Best Wallets For Men

UPDATED July 2024

The best wallets for men aren’t always those made from leather or those from top designers.

FOR MEN 2024


As one of the toughest leather wallets on the market, the Mt. Eston is one that you can use anywhere you go. It uses real leather and features loads of storage space inside for credits cards and anything else you need to carry.


RFID blocking technology protects your private and confidential information from scammers as you walk down the street with this wallet in your pocket. Made from real leather, this wallet has 18 slots and inserts inside for cards and photos.


This wallet has an almost chemical odor that hits your nose as soon as you take it out of the packaging. Some men found that the inserts inside the wallet were large enough for their cards.


An RFID liner built inside this wallet keeps scammers from stealing your identity and gaining access to your confidential data. Available in various colors, the wallet comes with slots for cards and a badge pocket for your ID.


As one of the slimmest wallets around, this one fits easily in any pocket and features loads of slots for your cards. Though this is a leather wallet, it comes in both traditional and unique colors.


The slots on this one are so thin that you might have a hard time sliding your cards into those slots and taking your cards back out. Its badge pocket is too small for some badges and ID tags too.


With this wallet, you have enough space to carry up to 15 cards and room leftover for your cash. Made from real leather, it comes in traditional and unique colors that let you show off your love of fashion.


The slimmer design of this wallet keeps it from adding bulk or heft to your pants and gives you a slimmer look. Though you can open like a traditional bilfold, it has three impressive storage areas inside.


Depending on the number of cards that you carry, you may find that the wallet looks bulky when filled. Some of the compartments aren’t quite large enough for standard cards either.


Regardless of where you work or go, you can feel confident carrying this metal wallet with you. It features an expandable design that lets you fit more items inside and uses RFID blocking technology.


Suitable for use on the job site and while traveling, this minimalist wallet is suitable for daily use too. It has an aluminum shell that can last longer than canvas or leather can, and the wallet expands to fit more of your cards.


Some men had problems inserting their cards and removing their cards from this wallet. Despite its aluminum construction, a few shoppers found that the wallet still developed nicks and scratches.


With 13 different storage slots and areas inside and an ID window, this leather wallet from Fossil offers loads of storage space. It has a classic design and features the Fossil logo on both its interior and exterior.


This leather trifold wallet comes in several shades of rich and deep brown and black colors. The interior features an ID window, eight spaces for credit cards and other types of storage.


This is one of the more expensive leather wallets on the market and may not fit your budget. Some men stated that the ID pocket was too small for their IDs.

Shopping Guide for the Best Wallets for Men

A good wallet will have space for all the things that you need or like to carry, including photos of someone special and your credit cards. Some of the best wallets for men 2024 products have space inside for cash and reward cards too.

Some guys like more traditional leather wallets that won’t take up a lot of space in their pockets. You may also find designer wallets from some of the top design houses in the world today.

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Before you settle for a cheap wallet that might fall apart within a few months, take a look at the chart above to see which wallet I think is the best. You can learn even more about those wallets and find more information on shopping for wallets in the following guide.

Licensed Character Wallets

Licensed character wallets are wallets that feature some of your favorite characters across the front. Both DC and Marvel licensed some of their more popular characters for use on wallets, including:

Iron Man

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Selection Criteria

One of the most important accessories that every man needs is a wallet. While you can carry cash and cards with a money clip, that clip can snap open and cause you to lose your money. Wallets provide men with an easy and convenient way to carry the things that they use at work and on the go every day.

To find the best men’s wallets for 2024, I turned to the internet for help. I looked at the wallets with the highest star ratings. Instead of just focusing on those that cost the most or those that have the largest number of positive reviews, I looked for those that have the highest average ratings. This is the rating given to a product based on the total number of reviews posted.

I then looked at the features of those wallets based on what men need. That helped us find products that come with RFID-blocking technology and those that feature more interior slots and pockets. 

While this list includes a number of wallets with RFID technology, this list also features traditional bifold and trifold wallets and an aluminum model that is almost indestructible. Using this list and buying guide will help you find the ultimate wallet.

