher, but it’s also compatible with Mac operating systems and with Chrome.

Do You Need Programmable Buttons?

Many of the top games today require some complicated movements. If you want to scale a wall, you’ll need to press a combination of buttons to move your character over to the wall and then have the avatar climb up the wall. A good way to cut down on the buttons you need to press and the movements that you make is to use a mouse that has programmable buttons. These mice come with manuals that show you exactly how to set up each one. You can then program the buttons to work with specific actions within your favorite game.

Let’s say that you usually play a racing game that requires you hit multiple buttons to drift around a corner in the middle of a race. With the right mouse, you can program one of the buttons on the side to drift for you. When you’re in the middle of a race, you can hit that button without taking your eyes off the course and without moving your hands over all the other buttons. While some gamers may not need programmable buttons, it’s a common feature found on some of the higher end models. Cheaper gaming mice may lack this feature.

What to Look for in a Wireless Gaming Mouse

Do You Need Programmable Buttons (1)

Heavy vs. Lighter Mice

You might find yourself so confused by the tech specs of different gaming mice that you never even think about basic factors such as weight. Weight is important because those that are heavier take more force to use. Whether you use the mouse right on top of your desk or on a mouse pad, you must use deliberate actions to move it. You cannot give it a slight nudge to make it move. Those who play games that require precise movements and actions often prefer heavier models. The extra weight keeps them from using too much force and allows them to make the careful actions they need.

Many gamers prefer lighter mice though. These mice are so lightweight that you can push one with your fingertips and watch it slide effortlessly across a surface. Lightweight computer mice are especially helpful for those who like role-playing and action games that require they move in multiple directions quickly. If you aren’t sure what type is right for you, you should look for a mouse with an adjustable weight design. These mice are a little harder to find but will let you change the weight based on any of the games that you play.

Benefits of Mice with Adjustable Weight Systems

Heavy vs. Lighter Mice

DPI Range and Sensitivity

Dots per inch is an important term that you need to know when looking at gaming mice. Manufacturers often use the abbreviation DPI when talking about this feature. This tells you the exact number of dots shown on a single page or screen. You want to choose the highest range possible, especially if you want a mouse that you can use with different types of games. Most of the mice we considered have a minimum DPI rating of 200 and a maximum rating of up to 10,000 to 12,000. Some models may have an even higher rating.

An important thing to keep in mind is that this rating can look different than you expected due to the resolution of your computer screen. If you play games on a computer with a lower resolution and use a mouse with a higher DPI, you may find that it doesn’t provide the clarity that you wanted. A higher DPI rating is best for games that require you make precise movements or that you find objects hidden in the background. It allows you to see more of the intricate details in your games, which can enhance your playing experience. Most gamers prefer a DPI range of between a few hundred to more than 10,000.

DPI Range and Sensitivity

Though some gamers prefer computer mice with numerous buttons, others prefer those with fewer buttons that are easier to use as the RAZER DEATHADDER. This is a mechanical model that allows you to move as slowly or as quickly as you would like. If you never used a mechanical mouse before, it might take some time until you feel comfortable using this one because it actually produces a light clicking sound as it moves. This model has a more traditional design that includes a scroll wheel and two buttons on the top and more buttons on the side. That scroll button helps you move your character quickly through a level and scroll through a website with ease.

As the DEATHADDER is a little on the larger side, it’s really best for those with bigger hands. Anyone with smaller hands may find that it doesn’t fit comfortably. You can choose from millions of different colors to customize this one and make it fit your gaming style better. This is a right-handed model with an optical sensor inside that works quickly to coordinate your hand actions with the action on the computer screen. It also comes with a longer cord that won’t tangle.

What is the Polling Rate?

The DPI range and the polling rate are two features of a gaming mice that go hand in hand. Polling rate actually refers to how quickly the mouse responds to any actions that you make. Let’s say that you love racing games. The way you move your mouse will determine where your vehicle moves on the screen as you take turns and pass other cars. If you have a mouse with a lower polling rate, you might take turns too wide or too tight, which can result in your vehicle crashing into walls or other vehicles. The polling rate is also important in regards to action and battle games. If the mouse takes too long to respond, you might get hit by a sniper or attacked by an enemy before your character has a chance to move.

What is the Polling Rate

Manufacturers typically use Hz to describe the polling rate. Your basic gaming mouse will have a polling rate of around 400 Hz, but those designed for hardcore gamers can have a rating of up to 1,000 Hz. As you look for the best gaming mouse for you, you’ll want to find one with the fastest response time, no matter what types of games you usually play.

Acceleration Rate

Have you ever been in the middle of a game and went to move the mouse only to find that your character on the screen moved slower than he or she should? That problem can occur because the mouse does not have the acceleration that you need. In the same way that the acceleration of a vehicle refers to how quickly it comes up to speed, the acceleration of a computer mouse refers to how quickly your character can reach a top speed within your game. Acceleration also plays a key role in how fast the vehicles in your vehicles reach a faster speed.

