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UPDATED April 2024

Those old family films that you love are precious and deserve to remain in your family. Our iMemories review will help you decide whether to trust this company with your memories.            

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BOTTOM LINE: iMemories offers a way to create digital records of home movies and photos. You can make custom DVDs and share the finished work.
PROS: The process makes it easy to send in your films and get a DVD back in the mail. You can preview and edit the work done and get the finished work back in four weeks or less.
CONSSome found that the company sent them spam mail after they used the service once or filled out a request form. Others received videos that did not have the original content they gave to the company.

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What is iMemories?

iMemories will take family and personal films, make copies onto discs and send you back the finished product and your originals. You can choose between Blu-Ray and traditional DVD discs and get reproductions of every single video in your collection. Not only can the company use all your home movies, but it can add some of your favorite family photos too.

We know that there are a number of similar companies out there, which is why we created an iMemories review that goes over everything you need to know about this service. Not only did we consult the official website and try the service out, but we also read dozens of iMemories reviews on the web. You can easily see some of the issues that other shoppers had and some of the reasons why people trust this company with their memories. Our iMemories review is the top way to decide whether to send in your own videos and films.

Who's This for?

iMemories is a good choice for anyone who has boxes and reels of old family videos lying around the house. It offers an easy and convenient way to send in your memories, decide what you want to do with them and then get those videos and images back in a digital format that you can share. iMemories is a good choice for many different people, including:
Who's This for

With our iMemories review, you’ll learn how you can send in your memories and what the company can do for you.

What Can You Send to iMemories?

Many of iMemories customers send in old videotapes they used to document memories in the 1980s and 1990s. The company will accept any type of video format used in the 1980s and later, which includes both the full-size tapes and the smaller mini tapes that camcorders used.
You can also send in videos that you or your family shot and saved on standard reels. No matter how old your videos are, the chances are good that iMemories can help you. It will accept reels from as far back as the 1930s.
Though you might think that iMemories will only work on videos and films, it will also accept photos. When you send them in, you can have your slides added to a DVD that you keep for yourself or give to a loved one. This is one of the only companies we found that can also transfer photo negatives onto a disc.

What You Can Send to iMemories

What Can You Send to iMemories - Kodachrome
What Can You Send to iMemories - Black and white film
What Can You Send to iMemories - Analog photos
What Can You Send to iMemories tapes
What Can You Send to iMemories - damaged photos

How Much Does iMemories Charge?

The rate that you pay will depend on what you want and what you plan to send to the company. If you have videotapes that you want iMemories to preserve, the company will charge $19.99 for each tape that you submit.
One unique feature of its pricing structure is that it does not charge a rate based on the length of the tape. Even if you send in an extended format tape that runs for 90 minutes or more, it’s the same rate.
They charge a slightly higher rate when sending in film reels because the conversion process takes more time. The techs must use caution to make sure that they don’t damage the reels. For every 50 feet of tape submitted, they will charge around $19.99.
This lets you measure the length of each reel to determine your total cost ahead of time. When it comes to photos, the company will charge you just $0.79 per photo. This is the same rate that iMemories charges for slides too.
You may occasionally find a few specials, especially around the holidays. Those specials can drop your total price down to $12.99 for videotapes and reels and down to around 50 cents each for photos and slides.

Videotape Formats iMemories Will Accept

How Much Does iMemories Charge - VHS
How Much Does iMemories Charge - Betamax
How Much Does iMemories Charge - 8mm
How Much Does iMemories Charge - mini dv
Mini DV
How Much Does iMemories Charge - Hi8

Options for Sending in Your Memories

Before signing up to use this service, you likely have some questions on how you can submit and send in your memories. The company actually offers two options.
Those who want the utmost protection will want to select the SafeShip Kit. The company will send you everything you need to keep your photos and tapes safe.
This kit comes with bubble cushions that you can wrap around your items. The cushions are resistant to shocks and drops. You also get waterproof bags that you can also wrap around your films to keep them safe from rain and snow.
Each SafeShip Kit also comes with a box that resists damage caused by the box dropping. While you need to pay extra for this kit and to have it shipped to you, most customers think it was worth the price.
If you want to save some money, you have the option of preparing your own box and sending it to the company. You will need to sign up for an account and choose the services that you want first. iMemories will provide you with the full address you need.

How to Send Tapes and Photos Yourself

Options for Sending in Your Memories - memories you want to send
Options for Sending in Your Memories - Register
Options for Sending in Your Memories - Print
Options for Sending in Your Memories - Prepare the box
Options for Sending in Your Memories - post office

Services Available from iMemories

iMemories App

The most basic service offered by this company is something that it calls the iMemories app. This app is completely free to use and available to download from Amazon and from various app stores.
You can download a copy to use on your phone or tablet and another one for use on your computer. It asks for your permission first, which it uses to access and make changes to your photos and videos.
The app lets you find all the digital files saved on your device and move them to a new location. You can also use the app when transferring photos and other content to an external hard drive or another device.

