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UPDATED July 2024

Find out which one’s the most lightweight, flexible, and kink-resistant.

HOSE 2024


This hose both bends and lays flat when you want to ensure that you can handle any job. The bright green and yellow design of the hose makes it easy to see around your yard too.


With both a male end and a female end, this hose easily attaches to attachments and faucets. It also has a highly flexible design that allows you to use it around trees and other obstacles.


Some customers found that the hose did not lay flat as the manufacturer stated and that it kept twisting on them. Others have problems with holes developing in the hose.


With lead-free metal fittings and a polyurethane tube, this hose allows you to enjoy clean drinking water whenever you want. You can pick the perfect size based on the size of your yard.


The polyurethane used in this hose and its metal fittings keep your water safe for drinking and swimming. Available in multiple sizes, this hose comes with a 10-year warranty too.


Some customers received hoses with fittings made from materials other than brass. Other reviews pointed out that it was too firm and not very flexible.


A combination of industrial and heavy-duty materials make it one of the most effective garden hoses. Guaranteed from the manufacturer, it will never kink or tangle. You can use this hose for all types of jobs, including gardening and sprinklers.


With a 5/8-inch and 100-foot design, this is the ultimate hose for those who want to move around their homes. It has a coating that makes the hose resistant to mildew and mold too.


The hose can develop bulges along the sides caused by water moving through it, which may also lead to leaks forming. According to the manufacturer, the hose is not a safe source of drinking water.


Suitable for use at any temperature, this hose has an expandable design that increases its diameter and length. You can adjust the included sprayer to use one of eight different nozzle settings.


Available in a 75-foot-long size, this hose comes with its own storage bag that can hold the included sprayer. It expands up to three times in size as water flows through the hose.


A small number of shoppers complained that the plastic parts broke within the first few times they used the hose. Shoppers also had issues with the flow of water.


As one of the only garden hoses made from stainless steel on the market, this hose won’t develop kinks or cracks as you use it. It can also withstand sharp temperature changes without breaking.


Made from stainless steel, this hose is strong enough that even the sharpest of animal teeth cannot cut through it. The hose stays completely cool to the touch on a hot day or when you use it with hot water.


The smaller diameter of this hose reduces the flow of water that comes out. Some of the reviews we looked at said that it was prone to leaks too.

Shopping Guide for the Best Garden Hose

Whether you call it a garden hose or a water hose, one of these simple hoses is perfect for watering flowers and cleaning your car. The best garden hose for you is one in the length that you need and one that comes with the right fitting on the end. You can learn more about fittings and which ones are best for different types of jobs here in our shopping guide. Length is also important because this tells you how far away you can work from your spigot. You may want one that is long enough to stretch from the side of your house to your driveway or to the opposite side of your yard.

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Shopping Guide for the Best Garden Hose

The best garden hoses for 2024 include those from different manufacturers. Our shopping guide helps you take a look at those hoses and learn the most important things to consider. If you’re like most shoppers, you probably want to weigh the factors and consider all the information available to you before making your decision. We’ll walk you through all the top features that shoppers should look at when picking a garden hose to help you find a good choice for your home and yard.

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Selection Criteria

Purchasing a garden hose isn’t something you think about until you discover a kink or a hole in your old one. You may not even think about buying a new one until you decide to move your garden or you move to a new home. We know that you have many things on your mind at the start of gardening season, which is why we did all the research for you on the top garden hoses. Once you read through our shopping guide, you can focus on what you want to plant, ordering seeds and plants and setting up your garden instead of worrying about choosing a hose.

We looked at dozens of different garden hoses, including the pocket hoses that you can wrap up and carry in your pocket and those that flatten when you turn off the water supply. Reading the top reviews of those hoses and checking out the average ratings posted by hundreds of shoppers helped us track down the top five garden products that will last long after the gardening season ends. You can read all our detailed reviews of the top water hoses and use the chart at the top of the page to find some basic information.

