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UPDATED July 2024

With the right cleaner, you can make your grout look new and bright again.


All Purpose Concentrated Tangerine Cleaner


The best option for those looking to save money is this product because its concentrated formula provides you with so many cleaning options. This formula is safe to use on grout and most surfaces around your home.


With this concentrated formula, you get more cleaning power because one gallon lets you make more than 100 bottles of cleaning solution. You can use more or less of the product based on the surfaces you need to clean.


The bold tangerine scent may be a little too overwhelming for your senses. Some customers also found that it didn’t work as well as they hoped.

Skylarlife Mold
& Mildew Remover


One of the easiest to use grout cleaners on the market is this gel formula, which stays exactly where you put it. You can even leave the gel sitting on your grout for hours before you clean.


Designed for use on mold and mildew, this cleaner can leave your tile and grout looking brand new again. It is easy to use because the thick gel clings to surfaces and won’t move away from the grout.


The gel formula is quite thick and may cause some problems getting it to come out of the bottle. A small number of users found that it bleached their tiles too.

Tech Grout Cleaner
Six Pack


Get everything you need to clean your bathroom and kitchen with this set, which comes with a brush, mop and six bottles of cleaning solution. As the formula is biodegradable, you can safely use it anywhere in your home.


Safe to use on any type of tiled surface and grout, this cleaning product comes in a convenient spray bottle. You also get both a mop and brush for using the cleaner on those surfaces.


You may not have enough room in your home to store all six bottles. The included brush isn’t as good as the ones you purchase separately.

Grout-EEZ Super Heavy-Duty Grout Cleaner​


As one of the only professional grout cleaners that you can buy for home use, this simple bottle packs a big punch. It works on both grout and tile and is safe to use inside and out.


This cleaner allows you to remove stains from grout and make dingy surfaces look new again. You can use it with any type of brush that you have on hand.


You may need to leave the cleaner on the grout for longer to get the results that you want. A few customers found that it changed the color of their grout too.

Black Diamond
Ultimate Grout Cleaner


Available in multiple sizes, this grout cleaner is easy to use. It comes already mixed with the right amount of water and has a spray nozzle that lets you direct the product to the perfect spot.


This product is easy to use because you simply spray it on your grout, let it sit, do a little scrubbing and then rinse with fresh water. It works on all types of surface stains and can remove stains deep inside the grout.


The strong odor of this product might overwhelm your senses. A small number of customers complained that it wasn’t very effective.

Shopping Guide for the Best Grout Cleaner

When installing a tile floor or wall, you or your contractor will use grout to keep the tiles from moving. The longer that you live in your home though, the more stains you’ll notice on that grout. Using the best grout cleaner is the easiest way to remove those stains and restore the look of those areas. You can use the best grout cleaner 2024 products on your kitchen counters, backsplash, bathroom floor and any other spot where you have grout. Our list of the top grout cleaner 2024 products can save you some time and save some frustrations too.

In the old days, you use bleach and a toothbrush to clean your grout. You needed to keep the windows open to reduce the bleach fumes and get down on your hands and knees to scrub.

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Some of the newer products are so easy to use that you can apply one and scrub while standing or sitting. You’ll also find products that come in spray bottles that let you simply spray the cleaner on your grout. No matter how much grout you have in your home or what that grout looks like, you can use any of the top products to make your home look brand new again.

Shopping Guide for the Best Grout Cleaner - Gray
Shopping Guide for the Best Grout Cleaner - White
Shopping Guide for the Best Grout Cleaner - Black

Common Grout Colors

1. White  
2. Black   
3. Bone   
4. Quartz   
5. Putt   
6. Brown   
7. Gray

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Selection Criteria

When you do a simple search for grout cleaner online, you’ll likely come across some horror stories from people who used cleaners that damaged their tiles and grouted areas. That is why we looked at the reviews that customers posted about their experiences as we worked on our list. Bleaching is the most common issue reported. Many products contain ingredients that lighten different materials, especially if you let the cleaner sit on that surface for an extended period of time. You may find that some products leave behind chips or cracks in the grout and that others are so acidic that the cleaners actually eat through the grout.

