Air Dragon Review

UPDATED June 2024

Air Dragon Portable Air Compressor: Highly Portable But Not as Great as Most Expected

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BOTTOM LINE: This air compressor started out as a seen on TV product before becoming available for purchase online. It comes with a cord that works with any car outlet to give you air without requiring an electrical outlet. This model works on tires and almost all inflatable items.

PROS: For filling an air mattress or a kids’ swimming pool, this air compressor almost can’t be beaten. As it does not require power, you can use it on a camping trip or on the side of the road. The built-in LED light comes in handy at night too.

CONS: Most customers thought that this air compressor worked but that it took too long to do basic tasks. A few shoppers received products that broke within a few weeks or compressors that reached high temperatures quickly and produced smoke.

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Best Portable Air Compressor Review: Air Dragon Portable Air Compressor

As seen on television products are those that advertise via infomercials that now air in the middle of the night as well as during the day. You can only purchase those products online via the advertised website or when you call a number on the screen. Air Dragon is one of several manufacturers that later sold their infomercial products online through retailers such as Amazon. You can pick up its portable air compressor for right around $30 or spend a little more and upgrade to its deluxe model, which retails for around $60.

This portable air compressor is great for working at home or for taking with you. If you love camping but prefer sleeping on a soft surface, you can use it to inflate your air mattress in the wild. It only requires the 12V outlet in your car to provide it with all the power that it needs. The air compressor has an ergonomic handle that lets you feel comfortable when using it for longer periods of time. Many shoppers also like the built-in LED light that allowed them to see better at night. Though the Air Dragon model isn’t strong enough for all jobs, it can handle basic tasks with ease.

What Comes in the Box?

As this is a portable air compressor, it weighs significantly less than some of those you used in the past. The air compressor itself is easy to use because it features a power switch right above a trigger. You can slide this button to turn the tool on and off and pull on the trigger when you want to use it. The box comes with both the air compressor and some accessories, including:

  • 14-foot long power cable that works with any standard car outlet
  • Ball adapter pin for inflating plastic balls at a lower pressure
  • Balloon adapter pin for quickly inflating balloons
  • Pressure hose for directing air pressure into a specific object
  • Instructions that show you how to use the tool and tips on staying safe while using it

Air compressors have a number of uses around the house and while on vacation. While other models are quite heavy and bulky, this one is easy to use. You can pop one in your trunk for use away from home and keep one in your garage or home. Before you use it for the first time, you should make sure you read the instructions carefully and pay special attention to the safety guidelines.

What Comes in the Box

Who's this for?

An inflatable air mattress is a must-have for anyone who has overnight guests. Though some models come with a built-in pump, others require that you use a separate pump. Even those with a built-in pump may fail. With this air compressor, you can easily inflatable that mattress with the perfect amount of air to help your guests sleep comfortably all night long. You can also use it on vacation to inflatable a smaller mattress that you use in a camper or a tent. As it’s so lightweight and portable, you can even pop it into your bag and have a comfy place to sleep after hiking deep into the woods.

This air compressor is also a good choice for those who have kids and those who love throwing parties. Why spend a lot of time blowing up balloons for your kids’ birthday party when you have so many other things to do? This air compressor comes with a pin adapter that lets you inflate balloons without them busting. Another included pin adapter is suitable for use with those plastic balls that your kids love playing with outside. Air Dragon also recommends using this model to inflate your tires, though some shoppers had problems using it in that way.

How Much Does the Air Dragon Cost?

If you ever caught one of the Air Dragon infomercials that air at night, you might notice that you can buy one or two at the same time. It retails for $39.99 and charges an additional $9.99 for shipping and handling. The manufacturer offers a bundle package that lets you buy two air compressors. You’ll pay full price for the first and just $19.99 for the second. While this might sound like a great deal, it’s less affordable than you might think. You also need to pay the full shipping and handling charge for the second air compressor, even though both usually ship in the same box. An easy way to save money on your purchase is with an air compressor that you buy online. Amazon now offers the basic Air Dragon for around $30. 

How Much Does the Air Dragon Cost

It comes with everything the infomercial model does but comes in a different package. You can also get the Air Dragon Deluxe for a little more, which is more powerful than the base model. If you have Amazon Prime, you can order your air compressor and get free shipping too. Purchases made online come with both the manufacturer’s warranty and the guarantee offered by the shopping site.

