Best Cordless Vacuums

UPDATED June 2024

These battery-operated, lightweight vacuums are quickly gaining in popularity.



Shoppers who have more money to spend will find few faults with the V7. It features Dyson technology but is lightweight enough to use anywhere in your home.


The included battery lasts for up to 30 minutes on a charge. It also has a bin that lets you empty all the debris that you collect without getting your hands dirty.


This vacuum is really quite expensive and won’t fit in some budgets. Some reviews also pointed out that the V7 didn’t provide very much suction.


Weighing less than six pounds, this stick vacuum is great for use on any floor. It has a red light that tells you when the battery runs down and needs charging.


Suitable for use on both hardwood floors and carpets, this vacuum also works well on tiled floors. It comes with a rechargeable battery and has a red light on the front that tells you when the battery runs low.


Some customers complained that this Eureka model lacked the suction power that they needed. Others said it was better for light cleaning than serious cleaning.


This is the top hand-held vacuum on the market and one that you can use anywhere in and around your home. It charges quickly and comes with a good warranty that lasts for two years.


BLACK + DECKER created Smart Charge Technology for this model, which helps its battery charge in less time and with less power. You can remove both the bowl and the filter for cleaning too.


A small number of reviews stated that the vacuum stopped charging after six to eight months. We also saw reviews that claimed some of the parts broke.


This kit comes with a stick vacuum and a charger for the included rechargeable battery. Weighing less than three pounds, this model is more compact and weighs less than other cordless vacuums do.


The LXT comes with a two-stage filtration system that removes allergens from your floors and furniture. As the vacuum weighs less than three pounds, it combats the fatigue that you would experience with a heavier model.


Some of the reviews we encountered complained that this vacuum is too short for some users. Others found that it didn’t pick up as much debris as they wanted.


The Linx is an affordable vacuum that will work well on most surfaces. It comes with a two-year warranty and has a reclining design that helps you vacuum under the furniture in your home.


A reclining handle on this vacuum lets you easily maneuver it under your couch and other heavy pieces of furniture that you cannot move. The fuel gauge on the front helps you easily see how much battery power is left.


Many customers found that the Linx worked well initially but that it began failing after a few months. Like other cordless models, it also provides less suction than you might need.

Shopping Guide for the Best Cordless Vacuum

Whether you live with children and pets or on your own, you may not want to drag out a bulky vacuum cleaner every time you want to sweep the floor. The best cordless vacuum allows you to clean your floors quickly without using a large or heavy vacuum. These models come in both stick and hand-held options that are suitable for different homes. 

The best cordless vacuums for 2024 that some people love might not meet all your needs. That’s why I created a shopping guide that includes the top cordless vacuums for 2024 and some other useful information.

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Before you check out my guide, look at the chart above. This matrix lays out the five best models, the pros and cons of each vacuum, and my bottom line as to why you should invest in each one. You will see longer product reviews throughout the page that highlight the benefits and top features of those models. 

As you keep reading, you can learn more about the different types of cordless vacuums and the benefits of using one. I’ve also provided you with a buying guide that goes over the top features of these vacuums.

Shopping Guide for the Best Cordless Vacuum - Hardwood floor
Hardwood floors
Shopping Guide for the Best Cordless Vacuum - Staircase
Shopping Guide for the Best Cordless Vacuum - Carpet
Shopping Guide for the Best Cordless Vacuum - Walls
Shopping Guide for the Best Cordless Vacuum - furniture
Shopping Guide for the Best Cordless Vacuum - tile floor
Tile floors
Shopping Guide for the Best Cordless Vacuum - Vehicle

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Selection Criteria

Even if you own a large vacuum cleaner and clean your home on a regular basis, you can still benefit from a cordless model. The next time that your kids spill their snacks on the floor or you track dried leaves in on your shoes, you can grab one of these models and quickly clean up that mess. 