Our list of the top cleaners includes products that are safe to use in your kitchen and bathroom. You’ll also find cleaners that let you remove dirt and grime from your patio or another tiled area outside. Once we identified the top products, we read through all the reviews for each one. This helped us find those with the highest reviews and the products worthy of our list. As you work your way through our shopping guide, you’ll find tips on cleaning your grout and what to look for in the best cleaner.

Selection Criteria - Kitchen

Common Areas That Feature Grout

  • Kitchen Counters
  • Bathtubs and showers
  • Kitchen and bathroom floors
  • Outdoor patios and entertaining areas
Selection Criteria - Bathroom
Selection Criteria - Patio

The best grout cleaner for those who want to do more cleaning around their homes and save money is this tangerine cleaner. It has a light and soft tangerine scent that will make your bathroom and any other room smell better than it ever did before. You’ll find that the scent is quite strong at first but that it slowly disappears as the cleaner dries. The biodegradable formula makes it safe for the environment and safe for anyone living in your home.

We also like that the manufacturer keeps the bottle safe during shipping. The company uses electrical tape around the lid and puts a plastic seal under the cap to keep the liquid from leaking out. One of the biggest reasons shoppers like this cleaner is because of its concentrated formula. As long as you have your own spray bottle, you can mix a formula that is strong enough for any stain or surface. Depending on the amount of liquid that you use, you can get up to 128 bottles of cleaner from one gallon. This product works as both an all-purpose cleaner and a degreaser to remove years of oil and grime from any surface.

Signs Your Grout Needs Cleaning

Before you focus on finding the right cleaner for your home, you may want to take a look at some of the signs that your grout needs a good cleaning. Those signs can include:

  • Significant changes in the overall color or appearance of the grout
  • Patches that look darker or lighter than the surrounding areas
  • The grout looks chipped or cracked
  • You never sealed the grout
  • The tile starts peeling away from the grout

When a contractor installs new tile in your home, the professional will apply grout to the surface, arrange the tiles on top and then use more grout over the tile. The contractor will use materials to remove any excess grout and ensure that it gets in between each tile. If your contractor did not take the time to seal the grout after it dried, you may find that it begins peeling away from the wall or that the grout develops cracks and other problems.

The most common sign that your grout needs cleaning is when you see stains on both the grout and tile. Stains can build up because you used the wrong cleaning products or because you went too long between cleanings.


Always use caution when cleaning the grout in between tiles made from natural stone. Many Products are not safe for use on stone and can discolor the material.

Signs Your Grout Needs Cleaning

A common problem that some users have with grout cleaners is that the spray bottles let the cleaners go everywhere. Instead of just targeting the grout, they find the liquid dripping onto their walls and floors. That isn’t a problem you’ll have with this product because it has a thicker formula. The gel formula allows you to easily apply the perfect amount to your grout without the cleaner sliding onto the tile. This formula is so thick that you might actually have problems getting it out of the bottle. Giving it a hard and firm tap on the bottom will help the gel come out smoothly.

Specifically designed for use on mold and mildew, this product is one of the only ones on the market that will kill those substances too. It targets all the mold spores on those surfaces to keep the mold from returning later. You can also use this cleaner anywhere in your bathroom or kitchen. The formula is safe for use on window seals, silicone molding around your tub and even on your shower head. You’ll also like the flip top, which makes it easier to open and close the bottle.

Benefits of Using the Right Cleaner

Owning a home is a major responsibility that you shouldn’t take lightly. Even if you just rent a house or an apartment, you’re often responsible for general maintenance, which includes regular cleaning. Though you might not clean as often as you should, once you look at the benefits of regularly cleaning your grout, you’ll want to add this step to your cleaning routine.

