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UPDATED June 2024

You can get to anywhere you want to go safely with a new hoverboard.


EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter


Larger and more powerful than most hoverboards on the market, this EPIGKO model is suitable for users of all ages. It features two motors that can last for up to 10 miles or one hour of continuous use.


As on of the few certified hoverboards on the market, this model passed more than 150 tests before landing on the market. Its unique design lets you climb hills without the battery failing.


A few customers found that the lights on this hoverboard stopped working after a few weeks. Others stated that pieces of the board broke off within a few months.

Lamborghini TwoDots Hoverboard


Made by Lamborghini, this hoverboard has speakers that let you stream music via Bluetooth 4.0 technology and an app that monitors the speed and other features. Lamborghini designed this model to support users of between 33 and 264 pounds.


You can feel comfortable and confident after just three minutes because that’s all it takes to learn the ropes. Download the app to monitor the hoverboard and stream music via Bluetooth. 


This hoverboard may suddenly stop when you hit the maximum speed and cause you to fall off. As the included plug does not work in North American outlets, you’ll need a separate adapter to charge the battery. 

Swagtron Swagboard


A strong choice for young kids and adults, this hoverboard only requires a user of 44 pounds to move. It has a self-balancing design that responds to your movements and can go more than 10 miles before the battery needs charged.


This board can support users of up to 220 pounds and go up to 11 miles on a single charged battery. It also has a self-balancing design that lets you adjust the speed based on how you move your body.


The hoverboard can vibrate quite a bit as it reaches higher speed. Some shoppers also felt as though the board used cheap and/or flimsy parts.

TOMOLOO Music-Rhymed Hoverboard


Designed for both adults and children, this hoverboard has rubber pads that keep your feet from slipping off. With waterproof tires and Bluetooth-enabled enabled speakers, the board keeps you safe and lets you have fun.


Built-in Bluetooth-enabled speakers let you listen to music when rolling around town on this board. You’ll also find waterproof tires and a fireproof case on the outside.


This board features two foot pads that are far apart, which can make balancing difficult. It may take longer than the manufacturer recommends to fully charge the battery too.

Ninebot S


Segway jumped into the hoverboard market with this model, which works with an app you can download to and use from any Bluetooth-enabled device. It supports riders of almost any size and has an area that supports your knees. 


This board features a knee rest that helps stabilize your body as you ride. It also comes with a Bluetooth app that lets you easily download new updates and control the features of the hoverboard.


This is one of the more expensive models on the market because of the Segway brand name. Some riders found that the knee rest was uncomfortable or that it got in their way.

Shopping Guide for the Best Hoverboard

Anyone who grew up in the 1980s remembers watching Marty McFly race around town in “Back to the Future” on a hoverboard. If you always wished that you could have some exciting adventures of your own, now is the perfect time to look for the best hoverboard. You’ll find products on our list of the best hoverboard 2024 models that are suitable for both adults and kids. While one of these models won’t let you race and fly through the air, you can use one to get around town or run some errands. The top hoverboard 2024 models help you get all your chores and tasks done faster.

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Shopping Guide for the Best Hoverboard

While you may find shopping guides that do little more than list products and tell you what to buy, we created a shopping guide that helps you find out everything you need to know about hoverboards before you start shopping. You’ll find tips on using and riding one for the first time and tips on staying safe while on a hoverboard. Our guide also looks at the average cost of hoverboards and goes into greater detail about the features you should consider before making a purchase. Using our shopping guide will help you find a good hoverboard.

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Selection Criteria​

It wasn’t that long ago that one of the hottest stories in the media was about hoverboards and how some models caught on fire. When we started working on a list of the top hoverboards, we wanted to make certain that all the models we found were safe for our readers. You’ll find an entire section further down that goes over some of the safety features that manufacturers now offer. Rest assured that the models appearing on our list are safe for you and anyone else who uses one.

The research that we did on the subject led us to look at customer reviews and general warnings and tips from official organizations and experts. As we looked at customer reviews, we checked out all the negative reviews to see which ones have battery or charging problems and other types of issues. Some of the models that made our list have primarily positive reviews from shoppers.