While you might think that this is the same thing as the mouse’s response time, the two terms refer to two different things. The polling rate tells you how quickly the mouse will respond and make something happen on your screen. Acceleration tells you how quickly your character or vehicle will move within the game. It can also work with the DPI range in certain types of games. A good example is a battle game that has you acting as a sniper. With a high acceleration rating and a good DPI, your soldier can take out enemies in real time.

Top Battle Game Franchises

Acceleration Rate - Battlefield

Profiles for Shared Homes

Though you might be lucky and live alone or with others who don’t play video games, you might live with multiple people who share the same computer and accessories. If you need one mouse that everyone can use for their favorite games, you should look for one with a profile memory feature. This feature allows every user to set up his or her own profile. Each player can program the buttons in the ways that they like and set up the mouse to work for them. When you use the mouse, you can select your profile and find all your settings saved to the mouse. This is also a helpful feature for gamers who play multiple titles. You can actually create profiles that go along with the games you play most frequently.

Many companies offer onboard memory in the form of a chip or card. You’ll also find manufacturers that offer cloud storage for profiles. This allows you to log into your account whenever you have internet access to use your profile. With cloud storage, you don’t need to worry about sacrificing memory space on the mouse or on your computer hard drive either. RAZER is just one of the gaming mouse manufacturers that offers cloud storage for profiles.

Expert Tip

If you purchase a gaming mouse with onboard storage for multiple profiles, you may need to download new drivers or other support software first. The first time that you hook up the mouse, your computer will let you know what you need to do and walk you through the steps of installing that software.

With the Rival 600 from SteelSeries, you’ll never again have an issue running the ball down the field or taking a ball to the hoop. This is one of the only gaming mice we found designed specifically for sports games. It has a number of programmable buttons that you can change and adjust based on how quickly you want to move or what you need to do in your favorite games. The Rival 600 has a low center of gravity that makes lift off easier and helps you get up and moving faster. You can customize this model to the point where you can actually lift it off your desk without affecting the action in your game.

Designed to give you the right amount of balance, this mouse weighs less than some of the others we considered. You can move it so easily across a flat surface that you might forget you even have your hand on it. Its ergonomic design also allows you to grip the mouse in a few different ways, including with your palm or with your hand shaped like a claw. You can play any game for as long as you want without feeling any pain in your hand.

Do You Need Lighting?

Unless you stick to the cheapest gaming mice out there, you’ll find that most models come with one or more lighting features. This lighting can do a few different things and help you in a few different ways too. Have you ever wanted to get in a quick game in the middle of the night without turning on the lights and waking your loved ones? A lighted gaming mouse will provide just enough light that you can see the desk and area in front of your computer. Some mice let you connect certain colors to specific profiles too. If multiple gamers use the same mouse, they can each pick the colors they want to use when playing with that mouse. You can usually pick from a range of different colors and different shades within the spectrum.

The lights that gaming mouse feature can work with other features too. You might find one that releases pulses of color to warn you of dangers within the game. The game itself shows you those dangers on the screen, but the lights coming from the mouse can further warn you. Some mice will also cycle through multiple colors too. The lights typically come through both the top and sides of the mouse.

Do You Need Lighting


If you buy a wireless mouse that features lights, make sure that this won’t drain the battery. Some cheaper models may only last for an hour or less when you use the lights.

Do You Need a Game Specific Mouse?

Not everyone needs a gaming mouse that will work with all types of games. Some gamers play just one type of game but play multiple titles within that genre. Regardless of what type of games you play, you may want to look for a mouse designed for that specific type. Let’s say that you’re a fan of first-person shooter games. These games show you a character standing on the screen and allow you to move that character around an area and use weapons to take down enemies. Some mice allow you to more easily control that person and access any of the weapons your person carries.

You’ll also find mice designed specifically for those who play real-time strategy games. These games ask you to make decisions and show you how your actions play out in a real-time format. We also found mice designed for those who play massively multiplayer online games. These mice help you move through the virtual world and interact with other players in that world. Though most mice are suitable for most games, you may want to focus your search on those designed for specific titles and types, especially if you only play one type.

Top MMOG Games

Do You Need a Game Specific Mouse - World of Warcraft

Main Button Placement

Though we already talked about grip types, you may not understand what type of mouse you need or which mouse is right for you. If you know your grip type, you can use the photos you see online to choose a new gaming mouse. We recommend looking over our section on grip type and comparing the images you see to the way you hold and use a mouse. When you look at online photos, you’ll want to pay close attention to the size and placement of the two main buttons. These are the buttons that let you right click and left click on your screen.

