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Organize all your keys in one convenient spot and easily find the right one when you need it

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BOTTOM LINE: Keysmart helps you keep track of all your keys and organize them. Available in several colors, it uses spacers to keep the keys from rubbing against each other and has instructional videos.



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What is the Keysmart?

The Keysmart is a brand-new gadget that helps you organize and store your keys. Designed for anyone who carries a large number of keys, it can hold those you use for work and at home. This Keysmart review will focus on the Classic, which is the most popular model available. 

I’ll also look at the expansion packs and some other models you can now buy. This tool looks similar to a Swiss Army knife in terms of both design and size. While that knife comes with tools that you can use in any situation, Keysmart lets you organize any of the keys that you need to carry.

This handy little tool is available online from Amazon, the official manufacturer’s website and dozens of other sites. We included links to the Amazon page because we like how easy the site makes returns, but you’ll also find a link to the official site that offers more colors and designs. The Classic comes with several spacers that you can use to separate your keys and enough space to store up to 14 keys. If you want to learn more about how this tool works and who can use it, you’ll want to check out our entire Keysmart review.

Who's This for?

School teachers often carry multiple keys with them on a daily basis. They need keys to unlock the doors to their offices and the cabinets that they use. Music and science teachers often keep equipment stored under lock and key too. 

Other professionals who can use Keysmart include both janitors and security guards. While janitors need keys to open office doors and other spaces, security guards use keys to secure rooms and as they patrol. Anyone who needs to carry a large number of keys for work will find the Keysmart Classic a handy tool.

This little tool is for more than just professionals though. Do you have several vehicles in your family and need keys to unlock the doors and start each one? Maybe you own rental properties and want to make sure that you have keys to those buildings in case of an emergency. The Keysmart lets you carry more than 10 keys with you to quickly unlock and open doors. 

It’s also a good option for those who hate the way metal keys can rip through their clothing or stick into their bags. The outer shell keeps those keys in place and prevents the teeth from grabbing and ripping fabric and other materials.

What Comes in the Box?

Those concerned with the environment would like the manufacturer of Keysmart to use as little materials as possible when packaging and shipping the product. Everything that you need to attach your keys and remote fob comes included. The items you’ll find in the box include:

  • Large baggie: The largest baggie in the box holds your new Keysmart. You’ll find a small postcard inside that shows the hashtag you can use for posting about the product and sharing your experience online via different social media sites.
  • Small baggie: A second smaller baggie inside the box comes with the spacers that you need. Those spacers look like small and flexible washers that you’ll place between your keys as you add them to the holder. This baggie also contains the screws that let you attach the top and bottom of the Keysmart to form the outer shell.

Though the packaging does not include any instructions, you will get a postcard with the URL where you can watch instructional videos. Those videos make it easy to put the entire Keysmart together.

Optional Accessories

With some of the new accessories available from the manufacturer, you can easily customize your Keysmart and let it do more than just organize your keys. Those accessories include:

  • 16 GB USB drive: With this miniature flash drive, you can easily transfer files from one device to another and keep track of work and school projects.
  • Pocket clip: If you don’t want the Keysmart to add bulk to your pockets, you can use this clip and attach it to your belt loop or bag.
  • Bottle opener: Whether you work in a bar or just love cold drinks, you may want to add a bottle opener that can open all types of glass bottles.
  • Screwdriver: The company’s screwdriver accessory fits onto either end of the Keysmart and helps you handle simple jobs whenever you need this tool.
  • Quick connect: You can use the quick connect accessory to easily attach the tool to your bag or any other object. This accessory looks similar to the carabiners that hikers use.

All of these accessories fit right onto the Keysmart and will leave you enough space for your keys. You can use multiple accessories to make your tool work just like a Swiss Army knife.

Pay Extra to Get More Out of Your Keysmart

How to Put the Keysmart Together

One of the major complaints that shoppers had about the Keysmart is that it doesn’t come with instructions. You need to go online and watch a video to see how to put your model together. The Classic is fairly easy to assemble though. 

You will first remove each of the screws located at each end and then lift off the top piece of metal. This lets you see the blank keys and the spacers inside, which the manufacturer uses to show you how the tool works.

You will place the first key on top of the metal piece that sticks up from one end. When you add your second key, you’ll place it on the opposite end. You should also set a spacer on top of each key. As you stack the keys and use the spacers, alternate sides to make sure that you stack both sides evenly. Some find it helpful to stack their keys in terms of size with the shortest keys going on first and the longer ones last. 

Once you complete the stacking, you can add the top piece and use the screws to secure the top and bottom of the tool together. You can use as many spacers as you need.

