Best Diaper Bags

UPDATED May 2024

The best diaper bags are those with loads of storage space and a design that you love.

BAG 2024


This is the best diaper bag on the market because it features so many pockets for storing all the things your baby needs. You can carry the bag in two ways without feeling any pain or discomfort.


Multiple pockets inside and out make this bag easy to fill, while the straps on the top are easy to grab. You also get a padded strap for carrying the bag on your shoulder.


Despite its larger size, this diaper bag may lack the space that you need. Some shoppers found the pattern a little bland too.


No matter how many errands you need to do, you can get them all done with this bag by your side. It comes with tons of matching accessories and a diaper bag with ample storage.


With this set, you get everything you need for a day away from home with your baby. The bag has convenient carrying straps and loads of internal and external storage.


A small number of shoppers found that the zipper on the bag didn’t work very well. Other shoppers didn’t like all the included accessories.


Thanks to an included diaper mat, this bag helps you change your baby safely in any environment. The bag features a large zippered compartment and large pockets for storing everything you need.


The funky gray and white arrow pattern on the outside makes this bag suitable for both men and women. It has a zippered compartment inside to keep your belongings safe too.


The pockets on the outside of the bag are fairly loose and may allow some items to fall out. As this bag is a little on the smaller size, it might lack the storage that you need.


Waterproof pockets let you carry bottles and other liquids without worrying about spills. This bag also features padded straps and comes with a matching diaper changing mat.


Large clasps on the front of this bag let you connect it to your stroller for a day on the town. Two of the bag’s interior pockets are waterproof to protect it from spills too.


The all-gray design of this diaper bag might be a little too bland for you. Some of the pockets on the bag are small and hard to reach also.


Made from materials that look like real leather, this is one of the top vegan diaper bags on the market. The included accessories let you keep bottles cold and keep track of your cash and cards.


No matter what you need to take with you for your baby, you’ll have all the space that you need in this bag. It comes with accessories like stroller clips and an insulated bottle carrier that keeps milk or formula cold.


The large size of this bag may be too much for some, especially if you fill the bag with necessities. It also comes with some accessories that you may not need.

Shopping Guide for the Best Diaper Bag

Once you become a parent, you suddenly realize all the things that a baby needs for just a few hours away from home. The best diaper bag will have all the storage that you need for all those necessities. Bags today come in different designs and styles, including backpack models and messenger bags. The best diaper bag 2024 models that are right for some parents may not be right for you, which is why we created this handy shopping guide.

Our guide includes more than just a list of the diaper bag 2024 models that we think are the best. The chart at the top of this page lists each one and the pros and cons of each bag. You can click the links provided to purchase the bag that best meets your needs.

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The information we provide you is free of charge and a result of extensive research by our product experts. We use affiliate links in our site that provide us with referral commissions.

While this fact may not influence the information we provide, it may affect the positioning of this information

Before you buy though, we highly recommend that you take a look at our shopping guide. As you read through this guide, you’ll find detailed product reviews that go beyond just telling you the pros and cons of each bag. You can use those reviews to find out what customers loved about those bags. Each section in our guide will help you narrow down all the options to find your perfect diaper bag.

Shopping Guide for the Best Diaper Bag

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Selection Criteria​

When most people think of diaper bags, they think of the standard bags that were available in past years. Those older designs featured one pocket in the center. Some had a zipper that kept that pocket closed, and some came with extra pockets on the sides. The bags that you see available for sale today come with more features that you never expected to see in a diaper bag.

Looking at the different types available was the first thing that we need. We found the types that new parents and parents who had children before liked the best. You can learn more about each type as well as the pros and cons of those bags further down in our shopping guide.

We next looked at the reviews that former customers posted about the bags they bought and the experiences they had with those bags. This helped us weed out the bags that caused pain and discomfort when used regularly and bags with fabrics and other materials that quickly wore out. Our guide lists the top five best diaper bags for 2024 and details about each product. You’ll find other helpful information about what to look for in a new bag and how much you should spend too.

Most Important Features
for Parents

Selection Criteria​ - Best Diaper Bags

The best diaper bag for most parents today is the Duo from Skip Hop. As a tote model, it functions in the same way that your favorite tote bag does. Two convenient carrying handles at the top make it easy to just grab the bag when you need to go. If you plan on being away from home longer, you can use the longer strap to carry the bag over your shoulder. This strap has padding to reduce fatigue and discomfort. While some bags use patterns that only work for men or women, this one features a gray and white pattern that is suitable for moms and dads.

