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UPDATED May 2024 

Instant coffee can save you time in the morning or whenever you want a cup. Our shopping guide helps you find the best instant coffee for you and your guests.



Anyone following an organic or gluten-free diet will appreciate this coffee. While some customers had issues with the overall flavor, many shoppers like this blend.


This gluten-free instant coffee goes through several testing phases to ensure that it has the right balance. You can adjust the amount of powder used to increase or decrease the flavor.


You may find that this coffee has a slightly bitter taste. If you mix it with other ingredients, you’ll drown out the coffee flavor.


Starbucks makes it easy for you to whip up coffee shop drinks at home in less time with its Via Ready Brew. Made from Colombian beans, this box comes with 50 servings.


Each bag contains 50 servings of coffee that use real Colombian beans for a richer and fuller flavor. It takes just 10 seconds to make a cup after brewing your hot water.


A few customers didn’t like the taste of the coffee or the aftertaste of the brew. A few shoppers received packages that were near their expiration dates too.


The organic beans used in this product are free from pesticides and other common toxins. You get enough packets to make up to 25 cups of hot coffee anywhere you go.


With 25 convenient packets inside each box, this product lets you have coffee whenever you want it. This is an eco-certified blend that features organic Arabica beans.


A small number of customers wished this coffee had more flavor. Others wished that it had more aroma and/or body.


Called the best instant coffee brand of all time, Nescafe offers this set of two jars for those who want a convenient way to make coffee. The flavor is both rich and dark.


Made from a blend of different beans, this instant coffee has a richer and darker taste than you might expect. You get two seven-ounce jars that give you months of coffee.


A few packages arrived with one or both jars broken. There were some complaints from those who drank the coffee black that it had a weak flavor.


The best flavored instant coffee comes from Maxwell House and its International Cafe line. This vanilla caramel blend recreates the flavor of coffee shop drinks and has a smooth finish.


Suitable for use as a coffee creamer or a flavored coffee, this small can will last for months. It has a plastic lid that secures to the top to form an airtight seal to preserve the flavor.


This flavor has more sugar and calories than some like. It also tastes more like vanilla and sugar than like coffee.

Shopping Guide for the Best Instant Coffee

No matter how much you love the taste of coffee made from freshly ground beans, you don’t always have the time to make a cup first thing in the morning. With the best instant coffee for 2024, you can save yourself some time. Instead of grinding the beans and going through multiple steps, you can mix the coffee with hot water and get a cup on the table in a few minutes or less. The best instant coffee for you might be one with a rich and full body or one with some lighter notes mixed with the beans. If you want to spend a bit longer preparing your coffee, check out our excellent selection of espresso machines or even some kitchen multi-tools that can grind fresh coffee beans.

The top instant coffees for 2024 can also help you take advantage of all the top benefits of coffee too. You can pour a cup before leaving for work and make a whole thermos that you take to the job with you.

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Shopping Guide for the Best Instant Coffee

Some of the top products are great for keeping on hand for overnight guests too. You can even use instant coffee in some of your favorite desserts and savory dishes. Our shopping guide to the best instant coffees will go over some of the things to look for when picking a new brew and how you can use the products around your home.

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Selection Criteria

The most common problem that shoppers have with instant coffees today is that many of these products lack the full flavor that they want. Whether you swing by the coffee shop every morning to pick up a cup on your way to work or you brew coffee from your own beans, you already know what flavors you like. When we decided to create a shopping guide to the best instant coffees, we knew that flavor was the most important thing to consider. All the products on our list have a rich flavor that lets you taste the richness of the beans.

To find the best instant coffees for our readers, we spent hours doing research on these products online. We looked at which instant products coffee snobs loved and which ones would appeal to our readers. After making a list of more than 20 products, we used Amazon to make sure that those products are available to the general public. You can follow the links we provided to buy one of these coffees for your home. We recommend that you check out the top five products and that you then consider all the things you can do with a good instant coffee.

Benefits of a Rice Cooker with a Built-In Timer

Selection Criteria - flavor
Selection Criteria - price
Selection Criteria - Packaging
Selection Criteria - Ease of use
Ease of use

If you want an instant coffee that you can use for drinking and cooking, this is the one for you. Anthony’s Organic tests each batch as it comes out to ensure that it has the same rich flavor that customers expect from the company. Though the beans come from Latin America, the company brews the beans and makes the instant powder in California. Those who prefer buying from American companies will like this product. It uses organic ingredients and is 100% gluten-free, which makes it a good choice for anyone on a strict diet. The company also makes a vegan creamer that pairs nicely with this coffee.

