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UPDATED May 2024 

With the right beard trimmer, you can more conveniently shave and keep your beard neatly trimmed. Our shopping guide to beard trimmers includes the best of the best.   



This 13-piece beard trimming kit comes with almost everything you need to keep your beard neat and trimmed at home. It even comes with a battery that lasts for up to 60 minutes.


The steel blades on this set actually sharpen themselves as you cut and will last for up to two years. This set is more convenient than others because you don’t need to use blade oil.


You may want a wider range of blade guards to work with the length of your beard. It may catch on some longer hairs also.


As one of the top beard trimmers around, the Milano is great for men with mustaches and those who want to trim the hair on other parts of their bodies. It has 19 settings and will work for wet or dry shaving.


The Milano has the angled blades necessary to provide you with a clean and sharp shave. As it works with wet shaving applications, you can take it right into the shower with you.


You might not like how long it takes to charge the included battery before you can use this trimmer. Some guys thought it took too long to clean.


Suitable for use anywhere on your body, this Wahl trimmer is great for fast and easy touch-ups in the middle of the week. It comes with four guards and attachments for different grooming jobs.


Perfect for use at home or while traveling, this trimmer works with both 110v and 220v outlets. It has an LED bulb that blinks as it charges and comes on fully when charged.


It may not have as much power as you need, especially if you have a longer or thicker beard. Some guys loved the trimmer but wish it lasted longer than it did.


When combined with the various guards and tools, this trimmer can handle seven different jobs. It works for up to 60 minutes at a time and functions as a precise and detailed shaving tool.


You can use the included razor and guards to get the clean shave that you want and to create a more detailed look. This model works well on both shorter and longer beards.


Some guys with thicker beards or more growth had a hard time using this trimmer. You may need to contact Braun directly because it stops charging.


The ceramic blade on this trimmer is stronger than stainless steel and can last longer too. It runs quietly and will last for up to four hours on a single charge.


With eight included guards, this trimmer will work with all types of facial hair. You’ll like that the lithium-ion battery fully charges in just three hours too.


This trimmer doesn’t work that well for wet shaving. Some guys also complained that the trimmer required too much cleaning and maintenance.

Shopping Guide for the Best Beard Trimmer

While the wild and crazy beard look is popular among some guys today, others prefer to tame their wild facial hair with the best beard trimmer. These little devices are quite easy to use and let you get a more professional and clean look in just a few minutes. The best beard trimmer for 2024 that meets all your needs might just be one of the ones on our list. You can view our top five choices above and find out even more about those trimmers below. We worked hard to find the top beard trimmers that guys can use with the bushiest of beards.

A beard trimmer typically looks like the hair clippers that you use when trimming your dome. Most models have one or more buttons on the handle that you can use to adjust the height of the blade and turn on the trimmer.

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Shopping Guide for the Best Beard Trimmer

You’ll also find blades made from either stainless steel or a ceramic material. Our top models come with different guards too that will keep that moving blade away from your skin. To find the ultimate trimmer for your beard and mustache, you should read each part of our shopping guide and compare the top five trimmers we found.

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Selection Criteria

While we could simply five the most expensive or the cheapest beard trimmers available and rank them for you, we wanted to find the best products around. To find those trimmers, we consulted with some experts to see which models they use in their own personal lives and which models they use on their clients. We also found online articles that back up our choices. You can view those articles and find out even more about these trimmers via any of the links at the bottom of the page. We also checked with Amazon to read product reviews and descriptions and to make sure that all the trimmers we picked are available for sale.

Some of the top things we looked for in those reviews include the maintenance required to keep those trimmers working and how long they lasted. We immediately removed any trimmer that died within a few months or experienced any other problems. Each of the top five trimmers that appear on our list will last for a year or more and are easy to use. We highly recommend that you read through all the information that we found and that you then compare the pros and cons of all the best beard trimmers.

Selection Criteria - Best Beard Trimmer

Top Products and What Customers Thought

What Can You Do with a Beard Trimmer?

If you think that you can only use a beard trimmer on your beard, think again. Many of the top models come with both guards and attachments that you can use on other parts of your body too.

