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UPDATED June 2024 

You really can get gorgeous curled lashes with the best eyelash curlers. When you finish our shopping guide to eyelash curlers, you’ll know how to buy the right one.



As the winner of multiple awards, this eyelash curler is suitable for most users. It has a nice rose gold finish on the metal frame and an ergonomic hinge that makes it easy to use.


This is one of the only eyelash curlers we found that is suitable for all types of eyes and lashes. You can change the amount of curl it creates too.


A few reviewers felt like the hard padding inside the curler was too hard on their delicate lashes. Some wished it added more of a natural curve.


Thanks to an included cable, you can let the battery in this curler charge overnight as you sleep. It heats up in just seven seconds for fast and convenient use every day.


With two temperature settings, this curler lets you pick the right setting for your lashes. As it comes with a rechargeable battery, you don’t need to spend extra on new batteries later.


A few reviews stated that the curler didn’t work as directed. Other shoppers weren’t sure how to use it.


The manufacturer behind this eyelash curler will provide you with free pads as long as you have and use it. Those pads help you reach all your lashes and be more hygienic.


This curler makes it easy for you to hit all of your lashes because of its curved design and large pads. It’s small enough to use when you’re away from home also.


As this is a plastic curler, it can break if you use too much force or pressure. Some customers found it worked better when traveling this as a daily tool.


Designed specifically for women with shorter lashes, this eyelash curler helps you get the natural curl that you want. As a combo pack, it comes with the curler and a pack of replacement pads.


No matter how short your lashes are, you can use this set to get some great results. The curler itself is so small that you can work on individual lashes or small sections at a time.


This tool has a sharp curve that might not be suitable for all eye types. A few reviewers complained that the handle was flimsy.


With five replacement pads, you’ll get weeks of use out of this eyelash curler. It has a fun design that incorporates shades of pink and black and provides a curl that lasts all day.


A limited lifetime warranty and 24/7 customer support come with this eyelash curler. You also get five replacement pads that you can use on your lashes.


Some women complained that this curler pinched their skin too much. We also found reviews from shoppers who thought the handle was too small.

Shopping Guide for the Best Eyelash Curler

It’s easy to watch commercials for mascara and other eye products and wonder why your lashes don’t look as great as the ones you see on your television screen. Those models often use eyelash curlers and wear multiple layers of makeup. Some even wear extensions on top of their natural lashes. The best eyelash curlers for 2024 can help you achieve a similar look at home. In our shopping guide to the top eyelash curlers of 2024, we found the top five curlers that customers and professional makeup artists love and use every day. You can find the right tool that you can use easily with your own lashes.

To find the top eyelash curler for you, we recommend looking at the top five products you see outlined in the product matrix at the very top of this page.

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Shopping Guide for the Best Eyelash Curler

You will find better reviews of each curler in separate sections on other parts of this page. We also encourage our readers to take a look at some of the other information we found too. Not only can you find out how to use eyelash curlers and how much they cost, but we also provided some tips on caring for your curlers and getting the most out of them.

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Selection Criteria

We know that choosing a simple makeup tool can be more overwhelming than you ever expected. With something as basic as an eyelash curler, you might think that you know exactly what you need before you start shopping. Many users think of curlers in terms of the classic design. This type features a metal frame that you hold in one hand. It has small pads that you place against your lashes to curl the top and bottom sets separately or at the same time. Companies now make a number of different options though, including those that you can heat up and those that come with replaceable pads.

Our shopping guide makes it easy for you to get an idea of what you need and to decide which type of curler is right for your lashes. You can then read our handy tips to find out the best ways to use an eyelash curler and how to clean the one that you buy. We even included some great tips on ways you can curl your lashes until you buy a new curler. Our talented team read dozens of websites and consulted with some makeup experts to find the best choices for you.

What Factors Do Shoppers Rank as the Most Important?

Selection Criteria - Overall design
Overall Design
Selection Criteria - Hygienic
Selection Criteria - cost
Selection Criteria - Size
Selection Criteria - Ease of use
Ease of use

The best eyelash curler around also ranks as one of the most affordable options too. This curler from Brilliant Beauty won a number of awards over the years but still retails for right around $10. Unlike other products that use stainless steel and stick to a bland and boring silver finish, Brilliant Beauty added a rose gold finish to the stainless steel that it used in this frame. That great color will stand out as you work on your lashes and when you leave the curler sitting on the counter. The finish covers the entire frame, from the piece that touches your lashes to the parts that you hold in your hand.