Though Anthony’s Organic recommends using just one scoop of coffee per cup, you can add a second scoop to boost the coffee flavor. As the powder is finely ground, it completely dissolves when mixed with hot water to create a thin coffee bursting with flavor. You can also mix this powder with cold water when making desserts or other dishes. The company even provides you with recipes that you can access online. With this coffee powder, you can make a coffee cake with a caramel frosting or mocha brownies. You can even find a recipe for making coffee almond butter.

Best Instant Coffee Anthony's Organic Instant Coffee - 1
Best Instant Coffee Anthony's Organic Instant Coffee - 2
Best Instant Coffee Anthony's Organic Instant Coffee - 3

What is Instant Coffee?

When most people think of coffee, they think of the ground products they can buy online and in stores. If you have a traditional coffee maker, you will place the right amount of powder in the basket and add water to the tank. As the water heats up, it moves over the ground coffee and then into the pot. Instant coffee lets you skip a few steps in the preparation process. The companies behind these products will actually brew coffee from ground beans first. They will either spray or freeze-dry the finished product to create flakes that already contain the flavor of the brewed coffee.

With home brewing, you can add more or less ground coffee to your pot to get the flavor and darkness that you want. You can do the same thing with instant coffee too. Most companies ask that you mix one scoop of the coffee with one cup of hot water. If the flavor is too rich for you, you can add more water or less coffee. You also have the option of using more of the powder and less water. Instant coffee goes by several different names, including coffee powder and coffee crystals.

What is Instant Coffee

Packets vs. Canisters

Instant coffee is available in different containers. You can choose between a canister or a packet. Canisters look similar to traditional ground coffee. The canister usually features a metal can with a plastic lid on the top. This lid snaps into place to prevent air from getting inside. That lid will keep any odors in your home from impacting the smell and taste of the coffee. With a canister, you must keep a scoop handy. When you make a cup, you’ll use that scoop to measure out the right amount of powder based on the amount of water you want to use. Instant coffee can last for months or longer when stored in a metal canister.

Your other option is an instant coffee packet. This is a good option for those who are often in a hurry and those who like making coffee away from home. Each packet contains an individual serving of the coffee. You can tear off the seal at the end of the packet and pour it right into your cup before adding the water. Packets are great for storing in your bag or in your desk at work. You can often find packages that feature packets in different flavors too.

Did You Know?

Nearly 50% of the green coffee beans found in the world today go into coffee powders. Green coffee beans are those harvested earlier in the season and before the beans finish ripening.
Packets vs. Canisters

Benefits of Instant Coffee

  • Save time: The biggest reason to buy instant coffee is that it will help you save time. You can make a cup whenever you have a coffee craving in around two minutes or less. All you need is a cup and some hot water to make a quick cup.
  • Concentrated flavor: Many coffee enthusiasts like using instant coffee because of its concentrated flavor. The freeze drying process extracts as much flavor as possible from the beans used and lets you take advantage of that rich flavor.
  • Save money: Not everyone loves coffee as much as their friends do. You may find that you only like having a cup once a week or every few weeks. Instead of spending money on canisters that go bad before you use all the coffee, you can purchase a smaller jar of instant coffee that you can store in a cabinet. You’ll always have coffee on hand when a craving hits.
  • More options: The companies that make instant coffees give you a number of different options too. In addition to packages that contain multiple flavors, you can find flavored canisters and products that contain artificial sweeteners. There are even sugar-free instant coffees that are suitable for diabetics and those on a low-sugar diet.

Popular Coffee Drinks

Benefits of Instant Coffee - Cappuccino
Benefits of Instant Coffee - Espresso
Benefits of Instant Coffee - Affogato
Benefits of Instant Coffee - Cafe Americano
Cafe Americano

With locations all across the country and cities around the world, Starbucks is the top coffee shop chain of all time. If you are tired of waiting in line just to grab a cup of coffee, you’ll want to invest in a box of the company’s instant coffee. Its VIA Ready Brew uses the same Colombian coffee beans that its shops use in all of your favorite drinks. The beans go through several grinding phases to make sure that the coffee is as fine as possible.

This powder is 100% water soluble too. Once you add the hot water, the powder will break down without leaving any clumps behind.