Selection Criteria - Best Garden Hose

If you want a hose that will easily follow along behind you and one that you can wrap around obstacles and hazards, this is your best bet. This flexible garden hose does not retain the memory of how you used in the past as others can. Each time that you use it, you can start out fresh. You can wrap it around the corner of your house, a tree standing in your way or anything else you encounter. It bends and flexes to wrap around those obstacles without any kinks developing in the hose. It works in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 150 degrees Fahrenheit too.

A thin and flexible covering added to the hose is resistant to the abrasions and scratches that can damage the surface and cause leaks. It also features metal housings on each end that are resistant to crushing and breaking. Each end features a different type of adapter. You’ll get both a male and a female adapter. Those ends work with a range of accessories and attachments, including the sprinkler systems you use for gardening and most of your kids’ outdoor toys.

Garden Hose Uses

  • Wash your car: Cleaning your car is one of the more popular uses of a garden hose. When you select the right length, you can leave your car parked in your driveway and use the hose to both clean and rinse the vehicle.
  • Fill water features: If you have a birdbath or a pool that your kids love playing in, you need a garden hose for easy filling. You can also use a garden hose to add more water to a backyard pond or to fill a fountain.
  • Bathe your pets: When you bathe your pets inside, you risk water going everywhere and causing damage to your bathroom. As long as you have a tub or a small pool, you can use a garden hose to more easily clean your animals.
  • Water plants: The biggest reason why people invest in better garden hoses is that they want to water their plants and gardens. You can also use a hose to give your lawn a boost and make it look greener than ever before. Hoses that come with a sprayer help you cover a large area without wasting water.

Up to 50% of the outdoor water that you waste comes from leaky hoses and spigots. Replacing your hose with a new one will help you save on water waste and reduce your water bills.

Garden Hose Uses

Whether you want to fill up your child’s pool on a hot day, give your dog a bath or grab a drink of cold water, you need a hose that is free from toxins and contaminants like this one from ELEY. Though we recommend the 50-foot size, you can also pick a smaller or larger size. ELEY offers this in a minimum 6.5-foot size and a larger 200-foot size. Unlike traditional garden hoses that come in a bright green color, this one comes in a pale gray color that helps you distinguish it from the hoses that you use for gardening and other purposes.

Resistant to the kinks that can form in other garden hoses, this ELEY hose works with water flowing at a rate of up to 150 pounds per square inch. You can also use it with hot and cold water because it will withstand temperatures of -40 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. The metal fittings used on both ends of the hose are free of lead and other heavy metals. It comes with a 10-year warranty that covers both the hose and the fittings.

Material Options

Though there are a number of things you should consider when buying a new garden hose, one of the most important is its material. Materials typically fall into one of five categories. We’ll go over the pros and cons of each material to help you find the right hose for your needs.


If you want a hose that can handle any type of job and don’t mind spending more money, a rubber hose is the best option for you. Rubber is both strong and durable. It can handle the most basic of tasks and more difficult jobs too. The downside is that rubber is usually more expensive than other materials. If cost is important to you, you can opt for a hose made from another material that is then reinforced with rubber.


Vinyl hoses are popular with those who want a lightweight hose that is also quite flexible. Many shoppers also like vinyl because it’s more affordable than other materials. A vinyl hose can handle most jobs around your yard, but it’s not strong enough for daily watering or other tasks that require more water.


The cheapest option out there is a plastic hose. Just as lightweight and flexible as vinyl, plastic is great for doing simple projects or watering your lawn. If you want a water hose that you can carry around your yard and use on your driveway though, you’ll want to opt for a different material. Plastic can break and crack from regular use.


Another option that you might like is a polyurethane hose. Hoses made from plastic and other materials can release toxins into the water. While those toxins shouldn’t damage your lawn or plants, it can affect animals and humans who drink that water. If you need to fill a kiddie pool or wash your pets, a polyurethane hose is your best choice.


