Best Wireless Earbuds

UPDATED April 2024


For watching videos and playing games, you need wireless earbuds that fit comfortably in your ear.



Bose is one of the top manufacturers of audio equipment in the world, and its Sport Headphones are one of the top options for wireless enthusiasts. This pair comes with three sets of tips for sharing with others and to ensure the headphones fit your ears. You also get access to app that tracks your headphones.


Bose lets you choose between different colors and finishes to match the headphones to your gaming console and any other device. These Sport Headphones come with three sets of tips to help you find the right fit for your ears. You can download an app to keep track of the headphones too.


These Bose headphones are more expensive than many of the other earbuds we found. Despite the high price tag, some users still experienced minor audio issues like the sound cutting out.


Samsung designed the Gear IconX earbuds for users of all types of devices. The internal batteries will last for four to seven hours on a single charge. You can use this set when gaming at home or exercising outside.


Get up to seven hours of listening fun with the Gear IconX earbuds. These earbuds are easy to charge and allow you to stream for four to five hours between charges. The pair works with Samsung products and devices from other manufacturers.


Some users found that these earbuds don’t do a great job of blocking ambient noises. Others found that changing the settings was a little confusing.


Though you may not know the brand Moow, these Bluetooth Earbuds are a good option for many shoppers. You can adjust the bass and other settings without taking the buds out. Some users may have some problems using Bluetooth to sync the buds though.


Customers love the ergonomic design of these earbuds and how comfortably the buds fit in their ears. A subwoofer built inside each bud provides the clarity and audio quality that you want while at home or on the go.


These earbuds are only compatible with modern devices and certain brands. You may have some problems syncing the earbuds to your device too.


Budget shoppers like this earbud set from Parihy because of its low price and because it lets them use two devices simultaneously. Though the clarity on this pair isn’t the greatest, the set is easy to use and manage.


These earbuds come connected on a central cord that allows you to accept calls and manage settings with buttons on that cord. This is also one of the only pairs we found that can support two devices at the same time.


Some shoppers may not like carrying around the travel case in their pockets. This set doesn’t offer the clarity that more expensive pairs do.


One of the more affordable pairs of noise canceling wireless earbuds on the market is this pair, which is also water to resistant to prevent damage caused by sweat and other liquids. An internal battery gives you power for up to eight full hours of continuous use and more than 100 hours of power in standby mode.


Designed for phones, tablets and other devices, these headphones will work with almost every device you own. A built-in magnet system keeps the headphones from sliding off your neck, while a built-in microphone makes it easy to talk and use your phone.


Some shoppers may find that these headphones are better for listening to music or watching films than talking on the phone. Others complained that the buds were too big or small for their ears.

Shopping Guide for Wireless Earbuds

While lovers of classic stereos claim that nothing beats a pair of old-school headphones, modern audiophiles prefer earbuds that are small enough to tuck inside each of their ears. With the best wireless earbuds, you can have the sound quality that you need when using any device. 

The best wireless earbuds 2024 models I picked are suitable for use at home and anywhere else you might go. You can listen to music and watch your favorite films and television shows while out in public.

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After looking at all the wireless earbuds 2024 options, you might feel confused and even overwhelmed. You’ll see so many terms and phrases tossed around that you don’t know where to turn or how much you should spend. Through lab testing and testing out in public, I found the best models worth both your time and your money.

All the earbuds on my list will help you relax at home without waking up your family and have fun while you’re out and about without disrupting those around you. Use my research and the helpful information that follows to find earbuds that will work for all your devices.

Shopping Guide for Wireless Earbuds

Expert Tip

Truly wireless earbuds fit inside your ear canals and do not use any wires or cords. Some sets come with a cord that wraps around your neck, which helps you keep track of each bud.

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Selection Criteria

I tried on each pair to see how comfortable those earbuds felt. They did some of the same activities that shoppers do, including riding the bus, standing in line, walking down the street, and exercising. Those testers recorded their thoughts and opinions on each of those features to help me find pairs that are the best around.