We also looked at factors like overall size and any included options or features. Size is important because it tells you whether the board is safe for kids or adults. Read through this entire shopping guide before you decide on which hoverboard is worth your money.

Selection Criteria​ - Getting to work
Getting to
Selection Criteria​ - Running errands
Selection Criteria​ - Checking out a new city on vacation
Checking out a
new city on vacation

If you want a hoverboard that can handle all the hills and valleys that you encounter on a daily basis, you’ll want a powerful model like this board from EPIKGO.

The manufacturer ensures that this board will keep you safe because it put the board through multiple tests. It passed nearly 160 tests and got high marks across the board. Unlike other models that cannot climb hills, this board can handle slopes and hills with ease. You can safely ride it up and over hills with up to an 18-degree slope. The rubber tires on the base have a thick and dependable tread that grips the ground as you ride for added safety and security.

A built-in charger makes it easy to charge this hoverboard before your next trip around town. It typically takes two hours or less to fully charge that battery, even if it’s completely dead. You’ll get up to one full hour of continuous use from that battery too. Depending on how fast and how often you ride, you might get up to 10 miles of use from the battery before it needs recharging. The manufacturer also gives you a one-year warranty on both labor and replacement parts.          

What is a Hoverboard?

“Back to the Future” introduced the world to the concept of a hoverboard. In that film series, the board raced along a cushion of air and could move over almost any type of surface except for water. The new hoverboards on the market today give you the same freedom but put you closer to the ground.

A hoverboard is a personal transportation device that features a board balanced on two wheels. Depending on the model that you buy, these wheels may be slightly larger or smaller. Larger wheels are best for those who enjoy off-road adventures because the tires move across both harder and softer surfaces and terrains without sticking or catching.

Inside the hoverboard is at least one motor, but most of the top models today have two motors. Having two motors will help you reach a higher maximum speed in less time. Hoverboards also have foot pads that sit on the top of the board. These pads usually have a non-slip design to help you remain in place. Some models come with other features like flashing lights or bright lights and apps that work with the motor.

Surfaces You Can Use a Hoverboard On

What is a Hoverboard - Sidewalks
What is a Hoverboard - Grass
What is a Hoverboard - Roads
What is a Hoverboard - Concrete
What is a Hoverboard - Asphalt

Fans of Lamborghini cars can recreate the excitement that they get upon seeing those cars with this hoverboard, which features a similar design. It has a non-slip foot pad that lets your feet grip the board no matter what type of shoes you wear and tires that mimic those used on SUVs. Those tires provide more traction when you ride on trails and allows you to take the board out of the city.

Thanks to the built-in speaker, you can now enjoy the sounds of your favorite tunes while riding. As long as you have a device that uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology, you can easily sync it to the board. This gives you the option of riding as you listen to books too.

We also like this Lamborghini hoverboard because of the optional app. While you can use the board without the app, we highly recommend downloading it. This app lets you check how much time is left on the battery when you’re out and about, which tells you when you need to head home. The app can also give you information about your speed and let you change to a different riding mode. You can even honk the horn on the hoverboard from the app.

Lamborghini sends each board through an intensive series of tests to make sure that they are safe for users. This does not stop some issues from occurring, including an error warning. Some riders also suffered injuries because the board came to a sudden stop when it hit the maximum spend and caused them to fall off.

Though the description lists the hoverboard as coming with a UL charging adapter, many customers received a European charging cord and needed to purchase a different one to charge their boards. It takes around 150 minutes to fully charge the battery when it’s dead. You’ll need to plug in the Lamborghini board and charge it when it first arrives too.

What Comes Included in the Box?

When you buy a new hoverboard, you may want to know what comes included in the box. While this can vary between manufacturers, most provide you with different items, including:

  • Hoverboard: The most important thing that comes in the box is the hoverboard itself. It should come already assembled and ready for use. Depending on the model that you buy though, you may need to put on the tires or do some other assembling yourself.
  • Charger: Also included in the box is the charger that provides the battery with the power that it needs to get you around town. Most chargers will work with any outlet. It should come with a UL rating or marking on the charger that lets you know that you can safely use it.
  • Instructional manual: You will also get an instructional manual that walks you through the steps in using a hoverboard. Following these steps will help you stay safe. The manual may include some tips on using that board. It may also include warranty information in the back that tells you what the warranty covers, how long it lasts and what you need to do to file a claim.
Selection Criteria​ - Checking out a new city on vacation

What Does the Warranty Cover?