  • Add value: Regular cleaning of your grout can add significant value to your home. When you decide to sell in the future, it shows prospective buyers that you took care of your home. It also lets them know that they’ll need to do less cleaning once they buy.
  • Extend the life of your tile and grout: Cleaning can also extend the life of both the grout and the tile around that grout. It helps the grout retain its protective design and keeps dirt and grime from adding so much weight that the tiles peel away from the grout.
  • Feel better: You’ll also find that you feel better about living in your home when you clean the grout. Each time that you step into the shower without seeing dirt and grime surrounding you, you’ll fall in love with your home again.
Benefits of Using the Right Cleaner

One reason we recommend the Grout Cleaner from Tech is that it helps you save money. Each package comes with six bottles of cleaner that each contains 32 ounces of cleaning solution. You also get both a mop and a brush that help you focus on grout anywhere in your home. Many shoppers like the spray nozzle on the bottle. This nozzle comes open to help you target a specific area of your grout, but it also snaps shut to keep the bottle from spilling if you knock it over. You can use the included mop to clean a tiled floor quickly. The included brush is perfect for cleaning smaller tiled surfaces in your bathroom.

Product Review Tech Grout Cleaner Six Pack

While some of the other cleaners we found have an acidic formula, this cleaner is much milder. You can spray an even layer right on your tile and let the liquid slowly move onto the grout. It won’t bleach or otherwise damage your grout or tile. This formula is also biodegradable, which makes it safe to use around kitchen equipment and supplies. It won’t affect any pets or kids living in your home either because it’s safe for the environment.

How to Clean Grout

No matter which one of the great products we found that you decide to use, you’ll want to follow the same steps when cleaning your grout. While we included a buying guide on this page that goes over the things to look for in a grout cleaner, we also wanted to give you some tips on cleaning that grout. You can use this detailed guide to ensure that you follow the right steps as you clean.

Use Hot Water

Before you do anything else, fill a bucket with hot water. Use a sponge or a scrub brush to apply the water directly to your grout. If you use a brush, you can use a small amount of pressure when applying the water. This allows you to remove some of the stuck-on grime from the surface of the grout. When using a sponge, dip it in the bucket and apply right to the surface. Make sure that you dip it back into the bucket regularly to apply an even coating of hot water to the grout.

Apply Your Cleaner

Whether you use a gel or a liquid cleaner, now is the time that you will apply it to the grout. When using a concentrated formula, you can mix the solution in a spray bottle ahead of time. Make sure that you apply an even coating of the cleaner to all areas of the grout. You will want to let the cleaner sit on those surfaces for at least five minutes. Depending on the type of stains that you see, you may want to let the cleaner sit for an hour or more. The longer you wait, the deeper the cleaner will penetrate into the grout.


Once the cleaner starts working, you can put some scrubbing power behind it. Using a brush of your choosing, carefully scrub the cleaner into the grout. You’ll want to make sure that you target the edges of the grout where it touches the tile and any other areas that you can reach. You can use a range of different brushes for this step. If you have a small amount of grout that you need to clean, consider using an ordinary toothbrush. You can also use inexpensive brushes available from the dollar store and specialty brushes that work on the grout but won’t touch the tile.

How to Clean Grout


After you finish cleaning, you’ll want to rinse down that surface. You can do this in a few different ways. If you cleaned the grout in your tub or shower, just turn on the shower head and let the water rinse the cleaner down the drain. Having a removable shower head with a flexible hose lets you aim the water around the tub to remove all traces of the cleaner. If you mopped your kitchen or bathroom floor, you can use fresh water to remove any of the cleaner left behind on the floor.

Have you ever been in a hotel room before and wished that your own bathroom looked as clean as the one in your room? The reason why hotels have such clean bathrooms is that its staff uses professional cleaning products. You can now use a similar product at home because The Floor Guys made a professional cleaner for residential use. Deep cleaning and fast acting are just two of the words that describe this cleaner. Unlike others that you apply and let sit, this cleaner goes to work quickly. As soon as you apply a little of the liquid, you can start scrubbing and see some great results.

Designed for use on multiple surfaces, this cleaner works great on both porcelain and ceramic tiles. You can safely use it on those surfaces without worrying about the liquid damaging, staining or bleaching the surrounding areas. It works effectively on most colors of grout and will not change its color. Though The Floor Guys recommend using this grout cleaner with one of its own brushes, you can use it with any type of cleaning brush that you already own to both clean and restore your grout.

What Not to Do When Cleaning Your Grout

The steps above walk you through the process of cleaning your grout. You can use those steps anytime you need to clean. We also recommend taking a look at what you shouldn’t do and the things you should avoid as you clean.

