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UPDATED May 2024

LadyCare is a magnetic device designed to reduce the common symptoms of menopause. Our review lets you know if it does work.

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BOTTOM LINE: LadyCare is a fun little device that can alleviate some of the overall symptoms of menopause. It fits conveniently in the front of your underwear and beneath your regular clothing.

PROS: This easy to use magnetic device serves as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy and other treatments. It can work on different menopause symptoms, including hot flashes and weight gain.

CONS: As the device is heavy, it can cause your underpants to droop or fall down. It gets mixed reviews online, with some reviewers claiming that it did not offer them any relief.

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What is LadyCare?

LadyCare is a homeopathic device designed for women suffering from menopause. It can help during the early stages of menopause and later on too. According to the official website, around 70% of users found that it provided them with some relief. This device is an alternative to the treatments that your doctor might recommend, including hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and prescription medications. You do not need a prescription to purchase the device because it’s available online through both Amazon and the official site. Both of those sites offer testimonials and reviews from women who used the device at home.

With our LadyCare review, we want you to feel comfortable and confident before you use our links to buy this device. You likely want to know how it works and what comes in the box as well as whether it will work on all your symptoms and where you can buy it. We’ll go over all those topics in each of the sections that you see below. By the time you reach the end of our LadyCare review, you’ll understand why so many women purchased the device and why they use it daily. With the LadyCare, you can relieve more than 20 of the symptoms of menopause.

Though many assume that menopause only affects seniors, it can strike women at any age.

Menopause is common in women between the ages of 41 and 59 as well as those over the age of 60.

When Does Menopause Start?

What is LadyCare

How Does LadyCare Work?

Natural and homeopathic menopause remedies are popular among women who do not want to ingest chemicals or rely on complicated medical treatments. First released in the United Kingdom, it picked up a legion of fans before landing in America. The device consists of two pieces that fit together due to their magnetic properties. It relies on the idea that women going through menopause suffer from an imbalance in their automatic nervous systems (ANS). This is the system that controls and regulates most of your body’s functions, including your heart rate, body temperature and bowel function. The company behind the device believes that proper alignment of the ANS is the key to reducing menopause symptoms.

The science behind the LadyCare is solid. Problems in your ANS can cause your body to react in different ways. It can cause you to run hot, which leads to hot flashes and make you feel as though you need to use the bathroom more often. The LadyCare also works on the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which is the system that helps you digest food and sleep easily. With regular use of the device, you can reduce most of your symptoms and even stop your other treatments.

How Does LadyCare Work

How to Use LadyCare

Using LadyCare is easy because you can place it inside your clothing when you get up in the morning. You will want to remove it from the box and place both sides of the device nearby. After you slip into your underpants, place the larger side of the LadyCare inside your underpants and hold onto it with one hand. With the other hand, you can move the smaller half close to the larger half until the magnetic properties pull them together. Though some women found that it pulled their clothing down or that they felt it inside their clothing, others found that they grew comfortable wearing it all day.

You can use the LadyCare while on HRT and under a doctor’s care. If you decide to stop HRT, you should wait a full two weeks after you begin using the device before canceling your treatments. It can take up to a full month in most cases for you to notice a reduction in your symptoms. Some women found that it took even longer for the device to alleviate their symptoms. Most of the top reviewers claimed that it worked better after they used it daily and for several hours or more.

What Are the Symptoms of Menopause?

How to Use LadyCare - Hot flashes
How to Use LadyCare - Weight gain or weight loss
How to Use LadyCare - Tense and sore muscles
How to Use LadyCare - Mood swings

Where Can You Use LadyCare?

A common question that many women have before buying one of these devices is where they can use it. No matter what you love doing, you can do it while wearing the LadyCare. Though some think that age will naturally slow them down, you might find that you’re more active in your senior years than you were in your younger years. As you have more time to sleep and do what you love, you may have more energy and feel comfortable doing the things that you once put off. This can include taking walks and doing other types of exercise and traveling with your friends.

One of the best things about the LadyCare is that it won’t slow you down. You can wear it while you travel around the world or play in your yard with your grandchildren. It’s also suitable for wearing as you shop or have lunch with friends and while you’re gardening outside. The only time you shouldn’t wear it is when you engage in activities that involve water such as swimming and boating. Those activities can cause the weight of the device to tug down your clothing, especially after they become wet.

You Can Do Anything You Want with the LadyCare

Where Can You Use LadyCare - 1
Where Can You Use LadyCare - 2
Where Can You Use LadyCare - 3
Where Can You Use LadyCare - 4

Who's This for?

Menopause is a natural part of the aging process. It is a signal that you’re mature and that you will no longer produce the eggs necessary for fertilization. Though menopause lets you know that you can no longer have children, it can coincide with other symptoms that you experience as you age. That tiredness that you feel can worsen because of the hot flashes that hit in the middle of the night, which can make it hard for you to sleep. It can also increase the stiffness or tension that you feel in your muscles and cause joint pain.

