Best Bass Headphones

UPDATED May 2024 

Bass headphones let you clearly hear all the thumping bass in any song. Our shopping guide to the best bass headphones will help you find a great pair.



As one of the more affordable options for bass headphones shoppers, the E7 comes in several colors and features noise canceling tech. The ear cups swivel and adjust to fit your ears.


These headphones use advanced noise canceling technology to ensure that you hear only the tones that you want and not any background noises. The built-in microphone is perfect for games and phone calls.


You might not like the design of the headphones because you can’t see if Bluetooth is still running. This pair is a little too large for some heads.


You can enjoy comfort and some great sound with these earphones, which will work with almost every device you own. The included tips make it easy to get the comfort and fit that you need.


Compatible with tablets and cell phones from leading manufacturers, these earphones are great for listening on the go. This pair comes with three sets of ergonomic tips that will fit in all sizes of ears.


The cable on the headphones can twist and tangle as you move. You may find that the earphones don’t produce the rich bass sound that you want either.


With two drivers that function as subwoofers, these headphones provide an immersive experience as you listen to music. All the buttons you need have a convenient location on the side of each ear cup.


Thanks to the manufacturer’s great warranty, you can return and replace these headphones with ease. The Crusher has an internal battery that lasts for up to 40 hours.


You may have a difficult time cleaning the headphones, which can develop stains quite easily. Some shoppers found that the headphones produced a rattling sound too.


The internal battery in this pair lasts for up to 1,000 hours in standby mode and up to 30 hours when you use them. You can fold the headphones down when carrying or storing them too.


Thanks to a wireless design, you can connect these headphones to your device and avoid using any cords. It features soft padding in the ear cups and an adjustable band.


The biggest issue with this pair is that it might not give you as much volume as you want. A few shoppers claimed the headphones didn’t fit comfortably.


The closed back design of these headphones allows you to listen to tunes without anyone else hearing a thing. Its system of subwoofers provides the intense bass that you desire.


Capable of producing the perfect amount of bass, these headphones let you hear every note in the spectrum. The headphones have subwoofers inside and a closed back design.


As one of the most expensive headphones on the market, this pair might not work for you. The headphones may cause some minor discomfort around your head and ears too.

Shopping Guide for the Best Bass Headphones

When it comes to music, bass can refer to a few different things, including the lowest sounds produced by the human voice and a series of musical instruments. If you love hearing music that features lower notes, you really need a pair of the best bass headphones for 2024. Bass headphones are actually different from the standard pairs that you buy. They allow you to hear more of those lower notes and let you make adjustments based on what you listen to or do with your pair. Our guide to the best bass headphones will help you find pairs suitable for everything you do.

The top bass headphones of 2024 come from manufacturers you know such as JVC. You’ll also find pairs from companies that have a strong reputation overseas but are not as well known in the United States.

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The information we provide you is free of charge and a result of extensive research by our product experts. We use affiliate links in our site that provide us with referral commissions.

While this fact may not influence the information we provide, it may affect the positioning of this information

We worked hard to find the best models that you can use in a music studio when laying down tracks and pairs that you can wear when sitting on the bus as you head to work. When you use our shopping guide to bass headphones and read all the information available, you can even find headphones suitable for gaming and using with your phone.

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Selection Criteria

Our team of audio specialists spent hours scouring the web and searching the globe to find headphones worthy of adding to our shopping guide. They worked with experts in the audio industry to find out exactly what these headphones are and what they do. Our team then chatted with them about the top features and some of the different types of headphones that produce good bass sound. Once we had a list of what our shoppers need and what those experts recommended, we headed to Amazon.

Amazon is easily the largest shopping website in the world. We quickly weeded out any pairs that are no longer available for sale on the site and any pairs with a high number of negative reviews. Our team then looked for headphones that had at least 100 reviews and found which pairs have the highest average ratings. After we found the top five pairs though, we didn’t stop. We ranked those pairs according to how you might use them or what you can do with them.

As you read over our product matrix and our detailed product reviews, you’ll find headphones designed for pros, pairs for budget shoppers and even a pair that you can sync to your cell phone. No matter why you need bass headphones, you’ll find the perfect pair here.

