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UPDATED April 2024

You can curb foot pain and relax at home with the massaging sensation produced by a home massager.



Treat yourself to the perfect massage after a long day on your feet with this model, which lets you select the type of massage and the strength of that massage. It features extra padding and will work on both your feet and ankles.


Multiple settings and features allow you to pick the right type of massage for you. You can massage one or both feet at the same time and access all the buttons with your toes.


Some shoppers found that this Belmint product was too strong and that some of the massage settings caused them minor pain. There were also issues with the massager randomly shutting itself off.


Designed to follow the natural curve of the human foot, this roller hits every pressure point at the same time. It also comes with non-slip strips on the bottom that keep the base from moving.


Small strips located on the base of this roller unit keep it from sliding across the floor as you massage your feet. Its manual design lets you select the strength and intensity of your massage.


The hard nubs on the rollers may feel uncomfortable on the bottoms of your feet. You may find that the roller produces a loud and squeaky noise too.


An LED display on the top of this foot bath makes it easy to see the temperature you selected and all the settings available. You can use the bath at a temperature of up to 118-degrees Fahrenheit.


Gideon allows you to use both heat and bubbles when soaking your feet in this bath. It features roller inside that slowly rotate to target all the pressure points in your foot to quickly reduce tension.


This is more expensive than other foot baths on the market. Some customers also found that it moved across the floor as they shifted in their seats.


These massaging balls allow you to remove tension and reduce pain in any part of your body. You can choose between a softer unit or use the harder ball based on which one you prefer.


This two-pack of massaging balls features a harder one and a softer one. You can use one or both balls at the same time to remove stress in your feet and other parts of your body.


A handful of customers complained that these balls were either too hard or too soft. Others had issues using the balls on different parts of their bodies.


With an AC adapter that works in any outlet, these slippers let you reduce foot pain while sitting anywhere in your home. You can use just heat, only vibrations or a combination of both.


Use heat and massage with this pair of slippers to eliminate all the foot pain that you experience. A fleece liner inside feels soft and smooth on your feet and can help you stay warm on a cold night.


You can only wear and use these slippers while in a seated position. A few of the reviews we came across were from customers who purchased units that stopped working after a few months.

Shopping Guide for the Best Foot Massager

Experts recommend that you take at least 10,000 steps every day. If you work in certain industries, you may find yourself walking even more and spending hours on your feet daily. The best foot massager provides you with the relief that you need after a particularly long day.

Finding the best foot massager 2024 products may take more work than you expected though. You’ll find so many options out there that you might feel your head spin. Do you need an electric model that you can use when reading or watching television? Do you prefer slippers that keep your feet warm? Our list of the foot massager 2024 best options includes all the top types. You’ll find slippers that you can wear while sitting in your favorite chairs and massaging balls that you can take to work and use in the office every day. 

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Shopping Guide for the Best Foot Massager

Our list also includes the best foot bath, which uses both heat and massage to reduce pain.

Using our shopping guide will help you identify all the best products and find out which one will work best for you. You will also learn about how these massagers work and the benefits of having one in your home.

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Selection Criteria

Spending money on a professional massage after a stressful day at work isn’t a practical option for most people today, which is why we created a shopping guide for the best foot massaging products that you can use at home. These products specifically target the pressure and pulse points along the bottom of each foot, and some can work on the tops of your feet and your ankles too.

We know that many products do not deliver on the promises of their manufacturers, which is why we turned to real people for help finding the right ones. Instead of just focusing on the electric models like other shopping guides do, we created a list that includes other options like manual massagers that let you determine how fast you want to move and slippers that you can wear while watching your favorite television shows.

All the products on our list have the highest average ratings online. We looked at each review to find the pros and cons, which you’ll see listed in the chart above. As you keep reading and moving down the page, you’ll find detailed reviews on each massager and helpful tips on buying the right one for you.

Selection Criteria - Best Foot Massager

What is a Calf Massager

If you suffer from numbness and pain that radiates down your legs, you may find a calf massager helpful. Similar to electric foot massagers, these devices feature a base for your feet and sides that rise up to accommodate your calves. You can use both heat and massage on your lower body.

