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UPDATED June 2024

You can capture video and flies the friendly skies with one of the best drones of 2024. Our shopping guide includes all the best drones out there.

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Thanks to its altitude hold, this drone will hover in the air to let you capture multiple photos or videos. You can easily control this model with an app that runs on your phone.


You can use your own phone to control this drone and see exactly where it goes and everything it does on your screen. It has a convenient size that many like too.


This model does not come with an instructional manual, which makes using it hard. Some shoppers had concerns regarding the phone app that controls it.


With more features than most other drones, this is a top choice for professional shoppers. It’s suitable for those who want to increase their security and those who want to take photos.


The camera on this model takes clearer photos than any smartphone can. It features built-in sensors that detect hazards and obstacles nearby to keep the drone from crashing.


Retailing for more than $1,000, this is a professional model that might not fit your budget. Some users had problems understanding the included instructions.


As one of the lightest drones available, the Bebop 2 is easier to fly than others. It comes with FPV goggles that you can wear to immerse yourself in a new flight.


Parrot pulls you into the action with a pair of goggles that work with this drone as it flies. You’ll also get a controller that features joysticks and conveniently located buttons.


Some customers had issues with the service offered by the manufacturer. Others had problems actually getting the drone to fly.


With a variety of automatic settings, this is a great drone for kids and other beginners. Though it will connect to a smartphone, it comes with a separate controller that lets you fly without using your phone.


This quadcopter features a 720P camera that will take all the great shots you want. It also features guards that protect the propellers and lights for flying at night.


The 818 only has a battery life of around 15 minutes. Some customers found that their models veered off their plans and crashed into obstacles.


One of the best models for those just starting out is this quadcopter drone that is easy to use. It comes with a basic camera and a battery with a 15-minute run time.


With a 720P camera, this affordable drone takes both photos and videos with one press of a button. As it’s compatible with VR headsets, you can immerse yourself in a flight too.


As this is a cheaper model, it might not have all the features that you want. It is not compatible with all phones or phone operating systems either.

Shopping Guide for the Best Drones

It wasn’t that long ago that only a handful of surveyors and other professionals used drones. As companies such as Amazon decided to use these flying machines, more hobbyists began using them too. You can now find small drones that fit in your pocket and larger models with built-in cameras. The best drone for 2024 that you’ll want to buy really depends on what you want out of one and how you plan on using the gadget. We worked hard to find the best drones of 2024 that will fit any budget. You’ll find cheaper models for beginners and kids and models designed for pros. The top drones for 2024 come in different styles too. There are some called ready to fly drones, which means that you can pop in the battery after taking the machine out of the box and get it up in the air in minutes.

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Other models require that you customize the drone before you fly it. There are even some models that you will need to put together first and others that are compatible with a range of different accessories. By the time you reach the end of our drone shopping guide, you’ll have no problem finding the ultimate drone for you.

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Selection Criteria

A drone is essentially a flying machine that you can control with your smartphone or an included controller. The cheapest models are incredibly small in size and can fit in a pocket or the palm of your hand. These drones do not have a camera and have a battery that will last for as little as five to 10 minutes. You can spend more on a model with a built-in camera that will fly for longer. Once you get into the professional model range, you’ll find even more features as well as larger and more intricate cameras. As there are so many options available to you, you may have a hard time deciding which drone to bring home. That is when our shopping guide to the best drones will come in handy.

We spent dozens of hours comparing models and doing research into what customers, professionals and experts think. After picking more than 20 drones to look at in more detail, we narrowed down that list to include just the five best drones for 2024. Our list includes those with good average reviews and high ratings from customers on Amazon and those with the best features, including a high-definition camera and long flight time.

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Types of Drones

If you have little experience with drones, you might think that this term describes all types. You might hear the term professional and assume that you shouldn’t buy one unless you plan on using it for work. The truth is that anyone can use a professional model. You might use one to check the area around your home when you hear a noise in the middle of the night or to see who knocks on your door in the middle of the day. Before you focus your search on professional drones though, you should consider the different types that you can buy.

Multirotor Drone

One of the more common types that you can buy is a multirotor drone, which is a flying machine that has more than one rotor. Most of these models do not come with a control screen because you’ll connect your smartphone to the drone. This helps keep the price down and gives you access to more features without spending a lot of money. Multirotor models may not have the extended flight time that you need though. As they are small in size, most will only fly for 30 minutes at a time before the battery runs out.