Designed to give you more of a curl and more volume, this eyelash curler will work with all types and shapes of eyes. The ergonomic design lets you get as close as possible to your lashes without feeling any discomfort and without worrying that you might poke yourself in the eye. That design also lets you curl one whole set of lashes at the same time and get the perfect amount of volume and curl. Brilliant Beauty offers a money back guarantee on this curler and a limited lifetime warranty.

Types of Eyelash Curlers

An eyelash curler is a simple tool that only takes a few seconds to use. Using one will make your eyes look bigger and make your lashes look longer. Before looking at the benefits of using one and how you can curl your lashes, you should look at some of the different types that we found. Though metal curlers are the most popular option, you’ll also find some other types that you might want to use. Metal curlers are the most affordable and readily available online and from both beauty supply shops and drugstores. You can compare those pairs to other types of curlers.

Metal Eyelash Curlers

As we already stated, metal eyelash curlers are the most popular and affordable option. We also recommend this type for a beginner. As long as you can use a pair of scissors, you can use this type of curler. It has a metal frame with legs that extend down and end into small round shapes. Each of those circles is the right size for sliding your fingers through. You’ll spread your fingers apart, which causes the top to open up. Once you place your lashes into the top, you can close your fingers and press the curler against your lashes. Though metal curlers are quite affordable, your lashes can stick to the inside and rip out of your lid when you remove the curler. You also risk the metal making your lashes stick out at a 90-degree angle instead of having a nice and natural curl.

Plastic Eyelash Curlers

When you first see a plastic eyelash curler, you might think that it’s a razor because it has a similar design. This type of curler features a plastic handle with a built-in curling area. A mechanical piece sticks out from the handle. You can slide this piece out to open the curler and close the piece to press the curler down on your lashes. Plastic curlers are great for anyone who has an allergy or a sensitivity to metal. They are not as durable as metal ones though and can break from regular use. If you use too much pressure when opening or closing the curler, it can break even faster.

Heated Eyelash Curlers

The best way to curl your lashes and get the look that supermodels and celebrities rock is with a heated eyelash curler. While this is the newest type on the market, most use a type of great technology that works quickly. It typically takes just 30 seconds to curl your lashes with one of these tools. Heated eyelash curlers look almost exactly like a tube of mascara and have a long handle with a rounded piece that sticks out on the opposite end. You press one button on the handle to turn the curler on before pressing that rounded piece on your lashes. As the heat moves through the tool, it gently curls your lashes. These tools create naturally curly lashes that will hold that curl for days at a time. The main downside to heated models is that they cost more. You might not like how quickly you go through batteries either.

Travel Eyelash Curlers

Have you ever got on vacation and decided to leave your eyelash curler at home because you didn’t want to set off any metal detectors? Travel eyelash curlers give you an alternative way to do your lashes when traveling away from home. These small tools look quite similar to the clips that you use to keep snack bags closed at home. Instead of having teeth the grip on the bag though, they have flat areas that press down on your lashes. You simply press down on the clip to open the curler, place it around your lashes and release the clip to press the flat area down on your lashes. Some companies also call these miniature eyelash curlers. While perfect for using on vacation, they really won’t produce the great curled lashes that full-size products do.

Precision Eyelash Curlers

No matter how careful you are when using a curler, you might miss out on a few lashes. Many women have problems reaching certain areas, including the lashes closer to their noses and the lashes closest to their ears. Precision eyelash curlers let you reach every single lash. These models are smaller and more compact to help you get as close to your nose and other parts of your face as possible. Some manufacturers call them point curlers or mini lash curlers too. While they are great for helping you reach all your lashes, the smaller design means that you’ll need to spend more time using it. Most women prefer using another type first and then going over any spots they missed with one of these curlers.

