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UPDATED May 2024

Juicers have evolved immensely since they got popular in the 90s.


Nutrition Center 


The only small appliance you might need is the Omega Nutrition Center, which will replace some of your other cooking tools. Though it runs slower than other models, this helps it extract more nutrients without the motor overheating.


Designed for serious juicers, this Omega model extracts more of the nutrients from the ingredients you use. It also lets you do other tasks at home, including grinding nuts and making your own pasta.


This small appliance has a high price tag that might cause you some sticker shock. You’ll also find that it runs slower than other models do.

Juice Fountain Elite


With a sleek and shiny finish, this Breville juicer will look nice in any kitchen. Many customers like that it comes with larger containers for storing both the pulp they want to throw away and the juice they want to drink.


Thanks to two speeds, this juicer lets you extract flavor and nutrients from any combination of ingredients. It comes with a jug that can hold more than a quart and a container that holds more than three quarts of pulp.


When you use this juicer regularly, you can wear down and even split the included filter. Some reviewers complained that it wasted their ingredients too.

Slow Masticating Juicer


Aicock makes a solid and affordable juicer that runs slower to protect its motor. With the included juice container and lid, you can make your own mixes and store those juices in your fridge.


With a slow motor, this juicer won’t overheat and will extract more nutrients from your ingredients. It comes with both a juice container and a lid for that container that lets you store your juices for later.


You may find that a large amount of pulp comes out of this juicer. Some customers found that the included manual was hard to follow too.

Jamba Appliances
Electric Juicer


As one of the more affordable juicers on the market, this Jamba Appliances allows you to make your own drinks at home and separate out the froth. Its larger chute can accommodate bigger pieces and whole ingredients too.


A larger 3.5-inch chute can accommodate larger ingredients and whole ingredients. It has a built-in separator that removes froth from the juice to give you a smoother liquid.


Some reviewers claimed that this model gave their juices a gritty texture. There were also some complaints that it was too noisy.

Hamilton Beach
Big Mouth


The top juicer for those on a budget is this Hamilton Beach model, which costs less than half that of others. This little machine has a powerful motor and will remove froth from your finished juices.


The top juicer for those on a budget is this Hamilton Beach model, which costs less than half that of others. This little machine has a powerful motor and will remove froth from your finished juices.


As you use this juicer, you may find that it’s louder than you would like. You may have some problems with the machine wasting some of your ingredients too.

Shopping Guide for the Best Juicer

Whether you want to eat healthier or just cut back on your soda and coffee consumption, making your own juices at home is a great idea. You can pick up fresh fruits and vegetables from any grocery store. This lets you mix and match ingredients to get the flavor and taste that you want. 

Despite what some people might say, there is no one size fits all type of juicer. The best juicer for you may depend on factors like how quickly it works and the size of the chute. If you want to whip up drinks faster without doing a lot of prep work, a model with a larger chute is right for you.

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My shopping guide for the best juicer for 2024 includes five distinct models. Each one comes from a different manufacturer and has different features. Even if you owned one of these appliances in the past, you might find yourself shocked at some of the new features now available. 

I’ll go over the top products I find and highlight the benefits and top features of each one. You can also use my shopping guide to see what features are worthwhile and how much juicers cost.

Shopping Guide for the Best Juicer - 1(1)

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Selection Criteria

When I decided to create a list of the top juicers for 2024, I knew that I wanted to consider the reviews that shoppers posted about these appliances. While I can experiment with these machines and try them out in my office, there’s no guarantee that we’ll have the same experiences that you will have in your own home. 

Looking at as many reviews as I could find helped me identify the issues that many customers had. As you look at the chart and focus on the cons section, you’ll see those issues for yourself.

I also looked at those reviews to find out more about the benefits of the top models and the features that customers looked for and liked in the top juicers. I included some of those benefits in my chart and listed even more benefits and features in my detailed product reviews. All the juicers on my list have some impressive features and get good reviews.