RFID chip scanners are electronic devices that scammers use to steal your identity. They can also access your bank account information from your debit card and steal credit card data without you knowing. 

One of the more popular wallets I found that features RFID-blocking technology is the Mt. Eston. Previously sold under the Mt. Everest name, this wallet got high marks when others tested its technology. The technology that it uses is the same as that used by the military. Inside the wallet is a thin piece of material that acts as a shield to block those scanners, but this material will not get in the way of your storage.

Designed to include more storage than other wallets, the inside of the Mt. Eston features a total of 18 slots and pockets. You get two separate pockets for storing cash, which lets you separate larger bills from smaller ones. Eleven slots inside the wallet hold your debit card and credit cards, but you can also use those slots for loyalty and reward cards. It also features a trifold design that lets you quickly open the wallet and gain access to all your cards and cash effortlessly.

Signs You Need a New Wallet

You might take a look at your current wallet and decide that you really don’t need a new one, but there are some clear signs that it’s time to replace yours.

  • Loose slots: When the slots become so loose that your cards fall out, it’s time for a new wallet.
  • Broken edges: Anytime that the edges or seams of your wallet break, it’s a sign that you need a new one.
  • Not enough space: Newer products have loads of storage space and can even help you organize loyalty cards from your favorite stores.
  • Too much space: Investing in a slimmer wallet gives you just the right amount of storage.
Signs You Need a New Wallet

Three Signs You Need a Smaller Wallet

Benefits of a New Wallet

  • New wallets come with tighter and firmer slots that reduce the risk of you losing any of your cards while you’re on the go.
  • You can create the sleek lines that you want when wearing tight pants without your wallet sticking out.
  • Some designs help you feel secure and safe when working out at the gym or going for a run and carrying some cards and/or cash with you.
  • You can make a great first impression on a blind date when you whip out your new wallet and pay for dinner or drinks.
  • With a new wallet, you finally have an excuse to go through all those old business cards and pieces of paper you stored in your old one.
  • You have dedicated spaces for all the cards and other things that you use on a daily basis.

What Experts Say You Should Carry

One to three photos
Insurance card
Photo ID
Two credit/debit cards

Benefits of a New Wallet

When traveling away from home, you may find that you need a wallet with a slimmer or thinner design. That old wallet you use at home that you cram full of cards and receipts is a red flag for pickpockets and thieves that make them think you are an easy mark. 

This minimalist wallet from Travelambo provides you with storage for all the cards you want to take on vacation. It has a slimmer design that helps you take just the items you need. 

Travelambo made this one thin enough that you can slip it right in your front pocket, which helps you keep an eye on it. When you carry a wallet in your back pocket, you may not even feel someone slip it out.

This wallet features a basic design that includes an ID window on the back and five slots for different cards on the front. Though some men had problems getting their cards out because of their slim design, once you break in the leather, you shouldn’t have any problems. This wallet, which comes in a number of different colors, also has a center slot for your cash and an RFID technology-blocking chip inside.

Travelambo Minimalist Slim Wallet

Travel Wallet Basics

How to Pack Your New Wallet

Before you cram your new wallet full of things that you rarely use, check out this list of tips on ways you can effectively organize it.

  • Give cards priority: If you find that you carry around reward cards for stores you seldom shop at, go ahead and throw those cards away instead of putting them in your new wallet.
  • Use daily cards: Only take the cards that you need on a daily basis. This keeps you from stretching out your wallet and prevents you from spending more than you should.
  • Eliminate clutter: To eliminate clutter, throw away phone numbers, old receipts, and any other paperwork you carry in your wallet.
  • Go digital: Look for apps that let you carry cards on your phone. These apps let you scan a digital version of your card at any store without actually carrying the physical cards with you.
  • Carry less cash: Carrying less money helps you organize your wallet and take up less space. When you need cash, you can easily find an ATM.

What You Should Have in Your Wallet

How to Pack Your New Wallet

Many men prefer the look and feel of real leather to canvas and the other materials that manufacturers use in wallets today. If you want a classic wallet that you can take anywhere, this Alpine Swiss model is a good option. 

