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UPDATED May 2024

With the right gadgets in your bathroom, you can save time and money. Our shopping guide helps you easily find the best hair clippers for you.



Suitable for everyday use, this Oster hair clipper will last for years with regular maintenance. The built-in hanging loop helps you easily store the clipper too.


The classic design of this clipper might make you remember those your dad and grandfather both used. It works especially well at closer cuts such as buzz cuts.


This model is fairly large and may not feel right in your hands. Some guys prefer models that come with more modern features.


This set is a good value and a great deal because it comes with so many accessories such as trimming guards. You also get a durable warranty from the manufacturer.


Suitable for any guy, this hair clipper set can save you some money. It comes loaded with self-sharpening blades and guards that you can easily attach to the top of the clipper.


You may need to experiment with the various settings to make it work for you. As this is a corded model, it’s not as easy to use as others are.


With a curved design and curved blades inside, this clipper moves smoothly across any head. It comes with a charger and a lithium-ion battery that lasts for up to 40 minutes.


Designed for use on the bumpiest of heads, this Remington clipper will move easily across the skin. This model is washable and comes with a rechargeable battery.


A few guys noted that this clipper pulled on their hair and caused them some pain. Some shoppers also received combs that broke after a few uses.


With a classic design and a high-speed motor, this clipper would benefit any guy who cuts his hair at home. The blade adjusts to different sizes with a single push of a lever.


The aluminum housing on this clipper protects the motor as it runs, and the carbon steel blade lasts longer than stainless steel blades do. Its adjustable design makes it suitable for shared homes.


The case on this clipper can become so hot that you can’t hold it. Some guys thought it was just a little too heavy.


With a number of included guards that each use a different color, this model makes cuts and trims easy. The clipper itself tells you what each color means right on its housing.


The self-sharpening blades on this Wahl clipper stay as sharp as possible for everyday cuts and trims. Its housing has an ergonomic design for comfortable use.


The motor on this Wahl model is louder than those in other clippers. Some guys didn’t like how much maintenance the clipper required for daily use.

Shopping Guide for the Best Hair Clippers

Depending on the shop that you visit, you might pay $10 to $20 or more for a full haircut or a quick trim. If you buy the best hair clippers for 2024, that pair will pay for itself after just a few trims. Not only can you save money with the best hair clippers, but you can save some time too. Instead of finding time to head to the barber’s shop, you can cut your hair at home. You can also use a pair to give yourself a quick trim every few days.

The top hair clippers for 2024 come from some of the top manufacturers, including Wahl and Remington. We picked those models because of the great reputations that the makes have.

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Shopping Guide for the Best Hair Clippers

 The best model for you though might be one that lets you add some fading to the side of your head or one that you can use for a quick buzz cut. We also found models that you can use with one hand and those that let you take care of your sideburns too. You can learn more about the top five hair clippers we found in the matrix above and through the more detailed product reviews found below.

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Selection Criteria

The chances that two guys will pick the same hair clippers are slim to none. Guys want different models because of how they cut their hair and how much they want to spend. You may want a clipper that you can use on your own head and when cutting the hair of your kids or other loved ones too. To find the best clippers around, we started our search with some expert advice. Not only did we look at what some of the more popular websites say, but we also looked at what actual barbers think. That helped us find the best clippers sold today from the top brands and manufacturers.

To make sure that those models are still available, we looked on Amazon. If any product was no longer sold, we removed it from our list. As we looked at the top models, we read through customer reviews. This helped us eliminate models with a large number of critical reviews. You can rest assured that every clipper on our list gives you the best bang for your buck. These hair clippers are suitable for anyone who wants to save time and money with haircuts that they can do and give at home.

Selection Criteria - design
Selection Criteria - motor
Selection Criteria - review
Selection Criteria - price

What is a Hair Clipper?

A hair clipper is essentially a grooming tool that you can use at home. They often have a set of blades inside that extend out slightly over the housing. Those blades can use a stainless steel material, though experts typically recommend those made from carbon steel. You’ll find models designed for professional use as well as home use. Those designed for professional use are usually more expensive and designed for barbers who handle multiple customers every day. The blades inside the clipper cut any hair that they touch. You can move the entire tool across the top of your head to make sure that you get the right look.