  • Motors
  • Outer Shell/case
  • Tires
  • Charger
  • Battery

With a weight limit of 44 to 220 pounds, this Swagtron hoverboard can support most of the people in your family and let them take turns using it.

The board itself weighs only 23 pounds and lets you balance on top and control the board as you move. It comes with an internal battery that takes just one hour to charge. That battery gives you up to 11 minutes of riding time before you need to charge it again. Some of the top features include LED headlights and rubber bumpers. Those headlights illuminate the trail or road to help you get around, while the rubber bumpers keep the board from bumping into objects and damaging them. This model also has a durable motor and solid wheels that provide more traction as you roll down hills.

Hoverboard Safety Features

Don’t let some of the reports that you heard in the past scare you away from using a hoverboard. Manufacturers now make these boards with a number of safety features. You won’t worry about the board catching fire as you roll down the street or hear strange noises coming from the motors because some rain got inside. We’ll go over all the different safety features that are now found on hoverboards. Those features will keep you safe and keep anyone who rides that board safe too.

Waterproof Charging Cap and Housing

One safety feature now found on most models is a waterproof charging cap. Some cheaper models have an exposed charging port that you can easily damage on a daily ride. If you ever spilled something in the charging port on your phone, you know that the debris kept you from using and charging your phone. The same thing will happen when anything gets inside the port on a hoverboard. Boards that come with a waterproof charging cap keep both moisture and debris out of that port. You’ll also find boards that have a waterproof housing to keep moisture away from the motors too.

Fireproof Case

The link between fires and hoverboards came about because of the designs found on earlier models. These cheaper models used ordinary plastic cases. As the motors heated up, the sudden temperature change melted the plastic. The plastic could then drip inside the motor, which is what caused the fire. Most boards now available come with a fireproof case. If a spark comes out of either motor, the housing contains that spark and keeps it from melting the case or spreading outside of the board and lighting any nearby objects on fire. Fireproof cases may also be flame-retardant.

Pneumatic Tires

Have you ever taken a bike ride and found your tire went flat because of debris you ran over on the trail? Not only will a flat tire keep you from riding your bike, but it can make it hard for you to even wheel that bike back home. The same thing applies to hoverboards too. A flat tire might lead to you carrying that heavy board back home and to an expensive repair bill later. Many companies use pneumatic tires and wheels that will never go flat. The tread on these tires allows you to use your hoverboard on any type of surface too.

Non-slip Foot Pads

Some people shake their heads at hoverboards and think that they can’t ride one because they have balance issues. They assume that they might get on one and then instantly fall off. Hoverboards are easier to balance on than you might think though. This is because the boards have non-slip foot pads. Whether you wear your favorite running shoes or a simple pair of sandals, the boards give you the traction that you need. When you attempt to shift your feet around, you’ll find that the pads keep you locked in place. No matter how fast you go, you won’t fall off.

Temperature-Resistant Shell

Another important feature found on modern hoverboards is a temperature-resistant shell. We told you above how some older models caught on fire because of sharp or sudden temperature changes. The shells and cases on newer models are resistant to those temperature changes. These shells will actually take notice of any changes to the temperature inside and keep the temperature contained within the device. This keeps the plastic and other materials used in the case from melting. When looking for a new hoverboard, you should consider one that comes with a case that is resistant to both temperature changes and fires as well as one that is flame-retardant.

Hoverboard Safety Features - Waterproof Charging Cap
Charging Cap
Hoverboard Safety Features - Pneumatic Tires
Hoverboard Safety Features - Nonslip Foot Pads
Foot Pads
Hoverboard Safety Features - Temperature-Resistant Shell

If you love listening to music while racing around town but hate wearing headphones, this TOMOLOO hoverboard might be the best choice for you. It has speakers that work with any Bluetooth-enabled device that uses Bluetooth technology 4.0 or higher. Once you sync your device to the board, you can let your music stream through those speakers. LED lights around the wheels and on the front of the board actually adjust as the music plays, which might make you feel like you’re in a disco as you rush down the street.