No matter how many keys you have, you can easily put them on the Keysmart

How to Put the Keysmart Together

Keysmart Models

When many people search for a Keysmart review, they want to learn more about the Classic. Also called the 2.0, this was the first model released by the company. Retailing for between $20 and $30 online, it has a great design and can easily store the keys you carry daily. 

This model works with all the available accessories that let you open bottles and use a screwdriver with your tool too. As this isn’t the only model available, I wanted to take a look at some of your other options. When you compare the Keysmart Rugged vs Keysmart Classic, you might find that you prefer one of those models.

Keysmart Leather

One of the newest alternatives to the Classic is the Keysmart Leather. Designed for those who want to make an impression on the streets, it has a fashionable look. The compact design easily fits into any pocket, and the leather on the case slides smoothly against any type of fabric. 

Though it works in the same way that the Classic does and includes the same features, some shoppers prefer the leather shell. That leather feels smooth against your skin and can help you keep a grip on the tool when your hands are wet.

Keysmart Rugged

Any good Keysmart Rugged review will point out the extremely rugged design of this tool. It is the only one in the line that comes with both a bottle opener and a pocket clip. With one touch, you can slide out the bottle opener and quickly open a cold bottle of beer or soda. 

The pocket clip makes it easy to store the tool without shoving it deep into your pocket. An included metal loop lets you store your key fob on the tool. The Rugged model is an upgraded version of the Classic and worth the higher price tag, according to most shoppers who bought it.

Keysmart Bright

Have you ever left a bar or restaurant at night and found the street was so dark that you almost couldn’t open your car door? The Keysmart Bright eliminates that problem because it features a built-in LED light. With just one press of a button, it turns into a flashlight. Its wide beam lets you illuminate an area. 

As the light sits on the outside shell of the Keysmart, it won’t get in the way of your keys or reduce the space available for those keys. The Bright model is compatible with all the top accessories too.

Keysmart Pro with Tile Smart Location

The ultimate model for those who tend to lose their keys is the Pro, which comes with Tile Smart Location. Though the Pro looks like all the other Keysmart models, it features the Tile Smart Location already installed. You’ll download the Tile app to your phone and connect it to the sensor on your keys. 

If you ever lose your keys, you can bring up a map and use GPS to see where they are. This app also has a sound feature that forces the sensor to play a short song or tone. The sound feature comes in handy when you know where you last had your keys but just can’t find them. You also have the option of using Keysmart to find your phone. 

Even if your phone is on silent or vibrate, you can press a button on the Keysmart, which causes your phone to play a short song or noise. The Pro has a mini USB port for fast and convenient charging and a light that indicates the battery life remaining on the sensor. It is compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa too.

Keysmart Makes Multiple Models to Fit the Needs of All Customers

What is the Price of the Keysmart?

You probably want to know how much the Keysmart costs. The Classic model has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $29.99, though you’ll likely find it priced for less. You can get the Classic from Amazon for around $23. Your cost may vary based on which color you want though and whether you buy directly from Amazon or one of its third-party sellers. Third-party sellers typically charge a little more than Amazon does but may have more colors available. 

If you buy from the official Get Keysmart website, you can take advantage of bundle pricing. While the tool itself sells for $19.99, you can get any of the following bundles.

  • Buy three and pay $39.98 for a savings of nearly $20
  • Buy five and pay $59.97 for a savings of more than $30

Bundle packages help you save on the cost of gifts for others too. You can get a bundle with multiple gifts for your loved ones for less money than you expected to spend. The official site offers free shipping when you spend $25 or more in a single order too. 

As long as you buy at least one Keysmart Classic and an accessory, you’ll get free shipping. All the other models are available online but cost a little more.

Keysmart Return Policy

When creating this Keysmart review, I wanted to include a section on the company’s return policy. You can return your Keysmart if you find that it doesn’t meet your needs or if it arrives broken or damaged. The official site gives you up to 21 days to request a return. 

This time frame starts on the date that the package arrives at your home. You will need to send an email to the official address and let the company know why you want to return it. The company will ask for proof that you bought the Keysmart from the site and give you a return shipping address. 

You are responsible for preparing and packing the Keysmart and sending it back to the right address. If you bought the Pro model, the company will return your purchase price minus a 15% restocking fee. It charges this fee to cover the cost of wiping the data from the device.

It typically takes two full weeks for customers to get their money back. The site recommends that you wait until two weeks passed before contacting it for a refund. You can send a message to the same email you used to request a return with your full name and what you want. The site will contact you usually within one business day.

Keysmart Return Policy

Do not send back your Keysmart without contacting the manufacturer first. If you send it without submitting a refund request, it might delay your refund or stop you from getting your money back.