  • Use a metal brush: Using a metal brush or one that has wire bristles is a no-no when it comes to grout cleaning. While those wires can remove years of built-up grease and oil, the metal can also do serious damage to your tiles. If you have lighter colored tiles and grout, you’ll leave behind scratches that are visible on those surfaces.
  • Mix bleach and ammonia: Mixing bleach and ammonia is one of the worst things that you can do. This creates a toxic substance that can affect your breathing and make anyone in your home sick. You can use bleach or ammonia but never the two together.
  • Keep the windows closed: With most cleaners, you should open one or more windows in the room when you work. Even biodegradable products can produce fumes that make you sick. If you can’t open the windows, leave the door open and run a fan as you clean.

What Causes Grout and Tile Stains?

  • Grease and oil splatter from your cooking
  • Pet Hair and other particles that float through the air
  • Shampoo and other beauty products
  • Smoke and other environmental toxins
  • Buildup caused by cleaning products
What Not to Do When Cleaning Your Grout

Black Diamond designed its Ultimate Grout Cleaner for use on surface stains and deeper stains. It comes in a bottle that gives you 32 ounces of liquid inside. One spray is all that you need to tackle the hardest and darkest of stains in your kitchen and bathroom. As a kitchen cleaner, it works particularly well on the oil residue left behind by years of cooking. You can also use it on general dirt and grime as well as any other stains that you notice.

We highly recommend the 32-ounce size because this version comes with a spray nozzle. You can turn the nozzle to open it before applying it to your grout and then turn it again to close the cap. This keeps kids from accessing the liquid inside. Suitable for use on both old and new grout, this product targets the grime without damaging your tile. Unlike other products, you won’t find that it bleaches or changes the color of any nearby tiled areas. Though it won’t work on water spots left behind in your shower, it will work on most other surface issues. If you want more of the product, you can buy a larger bottle or container.

DIY Grout Cleaners

In addition to cleaning grout with a specialty product, you can also use a homemade solution. One of the more popular mixtures is a combination of distilled white vinegar and baking soda. You’ll mix baking soda with water to create a thick paste that you apply to the grout and let sit. Baking soda has bleaching properties that will remove deep stains. Using a mixture of water and vinegar that you spray on the grout is the next step. The vinegar will kill the germs and bacteria that cause outbreaks of mold and mildew.

Some recipes call for other ingredients like dish soap and/or lemon juice. You’ll typically use a small amount of lemon juice because it’s quite acidic and can damage your tile and/or grout. A few recipes also use hydrogen peroxide. When applied to a surface, the peroxide will bubble, which lets you know it’s working.

You can also add a few drops of any essential oil to one of these mixtures. Vinegar has a very strong smell that will linger in the air for hours or longer. Using essential oils will let you change the odor of the room and tone down the vinegar scent.


Never use pure lemon juice on your grout. Not only is it acidic enough to eat through the grout, but the juice can damage your tiles too.

DIY Grout Cleaners

Reasons to Go Commercial

While some people swear by DIY grout cleaners, we highly recommend that you check out commercial cleaners and that you use a store-bought product instead. These products have benefits over homemade remedies, including:

  • Homemade cleaning solutions often contain ingredients that will bleach your grout and tile or cause significant discoloration. Commercial cleaners use ingredients that will not damage any of the surfaces that they touch.
  • Commercial cleaners are more effective at battling most stains than homemade treatments are. When you use a homemade mixture of vinegar and water or any other ingredients, you may need to let the solution sit on the grout for hours before you notice any significant improvements.
  • With a commercial cleaner, you can purchase a product that has the scent that you want. Some products do not contain any scents, making those cleaners good for shoppers who have allergies or breathing troubles. Many homemade products leave behind a strong vinegar scent that you might smell in other parts of your home.
Reasons to Go Commercial

Insider Tip

Some home remedies call for the use of sandpaper, but you should never use sandpaper on grout. Even a fine-grit can do significant damage and remove the sealant from your grout