This hoverboard also comes with a number of safety features like a fireproof housing that uses both fireproof and flame-retardant materials.

You’ll also find waterproof tires that keep water from splashing up and getting inside the motors. Even if you roll through the largest of puddles, your hoverboard motors will stay dry. It also comes with a charging port hidden behind a waterproof cap to protect the port from any moisture you might encounter. We also like that this model comes with a one-year warranty that covers the battery and motor. You get six months of coverage on the included charger too.

Types of Hoverboards

The very first hoverboards that landed on the market were pretty basic. Most came with just two wheels and a single motor inside. As the popularity of these boards grew, manufacturers looked for ways to change the designs to appeal to more customers. Before you look at the features you should consider and take a look at the prices of hoverboards, we highly recommend that you look at all the different types available. Knowing the different types of hoverboards can help you find one for your own needs or one that you can give as a gift to a loved one.


Types of Hoverboards - Two-Wheel

One of the more popular options for shoppers today, especially those with less experience is a two-wheel model. While real hoverboards use air to create a pocket or cushion that you glide alone, two-wheel hoverboards have two wheels that help you move and roll. These models are popular because they can reach top speeds of between 10 and 12 miles per hour. Many shoppers also like two-wheel models because of the stability that they provide. You’ll find that you can confidently put each foot on one of the pads and control the board with short movements to make it maneuver around corners or obstacles.


If you want to let your inner Marty McFly out to play, consider a one-wheel hoverboard. These models are fairly unique because of their designs. This type has a single wheel on the bottom with a flat area on the top that wraps around that wheel. Riding a one-wheel model can make you feel like you’re on a unicycle.

As you lean forward, you’ll find that you pick up speed and get closer to the maximum speed. Leaning back helps you decrease your speed and come to a sudden stop. One-wheel models have a steeper learning curve than two-wheel models do.

Types of Hoverboards - One-Wheel


A good choice for those who feel nervous or hesitant about getting on a hoverboard is a four-wheel model. These models have one large flat surface on the top and a series of four wheels under this surface. Those wheels sit in each corner and give the board more stability.

Though some compare these models to skateboards, the hoverboards are much larger and have more space for a user. Some of the newer four-wheel models even come with an app that you can use on your phone. That app tells the motor how fast to run and when to turn without you adjusting your body.

Types of Hoverboards - Four-Wheel

Electric Scooter

If you like the idea of using a personal transportation device but are afraid of using a hoverboard, you might consider an electric scooter. Scooters are fairly similar to hoverboards because they have a flat area for your feet, a series of wheels on the base and a motor inside. You’ll find a rod that rises up from the base though that has handlebars on the sides. Squeezing the handlebars allows you to increase and decreases your speed as well as come to a sudden stop.

Some shoppers like that the handlebars give them something to hold onto and that those handlebars help them feel more stable.

You’ll find a rod that rises up from the base though that has handlebars on the sides. Squeezing the handlebars allows you to increase and decreases your speed as well as come to a sudden stop. Some shoppers like that the handlebars give them something to hold onto and that those handlebars help them feel more stable.

Types of Hoverboards - Electric Scooter
Segway made a name for itself after introducing the Segway, which it believed would revolutionize the transportation industry. If you visited certain theme parks or went on off-road tours, you probably rode a Segway. The company now makes the MiniPRO, which combines elements of a hoverboard and a Segway. This board has large wheels on the bottom and two separate pads for your feet. A large post rises up from the center of the board and gives you a place to rest your knees. This rest also adds some stability to the board and can help beginners feel more comfortable as they ride. Designed to carry up to 220 pounds of weight, the hoverboard has military-grade shocks that absorb the vibrations from the terrain that you ride over to keep you from shaking. It also features an alloy frame that uses the same type of metals found on airplanes and other aircraft. When you download the Segway app to any Bluetooth-enabled device, you get more control over your ride. You can use the app to run diagnostic tests and change the settings. This app also lets you download any needed updates in the future.