Signs You Have a Metal Sensitivity

Plastic eyelash curlers are great for those who have a sensitivity or an allergy to certain types of metal. Some of the common signs that you might have a problem with those metals include:
Types of Eyelash Curlers

Benefits of Using an Eyelash Curler

The number one reason why so many women and men use eyelash curlers today is because they want their lashes to look longer and to give them a more natural curl. You can achieve any look that you want with a little eye makeup such as mascara and some liner. A good eyelash curler can provide you with some great benefits too, including:

  • Make eyes look bigger and wider: No matter how close your eyes are, you can use a curler that widens and lengthens your lashes. This will make your eyes look much larger and create some distance between the twos.
  • Create dramatic looks: Whether you love the look of a smoky eye or just want to create something a little more dramatic before a night on the town, you should use an eyelash curler. When combined with some makeup, you can make yourself stand out from any crowd.
  • Daytime use: You can use an eyelash curler first thing in the morning too. Though some only use these tools for nighttime looks, you can create a look suitable for a day at work or school.
  • Easy to use: Even if you never used any makeup tools before, you’ll find that it only takes a few minutes to master the basics of using an eyelash curler. Many women can curl their lashes in three minutes or less with a little practice.

Signs You Should Replace Your Old Eyelash Curler

Benefits of Using an Eyelash Curler - keep pinching
Benefits of Using an Eyelash Curler - curler rips or tears
Benefits of Using an Eyelash Curler - damage to our lashes
Benefits of Using an Eyelash Curler - lashes stick straight out
Benefits of Using an Eyelash Curler - work well not on other side

How Much of a Curve Do You Want?

A good question that you should ask yourself before picking out an eyelash curler is how much of a curve you actually need. The curve refers to the rounded area on the curler itself. When you press your lashes into this area and clasp the curler down, it can give you a slight curl or a more intense curl. If you aren’t sure how curved the curler is, you can actually set the curved part on a flat surface such as a table or counter and view it straight on. Those that create a more intense curl will have a sharper curve that sits higher off that flat surface.

You should also think about the curve of the curler in relation to the size of your eyes. If you have naturally smaller eyes, you can use a curler that has a flatter edge. This actually helps you reach all of your lashes with one pass and cuts down on the time you need to go back over those lashes with a precision curler. If you have larger eyes, you may want a curler with a steeper or larger curve. This larger design will fit against your lashes and lids without pinching your skin.

Types of Eyes

How Much of a Curve Do You Want

Finding a good heated eyelash curler is harder than you might think because the technology used by these devices is so new. We looked at multiple products before finally choosing the Vivafast as our favorite heated eyelash curler because it has fewer negative reviews than other products do. This tool is easy to use because it features a handle with a wand that functions like a comb. You can simply hold the handle and run the wand across your lashes. As you lift the wand up, it pulls your lashes up to give them the curl that you want.

This model also has two temperature settings. One setting is suitable for use on lighter or thinner lashes, while the other will curl the thickest and longest of lashes. While other models require that you swap out the battery every few weeks, this model comes with a rechargeable battery. It also has a charging cable that lets you charge the battery while you’re at work or sleeping. It has a button that indicates its battery is low and a button that tells you when that battery is charged. You can use this heated model to curl your lashes just seven seconds after turning it on.

Heated vs. Standard Curlers

An important decision that you need to make is between a heated curler or a more traditional design. When you curl your lashes, you might love the way they look until you apply some mascara and finishes doing your makeup. Mascara can add just enough weight that it causes your lashes to droop and hang down, ruining the look you worked so hard to create. Heated eyelash curlers create a better curl that lasts longer. Even after applying mascara and using any other makeup, your lashes will still look their best. Another benefit to heated curler is that it can help tame unruly lashes. Let’s say that you have one or more lashes that stick out to the side. No matter how many times you curl those lashes, they will keep popping back out. The heat from one of these tools can tame those lashes and make them fall in line with the others.

It may come down to a simple matter of how much you can afford to spend. Heated tools can cost twice as much or even more than a basic eyelash curler does. You’ll really want to weigh the benefits of a heated eyelash curler to determine if it’s worth its high price tag.