Belmint makes one of the best electric foot massagers on the market because this product recreates the feel of a professional shiatsu massage. Unlike other massagers that simply focus on the soles of your feet, this one has padding inside that covers the top of your feet and wraps around your ankles. Not only will this eliminate stress in all areas of your feet, but it can also help you recover faster from basic injuries.

Located right in the center of the massager is a series of buttons that you can access with your fingers or your toes. The heating feature turns up the temperature of the unit, while the kneading feature lets you add some more pressure to your massage. You can also use the pressure buttons to adjust the intensity of the massage. Suitable for use anywhere in your home, this foot massager lets you relax after a rough day at the office. It features a convenient power button that lets you shut the unit off without standing or bending down, which helps relieve tension in your lower back. Belmint offers a 100% money back guarantee that lets you get a full refund if you’re not happy with your purchase.

Reasons to Use a Foot Massager

Manage Pain

No matter how much you walk on a daily basis, you may still experience some pain in your toes and arches. That pain can occur because you wear improperly fitting shoes or because you have high or low arches. Using a foot massager can eliminate that pain and help you better manage your pain. Opting for a massage at the end of the day may make you feel so good that you don’t need to rely on any over the counter pain medications. The right device will target the top pressure points and leave you feeling better at the end of the day.

Improve Circulation

Poor circulation can lead to a number of medical problems like neuropathy. Whenever you sit or stand in the same position for an extended period of time, you risk suffering from circulation problems. This can include those who work at office jobs and sit in front of a computer for hours and cashiers who stand by the register and scan items all day. Poor circulation can lead to numbness and a tingling sensation that feels like small pins and needles sticking into your body. You may experience a sharp or shooting pain that runs along one or both legs and down your back too.

Stop Swelling

Diabetics and others who suffer from circulation problems often experience swelling in their lower bodies. The next time that you come home from work or after running errands, sit down and take off your shoes and socks. Take a look at your feet and lower legs. If you notice that one or both feet appear larger than it did at the beginning of the day, you may have a circulation problem. Foot massagers use techniques that improve circulation. As you increase this flow of blood, more blood will move to your feet. The more you use a foot massager, the less swelling you will notice in the future.

Improve Your Future Health

Another benefit of using a foot massager is that you can actually improve your future health. When you experience less pain and discomfort, you’ll have an easier time falling asleep at night. Getting more sleep can significantly improve your outlook on life and reduce your risk of developing certain medical problems later. Some people find that using a foot massager can also help them lower their blood pressure and improve the look and feel of their hairs and nails. Getting a regular foot massage can even reduce the onset of a headache or a migraine.

Reasons to Use a Foot Massager

Emotional Benefits of Regular Massage

Using a manual foot massager is an affordable way to reduce stress and recuperate after a long day. We highly recommend this TheraFlow model because it comes in a larger size that will fit most feet. Each side features several rollers that have small nubs across the top. Those nubs dig into the soles of your feet in the same way that a massage therapist’s hands would. If you experience any pain or discomfort, you can simply adjust the placement of your feet and use less pressure when pushing down on those rollers. TheraFlow designed those rollers to sit an equal distance apart, which allows each one to target the top pressure points on the foot.

While other manual models can shift and move as you adjust your feet, this one will remain completely flat and still. It features several non-slip strips across the bottom that keep it locked to your floor to prevent any movement. You’ll also like the arched design on the top, which mimics the arch of your foot. This allows the roller to reach the most important parts of the foot. The manufacturer gives you a free e-book with this model that goes over home remedies for foot pain too.

Types of Massagers

Our shopping guide includes one product from each of the following five categories. We recommend looking at each category to see how these units work to get an idea of which one you like the best.

Manual Foot Massager

Those looking to save money might opt for a manual foot massager. These massagers come in different sizes that can accommodate just one foot or both feet at the same time. Though we recommend those made from wood, you’ll find some cheaper options that use plastic or similar materials. You place the unit on the floor and put your foot on top. Adjusting the way your foot sits on the top and the amount of pressure you use when pushing down will change the intensity of the massage. This also lets you target the sorest parts of your feet.

