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UPDATED June 2024

Our team of education and teaching specialists scoured the globe to find the 5 best online tutoring services of 2024. You can find the best site for you or your children.

The Best Online Tutoring Services

The Best Online Tutoring Services

There may come a time when you can no longer understand the materials presented to you in class. When that time comes, you can look for the best online tutoring services of 2024 and work with someone who better understands those materials and topics. These sites offer services for kids in elementary school or high school as well as college students. 

Any of the top online tutoring services of 2024 will help you ace your class and become so familiar with the materials that you no longer need a tutor. The best online tutoring services let you set your own pace. If you need extra help, the tutor can go back over the materials again and make sure that you completely understand one topic before moving on to the next.

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The Best Online Tutoring Services

You can get help in any type of class, including math, history, English, and science. These services also let you get help when you need to do an upcoming project or presentation in one of your classes. The top websites only hire tutors with experience such as former and current teachers. You can also find tutors with high SAT or ACT scores and those with a college or graduate degree.

How We Picked the Best Sites

Finding a good tutor often takes time. You want to make sure that the site only hires the best and most qualified tutors. Some sites will hire almost anyone who applies, which might result in you working with a high school student or someone still enrolled in college classes. While that tutor may understand the subject, he or she typically does not have the high level of experience you want when paying for online sessions. You also risk working with a site that doesn’t hire responsible tutors, which might result in your tutor showing up later or skipping some appointments.

One of the top factors I use when looking at tutoring websites is how much they charge clients. Some of the best sites let you pay a rate equivalent to the amount of experience that the tutor has. You can pay extra to work with a former teacher and pay less to work with a college student or recent graduate. 

I also looked at the type of sessions available and whether you can sign up for shorter or longer sessions based on your needs. My list includes the five best online tutoring websites for all types of students.

What You Need for Online Tutoring

How We Picked the Best Sites - credit card
Debit/Credit Card
How We Picked the Best Sites - internet connection
Internet Connection
How We Picked the Best Sites - webcam
How We Picked the Best Sites - computer or tablet
How We Picked the Best Sites - Class materials
Class Materials

Signs You Need a Tutor

Few students want to admit that they need help beyond what they can get in the classroom. The more time that you spend struggling in one class is less time that you have for your other classes. Even if you are a college student taking just a single class, you may need more help than you ever expected. 

Before you check out any of the sites that I found, you may want to give some thought to whether you need a tutor. A good tutor can help you in any or all of your classes and get your test scores and grades up.

Loads of Homework

A common sign that you need a tutor is when you spend more time on your homework than ever before. Most teachers assign around one hour of work per class. If you take a college class that is worth three credits, you can expect to spend at least three hours on your homework every week. 

Many students realize they need more help when they spend five or more hours working on a college class each week or when they spend two or more hours doing homework for a high school class every night.

You Cannot Get Help

College professors offer office hours and allow students to come in and get the help they need during those set hours. Some professors also work with teaching assistants and ask those assistants to help their students. 

You may find that your professor often leaves before his or her office hours are over or that the teacher doesn’t offer much help. Some assistants may not offer the help that you need either. Even if you need a tutor for your child, you might find that the teachers working in the student’s school do not stay after class or after school.

Slipping Grades

Another common sign that a student needs a tutor is when his or her grades begin slipping. When you take an introductory math class, you learn the fundamentals. You’ll need to retain that knowledge as you move into other math classes. 

If you find that your grades drop because you no longer remember what you knew before, you should consider working with a tutor. This is especially important when it comes to children of a younger age. When your child struggles with one class, the chances are good that he or she will keep struggling in the future.

Lack of Concentration

One of the biggest reasons why students struggle in their classes is because they simply cannot concentrate. This can occur because of a learning disability such as ADHD, but it can also occur because the student just can’t focus and understand the materials at hand. 

If you keep reading the same page over and over again without picking up any new information, it might be time to work with a tutor. Online tutors can also help if you find yourself constantly distracted by the people around you. They can help you set aside time to focus solely on your homework and nothing else.

Feeling Stressed

The most common sign that you need an online tutor is when you feel so stressed that you can no longer sit down and tackle any of the tasks or assignments at hand. If you try to do your homework and find yourself spending too much time on certain tasks and worrying that you won’t remember the information, you’ll likely feel stressed. 

You may even take that stress out on others in your home. Working with a tutor is a great way to battle and cope with that stress. Your tutor can make sure that you understand each piece of information before moving on.

