Best Gaming Chairs

UPDATED May 2024

The right gaming chair for you is one that fits comfortably and lets you play for hours.

CHAIR 2024


Those who spend hours gaming at home will appreciate this game chair, which has padding and support all across the back and an ergonomic design. It comes with rollers for better mobility and is available in different colors to match any room.


With a base that uses five separate rollers, this model moves easily and supports users of different sizes. It has an ergonomic design that offers lots of padding and support for long-term gaming sessions.


The back on this chair is a little too firm for some users. Shoppers also complained about the fabric fading or tearing over time.


Any gamer who loves playing loud games will like the X Rocker, which comes with its own speakers and surround sound system. You can use the buttons on the base of the seat to adjust the sound volume and other features.


Made in America, the X Rocker is a great gaming chair that comes with its own 2.1 surround system, which features two speakers built into the seat. It also features controls that let you easily adjust the volume, bass and other settings when playing games with music and audio.


The X Rocker is not as comfortable as other chairs on for users who are taller or weigh more. It can make those gamers feel like the seat rubs against their backs as they move or sit.


Gamers of all shapes and sizes can use this gaming chair because it adjusts to their body types. The ergonomic design cushions both your upper and lower body to help you feel as comfortable as possible when playing all your favorite games.


GTracing used a combination of PU leather and fabric in this gaming chair, which makes it easy to clean. It also uses an ergonomic designed for added comfort and adjusts to fit the size of any gamer.


Some customers hard problems attaching the wheels to the base of this chair. This model also feels a little stiffer than some customers liked.


As one of the only wireless gaming chairs on the market, the V Rocker is great for those who want to play games and do other things from a seated position. It helps you get in the perfect position for playing for hours without feeling any cramps in your legs or discomfort in your lower body.


Feel comfortable as you sit and rock when listening to music or playing games with the V Rocker. It has an ergonomic design and comes with a speaker system that you connect to your devices without using wires or cords.


Some gamers have a hard time sitting down or getting up from this chair because it sits so low to the ground. Other customers found that the bottom and sides wore down relatively quickly.


Designed for those who love racing games, this Merax chair helps you feel like you’re in a real race car. It features a swivel and moving base that moves with you and extra padding to keep you comfortable during longer races.


The ergonomic design of this racing chair features extra padding on the armrests and on the headrest. It features a back that you can tilt to a 120-degree angle for added comfort.


This chair sits a little too low to the ground for some users. Other shoppers found that it didn’t offer much support for those who weigh more or are taller.

Shopping Guide for Gaming Chairs

Playing video and computer games while sitting in an ordinary desk chair is potentially dangerous. Those chairs do not offer the same support that you’ll get from the best gaming chair. You risk hurting your back and feeling your legs falling asleep when using a simple desk chair when gaming. The best gaming chair 2024 models are great for any type of session. Whether you play for an hour before bed or take a day off for a marathon raid, you get all the comfort and support that you need.

To find the top gaming chair 2024 products, I turned to workers who love playing games as much as you do. They tried out these chairs while playing everything from first-person shooters and farming simulations to racing games and role-playing titles. They noted what they loved most and what they disliked, which helped me narrow down my list from all possible chairs to the top candidates.

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In addition to finding out what gaming chairs I like, I hope that you use all the resources I provide. Not only can you check out the top models and how much those chairs cost, but you can also get an idea of what to look for to find the perfect gaming chair for you.

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Selection Criteria​

I looked for the top gaming chairs available online. That helped me see how much these chairs cost and the reviews that past customers posted. Those reviews allowed me to see which ones kept with their frequent gaming sessions and which ones weren’t worth the investment. I then narrowed down my list to a little more than 20 models that I let serious gamers try out. You can view all the best gaming chairs 2024 models and find out what to look for when shopping on your own.

Expert Tip

Though some people like sitting in bean bag chairs, those chairs don’t offer the support you need for longer gaming sessions.

