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UPDATED June 2024

You may need a totally different pillow when you’re in that maternity phase.


Ang Qi U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow


No matter how you sleep, this pillow can help you get into a comfortable position. The ergonomic design cushions all areas of your body to help you sleep through the night.


The U-shaped design of this pillow provides comfort and support for all types of sleepers. It comes with a jersey cover that you can remove for washing to make the pillow last longer.


Depending on your height, you may find that this pillow isn’t tall enough to support your entire body. A small number of reviewers found that it broke down before their babies came.

Queen Rose Pregnancy Body Pillow


Designed to cradle and cushion your entire body, this pillow will work long after your pregnancy ends. Its unique design helps reduce pain caused by certain medical conditions and help you sleep all night long.


As a total body pillow, this one supports both your upper and lower body at the same time. You can use it when reclining bed as well as when sitting up and laying down.


A handful of customers disliked the design of the pillow, which actually separated into individual chambers after a few weeks of use. Other women found that it wasn’t as full in real life as it looked online.

Snoogle Total Pregnancy Body Pillow


Get all the comfort that you need with this pregnancy pillow, which will support your whole body. It comes with a soft jersey cover on the outside and thick layers of padding on the inside.


The C-shaped design of this pillow allows you to get into the perfect position that will take pressure off your belly. It supports both your head and your lower body to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.


You may find that you need to adjust the pillow in the middle of the night as your sleeping position changes. Some smaller women may have problems using this pillow too.

Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow


This pillow features two padded areas between a thin strip of material that you can place between your legs or under your stomach as you sleep. The pillow, which is machine washable, comes with a removable cover.


Designed specifically for women who sleep on their sides, this pillow helps you sit and sleep comfortably. You can use it under your stomach or between your legs.


Some women who used this pillow found that it was too small or too firm for their needs. Other women said that it put too much pressure on their stomachs.

Hiccapop Wedge Pregnancy Pillow


Suitable for use during your entire pregnancy, this wedge pillow allows you to get support anywhere you need it. The wedge has a cover that feels soft and smooth against your skin to keep you comfortable.


You can use this pillow in a number of ways, including while reading in bed or sleeping at night. It features a removable velour cover and a perforated foam outer layer that keeps you cool.


Some women claimed that the velour cover made them feel too hot at night. Other reviews claimed that it was either too big or too soft.


Shopping Guide for the Best Pregnancy Pillow

When you discover that your pregnant for the first time, you might feel so excited that you can barely contain yourself. You may even rush right out and start buying books or surfing the web to find advice on what to do during your pregnancy. It’s important that you look at some of the side effects that you might experience later. Many pregnant women have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep at night. Using the best pregnancy pillow can help you get all the sleep that you and your baby needs until your delivery date.

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The reason so many women have a difficult time sleeping is because of the changes to their bodies. Many have issues rolling over at night or just getting into a comfortable position. The best pregnancy pillows for 2024
 are those that cushion your entire body, from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. No matter how much you toss and turn, you’ll stay sleeping all night long.

The top pregnancy pillows for 2024 will last after the baby comes and keep you feeling comfortable in the future. You can use our guide to find out more about these pillows and get help picking one.

Common Pregnancy Symptoms

Changes in breast tissue
Missed periods or light spotting
Feeling tired
Aches and pains

Shopping Guide for the Best Pregnancy Pillow - Nausea
Shopping Guide for the Best Pregnancy Pillow - Changes in breast tissue
Shopping Guide for the Best Pregnancy Pillow - Missed periods
Shopping Guide for the Best Pregnancy Pillow - Feeling tired
Shopping Guide for the Best Pregnancy Pillow - Aches and pains

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Selection Criteria

One of the main issues pregnant women have is that they just can’t get comfortable. You might put on 20 pounds of weight or more over the course of your pregnancy. That extra weight can change the way you walk and sit and even affect the way you sleep at night. When you use one of the top pregnancy pillows, you can finally get all the support that you need and find a position that helps you stay comfortable throughout the night. Your comfort is important, which is why our list of the top pillows for pregnant women feature options that will make you feel better than you ever did before.