Other Signs You Might Need a Tutor

Signs You Need a Tutor - tests and quizzes
Signs You Need a Tutor - homework
Signs You Need a Tutor - teacher
Signs You Need a Tutor - feedback
Signs You Need a Tutor - managing your time

Benefits of Online Tutoring

Even if you have a nice and friendly teacher who holds open office hours and agrees to stay after class to work directly with you, you may still struggle more than you would like in some of your classes. One of the best benefits of signing up for an online tutoring service is that you can work whenever you want. 

Do you have a crazy schedule that sees you doing homework in the middle of the night? You can easily find a tutor willing to work with you during those late-night hours. There are some other great benefits that you should look at too.

Set Your Criteria

When you decide to hire a tutor in your hometown, you may find that your options are limited based on who is available. With online services, you can actually set your own criteria and find a tutor who meets your needs. This lets you pick the level of degree or experience that you want your tutor to have. 

You can also pick from a variety of subjects and different levels. Most sites offer tutors who can handle issues your kids have with elementary school subjects as well as the college classes that you take.

Access to Online Tools

It wasn’t that long ago that many people thought online degrees were worthless. As more colleges and universities introduced online classes though, the reputation of those programs grew. You may find a wide range of online teaching tools that you can now use too such as apps that help you automatically create your works cited page for a research project. 

Online tutors often use online quiz sites too. You can use those sites to take short or long quizzes based on a subject you just studied to see how well you understood the materials.

More Convenient

Online tutoring services offer a more convenient way for you to get the help that you need. Though you already know that you can set appointments for any time of the day or night, you may not know that you can attend sessions anywhere you go. 

The next time that you take off on a family vacation, you can set aside an hour to log in and meet with your tutor. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can attend an appointment. Most sites let you log in to set up new sessions or modify existing appointments.

Save Money

Another benefit to an online tutoring service is that it can help you save money. Not only can you work with a tutor without driving to a local education center and wasting gas, but you can find a tutor who fits your budget. 

If you only have a small amount of money available, you can work with a college student majoring in the same subject you need help with, but you can also spend more to work with someone who has more experience. Some tutoring sites allow you to set your budget ahead of time and find professionals willing to work for that price.

Other Benefits of Online Tutoring

Benefits of Online Tutoring - web resources
Benefits of Online Tutoring - chatting
Benefits of Online Tutoring - questions
Benefits of Online Tutoring - tutor
Benefits of Online Tutoring - apps

The best overall online tutoring service for students today is Chegg Tutors. This site believes that students and their needs should always come first, which is why it offers tutors to work at different price points. No matter how much you can afford to spend on a tutor, you can find someone who will help you. 

It takes just three steps to find the right tutor willing to help you, and you can get a response from anyone you contact in just a few hours. Chegg Tutors also has its own blog which covers education topics that students today should know about.

Try for Free

Chegg sets itself apart from other tutoring sites because it lets you try it out for free. You can do a quick search to find tutors with the experience you need in the subject where you need help. Once you find someone and set up your account, you can log in and meet with that tutor for up to 30 minutes. 

After your trial expires, you can decide whether to sign up for a longer session. Chegg also lets you work with the same tutor or choose someone different for your next appointment.

Loads of Subjects

When Chegg says you can get help with hundreds of different subjects, it really means it. This site specializes in helping students at the college and high school levels. When you click on the engineering section, you can view tutors willing to help students with computer science, programming, and different types of engineering classes. 

Its science tutors can help with all types of science, including chemistry and physics. You’ll also find tutors ready to assist high school students in subjects such as math, history, and English. Chegg also has test prep tutors who help students prepare for the ACT and SAT.

Low Prices

One reason students really like Chegg Tutors is that the site offers a range of different plans. With the pay-as-you-go plan, you can log in and work with a tutor whenever you want. You can pay just 75 cents for each minute that you spend working with one of its tutors. 

The site also offers both monthly and weekly plans that charge you one rate for up to 240 minutes of tutoring. You can spread those minutes out over multiple appointments and subjects. If you go over your allotted time, you’ll pay extra for those additional minutes.

Three Easy Steps

Chegg Tutors makes it easy for you to find the professional help that you need. When you visit the site, you simply enter a question in the search box. The site will then search its database and recommend tutors who can help with that subject. 

You can view each one and select the person you think would work best for you. Once you select a tutor, you can get help in several different ways. The site lets you chat online through a messaging system or via a webcam, but you can also chat over a microphone or through text.

The number one reason students and the parents of students choose Edu Board for tutoring sessions is because of the wide range of subjects available. This site also offers multiple guarantees that can save you both time and money. It offers a 100% quality guarantee that essentially states that if you aren’t happy, you can get your money back. 

