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UPDATED July 2024

Finding a job in today’s world requires using the internet to your advantage. Before you start your job search, use our guide to the best job sites of 2024 that can help you on your hunt.             

The Best Job Sites for All Job Hunters

Finding a job in today’s market takes more time than ever before. The days of simply walking into a business, handing over a resume and getting an interview on the spot are a thing of the past. Many companies will no longer accept unsolicited resumes. Unless you apply through the proper channels, your application will go right in the trash can. The best job sites of 2024 help you find the right channels to go through and let you search through thousands of posting. When you use the ultimate job site, you can search for jobs in your local city and open positions around the world.

Most of the top job sites of 2024 let you create your own individual account. You’ll enter information such as your educational background and the professional experience that you have.

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The Best Job Sites for All Job Hunters

Each time that you apply for a new position, you can use that existing information. We spent days scouring the web to find the best job sites for the year. To make sure that we selected the best sites around, we also consulted with hiring managers and job recruiters to find out what they recommend. You can pick up some tips on applying for a job online after finding the best job site.

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How We Picked the Top Sites

There are hundreds of websites available today that let you search for jobs. You can also use the individual websites owned and operated by different companies to search for available positions within that company. Depending on the industry where you want to work, you may want to focus on specialty sites that only show jobs within that industry. To find the best job sites, we focused on those with some specific features.

  • Up to date listings: We removed any website from our list that did not include up to date listings. The best sites will feature only jobs that are still open and remove those that are no longer available. You’ll want to make sure that it lists accurate job postings too.
  • Search options: The top sites will let you create your own search parameters to customize your job search. You might want to look for jobs within a specific distance of your hometown or positions that require a college degree. Some of the best sites will also let you save your parameters for future searches.
  • Lots of information: One reason some job sites fell off our list is that they provided little in the way of information. With the best sites, you’ll never struggle to find contact information or to learn what experience you need to apply for a job.
  • Mobile app: We highly recommend sites that have a mobile app you can use. Those apps allow you to take your job hunt with you. You can search for a new position on your lunch break or as you ride the city bus. Mobile apps are also useful when you go in for job interviews because you can read the job listing again before meeting with a hiring director.
How We Picked the Top Sites

Insider Tip

If you know exactly what you want in a job, look for a site with an email alert feature. The site will email you any new postings that match your search criteria.

The Best Job Sites for 2024

Our top choice for the best job site for 2024 is indeed. This website allows users to share their own stories about finding a job online. As of October 2018, users posted more than 10 million stories about how indeed helped them find the perfect job. The site also gets our nod for its algorithm, which allows it to add more jobs than any other site. No matter where you look for jobs, you’ll likely find the same or similar postings on indeed. It is also fairly easy to use and lets employers create their own postings to find the perfect candidates.

Create an Account

One of the top features of indeed is that it lets you create an account. As you can see in the image below, you only need an email address and a password of your choosing. If you have a Google or a Facebook account, you can use that account to log into the indeed website. Some users do not want to link their social media pages with the site though. Once you register and verify your account, you can log in and do a quick search for jobs. You also have the option of uploading your resume and linking it to your account.

Quick Search

Not everyone who looks for jobs online knows exactly what they want. You may want to get an idea of some of the jobs that are available in one specific area, which indeed lets you do with a quick search. When you visit the homepage, you can enter the city where you want to search and the type of job that you want. The site also lets you enter a keyword or a company name to do a different type of search. There are nearly one million new jobs posted on the site every week.

Career Guide

Do you keep sending out resumes without getting any responses back? It might be time to take a look at your resume to make sure it shows your best attributes. With the indeed career guide, you’ll have no problem hunting and finding a job as well as securing a new position. This guide breaks things down into different categories such as finding a job, which includes articles on narrowing down your search and hunting for a job online. You’ll also find tips on nailing an interview and creating the perfect cover letter and resume.

