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UPDATED June 2024

The best appliance for your household isn’t necessarily the most expensive or elaborate model.

FRYER 2024


As one of the easiest air fryers to use, this model has preset buttons that let you select from different dishes. It also features a digital touchscreen that lets you customize based on your preferences.


An automatic shut off feature ensures that the fryer never overheats. It also features preset buttons for selecting the type of food you want to cook.


This air fryer costs much more than comparable models do. Some reviewers also had problems with the non-stick coating coming off the machine.


It may be large, but this appliance is a combination of an oven, toaster and air-frying device rolled into one.


Remains relatively cool to the touch. Automatic shutoff feature. Pan, rack and basket included.


Mechanical knobs tend to loosen. May run hotter than set temperature.


Do you have a large crowd to feed? This model holds two pounds of food at once. Enough said.


Large bin holds food in ample volumes. Sturdy handle supports the weight.


Housing coating chips easily. Cooking time can take too long.


The rotating features defines this appliance, which makes up for the  lack of name-brand familiarity.


Wipe down with ease. Disassembles very easily. Watch food cook from above.


Cannot reach high temperatures of 425 degrees F. Weak oil filter ring.


Easy to clean, low cost and quality parts from a well-known brand.


One of the most inexpensive fryers available today. Fits 8 cups of food in each batch.


Makes considerable noise during use. Temperature numbers difficult to

Shopping Guide for Air Fryers

What exactly is an air-fryer appliance? The idea of frying with air sounds like a far-fetched concept, but today’s appliance manufacturers apply their best designs to a useful machine. It’s time to introduce yourself to air frying.

The majority of today’s fryers can come with features, such as:

• Basket with handle
• LED or knobs for timing and temperature
• Sleek and easy-to-clean outside housing

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Experts report that people who use air-frying technology will consume up to 80 percent fewer calories in a day’s time. With this health prospect in mind, it makes sense that a number of different fryers are on the market today. They may all have a similar appearance, but their weight, dimensions and functionality will all vary by manufacturer. While we’re talking health, why not start the day with a nutritious glass of juice?

You might wonder how you can decide between all of the models. That’s where this guide comes in handy. We’ve taken a look at several of the top machines on the market today. Through careful research, we’ve compiled the top five units that we believe are worth your time and money. Most of the appliances come from trusted names. However, you might realize that even the most budget-friendly fryers are of high quality.

From machines that are perfect for groups to compact selections, the best air fryer 2024 is out there and ready to be tested. Your results should be tasty and nutritious every time. Don’t waste your time picking a questionable brand. Trust in the air fryer reviews here to start your shopping action. If your appetite is ready, let’s take a look at the best fryer models today.

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How Air Fryers Work

An air-fryer appliance sounds like a solid idea, but how does it work? Most consumers ask this same question because frying with air doesn’t sound possible. It’s time to take a quick science lesson. These fryers rely on chemical reactions referred to as the Maillard reaction.

Air-fryer appliances use this browning technique to fry the food with rapidly circulating air. The heat creates the necessary reactions in the food, which gives it a "fried" taste.

The Maillard Reaction

When you cook potatoes or breads, you’re creating a chemical reaction within the foods. The Maillard reaction involves amino acids or proteins along with sugars. Heat your food to higher than 140 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit, and a browning process starts to occur ( To the average cook, you’d just consider this process as “toasting.”

Air-fryer appliances use this browning technique to fry the food with rapidly circulating air. The heat creates the necessary reactions in the food, which gives it a “fried” taste. To make the food even tastier, most fryers call for a small amount of oil. One tablespoon might be added to the appliance so that the oil molecules can circulate along with the air ( You end up with food that tastes fried, but it’s much healthier than actual frying.

The circulated air within the fryer cannot permeate every food item without some help. Part of the air-frying process is jostling the food. Some appliances come with a form of agitator or motion so that the food can be gently turned or shook. As the food moves around, the floating oil molecules can “fry” the ingredients to a golden brown.

Are these fryers fast? In some cases, you can fry up a food in a quicker manner than with a standard deep fryer ( The key to rapid cooking is turning and steady temperatures. Why not have a very quick cup of coffee while you cook? Check our picks for best instant varieties here.

Size and Capacity

When you’re looking through air fryer reviews, one of the biggest questions of the day concerns size. Most fryers have roughly the same dimensions, but their capacities vary widely. How big does your new fryer need to be? Think about these aspects of your life beforehand, including:

• Do you entertain guests?
• Are there many members of your family?
• Can your kitchen handle another small appliance?

The simple answer to your question is choosing a fryer that fits your cooking style. You might whip up a dinner for two on most nights. In these cases, a compact fryer is a better choice. Large families, in contrast, may require a large-capacity basket to keep up with the food demand.