Two-Year Warranty

When you buy the Keysmart from Amazon or any other site, you get a warranty that covers the first two years. One thing I like about this warranty is that it covers standard wear and tear. This includes:

  • Damage caused by sliding the Keysmart in and out of your pocket
  • Damage done when you drop the Keysmart on the ground
  • Spacers that wear down
  • Cracks in the shell

This warranty also covers any errors or issues that arise because of the manufacturing process. One example is a spacer that doesn’t have a complete circle in the center. That circle is what keeps the spacer secured to the Keysmart and what keeps your keys from rubbing against each other. 

If any of the included spacers have openings that are too wide or small, you can request a refund. The company also lets you request a replacement part. Instead of sending the entire Keysmart back and then ordering a new one, you can keep yours and get a new part in the mail. 

The company offers this same option for anyone who receives a broken or damaged part. It may take up to two weeks before that part arrives.

Tips for Filing a Warranty Claim

Two-Year Warranty - Write and save a detailed description
Two-Year Warranty - Take photos
Two-Year Warranty - Find your order number
Two-Year Warranty - Send an email
Two-Year Warranty - Wait for a response

Should You Buy it?

No matter what your thoughts are on Keysmart, the chances are good that you still aren’t sure if it’s worth both your money and time. To help you make that decision, I wanted to include a pros and cons section in this Keysmart review. Many of the websites I looked at when creating this review only focused on the positive aspects of the product and completely ignored some of the issues that shoppers had with Keysmart. 

I wanted to include some cons along with the pros to show you that this isn’t the perfect product. You can use my list as you look at the competition to see if another key tracker is better for you.


The main reason you should use Keysmart is that it will eliminate the problems caused by carrying a large number of keys. Those keys can weigh down your pockets and ruin the lines of your clothing. You also risk the metal ripping through the fabric and ruining your favorite pair of pants. 

Many people who carry keys also complain that the metal jingles and jangles as it rubs together. With Keysmart, you get a compact way to carry your keys. The design keeps the keys from making noises and stops the metal teeth from grabbing and tearing your pants. I also found some other pros and reasons to buy the Keysmart.

Expansion Packs

Though you already know that you can carry quite a few keys with the Keysmart, you might not know about the available expansion packs. These packs give you even more spacers and extend the amount of space inside the tool. 

You can use the pack to significantly increase the number of keys that you carry and to give yourself space for up to 100 keys. The expansion packs are compatible with the different Keysmart accessories too, which let you do everything from open bottles to handle DIY projects.

Good Materials

One issue I found with some of the Keysmart alternatives is that they tend to use cheap materials. Even those who used stainless steel or leather often opted for an inexpensive version of those materials. Keysmart uses the same type of aluminum that aircraft manufacturers use on planes. Whether you work in the cold or the broiling summer sun, you’ll find that the Keysmart withstands those temperatures. 

It also features some hardware made from stainless steel that is just as strong. The manufacturer uses the same metal for the loop that you can use for your key fob too. Some shoppers like that it’s made entirely in the United States also.

Universal Design

When you read Keysmart reviews and reviews of similar products, you should pay attention to the types of keys that those organizers can hold. Keysmart is one of the few products on the market with a universal design, which means that it can hold almost any type of key. The next time you visit the hardware store, take a look at the key-making station. 

Any of the keys found at that station will fit into the Keysmart. It can also hold some different types of car keys. The design uses an S-shape to hide those keys and keep the jagged edges from sticking out.

Benefits of the Keysmart

Multiple Colors

Though many shoppers like the classic black color of the Keysmart, those with a more colorful approach to life will find other options available. You might prefer a more neutral color such as slate or a deeper shade of red or blue. The Keysmart is also available in green, orange and purple. 

If you prefer a more girly look, you’ll enjoy the pink color. It’s worth pointing out that Amazon does not offer all of these colors. You may need to visit the official site and order from there to buy one in an exclusive color.

Blank Keys Included

I like that the manufacturer includes a few blank keys in the box. Those keys come already installed on Keysmart and do a smart job of showing you how the tool works. You can hold it in one hand and experiment with the tool to see how you can get the keys out and what you’ll need to do when unlocking doors. 

Those blanks can also work with the keys you already have to even out the spacing. You may want to use the blanks in addition to the spacers to ensure that the weight is even on both sides. If you need more room for your own keys, you can remove those blanks and throw them away.


The biggest issue with Keysmart is that users have a hard time finding and identifying their keys. As it puts all the keys behind an outer shell, you need to know what the specific key looks like and how it feels to find it. 

Those who bought some of the optional accessories had a hard time figuring out how to attach them. While some of those accessories will fit right on top of or beneath your keys, others will only fit onto the holder’s side. Some Keysmart reviews pointed out that the USB tool wasn’t a good choice. To remove the USB later, you’ll need to completely take apart the Keysmart.