Helicopter Drone

In the same way that you can buy RC vehicles that look like any type of vehicle, you can also buy drones that look like any type of aircraft. Some hobbyists with more experience prefer using a helicopter model. These drones feature a single rotor placed on the top with the body below. This rotor spins at a high rate to lift the drone off the ground and move it through the air. There are some downsides to these models though, including their high cost and safety concerns. That spinning rotor can slice through almost anything it comes into contact with such as your own hand.

Fixed Wing Drone

With a multirotor drone, you’ll notice individual motors placed around the edges. A fixed wing drone has a completely different design. These models actually look like miniature airplanes. It has fixed wings on each side that help the device cut through the air and stay afloat. You’ll need to spend more time reading the instructions before using one of these drones though. Most come with a controller that looks like a tablet, which features a number of buttons that correspond to different features. Fixed wing drones can fly for longer though but will cost more.

Hybrid Drone

A few companies make hybrid drones, which combine a fixed wing model with a multirotor design. These drones have multiple rotors placed beneath fixed wings on the top. Those wings help the drones remain aerodynamic, but the rotors provide the speed that the drones need. Amazon actually uses this type to deliver orders to customers in select cities. Even if you have experience flying drones, you may have some issues using one of these models. They are often heavier than other types, which can make taking off and landing more difficult than you expected.

Types of Drones - 1
Types of Drones - 2
Types of Drones - 3
Types of Drones - 4

As a quadcopter, this Holy Stone drone has four separate motors that all work together to get the drone as high as you need it. It features a high-definition 720P camera that captures brilliant and clear photos, but that camera can also capture videos. Those who have less experience will like the altitude hold feature, which allows the drone to hover at a specific height. Even if you never used a drone before, you can easily control this one and make it both fly and hover.

This model also features a mode that makes it return right back to you at the end of a flight, even if you aren’t sure where it is.

Designed to work with different types of smartphones, this drone is compatible with an app that you can download to your phone. You will then open the app on your phone and see everything on your screen that its built-in camera sees. The included controller has a clip that holds your phone in place as you move the joysticks. Thanks to LED lighting, you can use this drone at night too. Those lights come on to illuminate the area around the drone. This model is the best for beginners.

What Can You Do With a Drone?

Amazon was one of the first companies to announce that it would use drones to deliver items bought online. Depending on where you live, you might see drones coming directly from the warehouse and dropping packages off on your front door. Hobbyists like using drones too. Some even switched from running RC cars on tracks to flying drones through the sky. There are even a few competitions that let you race your drones against others. Before you spend a few hundred dollars on one of these gadgets though, you may want to look at what you can actually do with one.

Perform Tricks

A common reason why some shoppers buy drones is that they want to do aerial tricks. With the right gadget, you can make it spin and do loops in the sky or tell it to dive as close to the ground as possible before pulling back and flying through the air. If you want one that lets you do tricks but don’t have much experience, you might consider one with a built-in trick feature. These drones let you select this feature on your screen. The drone will then perform the trick for you without requiring that you keep your eyes on it.

Take Pictures and Videos

Surveyors and construction companies were among the first to use drones for professional uses. They used these little gadgets to take photos of hard to reach spots and to get a good view of a large area of land. You can use a drone yourself to take photos and videos. This gives you a great way to take images of a large event such as an outdoor charity concert or a big family reunion. You can even use one to take some unique shots of a wedding or an anniversary party.

Race Others

Have you ever wished that you could compete against others and see how good your skills actually are? Hobby shops and flying organizations across the country now give you the chance to compete it aerial races. You can actually put your drone up against others and race through a designated course or path to see how your skills compare. Some events actually ask you to do different things in the middle of the race such as looping under an obstacle and taking a photo before returning back to the starting point. Most events are only open to certain types or sizes of drones.


When someone rings your doorbell in the middle of the night or you hear a noise outside, you might feel your heart race and wonder if you should call the police. While checking those noises out for yourself can be quite dangerous, you can use a drone to see what happened or who is there before deciding whether to call for help. Surveillance professionals use drones to inspect large pieces of property and to check on the safety and security of others too. You’ll find a range of different ways to use your drone around your home.

