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UPDATED May 2024

TrackR Bravo: Keep track of your keys, wallet and anything else you carry with the TrackR Bravo

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BOTTOM LINE: You can now find almost anything you lost with the Bravo from TrackR, which you can connect to an item and track it later. This system works great with keys, phones, wallets and anything else you need to carry.

PROS: Thanks to the Bluetooth technology that it uses, the Bravo can detect your lost item from a distance of up to 100 feet away. It has a separate feature that can make a phone ring too.

CONS: A few customers though that the batteries should last longer than they did. Others wished that the alert sounds produced were louder because they had problems hearing the alert.

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Who's This for?

How many times have you gotten ready in the morning and started for the door only to realize that you had no idea where you set your keys? With the TrackR Bravo, you can now get out the door much faster because you can use the Bluetooth on your phone to track down where you set your keys. 

This set features both a tracker and an app. If you’re more traditional and just want a very cool way to store your keys in a functional manner, check out the Keysmart, which we’ve reviewed too.

The way the system works is pretty simple. You attach the TrackR to any item or device that you might otherwise lose. 

Who's This for

This device is small and thin enough that you can put it almost anywhere, including inside your wallet or right on your keychain. You can also use one on your suitcase or purse. As it’s roughly the same size as a quarter, you shouldn’t have any problems finding a spot to use it. 

Many different people will find the TrackR Bravo helpful. This includes travelers who have problems finding their bags at the airport and anyone who works outside of the home. As long as you have access to the app, you can quickly find the tracking device and find the item you connected it to in the past.

The Bravo is really best for those who have a bad habit of forgetting where they put things. We also recommend this tracking device for anyone who:

  • Travels often
  • Spends a lot of time away from home
  • Lives in a large home
  • Spends a lot of time outdoors
  • Has valuable objects that they want to keep track of

How the Bravo Compares to Other Tracking Systems

There are two different types of tracking systems on the market today. The first is one that relies on a home base unit and a tracker that you attach to another item. 

These systems are pretty popular among those who misplace their keys. You’ll put the tracker on your keys and place the base unit in a convenient spot around your home.

How the Bravo Compares to Other Tracking Systems

When you need to track your keys, you press the page button on the unit. It sends a signal to the tracker, which lets you trace the sound to find your keys. These systems have a number of issues though. They often have batteries that only last for a few months or less. 

Once the batteries die, you need to replace the entire system. You may find that the alarm isn’t as loud as you need either. Many shoppers had problems using these systems on objects other than their keys too. 

There are two different types of tracking systems on the market today. The first is one that relies on a home base unit and a tracker that you attach to another item. These systems are pretty popular among those who misplace their keys. You’ll put the tracker on your keys and place the base unit in a convenient spot around your home. When you need to track your keys, you press the page button on the unit. It sends a signal to the tracker, which lets you trace the sound to find your keys. These systems have a number of issues though. They often have batteries that only last for a few months or less. Once the batteries die, you need to replace the entire system. You may find that the alarm isn’t as loud as you need either. Many shoppers had problems using these systems on objects other than their keys too. 

The best modern tracking devices are those that work as the Bravo does. This requires that you download an app and that you use that app to track items. Not only can you turn the device’s alarm on and off as needed, but you can view a map of the area around you and the connected device.

Where Can You Use the Bravo?

You can use the Bravo on almost any object, including:

  • Your keys
  • In your wallet
  • On your bag or suitcase
  • Attached to your phone
  • On any other object you often misplace

Some shoppers found it helpful to connect the Bravo to objects they use around their homes too. How many times have you or your family forgotten where you put the remote control? 

Many televisions today will only turn on with the remote, which can leave you frustrated as you spend hours searching for it. 

Where Can You Use the Bravo

With the Bravo, you can use an adhesive sticker to connect the tracker to the remote. The next time that you lose your remote, you can pull up the app on your phone and turn on the alarm on the tracker. Even if the remote is hidden deep inside your couch cushions, you can still easily find it.

Since this tracking device has a 100-foot range, you can use it on other objects you lose at home, including those books that you read in different rooms and the music player that you listen to when working out. The included adhesive sticker attaches easily to any hard object and comes off easily without leaving behind any sticky residue.

Where Can You Use the Bravo?

It literally takes just three steps to set up and use the Bravo:

How to Use it - download
Download the app
How to Use it - attach the device
Connect/attach the device
How to Use it - Find a missing object
Find a missing object

The TrackR app is completely free to use once you buy the Bravo. It takes only a few minutes to download the app and give it access to your phone. If you don’t want to use the app on your phone, you can download it to your computer or tablet. We recommend using a mobile device though, especially if you have a tendency to leave items outside.