You may have some issues with finding a good model though, which is why I recommend that you read through reviews before you buy. To help you accomplish this task, I actually checked out those reviews for you.

Visiting Amazon was the first thing I did. I looked at all the cordless vacuums currently available for sale and ranked those models according to their average ratings. Instead of just ranking those products based on the ratings though, I identified which ones are right for different types of homes.

The Dyson D7 ranks as my best-of-the-best model and the top model for those with unlimited funds, but I also included some budget models that work just as well. No matter how large your home is, you can use one of these cordless vacuums to clean.

Criteria We Used for Ranking Cordless Vacuums

Ease of use
Suction power
Customer reviews
Battery life
Included tools

Selection Criteria

The best cordless vacuum that money can buy is the D7 from Dyson, which improved the design of the old D6. Backed by Dyson technology and its great warranty, this model helps you vacuum all areas of your home because it features two cleaning devices. 

When you first take it out of the box, it might look like a standard stick vacuum with a brush roller in its base. The top of the vacuum actually snaps off to let you clean other areas of your home without using the stick. This smaller cleaner is especially great for vacuuming stairs and your car seats.

When used as-is, you get up to 30 minutes of use before the battery needs charging. The battery may last less when using one of the included tools or attachments. Those tools help you deep clean your carpets without breaking or damaging the fibers. It also comes with a dustbin that holds more than .1 gallons. Dyson designed this model to be more hygienic. You can safely empty the dustbin and go right back to cleaning without touching any of that dust.


Before you use this vacuum for the first time, you must plug it into the included charger and let it charge for at least 210 minutes.

What is a Cordless Vacuum?

A cordless vacuum is a type of cleaning tool that you can use on your floors and on other surfaces. Traditional vacuums are often quite heavy and bulky. You may have problems dragging one out just to do your weekly vacuuming. That is why many people prefer using a cordless model. 

These products are lightweight and easier to use. You can keep one sitting out for regular cleaning and use one to take care of any basic spills or messes that you see around your home. Manufacturers make both stick models and hand-held models.

Cordless vacuums do not use any type of cord. Instead of plugging in the power cord, you simply take the vacuum off its charger and use it anywhere you need. You’ll find that you can clean rooms where all outlets are in use and that you can clean outside too. 

The included chargers can work in a few different ways. Some use a small cord that you plug into both the vacuum and an outlet. Others have a charger that functions as a storage tool. As long as you keep the vacuum plugged in, it’s ready whenever you are.

Tips for Cleaning Stairs

What is a Cordless Vacuum

Stick vacuums give you a convenient way to clean your home without relying on a full-size model. Eureka took my top spot in the stick vacuum category with its Power Plush model. This is a 2-in-1 vacuum that you can use on all surfaces in your home. 

It automatically adjusts itself as you move from carpet to a harder surface like tile or wood. As you vacuum, the motorized brush roll on the base collects more of the dust and debris that you encounter.

Weighing just 5.5 pounds, this model allows you to easily clean your walls or ceiling too. You can lift it and run the brush roll along those surfaces. Another feature that I like about this vacuum is just how easily you can store it in your home. 

It comes with a storage tool that mounts right on the wall. This tool holds both the vacuum and any of the included accessories that you regularly use. It comes with both a crevice attachment for hard-to-reach spots and an upholstery tool for cleaning furniture.

Benefits of Cordless Vacs

  • Clean walls and more: Many of these models are so lightweight that you can lift one and run it right across your walls. Some have telescoping designs with a pole that extends out to help you reach your ceilings and ceiling fans too.
  • Go anywhere: As cordless models rely on a battery, you can work anywhere you want and even clean out your car.
  • Fewer aches and pains: Cordless models weigh less and let you do more cleaning with less pain.
  • Clean any floor: With cordless vacuums, you can clean any type of floor faster and with fewer adjustments.
  • Attachment uses: Thanks to some of the included attachments, a cordless vacuum can help you do more than just clean your floors. You can use a crevice tool to reach tighter spots and an upholstery tool on your furniture.