Remind yourself that you need both a height clearance for the appliance along with space in front of it. Most fryer models require a basket to be pulled out at a horizontal angle. Be ready with a clear space around your fryer if you want to dedicate some cooking time to this healthy alternative.

In most cases, you may want to buy a fryer that’s slightly larger than what you’d need on a daily basis. Picture yourself with a normal household of three or four people. However, two guests arrive unexpectedly. Your slightly larger fryer can still support the surprise guests. Overfilling the basket to accommodate your guests doesn’t allow the oil and air to circulate as necessary ( You’re left with improperly cooked food.

Be aware of the fryer sizes offered today. From two to six quarts, your options remain versatile in a growing marketplace.

Black + Decker

2lbs capacity /
12.7 lbs weight

Philips XL

2.65 lbs capacity /
12.7 lbs weight

T-Fal Actifry

2.2 lbs capacity /
10.58 lbs weight

Cusinart TOA - 60

4qt capacity /
21 lbs weight

Air Fryer Appliance

The best air fryer 2024 may appear benign from the outside, but it’s actually a volatile environment on the inside. As you bring your fryer home and plug it in, keep certain safety aspects in mind.

The Top 3 Safety Concerns When Air Frying

Air Fryer Appliance - 1

Give the power chord
a good extension

Air Fryer Appliance - 2

Keep your
air fryer clean

Air Fryer Appliance - 3

Avoid messy

Start with your fryer’s power cord. It’s fresh from the factory, but give it a good inspection. Any frayed or torn wires can be fire hazards ( Your countertop location should also be cleared for the appliance. Keep these items away from the fryer, such as:

• Paper goods
• Rogue, metal utensils

Avoid a messy countertop with several appliances pressed up against each other. The fryer requires some air circulation around it so that the exterior surfaces remain cool.

The majority of fryers have safety mechanisms associated with their baskets and flaps. You shouldn’t be able to open any part of the appliance as the interior air is working its magic on your food. If you must open the fryer during its operation, wait until all of the mechanisms shut down. Although it’s just rapidly moving air within the fryer, it can still harm your skin because of the oil molecules mixed into the motion.

Clean out your fryer on a regular basis too. This practice prolongs its life and ensures that the food is tasty with each cooking session. Follow the disassembly instructions too. Breaking any part on your fryer is difficult, however, any mistakes can compromise the unit’s operations.

Make safety a top priority in your home. The air-frying appliance will always be one of the safest items in the kitchen with your attention to detail.

Benefits of Air Frying Vs. Deep Frying

You probably have a deep fryer or cast-iron pot in the house. Frying up French fries and chicken may be commonplace. Switching to an air-frying appliance can be a natural progression in the household because deep frying is truly one of the unhealthiest cooking methods around.

Saturating foods in oil produces these effects (, including:

  • Breaks down good nutrients
  • Increases calories in each food item

Air frying is different. Because there are minimal chemical reactions within the food, the nutrient values remain roughly the same as when the items were raw. If you air fry some vegetables, retaining the nutrients is a beneficial perk. Douse the vegetables in oil, and you’ll quickly have limp produce with few vitamins to offer the body.

Benefits of Air Frying Vs. Deep Frying

The Fat Factor
Nearly any oil that’s sufficient for frying has some trans fats. These lipids are harmful to the human body because they raise cholesterol and contribute to high blood pressure. You might cover your fried items in salt after the cooking process too. The sodium alone is enough to aggravate any cardiovascular condition.

Air frying takes trans fats out of the equation. You can also season the food with any spice that you prefer. There’s no reason to cover the food in salt when the natural flavors can shine through with minimal oil use.

Potential Hazards
Deep frying also poses a hazard in the kitchen. Parents quickly escort their children out of the kitchen when the deep-frying process is about to begin. With air frying, however, children can help out with a parent’s supervision. Being part of the family involves cooking together. Air frying can make a teaching moment out of a unique, cooking process.

Philips makes one of the top air fryers for those who want a more convenient way to cook. Unlike other machines that feature a number of buttons you must press to select the right cook time and method, this one has a digital touchscreen that makes it easy to set your cooking time. You can actually set up the machine and let it cook your main dish while you work on a side dish. Once your food finishes cooking, you simply grab the handle on the front and pull to remove your food from the inside.
We think that you’ll like the preset controls on this model too. Each button corresponds to a different cooking time and temperature setting. It takes just one press to turn the machine on and let it cook your dishes. These buttons cook at either 360 or 390 degrees Fahrenheit and will cook for up to 27 minutes at a time. This helps you fry perfect fries that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside as well as fried chicken that tastes just as good as those cooked in oil or fat do. Both the basket and the drawer on this model have a non-stick coating for fast cleanup too.

The Winning Fryer: Black + Decker

In almost every category, the Black + Decker fryer takes the highest honors It offers a reasonable price for an appliance that’s reliable and attractive at the same time.

