Best Slippers for Men

UPDATED May 2024

Finding the best men’s slippers isn’t as hard as you might think. Our guide teaches you all the basics of shopping for slippers.

FOR MEN 2024

UGG Ascot


Suitable for wearing inside and anytime you head outside, these slippers from UGG have a weather-resistant exterior with a suede finish. You also get a soft and warm wool lining made from real fur.


With a leather exterior and a lining made from soft wool, these slippers feel comfortable and have a great look. Many shoppers like that the leather is resistant to weather and that they can wear the slippers outside.


Like other UGG products, these slippers have a higher price tag than other designs do. Some customers found that walking was difficult because of the rounded design of the sole.

RockDove Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper


A comfortable design and a low price come together in this slipper from RockDove. The slip-on design is great for guys in a hurry, while the open back allows your feet to breathe easier to prevent odors.


Available in multiple size ranges, these slippers have molded arch supports and memory foam inside for a more comfortable fit. These slippers have a breathable design that prevents most odors and keeps your feet from sweating.


The green interior fabric on these slippers can shed fuzz and strands around your home. You may want to order a size larger than you think you need, especially if you wear the slippers with socks.

Minnetonka Lined Hard Sole Slipper


Available in several suede colors, this hard sole slipper has a thicker and harder sole with a non-slip tread that keeps you on your feet. It also has the soft lining that many men want when relaxing.


The hard sole on this slipper makes it perfect for wearing on trips outside and around town. You can use a cord on each slipper to tighten the fit after sliding them on also


Minnetonka added a manufacturer’s label on the inside that can rub uncomfortably against your feet. Some men found that the sizing was wrong and that the slippers were too big.

Isotoner Terry Slip-On Men’s Slipper


Designed for indoor and outdoor wear, these Isotoner slippers work especially well when worn around the house. The memory foam inside adds extra padding for your arches too.


Designed to look like clogs, these Isotoner slippers slip on and off your feet in seconds to give you the comfort and protection that you need. You’ll get traction due to the tread on the bottom and support from the interior memory foam.


Some guys complained that the memory foam inside wore down and stopped bouncing back. Other reviewers wished that the slippers had more padding and support.

Baffin Base Camp


Suitable for wearing around the house and while spending time outside, these slipper boots are great for active guys. You simply slip your feet inside and adjust the two bungee cords to get the warmth you want.


Perfect for wearing on any cold day or night, these slippers combine the best of a slipper with a boot. You can adjust the bungee cords on the top to let more air in or out too.


Some men dislike the design of this slipper, which features wider sides with a smaller toe box. You may find that the slippers don’t provide as much warmth as you expected either.

Shopping Guide for the Best Men's Slippers

When you come home after a long day of work, you probably look forward to getting off your feet. Even if you spend much of the day sitting in front of a computer, you just want to relax and unwind. Finding the best men’s slippers for you can help you unwind faster. You might prefer a pair with a special type of tread on the bottom that will keep from sliding as you walk outside to pick up your newspaper. Other guys prefer pairs that have a thicker lining inside and an open back that they can get on faster. We found the best men’s slippers for 2024 that will meet your needs and match your personal sense of style.

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Our shopping guide to the top men’s slippers of 2024 doesn’t just feature a few pairs and links to where you can buy them like other shopping guides do. We actually go into depth about why you need slippers and how you can take care of the pair that you buy. You’ll also find helpful info on how much the more popular pairs cost and what makes one pair better than another. Once you finish this guide, you’ll be an expert on slippers.

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Selection Criteria

Finding the right slippers for you is something that once took quite a bit of trial and error. If you’re like most men, you probably have a few pairs tucked into your closet or under your bed. People often buy cheap pairs for others because they aren’t sure what else to get them. You might have a pair that you can only wear inside and a pair covered in grass clippings and leaves that you picked up outside. We wanted to find the five best men’s slippers that are suitable for any type of man.

