Best Slippers For Women

UPDATED June 2024

Check out the best slippers for women of the year to find comfortable and stylish options for you and your favorite ladies.



Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the Ansley combines everything you love about UGG boots with a slipper. It has a rubber sole for outdoor use and a thick fur lining to keep your feet warm.


Made from pig leather with a sheep fur lining, the Ansley will keep your feet dry and warm on a cold and wet day. The fully lined slipper has a rubber outsole too that allows you to wear them outside.


As the slippers have a snug or tight fit, you may want to go up a full or half size. The Ansley is also a little too expensive for some budgets.


If you want to work around your home without spending a lot of money, these slippers are a great choice for you. The memory foam inside molds to the shape of your feet for even more comfort.


Available in several colors, these slippers are an affordable way to treat your feet after a long day. A thick rubber sole on the bottom works with the padding and lining inside to help you feel more comfortable.


A handful of customers found that the stitching and other parts of the slipper wore down quickly. These slippers are best for indoor use and not outdoor wear too.


Suitable for all types of women, these moc slippers look like moccasins but have a more comfortable fit. You can choose from different colors and wear these slippers in your home and outside.


The closed back on this slipper keeps your feet from sliding out and gives you more support. You’ll also like the thick fleece lining on the interior that mimics the feel of fur.


Some shoppers complained that the Acorn logo on the inside rubbed uncomfortably against their heels. Others felt that the slippers needed more padding.


Whether heading outside or just walking around your house, these slippers are a great choice. The moccasin design features a faux fur lining and a real leather exterior that keeps your feet dry and warm.


The slight heel on the back of these slippers mimics the feel of your favorite shoes and helps support your arches. Real leather on the outside and faux fur on the inside gives the slippers an expensive look and a comfortable feel.


Designed to look like moccasins, these slippers tend to run a little small. Some customers also found that the slippers offered too much coverage and squeezed their feet.


You can wear these slippers at home to mimic the experience of a day spa. The thong design makes the slippers fit just like flip flops do and pulls moisture away from your feet as you sweat.


Similar to the slippers that you wear in the spa, the Fantiny is a great option for wearing on a hot day. This slipper has a padded footbed and uses a material that wicks moisture away from your feet.


You may not like the design of these slippers, which features a thong that runs right between your toes. The taller height of these slippers may cause you some problems as you walk also.

Shopping Guide for the Best Slippers for Women

Nothing feels quite as great as coming home after a long day and sliding into a pair of slippers. With the right pair, you’ll feel like you’re standing and walking on a big cushion of air. To find the best slippers for women of 2024, we used the internet and searched to see what shoppers want in their slippers. We also looked at the top websites to see which pairs they picked as the best and which products get the best reviews on Amazon. That helped us identify the top slippers for women in 2024.

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Shopping Guide for the Best Slippers for Women

Though you can use our shopping guide to just find the best slippers for women, we encourage you to do more than just look at our list of the top five products. The chart that you see above lists the pros and cons of each pair and why you should buy. As you keep reading, you’ll find better reviews of those pairs. You’ll also find loads of information that you can use as you shop, including a guide on how much you should pay for a pair of slippers and the different types of slippers now available. Use our guide to find slippers that you’ll love wearing every day and night.

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Selection Criteria

The problem with finding the best slippers is that everyone has their own opinions on what makes a pair the best. While some shopping guides simply list the most expensive pairs or the cheapest pairs, we wanted to create a list that included slippers suitable for all budgets. To find the top pairs, we checked the top search results for slippers for women and compared the products shown on multiple sites. We then headed to Amazon to make sure that each pair we found were available for sale on that site. Unlike other shopping guides that might send you to dead sites or sites that no longer offer the top products for sale, all the best slippers for women that we found are available for sale today.

We also looked at the reviews attached to each pair of slippers to see whether customers thought they were comfortable and whether they had any problems with the pairs they bought. You can see all the cons of each pair in the chart located at the top of this guide. No matter which pair catches your eye, make sure that you keep reading to find out more about those pairs and what to look for in slippers.