How Our Team Picked the Best Bass Headphones

Bass produced

Benefits of Bass Headphones

  • Perfect fit: These headphones come in different versions and styles that allow you to get the perfect fit. If you spend hours commuting to work and/or like working out a few times a week, you’ll prefer earbud models. Those who spend more time at work and relaxing at home might prefer a pair that fits over or around their ears.
  • Solid bass sound: Bass headphones let you hear the strong bass notes that you might otherwise miss. Most pairs allow you to turn the bass up and down too, which can make you feel like you’re in the middle of a live show or a concert.
  • Go with you: You’ll find a number of bass headphones that you can actually take with you. Whether you just want to listen to music on the bus or plan on listening to audiobooks on your next flight, you can choose a lightweight pair that fits into your carry-on bag.
  • More than just music: Despite what you might think, bass headphones are suitable for more than just listening to some music. These models work with the booming and powerful voices of actors reading your favorite books and allow you to pick up those small noises you might miss in films and television shows.

What to Look for in Portable and Travel Bass Headphones

Portable bass headphones weigh less than other types and are perfect for grabbing anytime that you leave the house. 

Benefits of Bass Headphones

Some of the top features to look for in headphones that you’ll use when traveling and while on the go include:

Carrying options such as a case

Whether you use headphones at home or while traveling, the E7 from COWIN is a good choice for you. It features noise canceling technology that blocks out background noises and lets you focus on sounds and tones. This feature is perfect when traveling because it helps you avoid the noises and crowds around you. The drivers used inside the headphones are larger and provide you with the clear and deep bass that you need when listening to music. You can adjust the amount of bass produced and some of the other features without taking off the headphones.

We like that the E7 has a built-in microphone too. The next time that you need to make or accept a call, you can click a button on the back of the ear cup and pause your music to talk on the phone. That microphone makes this pair a good choice for gamers too because you can consult with your team as you play online. With the built-in Bluetooth mode, you can connect the headphones to your device and listen without tripping over cables and cords. You can use the E7 for up to 30 hours on some settings before the battery runs out.

Why Buy a New Pair of Bass Headphones?

You might take a look at the headphones that you already own and wonder why you should spend money on a new pair that does the same thing. The simple answer is that new headphones are worth the money because they do more than old pairs do. You may want to upgrade to a wireless model because you spend long hours listening to books or music in bed and hate feeling the cable tangle around you. Some shoppers look for new pairs because their old pairs produce a lot of static. As headphones age, the speakers and other components can break down and release a cracking sound that interferes with your music too.

The biggest reason to spend money on new bass headphones is that you are an audiophile who wants to enjoy better sound quality. Let’s say that you’re a fan of classic rock. While you can’t see your favorite bands in concert, you can listen to the songs they recorded over the years and feel like you’re there. You can adjust the bass to make your favorite rap songs thump loudly and turn the bass down when listening to a classic book that you want to read. Bass headphones provide you with the best sound quality and the best bass lines.

Why Buy a New Pair of Bass Headphones

Where Can You Find Free Audiobooks?

While you can buy audiobooks, you can also download and listen to free books. These books are available from public libraries and from some websites. All you need is a library card to borrow audiobooks and e-books from your local library. Amazon also has a program that lets you borrow an unlimited amount of books each month for one low fee.

When to Replace Bass Headphones

Though we already gave you a list of reasons why you might need new bass headphones, we also wanted to go over when you should replace the old bass headphones that you have. Some of the signs that you need to replace those headphones include:

  • Lack of balance: Unless you’re a big fan of old martial arts films, you want to see the sounds that you hear matching up with the action on the screen. When someone talks, his or her mouth should match those words. If your headphones are even a fraction behind when synced up, you should replace that pair.
  • Fluctuating volume: The volume control on your headphones may not last as long as you expected. Once that knob loosens, it can adjust itself without your knowledge. You might move in your seat and notice that the volume rises or lowers because it thought that movement was you changing the volume.
  • Odd noises: If you ever used old headphones before, you know that they can produce some strange noises. They can produce a crackling sound because of issues with the speaker or create a buzzing sound because of a driver problem. Those noises can eventually become so bad that they overtake anything else that you want to hear.

Expert Tip

Do not assume that a pair of headphones are bad because you can’t hear certain small background noises. You may have problems hearing because of issues with your ears. As the body ages, you’ll have a difficult time hearing the same frequencies that you did in the past.

When to Replace Bass Headphones

Types of Bass Headphones

Those large and bulky headphones that DJs wear is just one example of a bass model. They often wear these larger headphones because they want to block out the sounds of people partying around them and focus closely on the records that they spin. If you simply want to wear bass headphones when listening to some music or as you play a game, you don’t necessarily need such a large pair. We highly recommend that you look over all the types of bass headphones that we found and the pros and cons of those pairs before spending any of your hard earned money.

