Skylink TV Antenna Review

UPDATED July 2024

Television antennas let you watch your favorite channels and access films and shows for free. Our Skylink TV antenna review goes over all the reasons you should invest in this model.

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BOTTOM LINE: Skylink was a potentially no-problem way of finding free channels to watch in your home. It gave a full list of channels that were available and let you pick which one to watch, but has sense become near impossible to find.



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What is the Skylink TV Antenna?

Skylink TV antenna was a TV antenna designed to help you locate channels that were available in your area. Though the company no longer appears to operate, on the off chance you can find one it’s important that you know how this gadget works and what it can do for you before you. 

While it won’t give you access to every network and station out there, it will show you what content is available in your area.




Who's This for?

Cutting the cord is one of the most popular options for those looking to save money today. Even if you bundle your internet, phone, and cable services together, you may still pay $200 or more every month. 

The Skylink TV antenna gives you the chance to save money by giving you access to the same basic channels that your cable provider does but without charging you a cent. Once you buy the antenna and set it up in your home, you can access all the free stations that are available without paying any extra in the future. Even if you move later, you can still use your antenna for free.

Examples of Premium Channels

What Can You Watch with the Skylink TV Antenna?

You may find that you can access all your local channels through this antenna, including local channels affiliated with a national network. CBS is one example and has major affiliates all across the country. Some of the other stations and networks you can watch through this antenna include:

  • The CW
  • ABC
  • FOX
  • NBC
  • Live Well
  • COZI

If you live inside or just outside a major city, you will have access to more channels than if you live in a rural area. You will at least get access to the top local channels for your city. The Skylink TV antenna also lets you watch local news live.

With a Skylink TV antenna, you can root for the home team without paying extra for cable.

How Does Skylink TV Antenna Work?

If you ever tried hooking up an old TV antenna before, you know that it takes some hard work and some tools. The Skylink TV antenna is much easier to use because it comes with everything you need inside the box. You get both the antenna itself and the cord that runs from the antenna to your television. 

The process of setting it up only takes a few minutes and includes:

  • Choosing the best spot for the antenna in the room
  • Plugging the included cord into the antenna and running it into your television
  • Turning on your TV and seeing what channels are available

The antenna measures just 12 inches by 13 inches and doesn’t require a ton of extra space. It also comes with a long cord that lets you place the antenna in a spot where it gets good reception, even if that location is a few feet away from your television.

Benefits of Cutting the Cord

How Does Skylink TV Antenna Work - Save money
How Does Skylink TV Antenna Work - Stop paying
How Does Skylink TV Antenna Work - time to watch movies
How Does Skylink TV Antenna Work - Stop supporting major companies
How Does Skylink TV Antenna Work - Break the cord

Where to Buy TV Antenna Products?

One big question that customers have when shopping for an indoor TV antenna is where they can buy these products. The truth is that you can get one from almost any big box store such as Target or Walmart. 

You may also find TV antennas for sale at electronics stores, including Best Buy. If you don’t mind having the antenna shipped to your home, there is a wide selection available on Amazon too. 

Top Reasons to Buy from the Official Site

Where to Buy TV Antenna Products - save more
Where to Buy TV Antenna Products - free shipping
Where to Buy TV Antenna Products - warranty
Where to Buy TV Antenna Products - instruction
Where to Buy TV Antenna Products - reviews

How Much Does the Skylink TV Antenna Cost?

When you buy a television antenna from Amazon or almost any other site, you’ll see the price listed right in the product description. The official site for the Skylink TV antenna does not list the price upfront, which may concern you. As we looked online at reviews of this antenna, we looked at what shoppers paid for the product. We found that the retail price changes based on how many you order and which sales are available. The price for a single unit is right around $66. You may pay less when you take advantage of the 40% off offer or if you get the additional 10% off.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you’ll often find discounts for buying more than one unit. If you buy two or more antennas, you might get the second one for half off or even less. We found some shoppers who got two units for less than $90. Since you don’t need to pay for shipping, you can get these antennas for a great price. You’ll also find that payment plans are available for those buying in bulk. Instead of paying the cost for each antenna upfront, you can make several payments over the coming months.