Designed for parents to use until their kids are older, this bag will actually grow as your child grows. It comes with two mesh pockets on the outside that expand to fit bottles of any size and 10 pockets of varying sizes on the inside and out. Some of those pockets have a nonslip design that will keep toys and other items from sliding out or catching on the fabric. Not only does the Duo give you loads of space for your baby’s supplies, but you’ll also have enough room for a laptop or tablet.

Signs You Need a New Diaper Bag

New parents often receive diaper bags at baby showers, but they may not get the ones that they want or need. If you have a diaper bag and aren’t sure it’s right for you, you can check out some of the signs that you need a new bag.

  • No storage: When you pack your bag, you should have enough space for everything that you need. If you find yourself weeding through those items and leaving some things at home, you may need a new bag.
  • Uncomfortable fit: Manufacturers now include features like padded straps that you can adjust based on your size and the clothing that you wear. The bag should fit comfortably and not dig into your back or shoulders. You should avoid wearing and using a bag that feels uncomfortable.
  • Too heavy: You also need to pay attention to the weight of the bag, especially if you carry it on your back or in your hands. No matter what you put inside, the bag should still feel light enough that you don’t have any problems carrying it.
Signs You Need a New Diaper Bag

Common Items Carried in Diaper Bags

With this bag in your hands, you can handle the busiest of city streets without missing a beat. The Grand Central from Soho features a funky pattern across the front and sides. It has two long straps on the top that let you carry the bag with one hand or over your shoulder. Multiple zippered compartments on the front let you store the things you use most often nearby without worrying about those items falling out. You’ll find just as much storage space on the inside as well as two pockets on the outside that expand to fit bottles and larger objects.

Many moms and dads like the Grand Central because it comes with so many matching accessories. An included change purse is large enough to hold your cash and other belongings. This purse has a zipper on top to keep your items safe and a strap for carrying it on your wrist. You also get two matching cases for storing other accessories and claps for attaching the diaper bag to your stroller. Also included is a bag that is compatible with most bottles and a portable changing station that lets you change your baby’s diaper anywhere you go.

Benefits of Buying a New Bag

Parents who had children before often reuse items to save money. If you have an old diaper bag that you used in the past, you might wonder why you should invest in a new one. A new bag lets you take advantage of benefits like:

  • Clean mat: That older diaper bag that you used probably came with a diaper mat, but after using it to change diapers for a few years, you definitely need a new one. A clean mat lets you change your baby without worrying about picking up germs or bacteria.
  • Change your look: You can use a new bag to change up your look. Though some parents stick to gender-specific colors and patterns, others like the newer gender-neutral options that are suitable for both boys and girls.
  • New accessories: Many bags come with newer accessories that you can use while out with your baby or out on your own. You might get a purse that is large enough to use as your main bag or an insulated carrier that keeps drinks cold.
  • More storage: The biggest benefit of a new bag is that you get more storage. You’ll have all the room that you need to store and organize everything your child needs while away from home.
Benefits of Buying a New Bag

Another bag that is suitable for both moms and dads is this Lekebaby bag, which works just like a messenger bag. The soft gray material used on the outside of the bag works perfectly with the gray and white arrow pattern on the top. It features some leather accents, including a leather tag with the manufacturer’s name on the front and leather handles on the very top. Reinforced stitching keeps the leather from breaking off and allows you to carry the bag any way you want. You can use the shorter straps to carry it with one or both hands, but you can also use the longer strap to carry it on your shoulder.

This large bag has a zippered compartment on the inside that you can zip open or closed in seconds. You’ll also find eight smaller pockets located on the inside and around the outer edges of the bag. Those pockets help you organize items based on how often you need each one. One of the unique features of this bag is a tissue holder. You can pop in your own tissues and dispense them one at a time as needed to blow your nose or do some cleaning.

What You Need to Pack in Your Diaper Bag

Parents, especially newer parents, often think that they need more things than they actually do. When you try to take everything with you except for the kitchen sink, you’ll find that your bag feels heavier and that it weighs you down. The more items you pack in that bag, the faster you’ll wear it out too. When you plan on being away from home for a few hours or less than a full day, you really only need some basic necessities, including:

  • Up to four diapers
  • At least one clean change of clothing
  • Rash ointment or cream
  • Toys that your child responds to at home
  • Pacifiers or other items that soothe your child

Once your child reaches an older age, you may want to include a few different items. A first-aid kit allows you to care for an injured child when you’re away from a home. You may want to include a few books or toys to occupy your child. Don’t forget about snacks and cold drinks too. A handful of crackers placed inside a sealed bag will curb hunger and soothe cries until you get home.

