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UPDATED April 2021

A diagnostic sensor can help you combat the check engine lights that you have. FIXD is one of the best tools for diagnosing your light and engine problems.

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BOTTOM LINEWith this diagnostic sensor from FIXD, you can find out exactly what is wrong with your vehicle without taking it to a mechanic first. It tells you why the check engine light is on and what you need to do next.

PROSSuitable for use on any vehicle released in 1996 or later, this sensor comes with an app that lets you view multiple sensors at the same time. It also alerts you when you need to do any maintenance on your vehicle.

CONSA few customers claimed that the sensor detected no problems with their vehicles, even when lights came on their dashes. Others had problems connecting it to WiFi or with the sensor losing their information.

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Best Diagnostic Sensor Review: FIXD Diagnostic Sensor

There are few things more frustrating than seeing the check engine light come on in your vehicle. This typically indicates that you need to stop by the mechanic or the shop and get a full workup done on your car. Thanks to FIXD, you now have an alternative to that shop visit. This diagnostic tool allows you to perform a quick scan on your car and see why that light is on. It takes a short period of time to do the scan, which will then tell you exactly what it found and what you need to replace or do to your vehicle.

Best Diagnostic Sensor Review FIXD Diagnostic Sensor

A great benefit of choosing FIXD is that you can use different sensors with each of your vehicles and access each one with an app that you use on your phone. As long as those vehicles run on gas and came out in 1996 or later, you can use FIXD. Once plugged in, this sensor will continue to monitor your car and identify any issues that occur later. You can also use the sensor to set up reminders of when you need to do routine maintenance such as changing your oil. This tool works without any special tools or accessories.

What You Need to Do to Maintain Your Car

The check engine light on your dashboard will come on when there is a minor or a serious problem with your engine. This might serve as a warning of an electrical problem that can worsen over time. The majority of people who purchase FIXD will do so because they want to save some money in the long run. If you leave an engine problem untreated, it may cost thousands of dollars or more to fix it in the future. We highly recommend this diagnostic sensor for anyone who wants to maintain and take care of their cars. It’s also a good tool for anyone who drives a newer model vehicle and wants to know what the check engine light means.

Who's This for - Change your oil
Change your oil
Who's This for - Replace your brake pads and filters
Replace your brake pads and filters
Who's This for - Change your oil
Rotate your tires
Who's This for - Check coolant
Check coolant and other fluid levels and top up as needed
Who's This for - clean the battery
Inspect and clean the battery

FIXD is also perfect for those who forget about the regular maintenance that their cars require. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, you may need an oil change every 3,000 to 6,000 miles or more. Even if you put reminders in your phone, you may still forget to change your oil as needed. This tool has an app that lets you set up your own reminders of when you need to do that maintenance. Anyone who wants to take care of their vehicles will benefit from this tool and app.

How Does FIXD Work?

When you buy this tool, you get both the diagnostic sensor that acts as a scanner and the FIXD app. Before you can run a scan on your car, you must plug the tool into your vehicle. If you ever used one of the boxes that insurers offer to help lower your rates, you’ll already know how this works. You will then need to open the store on your phone where you buy and download apps. 

Anyone using an Android phone will use the Google Play Store. Once the store loads, do a search for FIXD and download the official app from the manufacturer. You need to click on the name of the app and then select the install button before waiting for it to download.

As soon as you plug in the tool, open the FIXD app. You can use the Bluetooth on your phone to search for the sensor and form the connection that you need.

How Does FIXD Work

Once you form this connection, you will click on your screen and tell the app that you want to scan your vehicle. After the scan finishes, the app will show you everything it found. This lets you know what is wrong with your car and what you need to do or talk to your mechanic about later.

Should You Buy it?

As important as your general health is, the health of your vehicle is just as important. Something as simple as a loose wire in the motor can cause your check engine light to come on and stay on for weeks at a time. 

There is no guarantee that the light came on because of something simple though, which is why you need a diagnostic scanning tool such as FIXD. FIXD comes with a sensor that you can plug in and set up in seconds as well as an app that works with that tool.

Should You Buy it

One benefit of this tool is that it does not require charging or new batteries. The power from your engine provides all the power that the tool itself needs. As long as you have a Bluetooth connection between the tool and your phone, you get full access to the app. FIXD does require that you create an account once you download the app. If you upgrade to a better phone later, you can log in with your information and gain access to your account again. While this is a tool that we recommend and one we think you should buy, we wanted to show you some of the pros and cons of this model to help you feel confident about your purchase.