  • Remove and trim ear hairs: No matter how old you are, you might notice some hairs sprouting out of your ears. Many beard trimmers come with attachments that you can insert right into your ear. This attachment will cut and trim or remove any hairs it touches.
  • Clean your nose: You can also use a beard trimmer to remove those long hairs you see coming out of your nose. The best way to do this is with the same attachment you used in your ears. It allows you to get close to those hairs without going too far into your nose and without ripping the hairs out.
  • Groom private areas: Women today like guys who take the time to groom themselves, especially before encounters in the bedroom. While you can use scissors or hair clippers, a beard trimmer is a much better option. With all the guards and attachments available, you can get the clean and nice look that your significant other loves.
What Can You Do with a Beard Trimmer

Importance of Blade Guards

The best all around beard trimmer that we found is this Multi Groomer from Philips Norelco. No matter how old you are, you probably remember using a product from this company yourself or seeing your father or grandfather used one. This is a 13-piece set that comes with loads of tools and great features for users. You’ll get seven different blade guards that each attach to the blade to give you the length that you want. A few customers did claim that even the shortest guard was still too long for their beards though.

As a grooming tool, this set is perfect for using on other parts of your face and body. Not only can you clip nose and ear hairs, but you can also use it on your more sensitive and private parts. The razor itself features self-sharpening blades that will sharpen themselves each time you use it. Those blades will remain nice and sharp for up to two years. You also get a lithium battery with a full run time of 60 minutes and an easy to clean design. This mode does not require blade oil and cleans easily in your sink. You simply run the blade under the water to keep it clean.

Why Brand Name Matters

If you ever read any of our other shopping guides before, you might notice that we don’t often recommend looking at brand names when buying a product online. When it comes to beard trimmers though, we highly encourage our readers to look at select brands. Braun, Wahl and Philips Norelco are just a few of the brand names that we recommend. These companies made some of the first electric shavers ever available and still develop new types of technology for their products. The brand name is also important because it gives you an idea of the warranty available and whether you can buy tools and products that work with your trimmer.

When you buy from a major company, you can get a good beard trimmer that will last for a year or more. If you decide that you want a different guard for your trimmer, you can usually buy one online that is compatible with it. When you buy a trimmer from a smaller company that just started out, you may find that it goes under before your warranty expires. Newer companies may not offer new parts or accessories either. Before buying a beard trimmer, you should look at the reputation of the manufacturer.

Potential Dangers of Buying from a New Manufacturer

Why Brand Name Matters - customer support
Why Brand Name Matters - break quickly
Why Brand Name Matters - compatible accessories
Why Brand Name Matters - customer reviews

Speed Settings

When you shave with an ordinary razor, you know that you can adjust your speed whenever you’d like. You can move a little faster to remove large sections of hair and then slow down when adding some details or working around the edges of your beard. When you use a beard trimmer, you can change the speed at which you manually move the tool across your face. If you pick the right one, you can also adjust the speed of the blade.

Let’s say that you want to create an intricate design in your beard. With a slower setting, you’ll have more control over the trimmer as you move it across your face. That slower speed can prevent you from making mistakes. It also removes a smaller area of hair at a time, which helps you create the design you want.

If you need to trim a wild beard before heading to work in the morning, you’ll want to work as fast as possible. A faster setting lets you trim your entire beard and even go over your head and sideburns in less time. Some of the trimmers we found have five or more speed settings that change how quickly the blades move.

Expert Tip

When using a new beard trimmer, always start out on the lowest speed setting. Only after you feel comfortable using the trimmer on your face and body should you increase that speed.
Speed Settings

Corded vs. Cordless Trimmers

As you look at our list of the top beard trimmers for 2024, you might notice that we picked cordless models. Men today want a fast and convenient way to shave and trim their facial hair that doesn’t require they find an available outlet first. A cordless trimmer is essentially one that has a rechargeable battery inside. While some models come with a cord, others feature a charging plate. With a cord, you’ll plug one end into the appropriate port on the trimmer and plug the opposite end into a charger that fits into your outlet. Some come with a cord that acts as a charger. If you purchase one with a separate charger or charging plate, you’ll need to plug the trimmer into this piece.