Top Benefits of Heated Eyelash Curlers

Heated vs. Standard Curlers

The Basics of a Good Warranty

It’s very important that you check the warranty on an eyelash curler because most stores that sell these tools do not accept refunds. Those shops know that they cannot repackage the product and sell it to someone else without the risk of spreading germs and bacteria from the person who returned it to the new customer. Even Amazon won’t accept returns on some of the top eyelash curlers that it sells. That’s good news for you though because it means that the one you buy will come brand new and ready for use around your eyes. Though you cannot return a curler that didn’t work for you to the shop you bought it from, you can often return it under the terms of your warranty.

A warranty is essentially a guarantee offered by a manufacturer. It states that you can return the product back to the manufacturer for a full refund within a given period of time. With curlers, you generally have between one and three months to file a complaint. Some of these tools come with a warranty that will last for six months or a full year. You may want to find out whether the warranty on the curler will cover the cost of sending it back too.

The Basics of a Good Warranty
One thing you should be aware of is something called a limited lifetime warranty. This may only cover the expected life of the curler, which might be as little as six months to a year. It may only cover certain types of damage that occurred during the manufacturing process too. You typically want to look for a full lifetime warranty that covers more things and lasts longer.

Design of the Handle

If you ever sat down and wrapped all your holiday gifts in the same night, you probably remember how cramped and tight your hands felt the next day because of the scissors that you used. As eyelash curlers have handles that are similar to those found on scissors, you might experience some similar pain and discomfort when you use the wrong curler. Many of the top models feature an ergonomic handle. Not only does this place your fingers at a safe distance away from each other, but it also you to use the tool the right way. An ergonomic design ensures that you can use the tool all around your face without feeling any pain in your hands. It also puts your hand and wrist into a good position that reduces pain and pressure on that joint.

Design of the Handle

The first time that you use a new curler, you can see how comfortable it feels to you. You may want to look for a model that comes with a padded handle. The finger holes on these models have some extra padding that keeps your fingers from rubbing against and directly touching the plastic. You may want to check out a few different curlers until you find one that you can use without any problems

One of the best eyelash curlers for women who travel away from home is this model from JAPONESQUE. Made from plastic, it lets you curl your lashes without exposing your eyes and skin to any metals. It comes with small pads that attach to the curling areas to let you work around your eyes without getting any spreading germs or bacteria across your face. Though you get a free set of pads when you order, you can also order new pads from the manufacturer as needed. The company offers free pads for the life of this eyelash curler.

This curler has a unique design that features an open cage. That design keeps the curler from pinching your lids as you curl your lashes, but it also stops your lashes from getting caught inside. You can hold it in place for longer to give your lashes a more dramatic curl. If you use less pressure and time, you can add a more natural curl to those lashes. Though some found that the plastic on this tool broke when they used it, others thought it was great for use on vacation. You can toss this curler in any bag and use it anywhere you go.

Thin vs. Thick Pads

Another feature you should consider is the thickness of the pads. Whether you choose a metal or a plastic curler, you’ll notice a pad placed on the curved area. This pad keeps your lashes from pressing directly against the metal or plastic and helps you avoid creating angled lashes. Let’s say that you use a cheap curler with a thin pad that barely stays in place. As this pad shifts and moves, it allows your lashes to sit right up against the metal curler. When you press down to curl your lashes, that metal will make the lashes stick out at a 90-degree angle from your eyes. While this look will certainly help you stand out, you’ll stand out in all the wrong ways.

Experts generally recommend curlers with thicker pads. Those pads absorb some of the pressure from the curler and gently push your lashes up to create the natural curl that you desire. You want to pick a curler with the thickest pads. It’s also helpful to look at how long the pads will last to see how often you’ll need to replace them. We also recommend looking at the number of pads that come with the curler you want to buy.

Thin vs. Thick Pads

Expert Tip

You should always take a look at your curler and examine the pad for damage before using it. Damage can occur because you tossed the curler in a drawer or didn’t clean it the last time you used it. That damage can include rips or tears in the pad or a pad that keeps falling off the curler. If you see any signs of damage, you should replace the pad before using the curler.

How to Use an Eyelash Curler the First Time and Every Time

The first time that you use an eyelash curler, you might feel a little nervous. Many women and young girls worry when they see these little devices that sometimes look more like medieval torture devices than a modern tool you would use near your eyes. You can follow the tips we outlined below the first time you use that curler and every time you use it later.