You’ll then connect the included tracking device to any object you want. This tracker is so lightweight that you can actually attach it to the back of your remote control or to that book you keep putting down and losing. Since you can attach the tracker in one of two ways, you’ll have no problem placing it on any object.

To find a missing item, you simply open the app and view it on your screen. The Bravo comes in various sets that can include multiple trackers that you use with the same app. If you have more than one tracker connected, you simply select the one you want to find. It takes only seconds to turn on the alarm and find anything you lost.

Should You Buy it?

We definitely recommend the TrackR Bravo because it will help you find any lost item quickly. If you aren’t sure if it’s the best option for you, just ask yourself a few questions.

  • Do you have a bad habit of putting things down and misplacing them?
  • Are you tired of wasting money on having new keys made or replacing your favorite things?
  • Do you want a more convenient way of tracking lost objects?
  • Are you looking for one tracking system that lets you keep track of multiple things?
  • Do you have a newer form of Bluetooth on your phone?
Should You Buy it

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you should really invest in the Bravo. It gives you an affordable way to keep track of your keys and anything else you lose around your home.


Low Price

One big reason that the Bravo is so popular with shoppers today is that of its low price. You can get the basic tracking device for just $30, which is the suggested retail price. If you want to buy more, you can purchase in bulk and get multiple devices that you can connect to other items. The more you buy, the more you will save. We found a set that comes with 16 tracking devices that will work with the same app for right around $300. That helps you save a significant amount of money on the trackers that you need.

Small Size

A common problem that many shoppers encountered with other similar tracking devices is that they were just too large. Manufacturers often think that bigger is better because shoppers want something they can easily see and something that feels substantial in their hands. The Bravo from TrackR is so small that you really can place it and use it anywhere. Many guys actually carry one in their wallets. They like that it’s slim and won’t add extra weight or stretch out their wallets. That small size makes the Bravo perfect for attaching to your keys too.

Easy to Attach

If you worry that you can’t attach the Bravo to some of your belongings, you’ll appreciate knowing that you can attach it in one of two ways. The first is with the device itself. As it has a small and thin backplate, you can slip it right on your keys without worrying that it might fall off in the middle of the day or when you drop your keys in a parking lot. If you want more security, you can use the included sticker. This sticker has adhesive on both sides. You simply peel off the paper on the back and place it right on your chosen object before removing the paper on the opposite side and pressing the Bravo on it.

Use Multiple Trackers at Once

You can easily find a basic tracking device that you can connect to your keys or other objects. These trackers work with a home base that you put somewhere in your home. When you press a button on the base, it sounds the alarm on your keys. You can only use one tracker at a time though. With the Bravo, you can connect up to 10 different trackers to the same system and use one app to control them all. We like that this device allows you to name each tracker too, which will help you keep track of each device. When you open the app, you can click on the name of the device you want to search for and view it on your map.

Range Alert

How many times have you set your keys down at a restaurant and walked away without remembering that you left them on the table? The Bravo helps you avoid this problem as long as you have your phone connected to the device. If you leave any linked item behind, the app will sound an alarm as soon as the device and your phone is out of range. That alarm is loud enough that you can hear it long before you leave the restaurant. Some shoppers did find that the alarm was a little too weak though or that it went off when they were still close to the tracker.

Custom Alarms

Not everyone wants to hear the alarm sounding, especially if they’re at home. You might find that the alarm goes off frequently when you carry your phone to another room or a different floor. TrackR gives you the option of turning off the alarm on your phone when you’re home and turning it back on again later. You can also customize your alarm and change what it plays. As long as you have music on your phone, the app will let you access those songs and set any of them as your alarm. When the alarm goes off later, it will play a few seconds of your favorite song.

Finding Your Lost Items

Another nice benefit of the Bravo is that it has an activate feature that you can use on your phone. As soon as you press this button, it will bring up a map that shows you the last location of the tracking device. You can then move around the area with your phone in one hand and view the directions on your screen to see whether you are close or far away from the tracker. Once you get close to the tracker, the app lets you press another button or tap on the screen to sound the alarm on the device.