Before working on this list, we looked at the web and did a search for the best men’s slippers. After looking at dozens of websites, we found the five best pairs that appeared on more than one of those lists. We then checked Amazon to find out which models are currently available and removed those that manufacturers no longer make or sell. Some of the pairs we saw are no longer available because manufacturers upgraded those older designs. We hope that you will use our shopping guide in a few different ways, including to find out more about the top guys’ slippers and to see what to look at as you shop for a pair.

Top Features That Matter to Slipper Shoppers


More than 3,000 satisfied customers posted online reviews of these slippers from RockDove, which is just one reason why we picked it as the best slipper for guys. Each slipper has a molded insert inside that supports the arch of each foot. You’ll also find memory foam that bounces back in just two seconds. That foam will last for months of regular wear. Made from a combination of spandex and cotton, these slippers are soft and comfortable too. You can wear a pair when relaxing at home or when you need to head outside for a few minutes.

The soles feature a tread that gives you some traction when walking across wet or slick surfaces. 

More than 3,000 satisfied customers posted online reviews of these slippers from RockDove, which is just one reason why we picked it as the best slipper for guys. Each slipper has a molded insert inside that supports the arch of each foot. You’ll also find memory foam that bounces back in just two seconds. That foam will last for months of regular wear. Made from a combination of spandex and cotton, these slippers are soft and comfortable too. You can wear a pair when relaxing at home or when you need to head outside for a few minutes. The soles feature a tread that gives you some traction when walking across wet or slick surfaces.

Do You Already Have Slippers? Find Out if You Need a New Pair

Do You Already Have Slippers Find Out if You Need a New Pair

Many men have a tendency to wear the same pair of slippers for years without even thinking about upgrading to a new pair. No matter how much you love those slippers, it may be time for a new pair.

  • No traction: If your current slippers do not provide you with any traction or not as much traction as you need, you need a new pair. You’ll find models with a thick rubber sole and a tread that actually grips the ground to keep you from falling.
  • Lack of comfort: A lack of comfort is another key sign that you need better slippers. The right slippers should feet like clouds attached to your feet. You might prefer a pair with memory foam inside or several layers of materials under the lining.
  • Falling apart: You should replace slippers when it begins coming or falling apart at the seams. Whether the sole starts coming away from the liner or the seams break, you need to replace the slippers. That damage can cause problems such as making you trip over your feet.
    Cold feet: Anyone who suffers from cold feet should always replace their old slippers. If you buy the right pair, you’ll feel warm with or without socks.

If you ever watched your wife or daughter wearing a pair of UGG boots and wished you could feel as comfortable as they did, now is your chance. Though UGG has a reputation for the boots and shoes it makes for women, the company also makes slippers for men such as the Ascot. The Ascot comes in more than 10 different options. You can choose one with a plaid exterior or one that uses a more neutral shade of brown. We highly recommend this slipper because the leather used has a weather-resistant design. Even if you wear the slippers outside when it’s raining, you won’t damage the exterior or the lining.

That lining uses the softest wool that some men ever touched before. This wool comes directly from sheep in Australia and feels soft against your bare feet and when you wear the slippers with socks. Many men also like the moccasin design of this slipper and how it wraps entirely around their feet. When you choose the right size, you won’t have any issues with slipping your feet inside. The Ascot also features a thin sole that uses the UGG logo to give you more traction when walking across tiles and other slick floors and surfaces.

Types of Slippers for Guys

You might want a pair of slippers made from leather with a suede finish or a pair made from terrycloth. Before we get into the different materials used in slippers, we wanted to look at some of the different types first. The first thing you should consider when buying a new pair of slippers is the type that will work for you. This might include a pair you can wear outside when running to your car or a pair that you can wear when doing a little cleaning around the house. We recommend looking at each of the following types carefully before picking out a slipper.


A large number of shoppers find that they prefer the convenience offered by a slip-on slipper. When you get dressed in the morning, you need to bend over to put your shoes on and tighten the laces. Many slippers fit so tightly against your feet that you’ll need to bend over to put them on your feet. With a slip-on, you can simply slide one foot into the slipper until your toe reaches the toe box. Slip-on designs are available with both closed and open backs.