Electric Foot Massager

If you just want to kick back and relax when you get home, an electric model might be the best choice for you. Electric models come with plugs that you use in any outlet of your home, though some cheaper models will work on batteries. The biggest benefit associated with an electric model is that you can choose from a wide range of settings. Most have both shiatsu and kneading settings, and some come with dozens of other massage settings too. You can use the buttons to change between those settings and to adjust the strength of the massage. Many of the top models use heat in addition to massage too.

Foot Bath

With the right foot bath, you can recreate the experience of sitting in a salon as a trained professional works on your feet. You’ll fill the bath with water before using it and dump the water at the end of your soak. Some of the models we looked at feature designs that let you slough off dead feet and work on calluses on your feet as you soak. The jets inside the machine create bubbles in the water that act as a hydrotherapy element to further reduce stress and tension. When choosing a foot bath, make sure you pick one that has buttons you can easily reach while sitting down.

Massage Balls

When you choose massage balls, you get a tool that you can use in the middle of the office. After slipping off your shoes, place the ball flat on the floor. Set your foot on top of the ball and slowly move across the surface. You can also cross your legs and rub the ball over the sole of your foot and around your ankle. Massage balls allow you to target other sore muscles too. These balls have spikes or nubs evenly spaced across the surface that work like fingers to penetrate deep into sore muscles to relieve pain and tension.

Massaging Slippers

The next time that you find yourself relaxing on the couch while watching Netflix, use massaging slippers to reduce foot pain. Massaging slippers are great for anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet. The slippers use both heat and vibrations and come with a soft pillow that lets you feel like your feet are on a cloud. Some of the cheaper slippers that we found look more like sandals and have plastic nubs and spikes along the top. You can wear a pair of these slippers to target your sore muscles as you wash dishes or just walk around your home.

Cost of Foot Massagers

While we offer a more detailed look at how much massagers cost, you can also use this handy list to see which ones will fit your budget. Those at the top are the most affordable options.

Using a foot bath like this luxury model from Gideon can help you ease aching feet. Suitable for those who want to do pedicures at home and those who just want to relax, the bath features a digital screen on the top and buttons near that display that you can reach and access with your feet. A temperature button adjusts the heat down to a minimum of 95-degree Fahrenheit and up to a maximum of 118-degrees Fahrenheit. When you use just the heat option, you’ll find that the water in the bath comes up to the temperature you wanted in just a few short minutes.

You can also use this foot bath on a massage setting or a spa setting. The spa setting helps recreate the feeling you would get in a salon when getting a pedicure, while the massage setting eases tired toes. You can change the settings and choose different features via the buttons on the front. Many customers like the jets built inside this foot bath too. Those four jets create the bubbles that surround your feet and produce a relaxing environment. You can also use the built-in rollers on the bottom of the foot bath for extra support.

Types of Foot Massages

Before you take a look at the product reviews that we created, you may want to look at some of the different massage techniques that these units use. This helps you see which one works based on your level of pain or stress.

  • Shiatsu: Many of the units we found recreate the feel of a shiatsu massage. These therapists go through years of training to learn how to target pressure points on the bodies of their patients. Shiatsu massagers will typically use rollers to target your pressure points and vibrations that penetrate deep into your feet.

  • Kneading: Both cheaper and more expensive models use a kneading technique that allows rollers and other devices to press deep into your skin as those rollers move. This allows the machine to reach all areas of your feet.

  • Water therapy: Also called hydrotherapy, water therapy is a treatment technique that uses a combination of hot water and bubbles. Foot baths feature jets that produce those bubbles. You may find some units that use light therapy too.