Color Options

TrackR offers the Bravo in a standard silver option. If you buy the base model, which we provided a link to on Amazon, you can buy the silver model. Amazon also has some other colors available for those who want to show off their stylish sides. You can buy this tracking device in a black or a bright blue color. TrackR also offers a rose gold option, which is one of the hottest trends in the tech world right now. We recommend the four-pack for those who don’t want to pick one specific color. This pack gives you one tracking device in each of the four colors available.

Extended Range

The problem with other tracking devices is that they do not give you the extended range that you need. Let’s say that you left your keys in your child’s daycare center and didn’t realize it until you got to your car. With the Bravo, you can open the app on your phone and view where you set your keys down on a map, which may even show you the exact location of that daycare facility. As you move closer to the center, the map will show you where you are in range and when you should hit the alert. It works at a range of up to 100 feet.

Battery Options

A major problem with other tracking devices is that they will only work as long as they have battery life. As soon as the battery dies, you need to toss the entire device and replace it with a new one. The Bravo not only has a battery that you can remove and replace on your own, but it will let you know before that battery runs out. Its app sends out an alert when the battery begins running low. You can even use the app to order a new battery directly from TrackR and have it sent to your home before the old one dies.

Durable Design

If you ever used an older tracking device before, you probably used one made of plastic. Plastic is not nearly as durable as metal is and can break from the smallest amount of pressure. Those old trackers can break when you drop your keys or when you place any weight on top of them. The Bravo has a durable design and uses aluminum for added security. That aluminum case protects the tracking device from all types of damage, including those times when you fall with one in your hand or when you drop your keys on a concrete parking lot or sidewalk. Even if you pick one of the colored options, you won’t worry about the color fading or scraping off.

Alexa Skills

Amazon released the Alexas after noticing that a large number of shoppers wanted electronic devices that they could use at home to surf the web and do other basic things. You can give your Alexa a command and have it play music for you or set up a reminder for an upcoming appointment. It even lets you shop for items online and place orders with Amazon without opening the Amazon app. Alexa Skills is a feature that works with the Bravo too. This feature lets you give the device a command and have it automatically search for your phone or another connected device. You can even use Alexa to turn the alarm on and off as needed.

Fast App Install

It takes less than 60 seconds to download and install the TrackR app that works with the Bravo to your phone or another device. You’ll simply visit the store when you purchase and download apps such as the Google Play Store and do a quick search for TrackR. The store will have a search button that lets you enter any search terms you want. Once you find the official TrackR app, you will click on it and then click the install button that you see on the following page. After it finishes installing on your phone, you can open the app and follow the instructions on your screen. This allows you to connect the app to any of the Bravo trackers you want to use.


It’s very important that you know about some of the cons of a product before spending any of your money. While the Bravo is highly affordable, it has some issues that customers noted in their product reviews. The biggest concerns the included battery. Some users found that the batteries were dead or almost dead as soon as they opened the packaging. Others used the trackers for two weeks or less before getting alerts that they needed to replace their batteries.

Another issue some had is that the device requires that they always have Bluetooth running to keep track of their items. Not only can this run down the battery on your phone, but it also causes the battery on the device itself to wear down faster. If you set the alarm to a louder volume, the battery will also run out faster.

One of the biggest complaints that customers had was about how the Bravo actually works. As it has a range of 100 feet, you cannot use it in all the ways you thought. It does not work on moving objects such as a car that someone stole, and it will only work within this specific range. If you aren’t sure where you left the object or someone moved it since you left it, you may have a difficult time locating it. Most shoppers found that they could overlook those problems because of the benefits of using the Bravo.

What is the Crowd Locate Feature?

TrackR is the only company with a crowdsource option, which is calls Crowd Locate. This feature lets other users share information about your trackers when they encounter one of them in the wild. Let’s say that you left your purse in the bathroom of a cafe where you had lunch with friends earlier in the day. Unless you’re within 100 feet of the tracker in your purse, you cannot use the app on your phone to find it. You can, however, use the Crowd Locate feature to see if anyone else saw it.

The Crowd Locate feature works with the more than two million people using the TrackR app every day. When they walk by a tracker, their phones will automatically detect that item and send out an alert. You can then access the map for yourself and view any others who spotted your item during the day. TrackR guarantees that no one will know that your item is lost or missing though. When you turn on the alerts on your phone, the app will let you know where others saw your lost item. You can use your own phone to help other users find their own lost objects too.

