DroneX Pro Review

UPDATED April 2024

With so many drones available, finding the best one is hard. That is why we recommend that you check out our DroneX review to see how this model performs.

Total Rating: 4.8


Over-all Score:


Flight Time


Ease of Use


Image Resolution


Battery Life


Value for Money


BOTTOM LINE: The DroneX Pro is an easy to use drone that is suitable for beginners and advanced users as well as kids and adults. It captures photos and videos in 720P and has propellers that fold to prevent damage during transport.

PROS: As one of the best budget drones on the market, the DroneX Pro has a 10-minute flight time and folding propellers. It also has a durable design that can withstand crashes and a lightweight frame that makes it even easier to use.

CONS: Many shoppers claimed that they ordered the DroneX Pro online and received cheap Chinese drones that didn’t work. As for the DroneX Pro, some customers stated that it didn’t have as much control as they expected.

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What is the DroneX Pro?

The DroneX Pro is a new drone designed for those who have less experience but still want access to a high-quality product. This high-tech device is perfect for those just starting out who want to take pictures while flying high above the ground. It is both lightweight and foldable, which makes it easy to use and store. 

When you finish for the day, you can fold the propellers to make sure that they don’t suffer any damage on the way home. You can use the built-in camera to take high-definition images and videos with a 720p resolution too.

Designed to last longer than other drones do, it comes with an internal battery that gives you a full 10 minutes of flying time. This lets you spend more time checking out the scenery and taking photos than other drones give you. It also has a panorama mode for budding photographers. You can press one button and take photos that show the entire 360-degree area around you. We also like how easily you can use this drone. Some who purchased it had no issues with letting their children operate the drone. By the time you get to the end of our DroneX review, you’ll see why this is one of the top drones around.

what is dronexpro

The DroneX Pro is easy to use and conveniently folds for storage.

How Does the DroneX Pro Work?

The DroneX Pro works in the same way that any other drone does. It comes with a special app designed by the manufacturer of the drone that you can download to your smartphone. As long as you have a WiFi connection, you can sync that app to the drone and take off. This gives you the freedom to use the drone while you’re near your home and when you’re out in public. The app lets you see everything that the drone sees as it flies through the air. You can use the app to take photos and to switch to video mode when you want to capture videos of the surrounding landscape.

Another way you can use the app is to control the drone. You can keep an eye out for obstacles that might crash into the drone and avoid other drones and gadgets in the air. The controls are so easy to use that even beginners and kids can get a handle on them in just a few minutes. With the DroneX Pro, you can also choose the resolution that you want for photos and save all the pictures and videos that you take. This is a nice little drone for those on a budget.

With the resolution settings, you can get the clarity that you need with photos taken in 720p or 1080p.

How Does the DroneX Pro Work

How Can You Use the DroneX Pro?

Taking a picture with family and friends on an ordinary smartphone is hard. You need to make sure that everyone looks in the same direction and that they all smile at the same time. It’s easy to cut people out of the photo because you clicked the button too soon. Though selfie sticks are great tools for those who take frequent photos, you may not want to carry one with you to every party and event that you attend. You can use the DroneX Pro in the same way you would a selfie stick. Once it gets up in the air, you can gather the group together and ask everyone to stare at the front of the drone. The drone can capture both pictures and videos of the group.

You can use the DroneX Pro while you’re on vacation too. Have you ever climbed to the top of a mountain and wished that you could capture photos to show others what you saw? With this drone, it takes mere minutes to get it into the air and a few more to capture the scenery around you. No matter where your adventures take you, you can use the DroneX Pro to capture the memories and moments you want to share.

Tips for Taking Selfies with the DroneX Pro

Check out some handy tips on how to take selfies with your drone.

Where Can You Use it?

As long as you know the laws in your state, you can fly the DroneX in most public and private places. You might use it before launching home improvement projects to get an idea of what your lawn or home needs. Some of the other places you might use the DroneX Pro include:

As the popularity of drones in the United States increased, the government introduced new laws that limit what you can do with your drone and how you can operate it. You generally cannot fly one on private property without the permission of the property owner(s). This is due to the privacy laws in the country. If you are caught taking photos or videos of people without their permission or flying on their land, you risk some serious fines. There were even a few cases in the recent past where people faced jail time because they flew their drones in the wrong places.

Do You Need a License to Fly the DroneX Pro?

Drone pilots can get a license to fly the DroneX Pro and other models.

