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UPDATED June 2024

With a smartwatch, you can track your fitness level and access your email while away from a computer. Our shopping guide to the best smartwatches will tell you everything you can do with one.        



As one of the top fitness trackers around, this Fitbit model also functions as a good smartwatch. It’s compatible with most apps and comes with different fitness modes.


Designed to help you track your activity level during the day, this model acts as both a smartwatch and a fitness tracker. You can use it in the water to record your laps too.


The included bands may be too small or too large for your wrist. It may not accurately keep track of your fitness data either.


Those looking to shell out big bucks on a smartwatch who also want a classy design will find the Sport from Apple appealing. It is resistant to splashes and suitable for use in the rain.


Any lover of Apple products will like this smartwatch, which is suitable for wearing as you exercise or go about your day. It works with many different apps and lets you use Siri on the go.


This smartwatch is pretty pricey when compared to other models and has a short battery life. You can only use this watch with compatible Apple devices.


With two different colors to choose from, the Galaxy is one of the only smartwatches that will match your everyday wardrobe. It works with Bluetooth devices and has a long battery life.


You can sync this smartwatch to any Apple or Android phone or device via Bluetooth. Many shoppers liked how quickly it charged with the included wireless charging dock.


The Galaxy may not be compatible with all the apps that you need. Some users didn’t like Bixby, which is the assistant app designed by Samsung.


As the most affordable smartwatch on the market, this is the top choice for budget shoppers. You can pick from various colors and get a watch that will run for up to a full month on a single charge.


With various sports modes, this watch makes it easy for you to track your activities and your progress. You can use any number of apps that you download to the watch too.


Some apps on this smartwatch do not work as well as users hoped. Others wished that it vibrated faster to alert them of new notifications.


The soft band on this sports watch fits so comfortably that you might forget you put it on. It has one of the best digital faces around, which shows you loads of helpful information.


Resistant to water and compatible with tons of apps, this smartwatch will work with any Android or Apple device. This model has one of the best navigation apps around.


Some apps and features are not very accurate. A few reviews stated that the battery didn’t last as long as the shoppers hoped.

Shopping Guide for the Best Smartwatch

Though Apple was one of the first companies to announce it would bring smartwatches to the market, research and development in those watches existed for some years. The very first watches that were available for sale featured many bugs and glitches that sent developers rushing back to the drawing board. 

You may now find top smartwatches for 2024 that lack any glitches and are easy to use. With one of the best smartwatches, you can do almost anything you want, including tracking your fitness level and viewing new emails. There are some things to consider when picking the best smartwatch for you though.

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Shopping Guide for the Best Smartwatch

We know that there are hundreds of models out there, including some from major companies such as Apple and smaller companies that you don’t know.

You may want to consider factors that include the price and how long the battery lasts as well as how long it takes to charge the battery and the design of the watch itself. My shopping guide to the best smartwatches starts with a general look at the best models. You can then view detailed smartwatch reviews and learn how to find the best one based on what you need and want.

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Selection Criteria

When it comes to smartwatches, you will find models that function more like a mini-computer and those that are similar to a fitness tracker. A fitness tracker model comes with various modes to track all the activities that you do. Not only can you see how many steps you took, but you can also view the number of laps you swam or how long you worked out. 

Not everyone needs a fitness tracker though. Some shoppers prefer models that give them access to the same information found on their computers. These models let you check your email and view weather information as well as access a variety of different apps.

As I worked on my list of the best smartwatches for 2024, I knew that I wanted to include a few fitness tracker models and those that functioned more like computers. I checked the top models available for sale on major websites such as Amazon and what tech and gadget experts thought about those watches. Their reviews and the reviews left by former customers helped me create a list of the top five models now available. You can buy any of the best smartwatches and have it shipped right to your front door.

When you decide to buy a smartwatch, you might think that all the models are pretty much the same. This is especially true if you look at some of the things that these watches can do. There are a few different types available that manufacturers designed for different shoppers. 

If you want a watch that helps you stay connected to the office while you’re at home or on vacation, you will want a different model than a shopper who is more active. Fitness smartwatches combine the benefits of a smartwatch with a fitness tracker, but this is just one of the different types that you can now buy.