Grout Cleaning Tips

  • Wear gloves: Whenever you use any commercial product that contains chemicals, even those that are biodegradable, always wear gloves as you mix and apply the product. You may want to wear a mask too, especially if you have breathing issues or are sensitive to certain chemicals.
  • Label mixtures: If you choose a concentrated cleaner like the tangerine solution, you can mix bottles ahead of time. Use a piece of masking tape that you put around the neck or base that lists what product is inside and when you mixed the solution. You can even create different concentrations for different rooms in your home
  • Read the instructions: Reading the instructions on the bottle lets you know exactly how long you can let the cleaner sit on the grout. This can help you avoid issues like the cleaner bleaching the grout.
  • Use a microfiber cloth: If you want to avoid damaging your tile, consider using a microfiber cloth when wiping off the cleaner and rinsing those surfaces. Microfiber is a soft material that won’t leave behind any scratches.
Grout Cleaning Tips

Tips for Cleaning Grout Outside

  • Use a biodegradable cleaner
  • Remove any excess cleaner with a squeegee
  • Spray fresh water on the patio with a garden hose to remove any excess cleaner

Grout Cleaner Buying Guide – What to Consider


One thing you should consider is the scent of the product. Many professional and commercial products contain chemicals that give the product a slight scent. You might want to use something with a lighter and more refreshing scent like a citrus cleaning product. As you look at the reviews from other shoppers, look at what they had to say about that scent. You might find that the scent it leaves behind lasts longer than you would like or that the fragrance doesn’t last nearly long enough.

Ease of Use

Two of the top products on our list got great reviews from customers because of their ease of use. Some preferred the gel formula because they could spread it on the grout without it moving onto other areas. The gel product also has a flip-up top that lets you easily open and close the lid when you want to use it and when you want to put it away. Others liked the products that come already mixed in a spray bottle because they could just grab it and use it. You may not like products that you need to mix yourself and store inside your own bottles.


Another factor worth considering when choosing a grout cleaner is the size of the bottle. If you have more storage space, you might prefer a set that comes with multiple bottles or a concentrated cleaner that you can mix yourself. You can store the bottles under the sinks in your bathroom and kitchen and keep extras in your garage or linen closet. Smaller bottles take up less space and are more convenient for smaller homes and apartments.

Tools for Cleaning Grout

Grout Cleaner Buying Guide – What to Consider - Mop
Grout Cleaner Buying Guide – What to Consider - Microfiber cloths
Grout Cleaner Buying Guide – What to Consider - Toothbrush
Grout Cleaner Buying Guide – What to Consider - Squeegee

How Much Does Grout Cleaner Cost?

While some of the tools and products that you use to clean your home are quite expensive, you shouldn’t spend a lot of money on a grout cleaner. You can get a good product for around $30 or less. Some of the top products that made our list retail for less than $20 and are affordable enough for any budget.

One of the most important factors to consider when looking at price is the size of the product. While a concentrated cleaner might cost more upfront, you can get more out of that jug. The All Purpose Tangerine Concentrated Cleaner, for example, retails for around $50, but you get a full gallon of cleaning product. You can mix it with the amount of water that you need to clean the grout and other surfaces in your home.

How Much Does Grout Cleaner Cost

The Tech Grout Cleaner retails for a high price of around $40, but you get a six-pack of the product, which allows you to do more cleaning. No matter how dirty the grout is in your home, you can get those surfaces clean again with the right product. The cost of buying a cleaning product and a good brush shouldn’t run you more than $50.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Some companies use the term all-purpose or multipurpose to show that you can use these products for different surfaces. Not only can you clean your grout, but you can also clean your bathtub, sink, floors and kitchen counters.

A: Testing a cleaner before using it on a larger area is a good way to see if it will bleach the tile or damage the grout. You can apply a small dab of the solution onto an inconspicuous area of the room and let it sit for a few minutes or longer. When you wipe away the cleaner, look for any signs of damage.

A: Professional steam cleaning companies can come to your home and clean your grout for you. They use machines filled with water and a cleaning solution. As the temperature of the water rises, steam comes out of the machine, which can remove years of buildup from those surfaces. Steam cleaning is quite expensive though, and you can get the same results yourself with a good cleaner.

A: You generally need to clean your grout at least once every three months. If you have tile in your bathroom and have a large family who showers daily, you may want to increase this rate to once a month.

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