What Hoverboard Size Do You Need?

Hoverboards come in several different sizes, including six-inch, eight-inch and 10-inch options. Ten-inch options are the most popular option for beginners. These models give you more space and let you feel more comfortable as you ride. You’ll also get strong tires that won’t deflate when used on different terrains. The larger size of these models may be too large for kids and shorter adults though.

Though manufacturers use the term six-inch to describe some hoverboards, most are a little larger and actually measure 6.5-inches. Smaller models of this type are perfect for kids. They can run around your yard or ride to a friend’s house with ease. Adults generally prefer larger models though because the six-inch size doesn’t give them much space for their feet. You may find that the pads are so small that your feet actually hang over the edges.

Eight-inch models are suitable for both adults and kids. The slightly smaller size is perfect for those who want to do tricks and those who need more space. You’ll have all the room that you need for your feet, but you’ll find that these hoverboards respond to the slightest of movements too.

How to Use and Ride a Hoverboard

Unless you used a hoverboard in the past, you will find that there is a steep learning curve associated with riding and using one. Also called self-balancing scooters, these boards require that you shift your weight and move your body to adjust the speed and the direction that the device goes. Even the slightest of movements like scratching an itch or pushing your hair out of your face can change the direction that you go or cause a sudden change in your speed. To learn how to ride and use a hoverboard, just follow our list of instructions once your board arrives.

Getting on the Board

Before you do anything else, you need to actually get on the hoverboard. If you get on it and then turn the device on, the sudden change might make you fall right off. Look for the power button, which is usually located on the front or the side of the board. Once you turn the board on, wait a few seconds before climbing on it. Some models have different settings that let you select the setting or mode based on your skill or experience level. Put one foot on the pad on the top of the board, making sure that you keep it balanced. You can then lift up your other foot and get into a comfortable position.

Pick Up Speed

Many people do not realize that the way they orient their bodies will determine how fast a hoverboard runs. Whether you want to use the board at its top speed or its lowest speed, you still need to move. When you lean your upper body forward, the device will slowly pick up speed, and when you lean back, the speed will decrease. The faster that you lean forward or back, the faster the speed will increase or decrease. You should try experimenting with the board in a safe area like your backyard or driveway. Once you feel comfortable and confident, you can take that hoverboard around town.

Making Turns

Even if you think that you’ll follow a straight and direct path like riding from your front door to your mailbox, you never know when you might encounter an obstacle. That’s why it’s so important that you know how to make turns. When an animal runs across your path, you can make a quick turn to avoid that animal. Each foot on the hoverboard corresponds to a different direction. Your right foot lets you make right turns, while your left foot lets you make left turns. To make a turn, move one of your feet slightly higher on the foot pad as you press down and apply some pressure to the board.

Ending Your Ride

When you reach the end of your ride, don’t assume that you can just hop off. This can leave you feeling disoriented and cause you to fall down and hurt yourself. You should first come to a complete stop in a safe and level spot. Maintain your balance as you carefully lift one foot up and take a step back. Once your feet are firmly planted on the ground, carefully lift your other foot off the device and take another step back. If you take a step forward instead of back, you risk losing your balance and putting more pressure on the hoverboard, which can lead to it crashing into your leg. Only after you get off the machine should you turn it off.

How to Use and Ride a Hoverboard


Do not attempt any tricks with a hoverboard until you master turning and learn how to control your speed.