Not everyone has an extra $100 or even $50 to spend on a pair of slippers to wear around the house, which is why we tracked down the best pair for those on a budget. This pair is so cheap that you won’t need to save up just to buy or replace your slippers in the future. Though some shoppers did have issues with the overall quality of this pair, we think that the quality is a little better than what you would get from other slippers in this price range. You may want to stick to wearing this pair inside though to get more use out of them.

We like the slip-on design of this pair as well as the color options. You can pick a color that matches your pajamas or the clothing that you wear when lounging around the house. The slip-on design helps you get ready in a hurry and get around your home just as quickly. We also like the memory foam used in the padding on this slipper. That padding gives you all the support that you need and helps you feel more comfortable. The slippers also have a soft and plush lining made from fleece inside.

Benefits of Wearing Slippers at Home

Protect Your Feet
Have you ever walked across your home in socks or bare feet and suddenly felt a sharp pain because you just stepped on a toy your child left behind or another sharp object? When you wear a pair of slippers when walking around your home, you can protect your feet. The right pair of slippers will offer protection when you’re outside too. You never know when you might step on a piece of broken glass or even a small screw. If you want to protect your feet from the elements found indoors and out, you should wear a pair of slippers.

Keep Spaces Clean
Those who have pets know that those animals can occasionally have accidents. There is nothing worse than stepping into a puddle of cold pee or fresh feces first thing in the morning. Though you can yell at your animals for having an accident, you can protect yourself before taking a step instead. Slippers, especially those with a good sole, will keep that moisture away from your feet and stop you from tracking the mess through your home. You’ll also find that slippers will keep you from tracking mud and anything else on your shoes through your house.

No More Infections
No matter how clean your home is, you can still develop infections because of the people you live with and those who visit your home. Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that will change the appearance of your feet. This infection can make the skin on your feet turn bright red and cause white patches to form too. You may notice an intense itching sensation on the soles of your feet or between your toes. Infections can affect your toenails as well as your feet too. If you wear slippers, you reduce your exposure to the hazards that cause infections and other medical problems.

Make Your Socks Last Longer
People like to joke about the elves and creatures who live in their washers and dryers and steal their socks. In addition to losing socks while doing laundry, you will also find that you need to throw away old pairs because of wear and tear. While you put your socks through wear and tear daily, you also do more damage to those socks as you walk around your house. The simple motion of the fabric rubbing against the floor can create holes and make the socks look thin and worn out. You can extend the life of your socks by wearing them with a pair of slippers.

Stay Safe
Have you ever walked across the tile floor in your kitchen or bathroom and found yourself taking a tumble? Whether you wear a cheap pair of slippers that lack any traction or a pair of socks, you risk slipping and falling every time you step on a slick surface. This can include the rain that falls on your sidewalk and the ice that builds up on your porch too. Slippers give you an easy and convenient way to stay safe at home. You should look for a pair with a rubber sole that has some type of texture or a non-slip surface.

Increase Circulation
Diabetics and those who suffer from other types of medical conditions often experience problems with their circulation. If you have poor circulation, you may notice that your feet and lower legs swell after you spend a day at work. Sitting for extended periods of time can also cause swelling. Poor circulation in your feet and lower legs can make it difficult for you to feel pain and can cause numbness. Some studies found that wearing slippers can improve and increase your circulation. Slippers with a slight heel elevate your feet as you stand and walk, which can also help.

Feel Comfortable
While we can tell you dozens of reasons why you should wear slippers, the number one reason why many women wear slippers is that they want to feel comfortable. If you wear heels at work, you know that those shoes put quite a bit of pressure on your feet. Even if you wear flats, you might feel sore after a long day because those shoes fit too tightly and wear against your heels and toes. When you get home, you can slide into a pair of slippers and instantly feel like you’re on a cloud. We’ll talk more about what to look for in slippers after going over the different types.

