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UPDATED April 2024

Learn about one of the top WiFi extenders around and its pros and cons with our Super Boost WiFi review.

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BOTTOM LINE: SuperBoost WiFi is a handy tool that lets users extend the range of wireless internet signals in a room. It is small enough that it can be used in an outlet with other devices.

  • Works will multiple types of routers from several companies.
  • Can connect to most enabled devices, including a computer or smartphone.
  • Boosts the range of your router.
  • Takes only seconds to set up.
  • Other devices can interfere with the signal
  • Some found that the installation instructions were hard to follow.
  • Some found that the device kept picking up signals from their neighbors’ routers.

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What is the SuperBoost WiFi?

You might find that the signal in your home isn’t as strong as you would like. A poor signal can stop you from streaming movies, using apps, and surfing the web. The signal strength can become even worse when other people use your network or when you hook up multiple devices to that same signal.
That is why SuperBoost WiFi claims to be so helpful. This device can take seconds to hook up and can boost the signal around a home.
Unlike other devices that have to be placed close to a wireless router, the SuperBoost WiFi works anywhere in a home. All that is needed is an outlet to plug in the AC adapter. It will quickly identify the signal and boost it to extend the range of that signal.
Our SuperBoost WiFi review makes it easy to see how this device will work for you.
What is the SuperBoost WiFi

With SuperBoost WiFi, you can boost your internet signal instantly.

How Does SuperBoost WiFi Work?

One thing you should know about the SuperBoost WiFi is that it is a WiFi extender or booster rather than a repeater. With a WiFi repeater, the device will simply pick up your signal and repeat it in a broadcast around your home.
Anything from the walls between rooms to the other electronics that you have can interfere with the signal and block you from using the internet. A WiFi extender such as this device will extend the range of that original signal.
The SuperBoost WiFi works by picking up the signal coming off the router and bouncing it to other devices. It doesn’t matter how large your home is, where you put the router or the number of walls between the two devices. As long as you have the booster device plugged into an outlet and pick up the signal from your router, you can use that signal.

WiFi extenders like SuperBoost WiFi work much better than WiFi repeaters do.

How Does Super Boost WiFi Work

How Can You Use SuperBoost WiFi?

Have you ever sat down to watch a streaming app like Netflix but your internet connection was so slow that you couldn’t watch it? A poor internet signal can keep you from watching all your favorite shows or make some apps impossible to use.
It can also interfere with your ability to play online games, check your email, download new apps, and listen to music. SuperBoost WiFi is a tool that lets help do most things you want to do online without worrying about whether your internet connection can reach you.
Using the signal booster is simple. You just need to pick the area of your house where you notice a dead spot or where the signal is at its worst. After removing the SuperBoost WiFi device from the packaging, you plug it into an outlet in that space.
It takes a few seconds for the device to locate the internet signal, but it will then send the signal to surrounding areas. If you notice that it picks up signals from your neighbors’ homes, you may need to move it closer to your router to make sure that it recognizes your signal.
How Can You Use Super Boost WiFi

You can see how your signal strength changes with a SuperBoost WiFi extender below.

Where Can You Use it?

One of the best things about the SuperBoost WiFi extender is that you can use it anywhere, including:

When you work with a service provider and have the internet installed in your home, you need to choose a location for the router. Most people pick a central area of their home such as the living room.
Depending on the overall square footage of your home, this can result in a strong signal when sitting in front of the living room television but a poor or spotty signal in other areas like rooms downstairs or in a corner of the house.
The SuperBoost WiFi extender can also come in handy when you want to use the internet outside. You can use it with an outlet next to your front door to make sure that you can use that signal slightly away from your house.
This gives just enough reach to cover most smaller yards. Just enough to enjoy everything possible with Wi-Fi across most average properties

What Causes WiFi Dead Spots?

Where Can You Use it - Cordless phones

Dozens of things can affect the WiFi in your home.

Where Can You Use it - Metal doors
Where Can You Use it - Interference from surrounding homes
Where Can You Use it - Neighboring routers
Where Can You Use it - Microwave ovensWhere Can You Use it - Microwave ovens

Who's This for?

If you want to know if a SuperBoost WiFi extender is a good device, just ask yourself a few questions.