What You Need to Pack in Your Diaper Bag

Items Just for Parents

Backpack bags like this one from CISCO & RAFFI are great for parents who don’t want to spend a lot of time packing before leaving the house. You can keep all the belongings that you need safely tucked inside for future trips away from home. The padded straps on the back allow you to carry the bag over one or both shoulders, which evenly distributes the weight of the bag to reduce stress and fatigue. This bag features two large zippered compartments on the front for storing toys and other larger items. It also has smaller zippered pockets on each side. You can unzip the top of the bag and gain access to everything inside.

The inside of the bag features several mesh pockets that let you keep your cell phone and cash handy. The inside also features a pocket that is large enough for storing most tablets and laptops. Many of the pockets on this bag have a waterproof design that keeps the bag and all stored items safe from spills. CISCO & RAFFI Backpack Diaper Bag uses a water-resistant material, also comes with a matching diaper changing mat, clips for carrying it on your stroller and a built-in wipe dispenser.

Types of Diaper Bags

Though we take a detailed look at all the features that you should consider when choosing a diaper bag, we wanted to start out with a look at the different types of bags now available. These bags include traditional products with long and short straps and unique bags that work like a messenger bag or a backpack. Once you take a look at the features of each bag type, you can look at the pros and cons to get an idea of which style is right for you. You should consider how much you carry with you for your baby and how you’ll carry the bag.

Tote Bag

One of the more popular types of diaper bags available today is a tote bag. Similar to the bags that you might carry when shopping or on vacation, these have a larger and somewhat slouchy design. Most have two smaller handles on the top that let you carry one with either or both hands. You’ll also find pockets on the outside that let you store smaller items, and some have zippered or open pockets on the inside too. Boho bags are similar but are more of a trendy option that uses popular patterns or colors. These bags might lack the storage you need.


  • Available in a range of colors and patterns that are suitable for all parents
  • Larger models have ample storage for both kids and their parents
  • Multiple pockets on the inside and out give you room for specific items like phones and bottles


  • You will need to keep one or both hands on the bag at all times
  • Some bags are quite bulky and hard to carry or use
  • Smaller bags may lack the storage that you need

Messenger Bag

Messenger bags have a sporty design and are perfect for commuters. If you spend time on the bus or train when traveling to work, you can use one to keep track of your work and your laptop or tablet. Diaper bags with a messenger design mimic this same design. These bags are longer and thinner than other models but still have lots of interior storage. A flap on the front lifts up to reveal everything stored inside, and this flap may have its own zippered compartment or pocket. Most bags of this type have at least one pocket underneath the flap and several pockets on the inside. There may be space for water or baby bottles on the outside too.


  • You can carry one and keep your hands free
  • Messenger bags aren’t as bulky as other bags are
  • Can store most laptops in addition to other items
  • Suitable for both men and women


  • May not have as much space as you need
  • Can feel heavy on your back and shoulders


When you’re in the market for a simple bag that lets you carry a few basic things, you might prefer a satchel to a traditional tote bag. While tote bags often have a square shape, satchels have a rectangular shape. Most have shorter handles on the top that let you carry the bag in the same way you would a purse. You’ll usually find several zippered and open pockets on the outside for storing smaller things and a large compartment on the inside. Some of these bags also come with removable straps that you can take off when needed and special compartments for phones and bottles.


  • Satchels are a trendy option for parents today
  • Available in some higher-end designs that use materials like leather
  • Provides storage on both the exterior and interior


  • Shorter straps keep you from carrying the bag on your back
  • Satchels are often more expensive than other types of bags
  • Often provide less storage than other bags do


The most basic type of diaper bag that you can get today is a clutch. Some manufacturers actually include a small clutch bag as an extra accessory when you buy a standard diaper bag. Clutches are very small and offer only enough space for the basic things that you need. You might only have room for a single diaper and a few wipes. Some of the more popular designs actually function like a changing mat. You can remove the elastic strap from the front and unroll the mat. Once you’re done, you put everything back inside and roll the mat back up. Most clutches also feature a strap for carrying the bag on your hand or wrist.