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Benefits of Wearing Slippers at Home - sandal

While some women swear by slippers with a fur lining, others like the look and feel of fleece. The Moc Slippers from Acorn is our top choice for women looking at fleece slippers. Designed to look like traditional moccasins, this slipper has a synthetic sole that functions like rubber for those days when you need to head outside. You can walk your kids to the bus stop or pick up your newspaper without getting your feet wet. It also features a slip-on design that lets you slip your feet inside without bending or hunching over.

We also like the closed design of this slipper. Others have an open back that can be a little dangerous. As you walk, your feet might slide right out. These slippers have a closed back that gives you some security. It also has a cushion inside that consists of several different layers of material including memory foam. That foam acts like extra padding and will mold to the size and shape of your feet. You’ll also find a fleece material used on the outside and a layer of fleece on the inside. That fleece keeps you as warm as possible and can help you stay dry too.

Types of Slippers

Open Heel Slippers

When many people think of slippers for women, they immediately think of those with an open heel design. This type of slipper has a closed area that surrounds your toes and a flat sole that extends back to a large opening. You can slide one or both feet inside the slippers at the same time and take off without making any adjustments first. These slippers come in many different colors and patterns that you can match to your loungewear or pajamas.


  • Easy to put on and take off, even among those with limited mobility
  • Helps your feet breathe
  • Available in a wide range of designs and colors


  • May not have as much traction as you want
  • Can let cold air reach your feet
  • Some people find that they easily step out of the slippers when walking


Moccasins get their name from the authentic footwear that Native Americans once made and wore. Many of these designs feature a rubber sole or a sole made from a synthetic material that features some type of texture. Moccasins also have a closed back that allows them to fit more like traditional shoes. Though most have a leather bow at the front, this is only decorative on some pairs. Others allow you to tighten and loosen the bow to adjust the fit of the moccasin.


  • Hard sole is suitable for outdoor use
  • Closed design keeps the moccasins from sliding off your feet
  • Usually have a lot of padding


  • Not all moccasins have an adjustable fit
  • Can fight tighter than you would like
  • Often comes in a limited selection of styles

Closed Back Slippers

If you like the stability and support provided by a moccasin but don’t like the limited designs available, you might prefer a closed back slipper. These slippers have a fully enclosed design that features material that wraps around your toes and your heels. Most have a solid sole for outdoor use and a liner that keeps you warm. Closed back slippers can be a little too warm for wearing in warmer climates though.


  • Keeps you warmer than other slippers do
  • Comes in various colors and patterns
  • Features a textured sole to keep you safe


  • Can make your feet sweat a lot
  • Are difficult to get on and off
  • May fit too tight

Novelty Slippers

Novelty slippers give you a great way to show off your personality as well as your sense of humor. Novelty slippers include any design that doesn’t fit into one of these categories. Many feature your favorite cartoon or film characters such as Batman or Deadpool. You’ll also find pairs that have an oversized design and look like your favorite animal. Some novelty slippers even have batteries inside that power a device that talks or makes noises as you walk.


  • Available in sizes for both adults and kids
  • Comes in a number of bright colors and designs
  • Offers a fun way to show your personality


  • Can get in your way as you walk
  • Usually lacks any solid padding
  • Will not support your arches and heels

Slipper Boots

Slipper boots combine the benefits of a boot with a slipper. These products typically use a type of lightweight material that slouches down around your lower legs. You can adjust the material to cover your legs up to your knees or push the material down to create a more fashionable look. Most boots are suitable for use in cooler climates because of the warmth that they provide.


  • Keeps your feet and legs warm
  • Offers more protection than traditional slippers
  • Safe for use inside and out


  • Make take too much time to put on and take off
  • Can leave your legs feeling overheated
  • May make your feet sweat

Sandal Slippers

Sandal slippers refer to any type of slipper that looks and functions like a sandal. The spa slippers that made our list is an example of this type. If you like wearing flip-flops while doing yard work and chilling inside, this type of slipper might be a good choice for you. Most feature open areas around your toes and an open area on the back. Some have a sports sandal design that features a flat sole and a strap that covers your toes.