Hoverboard Safety Tips

  • Wear protective gear: You wouldn’t send your child on a bike ride without first ensuring that he or she has the proper safety gear on, and you shouldn’t ride a hoverboard without wearing t he right gear either. Even if you’re only taking a short trip, make sure that you have pads on your elbows and knees. You may want to wear a helmet too.
  • Abide by traffic laws: Always follow the laws in your city or county when using a hoverboard. Some cities will not let you ride on in the street or on sidewalks near public buildings. You may find laws regarding how to signal others before you make a turn too.
  • Pay attention to pedestrians: Hoverboard riders sometimes have a reputation for trying to take control of a road or sidewalk. As you ride, always pay attention to pedestrians and respect the flow of foot traffic. Trying to push your way through a crowd or speed around people is potentially dangerous.
  • Practice: While you might think that you can hop right on a hoverboard and go anywhere you want, you need to practice first. Try riding your board on a soft surface like your grass and then riding it on your driveway or sidewalk before moving away from your home.
Hoverboard Safety Tips

What Not To Do with a Hoverboard

We already told you how to ride a hoverboard and how to stay safe when using one, but we also wanted to provide you with a list of things that you shouldn’t do to or with your new board.

  • Ride dangerously: Though you may feel confident enough to try a few tricks with your hoverboard, you shouldn’t ride dangerously. Never use drugs or alcohol before getting on your board, and always use caution when riding in new or unfamiliar areas.
  • Tackle uneven ground: The wheels on your hoverboard can handle different surfaces, but that doesn’t mean you can ride on uneven ground or on sloped areas. This can cause one motor to run faster than the other and cause both to burn out.
  • Ride at a top speed all the time: Just because your hoverboard has a top speed that doesn’t mean you should always use it at that speed. Riding too fast can leave you prone to accidents that damage the board and injure your body.
  • Give kids complete freedom: When buying a hoverboard for your child, be responsible and watch your child as he or she rides. Giving your child too much freedom can result in serious injuries.

Signs You Overcharged Your Battery

What Not To Do with a Hoverboard
  • The battery no longer charges when plugged in
  • Your battery doesn’t last as long as it did before
  • The lights on the hoverboard won’t come on
  • You notice a burning odor coming from the battery or charger

Benefits of Buying a New Hoverboard

With the price of hoverboards ranging from $150 to more than $600, you might think that you should buy a used board and save yourself some money. Buying used is potentially dangerous though. You should check out the benefits of buying a new hoverboard instead.

  • Modern safety features: Buying new helps you take advantage of all the new safety features like flame-retardant cases and waterproof covers. Older hoverboards will usually lack some of those features.
  • Warranty: When you buy used, you have no guarantee that the board is in good condition or that it even works. You may find that the battery doesn’t hold a charge or that the battery only lasts for a few minutes. Buying new gives you a guarantee that your hoverboard will run the way the manufacturer intended. You’ll also get a warranty on that board.
  • New options: Older hoverboards do little more than just let you run around town. With a newer board, you can choose one with some impressive features like an app that lets you keep an eye on the board’s performance and speakers that let you stream music from your phone as you ride.

Hoverboard Benefits

  • Spend more time in the fresh air
  • Get to where you want to go faster than if you walked
  • Reduce your overall fuel emissions
  • Join an elite club of hoverboard riders in your city
Benefits of Buying a New Hoverboard

How to Avoid Counterfeit Boards

The popularity of hoverboards led to a number of companies making counterfeit products overseas and shipping those items to the United States. Knockoffs can suffer from mechanical problems and even catch on fire, which is why you want to buy the real deal. You can ensure that your hoverboard is authentic in a few ways.

  • Look closely at the box: Check the box closely for any quality errors. Reputable companies have quality control departments that are responsible for ensuring the quality of any item sold. If the box has words misprinted or color errors, it’s likely a fake.
  • Inspect the battery: If you bought a hoverboard and aren’t sure if it’s authentic, open it up and check the battery. The battery should have UL label on it that shows it has approval from this agency.
  • Buy from a reputable source: Each of the top five hoverboards that we found are available directly from Amazon. You can follow the links we provided, buy and board and have it shipped to you from Amazon. Buying from other online marketplaces or from third parties is potentially dangerous because you may wind up with a fake or counterfeit hoverboard.
How to Avoid Counterfeit Boards


Counterfeit hoverboards often cost 25% to 50% less than authentic boards do, and some makers charge even less. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Hoverboard Buying Guide – Features Worth Your Money

As we worked on our shopping guide for hoverboards, we wanted to include more information than other sites do. Many shopping guides just give you a list of the top 10 products and tell you to buy one of those options. We wanted to create a full buying guide that provided readers with absolutely everything they needed to know about hoverboards. Some of our sections give you tips on riding your board for the first time and tell you how much you should spend on one, while other sections go over safety tips and the top safety features to look for in hoverboards. We’ll now go into greater detail about the top features that make a hoverboard worth your money.