Browse for Jobs

We also like that indeed offers a browse option for those who want to get a look at some of the jobs that are suitable for them. Not only can you browse by state, but you can also browse by industry. Nurses and healthcare educators can use the healthcare section and find jobs for case managers, medical assistants, home health aides and others. The site offers other category listings for security and law enforcement, accounting and sales. If you want to know which categories you can browse based on industry or state, look at those shown in the image below.

Photo from indeed

When many people think of job sites, they think of CareerBuilder. This is one of the oldest and most well-known sites of its type on the web. Many users like that it shows some of the more popular options on the bottom of its homepage. This shows you the top searches that others did based on category, city and company. If you want to view all the hottest jobs available in Chicago or another major city, you can simply click on the city name shown. CareerBuilder offers help for those searching for a new job but also offers help for those who already have one.

Sign Up Made Easy

Are you tired of sites that make you share tons of information about yourself just to see what jobs are available? CareerBuilder makes it much easier for you to sign up and register a new account. All you need is a first and last name, zip code and email address. The site also asks you to pick your own password. It also lets you link your Facebook or Google account. With CareerBuilder notifications, you can have emails sent to you when new jobs become available or when an employer views your resume.

My Career Path

Whether you just graduated from college or have years of experience working in a specific field, you may want to know what the future holds. CareerBuilder offers a My Career Path designed to help you on your professional journey. When you input your current job title, the site will show you what paths are open to you and how much you can make as you transition to a new job. It also has a feature that lets you enter your job title and see how much you could make in different states.

Get Recommendations

Anyone who ever used a job hunting website before knows that actually finding open jobs is hard. You can search dozens of sites and view thousands of postings without finding one that is right for you. CareerBuilder has an algorithm that will find the top jobs and recommend them to you. To use this feature, you must upload your resume or apply for at least one position. The site uses the keywords in your resume to find jobs that might interest you. It will also find and recommend postings that are similar to those you applied for in the past.

Save Your Info

As long as you perform a search while logged into your CareerBuilder account, you can save your info for later use. Saved & Applied Jobs is one feature that you can use. When you find a job that interests you, you can save it and go back to apply later. This feature also lets you track any of the jobs you applied for in the past and see when employers looked at your application. With the Saved Searches feature, you can save your parameters and do a new search based on them later.

Whether you want to see what employees think about working for one company or you want to know how much others in the same industry make, you’ll want to use Glassdoor. This website lets current and former employees write reviews and share their experiences of working for different companies. It also tracks data regarding how much workers make based on their job titles and where they live. That information can help you decide when it’s time to look for a new job or ask for a raise. Glassdoor also offers quite a bit of help for people searching for a new job.

Popular Searches

Some of the job hunting websites we considered only let you search for jobs based on a title. Glassdoor lets you click on one link and see all the jobs that are available in that industry. If you want to find a new retail job, you can view all the positions open for cashiers and managers in the retail sector. Glassdoor lists all the most popular searches on the bottom of its homepage. You can view all the top engineer, public health, sales and marketing jobs with just one click.

Use the App

Whether you have an Android or an Apple device, you can download the Glassdoor app and use it on the go. That app lets you see how much other employees make, which can come in handy when you need to negotiate your salary. The app also gives you access to the site’s blog and the tips it provides for job seekers. You can download the app directly from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and start using it right away. While it will give you full access to your account, you can also use the app without logging into your account.

Create Your Account

Anyone who wants to gain full access to the benefits of Glassdoor should create an account with the site. Your account lets you search through millions of job listings and read millions of reviews posted by people who work in the same industry and for the same company as you do. Like other sites, Glassdoor lets you link your job hunting site to your Facebook or Google account. You just need to enter an email address and then follow a few other steps to set up your account. We included an image of the signup page below.

Learn About the Job Market

Have you ever wondered what jobs have the highest rate of growth or which cities pay employees the highest wages? Glassdoor has its own exploration section that makes it easy for you to find the information that you need. The Glassdoor Team regularly posts new articles that update that information from one year to the next. You can view the highest paying jobs in the country and even find out where you can earn the most based on your current position. The site also offers details on which employers offer the best perks for employees.