Ways to Cut Down on Dirt and Dust in Your Home

Benefits of Cordless Vacs

Many people know BLACK + DECKER for its line of DustBuster cleaning tools. The company was the first to introduce hand-held vacuums to the market, but its newer models are even better than its old ones. I think this one is the best hand-held vacuum on the market today. It is so lightweight that you can grab it and take care of accidents and cleaning tasks both inside and outside.

You can even use it outside to vacuum out your car without worrying about the battery running out before you finish. Smart Charge Technology, which the manufacturer designed for its vacuums, helps them charge faster and use less energy as they charge.

A slimmer nozzle on the end helps you reach more areas and get into hard-to-reach spots. You can also use a small brush attachment on the front to clean upholstery. The bowl has a translucent design that lets you see when the dustbin reached its maximum capacity. You can remove both the bowl and the filter for regular rinsing and cleaning.

Stick vs. Hand-Held

Cordless vacuums come in two different types: hand-held and stick. Hand-held vacuums like the one from BLACK + DECKER are best for those who want one that they can easily use. These models are more squat and compact than stick models are. Most have a thin nozzle on the end that is the same size as a crevice tool. 

This helps you reach and clean more areas. That small size can make it harder for you to do some serious cleaning though. Hand-held vacuums often have a shorter battery life than stick vacuums do and may come with fewer attachments too.

Stick vacuums look similar to traditional vacuums but are much smaller. You will notice a base on the bottom with a roller brush and a stick that extends out from the base. The buttons that you press to access different settings and to turn the vacuum on and off are on this base. 

Stick vacuums can have features like a reclining handle for cleaning underneath furniture and a battery life indicator that flashes or changes color as the battery wears down. You will also find stick models that come with come with a tool you can hang on your wall. This tool lets you charge the vacuum and organize all your attachments.

2-in-1 Cordless Vacs

You can also invest in a 2-in-1 cordless vacuum that functions as both a stick and a hand-held vacuum. Dyson makes several models with a hand-held vacuum that you can remove from the

Stick vs. Hand-Held

Makita has a great reputation for the power tools that it makes, but the company now makes a cordless vac that gets good reviews too. The LXT is a stick vacuum with an 18V lithium-ion rechargeable battery inside. You will get both the vacuum and the charger when you buy this set. 

It doesn’t take long to charge the battery, and one charge will then give you 15 minutes of cleaning power. You can also purchase just the vacuum by itself or a set that comes with the vacuum and other accessories like a set of filtration cloths.

The LXT made my list of the best cordless vacuums because it features a two-stage filtration system. With other smaller vacuums, you risk the dust and other debris escaping from the dustbin. This filtration system catches the smallest of particles and keeps them from escaping, which makes this model a good choice for those with allergies. 

It also features a larger waste disposal unit/canister on the inside that lets you do more cleaning with less emptying. One of the included attachments that comes with this model allows you to clean upholstery without damaging the fabric.

Some shoppers find that stick vacuums are easier to use than hand-held models, but stick vacuums can often cost nearly as much or even more than a full-size vacuum does. Hoover makes the best budget model in this category. The Linx uses a lithium-ion battery and comes with both a battery and a charger. 

You can purchase a set that comes with an extra battery or purchase a backup separately. A fuel gauge on the front acts like a countdown timer to let you know how much power you have left before you need to charge the battery.

One of the top features of this model is the reclining handle. With just one button, you can recline the handle into an almost flat position, which makes it easier to clean under heavy or large pieces of furniture. 

It also features cleaning bristles along the edge that catch more debris than other types of bristles do. While other vacuums only pick up the debris that they pass over, this one lets you vacuum along the baseboards of your home and remove more pet hair and dust than almost any other model on the market can.