  • Infrared: Though we did not include any infrared models on our list, many shoppers actually swear by these units. They claim that infrared rays help them recover quicker from injuries and improve their circulation.
Types of Massagers

Other Massaging Techniques Used

Whether you have sore arches or sore heels, you can use this set of massage balls from Therapist’s Choice for maximum relief. This set comes with two balls. One is a larger green ball that has a softer texture. You can squeeze the ball in your hand to see its softness. The second ball comes in a bright red color and is much harder. One benefit of this set is that you can use both balls at the same time or use just the one that is right for you. Many shoppers find it helpful to put one ball underneath their heels and the other under their arches or toes.

Each ball has a series of small spikes that stick out around the sides. As you move the ball across your skin, those spikes will hit your pressure points and provide almost instant relief. The stimulation provided by those spikes can also improve your circulation. Another benefit to this set is that you can use one or both balls anywhere on your body. Try rolling the balls along the small of your back or on your upper thighs to reduce pain and increase your blood circulation.

Pros and Cons of Electric Models


  • Available in a range of prices to fit any budget
  • Lets you create custom settings based on the massages that you prefer or like
  • Can use different massaging techniques
  • Works anywhere around your home
  • Can accommodate both larger and smaller feet


  • Some units are quite heavy and cumbersome
  • You may need to bend over and lean down just to change the settings
  • May make you feel claustrophobic
  • Can use too much pressure, which makes you feel uncomfortable

One of the more comfortable ways to relieve tension and pain in your feet is with a pair of massaging slippers like this pair. Designed to look just like the slippers that you wear around the house, the unit has a small base that sits flat on the floor and two openings on the top that let you slip one or both of your feet inside. The side features a simple power button and a hole that lets you connect the AC adapter before plugging it into an outlet. A zipper on the back opens up to reveal the massaging unit inside. You can remove this unit for fast and convenient cleaning of the outer case.

Each slipper compartment features a fleece lining that feels incredibly soft against your skin. That lining can also keep your feet warm on a cold day and help with circulation. These slippers let you use a heat setting or a massage setting, but you can also use both at the same time for maximum relief. You can choose between five vibrating settings too. Adjusting those settings is as easy as pressing the button that corresponds to each feature.

Pros and Cons of Manual Models


  • Cheap enough to fit any budget
  • Works in any area, including situations where you don’t have power
  • Comes in different sizes for different types of users
  • Gives you control over how much pressure you use
  • Lets you target any part of your foot


  • Some cheaper products use plastic bases that can break or snap
  • Many manual massages do not offer the same results that electric models do
  • Can cause some pain when you press down too hard
  • May slide as you roll your foot across the top

Pros and Cons of Foot Baths


  • Works especially well on sore and tired muscles
  • Allows you to recreate the spa experience at home
  • Uses different combinations of heat, bubbles and massage
  • Available in more affordable and more expensive options
  • May have features that help you remove dead or dry skin from your feet


  • Requires regular filling and dumping of the water inside
  • Some have knobs that you must manually adjust instead of buttons you can touch with your feet
  • Better models can be quite expensive
  • You may have problems with emptying the water inside
Pros and Cons of Foot Baths

Pros and Cons of Massage Balls


  • Work anywhere on your body
  • Convenient sizes let you take the balls anywhere you go
  • Can choose between a harder or softer ball based on what works for you
  • One of the cheapest massage options available


  • Can develop odors caused by regular use
  • May be too hard or too soft for you
  • Will not work on all types of foot problems
Pros and Cons of Massage Balls

Insider Tip

Some manufacturers and users call massage balls porcupine balls because of thier spikes.

Pros and Cons of Massaging Slippers


  • Use both heat and vibrations to quickly reduce pain
  • Many feature liners made from fleece and other soft materials
  • Will work with any outlet
  • Completely surround your feet with comfort
  • Convenient buttons that you can reach with your hands or feet


  • Can only use slippers when sitting down and not lying down or walking
  • Some have a very short cord
  • Do not offer the same results that you’ll get from traditional massagers
Pros and Cons of Massaging Slippers

Benefits of Massaging Sandals

Tips for Using a Manual Massager

Cleaning a Manual Massager

Using soap and warm water is the best way to clean a manual massager. You can also use antibacterial soap to kill any germs on the surface. Just wipe down the device with this mixture before wiping it down with plain water.