What Can You Do With a Drone - straight
Straight View
What Can You Do With a Drone - arial
Aerial View

Indoor vs. Outdoor Use

Though you might think that you can use one drone to practice inside your home before heading outside, most are only suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Those designed for indoor use usually feature cheaper pieces and are much lighter. They are also much smaller in size than those designed for outdoor use. If you take one outside, an updraft can catch that drone and send it shooting through the sky before slamming it into the ground. You might damage the drone to the point that you can no longer use it after just one trip outside.

While an indoor model is suitable for kids or those who just want to fly around their homes, outdoor models give you more freedom. You can practice in the middle of your backyard or on your driveway before heading to a local park or your favorite outdoor space. Drones designed for outdoor use are both larger and heavier than indoor models. That extra weight and size keep blowing air from sending the drones off course and helps you compensate for any weather conditions. Many of the top drones designed for outdoor use allow you to fly and play in the rain or the snow.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Use - indoor
Indoor Use
Indoor vs. Outdoor Use - outdoor
Outdoor Use

Flight Time

Real airplanes can fly thousands of miles or more based on the amount of fuel in their tanks. Drones that look like airplanes and other aircraft will not fly nearly as far. The cheapest models that you can use inside your home may run for just five minutes before the battery dies. If you don’t keep an eye on that battery, the drone can actually run out of power in the middle of a flight and crash straight down onto the ground. While some assume that battery life really doesn’t matter because they also purchase extra batteries, changing them can be a hassle. If you’re in the middle of a flight, you don’t want to call the drone back just to swap out the battery.

Flight Time - WITH TEXT

Most of the drones available today for hobbyists have a battery life of around 10 minutes. You might find one that runs for up to 15 or even 20 minutes. Professional models generally have a longer battery life because the manufacturers know that users may need to send the drones out a far distance. Depending on how much you want to spend, you might get lucky and find a drone that will run for 30 minutes or more.

The Phantom Pro 4 from DJI is one of the leading professional drones out there. We highly recommend this model for professional photographers and anyone who works in security. Its 20MP camera takes clear and bright photos that let you see every detail in an image. The manufacturer mounted that camera in the exact center of the drone to help it maintain a nice balance. This is also one of the only models with sensing capabilities. It actually spots any obstacles or hazards in the way and lets you know what you need to do to avoid those obstacles. This will help you keep the drone in the air and keep it from crashing to the ground.

Instead of requiring that you use your phone, the Phantom 4 Pro comes with its own controller, which looks like a small tablet. This controller uses bright colors and has a clear display to help you remain on top of things. You can use a standard route that has the drone flying in a straight line, but it also has a custom route option that lets you build your own path. As this is one of the more complicated models, it may take some time before you feel comfortable flying it.

How Much Range Do You Need?

Manufacturers use the word range to tell you how far away from the drone you can stand and still use it. Basic models may have a range of just 10 meters. This means that you’ll need to sit or stand closer to the drone as you use your phone or a controller. Drones designed for kids and beginners typically have a maximum range of around 100 to 110 yards. A shorter range is helpful for beginners because it lets you keep an eye on the drone and watch for any obstacles or hazards that might cause problems. An errant tree limb can do some serious damage to a small drone.

How Much Range Do You Need

You may want to spend more on a drone with a longer range. Some pro models have a range of several miles or more. If you need to survey an area before sending in a construction crew, you can go deep into the area and look for any possible problems before they begin working. If you are a hobbyist and just want to have some fun with a drone, you can pick one with a shorter range. When you want to go deeper into the woods or any other area, you can simply take a few steps forward and let your drone go further.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Camera Drone

Despite what you might think about drones, not all models come with a camera. Some actually feature a flat bottom that moves more aerodynamically through the air. If you do want one with a camera, there are a few things you should consider.

  • Removable: You should find out if you can remove the camera from the drone before you buy. A removable camera let you take it off when you want to race or practice some tricks. You can pop the camera back on to take photos later. Removing the camera will also reduce the weight of the drone.
  • Pixels: No matter what you want to take pictures of, you should look at the megapixels of the camera. Cheaper models may have just a five-megapixel camera, but some of the more expensive options have a camera with a rating of 12 megapixels or more. Professional drones typically come with a better camera than hobbyist models do.
  • High-definition: If you want to shoot clear videos that you can share with others, you should look for a high-definition camera. This type of camera will shoot videos that let you see every element in the photo. We recommend drones that come with at least a 720P high-definition camera.