A small number of companies now make nylon hoses too. Often called collapsible hoses, they slowly expand as water moves through the tube. When you shut off the water and it drains out, the hose will collapse and flatten. The collapsible design makes storage easy. Some customers found that nylon hoses aren’t very strong though and that they tend to wear out quickly.

Material Options - Vinyl
Material Options - Rubber
Material Options - Plastic
Material Options - Nylon
With a name like Neverkink Pro, you expect this garden hose to work well without kinking. Not only does the manufacturer guarantee that this hose won’t kink, but Teknor Apex also guarantees that it will never tangle on you. Though it is available in multiple lengths, the 100-foot hose is a top choice for most shoppers. This lets you hook up the hose to an outdoor faucet and move anywhere you need around the year and driveway. That length is perfect for those days when you want to fill your child’s small swimming pool, wash your car or bathe the dog. The industrial design of this garden hose includes aluminum couplings that are free of lead and will not leak. That aluminum forms a tight bond when attached to a faucet but will keep water from leaking out around the sides. This hose also has a crush-proof design, which means that you can step on it or even drive over it without crushing or damaging the hose.
This is one of the only hoses we found that is also safe to use in all types of weather. You can leave the hose outside during the long winter and find that it still works in the following spring. The hose is quite flexible and remains flexible when you force it down to a 45-degree angle. You should not buy this one if you want a hose that lets you and your family grab a drink. The manufacturer claims it is not safe for drinking water. It also contains ingredients that the state of California found can cause cancer. One of the best features of the Neverkink Pro is the coating on the hose. The water that constantly moves through a garden hose can wear down the inside. Any of the water left behind can also cause mold or mildew to form. The coating on this garden hose is resistant to both mold and mildew. Teknor Apex makes the Neverkink Pro garden hose in the United States too.

Other Features You Should Consider

  • Length: You may want to measure the length of your yard or the distance between the outdoor spigot and where you plan to use the hose. This helps you find the length that you need. Garden hoses come in smaller lengths of just seven-foot-long or less. You’ll also find longer lengths of 100-feet-long or more.
  • Diameter: Not all hoses have the exact same diameter. Diameter refers to the size of the opening on the hose. Commercial and professional gardeners and landscapers typically use hoses with a 3/4-inch diameter opening. A larger diameter allows more water to come out but will add weight to the hose.
  • Weight: If you spend a lot of time working in your garden, you should consider the total weight of the hose. Make sure that you look at the weight of the hose when you factor in the sprayer or any other attachments that you want to use too. If the hose is too heavy, you will have a hard time carrying it to your garden and putting it away.
  • Fitting material: The material used in the fittings on the hose is also important. Brass is the most durable type of material used by manufacturers. If you want to save money, you can opt for a hose with stainless steel fittings. Hoses with aluminum fittings are more affordable, but that metal can bend with regular use. You should avoid any hoses that come with plastic parts because the plastic can break within weeks of using that hose for the first time.
  • Pressure rating: You can also check the pressure rating that each manufacturer recommends as you compare garden hoses. Companies use the term PSI, which stands for pressure per square inch. A garden hose with a higher PSI rating can handle faster-moving water.
Other Features You Should Consider- Light garden hoses
Light garden hoses
Other Features You Should Consider - Heavy - Duty garden hoses
Duty garden hoses
Other Features You Should Consider - Commercial garden hoses
Commercial garden hoses

From watering plants to giving your pets a bath, this Buyplus garden hose can do it all. Included with the hose is a sprayer with eight different settings. You can use the full setting to fill a pool quickly or the shower setting to rinse off and bathe your animals. The sprayer also has settings that are suitable for washing your car without damaging its finish and giving your plants a light spritz of water.

As impressive as the sprayer is, the hose itself is just as impressive. It features heavy-duty brass fittings that won’t break or crack the way plastic can and a strong interior with a lightweight and flexible outer cover. This cover keeps the hose from kinking and makes it last longer.

Though this hose might look small and basic at first glance, it has an expandable design that makes it suitable for all types of watering jobs. It expands quickly when you turn on the water and flattens just as quickly as the water drains out. The hose comes in three different sizes, but each of those sizes comes with a storage bag that fits both the hose and the sprayer.