While cordless trimmers are great for guys who want the freedom to go wherever they want, you’ll often find that these devices are not as powerful as those with a cord are. A corded trimmed may have enough power that you can completely trim your beard and mustache in three minutes or less. If you buy a corded model though, you can only use it for dry shaving. Cordless models are safe to use around water, even while in your shower.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Cordless Trimmer

Corded vs. Cordless Trimmers - battery
Corded vs. Cordless Trimmers - replace
Corded vs. Cordless Trimmers - power
Corded vs. Cordless Trimmers - clean it

The Milano from Panasonic is an all-in-one trimmer that you want to use anywhere on your body. This trimmer, which won multiple awards, allows you to keep your beard trim, remove those stray hairs in your nose and ears and even take care of personal grooming. One of the features that many men love is the angled design of the steel blades. That design helps you get the close shave that you want and ensures that all the hairs you trim or cut stay the same length.

As this is a cordless model, you can take the trimmer anywhere you want around your home and bathroom.

Though the Milano functions well as a dry shaver, it also works as a wet shaver. This is one of the only razors we found that works just as well when you’re standing in front of the mirror as it does when you’re in the shower. It has a curved handle that Panasonic designed to fit better in your hand and a comfort grip. That grip uses rubber to help you keep a hand on the trimmer at all times. The only downside to the Milano is that it can take 15 hours or longer for the battery to charge.

Charging Light

If you read our section above on corded vs. cordless beard trimmers and decided on a cordless model, you really need to look for one with a charging light. Also called an indicator light, this is a small bulb located on the front of the trimmer. The light may change colors or become solid when the battery fully charges. Some models have a green bulb on the front. When you plug in the charger, this light will slowly blink to let you know that it’s charging. Once it reaches a full charge, the light will stop blinking and become solid. Others have a light that changes from red to green when it charges, which lets you know that you can use the trimmer.

A charging light is also important because it can give you an idea of how much longer the battery will last. Many cordless models have a light that will begin blinking once the battery reaches a critical level. That light will blink faster as the battery dies. This feature is especially helpful for guys who travel a lot. You can use the light to decide whether to leave your charger at home or to take it with you on a shorter trip.

Your Beard Length

An important thing you should consider when buying a beard trimmer is the length of your beard. Do you like rocking the stubbly look when heading out on a first date but prefer something a little longer when hanging out with friends? The right beard trimmer can help you achieve all the looks you like and get the length that you want with the use of included guards. A guard is essentially a small plastic part that fits on top of the blade. Guards come in different sizes too. When you snap onto your trimmer, it will cut all the hairs that it touches to the same length and height.

As you look at different trimmers, you should pay attention to the number of guards that come with the tool and the sizes of those guards. The lower the number is, the closer the guard will sit against your face. When you use a smaller guard, you can remove most of the hair and leave behind stubble that sticks out from your face. Larger guards will trim less hair and are suitable for guys who want to rock a wilder beard but still keep their facial hair in check.

Common Beard Guard Sizes

Your Beard Length

Adjustable Guards

In addition to beard trimmers that come with blade guards, you’ll also find some that have an adjustable guard. When you use this feature, you can adjust the height of the blade without changing out your guard. Some models will even work without a guard. This is a good feature for guys who want a beard trimmer that they can use on other parts of their bodies. Let’s say that you hate heading to the barber shop every few months for a trim and spending money on something you think that you can do yourself. With an adjustable guard, you can set the blade to a specific setting and trim your hair at home. You can then change the height of the blade to work on your sideburns and beard without searching around for another guard first.

Trimmers with an adjustable guard are also a good choice for guys who want to cut down on their body hair. If you’re a runner or a swimmer, you can use the trimmer to reduce the hair on your chest and legs. That can make you more aerodynamic and help you improve your speed. An adjustable guard also comes in handy when working around your genitals.

Are There Any Downsides to Using an Adjustable Guard Trimmer?