Expert Tip

When racing or when you want to extend your flight time, take the camera off if possible. This will lower the weight of the drone and make the battery last longer.
Factors to Consider When Choosing a Camera Drone

Beginners Need a Headless Mode

Flying a drone might sound easy until you actually have one in front of you. The head of the drone refers to the part of the drone that faces directly out in front of the machine. When you move the sticks to the left or the right, the drone will move in that same direction. That is because the drone follows the same path that you can see in front of you. A major problem occurs when you decide to bring the drone back to you. This causes the machine to turn itself around. The head or front will now face you instead of facing ahead of you.

Beginners Need a Headless Mode

When you move the sticks, the drone will move in the opposite direction. This can be a little confusing, which is why we recommend that beginners look for drones with a headless mode.

This is a mode that essentially removes the head of the drone. No matter what direction it flies in, you can use the arrows or the joysticks on your controller or phone to tell the drone where to go. When you move the stick or arrow to the right, the drone will always move to the right. This feature makes drones easier for beginners to use.

The Bebop 2 FPV from Parrot comes with a headset that functions as a pair of goggles to immerse you in a flight. This headset features an adjustable band that creates a more comfortable fit on your head. It also does a good job of blocking out any light nearby to help you focus solely on your flight. The headset is compatible with most smartphones too. Once you download the app designed by Parrot, it’s time for lift off. You can use that app to get the drone off the ground and send it soaring through the sky. That same app also lets you take photos with the built-in camera that records in high-definition.

Many shoppers like the Follow Me feature, which uses the GPS on your phone and sends a signal to the drone. No matter where you go, the drone will use that signal to follow along with you. This is one of the three features that you’ll pay extra to use. The included battery lasts for up to 25 minutes, but you can purchase a separate battery to go even further. Parrot offers this drone in several colors and offers multiple accessories that you can use with the Bebop 2 FPV.

Does the Drone Come With Any Accessories?

You may want to consider drones that come with some added accessories and those that work with accessories you purchase separately. Those accessories can include:

  • Bags: Bags and cases aren’t just for those who fly their drones outside. You can use one of these bags to store your drone inside a closet or anywhere else you want to in your home. It keeps the drone and any other accessories or parts safe from damage and dust. You’ll find both hard cases and soft bags.
  • Replacement parts: No matter how confident you feel taking to the skies, you cannot compensate for all the dangers and hazards that you encounter. Some companies now include replacement parts with their drones because they know that you might break a few pieces. This helps you save money on the cost of fixing your drone and get back into the sky faster.
  • Battery and charger: You should never buy any drone unless it comes with both a battery and a charger. A few companies include two batteries, which will let you keep one fully charged and keep the other in your drone. You may want to invest in a separate charger that you can use away from home too.
Does the Drone Come With Any Accessories - hard case
Hard Case
Does the Drone Come With Any Accessories - soft case
Soft Case

Return Home Button

Depending on the range of your drone, you might not care if it has a return home button. Those with a shorter range never get too far away from you. No matter where you stand in your home or outside, you can see the drone and easily move it back towards you. Those with an extended range can often move out of your sight line.

Return Home Button

Even if you have a camera that shows you what the drone sees on a separate screen, you may have a difficult time figuring out how to get the drone back. Those with a return home button make it much easier for you to find and see your drone.

One thing you want to consider is how this feature works. Drones with this feature will use GPS satellites and find your current location based on a chip inside your phone or the controller. Cheaper models will simply send the drone rushing back to you without any regards to obstacles along the way. Some of the more expensive models have a built-in warning system that alerts the drone of obstacles such as people or low tree branches. The drone will avoid those obstacles and return back to you in one piece.