While some shoppers weren’t fond of the aftertaste of this coffee and found that it tasted a little bitter, most Starbucks fans loved the product. The box features 50 individual serving packets that you can use at home or on the go. Once you tear the top off of the packet, you’ll pour the powder in your cup and add hot water. After stirring the liquid for just 10 seconds, you’ll have a delicious cup of steaming coffee. This product is also great for mixing with whipped cream and other ingredients to make custom coffee drinks.

Country of Origin

Coffee enthusiasts often swear by beans that come from one country over another. If you pick up a can of instant coffee with a foreign or international name on the front, you might assume that it comes from another country. You should really read the label carefully though, especially if you want a product with a specific country of origin. This refers to both where the beans come from and where the company assembled the product. You will likely find some containers that use beans from South America. While the company sourced those beans from overseas, it then brewed the beans and freeze dried the coffee in the United States.

Though South American beans are quite popular, you will also find products made from African and Middle Eastern beans. A few instant products today now feature beans sourced from Indonesia and other Asian countries. If you have more experience with coffee, you might already know what type of beans you want. Those with less experience may want to sample a few different products before making a final decision. You can make the coffee with more or less water and taste the different brews to see what type of beans you prefer based on their country of origin.

How Does Country of Origin Affect the Taste?

Country of Origin - South American beans

Added Ingredients

You should always read the listing of ingredients on a canister of coffee carefully before you buy. Though many coffee enthusiasts assume that those containers feature freeze-dried coffee and little else, you might find yourself surprised at what other ingredients the company used. A common ingredient is something called chickory. This is a popular hot drink found in New Orleans and other parts of the south. It has a slightly spicy note that can linger on your tongue. Depending on the amount of chickory used, it can actually overpower the flavor of the coffee beans. If you choose one of these products, you’ll want to opt for those that feature no more than 30% chickory.

Other added ingredients can include artificial sweeteners. While those ingredients are safe for diabetics and others to consume, they can cause some potential side effects. You may find yourself using the bathroom more often after drinking a few cups because artificial sweeteners have a diuretic effect. Companies also use artificial flavors and ingredients that tone down the coffee flavor and amp up the other flavors. You might choose a mocha product that adds chocolate to the mix or an instant coffee powder that has a sweeter vanilla flavor.

Added Ingredients - wheat
Added Ingredients - husks
Added Ingredients - soybean
Added Ingredients - acai seed
Acai seed
Added Ingredients - brown sugar
Brown sugar
Added Ingredients - barley
Added Ingredients - rye
Added Ingredients - corn

Full Body Aroma

The smell of brewing coffee is something that anyone will instantly recognize. Whether you have an expensive espresso or a basic coffee pot, you know that the smell will move through your home and reach the noses of anyone there. While some assume that they can only get this aroma from freshly roasted beans or an expensive ground coffee, you can get the same scent from a can of instant coffee. We highly recommend that you consider the scent of the coffee in the can and after you mix it with water.

While you cannot smell instant coffee through your computer screen, you can check out the aroma for yourself when you order a few cans online. As soon as you remove the lid from the container, you should notice a rich and robust coffee scent hitting your nose. Most products have a plastic or a foil lid that you’ll peel off to access the coffee inside.

Once you begin mixing the coffee, let your nose take over. You should add the recommended amount of coffee powder and water to your cup. The best coffees will produce a rich aroma that lingers in the air as you stir.

Types of Scents You Might Smell

Full Body Aroma - vanilla
Full Body Aroma - dirt and grass
Dirt and grass
Full Body Aroma - chocolate

If you prefer packets of instant coffee over larger containers, this Mount Hagen product is the best option for you. This box comes with 25 individual serving packets of coffee. That box has a darker black outside that blocks out the light to help the coffee last longer. You can remove one packet at a time when brewing drinks at home, but you can also store a few packets at work or in your car. These packets are even small enough that you can take a few on vacation.

The beans used in this formula are pure Arabica beans that are 100% organic. Mount Hagen only works with farmers who agree to follow ecological regulations. They do not use pesticides or any other chemicals in or around the beans. The company also promises that it will not use any chemicals when it processes and brews the beans to make the instant coffee. This coffee is one of the only products on the market that meets the standards for Ecocert certification from the United States Department of Agriculture too. You can feel good about yourself and about the environment when drinking a cup made from these packets. The only issue is that some shoppers wanted more flavor from this product.