Types of Slippers for Guys - Slip-On


Both clog and the term open heel refers to the same type of slipper. This is one that has a toe box and a sole that extends back to your heel. Instead of using a box for your heel, this type of slipper has an open back. When you first think of clogs, you might think of the shoes that women wear, which have a high heel. Most clog slippers have a shorter heel. Some designs do not have any type of heel and have just a rubber sole or a sole made from a similar material.

Types of Slippers for Guys - Clog

Closed Back

The problem with many slip-on shoes is that they don’t stay on your feet. If you attempt to walk faster or break into a run, those slippers might slide right off your feet. Some guys have issues wearing these slippers outside too. Even if the slipper has a thick tread, you might find that your feet slide out. Slippers with a closed back might be a better choice for you. This type features an enclosed design that includes a toe box attached to a box that wraps around your heel. Some models may have cords or laces too.

Types of Slippers for Guys - Closed Back


You can choose boot or bootie slippers also. A boot is a slipper that is much larger in size, while a bootie is similar to a boot but is smaller in height. Boot slippers are great for outdoor enthusiasts who spend a lot of time camping and outside. The boots can stop right at the knee or just below the knee. Many of these models, including the one from Baffin on our list, have adjustable cords too. Booties aren’t as popular with men as they are with women. These designs resemble a boot but stop at right around the top of the ankle bone.

Types of Slippers for Guys - Boot


Athletic sandals are a popular alternative to traditional sandals. Both Nike and Adidas make models that you can wear at the gym and around town as well as when relaxing at home. Many have a rubber sole with a piece of matching rubber that attaches to the sole and stretches across your toes. This strap helps keep your foot from sliding inside the sandals. You’ll also find slippers that use a similar design but feature materials such as rubber or nylon. College students often wear sandals in shared showers to keep their feet safe.

Types of Slippers for Guys - Sandal


Many people hear the term moccasin and immediately think of the footwear that ancient Native American tribes wore. While manufacturers today draw inspiration from those designs, they create slippers that are much more modern. The basic design features a thick or a hard sole attached to a soft lining that usually uses wool. A leather material used to create the exterior attaches to both the sole and the lining. We recommend those that have a leather cord over other versions. This cord allows you to tighten the way the slipper fits on your foot. You can make the fit looser when taking the slippers off.

Types of Slippers for Guys - Mocassin


If you want something truly unique and different, you should look at novelty slippers. These are a fun alternative to traditional designs that come in many different styles. You might go for a simple pair of slip-on slippers that have a closed back with the face or logo of your favorite superhero on the toe box. Novelty slippers also come in plush designs that have lots of padding and fluffy materials inside. You might pick a pair that looks like gigantic penguins or another animal. The only problem with novelty slippers is that they usually lack any padding.


The next time that you want to channel your inner Hugh Hefner, try sliding your feet into a pair of evening slippers. Popular with both men and women who prefer spending time inside, these slippers have a thin sole made from rubber or some type of hard material. Many have a short heel of between ¼ inch and ½ inch too. Some also have padding inside that mimics the padding you might see in an ordinary shoe. The name comes from the fact that manufacturers originally designed these slippers for wear at night. You can now wear a pair during the day too.


You will also find outdoor slippers designed specifically for use outside. Manufacturers often call these indoor/outdoor slippers to show that you can wear a pair anywhere. You’ll want to make sure that the pair you buy has a thick sole and a solid tread pattern on the bottom. Those that have a thin bottom allow nails and other debris that you encounter to puncture through the sole and stab through the sole and into your foot. You should also consider the tread pattern and whether it will provide grip on the surfaces around your home.

Not only is Minnetoka Lined Hard Sole Slipper our top choice for the best moccasin for men, but many shoppers call it the best indoor/outdoor slipper. That means that it offers all the same benefits when you’re inside your home as it does when you head outside. Some shoppers even wear this slipper to run errands because it’s so comfortable. One reason for that comfort is that the slipper has a leather cord that runs around the top. This cord uses the same color and type of suede as the exterior does. It allows you to tighten the fit and keep the slipper from sliding off once you tie the cord into a bow. 