How We Picked the Best Smartwatches for 2024

Selection Criteria - looked at
More than 30 smartwatches looked at
Selection Criteria - review (2)
More than 100 reviews read
Selection Criteria - Websites
More than 20 websites consulted

Types of Smartwatches

When you decide to buy a smartwatch, you might think that all the models are pretty much the same. This is especially true if you look at some of the things that these watches can do. There are actually a few different types available that manufacturers designed for different shoppers. If you want a watch that helps you stay connected to the office while you’re at home or on vacation, you’ll want a different model than a shopper who is more active. Fitness smartwatches combine the benefits of a smartwatch with a fitness tracker, but this is just one of the different types that you can now buy.

Types of Smartwatches

Fitness Smartwatch

Fitbit made one of the very first fitness trackers for fitness enthusiasts. Though other companies such as Garmin and Amazfit now make similar models, Fitbit is still one of the top manufacturers of smartwatches that function as fitness trackers. This type of watch is best for those who want to stay in shape or lose weight. 

You can set an alarm that reminds you that you need to get in some exercise. Some models will automatically tell you to get active when your heart rate drops below a specific level.

Another nice feature of a fitness smartwatch is that it can monitor your patterns and behaviors as you sleep. When you wake up the next day, you can view that information and see when you entered a REM cycle and whether you slept all night or woke up a few times. 

These smartwatches do everything that other smartwatches do too. You will also find some models that come with a built-in GPS tracker. When you sync your phone to the device, it will send your location to that phone. That info can help when it comes to planning routes too.

Standalone Smartwatch

Though most smartwatches are compatible with the operating systems used by phones and tablets, some of the newest phones on the market will work without an associated gadget. Called standalone smartwatches, these models come from manufacturers who work with specific phone carriers. 

You can buy one from a company and use it on their network. Both Verizon and AT&T offer these smartwatches. Instead of syncing your phone and watch together, you can use your watch as a phone. You can read and send text messages through your phone and accept phone calls via a built-in microphone.

Companion Smartwatch

When most people think of smartwatches today, they think of companion smartwatches. Designed to work with a specific type of operating system, you need to choose one that matches the operating system of your phone and other devices. For example, an Apple smartwatch will only work with the iPhone and similar devices. 

If you have an Android phone, you may often find more watches that are compatible with that phone. You can sync the watch to any compatible device via a wireless network or a Bluetooth connection. Though most work with some of the more common apps, you cannot make or receive phone calls through the watch itself. You can only view the name or the number associated with a caller.

Notification Smartwatch

The most basic type of smartwatch is one called a notification smartwatch. While they cannot do as many things as the others can, they do serve as a good choice for shoppers who want to try out a smartwatch and see what it does. You can sync the watch to your phone and log in to different apps and social media sites on the watch. It will show you notifications when you get a new text message or call on your phone and let you know about any messages or updates on social networking sites. While you can view those alerts, you cannot respond to them through the watch.

Though Fitbit makes several different fitness trackers, the Versa is the top model for those who also want a smartwatch. The Versa does everything you need a fitness tracker to do. It monitors your heart rate during the day and lets you know when you need to get up and get active. 

This model will also monitor your heart rate as you sleep and let you check your sleep habits and patterns the following day. Many like that the battery inside will last for up to four days or more before it needs charging too.

With more than 15 exercise modes to choose from, you can select the right mode based on how you exercise. This smartwatch is safe to wear in the water and has a Swim mode that will track the number of laps you make. The Versa is compatible with some of the top music apps and will let you listen to music on the go. You can even transfer some of your playlists to the watch. 

It also connects easily to a cell phone to let you transfer and share your data between those devices. The Versa even lets you carry credit card data with you to make payments on the go.

What Can You Do with a Smartwatch?

  • View notifications and alerts: With a smartwatch, you can view live alerts as they come into your phone. You will know when someone sends you a text message or an email and when someone calls you. Some smartwatches can also alert you of updates on apps such as Facebook.
  • Listen to music: If you like listening to music as you work or work around your home, you may like that you can access songs and playlists through a smartwatch. Most watches are only compatible with a few music apps though.
  • Track your fitness: Fitness smartwatches can work as a fitness tracker to keep track of each activity that you do. They will alert you when you spend too much time in one position and count the steps you take every day. Some models are compatible with fitness apps that let you download workouts and routines right to the watch.
  • Use apps: With the best smartwatch, you can also access all your favorite apps. Those apps might let you check on the weather forecast for the next few days or view the latest scores from current games. You can download apps that you need and those that you use daily right to the watch.