Does the Coffee Have a Good Balance?

The best way to find a good instant coffee is with a simple taste test. As you sip the coffee, you’ll want to check the flavor and the balance. The term flavor refers to all the notes that you can detect. Depending on the product that you try, you might pick out the full flavor of the coffee followed by some earthier or fruity notes. Some blends also have a hint of spice. The basic flavor will either taste full or weak. A weak flavor will put other notes up front and hide the coffee flavor behind those notes. Companies often do this when they choose cheaper beans or green beans. You should also drink the coffee in the same way you normally would, which may require the addition of cream and/or sugar.

It’s also important that you consider the overall balance of the coffee. You want all those notes and flavors to work together without one standing out from the pack. If you like the first sip but find that the aftertaste lingers on your tongue, you may want to try something different. We left some instant coffees off our list because they had a bitter or burnt aftertaste.

Tips for Blind Coffee Testing

A blind taste test lets you sample different types of coffee without brand loyalty getting in the way. If you love coffee from one company, you might find yourself picking its products over others that you actually like better. When you set up a blind taste test, you can use some of the following tips.
Does the Coffee Have a Good Balance

Body and Consistency

The next time that you sip a cup of coffee, think about the way the drink moves across your tongue and through your mouth. Have you ever hear someone say that a cup of coffee had legs it could stand on? This phrase refers to brews that have a thicker consistency. Instead of the coffee dancing over your taste buds and leaving behind a hit of flavor, you might feel like you just took a sip of motor oil. The consistency depends both on how you make the drink and the type of coffee that you use. That’s why it’s so important that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when making a cup.

Thin is one of the common adjectives that enthusiasts use when describing coffee. You may hear the word watery also. Those terms refer to coffees that have less body than others and a thinner consistency. Watery and thin coffees taste more like water than anything else and make it hard for you to taste the rich and bold flavors that you crave. You generally want a coffee that will move easily across your tongue and one with a full body that won’t overwhelm your taste buds.

How to Tone Down a Thick Coffee

Body and Consistency - hot water
Hot water
Body and Consistency - sugar
Body and Consistency - powder cream
Powder cream
Body and Consistency - milk

Does the Coffee Dissolve?

When you finish a cup of coffee, you expect to see a dark ring around the bottom of the cup. This occurs when the liquid pools around the edges and dries in place. You do not expect to see any granules from the coffee left at the bottom of the cup. As long as you use the right coffee maker, the filter inside will catch those granules and ensure that only the water comes through. The same is not true of instant coffees. The granules used in these products should dissolve with your water. When you buy the wrong product or type though, you may see some residue at the bottom of your cup.

We’ll go over some tips on making instant coffee in a later section. Those tips will help you make sure that the coffee completely dissolves in the water. Before trying any of our tips though, you can try making a cup for yourself. We recommend looking at how long you need to stir before the coffee dissolves and whether you see any bits left when you finish your cup. The best instant coffees will disappear when mixed with hot water for most drinks and cold water for iced coffee drinks.

Top Instant Coffee Brands

Nescafe is one of the top manufacturers of instant coffee and has a long history of making products that coffee drinkers love. Its Original Instant Coffee made our list as the best package deal because you actually get two containers that each hold seven-ounces. As it only takes one teaspoon to make a perfect cup, you can get dozens of cups out of each one. The jars use real glass though that can break during shipping. If you have an active home, you may want to move the coffee powder from the glass jars to plastic containers too.

This original formula features a blend of different beans that give the brewed coffee a rich and full flavor. The classic taste is perfect for those who want a straight cup of coffee and those who like adding sugar and cream. You can also use this powder to make your own iced drinks on a hot summer day. This coffee is water soluble and will dissolve completely when you mix it with hot or cold water. Though a handful of customers complained that the flavor was too weak, most of the reviews we found came from shoppers who loved the flavor as-is and when mixed with other ingredients.

Roast Type

Though you may need to read the label carefully, most manufacturers of coffee products will list the type of roast used on that label. That gives you an idea of how much time the beans spent roasting before becoming a power.

Light roast is a popular choice among those who think they don’t like coffee. These beans are in the roaster for less time, which allows the more natural flavor of the beans to come through. Light roasting retains more of the caffeine from the beans too.

On the other end of the spectrum is a dark roast. This refers to beans that spend the most amount of time roasting. These coffees are often dark and more bitter than other types.