As the tool does not come with instructions, learning how to put your keys and any accessories together is a pain. I included a short section on how to put it together here in this Keysmart review, but you can also visit the official website and watch a short video that walks you through the steps.

Some reviewers also had a problem with using the Keysmart. They complained that it felt heavier than an ordinary keychain did and that they had trouble using a single key at a time. You may need to change the way you insert your keys into locks when using this gadget. While there are some cons associated with Keysmart, there are more pros that you’ll want to consider.

How to Buy the Keysmart

The Competition

The main competitors of the Keysmart Classic are the products that come from the same company. I like the Pro model because it comes with a digital tracker too. This tracker makes it easy to find your lost keys or phones when you sync the sensor on Keysmart to the app on your phone. 

An alternative to the Pro is the Tile Mate, which comes with a battery that you can easily replace (or the TrackR, which we’ve reviewed here). You get a small tile that you can attach to your keys or any other object that you often lose. When you download the Tile app, you can then open it and press a button to make the tile ring. The Tile is available in a single package and as a four-pack. You’ll also find bundle packs that are compatible with the Echo Dot. While the Tile is a handy tool, it won’t replace the Keysmart Pro. Though it costs less, it doesn’t come with any tools for organizing your keys.

If you want a basic and simple way to carry and organize your keys, you might consider the Clips Smart Compact Key Holder. This key holder uses a carbon fiber material on the shell that won’t wear down. 

You can choose from multiple colors, including black, gold, and red. Each of the included 20 spacers has an anti-loosening design that keeps them from pulling away from the shell. Though the base model holds six keys, you can use the included extensions to store up to 18 keys on the same holder.

Though this key holder retails for around the same price as the Keysmart Classic, it comes with accessories that the Classic does not. You get a carabiner for attaching it to your body and a cash stash that lets you carry some emergency money on you. It also includes a bottle opener. 

Though you can add a bottle opener to your Keysmart, it will cost extra. This key organizer is quite similar to Keysmart in terms of design and price, but customers rank the Classic much higher.

Another alternative to the Classic is the Northwall Thorkey Smart Key Organizer, which uses real Italian leather. That leather acts like a strap that keeps your keys and spacers contained inside. 

One thing I like about this holder is that it comes with a multi-tool that you can use to loosen jar lids, remove bottle tops, and do other simple tasks. That multi-tool will fit right on top of your keys. It also comes with a metal loop that can hold your key fob.

When you compare this model to the Classic though, you’ll find that the Classic wins in a few key areas. Its metal shell is much more durable than the leather used in the Thorkey. While the leather has a nice look, it can wear down and even break over time. 

The Thorkey only gives you space for six keys total, while the Keysmart lets you store more than 10 keys. It’s also worth noting that the Thorkey costs more than the Classic does.

I also recommend looking at the CARBOCAGE KEYCAGE. Made in Germany, the KEYCAGE can put an end to the jingling and other noises that you hear coming from your pockets. It features a carbon fiber shell that functions like a cage to keep your keys safe. 

This model has an asymmetrical design with an open area in the center that helps you locate the key that you need in seconds. You get stainless steel posts that won’t break, and those posts let you store up to 14 keys in the same holder. The basic design of this key holder will appeal to some shoppers.

Unlike the Keysmart Classic, which can accommodate your key fob, the KEYCAGE does not accommodate anything beyond your keys. You cannot attach any accessories or tools to the cage either. It does have the benefit of letting you easily find the right key based on touch alone though. 

As it retails for more than the Classic and some of the other Keysmart models, you may find that you prefer getting more from Keysmart. The KEYCAGE is really best for those who want to carry keys and keys alone.

What to Look at When Comparing Key Holders and Organizers

The Competition - cost
The Competition - key
Number of keys it can hold
The Competition - weight
The Competition - size
The Competition - design

Final Verdict

I think that the Keysmart is definitely worth the price, but the best model for you will depend on what you like doing with your keys and your sense of style. If you often work outside and get your hands wet, you might prefer the Keysmart Leather. This model also has a classy look. The Keysmart Pro is a suitable alternative for tech enthusiasts because it comes with the Tile app. That app lets you track your keys and phone anywhere you go.

The Keysmart Classic is a solid choice for most professionals today. Whether you’re a janitor, teacher, security guard, or mechanic, you can store more than 10 keys on a single ring. With extension packs, you can store even more keys. The Classic also works with accessories such as a USB drive and a bottle opener. If you aren’t sure which type of key holder is right for you, this Keysmart review can help you make that decision.

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