Some mice have buttons that blend into the overall design of the product. You may need to look closely at it to find those buttons. This type of mouse is best for those who use a palm grip, which is someone who places his or her entire palm on the top. If you can easily distinguish these buttons with one look at the mouse, it’s suitable for those who use a claw grip. Those who use just their fingertips will want to look for a mouse with indented buttons. They can press down on those buttons with their fingers to use the mouse.

Top First Person Shooter (FPS) Games of 2024

Another gaming mouse from Logitech that gamers love is the G903, which uses the LIGHTSPEED technology designed by the company. This technology cuts down on the lags and delays that you might experience with other models. As soon as you move the mouse or click on any button, it will perform the same action on your screen. The advanced sensor located inside works with that technology to help it respond quickly too. This sensor has a DPI range of up to 12,000 also, which many gamers love. Though this is a mechanical computer mouse, it runs quieter than some of the similar models we considered.

The biggest reason gamers like the G903 is because it’s the top wireless gaming mouse. This model is compatible with the POWERPLAY charging system designed by Logitech, which actually lets you charge the mouse while you’re in the middle of a game and without any cords or cables. You can also charge this mouse when you’re done playing for the night. Designed for use with different grip types, this is one of the only mice that you can use with just the tips of your fingers. You’ll also find loads of buttons that you can program to work with your computer and favorite games.

Sensor Type

Unless you have a lot of experience with computer mice, you might not realize that these models come with either a laser sensor or an optical sensor. Most of the models discussed in this shopping guide feature an optical sensor. This sensor allows the mouse to move across any type of surface and still send a signal to your computer. Though some claim a laser sensor is the best type, others will only use those with an optical sensor. The truth is that both work well for most types of gaming. You can use one on a flat and smooth desk or on a mouse pad placed on top of the desk. If you don’t have a mouse pad, you can even use it directly on top of a few sheets of paper.

Sensor type is really only important for those who want to connect multiple monitors together. You might do this because you want to watch movies and television shows as you play or because you need to keep track of work data. If you run more than one monitor at the same time, you must make sure that the sensors used in any of your mice will work together and with those monitors.

When to Use a Mouse Pad?

Sensor Type

Use with Synced Devices

Depending on how often you play and the games that you love, you may want to look for a mouse that you can sync with other accessories and devices. This helps you create the immersive gaming experience that you never thought you could get at home. Most companies, including Logitech and RAZER, offer gaming mice that you can easily sync with other devices. You may want to connect your mouse to any of the following accessories.

  • Headset: With a headset, you can talk to other players in the middle of a game and hear everything they have to say, which can help your team work together more effectively. A headset will feature a mic you can talk into and ear cups that help you hear others.
  • Keyboard: You can also sync your new mouse to a keyboard, even if you purchase one not designed for gaming. A gaming keyboard lets you set up shortcuts that correspond to different actions in your game. Some gamers like using a keyboard and a mouse at the same time.
  • Phone: You’ll find some mice that you can sync to your phone and use when playing mobile games or using mobile apps. Some mobile players find that using a separate mouse is easier than navigating through games on their phones.

Top Mobile Games of 2024

Left Handed vs. Right Handed Mice

People who predominately use their left hands have a difficult time using products designed for those who use their right hands. The next time that you sit down to use your computer, look down at your mouse. Most mice feature two top buttons. One of those buttons allows you to double click on an icon to load a game or select an item on your screen, while the other button lets you access other information. If you already have a gaming mouse, you’ll often notice buttons placed along the left side of the mouse. This is because you’ll use your thumb to access those buttons.

If you mainly use your left hand, you’ll have a harder time reaching those buttons. You’ll need more mobility just to click on a button that helps you drift around a corner or shoot down an enemy aircraft. A few manufacturers actually make gaming mice designed for left-handed people though. These mice take all the features that you need and reverse the placement of each one on the mouse. If you cannot find one of these models, you may want to look at one with more customization features. This lets you customize what the buttons do based on how you use each of your fingers as you play.

Top Real Time Strategy Games

Compatible with Your System

Though you might think that all gaming mouses will work with all gaming rigs, this isn’t always true. Some manufacturers make mice that will only work with Windows operating systems, while others make mice designed for those who play on Mac computers. When you buy one designed for use with a Windows system, you must make sure that it works with the version you run on your computer. Some of the models we considered only work with systems running Windows 7 or 8 or a newer version. A few of the mice we found are compatible with Linux systems and computers running an older operating system like Windows Vista.

It’s important that you pick a mouse that is compatible with your system. If you choose the wrong one, you may need to pay for some expensive software to sync the mouse to your computer. You also risk frying or otherwise damaging your hard drive when you try to run any software associated with the mouse. The product description created by the manufacturer will tell you exactly what systems you can use with the mouse. If you cannot find that information, you can contact the company and ask if it’s compatible with your system.