You’ll also find other terms that describe the roasting process, including medium and medium-dark. Medium roast is the most common option available today. This process retains the natural flavor of the coffee but adds some bitter notes. If you prefer drinks that are a little darker, you’ll want a medium-dark roast. These beans roast longer to bring out their natural oils. While this flavor is darker and even a little bitter, it won’t have the acidic aftertaste of a lighter roast.

Roast Type

Are Dark Roasts Stronger?

A common misconception that some have is that they think darker roasts are stronger than lighter roasts. The term roast refers only to the process of roasting the coffee beans and not the strength of the flavor. Any coffee can have a stronger taste because you used more powder or less water.

How Much Caffeine Do You Need?

Many people drink coffee in the morning and later in the day because of the energy boost that it gives them. Most types of coffee contain some amount of caffeine. While you might get more from an energy drink, a simple cup can provide you with more energy than you would get from a can of soda. You really want to look at the number of milligrams of caffeine found in each cup. We recommend choosing a product with no more than 60 milligrams per cup.

It’s important that you think about how much powder you will use too. If you often add just a little more than the packaging recommends or you measure with a larger spoon, the amount of caffeine will differ from the number listed on the product.

Some people have an aversion to caffeine. It can make them feel nervous or cause an upset stomach. A small number of people even experience migraines. If you are one of those people, you should look for a decaf blend. While these instant coffees will still have a small amount of caffeine, the amount is drastically different. You may find that you can drink a cup in the middle of the day and still fall asleep easily at night.

What Flavors Can You Put in Instant Coffee?

How Much Caffeine Do You Need - Cinnamon
How Much Caffeine Do You Need - Vanilla extract
Vanilla extract
How Much Caffeine Do You Need - Nutmeg
How Much Caffeine Do You Need - Cocoa powder
Cocoa powder

Health Benefits of Instant Coffee

  • Less caffeine: Instant coffee has less caffeine than traditional coffee does. While it still serves as a pick me up in the middle of the day, it may not cause as many side effects.
  • Lose weight: Some studies found that drinking just one cup of coffee every day can help you lose weight. Coffee will boost your metabolism and help your body prepare to workout.
  • Prevent diabetes: If you have a family history of diabetes, you should try drinking coffee because it will reduce the risk of you developing this condition. It can also help those diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Doctors use this term to describe patients who show the early signs of the condition.
  • Improve your liver: Cancer is just one of the diseases that can affect the liver. To significantly reduce your risks of developing liver conditions, you should drink more coffee. This simple drink can improve the function and overall health of the organ.
  • Live longer and better: Drinking coffee can also help you live a longer and healthier life. A number of studies found that those who drink coffee are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia than their peers. You can drink just one cup daily to get the maximum benefits.

Coffee and Pregnancy

If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, you should limit your consumption of coffee. Doctors recommend that pregnant women avoid or cut back on their consumption of caffeine too. You may want to avoid coffee or stick to decaf when you’re nursing too.

If you prefer sweeter flavors to the sometimes bitter taste of coffee, you’ll prefer a flavored option such as this product from Maxwell House. Sold under the company’s International Cafe line, this coffee might make you feel like you’re in another country while sitting in your own kitchen. This canister comes with eight ounces of powder inside that can make up to 16 cups of coffee. You can also use a smaller amount of the powder in place of creamer with your coffee. The lid that snaps to the top blocks out air and helps the powder last longer too.

Though this product does feature two grams of fat and a small amount of sugar per serving, it has a nice flavor that many like. The vanilla hits your tongue first before the caramel kicks in to create a smoother aftertaste. You can amp up that caramel flavor with a squeeze of caramel sauce or with a little whipped cream added to the top of your cup. Though this blend does contain dairy, it is suitable for those on a kosher diet. If you aren’t a fan of the vanilla caramel flavor, you’ll find other blends available, including orange cafe and hazelnut cafe.

How to Make Instant Coffee

Depending on the machine or maker that you use, it can take 10 minutes or more to make a simple cup of coffee in the morning. If you have a machine that grinds and/or roasts the beans, this process will take even longer. Instant coffee is a faster alternative that can help you kick back and relax or get out of the door much faster. The best thing about using an instant product is that you only need some hot water.

To make the perfect cup, you’ll want to start with an empty cup. We recommend looking at the amount of coffee that the manufacturer says to use the first time you try it. You can also increase or decrease the amount that you use in the future to get the flavor that you want.