  • Offers more airflow and circulation than other pairs do
  • Keeps your soles safe
  • Often weighs less than other slippers do


  • Does not offer much arch support
  • Usually doesn’t have much padding
  • Your feet can often slide out when walking

Evening Slippers

If you watch older Hollywood films, you’ll often see men and women walking around in evening slippers. Evening slippers are really just footwear designed for wearing as you lounge. Most have a textured sole with a slight heel. Many of the designs that we saw also have a pointed toe that gives your feet more space inside. Evening slippers come in different designs and in unisex designs that will work for both men and women.


  • Many different designs available including unisex options
  • Oversize design gives your feet room to move and breathe
  • Small heel elevates your feet to improve circulation


  • Can leave your feet sliding around too much
  • Often have an old-fashioned look
  • Doesn’t offer much in the way of support
Types of Slippers - open heel slipper(1)
Types of Slippers - Moccasin
Types of Slippers - Sandal Slippers
Sandal Slippers
Types of Slippers - Slipper Boots
Slipper Boots
Types of Slippers - Novelty Slippers
Novelty Slippers

Women around the world love the way that UGG boots both look and feel. You can now get that same level of comfort when just lounging around your home because the company makes the Ansley. This moccasin comes in multiple colors, but all models feature the UGG logo on the side. The pig leather used in the construction of the slipper feels just as soft and supple as cow leather does. UGG added durable stitching around the top and sides to extend the life of the slipper too.

A rubber sole on the bottom ensures that you can wear these slippers anywhere around your home or outside. That rubber keeps you from sliding on rain or snow. You’ll also find a thick lining made from real sheep fur. This is the same type of lining found in UGG boots. That lining does a great job of keeping your feet dry when walking around outside. It also keeps your feet warm when relaxing at home. If you love UGG boots but don’t want to wear a clunky pair of boots all the time, there are the best slippers for you. The Ansley gets our nod as the best overall slipper for women too.

How to Care for Your Slippers

  • Spot clean: When you choose slippers made from wool or another material that can shrink, you should do spot cleaning instead of using a washing machine. You can apply a small dab of a cleaning product designed for that material on a stain and let it sit for a few minutes before dabbing with fresh water.
  • Washing machine basics: If you can put your slippers in a washing machine, use the delicate cycle. This will keep the machine from tossing around the slippers and banging them against the sides to reduce any damage. You can also place the slippers in a pillowcase or a small bag before adding them to the washing machine.
  • Air dry: No matter what type of slippers you have, you’ll always want to let them air dry. You can set the slippers on a flat surface such as the top of your washer or on the floor. It can take several hours or an entire night for the slippers to completely dry.
  • Cleaning the soles: Whenever you come in from the outside, you should take off your slippers and clean the soles. Bleach wipes and similar products offer a convenient way to remove grass and any other debris that you pick up. You can use a toothpick or an ordinary straw to clean out any debris stuck in the texture on the soles.
How to Care for Your Slippers

Expert Tip

You may want to avoid using fabric softener when washing your slippers. Fabric softener can actually stick to the lining and make it feel rough or hard against your feet.

If you love the UGG moccasins but just can’t justify spending so much money on a simple pair of slippers, you should take a look at the Cally from Minnetonka. The Cally mimics the moccasin design right down to the leather bow tied across the front of each slipper. Made from real leather that feels as supple and soft as anything you ever touched before, this slipper comes in multiple colors. While UGG sticks to traditional and neutral shades, Minnetonka gives you more color options. You’ll even find unique shades such as pink and a version that uses a leopard print.

