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UPDATED April 2024

Flex Tape is a solid product that is suitable for use in many different jobs and applications. With our Flex Tape review, you can easily see the top reasons to buy it for yourself.     

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BOTTOM LINE: Flex Tape is a type of adhesive that combines strong glue with the convenience of ordinary tape. It is waterproof and works on almost any material to create bonds and seals.
  • Easy to use
  • Works on most surfaces
  • Safe to use inside and out
CONSSome complaints that the tape didn’t work for all types of applications, especially those that involved running or rushing water Some wish that it was easier to cut Can be very hard to remove if applied incorrectly

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What is Flex Tape?

Before we get too far into our Flex Tape review, we wanted to make sure that you understand what this product is and what it does. This is a type of tape that is quite durable. It features a lightweight and flexible waterproof material on one side and a thin layer of adhesive on the other.
Most importantly it’s a tape that is built to last and stick fast. This makes it a double-edged sword product for basic use. Flex Tape should always be handled with caution and never applied to anything you don’t want it being stuck to for a long time.
Flex Tape works in most temperatures and in all climates. This allows it to function throughout the year in proper conditions.
What is Flex Tape
It has a number of benefits over ordinary tape, including the durable bond that it creates and the fact that it works on so many different surfaces and materials.

Who's This for?

Have you ever grabbed an inflatable pool to set it up for your kids one summer and found that it had a hole in the bottom? You may experience similar problems with the inflatable air mattresses that you have for overnight guests.
Flex Tape serves as an easier alternative to sealing those leaks. It takes only seconds to use and will create a good seal/bond that lasts for weeks or longer. Some users found that it created a tight bond that lasted for more than a year.
Flex Tape is really a possible product for anyone who likes doing DIY and home improvement projects. It adds another option for long-term repairs that is typically limited to thick glues and adhesives.

Benefits of Flex Tape Over Ordinary Glue

How to Use Flex Tape

  • Measure and cut: While ordinary scissors work well, some users found that a craft or utility knife worked better. You can peel the tape away from the roll and cut it to the desired size and shape that you need.
  • Grab the back: Flex Tape features a lightweight material on the back that protects the adhesive and keeps it from losing its stickiness. You can grasp the edge of this material between your fingers and carefully peel it away.
  • Apply the tape: Once you expose the adhesive on the back of the tape, you can carefully and gently place it on the surface or object. It’s important that you use caution when completing this step because the tape will only work once. If you need to change its position, it will no longer be as sticky as it once was.
  • Remove air bubbles: Using the edge of a scraper or a card, carefully remove the air bubbles from the tape. You can run the object over the surface of the tape to push out any excess air, which allows the tape to form a tighter bond.
How to Use Flex Tape

Where Can You Use Flex Tape?

You can use Flex Tape in a variety of different situations and with different objects and materials. As it bends and flexes, the tape is suitable for applications where you cannot use ordinary glue.
Some recommended uses for Flex Tape from the company itself include:
  • On boats and other recreational water vehicles
  • During emergency repairs when you need a quick fix
  • On inflatable objects, including swimming pools, air mattresses, and kids’ toys
As long as you can think creatively, you’ll never run out of places or ideas on how to use Flex Tape.
Where Can You Use Flex Tape - dirty or greasy
Where Can You Use Flex Tape - tire or wheel
Where Can You Use Flex Tape - temperatures above 200 degrees Fahrenheit
Where Can You Use Flex Tape - constant flow of water

Where Can't You Use Flex Tape?

How Much Does Flex Tape Cost?

The amount that you pay for a roll of Flex Tape will depend on where you buy and the type that you need. Amazon sells the clear version of the tape for less than $15 but claims that it has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $19.99.
It’s also important that you consider the size that you need. The retail prices for this tape range from $19.99 for the smallest size, which measures four inches by five inches. A larger size that measures eight inches by five inches retails for $29.99.
The largest size is suitable for special jobs and big repairs. It measures 12 inches by 20 inches and sells for nearly $50 per roll. When you buy from the official website, you’ll also pay $9.99 for shipping and handling. This site offers similar products that you can use for home repairs.
How Much Does Flex Tape Cost

What Else Can You Buy from the Manufacturer?