Though you may prefer the look of classic black leather, the manufacturer offers this one in multiple colors and fabrics that will help you look your best each time you reach for your wallet. Unlike other companies that splash their logos all over the front of their products, Alpine Swiss places its small red and white cross logo on the bottom right of this wallet.

Larger wallets can make you susceptible to thieves because they can see that tell-tale bulge in your pocket, but this wallet has a slimmer design and is thinner than any you had before. That design doesn’t scrimp on space though. This wallet has an impressive 15 pockets inside, including three card slot pockets and 12 traditional card slots. 

You will also find an ID window that you can flip out to show your ID without taking it out of the wallet first. It even has a lined pocket designed specifically for any cash you need to carry.

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Wallet

Buying a new wallet might seem as easy as picking out one that looks nice, but finding the right wallet is harder than many men think. To make sure that you pick the right one, learn about some of the mistakes that other men made in the past.

  • Too small: Buying a wallet that is too small will result in you constantly going through your wallet and weeding out things because you don’t have enough space for all your cards and other belongings.
  • Wrong material: f you want one that you can use for years, you’ll want a wallet made from metal or leather.
  • Too big: If you buy a larger wallet because you have a number of cards, you risk making yourself stand out to the thieves around you because the wallet bulges out of your pocket.
  • Spending too much: Though you can get a good wallet for a few hundred dollars, you can also find models at a fraction of that price.

Tips for Saving Money on Designer Wallets

Metal wallets are a good option for men who work in rough conditions or areas like construction sites. You can drop this wallet multiple times on the ground without it breaking or ripping like leather and canvas wallets can.

Designed for daily use and for traveling, the wallet has an expandable design that lets you fit as many cards and receipts inside as you need. This wallet can accommodate your driver’s license and a single card or the multiple credit cards that you need to take with you on vacation. 

It comes in different colors like black and gray. You can also purchase a version of the wallet that comes with an elastic strap around the exterior for holding some extra cash.

At just 0.5-inches wide, this wallet is a good choice for men who love skinny jeans and guys who don’t want to feel weighed down. Despite its thinner size, it expands to hold up to 10 cards and some cash. 

You will also find a money clip on the outside that holds any additional cash you need. Thanks to its RFID-blocking technology, this wallet will keep all your confidential and private information safe while you’re on the go too.

Minimalist Travel Wallet

What Men Carry in Their Wallets

Credit and debit cards
Photos of loved ones

How to Clean a Leather Wallet

  • Remove all your cards and other belongings from the wallet before you clean.
  • Wipe the inside and outside of the wallet with a disinfectant wipe. These wipes remove the germs and bacteria that you pick up every day.
  • Apply a dab of leather cleaner or conditioner to your wallet. 
  • Rub the cleaner into the leather with a dry cloth, moving in small circles towards the edges of the wallet. You may need to use several coats of the cleaner to remove all surface stains.
  • Rub the surface of your wallet with a dry towel or cloth to gently buff the leather. This helps restore the natural shine of the leather.
  • Let the leather dry for a few hours in a warm place in your home. You should avoid placing the wallet in an area that gets direct sunlight as the sunlight can damage the leather.
How to Clean a Leather Wallet

When you look at this Fossil wallet, you might remember seeing your father or even your grandfather using a similar one in the past. This traditional wallet uses real leather that feels soft and supple. That leather wears down over time to give the wallet a worn-in look that you may like even more than you like the way it looks right out of the packaging. 

You can choose from several shades of brown or black leather too. If you prefer something a little different, you can opt for a wallet that uses one shade of leather on the exterior with a band of leather around the edge in a different shade.

Fossil added an embossed version of its logo to the bottom corner of the wallet’s exterior and added a second logo on the inside. The inside also features eight slots that can accommodate most cards and badges. 

You will also find a large area for cash and four slip openings that can hold the cards you use most often. When you open up this trifold wallet, you’ll find an ID window conveniently located inside. This window lets you show your ID without removing it from your wallet.

Fossil Accessories

Fossil is a popular company that makes designer products for both men and women. You can find products that go with your new wallet, including:

Travel bags

Types of Men's Wallets

A wallet is any type of case that you use when carrying smaller and personal belongings with you. While you may think that all wallets are exactly the same, designers and manufacturers now offer dozens of different options. Some even claim that there are more than 20 different types of wallets for men available on the market today. 