  • Apply base makeup first: You can apply your shadow and liner before using your curler, but you’ll want to stop before using mascara. Mascara can clump to your lashes and keep the curler from working.
  • Open the curler first: Before the curler goes anywhere near your eyes, open it as widely as possible. With a steady hand, carefully move the tool towards one eye. You want to make sure that your lashes sit above the padded area but below the top clamp.
  • Press down: While keeping your hand steady, go ahead and squeeze the clamp shut until the top and the padded base come together around your lashes. You can then count backward from 10 or five and then release.
  • Check the look: We recommend that you check the way your lashes work once you use the curler. You may find that you want to go over that set of lashes a second time before using the curler on your other eye.
How to Use an Eyelash Curler the First Time and Every Time


Do not use an eyelash curler on your bottom lashes. Manufacturers only design these tools for use on the top lashes. If you try to curl the lashes beneath your eyes, you risk stabbing yourself in the eyes, scratching your lid or pinching your skin.

Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Whether you learned how to use a lash curler by watching your family and friends or reading tips online, you might find yourself making a few common mistakes. The most common mistake is that you curl your lashes after applying mascara. Unless you want to find sticky residue stuck to the curler and see your lashes torn out, you’ll want to apply the mascara after curling your lashes. Some women also use the pads inside their curlers for far longer than they should. The bacteria and germs that those pads carry can get into your eyes and even spread to other parts of your face. You should really replace those pads at least once a month and even more often if you use your curler every day.

We also discovered that some women use too much pressure when curing their lashes. If you have a good curler, you only need a light touch. When you use too much pressure, you risk breaking off your lashes and creating thick bends in them. Cheap curlers are often hard to use and require a tight squeeze to make them clamp shut. If you keep suffering from broken lashes and pain in your hands, you may want to invest in a better curler.

Dangers of Cheap Eyelash Curlers

Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid - pads that are extremely thin
Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid - force you to use too much pressure

Not all women are blessed with the good genes that provide them with gorgeous and lush long lashes. When we decided to find the best eyelash curlers for 2024, we knew that we wanted to include at least one tool designed for women with shorter lashes. Expert and amateur reviews led us to this set from Shiseido. Unlike other curlers that have a large curved area attached to a clamp, this curler has a clamp attached to a much smaller curved piece.

This piece allows you to get close to your eyes without pinching or clamping down on your skin. You can even use this tool to curl the individual lashes located on each end.

Though designed for use on shorter lashes, this curler is also suitable for use as a precision curler. Once you finish curling your lashes, you can go over specific areas again to add a more natural curl. The pads that come with this curler help you create a hygienic work area and to keep germs away from your eyes. In addition to one set of pads, this set comes with a second set of replacement pads too. This set lets you save money on a curler and pads.

How to Maintain an Eyelash Curler

Women of all ages sometimes forget that they need to clean and maintain all the tools and supplies that they use with their makeup. Whether you keep a curler stored in a makeup bag or a drawer, you need to take a little time to clean it. It really only takes a few seconds to remove the products and grime that can build up on the surface. You’ll want to clean it each time that you finish working on your lashes and before you use it again. While you might think that cleaning it after using the curler is all you need, you should think about what it touches and comes into contact with on a daily basis. Any germs on your skin or bacteria in the room can spread onto that curler and then come into contact with your eyes.

The easiest way to clean your curler is with a paper towel or a soft cloth and makeup remover. You can also use rubbing alcohol. You’ll want to apply the liquid to the towel and then rub down the pad and any metal or plastic areas on the curler. If you keep antibacterial wipes in your bathroom, you can use one of those to wipe down the lash curler each and every time you use it.