Hair clippers typically come with multiple accessories too. You might look for one with a carrying case, which helps you get a more professional look in the middle of a business trip. Most guys want a set that comes with more than one guard too. You can change that guard based on how much of your hair you want to cut. Though some models have a long cord, others are cordless and use a rechargeable battery to cut your hair. We’ll go over corded vs. cordless hair clippers and other criteria in each section of this shopping guide.

How Do Hair Trimmers Compare to Clippers?

Though hair trimmers and clippers often look quite similar, trimmers only work on shorter hair. Trimmers are best for guys who want to maintain a shorter style. If you use a trimmer on longer hair, you risk clogging the blades and damaging the motor.

What is a Hair Clipper - 1
What is a Hair Clipper - 2

With a durable housing and a rugged cord, the Classic 76 clipper from Oster looks like a model from another era. It actually looks exactly like those used by men during the 1970s. Though you may think that you need modern features and settings, these clippers are great for guys who want a convenient way to trim their hair. It also does great for guys in the military and those who want a buzz cut because it gets so close to your head. This model is especially popular among professional barbers who cut hair daily because of its ergonomic design. A few guys thought the Classic 76 was too heavy or large though.

While you won’t get a ton of accessories with this one, you will get the oil and grease that keeps the motor running and the blade smooth. It also comes with a cleaning brush for fast removal of hair. The detachable blade easily removes from the clipper to let you pick the length/setting that is right for your hair. We also like the nine-foot power cord that comes on this model and its hanging loop. That loop makes storage a breeze, while the longer cord lets you move easily while cutting hair.

Included Guards

If you want a buzz cut, you might think that you can simply run a pair of clippers all over your head and call it a day. Most types of cuts actually require a different type of guard though. Manufacturers assign the smallest number to the shortest guard. For example, a number one guard corresponds to a 1/8 inch cut. A number eight guard, which is the largest size available, does a full inch cut. You’ll usually see the number of the guard listed on the front. We like the Wahl Color Pro Complete because it comes with guards in different colors and puts both the color and the guard size on the housing of the clipper.

Guards help you more easily cut your hair and do some trips. As long as you know what size you or your barber usually uses, you’ll have no problem selecting which size to use at home. Some hair clippers do not come with guards though. The tip of the blade extends out from the clipper and works with a lever on the side. You will need to press this lever to adjust the blade height, which will determine how much hair it removes.


Included Guards

Professional vs. Home Hair Clippers

If you handed your barber the same clippers that you use at home and ask for a haircut, he would likely laugh at you. Barbers use professional clippers designed for constant and regular use. Many of these models have a long cord that they can plug into a wall outlet and still have enough space to work around their clients. Pro models typically have a more durable housing too that keeps the inside safe from damage. That housing has vents that allow the hot air produced by the motor to flow away from the clipper. While you can buy a pro model for home use, you may need to experiment with it more to get the results that you want.

Hair clippers designed for home use are often much more affordable. These models do not require a lot of experience and are easy to use. As long as you can reach every area of your head, you can use a home model. We highly recommend those that come with guards and an adjustable lever. That lever lets you change the height of the blade whenever you want. Those that come with included guards help you do both cuts and trims.

Professional vs. Home Hair Clippers

What Motor Do You Need?

One thing you should look at when comparing hair clippers is the type of motor inside. The most expensive clippers often come with a rotary motor. Some guys prefer this type because the motor runs quietly. You can do a quick trim in the morning without waking up your family. These motors can run for hours without breaking down and without overheating. Another benefit to a rotary motor is that it will work on any type of hair without breaking. You can also change the speed of this motor too.

Most of the models on our list have a magnetic motor inside. These clippers are best for guys who just want to cut their hair without dealing with a lot of maintenance. You don’t need to oil the blades or do any other regular cleaning. The problem with magnetic motors is that they don’t work well on coarser types of hair. You may have a problem using one on longer or thicker hair too. Some models come with a pivot motor too. This type of motor can cut your hair while it’s still wet without that moisture damaging the motor. Some guys also like that pivot motors run faster than the other types do.


Never put hair clippers directly under running water without first making sure that it is washable. Some models require oil rather than water. If you place the housing or the blades on those models under running water, you risk killing the motor.

Blade Type

In the same way that you can choose from different types of razor blades for shaving your hair, you can also choose from different blades when picking out hair clippers. The most common type used today is stainless steel. Stainless steel comes in different grades and is sharp enough that it will remove hair without dragging against your skin. If you notice that the blades seem to grab your hair and pull, you need to replace or sharpen them. Carbon steel is a modern day alternative to stainless steel. It’s often much stronger and will last longer too. Carbon steel can retain its sharp edge throughout dozens of haircuts. The main benefit of a clipper with a carbon steel blade is that it will cut as close as possible to your skin without causing any pain.