The main downside to using a trimmer with an adjustable guard is that it won’t work on all areas of your body. These tools are not compatible with the guards that let you trim your ear or nose hairs.
Adjustable Guards

Many men fully trim their beards and mustaches on the weekends and then do some touch ups in the middle of the week. If you’re one of them, this Wahl stainless steel clipper is a good choice for you. It works with both 110v and 220v outlets to change its battery anywhere you go. This model also comes with four attachments and guards that you can use all over your body. The T-blade allows you to do some quick touch-ups and trim your facial hair, while the ear and nose trimmer attachment will slide easily into those holes without grabbing and pulling on your hairs.

You also get a detail shaver for creating different looks and a precision detailer that can go anywhere you need it.

One feature we really like about this model is that it has a quick charge setting. When you charge it for just 60 seconds, you get up to three minutes of use out of the battery. If you fully charge the trimmer, you can use it for up to four hours. An LED light on the front will blink as it charges and then comes on when it finishes charging. This is a good choice for use at home and as you travel.

Wet vs. Dry Trimming

Dry trimming gives you a more convenient way to trim your facial hair without reaching for a razor and other supplies. You can actually run the trimmer right over your skin without doing any prep work first. The blade will spin quickly to remove hair without irritating your face. When you’re in a hurry and want to get ready as quickly as possible, you’ll love this option. If you have more time available though, you may want to use wet trimming. This method allows you to apply oil or shaving cream to your face before using the trimmer. You can also do wet trimming in the shower before or after washing your body.

We highly recommend that you decide ahead of time whether you want a trimmer for wet or dry methods. This will help you narrow down which model can handle your needs. Many men assume that trimmers only do one or the other, but many of the top models will actually do both. Those designed for both wet and dry trimming are safe to use in and out of the water. You can even clean these trimmers with running water in your sink or before hopping out of your shower.

Benefits of Using a Beard Trimmer

Wet vs. Dry Trimming - neat and clean look
Wet vs. Dry Trimming - flaky skin
Wet vs. Dry Trimming - acne
Wet vs. Dry Trimming - trim any hair

Maintenance and Your Daily Routine

No matter what beard trimmer you buy, you need to make sure that it will work as part of your daily routine. A good way to find out how much maintenance the tool requires is with a look at the product description and the manual. You can usually download and view the manual online without making a purchase first. The most basic models have a design that allows you to remove the guard and empty the hair collected right into your trashcan. Other models are water-resistant or waterproof. When you need to clean the hair that sticks to the blades, you can run the trimmer under the water.

When you look at other models though, you’ll find that you need to do much more maintenance. Some models come with a small brush. When you finish trimming, you’ll use this brush to wipe out any hair clinging to the blades. We recommend using the brush before trimming too in case there is any debris stuck to the blade. Some trimmers also require that you apply a layer of oil or lubricant to the blades. You may need to oil the blades every few weeks or more often, depending on how often you use the trimmer. Most guys prefer trimmers that require less maintenance.

How to Oil Beard Trimmer Blades

Maintenance and Your Daily Routine

Blade Type

As you look at some of the different beard trimmers that are available online, you’ll notice that many have stainless steel blades. You can also choose one that uses ceramic blades or carbon steel blades. Stainless steel is really the most popular option. This is the same material that many hospitals use in their surgical tools. It can last for months and will work on guys who have sensitive skin. The steel shouldn’t cause any irritations or pain. Many guys like stainless steel because it’s affordable and leaves behind smooth hair.

Carbon steel is usually sharper than stainless steel, which means that it leaves behind even smoother hair. Your significant other won’t feel rough stubble rubbing against his or her skin when you kiss. Carbon steel lasts longer too. Though only a few manufacturers use ceramic blades, some guys prefer this material. Ceramic blades can last longer than both stainless steel and carbon steel do. While both types of steel can rust over time, ceramic blades will not corrode. The main issue with carbon blades is that they often cost much more and add to the total cost of the trimmer. With stainless steel blades, you need to worry about the surface coating wearing off over time.

Can You Use Any Cordless Beard Trimmer in the Shower?