Top Smartwatch Apps

What Can You Do with a Smartwatch
What Can You Do with a Smartwatch - Spotify
What Can You Do with a Smartwatch - Calendar

When to Buy a Smartwatch

Some shoppers hold off on buying a new smartwatch because they know that technology changes so frequently. They don’t want to spend money on a gadget today that might not work in the future. Shoppers also worry that companies will release new models in the future that function better than the ones they bought. 

When you purchase a smartwatch from a company with a good reputation though, you will get one that you can use for years. Pebble made a smartwatch that many people loved and received funding for the product through Kickstarter. When the company shut down production, shoppers were left without the watches promised or with watches that no longer worked. I recommend sticking with a reputable company with a strong connection to the technology field such as Samsung or Apple.

The best time to buy a smartwatch is when you want to stay connected without being on your computer or phone. You can easily find a watch that sends the same notifications you might see on those devices on your watch’s face. It’s also a smart idea to buy one when you want to combine the benefits of your phone with a fitness tracker. All the top smartwatches I found are worth your money and are a smart buy.

Top Benefits of a Fitness Smartwatch

When to Buy a Smartwatch - pedometer (1)
When to Buy a Smartwatch - heart rate
When to Buy a Smartwatch - any point during the day
When to Buy a Smartwatch - Monitors your health
When to Buy a Smartwatch - Reminds

Voice Commands and Controls

Have you ever taken a walk around the block and wondered what a restaurant you passed serves? By the time you get home from your walk, you might forget all about what you wanted to look up. With a smartwatch, you can actually do quick online searches when you’re away from a computer and don’t have your phone handy. 

If you want a smartwatch that can do searches for you, you must make sure that it comes with a voice command feature. This feature lets you speak right into the watch and tell it to search for a specific piece of information that you can see and read.

Smartwatches with voice controls will also help you make changes to the watch itself. Let’s say that you want to keep an eye on the weather to track an incoming storm. You can tell the watch to move your weather app right to the watch’s face. Voice commands give you control over all your apps too. 

You can ask the watch to read out a new text message you received, which gives you time to think of a response before you grab your phone. Some smartwatches can even read emails and new updates on your apps to you.

When to Use Voice Commands and Controls

Voice Commands and Controls - you're behind the wheel
Voice Commands and Controls - hone charges
Voice Commands and Controls away from your phone
Voice Commands and Controls - you're outside
Voice Commands and Controls - need to focus

If you want a smartwatch with a classy design and one that will work with all your Apple devices, you may like the Series 1 Sport. The included band adjusts to fit your wrist, and the glass front is resistant to cracks. This model will monitor your heart rate as you sleep or move around and can let you know when you need to be more active. 

Many shoppers liked that they could customize the design of the face. You can change the information that you see and the icons on the face based on the apps that you use every day.

The Sport uses an Apple operating system that makes it compatible with some of the top apps around. You can integrate Siri with the watch and use that assistant when your phone isn’t nearby. This model also works with Apple Pay, which lets you swipe your watch to pay for goods without having your credit card on you. 

You can use this watch without worrying about losing your personal data either because it requires that you log in with your Apple ID and password. Even if someone steals the watch, that individual cannot access your data without having that info.

Operating System

Before you buy a smartwatch, you really need to decide on which operating system is right for you. This depends on any other gadgets that you use and whether you plan to sync the watch with those devices. It typically boils down to a choice between Android and Apple operating systems. Apple designed the Watch OS specifically for its watches. 

If you have Apple devices and love the OS that each one uses, you may also love this one. Many find that this OS is sleek and runs smoothly, though it doesn’t give you as many customization options. Android watches can come with different versions of this OS. Many shoppers like that they can customize the OS based on their needs.

You will also find a handful of watches that use the Tizen operating system, which is an OS designed by Samsung. When you log into your Samsung account on one device and make changes to your settings, those changes will automatically transfer over onto your watch. 

Microsoft makes a few smartwatches of its own that use a Windows 10 operating system. This is the newest Windows OS available. With the right OS, you can sync information across multiple synced devices in just a few minutes.