Tips for Using a Manual Massager

Tips for Using an Electric Massager

Tips for Using an Electric Massager


Never use an electric massager that produces a crakling sound when you plug it into an outlet. This can indicate a shot in the wiring that may cause a fire.

Tips for Using a Foot Bath

  • Choose the right location: Use a foot bath in a spot of your home that is cool and dry. Any
    water nearby can cause a short in the system. If you use it near a heater or vent, the excess
    heat may damage the system.

  • Use less water: Though you might think that you need to fill the bath with water, you should
    keep in mind that the water level will rise when you set your feet inside. Some models have a
    fill line inside that shows you exactly how much water to add.

  • Empty the water every time: Even if you plan on soaking your feet the next day or just a few
    hours later, always dump the water that you used for a past soak. This eliminates any germs
    or bacteria in the water.

  • Turning off the unit: At the end of your soak and massage, turn off the unit before taking your
    feet out. You may want to unplug it from the wall first too. This reduces the risk that you might
    feel a shock or notice a spark when removing your feet.
Tips for Using a Foot Bath


The California Department of Consumer Affairs claims that boils can occur after using a foot bath infested with germs. That is why it’s important that you clean your foot spa.

Who Will Benefit from a Massager?

Anyone who suffers from pain in their feet can benefit from using a foot massager. This includes:

  • Police officers
  • Doctors and nurses
  • Cashiers
  • Security guards
  • Park workers

You can also take advantage of those benefits if you spend a lot of time in a seated position on a daily basis. Whether you work from home or work in an office, you may suffer from poor circulation because you stay in the same seat for hours without taking a break. Some of the common conditions that a foot massager can help with include:

  • Arthritis
  • Gout
  • Hammertoe
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Tendinitis

Arthritis is a medical condition that causes inflammation and pain in one or more joints. While many people suffer from arthritis in their hands and knees, you may experience some symptoms in your ankles and toes. Using a foot massager helps you increase blood flow to those areas and reduce some of your pain.

Who Will Benefit from a Massager

What is Policeman's Heel?

Policeman’s heel is another name for plantar fasciitis. It commonly occurs because of tight muscles in your calves. The condition causes pain in the heel that often feels like a shooting sensation.

Signs That You Need a Foot Massager

You might read through our shopping guide because you had some foot pain in the past and thought you might benefit from one of these devices. We highly recommend that you take a look at the signs that you might need a good massager too. These signs include:

  • You spend a lot of time sitting at your desk during the day or standing. You may need a foot massager because you do a lot of walking for work too.
  • When you sit or stand, you notice a numb feeling in one or both legs. If the pain moves from your back and down to your hip or further down your leg, this may be a sign of sciatica.
  • The foot pain that you experience changes on a regular basis. You may find that it feels like a shooting pain one day and then a dull or aching pain the next.
  • You suffer from one or more of the common foot pain issues that we addressed above. Some people use foot massagers because they wear shoes that are tight or uncomfortable too.
  • The pain that you experience actually worsens at night or while laying down.

Common Signs of Sciatica

Signs That You Need a Foot Massager

Maintaining Your New Massager

Using a foot bath or a massager can alleviate pain and make you feel better than you ever did before, but you should still maintain that unit. Our list goes over some of the basic things you can and should do.

  • Avoid use with open sores: If you have any open sores or wounds on your feet, avoid using that device until your feet heel. Using one of these machines can aggravate that injury and make it worse. You also risk picking up germs that increase the time it takes for your injury to heal.

  • Use the right cleaners: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends completely draining a foot bath and cleaning it with one of the organization’s approved products. These cleaners will not leave behind any residue and won’t affect your feet.

  • Contact the manufacturer: Many of these products come with a warranty that lasts for six months to three years. If you have issues with the device sparking when you plug it in or noises that occur when you run the machine, contact the manufacturer. You may have the option of returning the product for a full refund or getting a new massager.

What is an Extended Warranty?

An extended warranty is an agreement between you and the manufacturer of the foot massager that allows you to get more coverage. You may have the option of buying an extended warranty when buying the product or later on after you register the product. This will give you coverage for three to five years beyond the original warranty.