Monster is one of the oldest job seeking websites around and offers three different types of help. Not only can you search through millions of jobs, but you can also put your resume out there and let employers find you. The site also has a be a better candidate feature that helps you customize your resume for each type of job you want to apply for and to craft the perfect cover letter too. With more than five million jobs shown online, Monster is the go-to site for many job seekers. Monster helps you become the type of applicant employers need in today’s world.

Create a Monster Account

You get access to millions of job postings and new listings added daily when you create a Monster account. Once you enter your email address and select a password, you can let the site contact you with other opportunities. By opting out of this feature, you’ll receive fewer emails from the website. This area of the site gives you some details on how Monster will contact you and what information it saves, which you’ll want to look at closely before creating your account. Some users received quite a bit of spam email from the site.

Photo from Monster

Find Job Tools

As one of the largest and most extensive job hunting websites, Monster offers a few different job tools that you’ll want to try. The first is the search function located on its homepage. These two boxes let you enter any keyword relating to a job and the city or area where you want to hunt. If you want to look for more specific jobs, feel free to use the advanced search feature, which will narrow down your choices. Monster has a Most Popular Jobs section too that lists the top jobs on the site.

Career Advice

Monster maintains a list of the top 100 employers in the country that have a need for employees. This list changes regularly as companies hire new workers. You’ll find this information listed in its career advice section, which also includes sections on how to network and get through a job interview. With the networking section, you’ll learn how you can connect with professionals both online and in your own city. Monster offers more career advice in the form of questions you can prepare for in an interview and tips on getting a better offer from a new employer.

Resume Help

Your resume can make or break you. A good resume will get you noticed by employers and help you stand out from all the other candidates. If you have a bad or poor resume, you might never get a callback. Monster is the only site we found with a free resume helper. You can actually upload your resume and get a critique that tells you what you should keep and what you should change. Monster has a team full of professionals who can actually change your resume based on the positions that interest you.

The top website for networking professionals today is LinkedIn. Once you create your own individual account, you can give the site access to your email contact list. It will find anyone on your list who uses the site and let you connect with them online. LinkedIn also lets you list any employers you worked for in the past. It will find people who work for those companies and those who worked there during the same years as you did. While LinkedIn offers networking opportunities for job hunters, it also offers helpful information and tips as well as job postings too.

Create Your Account

When you visit LinkedIn for the first time, you’ll see a pop-up window that looks exactly like the one below. You can enter your first and last name and email address before picking a password. As soon as you click the Join Now button, it will automatically create an account for you. Any other time that you visit, you can log into your account. If you remain logged in, the site will automatically recognize you and keep your account information. With a LinkedIn account, you can search for jobs and use all the other features of the site.

Networking Help

More than 60% of people working today found their jobs through referrals and references. No matter where you work, you will form connections and relationships that can help you every time you look for a job later. The founders of LinkedIn know that you might lose the contact information of those coworkers over time and have a hard time getting back in touch with them. That is why the site makes it so easy to find and add contacts to your network. You can send them direct messages and find ways to contact them off the site too.

Job Search

LinkedIn also offers a job search function that is popular among users. The downside to this feature is that you cannot use it unless you have an account. If you attempt to search for positions without using your account, the site won’t show you any information and will keep asking you to create a new account or log into a new one. When you search for jobs in a specific area, the site will show you all the jobs listed for that city. It’s worth noting that some smaller areas do not have many jobs listed.

Customize Your Experience

The main reason so many job seekers use LinkedIn is because it lets them customize their online experiences. Instead of just asking you to upload your resume, it lets you create an interactive version of your resume. You can write whatever you want about your past jobs to show some of the skills you developed and the things you did in those positions. LinkedIn also lets you share links to any physical or virtual/digital projects that you previously worked on. Some of the positions you apply for may ask for samples of your work.

Specialty Job Search Websites

While the websites discussed above include postings from all the top industries, you may want to use one of the specialty job hunting sites on the web. These sites allow you to search for available jobs and view open positions in one specific industry.