In addition to suede, this slipper also features topstitching around the toe area in a soft shade of white that adds to its overall style. If you aren’t a fan of plain brown suede, you’ll find other color options available. We like both the sole and the lining on this slipper. That sole has a hard design that won’t break as you wear the slipper. It also features a tread pattern that guarantees you maintain your balance as you walk. The white fur lining inside the slipper will keep you warm and toasty too.

What Size Do You Need?

It’s really important that you know what size you should buy before ordering a pair of slippers. This stops you from ordering a pair that fits so tightly you can barely get them on or ordering a larger pair that slides off your feet with each step that you take. Manufacturers typically offer slippers for men in the same sizes that you’ll find for shoes. If you wear a 10.5, you’ll buy the same size slipper. Other companies use a size range with certain shoe sizes fitting a small, medium or large. A size small might fit a foot that wears a size eight or a nine, while a large would fit someone who wears a size 11.

One important thing to keep in mind is that sizes can run small or large. We highly recommend looking at customer reviews and seeing if those shoppers mentioned sizing. This may require that you buy a slipper that is one size larger or smaller than the shoes that you wear. If you like wearing socks around the house, you should pick a slightly larger size too. Even if you wear thin socks, the added material may keep the slippers from fitting your feet or make the fit too tight.

Expert Tip

If your feet often feel cold and you like wearing socks rather than slippers, look for slipper socks. Designed to look like normal socks, they have a tread on the bottom that is similar to the tread found on slippers. You’ll find slipper socks that stop at or around the ankle and those that go further up your leg.

Isotoner made a name for itself in the 1980s with its line of gloves, which had a comfortable fit and a weatherproof design. The company is responsible for the best budget slippers for guys too. Isotoner Terry Slip-On Men’s Slippers have a slip-on design and an open back. Whether you wear socks or not, you’ll find that you can easily and quickly slide into a pair and take those slippers off just as fast. We like the terrycloth material used on the inside and the outside, which might remind you of your favorite towel or robe. This material absorbs water to keep your feet dryer but won’t develop any odors as your feet swea.

Though Isotoner claims these are indoor/outdoor slippers, you may find that you prefer wearing them inside. The rubber sole provides extra traction thanks to its non-slip design. Some men find that it doesn’t offer as much traction as they need though. Many men also like that these slippers can go into their washing machines. You can wash a pair on a cold setting and let them dry for a few hours before putting them back on your feet. Isotoner offers these terry slippers in different colors too, including blue and chocolate.

Tips for Choosing the Right Size

  • Half sizes: A large number of men today wear a half size such as 10.5 or 11.5. They have trouble picking the right size slipper because they don’t know if they should go up or down. If you wear a half size, you’ll usually want to round up to the next full size.
  • Swollen feet: If you suffer from diabetes or another medical condition, your feet may swell during the day. That swelling can worsen the more time you spend on your feet. Some also find that their feet swell more after sitting or reclining in the same position. If you suffer from swollen feet, you should pick a size one up from what you usually wear. This ensures that the slippers won’t fit too tightly when your feet swell.
  • Specialty sizes: Some manufacturers make special sizes for people who have wider feet and those who wear sizes that are larger or smaller than the average range. If you have wide feet, you should look for wide slippers that will accommodate you.
  • Spandex: You can also look for slippers that use spandex and other materials that stretch. The sides will stretch to better fit both feet. Spandex will also compensate if one foot is slightly longer or wider than the other.
Tips for Choosing the Right Size

The first time you take a look at the Base Camp Slipper from Baffin and you might fall in love. These are the ultimate slippers for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure hunters. Designed to look similar to hiking boots, these slippers will trap in the heat to help you stay toasty on any cold night. You can also use the boots during the day and around your home. Most guys take these boots camping and hiking with them. The puffy design of the boot adds to the warmth that it offers while also ensuring that you don’t overheat. That design also reduces the space that the boots take up in your pack.

We also like that these boots have an adjustable design. You’ll see one bungee cord around the top and another where your foot meets your leg. Each cord adjusts quickly and has a toggle that lets you lock the cord in place. You can adjust one or both cords to let more air in, which will keep you from feeling too hot. Baffin also allows you to tighten the cords to lock in the heat that you need. You don’t need to plan a trip to Mount Everest to wear these slippers, but they would certainly make the trip.