This device is right for anyone who wants to improve their internet signals. You can spend hours rearranging your home and thousands on products that do little more than just repeat the original weak signal to other rooms. SuperBoost WiFi is one of the only devices on the market that can extend the original signal by more than 100 feet. Not only can you get access to that signal on your second floor and in the backrooms of your home, but you can use it in your yard or garage too. If you need to boost your wireless internet signal and let multiple people use it, this is a great device to add to your home.

Tips on Getting Rid of Internet Dead Zones

You can try a few tips to reduce and eliminate internet dead zones in your home.

Who's This for

Where to Buy?

When you use the link shown near the top of this article, you can purchase one or more SuperBoost WiFi extenders to use in your home. Depending on where you live, you might pay $50 to $70 a month for internet alone. If you need a stronger signal or a network for multiple devices and people, you can spend more than $100 a month on a package. Adding cable or phone service will add even more to your monthly costs. Millions of people cut the cable cord to save money and now rely on popular streaming apps to watch films and shows. With the SuperBoost WiFi extender, you can now let everyone in your home use their favorite apps without the internet slowing down to a snail’s pace.

Buying online through our link lets you bring home this WiFi extender for just $49.99 with free shipping. All you need is a debit or credit card that you can use to place the order. You also have the choice of purchasing multiple units. Super Boost WiFi extenders make great gift ideas for those who live in rural or urban areas with spotty internet service. You can treat every member of your family to one of these handy WiFi extenders.

Streaming Apps That You Can Use with the SuperBoost WiFi Extender

Should You Buy it?

We want to make sure that you have all the information and details possible, which is why this section of our SuperBoost WiFi review will take an in-depth look at the pros and cons of the device. You can use this section to see all the reasons why the device may or may no be worth adding to your home setup.


No Dropped Connections

Have you ever been surfing the web on your phone or playing with an app and suddenly lost your internet connection? This can happen because of problems with your ISP or because you move in the wrong direction and lose the signal for a moment.
One nice feature of this WiFi extender is that it helps to minimize dropped signals. As soon as it detects and connects to a signal, it lets you use multiple devices on that signal..

Compatible with All Products

Some of the devices that you can connect to the internet include:

With the SuperBoost WiFi signal extender, you can connect to that signal from nearly any device. You can use your phone to browse or catch up on the news as you wait for a game to load on your console.
It also lets you use multiple computers and tablets and make sure that each device has a strong connection to the signal. The WiFi extender is also compatible with many of the top products on the market and flagship models from major manufacturers such as Microsoft and Apple.
Compatible with All Products

It takes only seconds to hook up your phone to the WiFi extender.

How to Connect Your Smartphone to the WiFi Booster.

Works Everywhere

The problem with most WiFi routers is that they are only designed for spaces of a certain size. When you hook up a router in your living room, for example, the signal might not be strong enough to reach your attic or basement. Many people use their basements as rec rooms and places where they can play games and have fun with family and friends, but that can be difficult if a signal can’t reach down there.
The SuperBoost WiFi device allows users to boost and extend the range of the internet signal to reach those areas. You can now play all your favorite games without running an ethernet cord to the room. It can also carry the signal outdoors.

Faster Speeds

Using this WiFi extender is made simple because it automatically finds the closest internet signal and connects to it. If you want to see how much it helps, you can check the internet settings on your nearest device. All you need to do is click on the internet button and then select the settings.
Most found that it nearly doubled their average speeds as soon as it connected. If you’re on your computer, you can use Google to perform a speed test without using the booster. Improvements are not guaranteed, but if they’re caused by poor connections then it can help immensely.

Signs That Someone is on Your WiFi

Faster Speeds

You can easily find out if neighbors and others are on your network when you look at a few signs.

Adapters Included

The outlets used in North America are significantly different from those used in other parts of the world. This means that you cannot use a tablet or other electronic devices in those areas unless you have the right adapter.
The SuperBoost WiFi extender travels with you because it comes with a set of adapters. Not only do you get one that works with the standard 120V outlets found in the United States and other parts of North America, but you also get an adapter that works with European 240V outlets. It also comes with an adapter that works with the 230V outlets found in China and Australia.