Though I won’t go over all the options, I will take a detailed look at the more popular choices. Those that use Velcro wallets like those designed for kids won’t appear on this list because I want you to look stylish and feel confident with the right wallet.

Types of Mens Wallets - Bifold Wallet

Different Types of Bifold Wallets

Button wallets
Zippered wallets
Slim wallets
Long wallets
Vertical wallets

Bifold Wallet

The most popular wallet type among men today is one called a bifold. Its name comes from the fact that it has two sides and folds along a central edge. When you open a bifold wallet, you will find two sets of pockets or slots located on each side. 

While some have four to six slots, others have just two or three slots. Those with fewer slots have a slimmer design and won’t create a telltale bulge in your pocket. Bifold wallets have a dedicated area for cash. Some also come with an ID window that lifts up or out.

Trifold Wallet

Men who want to carry more with them often choose trifold wallets over bifold wallets. These wallets have three separate sections that each feature slots and pockets. When you lift up the flap on the front, you will find the second flap beneath. 

Opening both flaps gives you access to the pockets in the center. Trifold wallets usually have a window ID on one flap that can accommodate both your driver’s license and a small amount of cash. 

Not all men like trifold wallets though. Some find that the wallets create bulges in their pants or that the extra storage causes them to carry too much.

Credit Cardholder

Many men today prefer using credit cards to pay for purchases because they can get cashback. Paying with a card also gives you some protection that you wouldn’t get with cash purchases. If you primarily use credit cards or debit cards on a daily basis, a credit cardholder might be a better option for you than a traditional wallet. 

Credit cardholders look like small and thin boxes. The inside features one compartment that can hold three or more cards including a photo ID. Some cardholders have a thin piece of material on top that you flip down to access your cards. Other holders have an extra slot on the front.

Money Clip Wallet

A money clip is essentially a metal clip that you open and close to insert and remove your money. Money clip wallets combine elements of both a wallet and a money clip. 

These products typically feature a small base that acts like a shelf with an attached clip. The base lets you store your cards and cash, while the clip keeps those items together. Money clip wallets are best for guys who use digital services and systems to pay and scan their loyalty cards.

Slim Wallet

One of the more unique options for men today is something called a slim wallet. Also called a hybrid wallet, these products give you all the benefits of a money clip with all the benefits of a traditional wallet. These wallets typically consist of a hard plastic piece or a piece made from another hard material that serves as the base. An elastic strap wraps around the base. 

You put your cards and money on the plastic piece and drop the strap down to secure everything in place. Some men find that the straps wear down quickly though, and others want a wallet that offers more protection.

Phone Case Wallet

Thanks to Apple Pay and similar services, you can now use your smartphone to make payments without reaching for your credit card. As long as you have a valid card linked to your account, you can use your phone to pay for dinner and anything else that you need. 

Phone case wallets let you carry all the basic things that you need with your phone. These wallets act like a case to protect your phone from damage caused by falls and drops. You will also find one or more slots on the back that let you carry your ID and one credit card or some cash.

Coin Wallet

Depending on where you work and what you do on a daily basis, you may prefer something a little more basic like a coin wallet. Designed for men who carry a lot of change with them, these wallets look like small chain purses. Designers often use dark brown or black leather to give these wallets a more masculine look. 

A zipper along one or more sides slides open to reveal a hidden compartment inside that allows you to store cash and change. Many of these wallets have one or more slots inside for your ID or credit cards too.

Checkbook Wallet

Thanks to the advent of the internet, you may not need to use checks anymore. You can pay your utility bills and rent or mortgage online without ever writing a single check. 

If your landlord only accepts checks or money orders or you need to send checks for work, you might prefer a checkbook wallet. Also called breast pocket wallets because they will fit in the pocket of your shirt or coat, these wallets are much longer in size than others are. 

You will find a long space inside that holds your checkbook in place and spaces for your driver’s license, cards, and cash. Some checkbook wallets have a plastic or vinyl flap that lets you write checks without the ink moving through the paper to the wallet.