As long as you fly the DroneX Pro recreationally, you do not need a license. If you plan on using the drone for work such as taking photos for your boss or shooting weddings and other events, you will need a license. The FAA is responsible for issuing those licenses.

Who's This for?

Drone flying is a popular hobby in the United States. You’ll find tiny drones available from big-box stores that fly for just a few minutes and expensive models that can fly for an hour or more on a single charge. As you compare other models to the DroneX Pro, you might wonder who can use this drone. The simple answer to that question is anyone. Anyone who can read a phone screen and has access to an outlet to charge the battery can use this drone. Though it lacks some of the features that make the advanced models worth their high price tags, the DroneX Pro is great for many people, including:

The DroneX Pro is a great drone for those on a budget too. It lets you do many of the things you would with an expensive drone until you feel more comfortable behind the controls.

What are Some of the Rules for Drone Pilots?

Following drone pilot laws will help you avoid fines and other penalties.

Who's This for - fly drones
Who's This for - Class G spaces
Who's This for - aviation organizations
Who's This for - impede the airspace

Where to Buy?

When you search the web for the DroneX Pro, you’ll find that several sites offer it for sale. Most of the complaints that we saw when researching this article concerned issues that shoppers had when they bought from the wrong site. Not only do you risk getting the wrong drone delivered, but you will also pay more than you should. The link that we offer lets you buy these drones for as little as $59 apiece. If you want to save on gifts for the drone lovers in your life, you’ll want to use our link. The price starts at $99, which is what you’ll pay to buy a single drone. You can take advantage of special savings and get:

The more drones that you buy at one time, the more the price of each one will drop. DroneX Pro shoppers pay just $192 for a special bundle package that gives them three drones when they order only two. When you buy three drones, you get two free drones for a total of $285, which is a great deal. You can keep one or two at home for playing with your kids and give the others as gifts during the holiday season. All drones bought through our link also come with free shipping.

Benefits of Buying Today

Should You Buy it?

Though people love to talk about Xtra-PC online, you might not realize that they refer to all products with the same name. This company makes three different products that include the Xtra-PC Turbo 16, which was the first and original one released.


The only way you can determine if the DroneX Pro is the top drone for you is with a look at its general pros and cons. We’ll go over the top reasons why shoppers love this budget drone in this section before we take a look at some of the cons below.

Video and Photo Recording

One reason so many people buy drones is that they want to use them to take pictures and videos. The DroneX Pro can capture both still images/photos and video recordings. You can choose between 1080P and 720p recording options too. Another feature that we like that some don’t talk about is the live stream option. If you have an internet connection and log into a social media account, you can stream everything you shoot with the drone to your watchers at home. You also have the option of saving files on your phone that you edit and stream later.

Gravity Sensors

If you ever flew a drone before, you might remember the panic that you felt as the drone started falling from the sky. No matter how confident you feel in your piloting skills, many drones can drop out of the sky suddenly and plummet to the ground below. The DroneX Pro has gravity sensors inside that keep this from happening. You’ll rarely find those sensors in drones of this price range. The sensors tell the drone when it is too close to the ground and will automatically lift it into the air. Those sensors can also keep the DroneX Pro from crashing into other drones and obstacles.

What Can You Do with the DroneX App?

Good Value for the Money

With all the features that come included in the DroneX Pro, you might expect to pay $300 or even $400 for one. The full retail price on this drone is less than $100 though. You can save even more if you buy multiples too. Not only do you get a free drone when you buy two, but you can get two free drones when you buy five. The discount on your purchase automatically applies when you place your order. We also found that new discounts were available on the site around the holidays and when we visited more than once. Those discounts let you save significantly on one drone or several drones.

Battery and Flight Time

Any good buyers’ guide to drones will tell you to check both the flight time and battery life. Even if you spend hundreds on a drone, you may find that it won’t fly for very long before the battery runs out. That is one of the reasons why we like the DroneX Pro. It has a handy battery that charges in around an hour. You can fly for up to 10 minutes at top speed before the battery runs out. Some of the DroneX Pro reviews we read claimed that the battery lasted for 12 or even 15 minutes at a lower speed.

Battery and Flight Time

Panoramic Capabilities of the DroneX Pro

With the panoramic mode on the DroneX Pro, you can capture everything and everyone around you.