A good example is PreserveNet, which is a site maintained by Cornell University. It includes hundreds of jobs in the historic preservation industry. You can view the organization or company hiring workers, the location of the job and when the job first appeared on the board. The site also includes when the applications are due. One major downside to this site is that it rarely removes any postings. You might not know until you apply that the company already found someone for the job.

One of the top job hunting websites for those who work in education is K12 Job Spot. Though you might assume that the site only lists teaching jobs, it actually lists all open positions in schools across the country. You’ll find schools hiring nurses, counselors, custodians and even aides. K12 Job Spot will find your current location and use that to show you open jobs in the same region as you. The site lets you search for jobs in certain states, but you can also view all open jobs in one convenient list.

Those searching for a sales job should check out SalesGravy.Brother, T-Mobile and State Farm are just a few of the major corporations that post available jobs on this site. If you want to find jobs in one state, you can click on any state name and view postings for positions in Alaska, California or any other state. There is both a quick search function and an advanced search function that lets you check out jobs based on your criteria. Sales Gravy University is a unique feature of the site that you need to pay extra to use. This feature lets you sign up for classes to become better at sales and improve your skills.

Public relations and advertising are two highly related fields. To work in these industries, you must have strong communication skills and feel confident working around others. One of the best places to find work in this field is at Mediabistro.Some of the top companies in the world use Mediabistro to post job listings, including CNN, PBS and HBO. Not only can employers create job listings to find good candidates, but job hunters can use the site to find positions in smaller and larger companies. You can sign up for classes to improve your social media skills or become a better writer for as little as $29.

An important thing to keep in mind when looking at specialty job sites is that many charge for their services. While some let you search for free, you need to pay for a premium account to actually apply for jobs through the site. Others charge a fee for added services such as classes you can take online.

Best Job Sites for Veterans

A large number of people work in security and law enforcement after retiring from the military. These positions let you use the same skills you did in the field as you protect and serve others. The skills that you developed in the military can help you in other industries too. You’ll know how to work in small and large groups and how to lead others. Depending on your position within the military and how far you moved up the ranks, you might find work as part of a government agency or with a private corporation too. As a veteran, you can use a wide range of sites to find your next job.

USA Jobs

Any veteran looking for a job within the federal government should use the USA Jobs website. One unique aspect of this site is that it lets you search for jobs based on your military rank. If you have a security clearance, you can look for positions that require that level of clearance too. When you create a profile, you can upload your resume and let employers track you down. The site also features plenty of search options for veterans who want to search for specific jobs and positions in select areas.

GI Jobs

Veterans often have a difficult time making the transition from their time in the military to civilian life. If you worry about how you’ll find a job and where you can work, you can use the GI Jobs website to find some possible opportunities. GI Jobs offers tips on using your military references and network to find jobs and how to craft a resume that highlights your military experience. It also includes a large database of schools that offer programs for veterans. When you start your job search, you’ll find millions of positions listed on the site too.

Hire Veterans

Established in 2003, Hire Veterans is one of the oldest job search websites designed specifically for veterans. Unlike other sites that allow anyone to post, this site charges a premium fee for employers who want to post sponsored jobs that searchers will easily notice. When we checked the site in October of 2018, there were more than 35,000 listings. While this is less than other sites have, each job posted is suitable for a veteran. The site clearly marks all featured posts that employers pay for and lets you refine your search based on criteria such as state or industry.

Veteran Employment Center

Best Job Sites for Veterans

Finding a job when you first leave the military is often hard because you don’t know how your skills will translate into the civilian world. The Civilian Employment Center can help you get back on your feet again and find a good job. This is a federal website designed in cooperation with the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It has a skills translator that teaches you how you can use your military skills on the job and a program designed to help women find jobs. The site also lets you search for jobs and view resources available to veterans in your state.

