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UPDATED May 2024

A good shower head can completely change the way you feel about bathing. Our shopping guide will help you track down the best shower head for your bathroom.

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With a low price that any shopper can afford, this shower head ranks as one of the best around. It works as both a traditional overhead shower and as a hand-held shower head.


Thanks to an overhead bracket, this shower head will work in any bathroom. You can use it as-is or use it as a hand-held shower head as you wash your hair and body.


To get better water pressure, you must remove the restrictor inside the head. There is a chance that the attached hose might leak too.


Designed for use in homes with hard or dirty water, this mounted shower head will remove most of the deposits in your water supply. Culligan designed it to fit on standard shower arms also.


As this model uses two gallons or less per minute, it meets EPA Water Sense regulations and can save on water waste. The included filter cartridge filters hard water too.


Some shoppers wished that this Culligan model had better water pressure. Others wanted the filter to work better than it did.


Suitable for use as a hand-held or overhead shower head, this Delta model has five impressive spray settings. You’ll also find patented technology that immediately connects the head to the bracket.


With five settings to choose from, this shower head is suitable for all homes and users. It has spray holes that come clean with one touch and a five-foot-long shower hose.


You may not like that Delta used some cheap plastic parts in this shower head. Some customers also had issues with its low flow rate.


Anystream 360 technology is a nice feature found on this model that allows more water to come out at a faster speed. You can choose from different finishes and different water usage options.


As one of the heaviest shower heads on the market, this one can stand up to any home or user. It uses the Speakman Anystream 360 technology that allows more water to reach you.


The spray pattern on this one might be too light for your needs. You may find that it doesn’t have enough water pressure too.


A simple lever on the side of this shower head lets you effortlessly switch between two different modes. It has a nice finish and features spray nozzles that come clean with one swipe of your hand.


With immersion technology and a larger diameter, this shower head will completely drench your body in warm water. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is available in different finishes.


This shower head does not work well in bathrooms with low water pressure. It also takes up much more space than a standard shower head does.

Shopping Guide for the Best Shower Head

After a few hours of working out at the gym or a long day at work, you can’t wait to come home and relax in your shower. When you have the best shower head for 2024, you’ll feel better than ever while standing beneath that spray of water. The top shower heads of 2024 include models with multiple settings and those that help you save on your water bills. Some of the top models we found met all the criteria for Water Sense certification from the EPA too. This certification lets you know that you’ll use less water each time you shower.

The best shower head for you depends on factors such as how much you want to spend and the finish that fits your bathroom. We’ll go over all the top factors shoppers should look at when buying a new shower head.

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Shopping Guide for the Best Shower Head

All of our readers are different and have different needs, which is why we found the top five options for all types of shoppers. You can start with a quick look at the top five showers heads for the year, which you’ll find at the top of this page. We then recommend reading our detailed reviews and each section in this shopping guide.

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Selection Criteria

Finding the best shower head is a task that we jumped head first into for our readers. We know that some shoppers might prefer a rain shower head that drenches them with water, while other customers prefer those with multiple settings. As we worked on finding the best products, we knew that we wanted more than just basic shower heads with a single setting. When you look at the product matrix and the product reviews, you’ll find the best hand-held and filtered models. We’ll delve deeper into all the different types of shower heads now available in a following section.

To find the best shower heads around, we searched the web and scoured the globe to see what products experts in the field recommend. As manufacturers change model names and numbers every year, we then checked with Amazon to make sure that the best shower heads were all still available. We actually crossed a handful of products off our list because the manufacturers no longer make or support those shower heads. You can use our shopping guide to find the best shower heads of 2024 that you can buy and have shipped to your home and find out more about choosing the right one.

Selection Criteria - Best Showe Heads

Thanks to this model from AquaDance, you no longer need to choose between a standard and an overhead shower head because it works in both ways. When used as an overhead shower head, you can mount it to the shower wall and stand beneath the flowing water. The included bracket makes mounting the head easy and allows you to pick the height that works best for everyone in your family.

You can also use this as a hand-held shower head though because it slides out of that bracket. The five-foot-long stainless steel hose will not rust or crimp either.