Though cordless beard trimmers will go almost anywhere, you should always check the manual or with the manufacturer before using one in the shower. Unless the trimmer is waterproof, you should only use it in a dry spot. Even models that are water-resistant are not safe for use in the shower.
Blade Type

This Braun Grooming Kit is great for guys who change their looks on a regular basis because it works just as well with short beards as it does on long facial hair. Included with the trimmer is a ProGlide Fusion razor from Gillette that uses ball technology to move easily around your face. That little razor lets you get the baby soft skin that you want and the close shave that you need. You can use the included trimmer for touch-ups throughout the week and whenever you need to trim your beard. This trimmer can handle up to seven of the more common trimming jobs guys do. You can even use this model to cut and trim your hair.

The trimmer itself has 13 length settings that range from 0.5mm to 21mm. You can also use it as a detailed trimmer with the included guards to create a stylish and funky look. It also lets you get closer when working on your sideburns. As a cordless trimmer, this model will last for up to one full hour once charged. This Braun trimmer is easy to clean too because you can place the blades right under running water after shaving.

Choosing an Ergonomic Design

Companies spend billions of dollars every year on research and development to make products that customers love and those that are easy to use. The top beard trimmers for 2024 feature an ergonomic design that lets you move the trimmer all over your body without feeling frustrated or irritated. Some of the features you should look for that apply to an ergonomic design include:

  • Hand fit: The first thing you want to look at is how the trimmer actually fits in your hand. When you hold it in your palm, it should be small enough that you can wrap your whole hand around the handle.
  • 360-degree design: Most guys prefer models that have a 360-degree design, which allows them to use the trimmer on their lower bodies as easily as they can use it on their upper bodies. This design allows you to rotate the trimmer and still use it.
  • Blade guards: In addition to looking at the number and sizes of the included guards, you’ll also want to consider how you will remove and use those guards. Most guys prefer models that allow for one-handed installation and use.
  • Button locations: We also recommend taking a look at the location of the buttons. You generally want a trimmer that lets you reach all buttons with your fingers while holding it in the same hand.
Choosing an Ergonomic Design

Signs of a Good Ergonomic Design

Quality of the Blades

You need to look at more than just the type of blades that beard trimmers use. We highly encourage our readers to look at the overall quality of the blades too. A few things you should consider include:

  • Hairs left behind: The first time that you trim your beard, look at the hairs left behind. Not only do you want to find out if the trimmer cut all the hairs you went over, but you’ll also want to look at the texture of the remaining hair. It should feel soft and silky to the touch.
  • Clean pass: If you ever tried to shave with a dull razor before, you know that this can leave behind patches or dry skin and hair that sticks out from your face. A good beard trimmer should come with blades that make clean passes over your skin and hair. It should feel just as smoothly when moving over your jaw and around your nose as it does over larger areas such as your cheeks.
  • Maintenance: The best beard trimmers for most guys are those that require little in the way of maintenance too. You may want a trimmer that you can use in the shower and in front of the mirror without stopping to oil or clean the blades first.

Choosing the Right Length

Quality of the Blades

What Accessories Do You Need?

  • Blade guards: The most important accessories that you need are the blade guards. You need to make sure that the trimmer comes with the most common sizes that you will use on your face. Some manufacturers include just a few that range from the smallest to the largest, while others give you a greater selection.
  • Beard edger attachment: If you want to create a beard that will turn heads because it features sharp edges and intricate designs, you’ll need an edger attachment. This is a type of attachment that helps you create a sharp and defined outline. You can also use an edger attachment on your mustache.
  • Clipper attachment: While you can use a basic beard trimmer on your legs and chest, you cannot use a basic model in your nose or ears. Before clipping those long hairs, you must use a clipper attachment. This attachment features a thin piece of metal that you can slide into your ear or nose to cut any long hairs.
  • Beard comb: You’ll also find a tool called a beard comb, which works as both a comb and a guard. This type of attachment has larger teeth spaced further apart than guards do. You can use one to comb through your beard as you trim the hair.

Who Should Use a Health Tracker?

What Accessories Do You Need

Though this beard trimmer has a basic design, it can handle any type of trimming job. The Beardscape comes with a round charging plate that you can place anywhere on your counter. You can then plug the trimmer into the plate and keep the battery fully charged and ready for you. This charger completely charges the battery in around three hours and provides you with up to four hours of use. The trimmer itself features curved sides with textured panels that help you hold it in your hands while working on your face and body.