As I know that some shoppers cannot afford to spend as much as others, I wanted to include products for all types of budgets. You’ll find options priced at $100 or less and models that cost as much as $300.

Things You Can Juice

  • Vegetables like carrots and celery
  • Fruits like berries and apples
  • Herbs like cilantro
  • Leafy greens, including lettuce and spinach
Selection Criteria - Best Juicers

The ultimate juicer for any home is the Omega Nutrition Center because it functions like a total machine that will let you replace other small appliances in your kitchen. Not only can you use it as a juicer, but you can also use this machine to grind coffee beans or nuts. It also helps you make soy milk and baby food, and you can chop vegetables and herbs for savory dishes and make creamy desserts. When you change the settings, you’ll see foods come out at the exact texture that you want.

One of the top features of this appliance is the dry pulp that it produces. It extracts as much liquid as possible from your ingredients and leaves behind a thick and dry pulp that you can easily remove.

A built-in function helps you quickly eject the pulp from the machine when you want to clean or empty it. Unlike other juicers that shake quite a bit, this model has four feet on the bottom that stabilize the base to keep it from shaking. You’ll also like that the motor on this one functions like a two-horsepower motor but moves slower to prevent overheating.

What is a Juicer?

A juicer is a simple home appliance that lets you make your own fresh juices from the ingredients that you buy or already have in your kitchen. Though different models use different designs, most feature a motor inside and a chute on the top. You’ll place a container on the base that sits underneath a smaller chute. As you add ingredients to the chute, those fruits and vegetables move through a series of blades. 

The motor causes those blades to spin and extract the liquids inside. A good model will push the liquids through the smaller chute and into the container. Any pulp or waste will move to a separate container on the back of the machine. This container comes out easily for dumping the waste and washing it.

Though basic and cheaper juicers have one speed, more expensive models have two settings. You can use the lower setting when working with berries and other softer ingredients before switching to the faster setting for juicing carrots and celery. Some models will also let you make smoothies from yogurt and ice. I found models that act as nut and spice grinders.

Expert Tip

If you find that your juicer leaks and leaves behind a residue on your counters, put down a towel underneath the juicer. You can remove that towel when you finish juicing.

What is a Juicer

Breville has a great reputation for the small appliances that it makes, including its coffee makers and juicers like the Juice Fountain Elite. Though this model does have a high price tag, most shoppers find that it’s worth that price. A simple switch on the bottom turns in two different directions to turn the machine on and off. 

You may also use this switch to select the higher or lower speed setting that you want to use. The high setting hits 13,000 revolutions per minute, while the lower setting reaches 6,500 revolutions in a minute. Made from die-cast steel, the exterior of this model has a contemporary and bright look. The components inside use stainless steel for lasting power.

The feed tube on this model, which pushes your ingredients down to the blades, is three inches wide and will accommodate larger ingredients or a handful of leafy greens. You can store a little more than one quart in the juice container and more than three quarts in the pulp container. The Juice Fountain Elite does a good job of separating the pulp from the juice. As an extraction model, it also removes more liquids from your ingredients.

Benefits of Home Juicers

  • Save money: Purchasing a bottle of fresh-squeezed juice can cost a few dollars or more when you buy from a local grocery store. You can buy enough ingredients for the same price to make several bottles of juice.
  • Feel healthier: Many people like juicing at home because it helps them feel healthier. You can even make mixtures that give you more energy or help you relax.
  • Experiment with flavors: When you have a juicer, you can also experiment with different flavors and use all your favorite ingredients to make your own blends.
  • Make other drinks: You can also use a juicer to make other types of drinks like smoothies. All you need to make your own smoothie are a few ingredients like yogurt, fruits and vegetables and a handful of ice.

Some shoppers prefer juicers that operate more quietly like this one from Aicock. If you want to kick your day off the right way with a glass of fresh juice, you might like that you can use this model without waking up your family. It uses just 80 revolutions per minute, which reduces the speed and its sound. 