On-Ear Headphones

Depending on how loudly you listen to music and how comfortable you want to feel, you might prefer a pair of on-ear bass headphones. Designed to sit right on top of your ears, these headphones have speakers that sit on the ear canal rather than around your ears. This design does an adequate job of isolating noises and sounds outside but does not offer as much isolation as you might want. Many models fold for storage, and some models come with a carrying case. You’ll also find adjustable features that make the headphones fit more comfortably.


  • Can wear a pair for long hours
  • Some models fold and/or come with a carrying case
  • Provides some noise isolation
  • Weighs less
  • Fits on rather than over your ears for added comfort


  • You might hear more ambient and surrounding noises than you want
  • Are more expensive than earbuds and in-ear headphones
  • Can irritate the skin on your head and ears
  • Sweat can damage the ear cups


Both earphones and earbuds refer to the same type of headphones. If you buy a new music player or a cell phone today, the product may actually come with a small pair. Earphones have small buds with built-in speakers. You can slip these small buds into one or both ears. Many people who use public transportation prefer earphones because they can easily put them in and take them out of their ears to talk with others or focus on their phones. Earphones don’t fit all types of ears though and can actually fall out of your ears when you make any sudden movements.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for wearing and using in public
  • More affordable than other types of bass headphones
  • Often come with multiple sets of tips or bud covers


  • Can fall out of your ears
  • May not fit your ears
  • Do not provide rich bass
  • May cause some minor discomfort

Over-Ear Headphones

Over-ear headphones and over-the-ear headphones both refer to the same type. These are the ones that pros wear when recording music and working in the studio. Over-the-ear headphones have large ear cups with foam padding around the edges. When you wear a pair, the padding actually creates a seal between the headphones and your ears. You will only hear the sounds that come through the speakers and not any of the sounds around you. Over-ear headphones often have an adjustable band but are heavier and can cause some discomfort.


  • Seals sound and transfers noises directly into your ear canals
  • Cancels out background and surrounding noises
  • Padding in the cups protects your ears
  • Available in closed and open back designs


  • Among the most expensive of all bass headphones
  • Can cause some neck and back discomfort
  • Are heavy enough that you cannot wear a pair for an extended period
  • Wireless models are harder to find

In-Ear Headphones

Though similar to earphones, in-ear headphones have a better design and won’t slide out of your ears as easily. This design features a small speaker with a curved earbud that actually fits right inside your ear canal. Even if someone reaches for the cable, the headphones will usually stay in place. Many of these pairs offer more noise isolation and allow you to freely listen to music without hearing all the action and sounds around you. In-ear headphones feature tips that you can remove to clean. You might get several sets of tips too.


  • Lightweight
  • Won’t fall out of your ears
  • Produce better sound that earphones do
  • Come with several tips or covers


  • Do not produce as much rich bass as you want
  • May not fit perfectly in your ears
  • Can allow wax to build up in your ears
  • May push debris deep into the ear canals

What Can You Do While Wearing Bass Headphones?

What Can You Do While Wearing Bass Headphones - video game
Video game
What Can You Do While Wearing Bass Headphones - listen to music
Listen to music
What Can You Do While Wearing Bass Headphones - record
What Can You Do While Wearing Bass Headphones - phone call
Phone call

Wireless and Wired Headphones

As you shop for bass headphones, it’s important that you know whether you prefer a wired or a wireless pair. Wired headphones have a long cable that stretches out from one ear. This cable will have a jack on the end. When you plug this jack into a stereo, it sends the bass and all other notes directly into your ears. Profs and serious audiophiles often prefer wired models because they feel that the sound quality produced is much better.

Wireless models do not use any wires. You can usually press a button on the side of the headphones to check for Bluetooth connections in the area. It’s then a simple matter of syncing the headphones to that device. Some shoppers do not like wireless models because of the static or feedback that can occur. You may find that you forget to turn off this connection too, which will drain the battery. Some wireless models come with a cable that allows you to charge the battery while using the headphones.

We recommend wired models for those who have a poor internet connection and those who aren’t sure which form of Bluetooth their devices use. If your device uses an older version, it may not work with a newer pair of headphones.