The LadyCare is a device designed for any woman who experiences the symptoms of menopause. It is suitable for younger women in perimenopause and older women going through the entire process. As the LadyCare is easy to use and wear, it’s great for women who are more active too. You don’t need to take time away from your family and hobbies for doctor’s appointments, and you can use the device without a prescription. If you want a convenient way to battle the symptoms of menopause and need a device that you can wear at home and while on the go, the LadyCare is right for you.

Homeopathic and Natural Remedies for Menopause

Who's This for - Meditation
Who's This for - Daily Exercise
Who's This for - Vitamin D
Who's This for - Yoga

Where Can You Buy LadyCare?

The top two places where you can buy LadyCare include the Official Site and on Amazon, which we linked to above. When you purchase through the official site, you get the LadyCare Plus+ for $79 plus shipping. Free shipping is occasionally available via the site. We also found that the site dropped the price to just $64 during our last visit. You get the two parts of the magnetic device that come in a small box. That box protects the LadyCare during shipping and keeps it safe from dust and debris around your house too. You can also use that packaging as a gift box when buying one for someone else.

Amazon offers the same device for the same price. The company behind it sends the packages to Amazon, which will then fulfill orders send it to the address you picked. You may find that it’s easier to get a refund when you buy from the official site rather than on Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime, feel free to order the LadyCare from that site. This lets you get it shipped faster and allows you to maintain a record of your order if you experience any problems and want a refund later.

How to Request a LadyCare Refund

You can easily get a refund if you’re not happy with your purchase.

Where Can You Buy LadyCare

Should You Buy it?

By the time you reached this point in our LadyCare review, you might still wonder whether it’s worth the buy. That is why we’ll use this section to go over the top reasons it is worth the money and why you may want to look elsewhere.


Easy to Use: The biggest benefit of the LadyCare is that it takes no time to use it in the morning. Even women with mobility issues can easily clip it onto the front of their underpants. You can use it on those relaxing days where you plan on doing little more than curling up with a good book. It is also easy to use when you’re out and about and even when you’re traveling. As long as you wear underpants, you can use the LadyCare.

No Side Effects: When you look at some of the popular treatments for women dealing with menopause, you’ll find that many include a long list of side effects. HRT can cause intense mood swings until the therapy balances your hormone levels. That can make it nearly impossible for you to sleep and can cause you to act out at family and friends. You may suffer from weight gain due to menopause that worsens because of your treatments too. No matter how much you cut out of your diet or how much you exercise, you will still put on weight. The LadyCare lets you reduce the symptoms of menopause without any side effects.

Tips for Dealing with Hot Flashes

Coping with hot flashes is easy when you know what to do.

Should You Buy it - ice pack
Should You Buy it - cold shower
Should You Buy it - cold liquids
Should You Buy it - fan running

Hot Flashes and More: Out of all the positive reviews posted about the LadyCare, the one symptom we kept seeing women mention were hot flashes. This is the number one symptom that the device targets and that most users experienced relief from when using it. Though some women noticed a decrease in their hot flashes within one to two weeks, most noticed a significant reduction after one month of wearing the device. The makers of LadyCare also claim that it can help with a host of other symptoms, including a loss of energy, mood swings, irritable thoughts and a poor sex drive.

Safe to Use: With other menopause treatments, you need to watch what you eat and drink before and after your appointments. The LadyCare is one of the few devices that is safe for women to wear at all times and in all situations. You may want to drink more water when wearing the device though. Some women found that it left them feeling thirsty or that they had dry mouth. This magnetic device is safe for women going through menopause early due to a hysterectomy and those with cancer. You should never discontinue the use of other treatments or medications without speaking to your doctor first.


You should use caution when wearing and using the LadyCare if you have other medical devices, including a pacemaker or an insulin pump. There is a chance that the magnets can interfere with how those devices work.

Five-Year Warranty: When you buy products on the web, you never know what you might get. That is why you should always check the return policy and make sure that the product comes with a warranty. The five-year warranty on the LadyCare is much longer than those that come with similar devices. This warranty allows you to return your device for a full refund and to get your money back. You should exercise caution though as some women complained that the manufacturer would not refund their money. The company claimed that they put the device through too much stress and that the warranty did not cover stress.

Fast Results: Even medical professionals who claim that magnets do not work think that the LadyCare may offer some results due to the placebo effect. This essentially means that you notice results because you expect to see results. No matter why or how it works, many women claimed that they noticed fast and almost instant results after using the LadyCare. A few women even claimed that it began working just one day after they wore it for the first time. Most users noticed significant results within two to seven days of using the device.

Belinda Carlisle, former lead singer of The Go-Gos, is a fan of magnet therapy. She claimed that using a menopause magnet reduced her symptoms within 48 hours and gave her the energy to perform her hit songs such as “Heaven is a Place on Earth” and Mad About You” on stage.

Fewer Trips to the Bathroom: One menopause symptom that women don’t usually talk about relates to their urine. As you enter menopause, the hormones and functions that help you avoid frequent trips to the bathroom drop off. You might feel as if your bladder suddenly shrank in size or that you spend more time in the bathroom than you do any other room in your house. The LadyCare is a great device for those who want to avoid those long and frequent trips. Many users claimed that regular use helped them better control their bladders and spend less time in the bathroom.