Large Range of Issues

The biggest reason why you’ll want to use FIXD is that of the large range of issues that it can find in your car. The company says that it can find and identify more than 6,000 issues that include both smaller things you can take care of home and major repairs that require professional help. It also claims that it will tell you outright whether you should have a mechanic do the job. The tool can tell you when your oxygen sensor died, if your oil temperature is at a critical level or if you need to tighten your gas cap. Once you find and fix the problem, the app will let you clear the dash light too.

Cost Estimates

Have you ever been in a car accident and needed a repair? Your insurer probably suggested a few shops that you could use but also recommended that you get estimates from other shops too. This can take up a lot of time and leave you feeling frustrated about what those shops said. FIXD has a nice feature in its app that actually provides you with estimates based on your current zip code or location. Not only does the app tell you how much you might pay for the parts that you need, but it also lets you know the average cost of labor for those jobs too.

Quick Scan

While there are a number of other diagnostic tools that you can use at home, FIXD operates much faster than some of those other tools do. It typically takes just a few minutes to do a full scan and view the results on the included app. FIXD also gives you the option of doing a scan when you’re at home or the go. You can open the app and start the scan while you’re sitting inside your car or standing on your driveway too. If you take your car to a shop, you might wait an hour or longer for a mechanic to hook up your car and perform a diagnostic scan.

Multiple Cars, One Account

If you ever used a diagnostic scanning tool and app before, you probably found that you could only use that tool in one car. While FIXD also requires that you use the tool in one car, it lets you use one account to monitor any other scanners that you use. Let’s say that you primarily drive one car but your spouse and teenager have vehicles of their own. You can buy and install scanning tools in each car and use the app on your phone to run scans on each one. That same app also lets you set up reminders about any future maintenance that those vehicles need.

Issues Found

One thing we really like about FIXD is just how clearly it shows any issues found. After doing a scan, the app will open a new window that shows you just how many issues it detected. It also tells you how serious those issues are, which will let you know whether you need to immediately take care of those problems or if you can put off the repairs for a few days. FIXED uses red, yellow and green to show you which issues are minor and which are more serious. You can do other scans after making those repairs also.

Affordable Prize

Many shops offer free diagnostic scans for shoppers today. The idea is that you’ll come in for your free scan and feel so grateful that you agree to pay for costly repairs on the spot. Some auto parts stores offer free scans too because they assume that you’ll buy the parts that you need from them. Free scans will often require that you wait in line and deal with pushy sales reps though. FIXD gives you the option of doing your own scans at home whenever you need. It offers its diagnostic combo for around $60 and has a bundle that comes with two scanners for just $100.

Clear the Light

When you find yourself struggling with a check engine light that comes on and stays on for days or weeks at a time, you’ll want to find out what’s wrong and fix it as soon as possible. If you find out that it’s something simple such as a cracked lid on your gas tank, you might feel a little silly that you let the problem go on for so long. When you do a scan but don’t have time to fix the problem on the spot, FIXD gives you the option of cleaning the light. This will turn off the light on your dash and keep it from coming back on later.

Android and iOS Support

One problem that we found when looking at FIXD alternatives is that some of those products only work with one type of operating system. If you have an Android or an iPhone now but think you might want to change systems in the future, FIXD is a good choice for you because it is compatible with both systems. The manufacturer offers free apps that work with its tools, which you can download from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. Once you create an account, you can log back into it when you change phones later too.

Maintenance Reminders

Though experts often claim that you need to change your oil every 3,000 miles, some makes and models can go for 8,000 to 10,000 miles before they need an oil change. FIXD is the only tool of its type that lets you set up maintenance reminders. The app will send you alerts when you need to change your oil and replace your fluids or check your tires and brake pads (don’t forget to take a portable air compressor if you’re going for a road-trip so you don’t get caught miles from a gas station with a flat). It shows you exactly how many miles you put on your vehicle and which types of maintenance you need to do in the near future. Those reminders can help you save thousands of dollars in future repairs.