Wireless and Wired Headphones

When to Use Wireless Bass Headphones

Though traditional headphones are great for use at home, you might prefer a pair of earphones when you step outside your door. We really like the BS10 from Betron because this is a premium set that provides you with good audio quality and a great design. You get three sets of ear tips inside the packaging. Each set comes in a different size to help you get the fit that you need. Betron used an ergonomic design to ensure that you don’t experience any discomfort. You can also share those tips with others.

Shoppers like that the earphones are compatible with products from so many different manufacturers. You can use a pair with your tablet, a cell phone or even a music player. The cable has a standard jack on the end that will fit with most computers and gaming consoles too. Thanks to its extensive frequency range, this pair will also let you enjoy crisper tones and more thumping bass lines. You also get a small case that lets you carry the earphones and the included tips. Instead of using noise canceling technology, this pair has a noise isolating feature that allows you to clearly hear every note as it comes out.

Closed vs. Open Backs

The standard headphones that you might buy in a big box store and those that come with stereos often have an open back design. When you buy a new pair though, you can choose between an open or a closed back. Open back designs do not have any padding on the backs of the ear cups. If you look closely, you’ll actually see tiny holes that extend all the way through the headphones. Some prefer open back models because these headphones allow them to hear more sounds. Not only will you hear your music, but you can also hear any surrounding noises. Those noises work together to create a more authentic and immersive experience. The downside is that this design will allow some of those sounds to escape from the headphones.

Closed back designs have a completely closed back. This not only blocks any noises from leaving the headphones but will also prevent background noises from interfering with your listening experience. Closed back headphones will either isolate or cancel out background sounds. Some audiophiles dislike the lack of vents because the design causes them to overheat and sweat more. You may find that you need to clean the headphones more often because of the sweat that builds up.

What Can You Use to Clean Headphones?

The best product for cleaning headphones is a simple bottle of isopropyl alcohol. One benefit of this liquid is that it dries quickly and without leaving behind any type of residue. You can apply the alcohol with a cotton ball to remove tobacco stains and any other debris that you notice. It will not damage the interior components if the liquid gets inside the headphones.

You can also use vacuums designed for electronics to remove any debris from inside the headphones. This vacuum will not produce static electricity or create any type of electrical charge as it cleans. Some audiophiles like using compressed air to clean out their headphones too.

Tips for Choosing a Comfortable Pair

Tips for Choosing a Comfortable Pair

No matter how you want to use bass headphones, you don’t want a pair that fits uncomfortably on your head. You can use the tips we found to ensure that you buy a comfortable pair. We recommend looking at a few things when you first put on those headphones.

  • Weight: The weight of the headphones is important because those that weigh more can actually push your head down towards your neck and cause cramping and pain. You generally want a pair that allows you to hold your head up for hours.
  • Snug fit: We also recommend looking for a pair that fits tightly on your head. If you plan on working out while listening to music, you want headphones that won’t slip off your head as you run or exercise. You’ll also want to make sure that the pair doesn’t fit so tightly that you experience some discomfort or pain.
  • Padding: Most over-the-ear and on-ear headphones have extra padding in and around the ear cups. That padding keeps the plastic or metal used in the band from rubbing against your ears. You may want to look at the padding to make sure that the manufacturer used enough layers that the headphones won’t wear down. Some manufacturers use memory foam in addition to other types of padding.
Though you might think that Skullcandy only makes products for teens and younger music lovers, the company’s Crusher headphones are suitable for anyone. These headphones feature a built-in microphone that lets you record yourself speaking or singing. You can also use that microphone to chat with other players while whipping through a game. The adjustable band allows you to get the fit that you want and uses memory foam for even more comfort. No matter what you need to do, you’ll find the right button on the ear cups. Those buttons let you adjust the volume, take a phone call and pause your song, film or game.

One feature that really makes this pair stand out is its adjustable bass. When you want to pump up the jam, you can turn the bass up. You can also lower the bass to talk on the phone or listen to music without hearing any feedback. Designed to work with Bluetooth devices, this pair will connect to any of those items via the closest connection. It takes less than three hours to completely charge the battery, which will then give you up to 40 hours of power. You’ll get even more battery power when you use Skullcandy’s rapid charging feature.

Driver Size

The most important part of a bass headphone is the driver. Most headphones feature a number of interior parts that work together to produce the great sound that you want. The driver works specifically with the bass notes in a piece of music. Those notes are often so low that you may have a hard time hearing them when you listen to music in your car. That is why auto systems have buttons that you can adjust to increase and decrease the bass and the treble. You may not have this same option when listening to music through headphones, which is why you must look at the size of the driver.