Benefits of Simulator Apps

Many of the drones available today come with a simulator app that allows you to try out the gadget before you actually take to the skies. You’ll download the app to your phone or controller and open it. The app will then show you a virtual world and ask you to press different buttons to move a digital version of the drone around that screen. Simulation apps have some great benefits, including:

  • You can learn how all the buttons work and what each one does before you ever take out your done.
  • The app lets you choose from different simulations to try out the drone in an area filled with obstacles or an area that looks like your own yard.
  • You can practice getting the drone off the ground and back down again to make sure that you can handle using your own drone without crashing it.
  • Some apps will provide you with extra information to test your skills, such as different temperatures or wind speeds. You can see how well you do in all types of conditions before taking out your drone.
  • You can cut down on accidents and crashes because the app lets you improve your skills and feel comfortable running a drone before you actually put one in the air.


Though some manufacturers mention a simulation app in their product descriptions, you’ll need to pay extra to use that app. UAV Pilot is an app that is compatible with most drones, which costs $39.99 to download and use.
Benefits of Simulator Apps

If you find yourself confused about how to fly a drone, you’ll like the 818 Hornet from Altair because it features loads of automatic features. Those features let you tell the drone what you want it to do and watch as it follows your instructions. The headless mode lets you keep track of the drone, even if you cannot see it. When you use this feature, the drone will come right back to you at the end of a flight. You’ll also like that you can press just one button to tell the drone to take off. With one more press, you can tell the drone to land.

This model features a landing gear placed higher off the ground to keep it from hitting objects. It also has LED lights that you can turn on to fly and take photos at night. Whether you want to capture moving pictures or still shots, the 720P camera will take the clear images that you want. We also like that you can use this model with or without a smartphone. Though it’s compatible with most phones and lets you connect that device to the drone, you can use the included controller to take flight without keeping your phone on you.

Obstacle Avoidance

No matter how confident or comfortable you feel when taking a drone up into the air, you never know what you might encounter as you fly. Depending on the type that you buy, you might keep your eyes peeled for obstacles or use the on-screen camera to see what the drone moves past. Any type of obstacle or hazard that your drone encounters can result in some significant damage. Let’s say that you don’t notice a squirrel jumping from one tree branch to another. That small animal can hit the drone and send it skyrocketing through the air and onto the ground.

If you want to protect your drone from all types of damage, you should really look for one with an obstacle avoidance feature. Many companies now offer this type of feature. Not only does it make note of any obstacles that can cause damage, but it keeps track of those obstacles for future reference. When the drone comes back to you, it will remember those obstacles and know how to avoid each one. Some companies even offer an autopilot feature. This lets you tell the drone to come back and turn off the controls without worrying that it might crash into something on its path.

If you want to protect your drone from all types of damage, you should really look for one with an obstacle avoidance feature. Many companies now offer this type of feature. Not only does it make note of any obstacles that can cause damage, but it keeps track of those obstacles for future reference. When the drone comes back to you, it will remember those obstacles and know how to avoid each one. Some companies even offer an autopilot feature. This lets you tell the drone to come back and turn off the controls without worrying that it might crash into something on its path.

Follow Me Mode

One issue that can occur when you buy the wrong drone is that you can’t use it the way you wanted. Let’s say that you love boating and want a drone that you can send out over the water to capture some of the beauty around you before snapping pics with your friends. Anyone who loves outdoor activities of this type should look for a drone with a follow me feature. This is essentially a feature that tells the drone to follow you anywhere you go. It works with GPS satellites and chips that identify your current location. As long as you use this mode, the drone will stay within a short distance from you.

With a follow me mode, you no longer need to keep your hand on the controller at all times. You can actually enter the mode before you set off and then put the controller in your pocket without worrying about where the drone will go. This feature is great for hikers and campers as well as mountain bikers. When you take a break in the middle of your journey, you can access the controller and use the drone to check out the path ahead of you or to take some quick picks before heading off again.

Insider Tip

Before buying a new drone with a follow me feature, check customer reviews to see what they thought about this mode. Some models do not work as well as others. You may find that the drone tends to veer off or move too far away from you.