Benefits of Using a Smartwatch Rather Than a Fitness Tracker

Operating System - notification
Operating System - download
Operating System - call

Display Type

You may not think about display type as you choose a smartwatch because you assume that most use the same type. Certain displays are better than others though. Some can make the battery last longer, while others help you see better when you have less natural light available. The common types of displays used by smartwatches include:

  • LCD: One of the cheaper display types is an LCD screen. This type of screen features a backlit display that makes the colors appear much brighter. You can see all the content on the screen when working outside in the bright sun.
  • Black and white: The cheapest smartwatches available today feature a screen that only uses shades of black and white. This helps the battery last longer and lets you go longer between charges.
  • OLED: You may find some smartwatches with an OLED display. If you’ve ever seen a display screen before that used multiple shades of the same color, you saw an OLED display. The more expensive smartwatches with this display type can use more colors too.
  • AMOLED: An alternative to an OLED screen is an AMOLED screen. Instead of using just a few colors, it can show you multiple colors and different shades within that spectrum. Both AMOLED and OLED displays work in all types of lighting situations.

Expert Tip

If you want a smartwatch that lasts longer and doesn’t require as much charging, look for one with a motion-activated display or screen. The watch screen will go dark to save the battery and come back on when it detects any type of motion.
Display Type

Face Strength

Auto manufacturers use safety glass in the vehicles that they make. If you’re ever in an accident, the glass will shatter rather than break. You might notice that most pieces remain inside the window and that other pieces land on the ground nearby. Some smartwatch manufacturers use similar types of glass when making these watches. 

If you ever fall down and hit the watch on the ground, the face will splinter but all the glass will remain on the face of the watch. The best smartwatches actually use Gorilla Glass, which is a type of glass that has chemicals added to the formula. Those chemicals make the glass much stronger and can also prevent some common types of damage.

One reason to opt for a watch with this type of face is that the glass will not scratch as easily as you might expect. Even if you wear the watch daily and are quite active, it will still look as smooth and clear as it did when you first bought it. The glass can also protect the watch from damage caused by dust because it forms a tight seal with the bevel. Any dust that gets inside the watch can interfere with those sensitive components.

What is a Training Tracker?

A training tracker is an alternative to a fitness tracker and a smartwatch designed for those who need to train for intense events such as marathons. Not only does it track how well you did on any given day, but it lets you view that info to track your progress over multiple days or weeks. Some models are waterproof and designed for swimmers who compete in the water.
Face Strength

Samsung made a name for itself via the Galaxy line, which now includes this smartwatch. I like that it comes in two different designs. The rose gold is right on trend for 2024, while the midnight black version has a classic and masculine look. 

The Galaxy has one of the longest-lasting batteries on the market. You can wear and use this watch for nearly a full week before the battery runs out. Samsung gives you a wireless charging dock that makes charging that battery a snap. You can completely charge it while you sleep at night or in the middle of a busy day.

Instead of working with Siri or OK Google, Samsung designed its own Bixby app. Though some shoppers had issues using it, others thought that it performed just as well as those other apps do. The bevel face on the front actually turns like a traditional dial, and the face looks similar to a standard watch but is all digital. That face has minute and second hands that show you the current time but also features icons that can show you the current weather and how many steps you took. No matter which design you pick, you will get an adjustable band.

Band Type and Material

Standard watches often feature a metal band or one made from leather, but you have more choices when it comes to the bands found on smartwatches. You may typically need to choose between a strap or a band. A strap can use leather or another soft material. 

It will use different notches on the back that let you adjust the way it fits around your wrist. If you buy one with a metal band, you may need to swap out that band to get the fit that is best for you. These bands typically come in standard sizes that you can change on your own or have a watch shop change for you.

Some smartwatches come with a much lighter silicone band. This type of band features notches for adjusting the fit. This type of band is best for those who exercise and spend time outside and those who work with their hands. 

The material won’t snag on any objects and will move with you. If you aren’t sure what size or type of band you need, look for smartwatches that come with multiple bands. You can try out the various sizes to see which one fits best around your wrist.

Band Type and Material

Water-Resistant or Waterproof

Do you spend a lot of time exercising outside as the sweat pours off of you? You really need a smartwatch that is either water-resistant or waterproof. Water-resistant is a term that lets you know you can use the watch around different types of water or moisture without damaging it. 