Smaller drivers will not produce the sound that you want and cannot recognize bass notes. As you listen to music, you might notice that it doesn’t sound quite the way you want or the way you remembered. Even if a smaller driver does recognize those notes, it won’t produce the booming bass that you expect. If you want the best bass headphones, you need to consider the size of the driver. The top models have a driver that is at least 50mm in size. Headphones with a smaller driver won’t work as well.

Durability and Construction

Durability and Construction

Bass headphones usually cost more than the basic headphones that you might connect to your game console. Before you add a new pair to your digital shopping cart, you must get an idea of the durability of those headphones, which you can do with a quick look at their construction. The top models use more metal parts than plastic parts. While plastic is lightweight, it can also break down quickly. These headphones can snap in half when you store a pair in your bag or when you step on the cord and knock them off your head. Some of the features you should look at when buying a durable model include:

  • How tightly the jack connects to the cord
  • Whether the padding on the ear cups will wear off when worn on your ears
  • If the wires used on wired models have a tight connection to the headphones

You can also hold the headphones in your hands and examine the construction for yourself. We recommend holding a side in each hand and applying some pressure. You can also try twisting the headphones in your hands. The best pairs will hold up to those actions without falling apart. This lets you know that the headphones will stand up to everything you do too.

Audio-Technica makes this SonicFuel pair, which we think has the best on-ear design. With on-ear headphones, you can completely cover and surround your ears to lock in all the sounds you want to hear. One unique feature of this pair is its folding design. You can actually fold up both of the ear pads and push down on the band to create a small package that will easily fit inside any bag. Though some shoppers didn’t like the fit of this pair, many did. They especially liked the adjustable band and the extra padding used on the ears.

Included in the packaging is a cable that turns this pair into wired headphones. That cable allows you to change the volume and make other minor adjustments as the headphones charge. You can also use that cable with devices that do not work with wireless connections. The manufacturer also supplies you with a charging cable that lets you quickly charge this pair. Though it takes a few hours to charge the battery, you’ll get up to 30 hours of power from one charge. The manufacturer also claims that the battery will last for up to 1,000 hours when used in the standby mode.

Noise Canceling vs. Noise Isolating

No matter what types of headphones you used before, you probably had issues getting the experience that you wanted. The ambient noises are you are often quite distracting and can keep you from focusing on your music. Those noises can include your family and pets running around at home and the sounds of cars and people outside. When you decide to buy new bass headphones, you need to decide between those that will cancel noises and those that will isolate sounds.

Noise canceling headphones are often popular with shoppers who live and work in busy areas. Most of these headphones will fit entirely over your ears and form a seal that blocks out all sounds. You can wear a pair when jogging outside or riding the bus and when you want a distraction from your family at home. These headphones not only cancel the noises around you but will also keep the sounds you listen to from affecting others.

Noise isolating headphones are different because they simply isolate the noises coming through the ear cups. Though they may not block noises coming from the headphones or completely block the noises around you, these headphones do a good job of ensuring that you hear bass and other notes

Noise Canceling vs. Noise Isolating - cancelling
Noise Canceling vs. Noise Isolating - isolation

Microphone Basics

When you’re in the middle of a heated game and don’t have time to type out a message to a fellow player, you’ll want a pair of bass headphones with a built-in microphone. The most common type is one called an inline microphone. You’ll find this type on earbuds and headphones that have a dedicated cable. When you need to talk, you can press a button on the cable to turn the microphone on and off. This lets you send a quick message and get back into the action without pausing your game. Most of these microphones use either two or three buttons.

Those with two buttons are often compatible with Android devices, while those with three buttons will work with Apple devices. You’ll also find some headphones that have a microphone that uses just a single button. One-button designs require that you hold down on the button and turn it in different directions to adjust the volume. Microphones that use two or three buttons have dedicated buttons that correspond to the power and volume settings. If you do not need a microphone for talking or recording, you can look for bass headphones that lack this feature.

Microphone Basics

Benefits of Built-In Microphones

While some headphones are suitable for those who just want to kick back and listen to some tunes, this pair from JVC is the best option for pros. Whether you work in a studio or produce your own music, you’ll want a pair like this. The headphones have a closed back design that actually keeps the sounds you hear from escaping out of the ear pads. No matter how loudly you listen to music, no one around you will hear a thing. You can adjust both the band and the ear pads for added comfort. Though padding in the ear cups adds to the comfortable design, some shoppers wished this pair fit a little better.