Selection Criteria - Best Gaming Chairs

The best gaming chair for use in your home office is the DXRacer Formula Series. Though it might look like just another office chair, this one comes loaded with features for gamers like a headrest that wraps around your head to reduce pressure on your shoulders and upper back. 

The ergonomic design of this chair also includes a lumbar cushion that supports your lower and middle back and a slanted seat that helps you get into the most comfortable position for you. Though the seat offers loads of support, it’s also adjustable to let you change positions as quickly as you change games.

Its nylon base features five spindles that keep the chair upright. Each of those spindles has a wheel that rolls smoothly across carpets and any other floors in your home. You’ll also find footrests on the top of each spindle that help you rest your feet to reduce and elevate your legs. As a bonus, the manufacturer offers this chair in several different colors. You can pick a color that matches your favorite game or match the chair to any room.

Best Gaming Chair for Your Home Offices DXRacer Formula Series

Expert Tip

Look for chairs that use only nylon and other breathable fabrics that will keep you from overheating as you play.

I highly recommend the X Rocker for those who love listening to music as much as they love playing games. As a rocker, this model comes with a base that rocks back and forth instead of rolling across the floor. It sits low to the ground, which makes it perfect for use in your living room or bedroom. This chair is too low to use with a desk and computer but will work well for playing console games. 

Music lovers like that it comes with a 2.1 surround sound system. That system includes various ports for plugging in devices like a stereo or music player, but you can also use those ports with your console or headphones. This system also features a subwoofer and two speakers that surround you with the sound of your favorite games and songs. 

As an ergonomic gaming chair, the X Rocker offers support for gamers of all sizes and heights. Its back is slightly taller than those found on other chairs, which will keep your head and shoulders from banging against the top edge. You can use this chair with wireless devices to play games on a console multiple feet away.

Expert Tip

Always compare the size and measurements of the chair to your gaming setup or rig to make sure the two are compatible.

Though you can sit close to a computer or television screen in a standard gaming chair, you can also relax and sit on the floor as you play. I think the V Rocker is the best floor model because it sits right on the floor and offers loads of comfort. Like the other rocker, this one comes with a wireless audio system that will work with all your electronics. 

The system lets you transmit all the sounds from your game right to the chair or to your headphones. You can use the built-in jack to plug in a pair of traditional headphones or use wireless headphones or earbuds with the chair. As an interactive chair, the V Rocker helps you get into your games. As you jump and move with the controller in your hand, the chair will move with you. 

It comes with a built-in subwoofer that causes the chair to move and shake based on the noises coming from your game. The two built-in speakers add to that realistic feeling also. This chair is so comfortable that you might find yourself using it in place of the armchair or recliner you usually sit on in your living room.

Expert Tip

Some people feel more comfortable during longer sessions in a chair that lets them keep both feet on the floor. Floor models will require that you sit and keep your legs stretched out in front of you.

NASCAR and other racing games recreate the thrill and excitement of driving a car around a racetrack. To fully immerse yourself in those games, you need a racing chair like the one from GTracing. This chair uses cloth and PU leather that feels as soft as the seat in a race car does. That combination of materials will keep you from overheating and stop you from slipping and sliding around on the seat. 

Other realistic elements include a lumbar cushion that attaches to the back of the chair and a padded headrest on the top. Designed for any size user, this chair has an adjustable back. You can use it at any angle between 90-degrees and 170-degrees. The manufacturer added a simple safety mechanism that keeps the chair from tipping over or falling backward as you change the angle of the back. 

It also comes with caster wheels on the base that move smoothly across any flooring and won’t catch on the ground. This chair has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable enough for use when playing games, reading, or working on your computer.

Expert Tip

Some racing chairs come with a built-in harness system that lets you strap yourself into the chair as you would when getting in a race car.

Best for Racing Games: GTracing Fabric and PU Gaming Chair

Don’t let friends or the other games you play online convince you that the best gaming chairs cost hundreds of dollars. The Merax Ergonomic Racing Chair costs a fraction of what other chairs cost but still offers lots of support for longer gaming sessions. Its back has a slightly curved design that mimics the curves in the human back, and you can adjust it to a 120-degree angle without worrying about the chair falling over. 