Tips for Using a New Hose

  • Check for leaks: Many people do not realize the sheer amount of water that they waste on a daily basis when using a leaky hose. Even the smallest of leaks can waste dozens of gallons of water each week. You should check both the fittings and the length of the hose for leaks.
  • Drain the hose: When you leave water in the hose, that liquid can wear down the hose and create cracks or holes. Once you finish using the hose and shut the water off, let it sit for a few minutes. You can also give the hose a shake to remove any excess water before putting it away.
  • Adjust the fittings: No matter what type of hose you buy, you should always check the fittings and make adjustments. Though brass is the best material, fittings can use stainless steel and other types of metal. If the fittings are loose, the hose will leak.
  • Use a sprayer: Instead of just using the hose as-is, you should consider attaching a sprayer. Sprayers usually have several nozzles and a round plastic piece that you can turn to select the nozzle that you want to use. This helps you use just the right amount of water.

Insider Tip

If you find that one or both of the fittings on your hose are loose or that water leaks out from the sides, you should replace the entire hose.

Tips for Using a New Hose

The most unique garden hose that we found is this stainless steel option from Forever Steel. Though it was once only available through television infomercials, you can now purchase it online.

Stainless steel is a good choice for those who worry about their hoses breaking. The metal used in this hose is so strong that your pets can’t chew through it. It will also withstand sharp blades without cracking such as your lawnmower running over it. The hose uses a rigid type of stainless steel that won’t flatten when you step on it. This material won’t kink either.

Many shoppers also love that this hose doesn’t leak. Even when used with a higher rate or flow of water, the hose will retain its shape and overall design. It is tear-free too. With other hoses, especially those made from nylon, you risk the material either tearing or ripping as you move it across your yard. This hose is so strong and durable that you can drag it across your driveway or yard without it ripping. At 25-foot-long, it’s suitable for most lawns and gardens.

How Much Do Garden Hoses Cost?

If you only ever bought garden hoses from home improvement stores before, you might not know how much you should really spend. Those stores sell hoses that range from around $10 to more than $100. The cost will usually relate to the overall length of the hose. Those that measure 50-feet-long to 100-feet-long will typically cost more than one that measures just 20-feet-long.

All the watering hoses that we thought deserved to make our list sell for less than $100. Expandable and polyurethane hoses generally cost more than other types. Spending more on a polyurethane model will help you feel safer though. You can use that hose to fill up your dog’s water dish and let your kids play in the sprinkler without worrying about contaminants or toxins affecting them.

Expandable hoses are popular with a large number of gardening enthusiasts because they can easily carry one from the spigot to the garden without feeling weighed down. The hoses expand to let more water come out and then flatten for convenient storage. Expandable hoses can range in price from $30 to more than $60. No matter what type of hose you want to buy, you shouldn’t spend more than $100.

How to Keep a Garden Hose from Kinking

  • Use the hose on a flat surface
  • Place the hose on a slope to remove all the water from the inside
  • Avoid stepping on the hose or putting any undue stress/pressure on it
How Much Do Garden Hoses Cost

Frequently Asked Questions

A: A sprinkler hose is a special type of hose designed to function like a sprinkler. Made from different materials, they have a series of small holes evenly spaced across the tops and sides. As water moves through the hose, the liquid comes out from those holes to quickly water the surrounding areas.

A: No matter how much time you spend outside, you can benefit from a hose reel. Usually made from plastic, a reel has a crank on the side. When you place one end of the hose on the reel and turn the crank, it slowly rotates and wraps the hose around the reel. This makes it easier to store the hose and extend its overall life.

A: If you have a large garden and don’t have time to water your plants regularly, you might like a soaker hose. Similar to a sprinkler hose, these hoses have holes along the top. You’ll put one inside the ground and put a layer of dirt or mulch over the top. The water comes out from the holes and targets the roots of your plants.

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