If you ever tried to shower with a hand-held model before and found it sliding out of your hands, you’ll like the ergonomic grip on this one. That grip keeps the handle firmly in your hand and ensures that your hands won’t fit sore or stiff after bathing. As AquaDance designed this model to work with any standard shower arm, you can install it yourself without any professional help. It has small jets across the surface that release a steady stream of water. Those jets come clean quickly and require that you just run your hands over the top of each one.

Types of Shower Heads

Types of Shower Heads - single spray shower head
Single spray
Types of Shower Heads - filtered shower head
Types of Shower Heads - hand held shower head
Types of Shower Heads - rain shower head
Rain shower
Types of Shower Heads - dual shower head
Types of Shower Heads - ceiling shower head
Ceiling shower head

When most people think of shower heads, they think of those attached to an arm. The term arm refers to a piece of metal that sticks out from the wall in the shower. It supports the weight of the head and has a pipe running through it that provides the head with water. Some of these models adjust to let you change the direction or flow of the water, but others have a permanent design that you cannot move. You have a number of different options when choosing a shower head today, which is why we’ll go over the top designs and types.

Single Spray Shower Head

The most common type is one called a single spray shower head. While these models may have multiple spray nozzles located across their surfaces, they really only spray in one direction. The cheapest models do not move, but you can pay extra for an adjustable model. Many models have a spray head that you can turn in different directions to change the spray pattern. Single spray shower heads are typically the cheapest option available but are not very strong. You may not get all the spray patterns that you want either.

Filtered Shower Head

No matter where you live, you may have a problem with hard or dirty water. Any impurities or contaminants can leave behind a residue on your skin and make your hair look lifeless. Filtered shower heads are new products that feature a filter cartridge inside. You must look at how long that filter will last though because some may only last for a few months or less. It’s also important that you take a look at how you will change that filter too. If the process takes more than 10 or 20 minutes, you should move on.

Rainshower Head

This type has a shower head surface that looks like a large circle, though you’ll also find models that have a square or rectangular design. Manufacturers designed these models for those who want to recreate the experience and feel of a rain shower in their own bathrooms. These are quite trendy today and a very popular option for remodeled bathrooms. You may find that you prefer the settings found on other models or that the shower head doesn’t provide you with as much water as you need though.

Dual Shower Head

Dual shower heads are best for larger bathrooms and showers with a lot of space. If you have a shower with a bench inside that lets you sit down and enjoy the water and steam around you, these systems are a solid choice. Dual systems actually feature two different shower heads that you can mount next to each other. Some shoppers actually mount the heads at different heights to accommodate users of different heights. You’ll also find dual systems that come with panels you can mount on the wall beneath the heads. Those panels send water straight out over your body.

Hand-Held Shower Head

If you want a convenient way to clean yourself and your shower, you might consider a hand-held shower head. These models have a long hose that runs out of the wall and attaches to the head. You can remove the head from the wall and direct the flow of water anywhere you want. These models are also a good choice for those with pets. You can easily use one to wash and rinse off your pets. Hand-held shower heads also help you wash the walls and other areas in your shower and rinse away any soapy residue too.

Sliding Bar Shower Head

A sliding bar system serves as an alternative to the traditional shower heads on the market. These systems are extremely popular with parents who have small children. The shower head itself fits onto a bar that you actually raise and lower as needed. You can use it as an overhead shower head or remove it from the bar and use it as a hand-held model. Many families like that their kids can adjust the height of the shower head on their own. These systems are also good for any home with users of different heights.

Ceiling Panel

Though most shower heads mount onto the wall, a small number mount onto the ceiling. A ceiling panel is a unique shower head that is fairly popular today. You can choose one that is almost the same size as the ceiling above your shower, but you can also pick one that is smaller in size. These panels have spray nozzles across the surface in different panels. The water can come straight down and over your head or come out at an angle. Ceiling panels typically require a lot of water and may not work in homes with lower water pressure.

Combo System

A good choice for most homes is a basic combo system. Why choose between an overhead and a hand-held shower, when manufacturers now give you the option of both? A combo system comes with an overhead shower head attached to an arm that extends out from the wall. Either right below that head or off to the side is a hand-held unit that you can use separately. Combo systems are popular with those who like to change things up while in the shower and those who share their homes with others.