The Stream Woofer system designed by JVC works with the extensive frequency range of the headphones to pick up the lowest and highest of notes. You’ll also love the bass produced because it lets you hear the actual thumping of those notes without any static or other issues. The bass has a clear sound that won’t make your body shake either. In less than four hours of charging, you’ll get headphones that last for up to 40 hours. The only real issue with this pair is that the Japanese jack might not work with all your devices.

Water-Resistant Certification

Many people assume that bass headphones are so large that they can only use a pair indoors. Several companies make bass earbuds and headphones that are more lightweight and suitable for wearing outside and when you’re on the go. If you need a pair that you can wear when exercising, you really need to look for headphones with a water-resistant certification. Not only does this apply to any moisture that you encounter such as rain but other forms of moisture, including:

  • Sweat
  • Spit
  • Soda and other liquids

A higher water-resistant certification means that the headphones do a better job of pushing off any moisture. You can wear the headphones when you walk to work or the bus stop and it’s raining or snowing outside. Most over-the-ear models have a high water-resistant rating. Earbuds typically do not have as high of a rating. These models are sweat-proof but not water-resistant. This means that the earbuds won’t suffer damage because of the sweat that you produce. They may stop working when you wear the pair in the rain or the snow though. Headphones with a lower certification or rating may stop working after just a few trips to the gym.

Expert Tip

Most earbuds come with a small plastic case that snaps shut. You can use this case to store the earbuds and keep them safe from rain and other moisture.

Water-Resistant Certification

Do You Use a Voice Assistant?

Amazon took the world by storm after introducing its Alexa, which is a device that you can use in your home. Alexa allows you to do internet searches, find out about the weather outside, add items to your shopping list and even play music. Both Android and Apple devices feature similar voice assistant technology. Those apps let you talk to your phone and pull up a new file, open an app and do other things. Instead of reaching for your phone, you can have the app do all the work for you. If you use a voice assistant app regularly, you need bass headphones that are compatible with that app.

Many men and women use these apps when working from home. They can have the app read a new email and both write and send a response. The apps also let you search the web to find an answer to a question that you have or play a song when you’re across the room. When you choose headphones that are compatible with that app, you can access it while playing games or even watching television. The headphones feature a built-in speaker that will recognize and respond to your voice.

Do You Use a Voice Assistant - alexa

Popular Voice Assistant Apps

What Should You Consider When Buying Bass Headphones for Kids?

  • Fit: The most important factor to consider when picking headphones for a child is the overall fit. The headphones should have a band that fits over the head and cups that fit right on their ears. You’ll want to make sure that they do not fit too tightly or that they don’t slide down. Most earbuds come with different tips that will fit smaller ears.
  • Decibel rating: Children’s ears are more sensitive than adult ears. If your kids listen to music too loudly, they can rupture their eardrums. You should look for headphones with a maximum volume rating of no more than 85 decibels. It’s helpful to choose a pair that makes it hard for your child to adjust the volume too.
  • Durability: Kids put their toys through a lot every day. When you hand over a new pair of headphones, your child might drag them behind him or her and frequently toss them on the ground. The best headphones for kids can stand up to daily use.
  • Price: We do not recommend spending nearly as much on headphones for kids as you would on a pair for yourself. You’ll find some fun options priced at $25 or less and earbuds that cost just $10 or less.

Expert Tip

You might consider looking at headphones for kids that feature fun cartoon characters. Many products have images of superheroes and other characters on the ear cups.

What to Consider When Choosing Wireless Bass Headphones

  • Range: You cannot expect to stream music from a device in your home while running errands around town. Devices that work with Bluetooth technology has a set range that manufacturers usually list in terms of feet. This tells you how many feet you can stand away from the device and still connect it to your headphones.
  • Customer support: Do not buy a pair of wireless bass headphones without finding out how you can contact the manufacturer and how quickly it responds to customers. You may find that you cannot sync your headphones to a device or that the battery does not charge. The best headphone manufacturers will respond to you quickly and offer both support and troubleshooting help.
  • Charging time: No matter how much free time you have, you don’t want to sit around and watch your headphones charge. That is why you should look at how much time it takes to charge its battery. Most headphone batteries will charge in around four hours or less, but some can charge in under an hour.
  • Battery life: You should also find out how long the headphone battery will last. The standby time states how long the battery will last when not in use. You’ll also want to consider the talk or stream time too, which lets you know how long you can continuously use the battery until it dies.