  • Convenient way to carry some basic necessities
  • Can function as both a changing mat and a diaper bag
  • Features a wrist strap that lets you keep your hands free


  • Convenient way to carry some basic necessities
  • Can function as both a changing mat and a diaper bag
  • Features a wrist strap that lets you keep your hands free


If you remember the days when you carried all your books and school supplies in a pack on your back, you might remember how easily you carried all those things. A backpack diaper bag offers a convenient way to carry all the supplies, clothing and accessories that your baby needs too. Most have one or more zippered compartments on the front that let you remove the things that you need without opening the entire bag. The inside features different compartments and pockets that you can access with a zipper on the top. Most also have adjustable straps too that you can adjust to wear the bag over a bulky coat.


  • Allows you to keep your hands free while carrying everything you and your baby needs
  • Features adjustable straps that let you adjust the way the bag fits
  • Causes less discomfort and pain in your shoulders and bag
  • Offers ample storage via zippered pockets and other types of compartments


  • Can feel too heavy when completely filled
  • Requires removing the backpack from your body to get the things that you need
  • May slow you down as you walk

Stroller Bag

The opinions on stroller bags are mixed at best. Designed to hang and carry on your stroller, these bags won’t get in the way of your baby when used properly. Some parents think that the bags are too heavy and that using one will cause the stroller to tip over and potentially harm the baby inside. As long as you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer, you can safely use a stroller diaper bag while shopping at the mall or taking a walk with your baby. These bags have clips that keep the bag attached to the stroller and pockets for storage.


  • Allows you to carry necessities while focusing on your baby
  • Compatible with strollers from most manufacturers
  • Has plenty of storage for you and your child
  • Available in colors and patterns that match back to your stroller


  • May weigh down your stroller and make it harder to walk with your baby
  • Can cause the stroller to fall or tip over when used improperly
  • Requires that you attach and remove the bag from your stroller each time you use it
Types of Diaper Bags


Never use a stroller diaper bag that weighs more than 50 pounds when filled. The more the bag weighs, the greater the risk is that the stroller might fall over.

One of the largest diaper bags on the market today is this tote bag from Isoki. Made from natural materials, this is also one of the only vegan bags that we found. As a tote bag, it’s large enough for storing everything your baby needs and everything that you need too. You can even use this bag when traveling away from home for a weekend or longer. It has two straps on the top and a longer strap with clips on the sides that let you take it on and off as needed. A full-length zipper runs across the top and gives you access to the bag’s interior. It also has a smaller zippered compartment on the side that is big enough for diapers and wipes.

This tote bag comes with a number of matching accessories too. You’ll get an insulated bag that holds one or more bottles and keeps those bottles cold for feeding your baby on the go. A small cosmetics bag gives you room for any of the items that you need for yourself. This bag has a zipper to keep your belongings safe and a strap for carrying the bag. You also get a diaper changing pad too.

This large bag has a zippered compartment on the inside that you can zip open or closed in seconds. You’ll also find eight smaller pockets located on the inside and around the outer edges of the bag. Those pockets help you organize items based on how often you need each one. One of the unique features of this bag is a tissue holder. You can pop in your own tissues and dispense them one at a time as needed to blow your nose or do some cleaning.

Features You Should Consider

You can look at hundreds of diaper bags and still have no clue which one is right for your baby. It often seems like manufacturers make bags that are quite similar and include the same features, which can make your decision even harder. We wanted to create the definitive shopping guide for moms and dads looking for a new one. Our list of the top features to consider will come in handy when buying a new diaper bag for yourself or when shopping for one for an expectant parent. As you look over this list, you may find that some features and details are more important to you than others.


One thing you might notice when looking at diaper bags is that they now come in a number of different sizes. While you might think that you need the largest one available, you should keep in mind that larger bags can weigh you down. As you put more and more items inside that bag, you add to its overall weight. This can leave you feeling like you carry around a bowling ball in addition to your child. To find the right size for you, simply make a list of the things that you cannot live without. Make sure that you pick a bag large enough for all those items.


Looking at the construction when buying a diaper bag online is often hard because you can’t get your hands on that bag. You can visit baby stores in your area and check out the construction of those bags in person before you buy, or you can just read reviews and look for those that focus on the overall construction. One key thing to look at is the stitching on the bag. Are the stitches evenly spaced apart? Do you see any signs of fraying? If the stitches fray before you put anything in the bag, this is a sign of poor quality. You want a bag that can handle everything you want to store inside and carry.