A few manufacturers today offer models that come with ceramic blades. Many like that ceramic does not become as hot as metal does. Even if you leave your clippers running, the heat produced by the motor will not affect the blades. You can run the blades right over your head without feeling worrying about burning yourself. Though pro clippers often feature ceramic blades, they aren’t as popular among models designed for home use.

Blade Type

Wahl has a great reputation for its personal grooming products such as this clipper kit, which comes bundled with good accessories and tools. You also get a great warranty that covers the motor and all the other included parts. The self-sharpening blades inside are easy to maintain because the metal blades will automatically sharpen as you cut your hair. Though some prefer wireless models, the cord on this clipper measures eight feet long and will give you plenty of space to work without standing right next to an outlet. It also comes with a storage case and a nylon bag for storing the clippers and the included guards.

Those guards are one of the best features of this model. Each one has a Secure Fit design that makes it easy for you to attach the guards to the clipper. This design also keeps the guards from sliding off as the motor runs. Many guys like that the number of the guard appears in bold colors on the front of each one. This is a good value and a great choice for those who want to save money on cuts and trims. The set comes with a blade guard, cord wrap and some grooming and styling tools.

Benefits of Corded Hair Clippers

As you look at the products that we found, you might notice that the majority of those hair clippers are corded models. While some guys love the freedom that cordless models provide, others find that corded clippers are better for them. With a corded model, you never need to worry about how much life is in the battery. These models are typically more powerful too. When choosing one, you need to make sure that it will work with the outlets of your home. Some will only work with a grounded outlet, while others feature a standard two-prong cord. Hair clippers designed for use in North America are not compatible with the outlets found overseas, which may be important if you travel often.

You’ll also want to consider the length of the included cord, especially if you have a larger home. If you purchase a clipper with a short cord, you won’t have all the freedom that you need. You may even find that you can only use the clipper in one area or room of your home because you need both a mirror and an outlet. Though cordless models are popular with younger guys, most men prefer the power of corded clippers.

Possible Cons of Corded Hair Clippers

Benefits of Corded Hair Clippers - cord
Benefits of Corded Hair Clippers - damage the cord
Benefits of Corded Hair Clippers - Pets
Benefits of Corded Hair Clippers - weight of the clipper
Benefits of Cordless Hair Clippers

Benefits of Cordless Hair Clippers

Before you begin searching for corded hair clippers, you should consider some of the benefits of cordless models. With cordless clippers, you can get in a quick trim anywhere you go. As long as the battery has enough power, you can even use one in the middle of the woods on a camping trip. Most of these models come with a rechargeable battery and a charger. You’ll find some models with a cord that you plug into the wall. This charger provides the power that you need at the same time that it charges your battery. This gives you the chance to cut your hair while the battery is charging. Others require that you plug the clipper into a charger and fully charge the battery before you use it.

Another benefit to a cordless clipper is that you can use get in a trim when you have no power at all. Even if the power fails in the middle of the night, you’ll still have a full battery that you can use the next day. Many guys also like that these clippers offer a more convenient way to cut their hair. You never need to worry about a cord getting in your way or blocking you from reaching certain parts of your head.

Possible Cons of Cordless Hair Clippers

One of the most unique hair clippers we found is the Shortcut Pro from Remington, which fits in the palm of your hand. Not only does the housing have a curved design to fit comfortably in your hand, but the blades inside have a curved design also. Those blades will move smoothly across your head to get as close to the skin as you want. You can use this model for a quick and convenient trim or to remove more hair to create a buzz cut. This model is completely washable too and lets you remove hair and clean the inside right in your sink.

The included combs snap onto the front of the clipper and let you pick the length that is best for you. No matter what size you use, you’ll find that the clipper leaves every single strand of hair the same length. Guys looking for wireless hair clippers give this Remington model high ratings. They liked that they could use it with or without the cord. Even if the battery needs charging, you can still get in a quick trim. The included charger works quickly to give you the power that you need. Thanks to the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you get 40 minutes of cutting power.