How to Request a Refund

How Much Does the Skylink TV Antenna Cost

Should You Buy it?

One of the best reasons to invest in the Skylink model is because it’s suitable for users of all ages. Once you plug it in, you hit a single button on your remote to scan for channels. As soon as you find one you want to watch, you can stop on that channel and start watching. There are more details about the Skylink down below for those who do manage to get a chance to try one out.

Extensive Skylink TV Channel List

Even if you live in a rural area and an hour or more from a major city, the antenna should still pick up a few channels run by local affiliates. If you live close to a big city such as Chicago or Los Angeles, you will pick up even more signals. 

It takes only minutes to do a channel search and find stations that you can watch live. Many of those stations operate 24/7 and will broadcast shows and movies long into the late night hours.

Multiple Ways to Install

A key problem associated with other antennas is that you can only install and use them in one way. Most manufacturers require that you place the antenna flat on a surface such as a console table or a television stand. That location can make it hard for the antenna to detect a signal and may lead to you not picking up any stations at all. 

The Skylink TV antenna works on both flat surfaces and when installed on a wall. You can place it directly behind your television, on a TV stand, next to an open window, and anywhere else you want.

Unobtrusive Design

TV antennas come in a range of different shapes and sizes as well as colors. While you might think that you want one in a vibrant color or a large size, you’ll likely change your mind after installing it in your home. Skylink gets our nod of approval because this model has an unobtrusive design. It comes in a solid black color and measures just 13 inches by 12 inches. Even if you place it on the wall in your living room, it will fade into the background and not get in the way of your decor. This model will blend into any room.

Long Range

The digital signal that comes through the cable line in your home gives you access to the cable packages offered by your service provider. If you run a line from the wall outlet to your television though, you won’t find any channels available unless you pay for that service. 

Most Skylink TV antenna reviews that we found pointed out that this model has a long range of 30 miles. It can pick up the faintest of signals and broadcast any content currently playing on those channels. When you use the included signal booster/amplifier, you can pick up signals up to 50 miles away and any further.

Indoor TV antennas can pick up signals located miles away from your home outside

Long Range

Long Cable

Measuring more than 14 feet long, the Skylink cord allows you to install the antenna in one part of the room and connect it to a TV in another area. You may find that you pick up more signals when you place the antenna near a window. 

This long cord allows you to watch those stations through your television without placing the set close to that window. You can do a little trial and error to find the best place for the antenna in your home.

What Can Interfere with Your Signal?

Long Cable - distance
Long Cable - mountains
Long Cable - rain
Long Cable - electronics
Long Cable - location

Big Discounts

The cost that you pay for the Skylink TV antenna will often depend on how you find the site. If you visit it through a link found on Google, you’ll often find higher prices than if you followed an affiliate link. The retail price can hit as high as $70, but we found that the price can drop as low as $33 per unit. When you buy more than one antenna, you can save quite a bit too. When you buy two units, the price drops by around $5 per antenna. If you buy five antennas at the same time, you can nearly cut the price of each unit in half.

Dual Bands

Other antennas on the market will only pick up UHF or VHF signals, which limits what you can watch on TV. This Skylink antenna uses NASA technology that detects both types of signals and produces clear images on your screen. Those dual bands also allow you to pick up the high-definition channels that local towers broadcast. 

Many shows are now broadcast in HD, which lets you see every color in the rainbow and the smallest of imperfections on the faces of your favorite actors. You may gain access to dozens of different live channels through this antenna.

Access to Live Sports

A common reason why people search for “the best TV antenna for my area” is that they want to watch sports. This is also the number one reason why people hesitate before cutting the cord. They think that if they give up cable that they can never watch live sporting events again. Sports lovers write positive Skylink TV antenna reviews because it lets them watch their favorite events live. While you can’t watch ESPN or other paid channels, you can watch live sporting events that air on popular channels such as ABC and CBS.