We started our search on Amazon because millions of people use that site to purchase items every day. After first looking at all the pregnancy pillows available, we then looked at the reviews. That helped us find five pillows that are suitable for all types of women. While other shopping guides often focus only on total body pillows, we included options for side sleepers and those who need some extra support under their bellies. After looking at the top pillows, you can read more about choosing one for use during your pregnancy.

Best Sleeping Positions for Pregnancy Women

Selection Criteria - Best Pregnancy Pillow - Left
Left side
Selection Criteria - Best Pregnancy Pillow - Right
Right Side
Selection Criteria - Best Pregnancy Pillow - Back

U-shaped pregnancy pillows like this one from Ang Qi are a good choice for women who toss and turn as well as those who change positions in the middle of the night. While some women lay flat in the center of the u-shaped well, others like wrapping the sides of the pillows around their bodies to get more support where they need it. One feature that many women like about this pillow is that they can change the amount of support provided. A zipper on the side allows you to open the inside of the pillow and add more filling or remove some of that fill material.

Made from a type of durable cotton, this pillow has a soft inner cover that makes it last longer. It also comes with a cover made from a jersey material that is machine washable. This lets you clean the cover and make the pillow last longer. That jersey material also stays cool to keep you from overheating in the middle of the night. Measuring 55-inches-long, the manufacturer recommends this pillow for women ranging in height from 5’2” to 5’7” tall. If you’re outside of this height range, you may not get as much support as you would like.

What is a Pregnancy Pillow?

Though you may hear the terms pregnancy pillow and maternity pillow, both refer to the same type of cushion. The symptoms and side effects that you experience during your pregnancy can change significantly from month to month and even from day to day. You’ll often find that your feet swell and that you feel some pain or discomfort in your belly and lower body. Some women also experience pain in their arms and backs. A pregnancy pillow can help you get into the perfect position when going to bed that will reduce your pain and discomfort.

While some women think that they can only use these pillows when sleeping, you can also use one when watching television or reading. You can also use a maternity pillow after your baby arrives. The pillows reduce pressure on your lower body, which can help reduce aches and pains in both your back and shoulder. Before buying a new cushion though, you need to know which type is right for you. You’ll find a guide to all the different types of pregnancy pillows right here in our shopping guide.

What is a Pregnancy Pillow - Follow the same routine

Tips for Getting Better Sleep While Pregnant

  • Eat multiple smaller meals each day instead of a few larger meals
  • Adjust your sleeping position as the fetus grows
  • Try wearing a maternity band over your stomach while in bed
  • Follow the same routine every night

Total body pillows are popular with pregnant women who want more support when sleeping. The Queen Rose pillow made our list because thousands of shoppers purchased it and wrote good reviews about their experiences with it. The U-shaped design features a rounded edge at the top of the pillow and two straight legs that extend out from the sides. You can sleep right in the middle of the pillow and use that rounded edge in place of the pillow that you usually place under your head. No matter how much you toss and turn or move at night, the pillow will surround your body with comfort. You can toss your arms and/or legs over either side for added support.

Made from a high-density material, this pillow will retain its shape after months of use. Regardless of which side you use or how often you use the pillow, it will remain just as fluffy as it did when you took it out of the box. This option also functions as a maternity pillow after the baby comes. You can use it to get in the right position for nursing your baby or just holding your baby while watching television in bed.

Types of Pregnancy Pillows

Body Pillow

A common type of pregnancy pillow is one called a body pillow. They look similar to the ones you already use on your bed but are much larger in size. You can wrap both your arms and legs around the sides or lay in any position that feels comfortable to you. Some come with a removable cover, but others will require that you buy a separate cover.

Inflatable Pillow

An inflatable pregnancy pillow is one of the largest options available. Some manufacturers include a pump that inflates the pillow. You’ll also find models with a built-in pump and those that you can inflate with your vacuum cleaner. Inflatable options are best for women who sleep on their stomachs. The air adds the cushioning and support that you need and will keep your baby safe.