Best Job Sites for Those with Disabilities

Those with disabilities often feel as if their options are limited. If you have a mental health disorder such as depression, you may have a difficult time sleeping at night or getting out of bed and heading to work in the morning. Visual and hearing impairments can make it hard for you to interact with your coworkers and work around shoppers. To help you understand some of those disabilities, we included a chart at the bottom of this page that goes over what types of disabilities may qualify you for different types of jobs. If you have any type of impairment, you can use one of the best job sites for those with disabilities.


disABLEDperson is a unique website that encourages readers to remember that they are still able-bodied, even if they have handicaps. Honeywell, AT&T and UPS are among the top companies in the world today that use this website. If you know what you want to do, you can browse listings by category and view banking, driving and design jobs. There are hundreds of new jobs posted every week. The site includes tips and resources to help you make the most of your skills too.

Getting Hired

When you visit the Getting Hired website, a pop-up window will ask you to acknowledge that the site is only for people with disabilities. Each job posted on this board is suitable for people with certain types of impairments. It includes a regular spotlight that highlights a company known for hiring disabled people. You can also view the featured jobs each time that you visit. This site also offers an online career fair that lets you interact with other job seekers and some of the employers who hire disabled people. We like that Getting Hired has networking opportunities for users too.

Disability Job Exchange

The America Job Exchange Board lists thousands of jobs each week that are suitable for anyone living in the United States. It now operates the Disability Job Exchange, which is similar but only offers jobs for disabled people. Not only can you search according to city or state, but you can also search based on category or company. The board also has a salary search that allows you to look for jobs that pay within an hourly or annual range. You’ll also find tools that can help you during your search and an FAQ section that answers questions other users had.

Recruit Disability

Recruit Disability offers a safe place online for employees to connect with employers and to learn about any special programs available to them. Its featured job section includes information on sponsored jobs available with top employers, while its featured employer section shows you the top companies hiring today. You have the option of posting your resume and letting employers find it or searching for jobs based on any type of criteria that fits you. Recruit Disability has a salary tool too that lets you know how much you should make based on your job title, experience and location.

Types of Disabilities

Best Job Sites for Those with Disabilities - Visual impairments
Visual Impairments
Best Job Sites for Those with Disabilities - Hearing impairments
Hearing Impairments
Best Job Sites for Those with Disabilities - Mental health disorders
Mental Health Disorders
Best Job Sites for Those with Disabilities - Physical disabilities
Physical Disabilities
Best Job Sites for Those with Disabilities - Autism and related conditions
Autism and Related Conditions

Tips for Finding a Job Online

Avoid Common Scams

Tips for Finding a Job Online

The most important thing to keep in mind when looking for jobs online is that you will come across a few scams. There are sites that only exist to get money from you. These sites charge you a high fee to become a member and will then provide you with jobs that you can find elsewhere for free. Other sites will charge you a fee to post your resume online and will spam your email with messages that you don’t want or need. You typically want to avoid any site that asks for a fee or payment up front.

Create a Killer Resume

A simple job posting online can get thousands of responses in just a few short days. If you send the same generic resume to each employer, you probably won’t get a phone or an in-person interview. You should create a killer resume that highlights your skills but customize it for each position. When you apply for a job that asks for strong customer service skills, your resume should include all the customer service positions you held and any skills you have that will help you in that job. You can tailor each resume you send out for the position at hand.

Don't Forget About the Cover Letter

You should think about your cover letter as your introduction to an employer. Employers ask for a cover letter because they want to find out more about you and learn something new. It should not simply list the same bullet points featured on your resume. You can do a little research and find out about the company. As you write your cover letter, think about its history, environmental policies and other details. You can then customize your cover letter to highlight specific things you like about the company. It’s helpful to add details about your background that would make you a good fit for the company too.

Insider Tip

A good resume should only fill one page, and you’ll want a cover letter of one page too. If your resume is too long, look for information that you can leave off.
Don't Forget About the Cover Letter

Know When to Apply Directly

Despite what you might think, not every company in the world will post all its available jobs on a website such as indeed. Certain companies will list a small number of jobs on one of these sites and list even more on their own sites. You can visit the official website and create an account that then lets you apply for any positions available. Google is an example of a company that uses its own website and other sites to find candidates. If you know someone within the company or have any connection to it, it’s often better to apply directly to the hiring manager.