A textured sole on the bottom of each slipper creates a non-slip surface that will keep you from sliding when walking on wet surfaces. That sole also allows you to take these slippers outside and then back inside without missing a beat. Many women like that the Cally has a slight platform heel that supports their arches and other parts of their feet. This heel may also help you feel more comfortable because it mimics the design of your favorite shoes. If the slippers are a little too tight or loose, you can actually adjust the leather tie on the slipper.

What Material is Best?

One of the most important things to consider when buying a pair of women’s slippers is the material used in its construction. That is why we created this section that goes over all the top materials that you’ll find. As you move further down on this page, you’ll find a buying guide that focuses on everything else you need to know about slippers. It’s important that you look at materials first because this helps you see which ones are softer than others and which ones are easier to clean. You can then find slippers that use your favorite type of material.

Memory Foam
If you ever slept on a memory foam mattress or mattress topper before, you might remember just how great you felt when you woke up in the morning. Originally designed by the military, memory foam is a material that remembers its original shape. When you press down on it, the foam molds to the shape of your hand. As soon as you release it, the foam returns to a flat surface. Slippers that use memory foam padding do the same thing. These slippers will mold around your feet and create extra padding around your toes and heels. When you step out of the slippers, the foam will bounce back.

Those who live in the Midwest know that winters can be quite harsh. The best slippers to wear on a cold day are those that have a sheepskin liner. Some companies – including UGG – call this material sheep fur. Both terms refer to the natural hair that comes off real sheep. You can choose designs that use sheepskin on just the inside or those that also use the fur on the exterior. A sheepskin liner absorbs some of your body heat to keep your feet as warm as possible. The only downside to sheepskin is that it’s fairly hard to clean.

Faux Fur
An alternative to traditional sheepskin is faux fur. Made to look like the real thing, this fur comes in a few different varieties. You can choose one that looks like bear or wolf fur as well as those that mimic sheepskin. Faux fur is often a good choice for vegetarians and vegans who worry about buying products that harm animals. Companies can use synthetic materials or natural materials to make faux fur. While faux fur will keep your feet warm, it may not feel as soft or as comfortable as sheepskin does. Faux fur is easier to clean than real fur though.

If you felt drawn to the moccasin style of slipper, you will find that most companies make these slippers from suede or leather. While leather has a rich and shiny texture, suede tends to look a little duller but feel much softer. You can choose between pig leather or traditional cow leather. Most of the slippers available for women today use pig leather though because it has a nicer texture than cow leather and will last longer. Suede typically comes in just a few color options, including darker and lighter shades of brown. These slippers are harder to clean than others and cannot go in your washing machine.

One of the more affordable materials used in women’s slippers today is felt. The felt that companies use looks just like the felt supplies you used for arts and crafts projects as a kid. Many companies make felt from real sheepskin. They use a process that turns those hairs into large sheets that they then cut into the pieces needed to make the slippers. Though you can choose from natural and neutral colors, you can also select slippers that used dyed felt, which comes in a range of colors. Felt slippers are resistant to water and stains but can wear down quickly.

Synthetic Materials
Synthetic materials are among the cheapest materials available today.

What Material is Best

The two most affordable slippers on our list use synthetic materials that look like wool and other natural materials that are usually more expensive. One great benefit to this material is how easily you can clean it. You can toss these slippers in your washing machine on any cycle without worrying about the stitching wearing out or the slippers falling apart. Synthetic materials can absorb odors as your feet sweat though, which is why you’ll always want to wear socks with them. Many slipper boots use synthetic materials.

When you visit a high-end spa, workers will give you a pair of slippers to wear around the facility. CIOR lets you recreate that experience at home with its Fantiny. Designed to look like those spa slippers, this pair is more durable and will last longer than those spa products do. The Fantiny comes in multiple colors, including light gray and a brighter pink. Each one uses both real velvet and other types of fabric to make the top feel as soft as possible. Those materials will wick away moisture to keep your feet dry and reduce your risk of suffering from cracked or peeling skin on your feet.