A simple mechanism on the bottom of the seat allows you to change how low you sit on the ground and the angle of the back. Merax opted for PU leather for this chair, which is just as durable as more expensive types of leather.

This model comes with casters on the bottom for moving the chair as you sit anywhere in the room. This leather is easy to clean, which makes it a good choice for those who like to eat or drink as they play. It also comes with instructions that walk you through how to assemble all the parts.

Best for Budget Gamers: Merax Ergonomic Racing Chair

Expert Tip

To clean PU leather, you can just use a damp cloth. Just wipe the cloth across the surface to remove basic stains and debris.

Types of Gaming Chairs

When some people think of gaming chairs, they think of the rockers and floor models that they see in stores. The manufacturers of these chairs offer a wide range of designs to fit the needs of all users. If you play on a console like the PS4 or the XBOX One, you might prefer a floor model that lets you sit as close as possible to your television screen. 

Those who play computer games prefer chairs that they can push right up to the computer screen and slide under their desks. We’ll go over some of the different models to help you find the type that’s right for you.

Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs became popular in the 1960s and 1970s and now have several fans around the world. Many like that these chairs mold to the shape of their bodies and that the chairs change shape based on who sits on one. You can only use a bean bag chair while sitting on the floor though and cannot use one to play computer games. 

Modern chairs use individual pellets inside that can break and wear down over time. You’ll need to replace those pellets to continue using the chair. Manufacturers offer these chairs in different sizes including those large enough for two or more people to use at the same time.


Unlike traditional rocking chairs that have curved feet on the base, gaming rockers have a curved base that rocks on the floor. These sit quite low to the ground and are best for console gamers. Many chairs now come with built-in speakers and stereo systems that let you use a wireless connection to hook up your gaming system and your headphones to that system. Rockers are more comfortable than bean bag chairs and allow you to sit with your legs stretched out in front of you or crossed.

Pedestal Chairs

Pedestal chairs walk the line between traditional office chairs and rockers. The pedestal base lifts the seat off the floor to help you sit with your feet flat on the floor. This reduces pressure in your lower body and also reduces the risk that you might develop a blood clot or circulation problem. Many pedestal chairs come with a built-in audio system and a swiveling seat. You can turn your body and feel the chair move with you.

Racing Chairs

Designed for those who love playing racing games, racing chairs mimic the look of the seats found in race cars. Extra padding on the back and set lets you play for hours without experiencing any discomfort, and you’ll find lumbar support on the chair for your back too. Some refer to these products as video or computer gaming chairs. Though similar to a traditional office chair, these models have higher backs and more padding than most office chairs do.

Expert Tip

Shorter gamers can place a rolled up towel or pillow behind their backs to sit closer to the edge of the chair and put their feet on the ground.

Types of Gaming Chairs

Top Features on Ergonomic Chairs

You might hear the word ergonomic thrown around and not understand what is means. This is a term that refers to products designed with ease of use and comfort in mind. Ergonomic chairs are better for the human body than other types of chairs are and provide more support for both your upper and lower body. Many of these products include some of the same features such as:

  • Lumbar support: This can come in the form of a small pillow/cushion or a padded bar that sits across your lower back.
  • Curved seat: Curved seats mimic the shape of your buttocks to keep you from feeling uncomfortable and to stop you from sliding forward as you sit.
  • Armrests: Most chairs come with armrests that keep your arms at the perfect height and angle to your body.
  • Locking Mechanism: Many manufacturers now include some type of locking mechanism that keeps the back from moving once you adjust it, which keeps you from falling out of the chair.
  • Adjustable features: Gamers often prefer ergonomic chairs that come with adjustable features like an adjustable seat or back, which helps them get in the most comfortable positions for gaming.