What to Consider in Cordless Hair Clippers

  • Runtime: The first thing you should consider is the overall run time of the battery. While some can run for 40 to 60 minutes or more before you need to charge the battery, other models may last for just 20 minutes.
  • Charging time: You also need to look at how long it takes to charge the battery. Some models have a quick charge feature that lets you get a few minutes of power with a quick charge. It can take hours to fully charge the battery though.
  • Replaceable battery: Some guys may want a model that comes with a replaceable battery. If you buy two, you can leave a fully charged battery in your bathroom cabinet and keep another in the clipper. When that first battery dies, you can quickly pop in the second and charge the other one. Some clippers feature a built-in battery that you cannot remove.
  • Usage: You’ll also want to look at how much use you can get out of the battery on a single charge. While the runtime tells you how long the battery will last as you use it, the usage time tells you how long the battery will last completely. This tells you whether you can leave the clipper sitting out without worrying about the battery dying between uses.

Expert Tip

We also recommend looking at how many times you can run and use the clipper before the battery dies. This figure typically combines the usage time with the runtime.

What to Consider in Cordless Hair Clippers

Wet vs. Dry Grooming

Whether you shave your head completely bald or leave up to a few inches of hair behind, you may want to prep your head before you begin cutting. The way in which you prep your hair and skin will help you decide between clippers designed for wet or dry grooming. Dry grooming is exactly what it sounds like: a type of grooming that you can do without any type of liquid. Most hair clippers perform well when it comes to dry grooming. You can use the clipper anywhere on your head without wetting down your hair or even taking a shower first.

If you like cutting your hair immediately after getting out of the shower or while your hair is wet though, you’ll want to look for one that can handle wet grooming. These models are both washable and come with a housing that is resistant to water. Even if you use a styling cream in your hair, that cream will not damage the clipper. A handful of models can handle both wet and dry grooming, which gives you the freedom to change up your routine every day. Most wet models are more suitable for trimming and shaving than haircuts though.

Wet vs. Dry Grooming

Choosing Clippers Based on Warranty

We briefly mentioned some of the warranty information associated with different hair clippers, but you may want to learn even more about the warranty before you buy, including:

  • Month/year coverage: The first thing you should look at is how long the warranty lasts in terms of months or years. You should never spend your money on a model with a warranty that lasts less than one year. The best clippers come with a warranty that will last for between three and five years.
  • Repair vs. replace: You should also look at what the manufacturer will do when you file a warranty claim. Some companies will require that you send the clipper back to the site you bought it from or that you send it to the company. The company will then repair the clipper and ship it back to you, which can take weeks or even months. Other companies will replace your clipper with a new version of the same or an upgraded model.
  • Refund: If you are completely unhappy with the hair clippers that you buy, you’ll want to know if you can get your money back. Many companies offer a money back guarantee that will refund your purchase price when you send back the product. You may not get back the money you spent on shipping though.

What Should the Warranty Cover?

Choosing Clippers Based on Warranty - Blades
Choosing Clippers Based on Warranty - Cord or battery
Choosing Clippers Based on Warranty - charger
Choosing Clippers Based on Warranty - Guards

If you want a hair clipper that lets you get professional results at home, you want this model from Andis Master. It performs just as well in shops that see dozens of customers a day as it does in your own home. The high-speed motor inside produces up to 14,000 strokes every single minute to help you cut or trim your hair as quickly as possible. You can use it to create any type of cut and to trim your sideburns and taper the edges of your hair too. Many guys love that it’s easy to use and that it runs so quietly.

Unlike other models that require a number of different steps to adjust the blade, this model has a built-in lever. With just one simple push of this lever, you can adjust the height of the blade based on the look that you want to rock. You can even adjust the blade while you’re in the middle of a haircut. Other features that guys liked include the aluminum housing and the carbon steel blade. That blade lasts at least twice as long as basic stainless steel blades do, while the housing protects the inside from water and damage.

What to Consider in a Clipper Design

  • Weight: The best clippers are those that weigh less than their competitors. You need to consider the total weight of the item, including both the attached cord or the rechargeable battery. Those that weigh more can cause some discomfort and may feel so heavy that you can’t completely cut your hair without taking a few breaks.
  • Small shape: Though some guys swear by larger clippers, others know that they can handle smaller models easily. A small shape helps you reach areas of your head that you would otherwise miss, including the spots on the back of your neck and around your ears. If the clipper is too large, you’ll have a hard time maneuvering it around your head.
  • Ergonomic handle: Unless the clipper features an ergonomic handle, you should take it off your list of potential buys. An ergonomic handle is one specifically designed to reduce user fatigue. It will typically be smaller in the center and wider on both the top and the bottom to accommodate your palm.
  • Comfort grip: We also recommend looking for hair clippers with some type of comfort grip on the handle. This grip usually features a textured surface that protects your skin from the heat produced by the motor. If also allows you to hold the clipper when your hands are moist.