What to Consider When Trying On Slippers

What to Consider When Trying On Slippers
  • Tags: One of the issues we found customers complaining about online was that some brands included tags inside the slippers. These tags can sit right under the tongue of the shoe or around the heel or toe. The tag might rub against you with each step that you take and make wearing the slippers difficult. When you try on a new pair, make sure that there isn’t a tag or that you can remove the tag.
  • Rubbing and wearing: You’ll also want to wear the slippers around the house to see how they fit. Now is the perfect time to see if the slippers wear or rub against your feet. While the fit might feel more comfortable once you break in your slippers, you want them to feel as comfortable as possible when you first put them on.
  • Traction: No matter where you plan on wearing your slippers, you should make sure that they provide a good amount of traction. Even if you only want to wear them indoors, you want to make sure that the tread will keep you from slipping on a spill. Rubber soles with a clear tread pattern are generally the best option for those who want to avoid slips and falls.

The Top Benefits of Guys' Slippers

  • More comfort: Though you can’t wear your outdoor shoes around the house all day, you can get all the comfort you want from a pair of slippers. The materials used in the sole and the lining will cradle you with softness.
    •Clean less: An added benefit of wearing slippers that many don’t consider is that the footwear lets them clean less. When you leave your shoes at the front door and wear a pair of slippers, you won’t track mud and grass around.
  • Stop germs: Cold and flu season can wreak havoc on your life because you and your family bring home germs from outside sources. When everyone wears slippers, you’ll stop those germs from spreading. Slippers can also protect you from fungi that cause athlete’s foot and similar conditions.
  • Protect your feet: When you step on something sharp such as a piece of glass or a nail, you risk cutting your foot and causing an infection. A good way to protect your feet is with a slipper that has a thick rubber sole. That sole will keep those broken pieces from reaching your foot.
  • Get more out of socks: New slippers can make your socks last twice as long or more too. The sole stops the bottom of your sock from rubbing against the floor and wearing out.

Signs of Athlete's Foot

An itchy feeling in the foot
Dry skin on the foot
A rash that consists of red or white blisters
Similar symptoms that occur in both feet and/or the hands

The Top Benefits of Guys Slippers

Slipper Materials – Which is Right for You?

If you only look at two of the pairs of slippers on our list, you might notice that each one uses a different type of material. Before we look at the types of linings that manufacturers use today and which of those materials is right for you, we’ll take a look at the exterior of the slipper. This refers to the upper portion of the slipper and any parts on the outside that are above the sole. Each of these materials has a few pros and cons that you should know.


The most affordable type of slipper material is plain cotton. Before you assume that cotton only comes in its natural white color, you should keep in mind that manufacturers can dye that cotton to create fun colors, including lime green and sunny yellow. Cotton does a good job of absorbing moisture but will also absorb odors. You’ll want to wear these slippers inside and not outside because the cotton can pick up stains when you walk through your yard. Many people prefer wearing cotton slippers in the spring and summer than in the winter. The material keeps you cool but does not do a good job of retaining heat.

Slipper Materials – Which is Right for You - Cotton


Parents who do arts and crafts with their kids know that felt is one of the cheapest materials for those projects. The felt that slipper designers use is similar to the sheets you can buy in a craft store. They often send these sheets through industrial dryers that come up to a high temperature though. This shrinks the material and ensures that it won’t shrink on you later. Felt can be quite cheap or quite costly, especially those made from recycled sheets. You’ll find some companies that make felt slippers by hand too.

Slipper Materials – Which is Right for You - Felt

Synthetic Blend

Another type of inexpensive material used in slippers today is a synthetic blend. If you see slippers that use multiple colors in a fun pattern, the chances are good that the manufacturer used a synthetic blend. This blend features different materials made from artificial materials and ingredients. Slippers made from a synthetic blend generally will not last as long as those that use wool or leather. They are suitable for wearing in any situation though. You may find that you can wash these slippers in a washing machine and toss them in the dryer without the material stretching out, fading or shrinking.