ID Holder

One of the more basic wallets that appeal to men who take a minimalist approach to life is an ID holder. Instead of giving you tons of space for multiple cards, ID holders have a plastic window on the front with a slot to accommodate your driver’s license or state ID. 

You will also find a second pocket behind the ID window that can hold a small amount of cash or up to two credit cards. Similar holders have an attached coin compartment. 

You can use the window on the front for your ID and then unzip this compartment to store some cash. This compartment is large enough to hold a few other cards too.

Chain Wallet

Chain wallets come in different designs like a trifold or bifold design with a chain attached to one end. This chain has a clip on one end that you can attach to your belt or pants. The chain reduces the risk that you might lose your wallet while on the go. 

Many men who ride motorcycles use chain wallets because the vibrations from the motor can cause their wallets to slip out of their pockets. Chain wallets typically use leather because it is much more durable than other materials.

Sport Wallet

If you lead an active lifestyle and spend a lot of time working out, you might like a sport wallet. Designed for men, these wallets typically use synthetic materials that won’t break down as quickly as other materials can. Many are either water-resistant or waterproof and can stand up to the most intense of workouts. 

A large number of these wallets have a bifold or trifold design and use Velcro to keep the wallet closed. Velcro ensures that the wallet never comes open as you work out. Some of the more popular options look more like coin wallets and have a zipper that keeps the contents of the wallet safe.

Travel Wallet

Passport holders are holders specifically designed for passports. Many of these products have space inside for your state ID and credit cards too. If you spend a lot of time on the road or in the air, you should consider a travel wallet instead of a passport holder. 

Often made from leather, these wallets typically use a bi-fold design that allows you to lift one flap and gain access to all your information and cards. Most have a series of slots designed for credit and debit cards with a small plastic window for your ID. Some travel wallets also have room for passports and cash too.

RFID Wallet

In the comparison chart that you see at the top of this page, you will find that many of the best wallet 2023 products use RFID technology blocking. RFID refers to a type of radio frequency. Scammers use electronic devices that are undetectable to the eye. 

They can take the number, expiration date, and security code off your credit card without you knowing. An RFID-blocking wallet is one that comes with a blocking chip or shield that keeps those devices from penetrating into your wallet and stealing that information. These wallets come in both trifold and bifold designs and have plenty of storage slots.

Types of Mens Wallets - Zippered wallets
Types of Mens Wallets - Slim wallets
Types of Mens Wallets - Bifold Wallet
Types of Mens Wallets - Long wallet

What to Look for in a New Wallet

Looking at all the different types of wallets out there is just one step in finding the right one for you. A wallet is one of the most important things that you use on a daily basis. 

If you ever stopped to grab a coffee before work and realized that you left your wallet on your bedside table, you know just how important a wallet is. I will go over some of the most important features that you can look for to help you find a wallet that can store everything you carry and still fit comfortably in your pocket.

Number of Compartments

When you look at some of the more popular wallets, you’ll find that each one has a different number of compartments. Slim and thin models have fewer compartments and are more lightweight. 

Men who only want to carry the bare necessities and those who want something that won’t add weight to their pockets prefer these wallets. With a slimmer model, you may have just four slots, which will narrow down the number of cards that you can carry. If you use loyalty cards daily and need a debit or credit card to pay for groceries and other items, you will want a wallet with more compartments.

Compartment Fit

It’s equally important that you check the fit of each compartment. When reading through the reviews that customers posted, I found a number of complaints from shoppers that the slots on some wallets didn’t fit their cards. 

While you will want to easily slip your card in each slot, you will also want your cards to come out just as easily. If you find yourself struggling or fighting with your cards, you may want to look for a different wallet. 

Many men also want wallets that come with zippered compartments or pockets. These pockets hold any coins you carry and can keep your cash secure too.

Material Type

Many men think that leather wallets are better than any other type. Each material actually comes with some benefits though that you can look at before you buy.