Gallons Per Minute and Water Pressure

Gallons per minute is a term that manufacturers use when listing the number of gallons of water that flows through a shower head in one minute. Manufacturers also use the abbreviation GPM to describe this term. It’s very important that you know how much water pressure your home has before you shop because this will tell you what type of shower head you should buy. Older homes often have more water pressure than newer homes. Companies that construct new homes must follow new regulations that limit the amount of water pressure allowed.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a Water Sense certification program that has some regulations of its own. Only products that meet or exceed those regulations qualify for this certification. If you see a shower head with Water Sense certification on the packaging, you’ll know that it uses less water per minute and that it will work in homes with less water pressure.

Those with the highest GPM use between two and three gallons per minute. Some models use as little as 1.2 or 1.5 gallons of water per minute too. If you need or prefer more water pressure, you must buy a product that produces that higher rate of pressure.

Shower Head Spray Settings

An important feature to consider as you look at different shower heads is the spray setting(s) used by each one. Those settings can include:

  • Mist: A mist setting produces smaller water droplets in a finer mist.
  • Massage: Shower heads with a massage setting release more water at a faster rate that can massage away tension and stress. Some of the top models actually have more than one massage setting.
  • Rain shower: With a rain shower setting, you’ll feel water flowing out of the shower head and slowly covering your entire body.
  • High and low settings: You will find a few shower heads that have high and low settings too. A high setting increases the water pressure, while the low setting decreases the water pressure.

Manufacturers may use some specialized settings too such as a full body spray. Designed to cover your entire body, this setting increases the water pressure and the GPM rating. We highly recommend shower heads that have a combination setting. Also called a combo setting, this lets you combine two of the settings and use both at the same time. For example, you can rinse any soap off your body at the same time that you enjoy a relaxing massage.

How Can You Adjust the Spray Setting?

Most manufacturers make it easy for you to select one spray setting and to choose a different one later. You’ll put your hand on the surface of the spray head and carefully twist or turn the head. Most models have small drawings around the top of the head that show you all of your available options.

Thanks to Culligan, you can now get out of your shower feeling cleaner than ever before because this shower head will remove impurities from your water. Whether you live in a rural or an urban setting, minerals in the water supply can stick to your skin and make you feel itchy or dirty after you bathe. This shower head comes with a filter cartridge that will last for up to six months. That cartridge will clean up to 10,000 gallons of water too. It removes both chlorine and other impurities in the water and can make your hair and skin look better.

Many customers like this shower head because it has five different settings too. This is one of the best massaging models on the market. When set to a massage setting, it will help eliminate stress and tension from your body. In addition to five settings, this product features rubber spray nozzles that will not clog as water comes through. When you need to clean the shower head, you can just run your hand across the surface. As a low flow shower head that uses less than two gallons of water per minute, this one meets the standards necessary for EPA certification through its Water Sense program.

Water Pressure vs. Water Temperature

When you hop in the shower, you know that you can use the knob(s) to adjust the water and get the perfect temperature for you. You may not realize that some shower heads will change the temperature of that water based on the amount of pressure required. This is a common problem associated with aerating shower heads. The manufacturers of these models claim that they will provide you with more water pressure and recommend those models for homes with a lower flow rate. What they do not tell you is exactly how this process works.

With an aerating shower head, the water will flow through a small built-in pump that adds oxygen to the water and increases its pressure. Though this sounds like a great idea in practice, it doesn’t always work as well as it sounds. What actually happens is that the hot water reaches the pump and goes through the process. By the time that it actually comes out of the shower head and reaches your skin though, the temperature will drop by several degrees or more. To get the hot water that you want, you may need to turn the temperature up much higher than you think.

Water Pressure vs. Water Temperature

Spray Pattern

While the spray settings are important, so too is the spray pattern. Every shower head on the market today features spray nozzles, which are small nozzles made from rubber or a similar material. The water that comes through the pipe actually comes out through those nozzles. You need to look at both the number of nozzles used and the pattern of those nozzles. The pattern refers to the layout used on the spray head.

Most of the more basic shower heads have between six and 10 nozzles located in a circle around the edge of the spray face. The spray face is the area of the head that faces your body. The nozzles can have an angled design or come straight out of the head. Angled nozzles generally create a lighter sensation on your skin.

Ceiling panels and rainshower heads often have nozzles located in both circular and rectangular designs. Manufacturers use multiple designs to make sure that the water reaches every square inch of your body. Those larger heads may have as many as 50 or even 100 nozzles. If you want to make sure that you can feel every drop of water that comes out of the head, you’ll want one with more nozzles in a pattern that covers much of the spray face.