No More Mood Swings: A large number of women compare the mood swings they experienced during menopause to those they had when pregnant. You can easily go from laughing and talking to your spouse to suddenly sobbing on the couch for reasons that you cannot explain. Those mood swings can also leave you feeling anxious or depressed about spending time away from home. The LadyCare gives you the chance to avoid those mood swings and feel better about yourself and your loved ones. Though not all women reported a reduction in their mood swings when using the device, many did.

End Night Sweats: Night sweats and hot flashes go hand in hand. Those hot flashes can make your body temperature rise and leave you feeling as if your skin was on fire. You can experience hot flashes at night as you lay in bed or sleep, which can cause night sweats. Not only can this make you wake up covered in sweat, but it can also make going to bed difficult because you feel so hot. The LadyCare is one of the few devices that can end or reduce your night sweats. You no longer need to change clothes in the middle of the night or keep changing your sheets because of your sweating.

Should You Do Anything Special When Using the LadyCare?

End Night Sweats - Drink more water
End Night Sweats - Wear heavier underwear
End Night Sweats - around other magnets
End Night Sweats - Keep metal objects away

Improve Your Sex Life: You likely look forward to your retirement and the time that you have to spend with loved ones, especially your significant other. The way you think and feel can change quite a bit when you hit menopause though. Menopause can cause vaginal dryness and intense itching that makes intercourse difficult or even impossible. As your breasts will often feel sore and tender, you might experience pain when someone touches your chest too. Most women who go through menopause also notice a lack in their libido or sex drive. With regular use of the LadyCare, you might notice changes in your breasts and vagina that make sex easier and an increase in your libido.

Memory and Concentration Help: Some of the other benefits of using the LadyCare include the help it offers in terms of your concentration and memory. Not only can menopause affect your short-term memory, but it can make it very difficult for you to sit and do your favorite activities, whether it’s taking the dogs for a long walk or reading a good book. A large number of users of the LadyCare claim that it improved their concentration and helped with their memory issues. They had an easier time remembering things and concentrating on tasks.


Before you consider buying the LadyCare, we highly recommend that you take a look at the issues that other users face, one of which involves the magnets sticking to other surfaces. You might find that it sticks to the side of your refrigerator or stove and that it sticks to the door of your car. Some women even had embarrassing incidents where the magnets caught on street trolleys or on the utensils they used in restaurants.

You should be aware that there isn’t any evidence to prove that the device works beyond the testimonials written by former customers. As one reviewer pointed out: if the powerful magnets in an MRI machine cannot reduce menopause symptoms, why would a much smaller magnet work? Professionals recommend that you stick to the treatments that your doctor suggests. Even the manufacturer of the LadyCare claims that it’s more of a novelty than a medical device.

Most of the negative reviews of the LadyCare listed issues that might not matter to you. Some found that it irritated their skin and caused a slight rash or that it worsened their headaches. Others had a problem with the device malfunctioning after just a few months and with getting a refund from the manufacturer.

Other Cons of the LadyCare

Cons - make your breasts more tender
Cons - refund
Cons - customer service
Cons - emails

The Competition

Most of the alternatives to the LadyCare include the supplements that you can buy online. Estro-Aid from Smoky Mountain Nutrition includes a two-month supply of supplements that you take just once a day. One-A-Day also makes a Menopause Formula that can provide some relief. The problem with supplements though is that you must remember to take that pill every day, which may require that you set an alarm or a timer on your phone. These pills can have a slightly bad taste that lingers on your tongue too. If you’re like most women, you’ll also find that you don’t notice any changes to your symptoms until you take the supplements for weeks or longer.

There are other magnetic products that you can use too such as the Smarter Lifestyle Pure Copper Bracelet. It comes in an elegant rose gold finish and fits most wrists. With the Menopause Relief Device, you can get some relief from both period and menopause pain. While this device fits into your underwear, it doesn’t work very well. We couldn’t find any competitors that worked as effectively as the LadyCare did.

Tips for Getting More Sleep During Menopause

The Competition

Though menopause can disrupt your nighttime routine, you can use tips to get a good night’s sleep

Final Verdict

The evidence behind using magnets for health purposes is mixed at best. Copper bracelets and other products that contain magnets do little beyond make your body look better and empty your wallet. Magnets can work effectively for other purposes though and may help relieve your menopause symptoms. Millions of women across the UK used the LadyCare and shared their positive experiences with others, which led to the company releasing the device in the United States. Around half of the reviews available online claim that it does not work, but an almost equal number of women noticed a reduction in their symptoms while wearing it.

An important thing to keep in mind is that the maker of the LadyCare claim that it is a novelty device and not a medical device. There is no guarantee that it will help with your symptoms and should not be used without first speaking to your doctor. It can also add some weight to your underwear and cause your panties to slide down at times. If you want an alternative to medications, supplements and other treatments though and want to fight back against your menopause symptoms, you should give the LadyCare a try.

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