Slipper Materials – Which is Right for You - Synthetic Blend


If you want a pair of slippers that will last from one season to the next and for year after year, you may want to focus your search on those that use wool. Some manufacturers also use the term sheepskin when talking about this material. Sheep produce a large amount of hair that can make them feel hot and uncomfortable. Farmers shear those sheep down to their skin and sell the wool to different processing companies. Wool can help you stay at the perfect temperature in any climate. The downside is that you must wash wool by hand.

Slipper Materials – Which is Right for You - Wool


The most expensive material used by slipper manufacturers today is suede. Both suede and leather come from the same animals, but the way the manufacturers process the material will determine what the finished product looks like. Suede feels softer to the touch and has a duller appearance than leather does. Leather looks much shinier but feels just as soft. Both leather and suede are expensive and require more care. You cannot clean these in a washing machine or with ordinary soap. When shopping for leather or suede slippers, you’ll want to look for those that are weatherproof or weather-resistant.

Slipper Materials – Which is Right for You - Suede

Types of Slipper Linings

While the exterior of the slipper is important, you should also give some thought to the interior too. The interior often features a mixture of more than one material. Manufacturers put down a layer of foam or sponge first and then puts a liner on top of that material. The liner is the part of the slipper that you can feel with your whole foot. Those that feel softer are more comfortable and are slipper that you’ll want to wear more often. We’ll go over some of the lining and other materials that you’ll find in a slipper below.


Many shoppers prefer natural materials such as wool and cotton. Slippers use authentic wool that has a nice texture to it. Manufacturers will process that wool first and use chemicals that give it a softer and fluffier appearance. You’ll need to use caution when cleaning the wool because using the wrong supplies or too much heat can wear down the wool and reduce its fluffy look. If you like wool but are vegan or do not want to wear animal products, you can opt for a faux fur material that looks like actual wool.

Memory Foam

One of the best materials for those who spend hours on their feet is memory foam. You may not realize that the military first designed and used memory foam. They liked that the way that it would absorb shocks without the material suffering any damage. Companies now use memory foam in residential and commercial applications. It’s great for anyone who suffers from foot pain because it will absorb the shock of each step that you take and reduce the shock that your feet and legs feel. A good type of memory foam will return to its original state when you take pressure off of it too.


To bring the price of their slippers down, some companies now use a sponge material in place of memory foam. This is similar to the same sponges that you use when cooking and cleaning. Though it is lightweight, it doesn’t bounce back the way that real memory foam does. You may find that your slippers no longer feel very comfortable after a few months because the pressure and weight of your feet can cause the sponge to wear down. You can save money with a pair that uses a layer of memory foam on top of a layer of sponge.

Faux Fur

You can also look at slippers that use faux fur. This material is common because it can look like the fur found on almost any type of animal. You’ll find fur that looks like wolf or bear hide and fur designed to look and feel more like wool. Manufacturers can also dye this material to make it look as though they used several types of animal hides. When you look at slippers that use faux fur, you should really consider the way it feels. Some type of faux fur feel stiffer or harder than others.

Heated Slipper Benefits

How to Buy the Best Men's Slippers for You – What to Consider

After looking at the type of interior and exterior materials found in slippers for men today, you might think that you know everything there is to know about slippers. The truth is though that this really only applies to two areas of the slipper. You also need to consider the way it fits and the best design. We created this convenient buying guide in our shopping guide to give you insider information on the features that matter most to shoppers looking for men’s slippers.


Do you love camping with friends but hate wearing heavy boots while hanging out around the fire? With the right slippers, you can toss a pair in your bag and have fun without heavy boots weighing you down. The indoor/outdoor slipper boots that we found are a great choice for you because they protect your feet from debris and won’t take up much space when stored in your bag. Other designs are suitable for different types of shoppers. You might prefer an open back pair because you suffer from back or leg pain that makes it hard for you to bend over.