You may find companies that make sweat-proof models for those who exercise. Any of the sweat that drips off your skin can hit the face of the watch and even hit the sides without damaging the interior parts. With a water-resistant smartwatch, you can wash the dishes or work in the rain without any issues.

Water-Resistant or Waterproof (1)

Waterproof smartwatches offer more protection from water and other types of moisture. Many of these models are fitness smartwatches and designed for swimmers. You can get in all the laps you want and still have a functioning watch when you finish. One important thing to keep in mind when choosing a waterproof model is how deep you can take it. 

Some watches are waterproof at depths of between three and five feet, though some companies list the depth in terms of meters. You may want to check on whether the warranty will cover damage caused by moisture too.

Interface Design

With a traditional watch, you may find buttons located on the side of the face. You can use those buttons to change the time or date. Smartwatches can use some of the same buttons to mimic the look of a traditional watch. One thing you need to consider before buying one is whether a touchscreen interface or a button design is right for you. 

With a button design, you may need to press buttons whenever you want to open a new app or adjust the apps on the screen. Those buttons also let you check the notifications that come in and access your music.

Many shoppers today prefer touchscreen smartwatches. A touchscreen makes it easier for you to adjust the apps shown on the screen. You can usually touch the screen and hold it down as you swipe your finger to move new icons to that screen or to rearrange the icons. 

Apple is one of the few companies that makes smartwatches with both buttons and a touchscreen. If you look at a touchscreen model, you want to make sure that it features a type of durable glass. Some glass is so weak that you can crack the screen when you press down on it.

Benefits of Touchscreen Smartwatches

Interface Design

This smartwatch from Amazfit proves that you can get a solid watch without paying for an arm and a leg. As the most affordable watch I found, it lets you track your activities and stick to your budget. It takes around 150 minutes to fully charge the battery, but you may then get up to a month of use. Your mileage will vary though based on what apps you use and how often you use the watch.

Thanks to the GPS tracker inside, you can send alerts to your phone at home to let others know where you are. This feature also lets you plot routes and view previous routes later.

In addition to working as a fitness tracker, this watch has some great features for smartwatch shoppers. It lets you download apps and sync the watch to another device. You can check the weather and view updates to your Facebook page as well as see new emails and alerts from other apps. 

When synced to your phone, the watch will even let you see who is calling before you answer the phone. You may also like the multiple colors available and that the watch is safe to wear around dust and in the water.

Media Support

Depending on how you want to use your smartwatch, you might want to look for one with media playback capabilities. Let’s say that you want to clean out your garage while listening to music, but you don’t want to drag out a radio or carry your phone outside. With a smartwatch, you can stream music right over the watch and listen to a variety of songs. 

Some smartwatches require that you have an internet connection and that you use the web to play music, but others will work with the data plan attached to your cell phone. You may also find models that you can connect to other devices with Bluetooth. This allows you to stream music from an app on your phone or songs that you saved on your computer.

Before you buy a smartwatch though, you should make sure that it’s compatible with the music apps that you use. I came across a few models that will not work with Spotify, which is one of the top music streaming apps available today. Spotify offers both free accounts that play ads and premium accounts that remove the ads once you pay a fee. You may want to make sure that your watch will work with your favorite app.

Top Music Streaming Apps

Media Support - Spotify

Mobile Pay Smartwatches

Not everyone wants to carry a wallet or a purse with them every day. If you want to take a long run and pick up a cold drink on your way back home, you need to find a way to carry a little cash or a card with you. Many of the top smartwatches today will actually work with a mobile payment app such as the ones designed by Apple and Samsung. 

It takes just a few minutes to set up the app and upload your payment info. The app will actually save your credit card or debit card number and let you make payments with one swipe of your watch.

A large number of shops and restaurants now accept mobile payments. You can actually ask the business or check for signs that indicate it will accept that payment. As long as your info is correct, you can slide your hand over the payment sensor or have the clerk scan the info on the face of your watch. 

This lets you pay for almost anything you need without carrying money or cards with you. You can use mobile pay when making online payments too when you don’t have a card on you.