Disc Transfer

If you’re tired of seeing your old movies lying around in boxes or taking up space on your shelves, you may want to look into the company’s disc transfer option. This allows you to transfer your memories onto discs that you can watch on a television via a gaming console or a DVD player.
You can choose between DVDs that cost just $9.99 or get Blu-Rays for just $14.99. The company will return your originals and include a copy of your finished disc. When you opt for this service, you’ll pay for the transfer and the cost of the disc.

Thumb Drive

iMemories offers a package that comes with a thumb drive. Not only will it preserve all your memories online, but it will also move those memories onto a thumb drive that you can easily plug into your computer or tablet.
This is a good option for those who want to share movies and pictures because you can download them and send them to others. It costs $19.99 to have your memories preserved on an 8 GB thumb drive.

Cloud Storage

You also have the option of saving your memories to the iMemories Cloud, which acts as backup storage for your computer. This service allows you to access the cloud and view all your saved content from any device and anywhere you go. It costs just $5.99 per month for cloud storage, but you can also sign up and an annual package and pay only $49.99 a year.

Film Formats That iMemories Accepts

How the Process Works

The process starts by going through your family memories and deciding which ones you want to send in for preservation. Once you know what you want, you can create an online account and let the company know what you want, which will result in iMemories sending you a free quote for that work. If you agree to this price, you can pay for the SafeShip Kit or prepare your own box and send in the films and/or photos.
Once the company receives your box, it will carefully digitize each item inside. This essentially enhances those images. You may find that photos and films look brighter and are easier to see.
Once the work is done, you can decide what you want to do next. The digitization process allows you to download the original photos and videos to your computer for sharing. If you decide to add any of the options listed above to your order, you can do so online. iMemories will also let you go back in later and opt for some of those services.

How to Download Videos from iMemories

How the Process Works - log in
How the Process Works - download
How the Process Works - Click on the photo
How the Process Works - Save the image
How the Process Works - Repeat

Why Use Digitization Services?

Digitization services such as those offered by iMemories can preserve your memories for the future. Some of the benefits of using these services include:
  • The formats are easier to store
  • You don’t need any special equipment to view those memories
  • The formats are not susceptible to damage the way others are
  • You can easily make copies to share with your loved ones
It takes only a few minutes to download copies that you upload to a site that allows you to edit and print off photos.

What Can Damage Your Home Movies?

Why Use Digitization Services - direct sunlight
Why Use Digitization Services - temperatures
Why Use Digitization Services - Dust and lint
Why Use Digitization Services - film

Safety First

Many of the iMemories consumer reviews highlighted the safety-first motto of the company. This company believes in doing whatever it takes to protect your memories. Whether you choose to ship your memories yourself or use one of its shipping kits, that box will have a label on the front that clearly marks your home address and the address of the company.
This label ensures that your box will arrive at the company safely. You will also get a customer card that you can fill out to tell iMemories exactly what you want it to do and the exact contents of your box.
Thousands of individual customers and big-name companies used iMemories over the years. If it finds that your film is too degraded or that a photo has too much damage, it will let you know about that problem and help you change your order.

iMemories and Order Tracking

To ensure that your memories are safe, iMemories offers online package tracking. You can write down the number on your shipping label and use it online to see where your package is at any given moment. This lets you see it as the box makes its way from your home to the head office.
Safety First - shopping bag
Safety First - photo
Safety First - phone laptop

How Long Does the Process Take?

The amount of time it takes iMemories to process your order will depend on exactly what you want. If you opt for the digitization of your photos, you might log in and find your photos waiting for you in around two weeks or less.
Orders that require the company to scan and save images on a disc take a little longer and may take up to three weeks.
Preview orders take a little longer. With a preview order, the company will transfer your images to the web and let you go through and pick which ones you want to use in the final product. It can take two to three weeks before your order goes online and up to three additional weeks to get your disc back in the mail.
Blu-Ray orders usually take longer than DVD orders do.
With preview orders, they send an email that tells you when you can log on and check out your content. You then have up to 30 days to decide what you want with those images. The process can take a little longer when it comes to Blu-Ray discs. If you are in a hurry and want to digitize your photos, you can use the app yourself to scan and save photos to the web.

How Does the iMemories App Work?

How Long Does the Process Take - Download the app
How Long Does the Process Take - Create a new account
How Long Does the Process Take - Uploads
How Long Does the Process Take - photos
How Long Does the Process Take - Downloads

What Can You Do with the iMemories App?