Features of an Intelligent Flight Mode

  • Points of interests: A fun feature found on some models with an intelligent flight mode is a point of interest setting. This setting uses GPS and shows you some of the popular points or areas near you. You can tell the drone to stop by those points, but you can also input any other stops you want it to make.
  • Lock to home: With this feature, you can lock the drone to a home point or location. Even if you move around or change positions, it will always return back to the same spot. This feature will also lock the drone so that no matter which direction it faces, you can always use the same controls to make it move in the same way.
  • Waypoints: If you want to take photos without worrying about where the drone goes, you’ll want one with this feature. You can set a starting point and an ending point. The drone will follow this set course automatically, which lets you focus on what you see on your screen.
  • Course lock: You’ll also find some drones with a course lock feature. This allows you to set a course after the drone is in the sky and lets you take note of any obstacles or other things that you want to avoid. You can use this feature to set a specific course or path for the drone to follow.

What is a Quadcopter?

A quadcopter is a type of multirotor drone that features four rotors evenly spaced across the bottom of the machine. Most quadcopters put a rotor in each corner. Other models can feature two to eight rotors.
Features of an Intelligent Flight Mode

The best drone for kids and those with no experience is this quadcopter drone from Tello. It’s also one of the most affordable drones that we found. This quadcopter helps you learn the basics of using and flying a drone and allows you to try out some tricks before you spend more on an expensive model. It features a built-in five-megapixel camera that takes nice photos. This camera also captures videos at 720P. Once you learn how to use it, you can get the drone up to 10 meters off the ground and fly it up to 100 meters away from your current position.

One feature we really like is the Throw and Go option, which lets you literally toss the drone in the air and watch it take flight. It also has a bounce mode that causes the drone to move up and down in a bouncing motion. You can also use a trick mode to tell the drone to roll around in the sky. Though this model uses plastic parts, those pieces can hold up to frequent use and won’t break if the drone hits the ground or any obstacle. The software app designed by Tello lets you connect other accessories and customize your drone.

Is it Compatible With Your Phone?

Some drones come with a separate controller, but others will use your smartphone as a controller. If you buy one to use with your phone, you should make sure that the two devices are compatible. As we looked at some of the top drones, we found that older models typically only work with older phones and those using an older operating system. If you try to download and run the associated app, you’ll find that it either doesn’t work on your phone or that it has a number of glitches that keep your drone from running smoothly. Manufacturers will typically tell in the drone description what phones and operating systems you can use with that app.

Another thing you’ll want to consider if how the phone mounts onto the controller or an included attachment. Most give you a small controller with joysticks and buttons. This controller has a clip on the top that holds your phone in place. If this clip is too small, you risk knocking your phone off and watching it shatter when it hits the ground. It’s important that you consider the size of the controller too. Controllers that are significantly smaller than your phone will not provide as much support as you need.

How to Connect Your Drone to Another Device

One of the biggest benefits of using a drone is that it lets you take photos and videos that you couldn’t otherwise capture. If you want to connect the drone to a smartphone or a tablet, you can either use WiFi or a Bluetooth connection. For a WiFi connection, you need to enter the settings on your device and look for your drone in the connections listed. You can click on the name of the drone to force a connection between the two devices. To connect your drone to your device via Bluetooth, you can use a similar method. We recommend making sure that the drone uses a newer form of Bluetooth first though.

Before you can set up a connection though, you must download the app designed by the drone manufacturer. Most drones come with an instructional manual that includes a link to the app. You may need to visit the manufacturer’s website and find the app that works with your drone though. If you have a cloud account, you can link that to the drone too. As you take photos, it will send copies to your cloud storage method, which you can access on your phone or tablet later to share with others.

Common Reasons You May Have Problems Forming a Connection

How to Connect Your Drone to Another Device - download
How to Connect Your Drone to Another Device - bluetooth
How to Connect Your Drone to Another Device - distance
How to Connect Your Drone to Another Device - wifi
How to Connect Your Drone to Another Device - connection

Safety Tips for Flying Your Drone

  • Avoid moving hazards: Though you might dream about flying your new drone in the park and watching people stop and stare with envy, you should avoid flying your drone in any spot where there are moving hazards, including pets or kids. You never know when you might lose control and watch the drone hit someone.
  • Consider your neighbors: When flying and practicing at home, you should really consider your neighbors and anyone else nearby. Some drones are so loud that they can sound like small aircraft. If you aren’t sure how much disruption you’ll cause, you should let others know before you take flight.
  • Inspect the rotors: No matter where you fly, you should always inspect the rotors before liftoff. Any loose parts can cause the drone to run unevenly, which will cause it to crash. You’ll also want to look for any other parts that might break or snap off during the flight.
  • Keep your eye on the prize: While some drones have an extended range that allows them to fly miles away from you, you’ll want to keep the drone close, especially when you first start out. As long as you can see the drone, you can also see any objects that might damage it or any people/animals that it can hit.
Safety Tips for Flying Your Drone