Waterproof Design

The best bags are often those that are either waterproof or water-resistant. A water-resistant design means that any moisture that falls on the bag will slide right off instead of pooling on the surface. This can prevent stains from forming and keep some of your belongings safe. If you spend a lot of time outdoors with your child, you’ll want to look for bags that are waterproof. Waterproof bags will keep all forms of water out. Even if the lid falls off a bottle and the nipples leaks, the milk or formula will not damage the bag or any of the contents inside.


Parents often put the needs of their children above their own needs, but when choosing a new bag, you need to consider your own needs too. The right bag is one that has all the space for the things your child needs like diapers and bottles as well as space for your own items. Many moms use diaper bags in place of purses because they don’t have room to carry both. At the bare minimum, the bag should have enough room for your keys and wallet. You may want one with a hook inside that clips to your keys, which keeps you from fumbling in the bag to find them later.


There are a few things that you should consider when looking at the handles on a diaper bag, including the length of the straps and whether they have any padding. Some bags come with two handles that you carry in your hands, but others have a longer strap that allows you to carry the bag by hand or on your body. The longer the handles or straps are, the more comfortably you can carry that bag. If the straps are shorter, you may find that you can only carry the bag in one way. Products that come with adjustable straps are best for parents who share the carrying duties.

One or More Insulated Pockets

Bags that feature one or more insulated pockets are especially helpful for parents who spend a lot of time on the go. Whether you breastfeed or use formula, you’ll want to take at least one bottle with you when leaving the house. An insulated pocket keeps that bottle cool until it’s feeding time. As your child ages, you’ll slowly introduce baby food and then solid foods. If you feed your baby mashed potatoes or another dish served warm, that pocket will keep the food warm. If you pick a bag that has two insulated pockets, you can use one for cold foods and another for hot dishes.


New parents sometimes focus so much on the storage a bag has and the included accessories that they forget to look at the material. While you might have your heart set on a leather diaper bag that costs hundreds of dollars, leather isn’t very practical. You want a material like canvas or nylon that cleans easily. Bags made from those materials are machine washable too. Check the inside and the liner of the bag too. You want to make sure that you can clean out the interior as easily as you can wipe down stains on the outer material of the bag.

Features You Should Consider


Avoid choosing bags that have a vinyl liner if you live in the Midwest or an area where cold temperatures are common. The sharp temperature changed experienced when you go outside and then back inside can cause the vinyl to break or crack.

Built-In Dispensers

We came across a few bags in our search that come with built-in dispensers. You might carry a packet of tissues with you that you use to wipe up minor spills or to wipe a runny nose. Finding that packet in the bottom of your bag can take a lot of time, which is why you might prefer a bag that comes with a built-in tissue dispenser. Other bags have dispensers that let you easily access baby wipes when needed. Most bags put this dispenser on the end and put a lid or seal on the top. This keeps the tissues and wipes clean until you need one.

Color or Pattern

While some people still abide by the old ideas that pink is for girls and blue is for boys, parents know that kids can like every color of the rainbow. That is why manufacturers now make diaper bags in a wide range of colors. You can pick out a brighter color like strawberry pink or lime green, but you can also pick a more classic color like royal blue. Many companies also make bags in fun prints that use stripes or arrows across the front. When picking a bag that your partner will also use, stick to a color or pattern that you both like. You may find colors and patterns that match the design or theme of your nursery too. Make sure that you pick out a bag you will confident carrying on a daily basis.

Carrying Method

Parents often prefer bags that let them keep their hands free. If you need to carry your child and have a bag that keeps slipping off your shoulder or out of your hands, you risk dropping your baby or knocking yourself down. Hands-free bags include both backpacks and messenger bags. With a backpack, you have tons of space and can move freely with your baby without the bag getting in your way. Clutch bags that you carry on one wrist work well too, though you’ll likely find that you don’t have enough space for more than a few things. Those that you carry on one shoulder like a satchel might meet your needs too.


Far too many people purchase diaper bags that are extremely large without thinking about how much those bags weigh. When buying your new bag, always check the weight out before you add a single thing. You should feel confident holding that bag in one hand or tossing it over your shoulder. Only after choosing a bag that you can easily carry should you think about filling that bag and checking out the weight again. Heavier bags can not only slow you down but leave you feeling tired after a short walk. You can use our list below to determine exactly what you need to pack and store in your bag to keep the weight down.