When to Choose a Hair Trimmer

What to Consider in a Clipper Design - neatly trimmed
What to Consider in a Clipper Design - bathroom
What to Consider in a Clipper Design - grooming needs
What to Consider in a Clipper Design - save money

Do You Need a Quiet Motor?

If you ever used clippers or trimmers before, you know how loudly some can run. Some of the models we looked at run so loudly that others can hear you on a different floor or in a different room. While you may not want to look too closely as the sound level of different models, you’ll typically want to find one that runs a little quieter. When you buy one with a loud motor, it might limit how often you can do some personal grooming based on the other people in your home. With a quiet motor, you can tackle all your grooming needs while your family members are watching television or playing games and while they’re asleep. The quietest clippers are best for those who live in shared homes.

The best way to find out about the sound level of one specific model is with a look at the description created by the manufacturer. Many companies will tell you the exact number of decibels produced as the motor runs. If you cannot find this information in the product description, you can check the customer reviews. Those reviews will often make note of any loud motors and help you find one that is as quiet as you need.

Expert Tip

The loudest hair clippers for men are usually the cheapest models. Those that cost more and come with a rotary motor will run smoothly and quietly.

Do You Need a Quiet Motor

Thick vs. Thin Hair

There is nothing worse than running a clipper through your hair and feeling it stick to your hair. When you buy the wrong model and one that won’t work with your hair type and texture though, you might experience this program every time you try to cut your hair. Most men have hair that is either thin or thick with a coarse or smooth texture. African American men and other minorities often have coarser hair that requires special tools. The blades must be sharp enough that they will work together to cut hair close to the root. You’ll also want to look at whether you can closely maneuver the clipper around your head.

Most of the cheap models we saw will only work with thin or fine hair. The blades will move smoothly across your scalp and remove any hair above the guard. Some of the more expensive models are best for guys with thick and/or coarse hair. The blades on those models will clip the hair right at the guard line and will leave the edges feeling smooth to the touch. You must make sure that you buy a set that will work with your hair type and the type of hair of anyone else who will use it.

Thick vs. Thin Hair - straight
Thick vs. Thin Hair - wavy
Thick vs. Thin Hair - curly

The best hair clippers for guys on a tight budget is this kit from Wahl. The eight included blade guards each correspond to a different length and let you get the close trim that you want. If you lose the manual, you won’t worry about which guard to use because that information appears right on the housing too. There is even an included guard that helps you easily trim the hair around each of your ears. The housing has an ergonomic design that you can use with either hand without feeling any discomfort. This housing has both a soft exterior and a thumb switch for adjusting the blade.

Included with this model are self-sharpening carbon steel blades that will remain as sharp as possible throughout dozens of trims and full cuts. As a complete hair cutting kit, this set comes with accessories you won’t get with other models too such as a barber’s comb for closer trims and a styling comb for trying out new looks. You also get scissors and guards for trimming specific areas of your head. Wahl even gives you a plastic case with compartments inside for the clippers and all the accessories. This case has a carrying handle for use on vacation too.

What Accessories Should You Look for?

  • Blade guard: The most important accessory that you need is a blade guard. This sits on top of the blade and on the end of the clipper. A guard protects the blade from rust and all other types of damage.
  • Ear combs: If you like keeping your hair neatly trimmed around your ears or you have thick sideburns, you should look for a model that comes with ear combs. You’ll get one for the left ear and one for the right. Each one protects your ears and the skin on your face from the blade.
  • Cleaning brush: A cleaning brush is one of the most important tools that you’ll get in a kit. This small brush has a tiny handle with attached bristles. You can use it to carefully clean out the clipper and remove hair that could otherwise clog the motor.
  • Manual: You shouldn’t buy any hair clippers without first making sure that it comes with a manual. This manual will give you tips on using the clipper and show you how to clean and maintain it too. It might include warranty information as well.
  • Other tools: Some of the top hair clippers we found also come with combs and scissors. Those tools help you even out any patchy areas and trim your mustache.