Unlike the other trimmers that we found, which have stainless steel blades, this model uses a ceramic blade. Not only is it stronger than those other blades, but it will last much longer too. We also like how quietly this one runs. You can actually trim your beard and work on your nose and ears without anyone hearing you. This model has five settings and comes with eight guards. You can adjust the height of the blade too. The biggest complaint we found came from guys who didn’t like cleaning out the trimmer. As long as you use the included brush though, you can clean the trimmer in just a few seconds.

Signs That You Need a Beard Trimmer

Even after reading everything we found out about beard trimmers, you might still wonder if you need one. If you want to grow a beard and keep it well maintained, you need one. You should also invest in one of if any of the following applies.

  • You notice split ends: Despite what you might think, split ends can develop in your beard as easily as they develop on your head. Split ends can make your facial hair look busy and wiry and slow down the growth of that hair. When you use a beard trimmer, you can reduce the development of split ends.
  • You hate shaving: Though some guys shave every day, regular shaving can actually dry out your skin and cause acne and other irritations to form. If you hate shaving but don’t want your facial hair to grow out of control, you can use a beard trimmer every few days.
  • You want more control than a razor offers: When you face facts, you’ll realize that an ordinary razor really doesn’t give you much control beyond removing hair. A beard trimmer lets you trim your sideburns, give your whole head a buzz cut, trim excess body hair and give your beard a clean look.

When to Replace Your Old Beard Trimmer

Choosing the Best Beard Style for You

With a new trimmer, you can change your everyday look and rock a brand new beard. The best type for you often depends on your face though. Guys with a square face can easily rock the circle beard, which features a mustache connected to a beard that circles around the face with a soul patch on the chin. The van dyke is a fun look that works great on guys with a found face. It features a goatee, which is hair on the bottom of your chin and a mustache. To create the van dyke, you need to keep some space between the mustache and goatee though.

If you have an oval face, you can try something more unique such as the horseshoe mustache. This look features a full mustache connected to a beard. You’ll use a trimmer to remove hair on your chin and cheeks to leave just two thin bars that connect your mustache to your jaw. If you have a rectangular face, you can go with something more unique such as a chin strap, which has just a thin line of hair across the bottom of your face. Guys with a rectangular face can also combine their sideburns and beards together.

Choosing the Best Beard Style for You

How to Use a Beard Trimmer

  • Wash your face: Before using a beard trimmer, you’ll want to wash your face. While you can use any type of face wash or cleanser, experts recommend using a beard shampoo. After washing your face, you should dry your beard before trimming it.
  • Work your way up: The easiest place to start is on your neck. Neck hair can grow much faster than the face on your hair and give you a shaggy and unkempt look. You might find it helpful to draw a line with your finger just below your jawline and work below that line before moving up.
  • Define your lengths: You should define your lengths and get an idea of how long you want each section before grabbing your trimmer. Most guys like having shorter beards that come up to just past their mouths. You can use the trimmer and a razor to remove any hairs above that length.
  • Save the best for last: The last two areas you will work on includes your mustache and chin. We’ll give you some tips on using a beard trimmer for a mustache below. When it comes to your chin, you need to make sure that your beard is the same length here that is on your cheeks.

Expert Tip

Before using a trimmer on your beard or anywhere else on your body, put down a towel on the floor or over your sink. As you trim, any loose hair will fall on that towel. You can then empty the towel right in the trash and toss it in the water instead of sweeping and vacuuming the floor.
How to Use a Beard Trimmer

How to Grow a Better Beard

  • Wash your beard: As we said above, you can use any type of facial cleanser on your face, but you need a special shampoo for your beard. Beard shampoos contain ingredients that can help your beard grow without leaving behind bald or patchy spots. You’ll want to wash your beard at least once a day and give it a few minutes to air dry.
  • Use sculpting products: In the same way that you can use gels and other products to sculpt your hair, you can use products to sculpt your beard too. These products work great on all types of beards. Not only will a sculpting product give you some definition, but it can also train your beard and help it grow in the right way.
  • Trim regularly: Though you might think that trimming will keep your beard from looking too wild, trimming can also help your hair grow and thrive. When you trim your beard, you remove the split ends that can make you look a little bushy and get a look that fits right in at work.
  • Comb your beard: Whenever you stop to brush your hair in the morning, grab a comb and run it through your beard too. Regular combing will keep your beard under control and give it a slightly tamer look.