Size and Fit

We talked about how manufacturers use small and similar sizes in slippers and how others use actual shoe sizes. No matter what size you wear, you must make sure that you purchase slippers that will fit your feet. Fit refers not only to the way the slippers feel but how comfortable you feel. You want to make sure that your toes don’t feel smashed into the toe box and that your heel doesn’t keep sliding out of the back. Many shoppers find that purchasing a pair just a little larger than they think they need will help them feel more comfortable.


Have you ever worn a cheap pair of slippers before and found that your feet hurt more after taking them off than you did after spending a day of running around town? This often occurs because cheap slippers lack any type of support. A good example of support is that offered by athletic sandals and slippers. These models use a rubber sole that has a slight arch in the center that fits your natural arch. Some slippers have a sole that is completely flat on both the top and bottom. You won’t get any support from slippers of this type.


Running shoes feature padding around the ankles and heels and in the toe box. That cushioning cradles your foot every time that you take a step and put any pressure on your feet. We encourage shoppers to look for men’s slippers that feature the same type of cushioning. You’ll especially want to look for cushioning around the heel, including beneath your heel and along the back of your heel. If you prefer an open back design, you should ensure that the slipper has cushioning under your arches and around your toes.

Heel Height

A good pair of men’s slippers will mimic the shape and design of your favorite pair of shoes. If you often wear dress shoes for work that have a slight heel in the back, wearing slippers that are flat can feel uncomfortable and even a little weird. When the slipper has a soft heel, it lifts your heel up and creates a more natural slope between your toes and heel. This allows you to walk with a slightly bent leg, which can reduce leg pain. Men’s slippers may have a heel of up to ½ inch in size. Evening slippers typically have a higher heel than other types do.

Customer Reviews

To create our list of the top slippers for men of 2024, we looked at dozens of reviews relating to each of the pairs we picked. Those reviews helped us identify the pros and cons found in the chart at the top of this page. We recommend that you look at slipper reviews for yourself too, especially if you’re on the fence about which pair to buy. If you have two pairs that you really like, you can use those reviews to compare and contrast the top features and find the top pair for you. You should look closely at reviews that mention both comfort and fit.


When you buy a basic pair of slippers from a big box store, you might walk away after spending just $10 to $15. It’s important that you think about longevity before spending any of your money though. Those cheap slippers sold in local stores might cost less but will fall apart relatively quickly. You may only get a few months of wear out of the slippers before you need to invest in a new pair. If you think that you cannot afford to spend more on a solid pair today, think about how much those slippers will save you over time.

Slipper Height

Slipper height is usually more important to women than men, but you may want to think about the height of the slipper when shopping for boots or booties. The smaller height on a pair of booties may keep you from feeling as warm as you would like. You’ll need to wear booties with long pants to feel warmer. Slipper boots come in different heights that can go all the way up to your knee or a little higher. When it comes to other types of slippers, you can look at the coverage provided rather than the overall height.


Since we already talked about the different types of slipper linings, we’ll use this section to talk about the things you should consider when looking at that lining. The first of those is how the lining feels. When wearing the slipper, ask yourself if it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. This is a clear sign of a good lining that won’t rub or scratch against your skin. You may want to consider the thickness of the lining too. A thicker lining can stand up to regular wear better than a thinner liner will.

Sole Design

Never buy a pair of slippers without first looking at the design of the sole. One of the sections above talks about what to consider in terms of sole height, but you also want to look at the design of the sole and the tread on the bottom. You’ll want to pay careful attention to the stitching that attaches the sole to the slipper to ensure that it won’t fray or come apart. We recommend looking at the tread too because you want to make sure that it will cling to the ground and create traction as you take a step.

Upper Material

After looking at all the materials that manufacturers use in the uppers of slippers, you might decide that wool or leather is best for you. The upper refers to the top side of the slipper and can include any of the areas that you can see when wearing the slipper other than the sole. It’s really important that you consider both the look and the quality of that material. Cheap leather can crack over time and develop white splotches that make the leather look old and worn down. When you increase your budget, you can afford better materials.

Expert Tip

Boat shoes offer more protection than slippers do and are perfect for wearing around the house and on the go. You should look for those with a non-slip sole as some have a slick sole.