Benefits of Regularly Cleaning Your Lash Curler

How to Maintain an Eyelash Curler - Prevents germs
How to Maintain an Eyelash Curler - lash curler last longer
How to Maintain an Eyelash Curler - Keeps the pads in good condition
How to Maintain an Eyelash Curler - Keeps older makeup

Other Ways to Clean and Eyelash Curler

  • Heat: One of the best ways to clean and disinfect your eyelash curler is with heat. You can use an ordinary lighter or a blow dryer. When you use the lighter method, you’ll wrap the curler in a cloth or towel and run the lighter over all the metal parts for 10 to 15 seconds. If you choose the blow dryer method, you can run it over the metal parts for 30 to 60 seconds. Once the curler cools down, you can wipe it down with a clean towel.
  • Vodka: Vodka makes a great cleaning product because it acts as a disinfectant and will dry quickly without leaving behind any residue or odor. We recommend putting pure vodka in a spray bottle and then spraying down the curler with the liquid. While it’s still wet, use cotton balls or a soft cloth to wipe down the curler.
  • Makeup remover cloths: The easiest and most convenient way to clean your eyelash curler is with a makeup remover cloth. These cloths contain a cleaning product designed specifically to remove makeup. They work great at removing any mascara or liner residue left behind on the curler. You can wipe the cloth over the entire tool and let it air dry for a few minutes.


Do not use the lighter or blow dry method on a plastic eyelash curler or one that contains plastic parts. Even if you’re extremely careful and cautious, you can burn or melt the plastic.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Eyelash Curler

  • Use heat: You can get all the benefits of a heated eyelash curler without investing in one of those tools. All you need is a lighter. Before using the curler, hold the lighter under the clamp to heat it up. When you clamp down on your lashes, the heat will help your lashes take that curl and make the curl last longer.
  • Steady the curler: If you feel nervous about using one of these tools, you may find it helpful to keep your eye open and steady the curler against your face. The edges of the clamp should sit right up against the sides of your eyes. This keeps the curler a safe distance away from your eyeballs and skin.
  • Work in sections: Instead of trying to curl one row of lashes at the same time, try working in three sections. We recommend starting at the outer edge that is closest to your eyes and then doing the middle section before working on the lashes that are closest to your nose.
  • Use petroleum jelly: The same petroleum jelly that you use on dry skin during the winter works wonders on your lashes. You can use a cotton swab to apply a thin layer of the jelly to your lashes. Once you curl and apply mascara, your lashes will look longer than ever before.

Proper Steps to Take When Doing Eye Makeup

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Eyelash Curler - primer
Apply primer
Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Eyelash Curler - eyeliner
Add shadow and liner
Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Eyelash Curler - curler
Use your curler
Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Eyelash Curler - mascara
Finish with mascara

One of the highest rated eyelash curlers on Amazon is this model from Kaasage. Though some users thought it was a little too small and others found that it pinched their skin, nearly 80% of the reviews posted rated this four or five stars. Many of those shoppers liked that it has a classic design but that it incorporates shades of black and hot pink to give it a fun twist.

It has a spring-loaded clamp connected to a handle that lets you insert your fingers into specially designed holes. That design gives you complete control over where the curler goes and how you use it.

The best feature of this model is its silicone pad. This pad creates a larger curve that reaches more of your lashes and allows you to curl all the lashes to the same height and curve at the same time. Instead of just giving you one pad and requiring that you purchase separate packages, Kassage gives you five pads that you can use to keep your eyes clean and safe. Made from silicone, those pads keep the curler from pinching or rubbing against your eyes the way that others do.

How to Avoid Pinching Your Skin and Eyes

One reason why many shoppers are so worried about buying the right eyelash curlers is because they want to avoid pinching their eyes and skin. The wrong curler can easily pinch your skin each time that you use it. All of the skin around your eyes is quite sensitive. Pinching that skin with the curler can cause a significant amount of pain. If you want to avoid pinching yourself, you’ll want to look at both the size of the clamp and the pitch of the curve on the curler.

The clamp refers to the portion of the curler that actually clamps down on your lashes. You typically want to choose a tool with a wider clamp to ensure that you don’t clamp down on your skin. We also recommend looking at the size of the handle and how the handle works. If the handle is too large, it increases the risk that you might trap your skin inside the metal as you curl your lashes.

A curler with a wider or steeper curve is more likely to pinch your skin too, especially if you have short lashes and small eyes. You’ll want to make sure that you can clamp the curler down on your lashes and reach each individual lash without the curler pinching your skin.