What Can Keep Your Headphones from Connecting to a Device?

The Top Features to Look for in Bass Headphones

  • Frequency range: Most shoppers will want to look for bass headphones that work with a range of frequencies. This ensures that you can hear every possible sound. A top range will include frequencies of between 200 and 2,000 or more.
  • Driver size: You generally want to purchase bass headphones that feature the largest possible driver size and one that is at least 50mm. Those with a smaller driver are suitable for playing games and doing other basic activities. If you want to enjoy pure bass sounds, you want headphones with a larger driver.
  • Thick padding: Whether you purchase headphones or earbuds, make sure that the product has thick padding. Earbuds feature tiny pads or covers that you can pop off for washing or when you want to share that device with another person. Standard headphones have padding on the ear cups too. Models with more padding and a thicker layer will feel more comfortable.
  • Adjustable band: We highly encourage shoppers to look for headphones with an adjustable band too. This band lets you change the way the headphones fit based on how you sit or stand. You can also adjust the band when you wear a hat under the headphones or when you want to lay down and listen to music.

Can You Connect Headphones to Musical Instruments?

If you play an instrument and want to record yourself playing or practicing, you can absolutely use a pair of headphones. Bass headphones allow you to hear the deeper notes that you play resonating through your ears. You just need to make sure that the jack on the headphones will work with the port on your instrument.

The Top Features to Look for in Bass Headphones

How to Store Bass Headphones to Make Them Last Longer

You may not know that sharp temperature changes and dust can wreak havoc on a pair of headphones. That dust can build up on the headphones and make the surface feel tacky to the touch. It’s also possible for other debris such as pet dander and insect waste to work with that dust and get inside the ear cups. Using the right storage methods can help you protect your headphones and make them last longer than you ever expected.

The best way to store them is in the case that the manufacturer supplied. These cases usually have hard exterior sides and a soft or plush lining. That lining cushions the headphones and works with the case to keep them safe during any unexpected falls. If you did not get a case, you can purchase one designed for bass headphones.

Earbuds typically come with a small cloth bag that keeps them safe from dust and moisture. You may purchase a set that comes with its own small plastic case instead of a cloth bag. No matter how you store the earbuds, make sure that you keep them in a safe place such as a drawer in your nightstand or the console in your car.

How Often Should You Clean Bass Headphones?

You only need to clean bass headphones when the dirt and build up interferes with your listening. Though some audiophiles clean their headphones once a week or once a month, you may only need to clean yours every three to six months.

How to Store Bass Headphones to Make Them Last Longer

What is the Average Price for a Pair of Bass Headphones?

The best way to see how much a pair of bass headphones will cost is with a look at the product’s Amazon product page. We included links to those pages for each of the top five pairs on our list. You can also use the chart below to see which products are more expensive than others.

When it comes to cost, the most expensive pairs are those designed for the pros. The JVC headphones retail for more than $600. While this might seem expensive to you, the cost is actually less than what other pro models cost.

If you really want to save money, you might go for a pair of earphones instead of headphones. Bass earphones are smaller in size and have tiny pads that you actually place inside your ears. Those pads send the bass notes directly into your ear canals. You can get a pair of bass earphones for as little as $10 or $20.

Traditional bass headphones have an on-ear or an over-ear design that forms a seal to keep those notes inside your ears. Most of these headphones retail for around $50 to $100. You will find other models that cost much more though, including pairs in the $200 or $500 range.

How Much Do the Top Bass Headphones Cost?

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Bass headphones produce the thumping bass lines that you want, but those sounds can affect your ears over time. While you can play games and listen to music for hours, you should take a break every three hours. If you notice any pain or discomfort in your ears, you can take a break every two hours.

A: The most common reason why you might hear static or interference coming through your wireless headphones is that you have too many electronic devices in the surrounding area. This is especially true when you have devices that share a wireless connection. Turning off some of those devices and connections is the best way to solve this problem.

A: Some of the top gaming consoles of 2018 include the XBOX One and the PlayStation 4 (PS4). Those consoles let you play online games with people from around the world. You can chat and communicate with your teams via a bass headphone, which you can also use when streaming videos or listening to music with your console. Most bass headphones are compatible with these consoles.

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