  • Leather: The most durable material used in wallets today is leather. Leather develops a worn-in appearance over time that many men like.
  • Fabric: Manufacturers use fabric to make basic wallets that are suitable for taking to the gym or using occasionally. While fabric wallets are among the cheapest options out there, the fabric does not last as long as other materials.
  • Faux leather: These materials look just like real leather but cost much less, though faux leather won’t last as long as real leather does.
  • Synthetic materials: Wallets made from synthetic materials are suitable for men who lead active lifestyles. These materials are often waterproof or water-resistant and will last longer than fabric materials do.


One thing that many men either forget to look for or don’t know what they should look for is the turnover of the wallet. This term refers to the way in which the side or sides of the wallet turn and fold over each other or the wallet itself. 

Cheaper wallets will often have a bigger turnover that expands the size of the wallet and lets you fit more things inside. This is something you should avoid though. While you cannot fit as many cards in a wallet with a smaller turnover, you will find that the wallet lasts longer. You can also avoid the creases that form in the material over time.


If you had the choice between a good quality wallet and a poor quality wallet, the odds are good that you would pick the better quality model. You may not get the chance to check out that quality when shopping online, but you can read through the posted reviews to see if customers were happy or unhappy with the overall quality. 

Once you have that wallet in your hands, take the time to look at the stitching. Stitching evenly placed across the sides is a sign of good quality. The material should feel smooth to the touch too and not have any rough spots.


You can take a look at this pie chart to see what wallet colors appeal to men today. Around half of all male shoppers prefer black wallets. Black is a traditional color that goes with everything. 

Many men also like black because it hides stains and damages well. Brown is the next most popular color. Other colors can include red, purple, and yellow. 

You will also find wallets that feature fun graphics like stripes and polka dots and those that have one or more images of popular characters on the front. All of these wallets fall under the other colors section.

Branded Wallets

Brand loyalty is an important part of marketing in today’s world. Manufacturers build brand loyalty among customers, which makes it more likely that those customers will purchase products from the company in the future. 

If you have a Fossil watch or bag that you love, you may find yourself drawn toward the wallets that the company makes. You can purchase a branded wallet that matches the shoes or belt that you bought from a company in the past. Wallets that lack branding can feature the same quality and come with all the features that you want but cost less than branded wallets do.


Though thickness is often more important for women shopping for wallets than men, many men do want to know how thick the wallet is for a few different reasons. This is important to some men simply because of the wide range of things they carry in their wallets. 

A slim design that can only hold a few cards won’t work with them. If you purchase one of these wallets, you may need to leave a few things at home. Some men prefer thinner designs because they want to create a sleeker look. A heavy or bulky wallet might look out of place when tucked into the back of the front pocket of a pair of skinny jeans.

Edge Construction

Whether you buy a leather wallet, one made of canvas, or any other type, you should look at the construction of the edges. Manufacturers will either opt for rolled or sewn edges. With rolled edges, also called folded edges, they simply roll or fold the material over on itself to create the edge. 

This forms a more durable edge that shouldn’t break or wear down. Some wallets have sewn edges that happen because the manufacturers used two or more pieces of material in the construction of the wallet. When the materials come from different dye lots, you may notice a distinct difference in the colors of each piece.

Popular Wallet Colors for Men

Black: 50%

Brown: 30%

All other colors: 20%

Other Options to Consider

Our list of the more popular types of wallets includes chain wallets, travel wallets, bi-folds, and tri-folds, but you may find other types of wallets appealing to you. A popular option for guys who spend a lot of time in the great outdoors is an indestructible wallet that lets them do all their favorite activities without worrying about losing their private information or cash.

Indestructible Wallets

A good choice for men who work in rough and tumble areas is an indestructible wallet. These products are also a good option for guys who travel a lot and those who do adventure spots like off-road mountain biking or rock climbing. 

These wallets feature an outer shell made of aluminum or another durable metal like steel. Many have a button on the side that you press to open the wallet, but some have a zipper that you use instead. 

The inside features individual plastic slots for your ID and any cards you need. Some indestructible wallets are so durable that you can run over one with your car and not damage anything inside.

Plastic Wallet

One type of plastic wallet is something called a JIMI wallet. Named for the company that first introduced these wallets to the market, they come in different colors like bright pink, black, yellow, green, and blue. 