Size of the Opening

One feature you may not consider is the overall size of the opening. This refers to how wide the bag opens at the very top. When you have a fussy baby in one hand and need to quickly find a diaper or pacifier, you want the bag to open as wide as possible. This lets you see deep into the bag and find exactly what you need. Messengers bags and other models with a slimmer profile have a thinner opening. This can make it hard for you to get your hands inside and to find one specific thing.


You should avoid bags that feature Velcro closures. While Velcro forms a tight seal that keeps pockets from opening, it’s also quite loud and can wake your baby. The Velcro can also snag on other materials and wear down before metal snaps would.

Size of the Opening

Interior and Exterior Pockets

The most important thing to consider during your search is the number of pockets that the bag has and the type of pockets used. Most bags have one large pocket or compartment in the center that you can access when you lift a flap or unzip the bag. If you carry a number of smaller items like keys and pacifiers, you’ll want a bag with multiple pockets and compartments on the inside. Bags that feature pockets of different sizes provide you with plenty of storage space.

It’s equally important that you look at the outer pockets too. Expandable pockets expand to fit any item that you want to fit inside. This comes in handy when you use non-traditional bottles that are larger in size. These pockets feature an elastic band around the top that snaps back into place around the item when you release the top. You may want to look for pockets that you can snap or zip closed too.


Though we already talked about construction, we didn’t talk about the base. The base is what the bag actually sits on when you place it on a flat surface. Most bags have some type of material inside that helps it stand upright without the sides falling over or the bag collapsing on itself. You might choose a bag with a simple cardboard base or one that has a metal or wood base. Cardboard will not last very long and may not provide enough structure for the bag. A strong base is helpful when you need to dig or search through the bag while holding your baby.


Diaper Bags for Men

Many people assume that only women carry diaper bags, but dads need to carry these bags too. Several companies now make bags designed just for fathers. These bags used rugged materials and darker colors that give the bags a more masculine look. You’ll also find some that mimic the designs of the bags that the military uses.

Accessories to Consider

Changing Pad

A changing pad is a must-have item for any parent who spends time away from home with a baby. Even though restaurant and shop bathrooms often have a changing table, you never know who or what was on that table in the past. Many bags come with a matching changing pad that you can put down right on top of that table. These pads clean easily and keep your baby safe from germs and bacteria in the environment around you. If you purchase a bag that does not come with a changing pad, make sure that it has enough space inside to accommodate one.

Bottle Carrier

In our list of the top things to consider when choosing a diaper bag, we recommended those that come with an insulated pocket. We also recommend looking at bags that come with a separate bottle carrier. This carrier has a rounded design with a zipper that runs across the top. You can unzip the carrier to add your bottle or to remove it. The zipper keeps the bottle from falling out and also contains any spills if the bottle leaks. A good advantage that a bottle carrier has over an insulated pocket is that you can put the entire carrier in your refrigerator.

Change Purse

If you hate digging through your bag to find your credit card when making a purchase, look for a bag that comes with its own change or coin purse. This purse looks similar to a clutch because it is usually small and has a strap on one side for carrying. You can rest assured that all your cards remain safe because you can zip the bag closed after getting in it. The inside of this bag has enough space for your credit cards, driver’s license and some cash. You can also use the bag to store an extra key to your car or home and your contact information.

Other Accessories to Consider

Stroller clips
Accessory bags
Removable strap

Accessories to Consider

The Ultimate Checklist for Your Diaper Bag

Do you feel a little nervous every time you leave the house because you think that you forgot some of the things that you need? With our checklist, you’ll never worry again. We go over absolutely everything you should carry on a daily basis.

  • Diapers: A general rule of thumb says that you’ll need at least one diaper for every hour that you’re away from home. You may want to toss in a few extra also.
  • Wipes: Companies now make reusable wipe containers that let you keep a larger container at home and take just a few wipes with you. If you don’t have a travel container, you can place wipes in a plastic bag with a zip top that will keep the wipes moist.
  • Zip top bags: Always keep a few plastic bags in your diaper bag for trash. You can throw away dirty diapers and wipes as well as anything else you need to throw away later without stinking up your bag.
  • Antibacterial gel: No matter how careful you are, you never know when you might pick up something dirty off the street or accidentally touch a dirty surface. Having a bottle of antibacterial gel handy lets you quickly clean your hands.
  • Cold weather gear: While it might look bright and sunny when you first leave your home, you never know when the weather might change in the blink of an eye. Keep a small blanket, a hat and an extra pair of socks in your bag for unexpected weather changes.
  • Contact information: Place a small piece of paper in your bag with your name, address and phone number written down in bold letters. If you lose your bag or something happens to you, the person who finds your bag can contact the authorities or get it back to you.
The Ultimate Checklist for Your Diaper Bag

Tips for longer Trips

When taking a long trip with your child in tow, you can use the tips listed below to make sure that you pack properly.