Check Out Applications in Advance

Job hunters sometimes make the mistake of thinking that all employers ask the same questions and want the same information. When you look at some of the applications that those companies use though, you’ll find that while they are similar, they are fairly different. One company may ask you to write a short essay because it wants to know that you have strong English skills, but another company may want you to list examples of research or writing projects that you completed in the past. You’ll also find applications that ask you for links to projects that you did online.

Don't Rely on Just One Site

No matter what type of job you want, you shouldn’t rely on simply one website. Many companies will only use one site. If you use a different site, you might miss out on a job that is perfect for you. It’s important that you use all the top sites and that you create new accounts that highlight the top reasons why employers should hire you. If the site gives you the option of adding a resume instead of creating a generic profile, add your resume. Some employers will search posted resumes for keywords based on the skills they need.

Top Skills Employers Look for Today

Don't Rely on Just One Site - Teamwork
Don't Rely on Just One Site - Time management skills
Time Management Skills
Don't Rely on Just One Site - Decision-making skills
Decision-Making Skills
Don't Rely on Just One Site - Proven problem solver
Proven Problem Solver
Don't Rely on Just One Site - Strong communicator
Strong Communicator

Double Check Everything

Hiring managers often weed out candidates who made mistakes on their resumes. If you say that you have a strong attention to detail but spell a word wrong, it shows that you really don’t have this skill. Some job seekers do not double check their contact information either. They leave a number off in their phone numbers or forget to include a phone number or email address. You’ll also want to make sure that you have a professional email address. It’s best to have one that lists your full name or initials.

Get Alerts

One reason we recommended job sites with an alert feature is that those sites help you stay on top of new listings. If you think that you can find a great job by only checking the site once a week, you’ll miss out on quite a few opportunities. You should sign up for any alerts offered and tailor your search if possible. This lets you enter your search parameters and receive updates when jobs come through that match your criteria. If you check your email just once a day, you can apply to those new jobs quickly and beat some of the other candidates.

Criteria to Use

Get Alerts - Location
Get Alerts - Keywords
Get Alerts - Employer names
Employer Names
Get Alerts - Salary
Salary Range
Get Alerts - Education
Education required

Use Social Media

Many companies now do online background checks when deciding which candidates to bring in for interviews. They will scour all the top social media websites to find out how you act in your personal life. If you have a Facebook page or any other page that includes your real and full name, you can change your privacy settings so that no one can view your content unless he or she is your online friend. Social media sites allow you to show the type of person you are and some of your hobbies and interests though. You can use one to share any volunteering that you did or any non-professional experiences that you have.

What to Remove from Social Media

Use Social Media - foul language
Use Social Media - illegal substances
Use Social Media - Posts
Use Social Media - negative information

Treat Your Search Like a Job

When it comes to looking for a job online, you should treat that search like a part-time job. Far too many job hunters think they only need to spend a few hours online every week and that they can use the same information for each job. You should spend a few minutes to an hour working on your search each week, whether you need to improve your resume or create a new account. The more time you spend hunting, the more jobs you’ll find.

Follow Up Later

Most hiring managers are so busy that they don’t have the time to answer a phone call or settle down for an impromptu meeting. That does not mean you should just submit your application and walk away though. Experts typically recommend that you follow up within a few short days with a quick email. This email should list the name of the hiring manager and your own name. You may want to include your home address too. This email allows you to thank the hiring manager for his or her time and go over some of the reasons why you are a good candidate for the job a second time. You should send an email after a phone or in-person interview too.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: When you apply for a job online, you typically need an account or a profile on a job hunting website or a resume. Employers may ask for a cover letter that includes some more information about you and a list of professional references.

A: Most of the top job sites do not charge a fee to set up an account or search for a job. You may need to pay for any of the added features of the site though. Some sites offer help for those who want to rewrite their resumes and will charge for this service. You’ll also need to pay extra to take some online classes through certain sites.

A: Whether you upload your resume or share your resume information via an online account, there are some things you should leave off it. This includes any temporary positions that you had that lasted for less than six months and any jobs that do not relate to those you want to apply for online. You typically do not need a section of your hobbies or achievements in school either.

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