If you are not satisfied with any aspect of your tutoring, including the tutor you worked with or a session you completed, you can request a full refund. Edu Board also offers multiple ways for students to get in touch with and interact with their tutors.

Your Choice of Subjects

Did you sign up for a college algebra class because you needed to take a math class and thought it sounded easy but later learned that you didn’t retain your previous math knowledge? Edu Board has tutors who can help you with any aspect of math, including college and business math. 

Though it primarily focuses on math, the site has tutors who specialize in other areas too such as professional writing, computer science, test prep, and speech and debate. Some tutors specialize in foreign language teaching too.

Tutoring Options

With Edu Board, getting help is as simple as entering your question in a search box. Once you pay, a tutor can send you a short response that answers your questions. This response should include a short explanation too. The video tutorial response includes a short video that a tutor will send you that both answer your question but does into greater detail about why the response is correct. Those who need even more help can sign up for an online tutoring session and actually interact with a tutor. That tutor will spend as much time as you need on that question and any others that you have.

Set Your Prices

Edu Board offers a unique pricing structure that bases your costs on the type of response that you want and the amount of time that you spend working with a tutor. You can get a quick answer for just $2, though it does cost extra to get a more detailed response. 

Get Edu is one of the few sites that will work with PayPal, which means that you can sign up and get help without using a credit card. The site will automatically deduct the cost of your tutoring help from your PayPal account.

Basic and Extended Help

A nice feature of Edu Board is that it lets you select the type of help that you need. If you’re in the middle of a homework project and want to know the answer to one specific question, you can send off that question and get a response in minutes. 

You may find that you have a problem understanding the materials and that you need more help though. Edu Board actually lets you set up an appointment with one of its tutors to go over every section of that assignment and to get help finishing any related work.

Skooli removes some of the problems with other tutoring websites, especially issues regarding pricing. The site offers a pay-as-you-go option that lets you pay $49 and get one full hour of service. This comes out to just 84 cents per minute. The best thing about the pay-as-you-go program is that you pay the fee upfront and use it until you run out of minutes. 

If you need more help you want to sign up for a longer tutoring session, you can add more money to your account. Skooli is the best tutoring service for those who need help with shorter sessions because you can work with tutors for just a few minutes at a time.

Photo from Skooli

Find a Tutor Quickly and Easily

To save you some time, Skooli makes it easy for you to find a tutor experienced in the field where you need help. Its homepage shows you some of its more popular tutors and the subject areas they can handle, including biology, literature, writing, algebra, and calculus. 

Each tutor includes a photo of his or her face that you can click on to read their profiles and learn more about them. You also have the option of clicking on the subject you need help with to view all tutors working in that area.

Take Skooli With You

Have you ever thought about signing up for an online session and decided against it because you weren’t sure if you would be home at your assigned time? Skooli not only lets you pick a time that works for you, but it also lets you take that appointment with you. 

You can work with a tutor over your smartphone while in your car on a lunch break. Students can also use their tablets and computers to connect with tutors while on vacation. No matter what time of the day or the night you need help, you can find a great tutor with Skooli.

Certified Professionals

One problem you might have with other tutoring services is that you work with someone who doesn’t have much experience. Skooli hires professionals with years of experience in a specific field. Many of the tutors working for this company are licensed teachers who can present materials and subjects to you in the same way they would their students. You may also find experts working for the site who have their graduate and doctoral degrees in some of the subjects you might study in college.

Help for Everyone

The philosophy behind Skooli is that everyone deserves access to the tutoring and help that they need. That is why the site offers resources for students and parents as well as teachers and schools. You can look at some of the signs that your child needs help in school and then find out how Skooli can help. 

Students can use the site to learn about the test prep programs that are available and how they can improve their scores. Skooli includes a demo that shows prospective students how the site works too.

Photo from Skooli

Children with special needs often meet with experts who create an individual education plan (IEP) for each student. These plans can help students learn what the school expects of them and what they need to do in each of their classes. Students with learning disabilities and other problems may need more one-on-one help than an ordinary school can provide though. 

Special Ed Tutoring is easily the best online service for students with special needs and disabilities. It allows students to work in a virtual environment and gives them access to some of the best online tools around. Parents love the progress their children make through this site.

How to Enroll in the Program

Best for Special Ed Students Special Ed Tutoring - Sign up
Best for Special Ed Students Special Ed Tutoring - representative
Best for Special Ed Students Special Ed Tutoring - class
Best for Special Ed Students Special Ed Tutoring - lesson with your child

Custom Education

Though all the sites you’ll find in this article are appropriate for students who need help outside of the classroom, Special Ed Tutoring is the only site with services designed specifically for special needs children. It offers the type of custom education that your child might not get in a local school. 