  • Cloud storage: One of the key things that this app provides you is cloud storage. As long as you remember the email address and the password you attached to your account, you can log in from other devices to view your photos/videos and add new ones.
  • Share content: With this handy app, you can share your content with loved ones on almost any social media site. It works with both Twitter and Facebook and other sites to let you share images that you never shared before.
  • Create slideshows: You can use this app to select photos and create slideshows. This allows you to create shows that feature pictures of your kids through the ages or your most recent vacation. It has a full-screen option that lets you see all areas of your photos too.
  • Offline viewing: This app is also a convenient way to view your photos when you don’t have your phone nearby. With its cloud storage feature, you can upload photos and videos from any device you log in on and access that content from those devices too. You can also download photos to your device to view them when you don’t have an internet connection.

Benefits of the iMemories App

What Can You Do with the iMemories App - view
What Can You Do with the iMemories App - videos on your phone
What Can You Do with the iMemories App - upload
What Can You Do with the iMemories App - scanner

Web Uploading

iMemories gives the option of sending in your memory cards with all your other movies and photos. You can also upload that content directly into your account online.
You first need to visit the site and log into your account. If you have a card reader on your computer, you can insert the card into that slot. The site also recommends plugging your camera or phone right into your computer.
You will then select the Add Memories button on the screen and choose the upload button, which lets you upload content from a Mac or a personal computer. The site will then let you choose entire folders or individual files to upload. Your upload should only take a few minutes based on the sizes of those files.

Is There Any Content iMemories Will Not Accept?

Web Uploading - Adult content
Web Uploading - illegal activities
Web Uploading - copyright
Web Uploading - Commercial footage
Web Uploading - violates the laws

Damaged and Broken Content

iMemories will accept videos and photos that are broken or damaged. Cleaning the content it receives is the first step that the company takes.
While it cannot remove mold or mildew, its techs can remove those layers of dust found on old slides and remove dingy spots caused by cigarette smoke.
The specialists will clean each piece of content before beginning the digitization process.
Damaged and Broken Content
Another thing to keep in mind is that iMemories can repair damaged photos and movies too. Specialists can also splice together multiple home movies to create one with a longer run time. It will repair the most common types of damage without charging you for this service.
While you cannot edit the content yourself, you can go online and choose which videos or photos to remove or leave off a disc. This lets you edit the discs you order to include only the content that you want and what you think looks the best.

Should You Buy it?

One thing that iMemories does not mention is its return shipping charge. It charges $19.99 to send back your original content.
Even if you pay extra for the SafeShip Kit, you must pay this same rate to get your items back. Some of the other cons we found include complaints about:
If any of those issues make you think twice about working with iMemories, you should keep in mind that many customers had positive experiences working with the company
Many also like that the company can handle so many different types of formats. According to the iMemories website, it can convert almost any format into a digital format that you can then watch on your computer or television.
You can also access your account and view those images/videos on a smart television connected to the internet. Some of the other reasons customers like working with iMemories include:

The Competition

Digitization is a process where an individual or company takes standard images/films and converts them into a digital format. You can do this process yourself with some software, but that software is often expensive. When you do it yourself, you risk damaging the original content too.
Both Walgreens and Walmart as well as some other companies offer an option for those who have access to a scanner. You can scan your photos, upload them to the site and then choose which ones you want the store to print off for you. If you want to preserve your videos and films though, you will need to send them to the store. While you may find some digitization services in your city, these companies often charge more than iMemories does and will take longer to process your content too.
Before signing up for any of the services offered, you should really consider all the iMemories competitors.
Its main competitor is Legacybox. Legacybox will accept videotapes and photos. While it also accepts audio tapes, it does not accept slides.
Legacybox also requires that you order a box and have it sent to you before filling it and mailing it back. You cannot ship items yourself in the same way iMemories lets you. If you want to download your content, you will need to pay extra. iMemories offers free downloads of your content.
ScanCafe can also help you keep track of your memories and preserve them for the future. This site digitally preserved more than 150 images since it first launched. ScanCafe can scan and save slides, photos, videos, and negatives and accepts a wide range of formats.
One reason many like this site is because it gives them the option of choosing a la carte services or full packages. Depending on the amount of footage and photos/slides you have though, you may find that iMemories is more affordable.
Another popular choice and competitor to iMemories is YesVideo. Since launching in 1999, the site helped more than eight million families across the country save their treasured photos and videos.
One benefit of this site is that you can sign up and pay for services at many different stores, including Sam’s Club, Target, Walmart, and Costco. You can send in slides, photos, videos, and films via the mail or drop off that content in person at a local store.
It takes three weeks for yesvideo to process your content and put it online, after which you can order DVDs and view that content on the web.


$0.49 - $149.99



$0.13 - $59.00



$15.99 - $399



$9.99 - $25.99

Final Verdict

You have many different choices today when it comes to preserving your family memories. While you can save photos on your computer and keep a backup on an external hard drive, you can also work with a company that will save those photos and videos taken during your childhood. One of the most well-known companies around is iMemories.
You can send in slides and negatives as well as photos and videos. The site also accepts 8mm and other types of film reels. With a fast turnaround time and strong reviews, you can trust iMemories with your own memories.

Edited and fact-checked by Jacob Wilson: 

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