Good Construction

The biggest issue with inexpensive drones is that they weren’t made to last. You might think that you need to spend hundreds on one that you can use with your kids, but the DroneX Pro has a durable design that makes it suitable for all types of users. One of the top features of this model is the folding design of the propellers. Not only does this reduce the size of the drone for storage, but it also reduces the risk that the propellers might become damaged as you carry it. We also like that you can easily remove and replace the rotor blades as they break. Even some of the more expensive drones lack replaceable rotor blades.

Replay Mode

Have you ever done something impressive such as performing a complete circle in the air and then looked around to find that no one else saw? With the DroneX Pro, you can now share all the tricks that you do thanks to the replay mode. This mode keeps track of everything you do with the drone and provides you with access to the captured videos and photos with one touch. You can quickly upload those videos to YouTube and other media sharing sites or save a copy on your phone’s memory card to upload to your computer later.

What Comes in the Box?

Replay Mode

Perform Actions and Tricks

With the DroneX Pro, you can perform a variety of tricks to impress your friends and those around you. The controls you access via the app allow you to move the drone forward and backward along a set path. Another setting lets the drone hover in the air, which is a great option when you want to set up friends for a group shot or get things ready for a streaming video. You can also tell the drone to move to the left and right and lift it off the ground through those controls. As you gain more experience, you’ll feel comfortable moving the drone sideways and performing tricks.

Fast Operation

Some drones take a few minutes to set up and use, which can feel like an eternity when you’re in a hurry. The DroneX Pro is much easier to set up and will get off the ground much faster too. Once you place the drone on a flat surface such as the sidewalk or your lawn, you can connect it to the app via a wireless internet connection. You can then open the app and click on the play button to use it. As the drone moves through the air, it sends a signal to the app to help you see what it sees.

When you order the DroneX Pro online, give the manufacturer at least 35 business days to ship the drone, especially if you order one of the special packages. This is the estimated shipping time for customers in the United States. If you live in a different country, the shipping can take even longer.

Other Reasons to Love the DroneX Pro


When you search the web for info on the DroneX Pro, you’ll often find the word scam listed after this term. So many reviews claim that the product is a scam because shoppers bought from third-party sellers. They received a model called the Eachine E58 rather than the DroneX Pro. The E58 sells for significantly less and is barely worth that low price. If you want to avoid getting the wrong product, you need to buy from an authorized seller or the official site.

Another issue found on many different forums and message boards came from reviewers who claimed that it didn’t perform nearly as well as the web ads and sites made it seem. They claimed that it barely worked out of the box and that they needed to replace some of the parts after just one flight. Most of the reviews for the DroneX Pro gave it between three and four stars out of five, which makes it one of the better-reviewed drones on the market.

Reported Problems with the DroneX Pro

The Competition

No matter where you shop for drones, you’ll find some major competition for the DroneX Pro. DJI is one of the top names in the drone industry and the manufacturer behind the Mavic Pro Platinum. This bundle set comes with extra batteries and propellers that significantly reduce the noise produced by the drone. It can fly for up to 30 minutes at a time and comes with five sensors that work with the built-in 5K camera. Priced at more than $1,200, this drone is best for professional and experienced users.

You might prefer a budget drone such as the Holy Stone GPS Drone. It has built-in GPS to ensure that the drone returns to you and a follow setting that forces the drone to follow your path. We also like the RC Quadcopter that comes with built-in GPS and four propellers that let you fly faster and longer. You’ll also find cheaper drones for kids that let you see how well they handle these devices before you invest in the DroneX Pro. One good option is the Spacekey Drone for Kids. Though it connects to any smartphone, it uses just one button to lift the drone off the ground and bring it back. This drone is quite affordable too.

How to Get a Drone Pilot's License

The Competition - Meet all requirements
The Competition - Test through the FAA
The Competition - strong English language skills

Final Verdict

The biggest problem with budget drones is that they just don’t last very long. You can mind miniature drones for as little as $20 or less, but most of those models won’t last beyond your first flight. While you can spend hundreds or even thousands on a drone, you might find that the directions are so complicated that you have no idea how to get the drone off the ground let alone take photos with it. Those problems were on our mind when we started reviewing the DroneX Pro because we couldn’t help but notice that we didn’t experience those same problems. It only took minutes to get comfortable with the controls on our smartphone and to get the drone up in the air. Getting the drone to fly and take pictures and videos with it was just as easy.

While you might think that budget drones aren’t worth your time or energy, the DroneX Pro proves you wrong. This drone is so easy to use that kids can take to the sky with it. It captures both videos and still images in two different resolutions and has folding propellers. We recommend the DroneX Pro for anyone looking for a good drone on a tight budget.

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