Did You Know?

Professional hair clippers usually do not come with any added tools or accessories. The manufacturers of these products assume that customers already have the tools that they need.

What Accessories Should You Look for

Required Maintenance

You must also consider the amount of maintenance that different hair clippers will require. This lets you know how long you can use that model and how much time you’ll need to spend taking care of it. Most of these models require a regular application of oil. You’ll get a small bottle or container of oil inside the box. Once you remove the cap, you can place a few drops of the oil right onto the blade. You’ll then turn on the clipper and let the blades run to thoroughly coat each one with the oil. If you run out of the oil and cannot find a new bottle, you can use ordinary olive oil.

Some models are a little easier to clean because you can put the blades right under the faucet and let the water run for a few seconds. That liquid will wash away any hair or other debris stuck on the blades. No matter what type of clipper you buy, you’ll also need to use the small brush that comes in the package. This brush has bristles that will not break off. You can run the brush right over the blades and down the sides of the handle to remove debris.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Clipper Blades

Required Maintenance - clipper rips
Required Maintenance - cuts scrapes
Required Maintenance - damage blade
Required Maintenance - rough hair

Signs You Need New Hair Clippers

  • Pain and/or discomfort: Good clippers will cut hair without pulling or tugging on each strand. If you experience any pain or discomfort when cutting your hair, you’ll want to replace your clippers.
  • Changing styles: Your old clippers might work great for the style that you rocked over the last few years. When you decide to mix things up and create a brand new look though, you may need a new pair. The best models can help you stay on top of all the hottest hair trends of 2024.
  • No juice: A common sign that you need to replace a cordless clipper is when the battery no longer has any juice or power. You might notice that it doesn’t cut as long as it did before or that the battery keeps cutting in and out. If you have a valid warranty, you should contact the manufacturer first. Replacing that battery and/or the charger might fix your problem without requiring that you replace the entire clipper.
  • Too large or heavy: If your current hair clipper is too large or heavy for you to use, consider replacing it with a lighter and thinner model. You may have a difficult time reaching the back of your head or simply trimming your sideburns because the clipper is so big and heavy.

How Long Do Hair Clippers Last?

With proper maintenance, a pair of hair clippers will last for two to five years or longer. Some men still use models that they purchased more than a decade ago. Professional clippers and those that cost more will last longer. The cheapest hair clippers may last for just six months to a year.

Signs You Need New Hair Clippers - Oster Classic
Oster Classic
How Much Do Hair Clippers Cost on Average - Wahl Clipper
Wahl Clipper
Signs You Need New Hair Clippers - Remington Shortcut
Remington Shortcut
Signs You Need New Hair Clippers - Andis Master
Andis Master
Signs You Need New Hair Clippers - Wahl Color Pro
Wahl Color Pro

Tips for Cutting Hair with Hair Clippers

  • Use only on clean hair: Using hair clippers on dirty hair is potentially risky because that dirt and oil can leave behind a residue that wears down the blades. You should always wash your hair first and run a comb through it to remove tangles before reaching for the clippers.
  • Move slowly and in the right direction: As you use the clippers, you’ll want to hold the handle tightly in one hand and place the blades directly against the strands. The guard should sit flat on your head and move with the grain of your hair. When you work slowly, you can make sure that you didn’t miss any spots and that you chose the right length.
  • Work with a comb: When working on long hair, always use a comb to pull the strands away from your head. You can place a comb flat on your head and pull it back while lifting it up. This allows you to move the clipper across your head without the hair tangling around the blade.
  • Follow up: Once you finish cutting your hair, you can go over your sideburns and neck. You’ll typically want to use a smaller guard on your neck to get the blade closer to your skin. We recommend using the same guard on your head as you do on your sideburns.

Expert Tip

If you have extremely thick or coarse hair, you should consider using thinning scissors first. These scissors have unique blades that will help you trim your hair without leaving behind uneven or patchy spots. Once you thin out your hair, you can go over your head with the clippers.

Tips for Cutting Hair with Hair Clippers

How to Stay Clean While Cutting Your Hair at Home

Some guys don’t like cutting their hair at home because of the mess that it leaves behind. A good way to keep your home clean is with some of the steps that professional barbers follow. You’ll want to start with a sheet that you lay down on the floor. When you sit on a chair on top of that sheet, any hair that you cut will land on the cloth and not on your floor. You may want to wrap a sheet or a towel around your neck too, which will keep any stray hair from sticking to your clothing or fall inside your shirt.