U-Shaped Body Pillow

If you frequently toss and turn and find yourself waking up in the middle of the night, a U-shaped body pillow might be a good choice for you. These pillows look like an uppercase “U” and have a padded area on the top where you can rest your head. Two larger legs extend out from the sides and wrap around your body. Those legs keep you from rolling off the bed and prevent you from rolling onto your belly. Some women find these pillows too confining or restricting though.

Wedge Pillow

Many pregnant women like wedge pillows because they can use those wedges almost anywhere. These pillows look like the same type of wedge you might use to hold your door open. You can slide the pillow behind your back when reclining as you read or watch TV, but you can also use one under your stomach as you sleep. Wedges are also come in handy when nursing your baby.

C-Shaped Body Pillows

Women who find U-shaped pillows too confining often prefer C-shaped pillows. Instead of completely wrapping around your body, these pillows have a C-shape that wraps around your side. You can cuddle up close to the pillow to get the support you need. If you move or want to get out of bed though, you can move freely without the pillow tripping you up.

While some women like U-shaped pillows, others find that the design leaves them feeling too confined. If you want a pillow that offers total body support but still lets you move freely, the Snoogle pillow might be the best option for you. The C-shape design of this pillow makes it easier for you to roll over at night because you want instantly run into more padding. It also allows you to easily get out of bed to grab a snack or use the restroom because one side of the pillow is completely open.

You can use the Snoogle Total Body Pregnancy Pillow in a few different ways. Depending on how you sleep, you might place the pillow behind you and lay with your back against it. You can also flip the pillow over and lay with your belly on the padding. This will help lift your stomach off the bed and takes some of the weight of your belly off your body. The manufacturer gives you a teal cover that easily goes on and comes off the pillow. This cover uses a super soft jersey material that uses both cotton and polyester. The cover is machine washable too.

Benefits of a Pregnancy Pillow

  • Feel safer: Many pregnant women have nightmares that they rolled over in their sleep and suffocated their babies. When you have a pregnancy pillow, you can feel safer as you sleep. The pillow will keep you from rolling onto your stomach and possibly injuring your fetus.

  • Reduce pain: A common problem that pregnant women experience is that their feet swell. You may notice that your calves and ankles swell or that you experience a dull ache in your back. If you use a pregnancy pillow while sleeping or lounging bed, you can reduce both the pain and the discomfort that you feel.

  • Sleep better: Getting a good night’s sleep is especially important for pregnant women because it gives their bodies time to heal and rest. No matter what position you usually sleep in at night, you can use a pregnancy pillow to sleep better. This will help you feel stronger and healthier when you wake too.

  • Other uses: You can use a pregnancy pillow for more than just sleeping. Many women use one to reduce swelling in their lower bodies and to feel comfortable when reading in bed. You can even use one when nursing your child later.

Benefits of a Memory Foam Pillow

  • Adjusts to fit different parts of your body
  • Molds to the shape of any body part
  • Lasts longer than other types of pillows
Benefits of a Pregnancy Pillow

A common complaint that some pregnant women have is that their bellies feel too heavy and that the extra weight keeps them from sleeping. Designed for women who sleep on their sides, this pillow is perfect for any woman who has issues with her belly. The pillow actually features two large cushions with loads of padding inside that connect together via a small strip of material. When you place it flat on your bed and sleep between the two cushions, it will keep you from rolling over onto your belly. If you experience pain in your lower body, you can put the pillow between your knees. You can even use the pillow across your stomach or around your back.

Some women dislike pregnancy pillows because many do not offer as much head support as they need. When you use this pillow, you can still rest your head on your favorite pillow. The material used in the center has a stretchy design that grows to accommodate your bump as it grows. This pillow is also more compact than others, which makes it great for travelers. You can take it with you on your babymoon to feel comfortable while on vacation.

Pregnancy Pillow Buying Guide – Things to Consider

Sleeping Position

When buying a pregnancy pillow, you should make sure you purchase one that works for your favorite sleeping positions. Many companies make options for those who sleep on their sides or their backs, but you’ll find some suitable for those who sleep on their stomachs.