Though this means it will take longer for you to juice some ingredients, it protects the motor and keeps it from burning out. Unlike other models that just extract juices, this one will extract the vitamins and minerals from your ingredients too.

In-Depth Product Review Aicock Slow Masticating Juicer

If you ever made too much juice before and saw it go bad before you could finish it, you’ll like that this model comes with a juice container that has its own lid. This gives you the option of whipping up a larger batch and keeping it on hand in your refrigerator. 

You can safely store that juice for up to 72 hours. I like that this juicer comes with removable parts made from stainless steel. Those metal parts will last longer than the plastic parts used on other juicers. You can easily remove most parts for cleaning too.

Types of Juicers

Manual Juicers

If you want a simple way to make your own juice and don’t care about pulp mixing with that juice, you might prefer a manual model. You can choose from different models like a hand-crank juicer that allows you to add your ingredients to the top and turn a crank to make juice from those ingredients. 

Manual models designed specifically for use with citrus fruits have a shallow base with a domed piece on top. You’ll hold a cut piece of fruit against this dome and push down as you twist to extract the juice. I didn’t put any manual models on my list because most shoppers prefer electric juicers that work faster.

Twin Gear Juicers

With a twin-gear juicer, you can get more liquid out of any ingredients that you use. These machines are smaller in size than other models and have two gears inside. The gears push the food as close as possible against the filter, which removes the pulp and lets only pure juice come out. 

You will need to keep a container handy to catch the pulp because these models lack any built-in pulp containers. Most models do come with a juice container though that will fit beneath the spout. These machines often require some work from you to push the ingredients down to the gears.

Masticating Juicers

Masticating juicers also go by the name of slow juicers because these models run much slower than others. Though they come with a one-horsepower motor or a larger type, they operate quite slowly. The front of the appliance features a long horizontal tube with an attached vertical tube. When you add ingredients to the cut, it moves those ingredients to an auger. 

The auger then pushes the foods against a filter or a mesh screen to separate the juice from the pulp. Your juice will come out from a hole on the bottom of this tube, while the pulp comes out from a hole on the end of the horizontal tube. These juicers are best for those who want to save time and get more out of their ingredients.

Centrifugal Extraction Juicers

Centrifugal extraction juicers feature a cutting disk that shreds any of the ingredients you want to juice. The liquid that comes out of those fruits and vegetables moves into a juice spout, which drops the juice into your own container or an included container. A feed chute at the top allows you to drop any foods you want to use inside. 

These models also have a strainer or a filter that removes any pulp from those foods and pushes the pulp into a pulp container. These models work quickly and are usually easy to use.

Centrifugal Juicer

One of the more popular types of juicers is a centrifugal model. These models have a produce chute on the top and a pulp container on the back. Centrifugal juicers also have a juice spout and a cutting disk. The cute moves food through the machine to the cutting disk, which chops the ingredients into finer pieces to extract as much liquid as possible. 

All the liquid produced moves through the juice spout to a separate container, while the pulp moves into its own container. Though these models work quickly and will work on harder vegetables, some find that centrifugal juicers fill up too quickly and run loudly.

Green Juice Basics

Types of Juicers - Lettuce
Types of Juicers - Apple
Types of Juicers - Collard greens
Collard greens
Types of Juicers - Spinach
Types of Juicers - Limes
Types of Juicers - Pears
Types of Juicers - Fresh herbs
Fresh herbs

One of the top juices in the $100 price range is this Jamba Appliances model that lets you make all your favorite juice blends at home. Despite the low price tag on this one, it comes with a wider 3.5-inch chute that can accommodate any ingredient you can name. As those ingredients drop down the chute, the machine separates the pulp from the juice into two different containers. 

The included juice container features clear markings on the side that show you the amount of juice produced in both cups and ounces. This makes it easy to make the perfect amount of juice for the recipe you want to use.