Before adding any water, you will place the coffee powder in the bottom of the cup. You can then pour the recommended amount of water into the cup. After adding enough water, stir the mixture carefully with a spoon to make sure that the powder dissolves into the liquid. You can then add anything else you want to your coffee, including spices or a dairy product.

Tips for Making Sure the Coffee Dissolves

How to Make Instant Coffee

Tips for Making Instant Coffee Taste Better

  • Change your water: If you have hard water or water that tastes funky, try using bottled or filtered water when making a cup of instant coffee. Any foul smells or odors in your water will mask the flavor of the coffee.
  • Use cold water first: Before adding boiling hot water to your cup, add a little cold water. You can then mix the powder with that water to make sure that it completely dissolves before adding the hot water.
  • Add a dash of cocoa powder: A mocha is a popular drink that mixes coffee and cocoa. This is also a simple drink that you can make at home. Once you add instant coffee to the mug, add a dash of cocoa powder. You can add more or less cocoa based on how much of a chocolate flavor you want.
  • Use butter and cream: Those who follow a keto diet often use butter in their coffee because it gives the drink a richer flavor. You can try the same method at home to cut the bitterness of an instant product. We recommend using a small pat of butter with a dash of cream.
  • Choose alcohol: You can also make your own alcoholic drink with any of your favorite alcohols. Those with a coffee flavor work especially well. The alcohol brings out the richness of the coffee and mellows out the bitter taste.

How to Make Iced Drinks with Instant Coffee

Iced coffee is a delicious drink that will taste amazing on a hot day. All you need to make one yourself is some instant coffee and water. You can follow the same steps you would to make hot coffee but double the recipe to make more of the liquid. Pour half the liquid into ice cube trays that you place in the freezer before placing the rest in your refrigerator. When it comes time to make a drink, fill a glass with some of the frozen ice cubes before topping with the cold liquid. As the cubes melt, they won’t water down the coffee the way ordinary ice cubes can.

Tips for Making Instant Coffee Taste Better

How to Store Coffee

The best way to store instant coffee is in the original container. Manufacturers make these containers specifically for those grounds. Most have a screw-on lid that blocks out odors and extends the life of the coffee. If you worry about keeping a glass container around your kids or pets though, you can transfer the coffee to a new canister. While glass is really the best, you can also use plastic. You should keep in mind that plastic can absorb the odor of the coffee though. Even if you clean it later, there’s no guarantee that the scent won’t transfer onto anything else stored inside.

No matter what you store the coffee in, you must choose the right place to keep it in your home. The best spot is anywhere that is both cool and dry. It’s often helpful to store it a cabinet close to your microwave or kettle. When you want to make a cup, you can easily find the coffee. You can keep powdered creamers and sugars nearby too. Instant coffee will last for at least two years when properly stored. If you leave the container sealed, it can last for a decade or more in a cool and dry spot.

Can You Store Leftover Mixed Coffee?

If you make a large batch of instant coffee in the morning and don’t finish it all, you can store the leftovers for later. You’ll want to use an airtight container that blocks air from getting inside and preserves the freshness of the coffee. Though the coffee will last for a few days, its flavor will change as it sits.
How to Store Coffee

Cooking Ideas for Using Instant Coffee

  • Meat rub: As instant coffee breaks down when exposed to moisture, it’s a great ingredient to use in a custom meat rub. You can mix and match all your favorite herbs and seasonings together in a bowl. Once you pat the meat dry, add a sprinkle of the mixture and massage it into the meat.
  • Add to chocolate desserts: When added to any chocolate dessert, the coffee will add a depth of flavor that you cannot get from anything else. It usually only takes around a teaspoon of the powder. You can add to your wet ingredients to make sure it dissolves before stirring into your batter.
  • Create a mocha gravy: Chocolate gravy is a popular dessert served in the south. You make it in the same way that you would a savory gravy but add cocoa powder to the mixture. To give the gravy a deeper and richer flavor, you can add one or two teaspoons of instant coffee.
  • Make delicious chili: You can also add the instant coffee powder to your next batch of chili. It adds a subtle flavor to the background that your family will love. Instant coffee works well in most soups and stews too.
  • Glaze meats: Coffee powder also works great as part of a meat glaze or a barbecue sauce. You can mix all your ingredients together before adding a teaspoon of the powder.