What to do After Pinching Yourself

How to Avoid Pinching Your Skin and Eyes - ice pack
How to Avoid Pinching Your Skin and Eyes - anti-inflammatory medication
How to Avoid Pinching Your Skin and Eyes - bandage

Tips for Keeping Your Lashes in Good Condition

One secret tip that professional makeup artists tell their clients is that they should keep their lashes clean and in good condition. Think about the dried spaghetti that you cook for your family. When the noodles are still dry, you can snap them in half with a little pressure. Once you cook the noodles though, they become softer and more pliable. You can bend the noodles without breaking them. The same thing applies to your lashes. Lashes that are in good condition will curl without breaking. We found a few tips that you can rely on to keep your lashes in good condition.

  • Use makeup remover: Before going to bed, you should always take off your makeup, especially the mascara that can clump on your lashes. When you apply makeup remover, close your eyes and apply a thin layer to your lashes. Wait a few seconds for the liquid to penetrate and work on the mascara before you wipe it off.
  • Apply eyelash serum: Eyelash serum is a type of specialized product designed to improve the look and health of your lashes. You can purchase a small bottle from any shop that sells beauty products. One application of the serum daily will significantly improve the look and feel of your lashes.

Tips for Applying Eyelash Serum

Tips for Keeping Your Lashes in Good Condition

How to Curl Your Lashes without an Eyelash Curler

  • Toothbrush: You can use a simple toothbrush to curl your lashes in a pinch, but we recommend using one that is brand new and fresh out of the packaging. Turn on the faucet in your sink and let the water run for a few seconds until it heats up. You’ll then place the end of the toothbrush under the water until it becomes hot to the touch. While it’s still hot, run the brush end through your lashes, lifting them up with each pass.
  • Spoon: To use the spoon method, you’ll want to heat the utensil up in a cup of water that you put in the microwave for 60 seconds or longer, but you can also place it under hot running water. With the rounded part of the spoon facing up, carefully place it under your lashes and press up. The heat coming off the spoon will gently curl your lashes.
  • Fingers: Another tip we found for curling lashes without a specialized tool involves the use of your own fingers. You’ll run your hands under hot water to warm them up. Rest one finger right below your lash line and carefully press up to curl the lashes. It may take several attempts before you get the results that you want.

How to Use Mascara to Curl Your Lashes

Many companies now make mascara products that come with a curved brush. As you apply the product to your eyes, the brush coats each lash and then extends the mascara out. This can make your lashes look much longer and thicker than they actually are. You can use mascara in a few different ways to enhance your natural curls and to give your lashes a boost.
How to Curl Your Lashes without an Eyelash Curler

How Much Does a Good Eyelash Curler Cost?

You can get a basic eyelash curler for around $5 or less, but that doesn’t mean you should spend your money on one of these cheap models. While cheaper curlers are suitable for teenagers and those who want to see how they work, you really need to spend more on one that you’ll use on a daily basis. The top models usually sell for between $10 and $20. This includes some of the curlers on our list and those you find for sale in local drugstores. Models in this price range will typically use stainless steel or plastic. Though both materials are easy to clean, stainless steel will last longer than plastic does and is more hygienic. Most of these curlers have the same design as the cheaper models do, which features a handle with holes for your fingers and a clamp with a pad inside. The cheapest models typically have the thinnest pads.

The most expensive eyelash curlers retail for $20 to $50 or more. Most of the heated curlers with the highest reviews fall into this price range. You’ll find features such as mechanical designs and rechargeable batteries. Some of the more expensive lash curlers can last for up to a year or more.

Cost of Good Eyelash Curler

Frequently Asked Questions

A: As long as you use the curler the right away and follow the directions listed by the manufacturer, it shouldn’t cause any damage to your lashes. Some products can pull your lashes out, especially if you apply mascara first. If the mascara is still wet, it can dry and stick to the curler. When you release the clamp, it might pull out a few of your lashes.

A: Using fake lashes is a great way to get a dramatic look before heading out on a first date or during a special occasion. Some of the new designs are easy to apply and take off too. While you can sometimes use a curler on those lashes, it really depends on what the manufacturer recommends. Some curlers, especially those that use heat, can cause some significant damage to the fake lashes.

A: When it comes to using a metal contraption close to your eyes, you might find that your hand starts shaking. This makes it harder for you to control the curler and increases your risk of stabbing, scraping or pinching yourself. To keep yourself calm and stop your hand from shaking, take a few deep breaths before using the curler. You may find it helpful to move slowly and cautiously too.

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