Located on the back of this machine is a container that collects all the pulp produced. This container easily snaps off for dumping and cleaning, but you can just as easily snap it right back onto the machine. It does a good job of removing foam too because of its built-in foam separator. 

Jamba Appliances also includes a recipe booklet with this model that offers tips on making your own juices and recipes you can try. You get a cleaning tool for fast and efficient cleaning of the filter inside.

Buying a new juicer can easily cost $150 or more, but those on a budget will find that this Hamilton Beach model, who also make excellent rice cookers and espresso machines, works just as well as its more expensive counterparts do. Many shoppers like the extra-large mouth on the top.

 No matter what fruits and/or vegetables you want to juice, you can drop them right inside that mouth and watch fresh juice come out. This also lets you make juice faster because you don’t need to spend a lot of time chopping up your ingredients. Its 1.1-horsepower motor works quickly and lets you choose between two different speed settings.

Another feature that I like about this model is the built-in strainer. If you ever made fresh juice before and found a lot of froth at the top, you’ll like that this strainer removes the froth from your juice. It also has a larger pulp bin than you’ll find on other models, which lets you make more juice without cleaning the machine. Many shoppers also like the included juice container, which holds up to 40 ounces. This container is BPA-free too. The juice you make from any ingredients moves from the machine to this container for convenient sharing.

Juicer Features to Consider

  • Container size: When you have a larger pulp container, you can make more juices with the machine without constantly stopping to clean and empty that container. 
  • Chute size: When you check out the chute size before you buy, you can rest assured that it can accommodate all your favorite ingredients. 
  • Sound level: Checking with the manufacturer and reading customer reviews is the easiest way to see the amount of noise that a machine produces.
  • Ease of cleaning: Shoppers looking for a juicer that they can easily clean will want to look at the number of removable parts and whether those parts are dishwasher safe. Machines that feature fewer parts are easier to clean.
  • Speed options: Unless you plan on using the same fruits and vegetables and making the same recipes every day, you will want a juicer with multiple speed options. 

Health Benefits of Juicing

Get more sleep
Boost your brain power
Experience more energy
Develop healthier teeth and bones

Juicer Features to Consider - Sleep
Juicer Features to Consider - Work
Juicer Features to Consider - Morning Excerise
Juicer Features to Consider - Smile
Fresh herbs

How Much Should You Pay for a Juicer?

No matter how much money you have in your juicer budget, you can easily find a model at a price you can afford. Manual juicers like those designed for use with citrus fruits cost as little as $20. You may also find hand-held models that work with smaller fruits for $10 to $15. 

If you want to make juices faster though, you’ll want to spend more money. Three of the five models that made my list retail for $100 or less. Both the Jamba Appliances and the Hamilton Beach juicers sell for $90, while the Aicock retails for closer to $100.

An important thing that you should keep in mind is that more expensive models typically come with more features. The Omega juicer retails for $300, but this model does more than just create juices from fruits and vegetables. It can also grind harder ingredients like nuts without the motor overheating. 

Breville makes a juicer that also retails for $300, though you’ll likely find it on sale for a much lower price. The Juice Fountain Elite has a wider chute that can accommodate more ingredients and larger pieces. Some of the more expensive juicers come with larger pulp and juice containers too.

How Much Should You Pay for a Juicer

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Pulp refers to the waste that juicers produce. No matter what ingredients you send through the machine, some things aren’t safe to consume such as the seeds or stem of fruits. Some juicers have settings that let you increase the amount of pulp that mixes with your juice.

A: You can store fresh juice for between 24 and 72 hours. As soon as you finish juicing, transfer that mixture to an airtight container and place in your refrigerator.

A: Organic juices are simply those made from ingredients that farmers grew naturally and without any pesticides. If you grow your own fruits and vegetables in your backyard, you can use those ingredients to make your own organic juices. You’ll also find organic foods sold at farmers’ markets in your area.

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