It believes in teaching students skills that they can use in all their classes and in the real world. You can choose the types of programs you want to enroll your children in and select the best tutors for those kids too.

Free Consultation

As a parent today, you might worry about spending money on something that isn’t right for your child. Special Ed Tutoring is the only online service that offers a free consultation. 

When you sign up for a new account, you will answer some basic questions about your child such as his or her age and the type of disabilities the student has. The site will then suggest some of the top features to use and give you information on how its services can help. You can get the consultation for free, even if you decide against signing up your child.

Introductory Lesson

Another nice feature of this site is that it lets you sign up for one free lesson as a new user. That lesson can cover any of the subjects your child has issues with or act as an introduction to the site at large. 

Special Ed Tutoring offers programs designed for kids as young as four years old up to adults over the age of 60. Many students benefit from the site because it lets them work in a quiet environment with just one other person. They can avoid some of the distractions found in a traditional classroom.

Homework and More

Students with special needs who attend traditional schools often need help with their homework. They can sign up for lessons with a tutor who will go over that work and make sure that they understand how to complete each step. 

Special Ed Tutoring also offers both an enhanced learning program and a homeschool program. The homeschool program offers help for students with disabilities who take classes at home, while the enhanced learning program offers individualized help for students based on the classes they take and their ages.

As I looked at options for home tutoring, I kept coming across Club Z. Club Z is unique because it allows students to sign up for online tutoring and for more traditional tutoring sessions. The company offers franchise opportunities and has more than 400 education centers across the country that have tutors ready and willing to help. 

If you want to stop in after class or sign your child up for a session on the weekends, you can easily make an appointment at a franchise location. Club Z also offers all the online help that students of all ages need.

Photo from Club Z

Fast Results

Club Z lets you quickly find a tutor and sign up for a session in one of two ways. You can use the form online, which I listed above. This form asks for your full name, email address, and zip code, which it will use to find a tutor in your area. You’ll also need to describe the type of tutoring that you need. 

If you have any questions about the top services, you can contact the company at its toll-free number. A representative can give you more information on the tutors in your city and let you know what you need before signing up for an online session.

Improve Over-all Grades

With the individualized tutoring offered by Club Z, you can get help with your homework, an upcoming presentation, and anything else you need. The site promises that you can improve your overall grades by up to two letters in just two months of lessons. 

More than 98% of students who worked with these tutors reported that they were satisfied with the help they received. If you are not happy with your experience because of the tutor you used or any other reason, you can get a refund from the website.

Pre-K Through College

While most tutoring sites offer help for elementary school students and those in high school or college, Club Z offers programs designed for children heading to kindergarten in the next year. These programs can help your children learn the alphabet, their colors, and numbers to make sure that they can keep up with their peers once they start school. 

There are also sessions available that the website designed for older students. College kids can work directly with a tutor to improve their research and writing skills or with a subject they struggle with in school.

Test Prep and College Admissions

You can get test prep help from almost any tutoring or education site on the web, but only Club Z can help you prepare for that test and apply to colleges and universities. Most schools today require that students submit official ACT or SAT scores as part of the admissions process. 

A higher score can help students get their acceptance letters and qualify for different scholarships too. Club Z has tutors who scored highly on those tests. Those tutors can give students tips on taking the exams and preparing for the tests. They can also offer help when it comes to writing admissions essays and submitting college applications.

Tips in Getting the Most from an Online Tutoring Session

Test Prep and College Admissions - education
Test Prep and College Admissions - textbooks
Test Prep and College Admissions - Set goals
Test Prep and College Admissions - questions
Test Prep and College Admissions - homework

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The cost of hiring a tutor usually starts at around $30 an hour. This price can rise to around $40 an hour for students who need more one on one help. When you need a tutor who can help with more advanced college classes, you might pay as much as $80 to $100 an hour.

A: Many websites actually offer a free trial, though you will need to add your payment details before getting that trial. This lets you meet with a tutor for one free session, which gives you an idea of how that professional can help you and whether the appointments are worth the price. If you decide to schedule a second appointment, you can become a full member and pay for that session in advance.

A: A basic online tutoring session will usually last for around 60 minutes. If you need help with test prep, you can schedule a longer appointment and work with a tutor for two hours or longer. Experts generally recommend taking breaks during your session though and only working for as long as you feel comfortable and can stay focused.


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