Doc Socks Review

UPDATED June 2023

The makers of Doc Socks claim that the compression socks can help those with diabetes and other conditions. Our Doc Socks review will go over those claims and the benefits of the socks. 

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BOTTOM LINEDoc Socks are compression socks designed for those suffering from common medical conditions and those who spend a lot of time on their feet. Wearing a pair can reduce your overall pain and increase your circulation.

PROSWith a one size fits all design, these socks will fit men and women who wear different sized shoes. The socks end don’t cover your toes and give you a full range of motion without getting in your way.

CONSThe biggest issue with these socks is that they won’t work for everyone and some customers were vocal about their negative experiences. You may find that the socks are big or small for your feet too.

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What are Doc Socks?

The more time that you spend on your feet, the more lower body pain you’ll experience over time. This includes teachers who spend their days running around with their students and cashiers who need to stand by their registers. 

Depending on how often you see your doctor and whether you sought help for that pain, you might hear that you should try compression socks. These are socks that fit tightly on your feet and act as an insole to give you the pressure that you need. The makers of Doc Socks claim that these compression socks will work on people who suffer from a range of conditions and those who experience different types of pain.

What are Doc Socks
One advantage to wear Doc Socks is that they'll fit comfortably inside any type of shoe

To find out just how well these socks work, we created the ultimate Doc Socks review. As we searched the web for information, we found that the socks are still fairly new. You won’t find many reviews posted, and you can’t get the socks from Amazon. The only place you can buy the socks is from the official site, though you’ll find similar compression socks available for sale on the web. If you aren’t sure how well the socks will work for you, read through your entire Doc Socks review.

Who's This for?

Doc Socks are suitable for anyone who spends long hours on their feet and anyone who would benefit from compression socks. As you age, you may notice that the veins in your legs appear thicker and darker, and you might suffer from varicose veins too. Many of those vein problems occur because you have poor circulation. Though you can try different exercises to improve your circulation, you can also wear compression socks. The socks put pressure on the nerves and cause more blood to flow down and into your feet. Some of the users who could benefit from the socks include:

Diabetes is a medical condition that occurs when your body cannot properly digest and process sugar. It can occur naturally in some patients and occur because of a poor lifestyle in others. Diabetic neuropathy occurs when you experience high blood sugars over an extended period of time. This can lead to foot cramps and numbness in one or both feet. The makers of Doc Socks claim that they can help with neuropathy.

Signs of Diabetes

Who_s This for - Increased thirst
Who_s This for - Feeling weak or tired daily
Who_s This for - Changes in appetite
Who_s This for - cravings for sugary foods
Who_s This for - Going to the bathroom

Do Doc Socks Work?

Whether you spotted an ad for the socks online or hear people talking about the pairs they bought, you’ll likely have one big question on your mind: do the socks really work? One of the common complaints found in Doc Socks reviews was that they didn’t work. Some users wore the socks for hours and on a daily basis for a week or more and experienced no relief. Other users felt better after wearing a pair for just a few hours. Whether the socks will work for you will depend on whether you have a condition that compression socks can benefit.

One example is the condition called plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis often occurs as the result of some type of injury to your heel. It causes inflammation in the tissues across the bottom of your foot. Many people experience a shooting pain across the bottom of their feet when they first get up in the morning. You may need to elevate your foot and take a break from exercise until you recover. Doc Socks compress the bottom of your foot and can help the injury heal faster.

Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis

Do Doc Socks Work - Foot pain that feels worse when you first wake up
Do Doc Socks Work - Pain that worsens when you exercise
Do Doc Socks Work - pain around or near the heel

Where to Buy Doc Socks

One of the issues that we found is that Doc Socks aren’t available for sale from many different sites. If you search for the socks on Amazon, you’ll find some alternatives pop up but that you can’t buy the branded compression socks from that site. The only real place to get a pair is from the official site. We included a link above for those who want to buy the socks and a link below for those who want to learn more about the socks before they buy. You can get a pair for $21.95 on the official site, but discounts are available for those who want to purchase more than one pair. The more you buy, the less you’ll pay for each individual pair. Some of the prices we saw included:

  • $41.95 for two pairs
  • $97.95 for five pairs
  • $130.94 for seven pairs

The biggest discount occurs when you buy nine pairs in the same order. Your cost for the total set is $164.97, which is less than $19 per pair. If you want to save money but don’t want to order multiple pairs, you can ask friends and family to go in on that order with you.

Doc Socks Discount Sales

To save money on the cost of one or more pairs, shop the special sales.

The Doc Socks website occasionally run sales where the maker significantly drops the price on the socks. We spotted a big sale on Cyber Monday after Thanksgiving. Others found sales around major holidays. You can follow Doc Socks on Instagram and other sites to hear about upcoming sales in advance.

What If You Aren't Happy?

While some people found that wearing Doc Socks for back pain significantly reduced their overall pain, you may not have the same experience. If you’re suffering from back pain, it might be worth checking out the neck hammock, which we’ve also reviewed. Once the socks arrive, you can put them on and begin walking around your house to see how you feel. You typically want to wear the socks for a few days and only contact the maker if you experience no relief. The makers give you a full 30 days to make a refund request.