Live Sporting Events You Can Watch with a Skylink TV Antenna

Access to Live Sports - NASCAR races
Access to Live Sports - basketball games
Access to Live Sports - boxing
Access to Live Sports - Golf tournaments
Access to Live Sports - Football


Getting the obvious out of the way once again, you are probably not going to be able to find a Skylink Antenna now. The company seems to have gone out of business, so the only way you can get one now is from a second-hand seller who managed to get one. Assuming that you manage to find one though, there are still some cons to look out for.

Most complaints about the product point out that it did not find any stations that other antennas did not. Most HDTV antennas currently available use the same process to find signals. If you used one before and only found four stations in your area, this antenna likely will not find any new stations.

Some also found that it did not pick up a signal at all, even though they lived close to a tower and picked up signals with other devices. If you encounter this problem, you may want to move the antenna or try using it with another TV. Any static interference in the area can stop the antenna from detecting nearby signals.

When the company was still around there were also complaints of false advertising. Some shoppers claimed that they signed up for a payment plan and that the company deducted the full cost of their purchases from their accounts without sticking to that plan. Others said that they got their antennas in the mail but that the instructions claimed they needed to spend more money to make it work properly. 

There were also customer reviews that stated the manufacturer took too long to ship the product and that they had problems requesting a refund. Many people had a hard time getting in touch with a real human because the manufacturer did not advertise any contact information on the web.

What to Do if Your Antenna Does Not Detect Any Signals


The Competition

Skylink might be around in any big capacity anymore, but it’s never been the only option out on the market. Even if any of these other options ever go out of business as well, there will always be another to take its place. 

One option is the U MUST HAVE Digital HDTV Antenna. It has a thinner design that helps you save some space. That small design also ensures that the antenna will fit wherever you want to place it. Capable of picking up classic stations such as ABC and NBC, it broadcasts high-definition channels too. 

This model comes with an 18-foot-long cable that will fit most modern televisions and a USB adapter that will protect your TV during power surges. With an 80-foot range, it can detect signals from towers anywhere near your home.

If you have more money in your entertainment budget, you might consider the Marathon Free Signal TV Antena. Though this model retails for more than $150, it has a lot of features that customers like, especially its long range. That range lets it pick up signals from broadcast towers a full 100 miles away from your home. 

As an added bonus, it’s one of the few antennas that will work both inside and out. You can actually mount it to the roof or a wall of your home and run the included cord to your television. The manufacturer includes cables that let you connect this single antenna to all the televisions in your home too.

Examples of Premium Channels

Final Verdict

If you paid for different streaming apps such as Netflix and Hulu, you might be better off with a streaming stick that you plug into your TV. You can log into all your accounts and watch shows and movies through those apps. If you want to cut back on how much you spend on entertainment costs every month, a TV antenna is a much better option.

The Skylink antenna received quite a few negative reviews. It seems as though those who bought it and liked it though really like it. Some of the features they liked include its long signal range, signal booster/amplifier, ease of use, and ease of installation. Anyone who wants an easy way to watch television at home for free will like this antenna, if they can somehow get their hands on one.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: You absolutely do not need an internet connection in your home or WiFi to use the Skylink TV antenna. It simply scans the area around your home for television signals and shows you the stations it found on your screen.

A: Many people ask if they can watch a specific channel on their televisions before they buy one of these antennas. While we would love to tell you that you can, it really depends on where you live and the stations that are nearby. You will get access to at least four to six stations relating to major networks, including ABC and FOX. If you live near two major cities, you may pick up signals from two or more stations affiliated with the same network. That gives you access to the different programs that each station airs.

A: High-definition channels refer to those that broadcast in high-definition. If you have an older CRT television or a box TV, you may not care about those stations because your TV uses a standard definition. Those with newer sets will like seeing the bright colors and clear action that comes from on a high-definition station.

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