Expert Tip

We found a few computer mice that are compatible across different systems. You might find one that works with both Mac and Windows or Windows and Linux operating systems. Those mice are useful for those who want to buy a new computer in the future.

Gaming Mouse Comfort

Though we can go over dozens of more features to look for in a gaming mouse, it really comes down to what feels comfortable for you. When shopping online, you should only buy a mice that comes from a manufacturer with a good warranty or a money back guarantee. With a money back guarantee, the manufacturer will agree to accept the mice back if you have any problems with it. The company will refund the total cost of the purchase and may even cover the cost of shipping it back. Gaming mice that come with a good warranty also allow you to return the product for a full refund.

The reason we recommend products with a good warranty is that you’ll want to try out the mouse for a few days to see how it fits your gaming style. You’ll want to make sure that the mouse moves smoothly across your desk and that its design fits comfortably in your hand. A good mouse will have buttons that you can easily reach with any of your fingers or thumb and a soft exterior. Often made of rubber, this exterior helps you keep a firm grip on the mouse as you play.

Did You Know?

More than 60% of households in America admit that at least one person in their home is a frequent gamer.
Gaming Mouse Comfort - WITH TEXT

How to Connect a New Mouse to Your Computer

When you purchase a wired gaming mouse, you can easily connect it to your computer. You’ll want to shut down your computer first and remove the gadget from its packaging. Wired models come with a cable that extends out from one end of the mouse with a USB on the opposite end. You can plug this USB into an available port on your computer and then turn on the device. Whether you have a desktop or a laptop, you’ll follow the same steps. Once your computer boots up, it should automatically recognize the new device. A window will appear on your screen that asks what you want to do with that device. You can double click on the window and search for any necessary software.

Some computers will instead automatically recognize the device and let you know that you need to download new software or a new driver. You can click on the window that pops up and agree to the download. Once your computer finishes downloading the driver, you will need to click on a new window, which tells your computer that you agree to install it. You may need to install updates later on too.

How to Connect a New Mouse to Your Computer

Expert Tip

If you buy a wireless mouse, you will need to insert the USB device that comes with it into a port on your computer. You can then follow the same instructions listed above.

Tips for Maintaining a Gaming Mouse

  • Avoid crumbs: No matter how hungry you are, you should really avoid eating while using a gaming mouse. The ball on the bottom of the mouse can pick up any crumbs or debris you spill, which will cause damage to the inside.
  • Use on flat surfaces: You should avoid using the mouse on any surface that is not completely level. If you have a water damaged desk, the mouse will bounce unevenly across the surface. This simple movement can dislodge and damage some of the working parts inside.
  • Have a mouse pad: One of the best tools that you can use when gaming is a mouse pad. This is a flat pad that looks like a small square with a flat surface. The pad absorbs shocks and keeps the mouse from running flat against a rougher or harder surface.
  • Practice troubleshooting: We recommend reading through the included manual a few times before using your mouse. You can also look at whether the manufacturer included a troubleshooting section. This section will show you some of the common problems that other users had with the mouse. Most manufacturers will offer some simple solutions that you can try at home to fix those problems.

Tips for Cleaning a Gaming Mouse

Tips for Maintaining a Gaming Mouse

How Much Should a Gaming Mouse Cost?

It can cost you $300 or more to get a gaming monitor with all the bright colors and the clear resolution that you need. You can get a gaming mouse for a fraction of that price though. Prices usually start at just $10, though we don’t recommend those models for heavy-duty gamers. Not only will the cheapest models lack the features that you need, but most of the mice in this price range do not have any customization options either. You can only use the mouse as-is when you take it out of the box. One of our top choices does retail for less than $20 though. We found a few others in the $15 to $40 price range that we think are worth the price.

You’ll also find mice that sell for up to $100 and come with features such as lighting that you can turn on and off and profiles that let you set up different accounts for each user. Most of the mice in this price range have an ergonomic design and let you customize the settings around what you need. While you can find some mice that sell for up to $200 or even more, you usually won’t find any new features that aren’t available on cheaper gaming models.

What Will You Pay for One of the Top Five Gaming Mice?

Frequently Asked Questions

A: When you make any adjustments to your mouse, it will typically save those settings on your computer hard drive rather than on the mouse. If you plug the mouse into a new computer, you’ll need to adjust the settings again. Those that save your settings into the cloud though will retain your information. As long as you can log into your account, you can transfer your mouse settings onto a new computer.

A: PC gamers often play on one or more consoles too. You can use controllers designed for those consoles to play all your favorite titles. Gaming mice designed for computers will not work on those consoles though.

A: A basic computer mouse might last just six months because of how often you use it. Gaming mice are more durable and can last longer, though this really depends on how often you play and how rough you are with it. You might get two years of use or more out of a mouse. Taking care of it and using the mouse in the right way will extend its life.

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