Continuous Monitoring

Another feature that sets FIXED apart from the competition is that it offers continuous monitoring. Have you ever had your check engine light come on and then turn itself off when you went over a bump in the road? This often occurs because of a loose engine wire. Those bumps in the road can temporarily fix the problem until you encounter another bump. FIXD will do the scan that you need but will then keep monitoring your car until you unplug the tool. If it discovers any future problems, the app will immediately notify you of what it found.

Suitable for Less Experienced Users

While you can buy a professional diagnostic tool from any auto shop, those tools are often difficult to use. Not only do you need to figure out exactly where to plug in the tool, but you’ll also need to view the complicated codes that pop up. Those codes require that you access a database and use the information provided to decide what to do next. FIXED takes the guesswork out of diagnosing and repairing your car. Once you do a scan, it shows you in clear and simple English what it founds and what that means to your car. You can then get a repair done without dealing with a database.

Vehicle History

Depending on your age, you might remember your parents keeping a detailed log of how many miles they drove and other information. The older generation often kept those details in a small notebook that they stored in the glovebox. FIXD allows you to keep track of your vehicle’s history on your phone and in a log that you can easily read and access. Each time that you run a scan, it will create a report that shows everything it found. You can access each of those previous scans and view all the information that you need to know about the history of your car.

Secure Data

Any time that you use a wireless device, you might worry about your private data. This is especially common among those who shop online because of the data breaches experienced by Target and other major retailers. When you use FIXD though, you never need to worry about data breaches. Though the app and tool do work with Bluetooth, once you create a connection between the tool and your phone, no one else can access that same connection. This ensures that no one else can gain access to your diagnostic scans.

Money Back Guarantee

FIXD offers a guarantee that essentially states the company isn’t happy unless you are happy. When you buy this product online from Amazon or any other retailer, you have up to 30 days to try it out for yourself. If you decide that you aren’t happy, you can return it within that period for a full refund. This is a great way for you to make sure that the tool not only works with your make and model but that it will find the information that you need. You may find that you prefer a diagnostic tool capable of monitoring and scanning other parts of your engine.

When to Take Your Car to a Mechanic

Money Back Guarantee


Not All Vehicles Covered

FIXD will only work with vehicles that have an OBD-II port, which is a feature only found on vehicles produced in the middle 1990s and later. Unless your car came out in at least 1996, you cannot use this diagnostic scanner. Though some claim that it will work on hybrid vehicles, the manufacturer itself claims that it will only work on gas vehicles. You can, however, use FIXD on any type of vehicle. It works just as well on vans and trucks as it does on sport utility vehicles and cars.

Check Engine Light Only

While you might think that FIXD can find any problem that is wrong with your car, it only looks for problems relating to your check engine light. It does not detect any problems with your airbags, lights or any other parts on your car. Though you may notice that your oil light comes on, you cannot use the app and the tool to find out whether you need to change your oil or replace your filter. If you experience problems with other areas of your car, you’ll need to take it to a mechanic.

Poor Customer Support

While the manufacturers of other diagnostic scanning tools offer a toll-free number that you can call for help, FIXD requires that you use a specific email address for help. This requires that you go online and search for the manufacturer’s website. You’ll then need to find the email address listed on that site and send a message. Some customers waited days and even weeks before getting a response back, and others found that the company never responded to their problems. This can include problems with the Bluetooth and with inputting a VIN number.

Bluetooth Error

Setting up a Bluetooth connection is as easy as turning on Bluetooth on your phone and looking for an object in the nearby area. Some of the customers who reviewed FIXD online claimed that they had errors and issues when creating this connection. Despite having Bluetooth turned on, their phones could not detect the scanning tool. You may need to stand much closer to the tool than you expected to force this connection. A few customers also found that the app lost this connection after they turned it off and that they needed to set it up again more than once.

No Issues Found

It’s important that you understand how FIXD works and what it does before you buy it. One of the biggest complaints we saw online was from customers who said that the tool did not detect any issues with their vehicles. This included complaints from those who were on the side of the road with cars that no longer ran. FIXD is a simple tool that tells you why the check engine light is on and what possible repairs you might need. It cannot tell you everything that is wrong with your car or give you information about repairs and problems that do not relate to that light.

No Issues Found

Why Does the Check Engine Light Come On?

What Comes in the Package?