How the Air Dragon Works

One good benefit of this air compressor is how easily it works. It doesn’t have as many steps as others do and is pretty safe to use in most applications. You’ll run the included cable from one end of the tool to the outlet in your car. If you want to use one of the included pin adapters, you should plug that adapter into the nozzle on the compressor first. Many shoppers noticed that it came on as soon as they plugged it in and before they turned the power button or squeezed the trigger. You may notice that it produces some noises and that it vibrates too.

To actually use the compressor, you will place the pressure hose or the adapter into the object that you want to inflate. The Air Dragon has a digital screen that allows you to set the pressure level that you want. You’ll use the up and down arrows to select that setting. Once you insert the adapter or hose and pull the trigger, this screen will show you where you are at and how far you still have to go. It should shut off automatically when it reaches the pressure level that you set.

Top Features and Pros of the Air Dragon

Instead of just listing out some of the pros of the Air Dragon, we wanted to create a section that looked at some of its top features. We’ll explain why those features make this a top choice and how those features will benefit you too. Not only did we look at the official product description from the manufacturer, but we also watched the infomercial and looked at customer reviews that were available as of 2024. You can use this section to get an idea of how well the Air Dragon will work for you.

Car Power

The biggest and possibly best reason to invest in the Air Dragon rather than another portable air compressor is that it works with your car. Have you ever walked out of the grocery store and found a flat tire waiting for you? Calling roadside assistance for help can take hours by the time you spend talking on the phone and waiting for a truck. The Air Dragon comes with a power cord that plugs right into your car’s 12V outlet or cigarette lighter. This hose is 14-foot long and flexible to help you maneuver it around your car and to the right tire. You can use it without tracking down batteries or checking on a battery’s charge.

Ease of Use

People of all ages like how easily they can use the Air Dragon. It takes just three steps to use it once you take the air compressor out of its packaging. You’ll start with the car cable, which you plug into the end of the compressor. The opposite end plugs into your car outlet. You can then use the digital screen to select the pressure rating or PSI that you want to use. If you aren’t sure what PSI your tires need, check the manual before you begin. Once you insert the hose into your tire’s stem, you can squeeze the trigger and let the compressor fill the tire. It should automatically stop when it reaches the PSI shown on the screen.

LED Light

Even if you have a standard air compressor in your garage, you might find that you can’t use as much as you want because you don’t have enough light. The Air Dragon features a convenient built-in light that lets you use it whenever you want. This light comes on quickly and helps you illuminate the area around your wheel or any other item you want to inflate. Even those who weren’t happy with their purchase were satisfied with this light. It provides plenty of illumination for inflating objects in the middle of the night.


Larger air compressors often weigh more and can work much faster than smaller ones can. You can use a larger model to completely inflate a flat tire in as little as one minute. Portable models take a little longer to do the same tasks because they weigh less and produce less pressure. We really like the lightweight design of the Air Dragon because you can use it in so many different ways. As it weighs just over one pound, you can inflate multiple objects without experiencing any hand cramps. Its lightweight design also makes storing it easier and allows you to keep one in your car for roadside emergencies.

Pressure Hose

When you use larger air compressors, you need to find a way to maneuver the hose around to reach a specific object. The Air Dragon comes with a small hose that is less than 12 inches long. This hose has an adapter on the end that you can place right on the stem of your tire. You may need to apply a little pressure to make sure that the air goes into the tire though. The hose allows you to move your hand and arm freely when you need to shake out a cramp or switch hands. It is compatible with all the included adapters also.

Included Adapters

Though most shoppers will want to use this air compressor on their tires, it comes with two adapters that you can use for other purposes too. One is a balloon adapter pin. Though it looks like a simple pin, it inserts into the end of the hose and allows a small amount of air to come out from the compressor. You can use it to slowly inflate balloons for a party or special events without them popping. You also get a ball adapter pin that will work with inflatable balls and other items such as air mattresses. This pin also works with the hose and will inflate an item in minutes.

Bike and Car Tires

Though we talk more about some of the issues associated with using the Air Dragon to inflate car tires in our cons section, we wanted to talk about how you can use it with your tires here. While it may not offer the best or the fastest way to inflate your tires, it does work well when you’re low on air pressure. After checking the PSI of your car tires and finding that you’re a little low, you can use the Air Dragon to bring each one up to the right PSI. It also works great for inflating bike tires.

Save Money

Gas stations across the country have air compressors sitting outside that you can use to inflate your tires. Depending on where you live, it might take a dollar or more to use those tools though. With the Air Dragon, you can give your tires the quick pump that they need without scrounging through your car to find a few quarters. If you visit the gas station and use that compressor just twice a month, the Air Dragon will pay for itself in just under a year. You may like it so much that you hand them out as gifts.