Signs of a Clogged Shower Head

Spray Pattern

How Big is Your Bathroom?

Before buying and installing a new shower head, you really need to consider the overall size of your bathroom and the shower itself. If you buy a head that is too large, the spray might send water out over your curtain and onto the floor. A larger shower head can also release so much water that your drain cannot keep up with the flow. By the time you hop out of the shower, you’ll likely find a few inches of water backed up in the tub and some moisture on the floor.

Just as many problems can arise if you choose a shower head that is too small for the space. Those smaller heads cannot produce the flow that you want and are not suitable for larger users. You might find yourself twisting and turning in the shower just to rinse off.

You can measure the size of your shower stall to get an idea of what size head you need. The right size head will fit into the shower stall but without extending out or over the tub/stall. You may want to consider any vents near the shower that can push the water out of the shower as cool and warm air moves through the ducts.

Signs You Should Replace Your Old Shower Head

How Big is Your Bathroom - corrosion
How Big is Your Bathroom - water leaking out
Water leaking out
How Big is Your Bathroom - broken nozzel
Broken nozzel

Getting the hand-held shower head back into the included bracket is a common problem that you might have with one of these models. Thanks to Delta, you can now finish up your shower and put away the head with ease because of the magnetic technology the company designed. Delta actually put small magnets into the shower head that works with the bracket to slowly pull the head back into place. Even if you have soap in your eyes, you’ll have no issues putting away this shower head. As it comes in several finish options, you can also pick a model that works in your bathroom.

Another nice feature found on this model is the touch clean design of the spray nozzles, which let you wipe away buildup from those nozzles. It also features a lever that lets you pick between using the overhead spray or using this model as a hand-held shower head. Delta gives you the choice of using both those features at the same time too. The H20kinetic feature designed by the manufacturer helps you save water and still feel clean. Though this one uses less than two gallons of water per minute, it increases the velocity of the water to give you the pressure that you need.

Picking the Right Finish

The best way to make sure that you pick a shower head with the right finish is with a quick look around your bathroom. Though you can buy a new fixture with a different finish than the one on your old head, you should make sure that the new finish will match the rest of your bathroom. If you recently replaced your sink handles or faucet, you can check the box or paperwork from the box to see what the manufacturer called that finish.

Your options typically include both traditional and contemporary finishes. Chrome and stainless steel are two examples of a contemporary finish. These shower heads have a bright and shiny silver surface. Oil-rubbed bronze is an example of a more traditional finish. Some companies offer bathroom hardware in antique and vintage finishes too that are deeper and more complex.

A few companies actually mix and match finishes to give your bathroom a more dynamic look. You might purchase a shower head with a stainless steel finish that comes with hardware that has a brass finish. The right finish can pull your bathroom together and add some value to your home, which will come in handy if you plan on selling in the near future.

Do You Need a Reheat Option?

Some of the higher end rice cookers available today have a reheat option in addition to a keep warm setting. You can keep the rice stored inside the pot and press the button while getting dinner ready. The cooker will slowly bring the rice up to the right temperature within 10 to 20 minutes or less. You may need to add some more water to the rice to keep it from drying out.
Picking the Right Finish

Wall vs. Ceiling Mount

Depending on the type that most appeals to you, you may need to decide how you will mount the shower head too. Ceiling panels and rain shower heads often mount onto the ceiling, while standard and hand-held models will mount to the wall. Those that mount on the wall are usually more affordable than other types. You can pick from different finishes to match the room and select a shower head with different settings too.

Shower heads that mount onto the ceiling may look like standard heads or ceiling panels. Panels are much larger in size and can almost completely cover the ceiling over your shower stall. With rain shower heads, you can pick one that sits flush with the ceiling or a model that requires one or more arms. Those that have arms hang down from your ceiling and help you easily clean the top and bottom of the head.

A less common option is a panel that mounts on the wall beneath the shower head. You can also mount one of these panels on a wall opposite or near the head. These panels are often part of a larger system and may require that a plumber run more lines to the shower.