CIOR added a textured sole to this slipper, which serves two purposes. When wearing the slippers outside, you won’t worry about slipping or possibly falling. If you wear the Fantiny indoors, you’ll find that this sole keeps the slippers from scratching your floors. We also like that this pair features two layers of a sponge material and a layer of memory foam to give you even more comfort. When you wear the Fantiny around your home, you’ll notice an almost instant reduction in aches and pains and foot cramps.

What About Heated Slippers?

A chill that starts in your feet can quickly move up your legs and reach other areas of your body. When you wear slippers while watching television or cooking dinner, you can ward off that chill. If you live in an area where cold temperatures are common and want to stay warmer, you might consider a pair of heated slippers. Heated slippers come in both traditional and novelty designs. These slippers are different from other pairs though because of a built-in heating element. This element connects to a USB cord that sticks out from the side of the slipper. You can plug that cord into your laptop or into a USB adapter that you already own. The cord gives the heating element the power that it needs to heat up your feet.

When shopping for heated slippers, you’ll find that each slipper has its own heating element. You must plug each USB cord into an adapter or power source. Many shoppers will want to look at the length of the cord to ensure that they can use it with the power sources they have. The only real downside to heated slippers is that you can only wear a pair when sitting or lying down. If you try to walk or move in the slippers, you might feel the heating elements poking your feet. Moving will also cause the cords to come loose from the power source.

What About Heated Slippers

The two most affordable slippers on our list use synthetic materials that look like wool and other natural materials that are usually more expensive. One great benefit to this material is how easily you can clean it. You can toss these slippers in your washing machine on any cycle without worrying about the stitching wearing out or the slippers falling apart. Synthetic materials can absorb odors as your feet sweat though, which is why you’ll always want to wear socks with them. Many slipper boots use synthetic materials.

Tips for Breaking in New Slippers

When you first bring home a new pair of slippers, you may find yourself disappointed at the way they fit. Before you send them back or decide to buy a new pair, you may want to try a few tips. In the same way that you need to break in a new pair of shoes, you also need to break in a pair of slippers.

  • Wear multiple pairs of socks: Even if you plan on wearing your slippers with bare feet or a single pair of socks, you should put on at least two or three pairs of socks and then put on the slippers. The extra material will make your feet seem larger and will help stretch out the sides of the slippers.
  • Take a few walks: No matter what type of slippers you buy, you should take a few walks to break them in for the long term. You can walk around your house and go up and down the stairs or even walk around your patio or driveway.
  • Beat them up: Though it may sound odd, you can also break your slippers in with a soft beating. Try hitting the slippers against a hard surface such as your floor or a table. You may want to roll each one up before giving it a good whack. This can actually break down the stiffness of the exterior material and make the slippers fit better.

What Type of Flooring is in Your Home?

Before taking a look at our shopping guide, we highly recommend that you think about the type of flooring in your home. Let’s say that you have tiled floors in your living room and bedroom. Those floors can feel quite cold when you first get up in the morning. That cold can penetrate through a slipper with a thinner sole and leave you wishing that you remembered to put on socks the night before. Hardwood floors can feel just as cold as tile too. If you have carpeted floors throughout your home, you can feel confident buying a slipper with a thinner sole.

You may want to consider the age of your home and the number of people living there also. If you have kids who often leave their toys out and pets who have frequent accidents, you’ll want a slipper with a thick sole that will keep you from stepping in puddles and stop toys from penetrating through the sole and into your foot. A thicker sole is also helpful in regards to older homes that might have loose nails or other dangerous objects on the ground. Depending on the thickness of the sole, you might step straight down on a screw and not even feel it.

What Type of Flooring is in Your Home

Dangers of Platform Soles

Many companies make sandal slippers with a platform heel that can lift your feet one-inch off the ground or higher. These slippers have a fun look that appeals to many young women, but the design can also be a little dangerous. You risk losing your balance and having the platform catch on objects that you walk over. These slippers can also put a lot of pressure on your feet and cause some pain and discomfort.