The Best Mobile Payment Apps

Benefits of Built-In GPS

Have you ever been out for a run or a hike before and suddenly looked up to realize that you had no idea where you were? Even if you have a cell phone, you might have issues finding your location because you ventured too far into the wilderness. 

While you can spend money on a separate GPS unit that you take with you, you can also invest in a smartwatch with its own built-in GPS. Some of the benefits of these models include:

  • Plan in advance: The GPS feature of your smartwatch lets you actually plan your route or path in advance. You can tell the GPS exactly where you want to go and which trail you want to follow to see how long it is and how much time it might take to complete.
  • Stay safe: If you sent up the GPS to send alerts back to your phone, you can actually stay safe outside. The GPS will routinely send back updates as to your location. If you ever find yourself lost or injured, loved ones can use that info to track you down.
  • Get directions: You can also use a GPS feature to get directions to any new restaurant or location you want to visit. Many models will show you the directions on the screen and read those directions aloud. This helps you follow along without keeping your eyes focused on the screen.

What Information Can a GPS Tell You?

Benefits of Built-In GPS - Exact and specific directions

The Moto 360 Sport from Motorola features all the top elements that you want in a smartwatch, including an LCD touchscreen that responds to the lightest of touches. Instead of using ordinary glass, Motorola made the screen on this one from Gorilla Glass which is much stronger and more resistant to other types. 

A built-in voice control feature helps you access your apps and do anything you want with the watch without using any buttons. It has a water-resistant design that keeps the watch safe at depths of up to three feet. You may also like the smooth design of the band, which you can adjust for your body.

This model has one of the best navigation systems from any smartwatch on the market. You can just speak your destination into the watch and see the directions on the screen. Those directions are easy to follow on foot or while riding a bike or in your car. 

It also has a face that you can customize to view the information and apps that you need such as the steps you walked that day and the weather outside. While the Motor 360 Sport is compatible with both Apple and Android phones, you need to check the age of your operating system.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

One of the biggest complaints that shoppers had about smartwatches was that many had a battery that didn’t last very long. Even some of the top models may only run for 24 hours or less before you need to charge them. This can be a hassle, especially if the battery fails in the middle of a busy day. 

You may not want to keep a charger in your car or your desk at work either, which is why you should look at the overall battery life. A good battery can last for four days or up to a full week. This gives you the chance to charge it on the weekends when you have fewer things to do. I also found a few models with a battery that can run for up to a full month. The exact amount of use that you get can depend on the apps that you use and how long you let those apps run.

You may want to consider how long it takes to charge a smartwatch battery too. Some models will charge in around two hours or less, which lets you charge one while you do some household chores. Other smartwatches can take three hours or longer to fully charge.

Tips for Making Your Smartwatch Battery Last Longer

How to Clean a Smartwatch

Whether you spend a few hours every day outside or typically spend more time indoors, you will still need to clean your smartwatch on a regular basis. The best products to use include:

  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Water mixed with a mild detergent
  • Distilled white vinegar

You may want to start with the screen or face first. If you have a waterproof model, you can use the soap and water mixture after wiping down the face with a microfiber cloth. Isopropyl alcohol or distilled white vinegar is a suitable choice for other types of smartwatches. 

You should mix the vinegar with an equal amount of water, but you can use the alcohol as-is. It’s helpful to apply the liquid with a cotton swab or a cotton ball, which lets you control where the liquid goes.

When it comes to the band, you can usually use the same liquids. Metal bands can have grime stuck inside the links because skin cells and other debris build up over time. You can use a toothbrush to get deep down between those links without scratching the metal. The best way to clean a leather band is with a soap and conditioner designed for use on leather. A conditioner will make the leather softer and more supple.

Tips for Maintaining a Smartwatch

  • When the battery on your smartwatch completely dies and will no longer charge, you can buy a replacement. You should never attempt to replace it yourself though. Repair shops can remove and recycle the old battery and give you a warranty or guarantee on the new one.
  • Unless you know how resistant or protected the watch is against water, you should avoid getting it wet. Water-resistant models are safe to wear when jogging outside or doing exercises that cause you to sweat. If you have a waterproof model, you can wear the watch while swimming or at a water park.
  • Whenever you decide to clean your watch, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding how to turn the watch off. You may want to make sure that it’s completely off before you clean it. Any pressure that you put on the face can significantly damage the pixels.
  • We recommend using the right type of cloth when cleaning and wiping off a smartwatch. If you use an ordinary kitchen or bathroom towel, you risk scratching the glass, which will make it hard to see the face. Microfiber cloths are the best tool for this job. Even ordinary tissues are too rough to use on a smartwatch face.