One thing to keep in mind is that Doc Socks generally only accepts refunds if the socks arrived damaged or with manufacturing flaws. Those defects may include torn or frayed stitching along the edge or holes in the socks. If the socks arrive damaged because the packaging opened during shipping, you can request a refund. The manufacturer may not give you a full refund just because you aren’t happy with the socks. If you request a new pair, it can take up to 24 hours for the product to leave the warehouse. It’s important that you contact the manufacturer with your complaint as soon as possible after receiving your order.

What Do You Need to Request a Refund or New Product?

What If You Aren't Happy

You can send back a defective pair of socks and have a new pair mailed to you.

Should You Buy it?

Shoppers today have plenty of questions before they buy, including where to get Doc Socks and what size they need. We like that the Doc Socks sizing is standard. Other companies offer compression socks in different sizes and require that you choose a pair based on the size of the shoes you wear. With Doc Socks, you don’t need to worry about possibly buying the wrong size. As the socks are one size fit most, you can rest assured that they will fit you.

We like that the socks work for people suffering from different medical conditions too. If you spend a lot of time working out in the gym and running or exercising inside and out, you may suffer from foot and back pain. Wearing compression socks is a good way to reduce some of that pain. These socks add enough pressure that your brain detects a problem and will increase the blood that flows to your legs. You can wear a single sock on one leg or wear a pair on both legs. Doc Socks can help those struggling with nerve pain caused by diabetic neuropathy and sciatica problems too. Some of the reviews we found came from shoppers looking for compression socks for back pain. Many of those reviews claimed that Doc Socks offered more relief than the prescription socks their doctors recommended.

Should You Buy it - socks fit properly
Should You Buy it - swimming or bathing

Tips for Using Compression Socks

Reviews based on Doc Socks price were mixed at best. While you can buy a pack of regular socks for around $10, it costs twice as much to buy a single pair of these socks. Though the makers do offer a discount on their website, the price may still be more than you would like to pay. This is especially true if you compare the price to the cost charged by other companies. Some compression socks are much more affordable and cost as much as half what Doc Socks do. Doc Socks are pretty affordable when you compare the price to what you would pay for prescription or custom made socks though.

One thing that most Doc Socks reviews don’t mention is that a licensed podiatrist actually designed the socks after seeing the issues that his patients had with other compression socks. He created a design that covers less of the foot to give users a wider range of motion. You can wiggle your toes and move around freely while still getting the compression and pressure that you need. These socks are so lightweight and comfortable that you can wear a pair inside almost any type of shoe. Doc Socks will fit inside the running and athletic shoes that you wear when exercising and the dress shoes that you wear to work.

How to Choose Compression Socks

No matter how many positive Doc Socks compression socks reviews you come across, you should still consider all the cons and complaints too. The biggest issue is that the socks won’t work for everyone or provide all users with the same level of relief. If you tried other compression socks before and didn’t experience any relief, this pair probably won’t help you either. Some also complained about the high price and the one size fits most design. Those who wear an extremely large or small shoe size and those who experience a lot of swelling in their feet may find that the socks don’t fit them.

The Competition

A pair of Doc Socks is far from your only choice when it comes to compression socks for back pain or any other pain that you feel. One of the reasons you won’t find many reviews is because there are so many similar socks that cost around the same amount or less. You can even visit a medical supply store in your area and find a wide range of compression socks on the shelves. Some socks even come in different sizes.

One alternative to Doc Socks is the pair available from SB Sox. Ranked in the number one spot on Amazon for braces and supports designed for plantar fasciitis, the socks come in classic colors such as black and white and funky colors that include pink and purple. You can choose from sizes ranging between small and extra large. The socks have a reinforced heel that won’t wear down when you wear a pair daily. Though SB Sox occasionally sell for less than Doc Socks do, the retail price on this pair is nearly double.

Another option that some like come from TechWare. Called Pro Ankle Brace Compression Socks, they appeal to those who like traditional socks. One thing you may not like about Doc Socks is that the socks only cover your lower foot up to your lower calf. Your toes are free to move around. These socks fit more like regular socks but have the compression technology that you need. They provide a small amount of pressure designed to help you recuperate from an injury faster and feel less pain in your legs. The design of these socks will limit the pressure provided though. You may prefer the tighter pressure offered by Doc Socks.

We also found good reviews of the Compression Sleeve from TechWare. Designed to combine the benefits of a compression sleeve with a sock, this pair has thin sleeves around the base and top of your feet to keep the socks from slipping. These socks will remain in place whether you go rock climbing, hiking or camping. You can wear a pair at home, work or even the gym. They come in a range of different colors and sizes too. This pair is a little cheaper that Doc Socks and might appeal to those on a budget.

The Competition

Final Verdict

The next time that you feel the telltale sharp and shooting pains in your feet, you can skip a trip to the doctor and slip into a pair of Doc Socks instead. These compression socks provide the perfect amount of pressure needed to improve your circulation and get you back on your feet again. They can also reduce the amount of time that it takes to recover from injuries and from symptoms relating to plantar fasciitis.

Available in a one size fits most design, these socks are great for couples who want to share a pair too. Both you and your spouse or partner can wear the same pair without worrying that the socks won’t fit right or that they’ll keep slipping down your legs. Though you can’t pick from multiple colors, you will get socks in a dark black shade that you can wear with any outfit. In our Doc Socks review, we looked at the features of these socks and all the pros and cons we discovered. We hope our review was helpful in your decision to invest in a pair.

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