How to Check the Fit of a Slipper

Prince Charming found Cinderella after she tried on the glass slipper that only fit her. You can find the slipper just right for you too. Once you slide your foot into that slipper, you’ll want to check a few things.

  • Toes: When trying on a slipper, you should make sure that your toes have enough space to move and breathe. If you cannot wiggle your toes, you need a larger size. A pointed toe is generally best for those with narrow feet, while those with wider feet need a round or square toe.
  • Heel fit: A good slipper will fit comfortably around your entire foot and especially around your heel. If you prefer a closed back or moccasin design, you should ensure that the back of the slipper does not rub against your heel. Keep in mind that if it hurts the first time you try it on, it will likely hurt worse later.
  • Temperature: You’ll also want to take a few steps and spend a few minutes in those slippers to see if they allow your feet to breathe. Even if you want a pair to keep your feet and legs warm, you want a breathable design that will keep you from overheating.


While you can break in your new slippers and get a ½ inch to an inch more space, you may not get all the room that you need. If the slippers rub uncomfortably against your toes or heels, try going up a size.

How to Check the Fit of a Slipper

Buying Guide to Women's Slippers – How to Find the Best Slippers for You

There are many different things that you should know about slippers, including some of the popular materials that manufacturers use and the types available such as slipper boots and closed back designs. Many of the shoppers who read our guides want to know more about the things they should consider as they shop to ensure that they buy the best products for them. That is why our shopping guide includes a buying guide too. Each of the following sections will go over an important factor you should look at as you shop for slippers for women.

Size and Fit
One of the top things you must consider is the size of the slipper and how it fits your feet. The size range available often depends on the manufacturer. Many of the companies that make cheap slippers use traditional sizes such as small and large. You’ll need to know what size shoe you wear and find the size slipper that works with that shoe size. Other companies offer slippers in traditional numbered sizes, and you’ll find some manufacturers that offer half sizes too. Select designs may only come in a few specific sizes and stop at a size 10 or 11. Manufacturers may not offer larger or smaller sizes because they think only a small number of women wear those sizes.

Some older and younger women prefer slipper boots to traditional slippers because of the height of those boots. Depending on the pair that you buy, the boot might cover your leg up to the calf or all the way up to your knee. You’ll also find designs that let you adjust the overall height of the boot. No matter what type of slippers you like, you may want to consider the height though. Closed and open back pairs stop at just above the ankle. Some designs actually stop at just below the ankle too. You’ll find pairs that can extend further up your leg to give you more coverage and warmth also.

Would you buy a pair of shoes that had loose stitching along the sole and leather that looked broken or cracked? Women will typically read dozens of reviews before deciding to invest in a pair of shoes. When it comes to buying a new pair of slippers, you should also do some research. Our list of the top slippers for women includes the top five products chosen by both experts and female shoppers. We looked carefully at those reviews for concerns regarding the quality of each pair and included any negative information that we found. You can also look at those reviews to see if the slippers will keep up with your daily activities.

Sole Material
Slipper manufacturers typically use one of two materials for their soles. Thermoplastic rubber, also called TR, is a type of rubber made from synthetic materials. Companies will mix either petroleum or resin with other ingredients and heat the mixture to a high temperature, which causes the mixture to set. Other companies use ethylene vinyl acetate, which they call EVA. EVA is similar to TR but does not use any type of rubber. You might like that EVA absorbs more of the shocks that occur as you take a step and the lightweight design of the material. Slippers that use a TR sole are often cheaper than those with an EVA sole.

Sole Design
We encourage shoppers to look at the design of the sole too, including its height and how it looks. You want to look at its height to determine how easily you can walk and maneuver in those slippers. Those with a high heel such as a platform slipper can change the way you walk and leave you feeling off balanced. It’s equally important that you look at the design of the sole to see if it has any type of texture. Some slippers, especially cheaper designs, are often completely flat and do not offer any protection against the surfaces you walk on and things you might step on in your home. The best slippers are those that have a textured sole.