Common Reasons for a Patchy Beard

How to Grow a Better Beard

Using a Beard Trimmer on Your Mustache

A mustache is really just a piece of hair that grows over your lip. You can rock a mustache with or without a beard. If you have a beard trimmer, you can use that handy tool to trim your mustache on a regular basis and keep it looking great too. All you really need is a trimmer, a mirror and a comb. You will start by standing in front of your mirror and looking directly at your mustache. While holding a mustache comb in one hand, carefully lift the comb and set it beneath the hair. You can then lift up to pull the hair off your skin. After turning on the trimmer, carefully move it directly across each end of your mustache. You can then use the comb to lift the center portion under your nose to trim it.

Before leaving the room, we recommend getting closer to the mirror to make sure that both sides are even with the center. You’ll then want to comb the entire mustache a few times to remove any loose hairs trapped inside. If you use any styling products, you can follow the same steps you usually would after combing your mustache. You should rinse or clean the beard trimmer too.

Tips for Trimming or Creating a Goatee with a Beard Trimmer

Using a Beard Trimmer on Your Mustache

Tips for Choosing the Best Beard Styling Products

  • Check the ingredient list: You should always read the ingredient list before spending money on a beard product, especially if you are prone to breakouts or have sensitive skin. Certain chemicals and other ingredients can create a reaction that makes your beard come in patchy. Some chemicals can cause nausea or headaches too.
  • Think about the scent: Even if you’re fine with most artificial fragrances, you still need to consider the scent because it will linger on your skin. The smell of a beard shampoo may linger for hours after you rinse your face. You might prefer masculine fragrances such as musk or cedar.
  • Read reviews: The best way to see which products are the best for your beard is with a look at some of the customer reviews posted online. Customers are quite vocal about what they loved and hated about all the top products. You might even find reviews from customers who have the same color and texture of beard as you do.
  • Look for the return policy: We also recommend looking for the return policy, especially because some manufacturers will not accept returns on beard shampoos and similar products. If you buy an oil that leaves behind a thick residue or a shampoo that makes your beard look dry, you’ll want to return it for a full refund.

The Top Styling Products You Can Use

Tips for Choosing the Best Beard Styling Products - Beard shampoo
Beard shampoo
Tips for Choosing the Best Beard Styling Products - Beard oil
Beard oil
Tips for Choosing the Best Beard Styling Products - Beard scissors
Beard scissors
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What is the Average Price of a Beard Trimmer?

Though you can look at dozens of beard trimmers, the chances are good that your final choice will come down to price. We highly recommend that you look at both the cost of the trimmer and the cost of any oil or accessories you might need in the future. The cost that you pay will often depend on the number of features available and the type that you buy. A model that can do both wet and dry trimming will cost more than one designed for dry trimming only. Any model that does wet trimming will cost more because it will have a water-resistant or waterproof design. Cordless models tend to cost more than corded models do also.

You can get a corded beard trimmer for between $10 and $20. These cheap models will not last very long though and may break within the first month of bringing one home. The best beard trimmers retail for between $25 to $50 or more. Those that cost more often come with more guards or an adjustable guard that gives you more control over your trim. No matter how much you spend, you need to make sure that the trimmer can handle your beard.

How Much Will You Pay for a Top Beard Trimmer?

Frequently Asked Questions

A: There really isn’t a one size fits all answer to this question because it really depends on how often you use the trimmer and how well you maintain it. If you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines and trim your beard once a week, it might last for one to two years or more.

A: When you’re in a hurry, you can use a pair of hair clippers to quickly trim your beard. If you only have money to spend on one tool though, go with a beard trimmer. Hair clippers work best on the thicker and longer hairs on your head. While beard clippers work on your whole body including your head, hair clippers really only work on your head and hair.

A: The frequency with which you should trim your beard really depends on how fast your hair grows. While some guys find it helpful to trim daily or every other day, some guys can go five days or more between trims. It can also depend on how thick your hair is and whether you want a cleaner and more polished look.

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