Wall vs. Ceiling Mount

Benefits of Wall Mounted Shower Heads

Ease of Use

Whether you’re in the market for a new shower head for your master bathroom or any other room, you need to consider how easily you can use that head. This is especially important if you need one that you can use in a guest bedroom for the family and friends who come to visit. No one wants to strip down and get in the shower only to get dressed again and track you down to find out how the shower works. Shower panels and systems are generally better for adults than kids because of all the included features. Some of the things you might consider when looking at ease of use include:

  • Setting markings: You want to make sure that the shower head has clear markings that correspond to each setting and that you understand what each marking needs. No one wants to keep twisting a knob just to find the right setting.
  • Adjustments: We recommend looking at how you will change settings and how much pressure you need to use. If the head requires a lot of strength just to switch from one setting to another, no one will like using it.
  • Textured grip: Most shoppers prefer shower heads that have a textured grip. You can use this grip when moving a hand-held model or when adjusting the spray settings.

Do You Need a Lighted Shower Head?

A unique choice for bathrooms today is a lighted shower head. These products have a series of lights around the top of the spray face. You can use a wireless remote control or buttons on the shower head itself to change the brightness and the color of those lights.
Ease of Use

If you ever used a low flow shower head before and found that it left you feeling unsatisfied, you should try out this Speakman model in your bathroom. It features the Anystream 360 technology designed by the company that works with the various nozzles around the top of the head. This system allows the water to come out in a complete circle and reach more areas of your body in less time. Though you can pick different water usage options, we recommend the 2.5 gallons per minute model. Speakman offers 1.75 gallons and a two gallon per minute models too.

In addition to different water options, you can also pick a finish that fits the style and design of your bathroom. This model comes in polished and more traditional finishes. With multiple spray settings, you can enjoy the feeling that you want while showering. The rain option recreates the experience of standing outside in a storm, while the flood option provides a downpour of water. This model also has an intense setting that can remove tension from your body and ease some of your sore muscles. With this shower head, you just might feel cleaner than ever before.

Optional Features That Are Worth Your Time and Money

  • Electronic controls: Shower heads that have electronic controls make it easy for you to adjust all the settings. Most of these systems have an outer panel that is resistant to water damage. You can open the panel to access those settings. You’ll find some models that come with a wireless remote control too.
  • Pause setting: If you really want to save on your water bills, you should consider a shower head with a pause feature. With one press of a button, you can stop the flow of water to the head. This lets you apply shampoo or soap before pressing the button to resume the water flow.
  • Diverter: You should never buy a combo system without making sure that it has a diverter. This is a small knob or switch that sits inside your shower. You can use this knob to divert water back and forth between the multiple spray heads.
  • Self-cleaning heads: Though you can easily clean a shower head in just a few minutes, those with a self-cleaning head help you save even more time. As the water comes through the nozzles, it actually helps remove debris trapped inside and any grime stuck to the surface of the spray head.

Built-In Storage Options

Some of the more expensive shower head systems available today come with built-in storage that helps you keep track of all your bathroom supplies. Those options can include:

Creating a Complete Look

When you need to replace your old shower head, you have the perfect excuse to do a minor bathroom renovation. While renovations can easily cost thousands of dollars, you can save money with just a few basic changes. Instead of just finding a new shower head that looks like your old one and uses the same finish, try thinking outside of the box. You can choose one in a brand new finish and create a trendy mix and match look in the space. Selecting a shower head with a new design and the same finish is another fun idea.

The best way to create a pulled together and complete look in your bathroom is with pieces that go together. “Buy it for looks, buy it for life” is a slogan used by Moen because of many shoppers get years of use out of the company’s faucets and hardware. You can actually look for products that belong to the same collections offered by manufacturers. Moen and other top brands offer sink and tub faucets that will go along with their shower heads and panels. When you buy and install products from the same collection, you can give your bathroom a complete look.

Quick Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Creating a Complete Look

What Are the Installation Steps?

One thing that shoppers don’t think about is how they will install a new shower head. While you can contact a plumber and have someone do the job for you, you can often install it on your own in just a few minutes. This is especially true of new models that have the same design as your old model.

Let’s say that you have a shower head mounted on the wall right above your tub faucet. You can usually just remove the old head and screw the new one into its place. It’s very important that you look at the installation methods recommended by the manufacturer though to make sure that you can tackle the job on your own. The only real supplies that you need for this job is a wrench to remove the old shower head and some tape to ensure that the new one doesn’t leak.