  • Plan in advance: Before you set off, think about how long you will be gone and what your baby would do at home during those hours. This helps you decide whether to bring a blanket for nap time or a jacket to compensate for a drop in temperature at night.
  • Use the proper bag: Many parents actually own multiple diaper bags and use those bags for different types of trips. When taking a trip to the grocery store, you can use a small clutch that holds a diaper and a few wipes. If you’ll be away from home until late at night, you’ll need a larger bag.
  • Think about yourself: Consider the things that you need to feel comfortable on the road. You may want to bring some pads that keep your breasts from leaking through your shirt or some sunscreen to wear while outside.
  • Plan for emergencies: Even if you think you’ll be home in a few hours, always plan for emergencies. Add a book, a bottle of water and a few snacks to your bag. This will help you stay busy and avoid hunger if you have a break down on the side of the road.
Tips for longer Trips

Snack Ideas for Parents

String cheese
100 calorie snack packs
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How to Clean a Diaper Changing Pad

When you purchase a diaper bag today, you’ll usually buy one that comes with a diaper changing pad. If you ever had to change your baby in the middle of a parking lot, you know that the pad is pretty important. Also called a diaper changing mat, this is a pad that rolls or folds up. Though it won’t take up much space in your bag, you will want to take it out every week or so and give it a good cleaning. Cleaning a diaper pad is pretty easy. You can follow our simple steps.

  • Lay the pad out on a flat surface.
  • Wipe down the top with an antibacterial wipe.
  • Flip the pad over to wipe down the opposite side. When you roll the pad over, any germs on that side can transfer onto the side that touches your baby’s skin.
  • Clean the diaper pad at least once a month with a mixture of warm water and gentle soap.
  • Let the pad dry thoroughly before placing it back inside your bag.

What is the Average Price of a Diaper Bag?

One question you probably have on your mind is how much a diaper bag will cost. If you want to save money, you can actually purchase a standard messenger bag or backpack for less than $10. These bags may lack some of the special compartments found on diaper bags but will still have all the storage that you need. You can get an inexpensive diaper bag that features a similar design for less than $50. These bags may not hold out though. You may notice broken stitches and wore down fabric after a few months of use.

Spending between $50 and $100 will let you bring home any of the best diaper bag 2024 products found on our list. These bags come with accessories like insulated bottle carriers and changing pads. Those accessories use the same colors and patterns as the bag itself.

You’ll also find diaper bags priced at $100 or more. These bags use materials that will last for years to come. You can use the same bag with your first child as you do years down the road with another baby. Expensive bags use reinforced stitching and high-quality materials.

Expert Tip

Before you drop hundreds of dollars or more on a high-end designer diaper bag, find out who actually makes the bag. Many designers allow other companies to use their logos and patterns for a fee. You might find the same bag in a different print for less than half of what a designer bag would cost.

What is the Average Price of a Diaper Bag

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Though the name diaper bag might make you think that you can only use one when your child is in diapers, you can use one long into the future. Some manufacturers recommend using their products until your child starts school. If you purchase a neutral bag, you can even reuse it when traveling on your own.

A: Accidents can happen at any time. When you toss a dirty diaper inside your bag and it leaks out on the interior, you may want to clean it as quickly as possible. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions to determine if you can machine wash the bag. Some bags require hand washing.

A: You should clean your diaper bag at least once a week. Go through the inside to remove any of the trash you accumulated over the week and any broken or damaged items that you no longer need. Cleaning the bag with the right cleaning supplies will kill any germs or bacteria clinging to the material.

A: When using a bag that comes with stroller clips, make sure that the bag weighs no more than 50 pounds, which is the maximum amount that most can safely store. Check that the weight of the items inside spread out evenly across the bag. You’ll then attach a clip to each handle on the bag before clipping it to your stroller.

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