Charging Time

One thing you should consider is the overall charging time. The internal battery inside the hoverboard should have a port on one side of the outer case. This lets you plug in the battery and charge it without taking the hoverboard apart or removing the battery first. You generally want a battery that fully charges in three hours or less. Some models can charge their batteries in under two hours too. The faster it charges, the less time you’ll spend waiting around. A faster charging time also lets you use the hoverboard for two different trips on the same day.

Minimum and Maximum Speeds

The average walking speed of a human is around three miles per hour. When you use a hoverboard, you can move at a speed twice that rate or even higher. It’s important that you look at both the maximum and the minimum speeds of a board. The minimum speed is the slowest that it will go and is the speed that you’ll move at when your first get on the hoverboard. As you lean and move your body forward, you can slowly increase that speed until you hit the maximum rating. Hoverboards typically have a minimum speed of six to eight miles per hour and a maximum speed of 10 to 13 miles per hour.

Battery Life

Buying the wrong hoverboard can be an incredibly frustrating experience. While you might imagine yourself running to get the mail and picking up some groceries every day on your hoverboard, the battery that comes inside that model can determine how often you actually use it. You generally want a battery that will last for at least one hour on a single charge. Some batteries will run for much longer, but other batteries will only last for 15 to 30 minutes. You should also check out the lifespan of the battery to see if it will last for a year or if the battery will need replacing within six months or less.


The right design for you depends on how comfortable you feel balancing on the device. We recommend models like the one from Segway for those who have balance issues. You can lock your knees in place on the knee pad area to keep from tipping over, and you can actually put your hands on this area for more stability. Four-wheel models are also good for those with balance issues because those wheels offer more stability. If you feel confident in your abilities, you might go with a one-wheel model. Two-wheel hoverboards are suitable for any type of user and riders of all ages.

Manufacturer or Brand Name

Manufacturer or brand name is more important to some shoppers than others. If you heard a number of good things about one company and/or used its products in the past, you might find yourself drawn to the hoverboards that it offers. Many people like the Segway hoverboard on our list because this portable transportation device bears the Segway name and comes with a lasting warranty from that company. If a brand name is less important to you, you’ll find a number of good products at different price points. Looking at reviews will help you see the benefits of buying from a lesser-known company.

Weight Limit

Depending on how much you weigh, you may want to consider the weight limit that the device has. Manufacturers tell you the weight capacity upfront. If you put more weight on the hoverboard than the company recommends, you can do significant damage to the motor or the wheels. This can also cause damage that voids your warranty. The weight limit for cheaper models is usually around 200 pounds, which makes those boards suitable for kids and smaller users. Some of the more expensive hoverboards that we found can hold up to 240 pounds of weight or more without breaking down.

User Age

In our section on hoverboard sizes, we looked at some of the more popular sizes and mentioned which ones were best for adults and kids. It’s important that you consider the age of the user because this may save you some money. Hoverboards designed for kids come with fewer features. Kids today may care more about doing simple tricks and running around with their friends than they do about battery life and Bluetooth speakers. Models for children also come in smaller sizes that cost less money. If you want one for yourself, you will want to spend more money on a hoverboard with extra features.


In addition to the weight limit, consider the overall weight of the hoverboard itself. This may not seem very important until you take a ride a significant distance away from home and then discover that your battery died. The less the hoverboard weighs, the easier time you’ll have carrying it home. Weight is also important for shoppers looking at portable models. You may want a board that you can ride to work. Once you get to the office, you need to pick up the board and store it inside. If you need a portable model, you’ll want one that weighs no more than 50 pounds.

Hoverboard Buying Guide – Features Worth Your Money

UL Rating

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission pulled all hoverboards from the market after receiving a series of complaints from users. It asked manufacturers to do safety testing on their products before putting those items back on the market. One of the requirements that manufacturers must now do is get a UL rating. You can find information about that rating on the box and in the packaging inside the box. You may find the UL rating listed in the product description and in the instructional manual. The mark should appear on the hoverboard and on its battery too.