Tips for Cleaning New Slippers

  • Avoid the washer: You can generally clean your slippers without using the washing machine. All you need is a spray bottle with some detergent and warm water inside and a toothbrush. You spray the solution onto the sides of the slippers and then use the toothbrush to release the debris from the material. We included some tips in the next section on using your washer.
  • Use baking soda: If you don’t wear socks, the sweat produced by your feet will rub against the slipper, which can absorb that moisture. You can use a little baking soda to reduce odors. Simply sprinkle a small amount of the baking soda inside each slipper every night. The baking soda will absorb any odors.
  • Reach for a toothbrush: A toothbrush is a great tool for cleaning indoor/outdoor slippers. You can use the same cleaning mixture you used on the slippers but apply it to the soles. The individual bristles on the brush will get deep into the tread as you scrub and break up any debris.
  • Set the slippers outside: Another way to remove stains is with some fresh air. You can still sprinkle baking soda inside, but you’ll then place the slippers outside overnight. The fresh air will work with the baking soda to improve the scent of the slippers.

Expert Tip

Odor balls are another easy way to remove smells from slippers and shoes. The balls contain small holes around the sides that allow a deodorizer to absorb odors and leave behind a nice scent.

Tips for Cleaning Your Slippers in a Washing Machine

  • Delicate cycle only: You should only use your washer on a delicate cycle when cleaning your slippers. If you use a different setting, the slippers might come apart at the seams. You also risk the liner separating from the sole.
  • Skip the fabric softener: While many people like using fabric softener because it makes fabrics feel softer to the touch and leaves behind a nice scent, it can actually damage your slippers. It often leaves behind a residue that can make slippers feel stiff.
  • Try a pillowcase: You may want to use a pillowcase or a lingerie bag too. Lingerie bags are small in size and designed for delicate items. You’ll notice small holes that allow water and soap into the bag. Pillowcases work just as well as these bags and are often cheaper. You can put the slippers in the pillowcase and tie the ends shut. The case will protect the slippers from the paddle in your washer.
  • Avoid the dryer: Do not put your slippers in the dryer after washing them. Even if you use your dryer on a low setting, it can reach too high a temperature and actually damage the soles. High heat can melt rubber and other materials.

How Much Should Men's Slippers Cost?

Men’s slippers can cost as little as $10 or as much as $250. Some pairs can cost even more. As you take a look at our list of the top slippers, you’ll find that we found pairs in a range of prices. You can also use the chart below to see how much each of the top pairs costs.


Cheap and affordable slippers for men cost $20 or less. These slippers often use cotton rather than leather and feature a sole made of a cheap type of rubber. Some cheap designs even use plastic in place of leather.

For Most Shoppers

We recommend buying a pair of slippers that retails for up to $75 or $100 because you’ll get a pair that uses better materials that will last longer. Slippers in this price range may have thicker soles that you can use inside and outdoors.

Top Models

The top pairs of slippers retail for $100 and more. In addition to wearing the slippers anywhere, you’ll find that they use more expensive types of leather and other higher end materials.

Designer Slippers

If you have your heart set on a designer pair, you’ll need to spend more. These slippers can sell for as much as $500. Limited edition designs may sell for even more.

How Much Will You Pay for a Top Beard Trimmer?

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Fleece slippers work well for those who live in climates that are a little on the cooler side. Though fleece does a good job of trapping in warm air, it can actually make you feel too hot. When you wear these slippers on a hot day, you may feel quite uncomfortable.

A: We typically recommend slippers with a thicker sole because you never know what you might step on when walking through your house. The sole will keep glass and other hazards from stabbing you in the foot. When you wear the slippers outside, you’ll protect your feet from insects and sharp branches and twigs.

A: The most important thing to look for in an indoor and outdoor slipper for men is the tread. The tread should have a detailed pattern that gives you more traction when walking to the bathroom or around a campfire. You’ll also want a pair that you can take off and put on with ease. Even if you plan on using those slippers at home and not when camping or hiking, you want ones that won’t slow you down when you’re in a hurry.

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