Instead of just ranking those top products from the most expensive to the least, I looked at which pairs were right for different types of users.

We found the best all-around pair, the best for the money, a pair for those on a budget, and even a set for those who tend to lose earbuds quickly.

We also took into account factors like battery life and sound quality. That helped me weed out earbuds that produced a garbled sound and pairs that had too much bass. You can use my list to find a pair of wireless earbuds or headphones that come with a strong battery and produce a good audio sound.

Selection Criteria

Benefits of Wireless Earbuds

If you think that nothing beats a pair of wired earbuds or over-the-ear headphones, take a look at some of the top benefits of using a wireless pair.

Benefits of Wireless Earbuds

Make sure you look at the battery life in terms of both usage and standby mode. Standby mode explains how long the battery will last when you aren't using the earbuds.

The best all-around wireless earbuds are the Gear IconX pair from Samsung. Designed for use with many top products, this pair will work with Samsung devices and those from Apple and other companies. You can use this set to talk on the phone for up to four hours or to stream via Bluetooth for up to five hours. The Gear IconX also lasts for up to seven hours when listening to music.

Designed for those who don’t want to deal with cords, the set comes in a small box that protects the buds from dust and other debris that can cause damage. You can store this box right in your pocket. Included in this box is a set of tips that help you pick out tips that are right for your ears. Those tips help you share your earbuds with another person too.

As this set comes with a built-in microphone, you can download a voice app that allows you to switch between songs or videos and control all settings with your own voice. The Gear IconX wireless earbuds will work with tablets, phones, music players, and similar devices.

Did You Know?

Samsung actually started out as a trading company and made both food and textiles before entering the electronics market.

Get the most for your money with the Sport Headphones from Bose. Specifically designed for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, the Sport is both weather-resistant and water-resistant. You can wear yours while jogging in the snow and ice or while watching your kids splash in the pool. These earbuds are also resistant to the sweat that drips off you as you exercise. 


The Sport was one of the first pairs of truly wireless headphones that landed on the market. This set comes with a charging case that slowly charges the internal battery for you. You get up to five hours of use on a single charge and up to 10 hours when you use that case. One of the top features of this set is that it will work with the Find My Buds app that Bose designed. 


You can download this app to your phone and sync it to your earbuds. The app ensures that you never misplace your earbuds again. Bose also lets you automatically connect your Sport Headphones to its firmware system to download any future updates almost instantly.

Did You Know?

Bose was one of the first companies to make headphones designed for use with smartphones.

Not everyone can afford to spend a few hundred dollars or more on a simple pair of earbuds, but I think that the Parihy Wireless Earbuds offer the same clarity and features as their more expensive counterparts do. It takes only a few hours or less to charge the battery on this set fully, and with a full charge, you’ll get up to eight hours of use. 

Engineers working for the company spent months working on the electronic components inside to ensure that the system offered the complete audio experience. No matter what type of song you listen to or what you watch, you’ll get the same great clarity across all your devices. Many people like that this set comes with its own carrying case and an optional cord. 

This cord uses a magnetic system to keep the earbuds from falling off. You can wrap the cord around your neck without feeling like it’s in your way. The cord has simple buttons on the side for accepting phone calls and adjusting the volume. This set is compatible with Apple, Windows, and Android devices.

Expert Tip

You may want to consider the weight of the earbuds, especially if you plan on running or exercising.

Best Value

You can get the great audio clarity that you want without spending a few hundred dollars on a pair of earbuds. I recommend the Moow Bluetooth Earbuds for those on a budget. As long as you have a Bluetooth-equipped device, you can sync the earbuds to that device for listening everywhere you go. Compatible with most generations of iPhones, this set is also compatible with Android phones and devices from other manufacturers.

Many people like that this set lets them use two devices at the same time. The earbuds have a range of more than 30 feet, and as long as your device is within range, the buds will automatically detect and sync up with it.