No matter what color you pick, you will get all the space that you need for your belongings while out and about. Similar to indestructible wallets, plastic wallets look like small cases that have a latch or button on the side. 

One press of this latch causes the wallet to spring open. The plastic material used in the case is resistant to scratches and water-resistant.

Armband Wallet

If you run frequently and want to carry identification with you, an armband wallet lets you carry everything you need without feeling weighed down by a wallet. Carrying a wallet in your back pocket or front pocket can impede your movements and leave you feeling sluggish. 

Armband wallets feature a stretchy band that expands to fit over your arm. Some are even large enough to wear on your leg. The attached wallet has either a button that keeps it closed or a zipper. You will have just enough space to carry your driver’s license that helps others know who you are in case of an accident and enough cash to grab a treat on your way home.

Tips for Caring for Your Wallet

  • Go through your wallet at least once a week and remove receipts and anything else that you don’t absolutely need. 
  • Remove all items from a canvas or fabric wallet before tossing them in your washing machine with some clothing and laundry soap. 
  • If you have a leather wallet that gets wet, simply place it in a warm and dry spot for a few hours. Make sure that you remove your cards first. The leather will mold to the shape of anything inside the wallet as it dries.
  • Dents and dings that form in metal wallets come out easily. Open the wallet, find the dent, and press your fingers against the dent from the inside to pop it out.

Cleaning the Window Insert

Tips for Caring for Your Wallet

Things You Can Leave Out of Your Wallet

  • Condoms: Though it’s important that you’re prepared for anything that might happen, you should avoid carrying condoms in your wallet. The motion of the packaging rubbing against your wallet can make that condom ineffective.
  • Old receipts: If you need to keep receipts for work or your taxes, keep those receipts stored in a fireproof box or a safe place in your home. Those pieces of paper just take up valuable space in your wallet.
  • Personal ID cards: While you should always carry your driver’s license, even if you don’t plan on driving, you should leave out any other personal cards like a copy of your diploma or your social security cards. If someone steals your wallet, that information makes it easier for the thief to steal your identity.
  • Large sums of money: Only carry as much money in your wallet as you can afford to lose because you never know when a thief might attack. You can store an emergency $20 or $50 in a hidden spot in your wallet.
  • Multiple business cards: As long as you have a smartphone that you carry with you, you don’t need to keep business cards from clients and others in your wallet. Transfer the contact information to your phone and ditch the cards.
Things You Can Leave Out of Your Wallet

How Much Do Wallets Cost?

Regardless of how much money you have for a new wallet, you can find one that fits within your budget. Designers like Coach and Michael Kors make wallets that can easily cost a few hundred dollars or more. These wallets have the name or the logo of the company on the front and often feature a similar logo on the inside. 

When you buy online from an authorized retailer, you can rest assured that the products available for sale are authentic.

  • Budget-friendly wallets can cost as little as $10 to $20. When buying a cheaper wallet though, you should keep in mind that it probably won’t last very long. Some shoppers only get a few months of use out of a cheap wallet before it falls apart.
  • Spending around $50 for a new wallet lets you bring home one that will last for months or years. Many of the RFID blocking technology wallets cost between $30 and $70.
  • If you must have a designer wallet, you should prepare yourself to spend at least $100. Designer wallets for men often utilize the top trends of the year in the men’s fashion world.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Depending on the type of wallet you own and how often you use it, you may need to replace it at least once every two to three years. Some of the higher quality wallets will last for four to five years or even longer.

A: A wallet gift set is a set that comes with both a wallet and some other accessories. It may include a belt, money clip, jewelry or even socks. All the included accessories match the design and color of the wallet. Most sets come in a gift box that you can easily wrap before giving it away.

A: You can only use a chain with a wallet that has a chain attachment point. This point features a metal grommet that reinforces the leather. That metal keeps the chain from breaking or otherwise damaging the leather.

A: Billfold is a term that refers to wallets with a bifold design. These wallets typically have three slots on each side and a separate area for cash. Billfolds are popular with older men and often use real leather.

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