Top Features to Look for in a Gaming Chair

Now that you know more about the top gaming chair 2024 products, it’s time to take a look at the top features of those chairs. I made a handy list to show you what you might need or want.

Surround Sound

Many gamers want surround sound systems because they want to go deeper into their favorite games. These systems come with speakers around the chair and on either side that surround you with all the music and talking that you hear in a game. You may want to look for surround sound systems that come with one or more jacks for connecting your console via the included cable.

Wireless Connectivity

Microsoft and other companies that make gaming consoles now make wireless products to go with those consoles. A chair that has wireless connectivity allows you to hook up your earbuds or console without relying on cords you might trip over and cables that will interfere with your movements as you play.


As important as style or chair type is to some, color is even more important to those shoppers. Whether you play games on a computer in your home office or on a console hooked up to a television in your living room or bedroom, you want a chair that blends with the room and doesn’t stick out. Most manufacturers offer chairs in classic colors like black and white with brighter accents in red or blue.

Top Features to Look for in a Gaming Chair

Expert Tip

Check the compatibility feature of the chair to ensure that it will work with your console or computer.

Benefits of Gaming Chairs

The chances are good that you sit in the same place every day to play your games. Whether it’s on the couch, an armchair, or in bed, you might think that you don’t need a dedicated gaming chair. These chairs have some nice benefits that gamers should know about, including:

Proper posture: The problem with sitting in an ordinary chair or on your couch is that you don’t utilize proper posture as you play. Gaming chairs align your back to your lower body to reduce the pain and discomfort that can occur during longer sessions.

Muscle support: When you move abruptly because of something that happened on the screen, gaming chairs will support your muscles to prevent pulls and sprains.

Head and shoulder support: Desk chairs are generally shorter than gaming chairs and have a top lip that stops right above your shoulders. Gaming chairs come with a taller back that supports your head and shoulders to keep you from slouching.

With a chair specifically designed for gaming, you can adjust the seat and back to focus your head and eyes on the screen. When you sit too close to or too far away from the screen, playing games can strain your eyes.

Benefits of Gaming Chairs

Signs You Need a New Chair

If you’re on the fence about investing in a new chair, check out some of the more common signs that it’s time for a new one.

  • You feel pain in your upper or lower back when standing up.
  • You experience discomfort in your buttocks when sitting for any period.
  • The cover of the chair has rips or tears that allow the stuffing to poke through.
  • Some of the built-in features of the chair are not compatible with modern consoles.
  • The casters/wheels on the bottom no longer move as smoothly as they once did.
  • You finally have a dedicated space for gaming and have enough room for a larger chair.
Signs You Need a New Chair

Average Prices on Gaming Chairs

Buying a high-end gaming chair can easily cost you $500 or more. Some shops offer layaway options and pay-as-you-go plans that let you pay a little each week to pay off the chair over time. If you want a chair that you can buy and start using right away, you can look for products priced at or below $500. All the top chairs I found cost $300 or less and will work with the budgets that gamers have in mind. You can look over the chart below to see how much each chair costs.

  • The DXRacer is extremely comfortable and comes with loads of features but retails for right around $300.
  • You can get the X Rocker and enjoy the feeling of rocking and moving as you play for $250.
  • Priced at around $170, the V Rocker allows you to sit close to the floor as you play and stick to your budget.
  • Another budget option if the GTracing for racing game enthusiasts, which retails for $150.
  • You can bring home the Merax Ergonomic Racing Chair for less than $100 and play all types of games in your home.

Expert Tip

High-end chairs for gamers cost more but come with features like built-in cup holders and storage for your gaming accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: PU leather is a type of material often used on gaming chairs. Manufacturers use real leather that they cover with a piece of polyurethane, which they emboss to make the polyurethane look and feel like leather. This gives you the look that you want at a lower price.

A: Racing and other chairs designed for use with desks and computers come with casters or wheels on the bottom. Those casters can crack or otherwise break from constant use or when larger users sit on the chair. You can replace those casters with new wheels. Some gamers customize their chairs with different casters too.

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