Flex Tape: Where to Buy

You have a few different options when it comes to where to buy Flex Tape both online and off. If you want a convenient way to buy the tape and have it shipped to your doorstep, you will want to consider some of your online options.
Amazon is one of the best places to buy the tape, especially if you are a Prime member. You can order multiple rolls and get them all in two to five days or less.
The official website charges a slightly higher price for the tape but offers deals that you won’t find anywhere else online. Those deals might include giving you one roll for free when you buy several rolls or giving you free shipping.
Most home improvement stores sell Flex Tape too, including Lowe’s and Home Depot. You will also find the tape available for sale through television infomercials that air late at night. Those infomercials occasionally offer package deals on the tape.
Flex Tape - Where to Buy

What is a Bundle Package?

Should You Buy it?

Other The Flex Tape reviews are quite mixed. While some absolutely loved it and recommended the tape to others, some shoppers thought that it didn’t quite meet their needs. Most Flex Tape reviews posted on Amazon gave it either five stars or just a single star.
Some of the issues that shoppers had concerned the infomercials that they saw on television and the claims of the manufacturer. A reporter for ABC 15 tried recreating one of the claims from the infomercial.
She and her team poked a large hole in a plastic container and used the tape to cover that hold. She found that it did form a bond that stopped the leak but that the bond didn’t last as long as they expected.
That is really the main thing you need to consider when using Flex Tape. This is a product designed for temporary repairs and not permanent ones. It will last for a few hours to a few days but may not last for months or even weeks.
When using the tape in your home, you should still contact a professional and have someone look at the problem and decide on the best course of action to fix that problem.

If you aren’t sure whether Flex Tape can work for your situation or repair, watch the official infomercial before you buy.

The Competition

Flex Tape is a trademarked product. Both the process of making the tape and the name itself have rights in place that stop others from selling the same product or similar products under the Flex Tape name. 

That doesn’t mean that you can’t find a good Flex Tape alternative though. Some of these alternatives work nearly as well as the product does.

One option is The Original Fix Tape. This was the first waterproof and rubberized tape sold on television. It comes in three sizes that measure four, eight, or 12 inches wide. 

Each roll will have between five and 10 feet of tape. The Original Tape gets slightly higher reviews than Flex Tape does and is a little cheaper. You can purchase this tape in clear, black, or white.

Another option is the ProTapes Repair Tape. This repair tape handles all the same jobs that Flex Tape does and is safe to use inside and outside. It works well when repairing inflatable items and can form a solid bond. 

This is one of the few tapes that you can use in any climate, though you still want to avoid using it in high temperatures. Before investing in this tape, you should keep in mind that it only comes in white and that it retails for more than Flex Tape does.

The Waterproof Repair Tape that Broad Pack makes can also come in handy during an emergency. Available in clear, white, and black options, it also comes in different sizes to help handle most jobs. Designed for patch jobs, the tape can tackle more repairs and will form a bond that is on par with those created by Flex Tape. This tape doesn’t get the same good reviews that Flex Tape does though.

Many shoppers want to compare Flex Tape vs. Gorilla Tape because they want to know which one is better. Gorilla Waterproof Patch and Seal Flex Tape is a similar product that you can use around your house and outside on boats and other vehicles. It’s safe to use on any item exposed to water and on pipes and other objects. 

Gorilla Tape is up to five times stronger than some of the other tapes on the market, but it doesn’t come in as many options as Flex Tape does. Those looking for larger or colored rolls will often choose Flex Tape over Gorilla Tape.

Final Verdict

While Flex Tape does receive some mixed reviews online, most shoppers admit that it’s easy to use and that it comes in handy during an emergency, although for smaller items, you may want a more specialized solution

If you want a durable tape that can handle most of your repair jobs, then Flex Tape is a good place to start looking. It might not be the final destination and won’t be a long-term solution, but an extra tool on hand can’t hurt too much.

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