Benefits of Using the Bravo

  • Find lost objects: The biggest benefit of this little device is that it helps you find and track lost objects anywhere in the world. As long as you have Bluetooth on your phone and connect the tracker to an item, you can use that app to see the last location of your belonging.
  • Change alerts: Not only can you adjust the volume of the alerts produced, but you can change those alerts too. The volume adjustment feature ensures that you hear that alarm clearly, no matter how far away you are from that object. You can set the alarm to play a song saved on your phone too.
  • Use with anything: Unlike other tracking devices that will only work on specific types of objects, the Bravo will work on almost anything you can name. You can use it on a phone, tablet, set of keys, book or bag. It hooks onto some objects and comes with a sticker for attaching to others.
  • Easy to use: Thanks to the included setup guide, you’ll find that you can easily use the Bravo app on your phone and with your favorite objects. TrackR offers a free video guide that shows you how to install that app too.

How to Download the TrackR App
on Android Phone

How to Download the TrackR App
on iOS

The Competition

The main competitor to the Bravo and other products from TrackR is Tile. Tile makes both the Pro and the Mate. While the Mate is suitable for tracking your keys and using on other lighter items, it really doesn’t work well on bags and in wallets. 

Some shoppers prefer the Pro because the battery lasts for months at a time. They can also replace that battery when needed.

The Competition

Tile makes a number of combo packs that come with one or more tracking devices and a handful of batteries. Other combo packs include multiple trackers and several batteries too. 

All Tile products work with an app that you can download to any device too. Some of the customer reviews we found claim that these products have a greater range than the Bravo does. As the Tile Mate and the TrackR Bravo cost around the same amount and the Bravo comes in more color options, most shoppers prefer it.

An alternative to the Bravo that also comes from TrackR is its Pixel. The Pixel is available in four colors: black, blue, white and gray. As with the Bravo, you can purchase a single tracking device or a package that comes with up to 16 of those devices. The Pixel works with both Android and Apple devices and comes with access to the same app and the company’s Crowd Locate feature.

One thing that is different about this device is that it has built-in LED lights. This light will come on when you’re in range, which can help you find a lost item in the middle of the night or outside in the dark. We highly recommend the Pixel for those who want that lights will help them and those who can afford to spend more money. The Pixel retails for around twice what the Bravo does.

What it may come down to is how much you really want to spend or how much you can afford to spend. With a retail price of around $75, the Pixel might cost more than you would like. Since there is a chance that you may never find your lost item, spending this much money on something you might throw away isn’t necessarily smart. Though Tile products cost about the same as the Bravo does, we think the Bravo is better for most shoppers.

Final Verdict

Anyone can have a senior moment at any time. A senior moment is one of those moments where you forget something simple or basic. You might walk into a room and then realize you have no idea why you entered that room, or you might put down your music player before going for a run and forget where you put it. The Bravo is one of the best tracking devices on the market for those who frequently lose track of things.

We really like just how small and thin this tracker is at just 0.14-inches thick. You can slip it into your wallet without worrying that it might stretch out the leather. Its lightweight design is also perfect for adding to your keys or your purse and for using on your phone. As it has a similar design to your keyring, you can add it to your keys in seconds, but you can also use the Bravo on any other item with the included double-sided sticker.

Another reason we like the Bravo is that it’s compatible with so many different devices. Whether you support Apple or Android, you’ll have no problem downloading the TrackR app and using it on your phone. That app will also work on a tablet or a computer too, which lets you track any item around your home.

It also features a built-in map system that is easy to use. This map will show you exactly where you last had a connected object, which lets you go right back to that spot and do a quick search for your item. You can use the map to get an idea of how close you are to the tracker before you turn on the alarm. That alarm produces a clear and bright sound that you can hear from several feet away. Even if you have a tracker on your phone and turned it to silent, the alarm on the tracker will ring loudly to help you find it.

While there are other tracking devices on the market, the TrackR Bravo is one of the best for those on a budget. It comes in multiple colors and is available in different packages to help you track and locate anything and everything you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: While the Bravo does not come with a standard set of instructions, it does come with a simple setup guide. This guide tells you exactly what to do to attach the tracker to any object. It also gives you some tips on using the app.

A: Some shoppers bought this device because they wanted to track their vehicles or their pets. It really doesn’t work on moving objects though because it only has a range of 100 feet. The constant movement can also cause the battery to die faster than it should.

A: As this tracking device uses Bluetooth technology, you can use it without relying on a WiFi signal. This gives you the freedom to search for items in your home when your internet goes down or when you’re outside and don’t have a connection. It also works when you do not have a mobile data plan.

A: According to TrackR, the battery on the Bravo should last for up to one full year. It really depends on how far away the device is from your phone though.

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