Digital Screen

We really like the digital screen on the Air Dragon, which you’ll find on the back of the tool. Its location lets you conveniently watch the pressure as you fill up your tires. The screen sits just above a few buttons. When using it with an air mattress, you can simply squeeze the trigger and let it inflate that mattress to the right height. If you need to work on a tire, you can set the pressure that you want with the arrow buttons before grabbing the trigger. The Air Dragon will show you the current PSI on the screen.

Onboard Storage

One nice feature of the Air Dragon that other portable models lack is its onboard storage. The deluxe model comes with a bag that lets you store your accessories and adapters, but this basic model comes features a base with latches on each side. When you lift those latches, you can take the base off the unit and access all your accessories. This compartment has enough space to store your hose and cable too, which will keep kinks and tangles from forming. The compartment snaps back onto the base and won’t come open also.

Refund and Return Requests

The way in which you request a refund or return your Air Dragon will depend on where you bought it. Purchases made online from shopping retailers will typically let you process a return or refund through your online account. This depends on whether you buy from the site itself or a third-party seller. If you buy your Air Dragon from an infomercial, you’ll need to call the toll-free number listed in the paperwork that came with the air compressor. You usually need your name, phone number, email address and home address. The company may ask for your payment method too.


It’s extremely important that you take a look at some of the cons associated with the Air Dragon. We read through all the available reviews to find that information for you. This is especially important because the product is so new. It wasn’t that long ago that is was almost impossible to find any reviews online. As of 2024, the Air Dragon had an average rating of three stars on Amazon. Some of the biggest cons that we found in those reviews include all of the following.

Lack of Power

The infomercials for the Air Dragon make it look like you can inflate a tire in just a few minutes, but most customers found that it had a lack of power. This led to them spending more time than they wanted on basic jobs. Though it will automatically turn itself off when it reaches the right pressure level, it may shut down faster than it should. The Air Dragon can run so hot that it detects a problem and shuts down to cool off. One reviewer claimed that it would take an entire day to inflate four tires on a traditional vehicle because of this problem.

Smoke and Heat

While the trigger and handle on the Air Dragon will keep your hands safe as the compressor works, you may still notice some heat coming off this tool. A large number of reviews stated that it reached a very high temperature within a few minutes of using it and that it either kept getting hotter or shut itself down. We also found reviews that claimed the tool actually produced a small or large amount of smoke as it ran. That smoke can get in your eyes and make it difficult for you to complete the task at hand.

Adapter Issues

The Air Dragon comes with two pin adapters that you screw onto the nozzle and a hose. That hose allows you to use the air compressor when filling your tires or working on a larger object. One issue that some shoppers had was with how the adapters and hose fit onto the compressor nozzle. Some claimed that they couldn’t get those pieces to fit onto the nozzle or that they kept falling off when they used the tool. One reviewer even said that the tool would work better with some type of clamp tool than with the provided adapters.

Wrong Pressure

When you use the wrong PSI in your tires, you risk the tread wearing down quickly and the tires blowing open on the road. The wrong PSI can also cause minor issues and lead to you wasting more gas than you should. A common issue that some had with the Air Dragon is that it shows the wrong air pressure. After inflating their tires, they checked them and found that the PSI was off. Some reviewers even took the air compressors to professionals and had them test the products, which showed that the regulator inside the tool was off.

Wrong Pressure

Warning About Telebrands

Telebrands is one of the top manufacturers associated with as seen on television products. The company buys products from other companies, changes their names and create infomercials that show the benefits of each one. While Telebrands does make some good products, you may want to think twice about buying from the company. The New Jersey Attorney General filed claims against the company for going against the Consumer Fraud Act. This led to the company paying out more than $500,000. Nearly 1,000 customers filed claims against the company up through 2016 too. Though the company did settle some of those claims, it still has a fairly low rating with the BBB.

Buying from a reputable site such as Amazon is one of the best ways to make sure that you get a refund if needed. Online shopping websites offer money back guarantees that let you seek a full refund when an item you buy arrives broken or does not work the way the manufacturer intended. Though Telebrands doesn’t have a great reputation, it did release hundreds of products over the years. The reviews of the company include products sold long before the Air Dragon arrived on the market and may not include any experiences customers had with that product.

Warning About Telebrands

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Should You Buy it?