Housing Features
You’ll always know what’s going on with your food as the indicator lights illuminate as necessary. An “on” indicator and “preheating” light help you organize your time in the kitchen. There’s no reason to turn on your kitchen timer during the frying process either because the appliance comes with a 60-minute timer built right into the housing. Don’t forget that the cool-touch handle keeps you safe from burns as you pull the food out of the basket.

The housing is sleek with smooth knobs, which makes it easy to wipe down after each use. Select from either black or white colors too.

Interior Details
Get excited about these interior parts that can only improve your cooking process, such as:

– Nonstick parts, including the separator, pan and basket
– Basket separator to cook two items at once
– 2-liter capacity
– Dual convection fans

A design feature that stands out from many of the other models on the market is the temperature control. Choose between 175 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit for your cooking pleasure. Other fryers have either minimal selections or no control at all. Alter the temperature so that any food can be perfectly fried in little time.

This fryer will automatically shut off after your set time as well. This safety features allows you to “set it and forget it.”

Cusinart TOA-60
There are several fryers that are high-quality selections when it comes to capacity. However, the Cuisinart TOA-60 can offer the most versatility. Its capacity alone can support up to four pounds of food at a time. Explore this fryer’s features so that you can make an educated decision today. Cuisinart offer a wide range of cooking equipment, and are also found in our best kitchen knives article.

Three Appliances Rolled Into One
Purchase the TOA-60, and you receive three appliances at once. It’s a convection oven, air-frying appliance and toaster. In reality, it’s possible to put those other appliances away so that this fryer is the star of your countertop.

Be aware that it takes up considerable space with its 14-by-16-by-16-inch rectangular shape. With an attractive, stainless-steel exterior, this fryer can fit into almost any kitchen’s decor.

Accessories and Perks
The entire interior of the fryer is nonstick along with its included accessories. Receive these removable and easy-to-clean items as part of your purchase, such as:

1. Baking pan
2. Frying basket
3. Oven rack

Consumers report that this model tends to be quieter than others on the market. With its large-capacity design, this appliance’s whisper-quiet feature is a major benefit. The fan is carefully hidden within the housing so that it’s effective yet comfortable to be around as you cook other items in the kitchen.

The glass door gives you a perfect view of the food when the machine is in operation. This feature is particularly valuable when you’re just beginning with the frying process. You can watch the food gain its golden color. Stop the appliance when it’s necessary because you’ll know that the food is done. Other fryer models contain the food in an enclosed area where visuals are impossible.

Price of Air Fryers

Perform an online search for your chosen fryer, and you’ll see dozens of different prices. The average price for a quality unit can run around the $100 mark. Some models might go on sale for prices as low as $75.

There are a few reasons why the prices differ so much. Consider these factors, including:

• Name-brand influences
• Material type
• Capacity values
• Digital versus analog features

It’s not uncommon to see fryers as expensive as $200. They might come with additional accessories or an extended warranty. Because every consumer needs something unique for their kitchen, simply research prices in comparison to the features.

You may not want a wide range of temperature choices. Large capacities aren’t a concern either. In these cases, a basic model around $100 is probably sufficient for your needs.

Large families or households with entertaining as a priority can really require a higher end product. They tend to be more durable and large enough for your purposes.

Keep in mind that sales occur throughout the year. This fact even applies to high-end models, such as the Philips fryer. Wait for a sale that might save you $5 or $10. Any price break gives you a chance to try the technology.

Be wary of purchasing a fryer at a rock-bottom price. It might be used or missing pieces. The price may be tempting, but it might not be worth it. Purchase your appliance from a reputable store that supports the warranty period. If any concerns arise, you have a point of contact. For the most part, brand-new fryers typically work well out of the box. Simply take care of the appliance through the years.

Philips XL


Cusinart TOA - 60


T-Fal Actifry


Black + Decker


Frequently Asked Questions

A: Every air-fryer model has slightly different specifications. For the most part, however, air frying is faster. Some consumers report that their air appliances cook up raw fries in less than 20 minutes. Deep fryers can take nearly twice as long.

A: It’s possible to use aluminum or parchment paper in these fryers, but the food may not cook very evenly. Allow the circulated air to move around the foods by placing them inside without the wrap. 

A: It depends on your model. Read over the appliance’s instructions. Some designs have automatic paddles that carefully turn the food. Other models require your participation with a manual turn about halfway through the frying process. 

A: Remind yourself that air cannot circulate if the food is too densely packed in the basket. Ideally, cook up several batches to divide the food out. Every piece will be uniformly cooked as a result.

A: Most fryers are versatile enough to support both types of foods. Any condensation from the frozen food can quickly evaporate through the appliance’s vents. You can still end up with crispy, fried food at the end of the cycle.

A: Be careful when it comes to this question because each model is different. If your model doesn’t have the feature, be sure to shut if off by hand. Leaving any appliance on for too long can burn the food and damage the internal components.

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