Slipper Width
When purchasing a pair of slippers, you really need to make sure that you buy the right size. You also need to think about the width of your feet and whether the slippers can accommodate that width. Many enclosed slippers have a narrow design. If you have wider feet, you’ll find that the sides rub uncomfortably against your skin. You may even develop sores or blisters because of those slippers. Thongs and spa slippers are best for those with wider feet because these designs do not have any fabric along the sides that touch your feet. You can also search for slippers designed specifically for wider feet.

Don’t forget to look at the total amount and type of padding too. We really like the slippers that go above and beyond with the addition of multiple layers of padding. You might find a rubber outsole on the bottom that gives you traction with a layer of sponge or foam material above that sole. Many designs also feature a layer of memory foam that adds even more padding to the slipper. We recommend choosing a slipper that uses both memory foam as well as a liner inside. This liner protects the memory foam and makes it last longer. You may even find some designs with a removable liner that you can take out to wash or when you want a lighter slipper.

The amount of warmth that you need is another important thing to consider when looking at slippers. If you buy the wrong pair for your climate, you’ll find yourself dealing with sweaty feet and slippers that develop a foul odor after just a few weeks. Enclosed slippers such as those with a closed back and moccasins are best for those who live in colder climates. Slipper boots are also a smart choice for those living in cooler areas. Slipper sandals and open back slippers are better for those who live in warmer areas because the designs will keep your feet from overheating.

Classic Design

Just as many shoppers want classic designs that will last for years too. When you buy a moccasin or another traditional slipper, you can wear it from one season to the next.

Buying Guide to Women's Slippers – Classic design
Buying Guide to Women's Slippers – unusual

Bold & Unusual Colors

A large number of shoppers want slippers that come in bold or unusual colors as well as those with unexpected accents such as sequins across the top.

How Much Do Slippers Cost?

If you only bought those slippers that you see in gift boxes around the holidays, you might be a little surprised at how much they cost. The most expensive model on our list is the pair from UGG, which retails for around $100. The Ansley uses pig leather and a lining made from sheep fur, which justifies its high price tag. If you want a pair of leather slippers that are waterproof and safe for wearing outside, you’ll want to spend at least $50. The cost can rise even higher for slippers from popular designers. A pair from Chanel or another leading design house might cost you a few hundred dollars.

How Much Do Slippers Cost

We know that many women want an affordable way to treat their feet, which is why our list of the best slippers for women also includes some cheaper option. The thong slippers and the pair from UTRAIDEAS both retail for less than $20. You can get a pair of indoor house slippers for $10 to $20, though you should keep in mind that those shippers won’t do well when worn outdoors. If you plan on spending any time outside, you should spend more on a pair of slippers.

Should You Splurge on Designer Slippers?

Designer slippers are really only worth the price if you want to support a certain designer or if you are a fan of designer clothes. Many of these companies do not make their own slippers. They simply give other companies the right to use their names. Those companies will make the slippers in their factories and facilities and just put the designer’s name on the front or tag. You can usually get a comfortable pair of slippers that look exactly the same but lack that name for a lower price.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Paper slippers, sometimes called disposable or temporary slippers, are products that manufacturers design for those who want something they can wear just once. You can keep a few pairs in your bag when traveling or for use at work. After putting your shoes back on, you can throw away the slippers.

A: College students typically live in dorm rooms and share a large bathroom with other people who live on that same floor. Many students prefer slipper sandals because they can wear the plastic and rubber versions right in the shower, which will keep their feet safe from germs on the shower floor. College kids may like novelty slippers that look like giant chickens or dogs that they can wear when hanging out in their rooms and with friends.

A: Choosing the right size is often hard because sizes may run small or large. You should always read customer reviews and look for manufacturer recommendations to determine if you need to go up or down a size. If you suffer from swelling in your feet, you may want to order a full size larger than you usually wear.

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