Maintaining Your New Massager

Foot Massager Buying Guide – Top Things to Consider

Now is the point in our shopping guide where we go over everything you need to know about both foot massagers and foot baths. You already learned about the different types of devices out there and how each one works. Our features section goes over the top features that are worth your money. We created this guide as a way to help you think about things you might not consider like how much noise it produces. You can use our guide to find the best foot massager for you.

Sound Produced

You might not consider the amount of noise that the machine produces until you actually buy one and start using it. If the machine runs loudly, you may find that you can’t hear the television show you want to watch. Some machines are so loud that you cannot have a simple conversation with someone sitting right beside you on the couch. Baths are often louder than massagers are because of the jets inside. While turning off the jets can help, this will change the effects that you get from the bath. If you live alone, you may not care as much about the sounds produced as others do.


Weight is an important factor that you should consider, especially if you want to use the device in different rooms. While you might feel comfortable watching TV on the couch while resting your feet, you may want to sit down at the kitchen table or in your home office and do some work. Units that are larger or bulkier often weigh more, which makes it hard to carry one to another room. When choosing a foot bath, you should consider the weight of the machine and its weight when you add any water.


Don’t assume that just because the device is lightweight that you can use it. You also need to consider the overall size of the machine and whether it can accommodate your feet. Reading the product description created by the manufacturer will show you the overall dimensions of the unit. This lets you know whether it will accommodate your feet based on the size that you wear. If you buy one that is too small, you can experience some cramping and discomfort because of the way your feet sit on the unit. Buying one that is too large is better than purchasing one that is too small.


Our product reviews and the chart at the top of this page show you some images of the top massaging products. You can use those photos and our product reviews to find out more about those massagers. One thing you should look at is the design of the product in terms of what parts of your foot it covers. Many products only work on the soles and balls of your feet. While this can help with sore arches and tender spots, one of these machines won’t work effectively on your heels or ankles. You may prefer a model with a 360-degree design that surrounds your feet with massaging elements.

Foot Massager Buying Guide – Top Things to Consider

Talk to Your Doctor

Even if you don’t suffer from any conditions that require medical treatment, you can still talk to your doctor and get some advice on which products are right for you. Some doctors recommend massage balls for those suffering from policeman’s heel and similar conditions. These balls let you target the exact spots on your heels where you feel pain. Your doctor can also warn you away from certain products based on your general health. If you have a condition that causes numbness in your feet, your doctor might tell you to avoid foot baths and other heated devices.

Product Compatibility

Many people use Epsom salts when soaking in a hot bath. You can pick up these salts from any pharmacy or big-box store in the health section. Before using Epsom salts in a massaging unit though, you need to make sure that it is compatible with those salts. Many foot baths allow you to add some extra ingredients like salts or dried herbs that not only recreate the spa experience but help you unwind at the same time. If you use salts in the wrong product, you can fry the unit or cause a buildup of residue that damages the internal parts.


If you decide that a foot bath is the best option for you, find out how you will drain it. Many of the cheaper spas that we encountered are cumbersome and bulky. You’ll need to put one under your tap to fill it with water, but you’ll also need to hold the unit in your hands and tilt it to one side to drain it. More expensive foot baths often come with a drain plug. This plug sits on the bottom of the internal basin and comes out with a simple tug. You can put the bath right in your tub or sink, pull the plug and let the unit drain itself, though you may need to move the bath around to fully drain out that water.

Padding and Cushioning

A common problem that many shoppers had with manual foot massagers is that these products feel quite uncomfortable. They complained that their feet felt worse after using one. Electric models and foot spas often have extra padding or cushioning inside that help you feel more comfortable. The idea is that the more comfortable you feel, the easier you can relax and let the machine get to work. You can look for models that come with either gel or foam cushions inside. Both gel and foam padding will mold to the shape of any feet placed inside to help all users feel more comfortable.