If you want to replace your old head with a new panel or system that requires more pipes or plumbing fixtures though, you should definitely call in a professional. Plumbing companies will often come out and give you an estimate as to the cost of the job. You can then decide whether to pay for professional installation or to do the work yourself.

When to Call a Plumber for Shower Head Installation

What Are the Installation Steps

If you want to feel the same way you do when standing under a waterfall or in the middle of a storm, this is the top shower head for you. We think this Moen model is the best rainshower head because it has a larger diameter than others on the market. At eight-inches in size, it will take up more space in your shower but will provide you with the immersive experience that you desire. Moen offers this model in a few different finishes too, which will help you find one that compliments all the other decor in the room.

The concentrated spray option increases the water pressure and creates a more drenching sensation. This model also features a rinse mode that lets you use a light mist or spray to rinse off at the end of your shower. You can easily switch between modes via the handle on the side of the shower head. Thanks to the wipe clean nozzles on the spray surface, you can easily keep this model clean too. Despite its larger size, it meets EPA Water Sense certification regulations too. Moen also provides you with a limited lifetime warranty that covers the entire shower head.

Nozzle Material

As metal is stronger than plastic and other materials, you might assume that shower heads with metal nozzles are the best choice for you. Metal actually does a good job when used in a shower head, especially since manufacturers take the time to add a protective sealant to the metal. This sealant keeps the water that you use for bathing from damaging the metal or leaving behind rust spots. Metal nozzles are usually more expensive though. Another benefit to metal is that it is resistant to the buildup of bacteria and germs that can occur between cleanings.

The second best option for shower heads is rubber. Both rubber and silicone are good materials used in these nozzles. These materials are cheaper and bring down the cost of the shower heads too. Rubber and silicone often have a self-cleaning design and do not let limescale and hard water deposits build up on the nozzles. Limescale buildup is a common problem associated with metal nozzles.

You’ll also find some models that have plastic nozzles. We highly recommend skipping those shower heads though. Plastic is very cheap and fragile. Not only will it attract and collect buildup, but it can also break in just a few months.

Bathroom Layout and Style

We encourage our readers to think about the style and layout of their bathrooms before making a final decision on a shower head. If you have a freestanding tub that sits in the corner or the middle of the room, you may want an old-fashioned looking shower system that puts the head on a bar that rises up over the tub. This bar may extend out over the tub or come out when you pull it away from the wall. Old-fashioned tubs often use tub fillers and systems in an antique or vintage finish.

Bathroom Layout and Style - Tub Filler

What is a Tub Filler?

A tub filler is a type of specialized faucet design for use with a clawfoot or freestanding tub. It connects to your plumbing system via a pipe in the floor and lets you fill the tub quickly. You can find one with a finish that matches the finish of your shower head.

You should also consider the people who use that bathroom and find a shower head that fits their needs. A kids’ bathroom, for example, might need a sliding shower bar that kids can raise and lower on their own after getting in and out of the shower. Any adults who use that same bathroom will have no problem adjusting the bar either. Kids may find a decorative shower head appealing too. You’ll find shower heads that look like a dolphin or another fun little creature. As your child turns on the water, it will come out of that animal’s mouth.

What is a Speaker Shower Head?

A speaker shower head is a product that combines the benefits of a new shower head with the features of a wireless speaker. One or more speakers built inside will respond to Bluetooth technology. You can stream music from your phone or a music player to the shower head and listen to music as you bathe.
Bathroom Layout and Style - Shower Head

Shower Trends for 2024

  • Darker colors: Though some homeowners still prefer brighter and lighter colors, a major trend for 2024 involves the use of darker shades and more traditional designs. Some of the top bathrooms now feature shower heads and fixtures with a brass finish and dark shades on the walls and floor.
  • Tech features: Adding new technology to the bathroom is another hot trend for the year. Instead of choosing basic shower heads, many homeowners now want shower heads that function as speakers and/or have lights inside.
  • Low flow heads: We also noticed a growing trend among homeowners looking for shower heads that use less water. While many shoppers added shower systems to their homes in recent years, more of those shoppers today want to conserve water and do their part to help the environment.
  • Matte finishes: No matter how much you love the look of bright chrome, you might find yourself drawn more towards a darker matte finish. Moen and other leading manufacturers now offer oil-rubbed and other types of finishes that are darker and flatter.
  • Open layouts: Another hot trend for the year is the use of an open layout. Homeowners now use metal and glass doors that let them see out of their showers. Those doors help the room feel larger and more spacious too.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Custom Shower?