Top Features and Things to Consider When Buying a Cordless Vacuum

Battery Life

One of the more important things to consider as you shop for a cordless vacuum is its battery life. Manufacturers will typically tell you how long the battery lasts when using the vacuum in a standard setting without any attachments. 

If you plan on cleaning furniture and other areas with the included attachments, you will want to know how long the battery will last when used with an attachment or tool. Some models have a small battery that will only run for 10 to 15 minutes, but others come with a battery that lasts up to 30 minutes or longer.

Dustbin Size

Checking out the size of the dustbin lets you see whether you can clean an entire room or just a small area before you need to empty the bin. While standard vacuums come with a bin that can hold a full gallon of waste or even more, the bins on cordless models are usually smaller. You’ll want one that can hold at least 0.10 gallons to reduce the time that you spend emptying the bin as you clean.


When you want to clean your ceilings to get rid of the cobwebs and dust that you see, you need a vacuum that weighs less. Many of the vacuums on this list weigh seven pounds or less. Compact stick vacuums can weigh under five pounds, while hand-held models can weigh between three and four pounds. Lightweight models are easier to carry too, which comes in handy when vacuuming your stairs or working on multiple floors.

Filtration System

If you or someone in your home has allergies, you should look closely at the included filtration system and how it works. The dander from your pets, the dust that builds up over time, and even pollen that comes from the outside can seriously affect those with allergies. A good filtration system will remove the larger particles that you see floating through the air and the smaller particles that are invisible to the naked eye. You may want to look at whether you can rinse out the filters or if you must replace the filters.

Dustbin Design

Make sure that you look at the overall design of the dustbin to ensure that you can easily empty it. Most shoppers prefer those that use a single button. Pressing this button lets you empty all the dust and other debris directly into the trash. Some models use latches that you must unbuckle to empty the bin. When you’re in a hurry, you want a vacuum that you can quickly empty.

Other Features You Might Consider

Battery type

Top Features and Things to Consider When Buying a Cordless Vacuum

What is the Average Price for a Cordless Vacuum?

Finding a cordless vacuum that you can afford isn’t quite as difficult as you might think. Those on a budget will like the BLACK + DECKER model on my list, which sells for just $50. Many of the hand-held models that are smaller in size cost less than the stick vacuums that look like traditional cleaners.

Dyson makes a number of top-of-the-line vacuums that are best for those who have more money to spend. While a full-size ball vacuum can easily cost $500 to $600 or more, the V7 stick retails for $400 and often sells for around $300. You will find other models like the V6 that cost a little less.

Three of the top vacuums that I found sell for between $100 and $200. These models have great features like a handle that you can lock in place to reduce discomfort in your hands and a warning light that indicates the battery life remaining. Hoover and Makita both sell cordless vacuums for around $100, while Eureka offers a cordless model that retails for closer to $200. Spending just a little more money than you expected will help you find a vacuum with more features.

Signs You Should Upgrade to a Cordless Vac

What is the Average Price for a Cordless Vacuum - live in home
What is the Average Price for a Cordless Vacuum - your pet
What is the Average Price for a Cordless Vacuum - you have kids
What is the Average Price for a Cordless Vacuum - you want an easier

Frequently Asked Questions

A: When cleaning with an upholstery attachment, you simply insert the tool directly into the end of the stick. You can then turn the vacuum on and run the attachment over your couch or any other type of furniture. The suction that the vacuum produces will help loosen any hair or other debris on the furniture and move it into the interior dustbin.

A: Cordless vacuums work well in smaller homes and when you do need to do a little spot cleaning on the fly. Most are not suitable for full cleaning or cleaning your entire home though. The battery in most models will only last for 30 to 60 minutes. Traditional vacuums are better for regular and whole home cleaning than cordless models are.

A: Charging the battery is something that you must do regularly before using your vacuum. The amount of time it takes for that battery to fully charge can range from under an hour to four hours or longer. You may need to charge the battery for three hours or more before using it for the first time too.

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