One important thing you should consider is the overall firmness of the pillow. Memory foam is the best material for those who want a pillow that is quite firm but also comfortable. If you switch between different pillows throughout your pregnancy because some feel comfortable than others on certain nights, look for a pillow that lets you change the amount of filling inside. You can add more filling or remove some to make the pillow work for you.

Stiff vs. Flexible

You should also think about whether you prefer a pillow that feels stiffer or one that is more flexible. Also called straight pillows, a stiffer pillow is one that has a rectangular shape. It won’t move very much and will feel fairly stiff in your arms. Flexible pillows can look like corkscrews. You can bend and twist one to make it fit your body.

Filling Type

Looking at the type of filling that a pillow uses can help you determine how comfortable it will feel and how much noise it will make. While memory foam is popular, so too is polyester. Polyester doesn’t last as long as memory foam does but is more affordable. You’ll also find pillows filled with tiny beads or natural materials like wool. Pillows that use beads and certain natural materials may not feel very comfortable and will usually produce more noise.


Pregnancy pillow manufacturers will usually list information about the size of the pillows and the size range that each one can accommodate. It’s important that you pick a pillow that is the right size for your body. If the pillow is too large or too small, it can prevent you from sleeping.

Pregnancy Pillow Buying Guide – Things to Consider

Other Features You Should Consider

Ease of use

While traditional pregnancy pillows support your entire body, you might prefer something a little smaller like this wedge pillow. Made from memory foam, this little wedge offers extra support and comfort. The foam molds to the shape of your stomach or anywhere else you place it. As soon as you get up though, the foam returns to its original shape. You can use it wherever you want to get the comfort that you need. We like that this pillow actually has two different sides. The one side uses a much firmer type of foam that offers more support. If you flip it over, you can use a softer side that might feel more comfortable.

Specifically designed to reduce swelling, this wedge reduces the amount of stress on all your pressure points. You can wake up in the morning without feeling pain and discomfort in your limbs. The top layer of foam features a perforated design that increases airflow to help you stay cooler while sleeping. To extend the life of the pillow and protect it from stains and odors, you can remove the included cover regularly for washing. That cover makes the pillow a little softer too.

What is the Average Price for a Pregnancy Pillow?

Raising a child in today’s world costs more money than ever before. If you’re like most women, you probably want to stock and set up your nursery before the baby comes. By the time that you buy diapers, clothing, wipes and all the other supplies that you need, you might feel guilty about buying something for yourself. A pregnancy pillow can help you feel comfortable and sleep better before you give birth. The right pillow will also offer support later as you nurse and feed your baby. No matter how much cash you want to spend, you can get a pillow that fits your budget.

Pregnancy pillows cost between $10 and $100. Though you may find some priced higher, we recommend spending between $20 and $70. All the top pregnancy pillows for 2024 that made our list fit within this price range. Wedges are usually cheaper than other types because these pillows are smaller and use less filling. Total body pillows cost more and usually sell for between $50 and $70. You should look at reviews that other pregnant women wrote to ensure that you find a pillow that is worth its price.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep every night, but pregnant women often need two to three more hours. If you can’t sleep nine hours or more, you can take shorter naps in the middle of the day.

A: All pregnant women can benefit from a pregnancy pillow, but when begin using one will vary based on different factors. You can actually use one as soon as you learn you’re pregnant or later on in your pregnancy. Most women benefit from using one when they reach the 20-week mark.

A: If you usually sleep on your stomach, you may have a difficult time adjusting to a new position when you learn that you’re pregnant. Sleeping on your stomach can put too much pressure on the fetus though and possibly injure the baby. You can use an inflatable pregnancy pillow to sleep comfortably on your back without harming your child.

A: Routine maintenance is the key to extending the life of a pregnancy pillow. You should always use the cover that comes with it or cover it with some other type of case. Washing that case or cover once a week will keep the pillow from smelling and make it last longer.

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