Once you finish cutting your hair, you can remove the towel and empty it into the trashcan before doing the same thing with the towel. As stray hairs can cling to the fabric, you may want to put the sheets directly in the washer to clean them. The odds are good that you’ll find some hair stuck to your face and neck. A good way to remove those hairs is with a neck brush. This type of brush features a thick handle with bristles arranged in a circle around the bottom. You can brush it across your skin or have someone else do it to brush off any loose hairs.

Tools You Need to Cut Your Hair at Home

How to Stay Clean While Cutting Your Hair at Home - Hair clippers
Hair clippers
How to Stay Clean While Cutting Your Hair at Home - Scissors
How to Stay Clean While Cutting Your Hair at Home - Comb
How to Stay Clean While Cutting Your Hair at Home - Trimmer
How to Stay Clean While Cutting Your Hair at Home - Brush

Tips for Maintaining Your Clippers

  • Clean the guards: No matter what size guards you use, you should clean each one in between uses. All you need is some soap that you rub over the surface and some water that you use to rinse them off. You can then let the guards drive while you work on the other parts.
  • Check for stray hairs: Once you remove the guard, you can get a good look at the blades and see if there are any hairs stuck to the blades. The included brush is strong enough to remove all those hairs.
  • Add oil: Some models ask that you apply the oil while the motor is on, while others say to apply the oil and then turn on the motor. You should consult your manual to determine which method is right for your clipper. Some clippers also have a small compartment on the front or side for oil too. If your model has this feature, you’ll add a few drops of oil after removing the cap.
  • Store in a dry place: No matter what clippers you buy, you should always store the set in a cool and dry place. If your set came with a carrying case, you can insert the clipper and all accessories into the compartments inside.
Tips for Maintaining Your Clippers

Top Haircut Trends for 2024 You Can Create with Hair Clippers

The hottest haircuts for men for 2024 include some classic and a few unique styles. You can create any of these looks at home with your clippers and some reference photos that show what that style looks like.

The crew cut is a popular style that features short hair on the sides and longer hair on the top. To update this look for 2024, you can try fading the sides up towards the top or keeping the sides a little longer.

You can also try the undercut, which features shaved sides and much longer strands on top. This style adds a little bit of punk rock to your daily look.

You might want to go with the low fade too. This look combines thick hair on top with shorter hair that fades up to the top on the sides. A low fade features longer hair on the sides though that is almost as long as the hair on the top of your head.

The buzz cut is also popular with guys today because it’s a classic look that never goes out of style. Creating a buzz cut with clippers is easy because you use just one guard all over your head.

Top Haircut Trends for 2018 You Can Create with Hair Clippers

How Much Do Hair Clippers Cost on Average?

The Wahl Color Pro Complete that we added to our list retails for right around $20. You can get a good clipper for $30 or less. Some of the models in this price range actually retail for as little as $10. Those cheaper models are suitable for guys who have thin or fine hair as well as those who only cut or trim their hair a few times a month. If you want a pair of clippers that you can use more often though, you should spend a little more. A set that retails for $30 up to around $70 will work well on most types of hair. You can use them on every member of your family and your own hair without worrying about the blades wearing down or the motor overheating.

If you want the best hair clippers that money can buy, you’ll want to look for those in the $75 to $150 price range. Most of these are professional models that can handle daily use. You can use one to trim your hair every morning and give yourself a more extensive cut on the weekends. Most of the top hair clippers come with accessories such as a storage case and blade guards.

How Much Do the Best Hair Clippers Cost?

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The hair clippers that groomers use and those you see online designed for dogs are quite similar to those designed for humans. Most of the sets for pets come with more guards though. As long as you can keep your pet calm and you understand how to use the clippers, you can use the same set for both you and your pet. We recommend models that run quieter for use on dogs though.

A: The best way to learn how to use new hair clippers is with a look at the included instructions. Many companies now include a DVD that shows you some of the different looks that you can achieve with your clippers. You’ll also find tips on different websites and with videos that are available on YouTube.

A: Most manufacturers give you accessories that are compatible with other clippers, including the blade guards and oils. You can use those same oils as a lubricant on any clippers. Not all manufacturers offer compatible accessories though. You might purchase clippers that will only work with guards designed by the same manufacturer.

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