Building a custom shower lets you pick all the features that you want. Not only can you pick the tile surround and the base or tub, but you can also pick the shower head(s) that you want to use and even the types of doors on the side. The price for a custom shower can range from just a few thousand dollars to more than $10,000.
Shower Trends for 2018

How to Install a New Shower Head

  • Shut off the water: Before you do anything else, shut off the water supply to the bathroom. You can shut off all water to your home or shut off the flow to the shower only.
  • Grab a wrench: A wrench is the only tool needed to remove the old head. You’ll place the opening of the tool on the top of the head where it screws into the wall and then clamp the wrench down. As long as you twist in a counterclockwise direction, the old shower head should come right off.
  • Clean out the inside: Depending on the age of your old head, you might notice lots of buildup and debris inside. You can use your fingers, an old toothbrush or even a rag to remove any of that debris.
  • Apply tape: Most shower heads will come with a roll of Teflon or plumbing tape. After cleaning the pipe, you can wrap a couple of pieces of the tape around the threads and push it down with your hands.
  • Add the new head: You’ll then place the new head flat on the arm and rotate it in a clockwise direction. It may take several twists and turns. You should keep twisting the head until you cannot tighten it anymore.
How to Install a New Shower Head - shut off water
Shut water off
How to Install a New Shower Head - grab wrench
Grab wrench
How to Install a New Shower Head - clean out inside
Clean out inside
How to Install a New Shower Head - add new head
Add new head

How to Clean a Shower Head with Vinegar

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to clean your shower head is with some basic distilled white vinegar. You can mix equal parts vinegar and cool water in a spray bottle and then spray the solution right on the shower head. Though you can use any type or brush or sponge, we recommend using a soft cloth that won’t scratch the surface of the shower head. Use this cloth to wipe down the exterior of the shower head and to get in between the nozzles.

An even easier way to use vinegar to clean your shower head is with a plastic bag. Instead of putting the mixture in a spray bottle, you can add it to a plastic bag. You’ll then wrap the bag around the top of the shower arm, making sure that head is completely submerged in the bag. After letting the head soak for 15 to 20 minutes, remove the bag and rinse it with fresh water.

If you notice a lot of build up, you should remove the shower head from the arm and place it in a bowl filled with vinegar and water. Though the vinegar will eat through the grime and buildup, you may need to use a little elbow grease to remove all that debris.


Check with the manufacturer before using this method to clean your shower head, especially if you aren’t sure what materials it features. The vinegar is acidic enough that it can eat through some materials and make the finish peel off the shower head.

How Much Does a Shower Head Cost?

When you walk into any big box or home improvement stores, you’ll see shower heads on the shelves that retail for as little as $20. There are some models that cost even less. Those cheaper shower heads are usually fixed and mounted models. Once you install one in your shower, you cannot move it. Many of the cheaper models also use plastic parts. While plastic can stand up the constant flow of water coming through the head, the material can also break quickly and lead to you replacing your shower head sooner than you expected.

Some of the top models, including those found on this list, retail for a little more but still cost $100 or less. Those at the higher end of the spectrum retail for between $100 and $200. You’ll also find shower heads that cost well over $300 or even $400.

The cost will often depend on the type of shower head that interests you. Those with multiple settings typically cost more than those that have just one spray setting. You’ll also pay more for a ceiling panel or a sliding bar than you would for a basic model. We recommend thinking about how much you want to spend and the type of shower head that is right for your bathroom before you begin shopping.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Two states limit the water pressure of shower heads. If you live in California, you can only use one with a maximum flow rate of 1.8 gallons of water per minute. Colorado residents can only use shower heads that release up to two gallons of water. Most neighborhoods in and around New York City has a two-gallon flow rating limit too.

A: Millions of Americans and those living in other countries want to conserve as much water as possible. The best shower heads for these shoppers are those that have a pause feature and those that have a lower gallon per minute rating. You can go as low as 1.2 gallons per minute and still have all the water that you need.

A: When you buy a shower head and don’t feel comfortable installing it yourself, you can hire a contractor to handle the job. Plumbers and plumbing contractors will typically charge an hourly rate, though some will quote you one specific rate to complete the entire job. It will usually cost around $100 or less to have someone install that shower head for you.

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