Best for Budget Shoppers

This lets you answer calls on your phone while listening to music on one device or watching TV on another.

Other earbuds have sharp angles or slanted sides that can fit uncomfortably in your ears or make your ears hurt. Moow used an ergonomic design on this pair to ensure that your ears do not feel tired. That design also increases the comfort that you experience with long-term use.

If you spend a lot of time in the great outdoors and love being active, you need a pair of earbuds that can keep up with your active lifestyle like the Wireless Headphones from Senso. Priced less than any of the other earbuds on my list, this pair comes with a cord that connects the two buds. This lightweight cord won’t put stress on your neck as you work or play, but the cord helps you keep track of the buds if one falls. 

The bright green color of the cord is easy to spot if you misplace the pair too. One reason I recommend this set for sports enthusiasts is because of its long battery life. That battery can last for an impressive 175 hours in standby mode and up to eight hours when used continuously. 

You can keep this pair in your car and have power for workouts every day without needing to charge the battery first. This set can help you stay on top of all the calls and text messages that you get. A button on the cord lets you turn on the microphone to talk on the phone and adjust the volume.

Best for Sports Enthusiast

Expert Tip

Though some of these earbuds do come with a cord, you can take the cord off and use the earbuds without any wires.

Things to Consider Before Buying

The best wireless earbuds 2024 products come loaded with features like Bluetooth connectivity and a large range. As you start looking at models and comparing all those features, you may feel your head spin. To find the top pair for you, just ask yourself a few questions:

  • How will you use earbuds?
  • Do you need earbuds that can connect to multiple devices at the same time?
  • Does the manufacturer include more than one set of tips in the packaging?
  • What material did the manufacturer use in the tips and the buds?

We also included a list of features that you should consider and look for when picking out a pair.

Battery Life

One of the biggest reasons why people choose wireless earbuds over traditional headphones is because they like having a convenient way to use electronic devices without feeling dragged down by cords. When you pick out a pair with less battery power, you may still feel tied down because you need to constantly charge the battery to use the buds. 

Some of the products I found have a battery that lasts up to eight hours as you watch videos and listen to music. You get even more battery life in standby mode.

Noise Cancellation

Over-the-ear headphones are popular with audiophiles who want to focus just on the music they hear. These headphones wrap over the top of your ears and completely cover each ear. The best wireless earbuds 2024 products have a noise cancellation feature that does the same thing. Some manufacturers refer to this as noise isolation. 

The feature changes the way the sound comes through each bud to help you focus on the noises you want to hear. This also blocks out the sounds around you. Some models work so well that you can’t even hear your family or friends talking in the same room as you.

Detection Range

When you run and play outside, you probably plan on having your earbuds in your ears and your phone in your pocket the whole time. If you want to use earbuds when relaxing and having fun at home, you may want to use the bathroom, grab a snack from the kitchen, or do other things without keeping your device on you. 

Checking the detection range on the earbuds tells you how far away you can walk from your device. Some models have a range of up to 50 feet, but others have a much smaller range of just 10 to 20 feet. The greater the range, the more freedom you’ll have.

Built-In Microphone

Though you may want a pair of wireless earbuds just for listening to music and watching videos, the right pair also makes it easy for you to take phone calls. Many of the pairs that made my list have a built-in microphone. The microphone works with a button located on either the side of the buds or on the removable cord. You can press the button to turn on the microphone have a quick chat with a caller and press the button again to end the call.

Look for earbuds that also feature a volume control knob or button near the microphone. Some headphones use a button that you push in one button to turn the volume up and in the opposite direction to reduce the volume. Other models have two separate volume control buttons. The volume control will work on any sounds that come through the earbuds, including the voice of another person and the songs you play.

Overall Fit

Though you cannot try on earbuds before you buy when shopping online, you can make sure that those buds will fit comfortably in your ears. Look for those that come with more than one set of tips. 

The tips are the lightweight and soft pieces that wrap around the buds and the part that actually touches the inside of your ears. When you have multiple tip sets, you can try out each set to determine which size fits best in your ears. You can keep the extra pairs on hand for backups.