What Not to do With a Drone

  • Take commercial photos and/or videos: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) prohibits individuals from using drones to take photos or videos that will benefit their companies. This includes real estate agents who take pictures of homes they want to list and shoppers who use drones to take videos of properties for sale.
  • Fly higher in the air: The FAA also bans drones from flying more than 400 feet above the ground. This government agency wants to protect the commercial airlines that fly today and the helicopters that medical facilities use. Most models designed for hobbyists will not reach these heights.
  • Reach restricted places: Many cities and states have restricted areas that planes and other aircraft cannot go over or through. This can include local airports that handle a lot of traffic and government buildings such as the White House. You actually face high fines for entering a restricted airspace with a drone.
  • Skip registering: If you have a drone that weighs more than 8.8 ounces, you must register it with the FAA. Though hobbyist models often weigh less, larger models with an attached camera can weigh more than this amount. You’ll need to register your drone with the FAA and pay a fee.


If you need to register your drone with the FAA and do not, you may face some civil and criminal penalties and fines. The FAA can charge you a fine of up to $27,500 in a civil case and up to $250,000 for a criminal charge.
What Not to do With a Drone

Places You Cannot Fly a Drone

Before you buy a drone, you might imagine yourself going anywhere and everywhere you want. Many people do not realize that some cities and states have laws in place that prohibit the use of drones. You’ll also find other areas in addition to restricted airspace areas where you cannot fly.

  • National parks: You cannot fly a drone or use a drone to take photos in any national park in the United States. If caught, the National Parks Service (NPS) can sentence you to up to six months of incarceration and a fine of up to $5,000. The NPS caught and convicted multiple tourists of using drones in its parks over the years.
  • Wilderness areas: Wilderness areas in the United States have laws in place that forbid the use of any motorized device, which now includes drones. Those devices can disrupt the wild animals living in those areas and damage some of the natural plant life.
  • National forests: Before visiting any natural forest, you should check the rules before taking your drone. While some forests allow the use of drones, others ban these devices and charge the same penalties as the NPS does.
  • Private property: Federal law makes accessing private properties in any way a crime. This can include flying your drone into your neighbor’s backyard or using your drone to peek in the windows of a nearby home.

States With Drone Laws on the Books

Average Prices for Drones Today

Whether you shop online or in a local big box store, you’ll find that drones come in a wide range of prices. In the same way that manufacturers once offered affordable and more expensive remote control cars, they now offer cheaper and more expensive drones. You can actually pick one up for less than $20, though we wouldn’t recommend those models for most shoppers. Unless you spend at least $80 to $100 on one, you won’t get the battery life or the features that you need. Even those that retail for around $100 may come with a battery that only gives you 15 to 20 minutes of flying power.

Those designed for hobbyists can retail for as much as $500 to $600. Hobbyists love flying drones around as they take photos and videos. Most models in this price range will feature automatic settings and durable parts that last longer. You might get up to 30 minutes of flying time too. The most expensive drones we found sell for $1,000 or more and are professional models. Some use this as part of a surveillance or security system. Professional photographers and artists also use the more expensive drones to capture still images and videos.

How Much Do the Top Five Drones Cost?

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The word gimbal describes the mounting process used to secure the camera to the base of the drone. Some models come with a built-in camera that you cannot take off, but others have a removable camera. If you want to avoid taking shaky videos or blurry photos, you should look for a drone with a permanently attached camera. You can also purchase mounting kits that let you attach a camera to almost any type of drone.

A: While you can race against friends and neighbors with any type of drone, you’ll want to invest in a racing drone if you are serious about competing against others. Racing drones are lighter and run faster than any other type. Some find them hard to control though. You may find that a racing drone crashes more often than you would like too.

A: An ARF drone is one that requires some assembly before you can use it. You’ll usually get some type of motor and a shell that you need to put together, but you can then add other features and accessories to completely customize your machine. ARF drones are popular with hobbyists who want to race or fly around other people.


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