Never place an ordinary smartwatch directly under or into any water. That moisture can kill the battery and the watch itself as well as cause damage such as a permanent fog that appears on the face.
Tips for Maintaining a Smartwatch

How to Set Up a Smartwatch

The most important thing you need to do when you bring home a new smartwatch is set it up, which really only requires a few steps. You may want to turn on the watch, which usually requires pressing a button on the side of the face. 

Some watches require that you hold down the power button until you see colors appearing on the screen. The watch will then ask you a series of questions that it uses to set itself up. This lets you install the software that runs the watch. You can then customize the watch to better fit your needs. Most users will want to change the color or the style of the background and add new app icons to the face.

Once the watch finishes installing all the necessary software and updating its OS, you can sync it to other devices. You may need to choose between using Bluetooth or a wireless connection and then use that connection to search for any devices within range. 

Most watches will let you adjust the size of the screen too. When you choose the largest screen size, the watch will increase the size of the words and numbers on the screen and make it easier for you to see all that content.

Things You Didn't Know a Smartwatch Could Do

How to Set Up a Smartwatch - Post new updates
How to Set Up a Smartwatch - smart devices that are nearby
How to Set Up a Smartwatch - your virtual calendar

Top Types of Apps You Need

  • Phone locator: You may not need to search through your home to find your missing phone when you have this app on your watch. It lets you find out the exact location of your cell phone in seconds.
  • Weather: Several free and premium weather apps are compatible with smartwatches. These apps let you enter your zip code and see the current temperature and the future forecast. You can even change your location to view weather information before taking a trip.
  • Audiobooks: Do you love finding ways to distract yourself when exercising, cleaning your home, or driving to work? You can turn your smartwatch into an e-reader with an audiobook app. These apps let you transfer any books that you own and those that you buy or borrow. You can then use the app and listen to someone read those books to you.
  • Dating apps: If you’re single and looking for someone special, why not download some of the hottest dating apps to your new watch? Tinder and other apps let you search for romantic connections in your area and get in touch with your potential matches. Not only can you upload new photos to your account, but you can check out those matches and send them short messages.

Expert Tip

You can usually use an included app to access all the programs and other apps that you can download. The watch will use the store associated with your operating system.
Top Types of Apps You Need

What is the Average Price for a New Smartwatch?

The most affordable smartwatches that I found sell for right around $100, though one of my top picks retails for just $80. Though these models are great for those who want to try out a smartwatch and see how it works, they aren’t suitable for those who want access to all the top features of one of these watches. 

A cheap watch will typically only work with one operating system and feature a black-and-white screen. You might find that it doesn’t work with all apps and that it doesn’t have much storage either.

A few smartwatches retail for between $100 and $200, but you may often encounter the same problems with watches in this range as you do with the cheapest models. I recommend spending at least $200 on a solid smartwatch. These watches have more colorful displays that show you each color in the rainbow. They are also compatible with most of the apps that you want to use, including Facebook and WhatsApp. 

Notification smartwatches are among the cheapest options available, while companion smartwatches are more expensive and can sell for $300 to $400. Standalone smartwatches are the most expensive and can cost $400 to $500 or more. You may also need to add that watch to your data plan and pay a monthly fee.

How Much Do the Best Smartwatches Cost?

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Apple is just one of the companies making limited edition smartwatches today. Some of these models use precious stones or expensive types of metal that add to the overall price. You may find that the company only makes a certain number of those models and only sells those watches in select ways. As you can get a good smartwatch for much less, you should only invest in a limited edition watch if you really love the design and have more money to spend.

A: There are a few smartwatches on the market that are compatible with both Apple and Android devices. It’s important that you make sure you have the right version of that operating system on all devices though. These models are great for those who may want to change phones in the future.

A: When you download a new app to your smartwatch, the process can take as little as a few minutes or less. It really depends on the strength of your internet connection and the size of the app. The process may take longer if you try to download multiple apps at the same time too.

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