Sound Quality

Wireless earbuds can provide the same quality as over-the-ear headphones can. Some of the top products for 2024 work just as well as classic headphones and products that cost thousands of dollars. You need to check the quality as it relates to all the ways you will use the earbuds. 

If you plan on listening to music and watching films, you want the sound to come out clear enough that you can hear every word spoken or sung. When using the earbuds to make and receive phone calls, you want to hear the other person clearly and feel confident the other person can hear you.


An important thing to consider when shopping for earbuds is whether the pairs that interest you are compatible with all your devices. Most electronics today use either an iOS operating system, which is a proprietary operating system from Apple, or an Android operating system, which is common on products from manufacturers like LG and Samsung

Check if the product is compatible with the age or generation of your devices too. Some earbuds will work with the iPhone 6 and newer models but will not work on older iPhone models, and others will only work on Android devices that use the latest version of its operating system.

Other Features

You may want to consider other features like a magnetic connecting system or an included storage case. A storage case helps you store your earbuds safely as you travel and will keep dust off the earbuds when tucked away in a drawer. 

Some pairs come with a magnetic connecting or docking system that is part of an included cord. Magnets placed on the earbuds and on the cord keep the pieces connected and reduce the risk of the buds falling off as you run or walk.

Other Features

Cleaning Your Earbuds

Once you find the best wireless earbuds 2024 product for you, you need to know how to clean and maintain them. You can do this with just a little warm water and some dish soap.

  • Dip a soft cloth in the soap and water mixture. Rub the cloth over the outside of the earbuds to remove dust and dirt. You can let the earbuds dry in the air or wipe them down with a dry cloth.
  • Rub a clean and dry toothbrush across the speaker part of the earbuds and any metal surfaces that appear dirty.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the inside of the case. Not all sets come with a case, but if you have one, you need to remove dust and other debris that accumulates inside it.
  • To clean the soft tips that come with the earbuds, simply remove each one and rinse under warm water. Use a little soap that you rub into the material with your fingers. You can then rinse the tips with fresh water and let dry overnight or for a few hours.
Cleaning Your Earbuds

Expert Tip

You can also use a cotton swab to clean your earbuds. Use the swab only on the outside as pieces of the cotton can dislodge and stick to the interior of the buds.

Average Price of Wireless Earbuds

Many people avoid wireless earbuds because they think that wired earbuds are more affordable. Despite what you might think, you can get a solid pair for less than you thought.

  • To get a pair of high-end earbuds that will last for months of use or longer, you’ll want to spend in the range of $200 to $400 or more. Both the Samsung and the Bose models at the top of my list cost in the $200 range.
  • If you spend a lot of time using your phone or a music player, you’ll want to spend at least $100 to bring home a quality pair that will keep up with you.
  • More affordable earbuds cost as little as $50 to $100. Parihy makes a pair of solid wireless earbuds that you can pick up for around $60. Other models on my list cost less than $50.
  • The cheapest earbuds retail for between $10 and $20. Experts typically do not recommend those products because the low cost compromises the audio clarity provided.

Expert Tip

Always look at the description of the product carefully to ensure that it is compatible with your devices.

Average Price of Wireless Earbuds

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Most wireless headphones and earbuds have a feature that automatically stops the music playing when you accept a call. This happens almost instantly to keep the music from blaring through the buds and startling your caller. Earbuds will also pause any movies or shows you watch too. As soon as you end the call, the music or video will return.

A: If you have a video game console like an XBOX One a PS4, you can use your earbuds with that console. This lets you play games while your family sleeps or while someone else is studying in the same room. When you purchase a pair with a built-in microphone, you can even communicate with other players in your games.

A: Water resistant is a term that the manufacturers of electronics use when describing products that are resistant to water damage. You can use water resistant earbuds outside in the rain and as you sweat without the moisture damaging the interior or exterior parts.

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