We highly recommend that you look closely at all the pros and cons that we found surrounding the Air Dragon to decide whether it’s worth your money. When it originally aired on television via infomercials, the product was quite expensive. Now that you can buy it from Amazon, you can save some money. This air compressor is great for parents and grandparents because they can save their lungs and save some time when it comes to inflating balls and all the other toys that kids love playing with inside and out. It’s also a worthwhile purchase for those who have one or more air mattresses that they want to inflate at home and while camping or on vacation.

Most customers found that this air compressor didn’t work nearly as well as they expected when it came to inflating their tires though. Not only can it add too much air, but it can also cause some types of tires to explode. You may find that it produces a lot of smoke as it runs or that it doesn’t inflate your tire to the right amount of pressure. The Air Dragon is really best suited for basic applications such as inflating air mattresses and plastic toys than it is as an auto tool.


Best Uses for the Air Dragon

The Competition

Finding a portable and lightweight air compressor is much easier than you might think. Amazon has a number of these products available for sale, though you may want to take some time to compare the Air Dragon to those models. Most will want to compare it to the Air Hawk, which is another model that started out as an as seen on television model.

Though the Air Hawk retails for a little more at around $60, it has a higher overall rating than the Air Dragon does. When we did our research, customers gave the Air Dragon an average rating of three stars. The Air Hawk has an average rating of four stars. It will inflate almost any type of tire, including those found on sports utility and all-terrain vehicles as well as car and bike tires. The Air Hawk also produces a lower amount of pressure in some applications, which makes it suitable for use on inflatable toys and pools.

The Air Hawk also has an LED digital screen with a built-in pressure gauge. You press one button to turn it on and press the arrow buttons to the side to increase and decrease the pressure level. The Air Hawk will automatically shut itself off in the same way that the Air Dragon does. It also features the same built-in light but weighs a little less. Some shoppers also like that it has a thin handle and an easy to reach the trigger.

Another alternative to those interested in the Air Dragon is the Oasser Electric Inflator Air Compressor. This model has a much more rugged and professional look and feels solid in your hand. That look and design comes at a high price though and leads to this one retails for $90. You can get it a little cheaper on Amazon. The included lithium battery adds some weight to the tool and also requires that you charge the battery before using the air compressor. That battery increases the pressure per square inch of the air compressor and lets you inflate tires and other items faster.

This model appeals to those who want more for their money because it comes with a variety of accessories. You get the power base with a built-in battery that snaps right into the bottom of the air compressor and two hoses for different applications. The manufacturer also gives you gloves that protect your hands when using it and a storage bag for keeping the tool and accessories safe.

You may want to consider the Air Dragon Deluxe too, which is essentially a better version of the Air Dragon. While it has the same features such as the digital screen and built-in light, it comes with more accessories and other features too. The included soft storage case is perfect for storing the air compressor in your trunk or garage. You get the same accessories for inflating kids’ toys, tires and other things too.

The Air Dragon Deluxe comes with the car cable but also features a rechargeable battery. That battery adds some extra weight to the tool and also gives you the freedom to use it when you’re away from your car. To make sure that you always have the battery power that you need, this set comes with a charger that works with any outlet too.

The Competition - Air Dragon Deluxe

Air Dragon Deluxe

The Competition - Oasser Portable

Oasser Pro

The Competition - Air Hawk PRO

Air Hawk Pro

The Competition - KENSUN Air Compressor

KENSUN Air Compressor

Final Verdict

Our final verdict on the Air Dragon is that it’s a great buy for some but not so great for other shoppers. On the one hand, this is a very popular portable air compressor that has some five-star reviews online. Those who bought it and loved it include shoppers who wanted a basic way to pump up their tires and those who love camping and hiking. If this is you, we highly recommend the very cool Keysmart key organizer.

This produces a low level of pressure that is suitable for many different tasks around the house. You can inflate the air mattresses that guests sleep on when spending the night and fill an inflatable pool with air before adding some water and letting your kids swim. It’s also suitable for inflating balls and other kids’ toys. The Air Dragon will also appeal to campers and hikers who take air mattresses and other inflatables on their trips.

The main reason shoppers bought this model though was because the infomercial made it seem like they could inflate their tires quickly and without visiting a gas station or mechanic. It doesn’t work as well as you might expect for that job though. Not only does it take quite a bit of time to inflate a flat tire, but it may produce a lot of heat and smoke as it runs too.

If you want a portable air compressor that you can use with air mattresses and other inflatables, the Air Dragon is a great tool to have in your car or around your home. It just might not be the best portable model for inflating your tires.

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