Unlike other auto parts and tools that you bought online in the past, FIXD ships quickly and comes with almost everything you need inside the box. We especially like the way the product shipped because the outer box kept the scanning tool safe during transit. You’ll find a cardboard box on the outside that you can open to access the FIXD box inside. This box has a flap that you can lift to slide the scanning tool out. The tool itself is inside a soft box that protects it during shipping. You’ll need to remove the top of this box and then pull the tool out.

While the tool is the main thing that comes in the box, you’ll also get instructions that tell you how to install the tool in your car. The instructions also include information on how you can download and install the app that works with the tool to your phone. If you want to use the app on a tablet or another device, you can. You’ll need internet access to download the app, but it will then work on your device via a Bluetooth connection. FIXD also includes information about its money back guarantee and for those who want to contact its customer service department.

The Competition

Though FIXD is a popular diagnostic tool for do it yourself enthusiasts, it is not the only tool of its type on the market. These tools are great for those who want to save money. A local shop might charge $100 or more to do a scan and charge you hundreds of dollars for the repairs that you need too. You can get a diagnostic scanning tool for less than $100 to do some of the work yourself.

One alternative to FIXD is the BlueDriver tool. Not only does it come with both a plug-in sensor and app, but it also gives you 24/7 customer support. If you have any problems with the tool, you can call a toll-free number and get help instantly. To help you get in touch with customer service, the manufacturer puts its number right on the sensor.

The Competition

BlueDriver is a little different from FIXD though in terms of what it tells you. Instead of stating exactly what is wrong with your car, it will give you a code. You will then need to use the app to find that code and see the description of what is wrong. It does provide you with Repair Reports though. You’ll gain access to a database of repairs suggested by more than six million.

BAFX Products offers a Bluetooth Diagnostic Reader/Scanner that is similar to the BlueDriver model. Once you plug it in, you’ll notice a series of lights on the side that come on, which let you know when it begins and finishes scanning. The included app then shows you all the information that it found about your car. One issue with this tool is that it’s only compatible with Android phones. FIXD will work with both Android phones and iPhones.

Some car guys and gals also like the FOXWELL Scanner, which is exactly like those that mechanics use. This is more suitable for those with a lot of car repair experience than those who just want to do a quick scan. It comes with a scanning tool that you plug in afond a large tool that you hold in your hand. This tool features a number of buttons and a small screen. You’ll use those buttons to do your scans and check on your car.

One nice feature about this scanner is that it has a touchscreen that helps you quickly view information about your car and search through different databases to see what is wrong. As with the BAFX Products scanner, this one gives you a code that you’ll need to find in the database to see what it learned about your car.

As this model does not use an app, you can plug it into any car and do a scan. It has a print data option that allows you to connect the scanner to your home or work printer and print off data about your most recent scan. You can take those pages to your mechanic and let the shop know what you found. With a retail price of around $100 though, this FOXWELL scanner is the most expensive alternative to the FIXD.

Final Verdict

When it comes right down to it, FIXD is a great tool for guys and gals who want to take care of their vehicles and do simple repairs at home. Your check engine light might come on because you need to tighten your gas cap or replace a few spark plugs, which are easy repairs that you can do on your own. FIXD will do a full scan and tell you what you need to do, which lets you know whether to take your car to a shop. It’s easy enough for beginners to use at home to diagnose their engine troubles.

Some of the top features that we like about this product include how easily you can use it and how many problems it can identify. It takes just seconds to plug in the scanner and a few extra minutes to download and set up the app. You can do a scan while standing right next to your car or while sitting inside your home. As long as you have a connection between the app and the tool, you can perform a scan. If you are tired of seeing that check engine light on your dash shining or blinking at you every time you slip behind the wheel, you’ll love FIXD.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: One of the best benefits of FIXD is that you can plug it in and leave it plugged in all day and every day. It will not drain your battery or cause any other problems. As long as you keep it attached to your car, you can open your app and do a quick scan whenever you want.

A: When you search for this tool online, you might see sellers offering the first generation model and others offering the second generation model. Generation refers to the included app and not the tool itself. All combos come with the same diagnostic scanning tool. FIXD released a second generation app that shoppers think performs a little better. You may have the option of upgrading your own app to this better version.

A: Before spending money on FIXD, you should keep in mind that it only works on domestic vehicles such as those produced by Ford and Chevrolet. If you have a foreign car, it may not give you all the information that you need. FIXD is only suitable for use on cars in North America.

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