30-Day Returns

SuperBoost WiFi extender is a device made in London and shipped from England. You have up to 30 days to request a refund. If you have problems installing it, the company will give you free access to an online video that walks you through the steps.
You can also contact the manufacturer via email or over the phone to request a refund. You must send an email as soon as possible because you only get 30 days to get a refund. Be warned, as some claim that some SuperBoost WiFi manufacturers waited until after the 30-day deadline to respond to emails.

How to Find Out if Someone is on Your WiFi

When neighbors and others use your WiFi, the speed will significantly drop.

30-Day Returns - Enter the administration logs
30-Day Returns - Download an app
30-Day Returns - Check the filters on your router

Plug and Play Design

If you don’t have much experience with tech products, you might hesitate before buying this device simply because you think you won’t use it. Others avoid WiFi extenders because they think they won’t know how to install them.
The installation of this one is quick because it has a plug-and-play design. You just plug it into an outlet, watch for the light on the front to turn green, and grab the nearest electronic.
As it extends the range of your original signal, you may find that you don’t need to establish a new connection because your devices use the boosted version of that signal. Even if you do need to set up a new connection, it will only take a few seconds.

Good Price

When you browse Amazon and other sites to look for WiFi extenders and boosters, you’ll find a variety of products that cost $75 to $100 and some priced at $150 or more. The manufacturers of those more expensive products claim that they work better, but you don’t need to spend hundreds on top of your monthly internet bill to play online. The SuperBoost WiFi extender is available for around $50, but you’ll find discounts and special offers available too. When you follow our link and order online, the site will do a quick search to see if you qualify for any of those offers. Depending on the discounts, you might get one or more free boosters when you buy two or more. You can also add lifetime protection to your order that will cover the extender for its full life.

Good Price - ethernet
Good Price - works in homes and apartments
Good Price - boost the strength of your signal
Good Price - SuperBoost WiFi


The one-star and two-star SuperBoost WiFi reviews posted online all point to some of the same problems, including:

Another issue is that the device may ask for both a username and a password. You may find that you can get around this step when you enter the name of your network in the username area and your network password in the second box. Some found that this did not work for them and that without a username and password, the device would not work.
When they contacted customer support for help, the manufacturer either sent a replacement unit or directed them to YouTube videos. It took some time for shoppers to get their money back.

Insider Tip

If you find that the SuperBoost WiFi extender doesn’t work, try unplugging the cable from the back of your router then goes into the wall. You can then plug it into the back of the extender and run a second cable from the extender to the router. This boosts the signal that comes directly from your ISP rather than the router’s signal but will only work if you use the extender in the same room as the router.

What is the SuperBoost WiFi

The Competition

NETVIP Upgraded WiFi Extender
WiFi extenders are great tools to have in your home when you want everyone to have access to the internet. One product that you can use is the NETVIP Upgraded WiFi Extender, which can increase your transmission rate up to 300Bbps.
It works in most outlets and has a light that comes on when it locates a signal. This NETVIP device functions as both a WiFi extender and a repeater.
GALAWAY WiFi Extender
Another option is the GALAWAY WiFi Extender. The white design of this extender lets it fade into the background without distracting from the look of your home
It has four different antennas on the top that you can adjust to boost the signal to different rooms. This extender also has a mini design that is perfect for taking on trips out of town.
Comfast WiFi Extender
Some shoppers also like the Comfast WiFi Extender, which is now available in an upgraded design. It improves both your upload and download speeds to help you send emails and surf the web faster, but it also lets you add documents to the web and play games faster too.
No matter which WiFi extender you decide is the best, we recommend that you compare the pros and cons of the device to the SuperBoost WiFi extender.

Benefits of the SuperBoost WiFi Extender vs. the Competition

Final Verdict

Though there were some complaints about how the SuperBoost WiFi extender device works, the general consensus appears positive. It generally works quickly after plugging in the device and the lights on the front make it easy for users to see that it found a signal. As it’s compatible with all types of devices, the extender also lets you connect all the devices to that signal without slowing down your speeds.
There are some problems with the company itself, and it appears that how well others view the product comes down to whether they received a proper working model or not. Poor customer service can’t be ignored, but at least the product itself serves its purpose well. It may very well be worth the purchase in a big home, just be wary of dealing with the company’s services post-purchase.

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