Location of Buttons

Instead of focusing your search on specific types of products or products from a certain manufacturer, you should consider the placement of any of the buttons on the unit. You’ll find that some units feature standard knobs and that others come with touch buttons. With touch buttons, you can turn on the unit with a single push. Some even remember the settings that you selected the last time you massaged your feet and will automatically select those same settings the next time you use it.

Another benefit to machines with touch buttons is that you can set one up before massaging your feet or in the middle of the massage. With touch buttons, you can use your toes or feet to adjust any of the settings. Massagers that come with knobs are easy to use but not as convenient. If you decide that you need more heat or pressure in the middle of a massage, you must bend over and rotate the knobs with your hands.


When creating a shopping guide for the top foot massager 2024 products, we read through dozens of reviews from customers who had foot issues and problems. Though we already identified the top products, you can follow the links on this page and read those reviews for yourself. This allows you to see newer reviews posted after we published our guide too. As you look at the reviews, look for those from customers who are similar to you. Think about the reasons why they bought a foot massager and whether the products they bought worked for their issues.

Tips for Safely Using a Foot Massager

You can use a manual massager without following any major safety standards, but when it comes to any unit that uses electricity, you should always use some caution. Our list of tips includes simple things you can do to keep yourself safe.

  • Use the right outlet: Some of the larger and more expensive units we saw feature a grounded plug. You should never use one of these plugs in a standard outlet, and you should never remove one of the prongs. This increases your risk of causing a fire in your home or damaging your feet.

  • Avoid dirty feet: Dirty feet are a haven for germs, and any germs that you transfer to the massager can spread to other parts of your home. You also risk those germs moving back onto your feet and worsening any conditions you have. Take a few minutes to wash and dry your feet before using a massager.

  • Keep an eye out for potential problems: When you plug in the massager, keep an eye out for any sparks that might come out of the outlet. You can also listen for noises that sound like the static that comes out of a radio. These are signs of issues with the unit.
Tips for Safely Using a Foot Massager


Static building can feel like a minor shock when you experience it. This generally isn’t a sign of a problem with the massager. If you continually experience a shock each time that you use it, you may want to move the massager to a different part of your home.

How Much Should You Spend on a Foot Massager?

The amount that you’ll pay for a foot massager depends on the type that you like and the features that you want.

Electric Massagers

Electric massagers are among the most expensive models available. You’ll spend at least $100 on a good quality massager, but you can get one for around $50 that has less features.

Manual Massagers

Manual massagers require that you do all the hard work yourself, which is why these products are more affordable. You can pick one up for around $10 to $20. Dual models that allow you to massage both feet at the same time often cost a little more.

Foot Baths

The cost of a foot bath can vary quite a bit too. While you can get one for around $20 to $30, we recommend spending more to bring home one that does for you. Our top foot bath retails for around $120.

Massage Balls

Massage balls are the cheapest product on the market that lets you massage your feet. The two-pack of balls on our list retail for less than $10, which is the average price for a set.

Massaging Slippers

Buying a pair of massaging slippers can cost you between $30 and $50 for a pair that you wear in a seated position. You’ll find slippers that you can wear when working around the house for $20 or less, but those products won’t have as many features.

More Than Upfront Costs

Though you should consider price, you’ll also want to consider other things, including:

  • Whether the device will increase your average power bill
  • If you can use the massager outside of your home
How Much Should You Spend on a Foot Massager

Frequently Asked Questions

A: You can use a massager to reduce tension in your feet every day. When you come home from a long and stressful day, simply kick back and let the machine do the work for you. Electric models will target your arches and help whisk away tension. You can even keep one set up in your living room for daily or nightly use.

A: Using essential oils like lavender and rosemary can help you calm down after a long day. You can usually add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to the water when setting up your foot bath. Always check with the manufacturer though to ensure that it recommends the use of those oils.

A: Diabetics and others who suffer from numbness in the lower body should check with their doctors before using one these tools. Neuropathy is a common medical condition that affects diabetics, which causes numbness in the legs and feet. If you suffer from neuropathy, you may not feel any injuries that occur when using one of these machines. You may have trouble knowing when the water in a foot bath is too hot also.

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