Color and Finish

When you buy any type of transportation device, you’ll always consider color. Choosing the right color lets you show off your personality and let others know more about you. Some of the hoverboards that we found come in just one color, but other boards come in a range of colors. The XTREME Hummer comes in solid black to mimic the look of military vehicles. Other models come in some fun shades like hot pink and lime green. You’ll also find some that come with a chrome finish. If you want a model that comes with multiple lights, you might prefer a black finish that lets those lights stand out.

App Control

One of the top features found on modern hoverboards is something called app control. As long as you have a smartphone or another device with an internet connection, you can download the manufacturer’s app right to that device. This app lets you do a few different things, including monitor the performance of your hoverboard and check all the settings available. You may even have the option of adjusting the speed or turning on any built-in lights from that app. Despite what you might think, you can still ride your hoverboard without using that app. It’s simply an additional feature that can make your life a little easier.


When selecting a new hoverboard, you need to look at both the size and the design of the wheels. As we mentioned in an earlier section, many shoppers prefer pneumatic tires because they never go flat. The right type of tires for you will depend on where and how you use that hoverboard. If you want to take that hoverboard off-road and deep in the wilderness, you’ll want rugged tires that are larger in size. Shoppers who spend much of their time in the city can look at hoverboards that come with smaller tires with a thinner tread.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Listening to music on the go typically means using headphones or using the speakers on your phone. Most phone speakers are not very strong though. Even if you turn the volume all the way up, you may have a hard time hearing your favorite songs. When you use headphones or earbuds, you risk tripping over the cord. Hoverboards that has Bluetooth connectivity give you a new way to listen to music. These models come with built-in speakers that connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device, including an MP3 player or a smartphone. You can connect those speakers to your own devices and any devices nearby.


One benefit that hoverboards have over bicycles is that you can buy one with built-in lights. These lights may sit in front of your feet, on the deck where your feet sit or on the wheels. Some models even have lights in all of these areas. When riding at night, before the sun rises or as it sets, you can use those lights to ensure that every pedestrian and driver on and around the road clearly sees you. Those lights act as a safety feature to help you avoid traffic accidents and other types of incidents. Many hoverboards let you adjust the color or the strength of the lights, and some models let you use the lights in a flashing mode.

What is the Average Price for a Hoverboard?

Many people shopping for hoverboards assume that they need to spend thousands of dollars, while other shoppers look for the cheapest models available. We recommend that you stick to those in the middle price range. The most expensive board on our list is the Segway model, which retails for around $700. Though it gets some high reviews, experts generally claim that the cost relates to the brand name.

The Epikgo model retails for around $5780 and made the top spot on our list. You’ll find other models that retail for between $130 to $250. These boards come with features like LED lights that help you ride safely at night. The lights come on instantly to let others see you, but those lights also help you see any obstacles in front of you. You’ll also find hoverboards that let you listen to music and access all available features via a simple app.

Though you may find some cheaper models priced at under $100, we warn shoppers against investing in those boards. Many do not have a high safety rating or any type of safety rating at all. You’ll put your life and safety on the line each time you use a cheap board.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Your new hoverboard will come with a charger for the battery and instructions on charging it. You should make sure that you follow those instructions to the letter to avoid overcharging the battery. This can weaken the battery to the point that it will no longer accept a charge later.

A: The warranty that comes with your new hoverboard should last for at least one year. Some manufacturers offer a warranty on select parts for just six months and other parts for a full year. Depending on where you buy your hoverboard from, you may have the option of buying an extended warranty.

A: You should check the laws in your area to see if there are any places that ban hoverboards. Many colleges do not allow students or visitors to use hoverboards. New York City has a ban on hoverboards and charges a $500 fee for those caught riding one.

A: You can fix any scratches or chips that you see with a little paint. Make sure that you choose a color that closely matches the finish to make the repair blend seamlessly with the old paint. You can also use nail polish to hide damage.

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