Desserts and Sweet Treats Made with Instant Coffee

Cooking Ideas for Using Instant Coffee - ice cream
Ice cream
Cooking Ideas for Using Instant Coffee - brownie
Cooking Ideas for Using Instant Coffee - fudge
Cooking Ideas for Using Instant Coffee - cake
Cooking Ideas for Using Instant Coffee - frosting

Unusual Uses for Instant Coffee

  • Candle additive: If you have a candle that doesn’t smell quite as nice as you expected, you can shake things up with a little coffee powder. Simply shake a small amount of the powder around the top of the candle. As it melts and the wax burns down, the heat from the flame will send the coffee smell throughout your home.
  • Paint: You can let your kids show off their artistic sides with paint made from instant coffee. To make different shades of brown, mix different amounts of coffee powder with water. This project may even help you save money because cheaper instant coffees cost less than some paints do.
  • Get rid of odors: Old leftovers and anything else stored in your refrigerator can make the inside smell bad and make any food inside taste even worse. A good way to eliminate those odors is with some coffee powder. You can fill a small bowl with the powder and place it inside on an open shelf. The powder will slowly absorb those bad smells.
  • Save plants: Instant coffee can also save some of the plants you keep around your house. You’ll mix the powder with cool water to form a thin liquid that you pour right onto the dirt around the plants. This mixture will help the plants absorb more nutrients from the soil.

Other Unique Ways to Use Powdered Coffee

Unusual Uses for Instant Coffee - control your cat
Control your cat
Unusual Uses for Instant Coffee - hair die
Hair die
Unusual Uses for Instant Coffee - bath bomb
Bath bomb

Tips for Removing Coffee Stains

No matter how much you love the taste of instant coffee, you won’t love the stains that it leaves behind on your clothing. If you get to the stain quickly, you can remove it with running water. You’ll turn the garment inside out and run the item right under the faucet. The cold water will push out the liquid that caused the stain. You can also use dish soap or laundry detergent, but you’ll want to completely coat the stain with the soap and let it sit for several hours before running it through your washer on a cold setting.

Instant coffee can leave behind stains on mugs and cups as well as on your counters too. One of the best ways to remove those stains is with ordinary table salt. We recommend sprinkling the salt on the stain and then using a sponge to work it into the coffee ring. If this remedy doesn’t work, you can add distilled white vinegar to the salt and work this paste into the stain. Some claim that a beaten egg works well too. For this remedy, you’ll apply the mixed egg to the stain and rub it around. When you apply some clean water, the stain should disappear.

Tips for Using a Steam Basket

Tips for Removing Coffee Stains

How Much Does Instant Coffee Cost?

Buying a bag of ordinary coffee beans from the grocery store can set you back $10 or more. While the packaging might make it seem like there is a lot of coffee inside, you’ll get much less than you expected when you grind those beans down. Instant coffee comes already roasted and ground, which can help you save some money. The packaging will tell you exactly how much of the granules come inside and how many servings you will get from the container.

Instant coffee manufacturers offer these packages in a range of different prices. You can get a simple glass jar for around $10 and have enough coffee for a month or more. Maxwell House, which offers some unique and delicious flavors, sells most of its products for less than $5. Even if you buy a larger container, you can get an instant product for $20 or less.

To really save money, we recommend looking at the unit price too. This tells you exactly how much one ounce of the coffee will cost. While you might spend more on whole coffee beans, you can get a good instant product for $.50 to $1 per ounce. You can also compare the average serving size to the total cost of the product.

Average Prices on the Best Instant Coffees

Frequently Asked Questions

A: You cannot use instant coffee in a coffee maker because the granules are so fine. The hot water runs so quickly over the powder that it will not extract all the flavor that you want. If you need to make a cup in a hurry though, you can use the coffee maker to brew hot water. You’ll then mix that water with the coffee.

A: When making hot coffee from an instant powder, you’ll want to use boiling hot water. You should make sure that the water is the same temperature as the coffee you want to drink. Though many people use a kettle or a coffee pot to get their water hot, you can also use water you heated up in the microwave.

A: One of the best drinks you can make with instant coffee is a cappuccino, but you might worry about how you can get that frothed milk on top without a specialized tool. As long as you have an airtight container, you can froth milk at home. You will pour the milk into the container and snap the lid on top. As you keep both hands on the container, give it a vigorous shake until the milk reaches the consistency that you want.

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