Livewave Antenna Review

UPDATED June 2024

TV antennas are making a comeback and changing how we see television. Find out how Livewave Antennas can enhance your TV experience.

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Livewave Antenna Review

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Livewave Antenna Review

The entertainment industry has grown a lot from where it was a decade ago. With countless products and services like AppleTV, FireSticks, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer, people are spoiled for choice.

However, getting additional options for entertainment also ends up costing more. Aside from streaming services, homeowners have to pay for cable, movies, and live telecasts of sports events.

That’s not all – all of these services need proper hardware to function, and users end up paying more for electronics, receivers, AppleTVs, FireSticks, and DVD Players. The cost just keeps adding up. 

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These services are great, but they can overwhelm users due to the rising invoices and subscription fees. No wonder that a growing number of people are now looking for cost-effective options to reduce their bills and eliminate all the additional charges.

This is where products like Livewave Antenna come into the equation. Livewave Antenna is an exciting new product that leverages your home wiring system to become a powerful magnet for TV signals. It is portable and easy to install and use. The device also allows users to watch HDTV without paying any charges at all!

In this Livewave Antenna Review, I will discuss all aspects of Livewave Antenna and how you can use it to overcome the problems of cable TV services.

TV Antennas vs. Cable

TV antennas used to be an essential part of homes a few years back, especially in the initial days of television broadcasting. They picked up signals being broadcasted in their proximity, converted them into audio and video signals, and then displayed them on TV screens.

However, televisions have changed drastically with time. What used to be large wooden boxes that weighed more than your total luggage are now sleek LED televisions you can carry with ease.

TV Antennas vs. Cable

But that’s not all. Modern television units use different broadcasting technology to display media on screens. Instead of using signal-powered antennas, these units utilize a more direct approach to broadcasting: cable TV.

The problem with antennas was that they were not powerful enough to catch weak signals. As a result, the quality of these signals wasn’t that great. On the other hand, a cable TV network ran a system of concealed cable lines running throughout a city.

Livewave Antenna – How Is It Different?

A large number of people now look for good content on services like Netflix. However, eventually, these users get tired of seeing the same content again and again on such services.

Instead, they want to see new content to keep themselves entertained, and that content can only be given by your television. As we have discussed before, paying for cable TV incurs an additional cost. Besides that, it doesn’t give you the option to watch HD TV, so investing in these services will not be the best option.

Overall Rating – 87%

Livewave antenna is a useful device for people who have limited use of television.

The device is perfect for people who only watch specific channels on television and can do without a complete subscription to cable TV. Although the device cannot replace cable TV on its own, it’s great for saving a few extra bucks on cable. 



Livewave Antenna Pros

Livewave Antenna can replace your old cable system and fulfill all your entertainment needs. Many things make Livewave Antenna a better option than cable TV or even set-up boxes. The following characteristics of Livewave set it apart from the rest of the TV options:

Free Services

Traditional TV services have a limited number of channels available, and you have to pay extra for getting high-definition channels. However, a high-end antenna such as Livewave solves this problem by allowing users to access channels for free.

Other times, people have to pay for the whole package when they only want to watch a handful of local channels.

Free Services - 1

Livewave Antenna service is the perfect source of entertainment for someone who doesn’t want to pay extra for more channels.

Livewave offers the following services for free:

  • Local TV 
  • New HD TV channels
  • News
  • Movies
Free Services - 2

Sleek Design

TV antennas have always been the best option for watching your favorite TV content for free. However, many homeowners didn’t want big antennas at the top of their TV sets. Ultimately, homeowners stopped using antennas and started paying for cable service to get rid of additional devices on their TVs.

However, you won’t face the same problem with Livewave Antenna. The device looks nothing like its predecessors. The Livewave Antenna is sleek and small enough to fit in between your index finger and thumb. It is the smallest antenna available in the industry at the moment.

Moreover, this device doesn’t have to be installed at the top of your TV set. Instead, you just have to plug it into an electrical socket, and you are good to go. Livewave Antenna’s aesthetic design resolves the issues people had with previous antennas. These devices complement the sleek design of your HDTVs.


The Livewave Antenna uses advanced technology to offer enhanced functionality while maintaining a small size. The technology is inspired by military technology and leverages the wiring system in your house to boost its performance.

Essentially, the small device turns your wiring system into a huge, powerful antenna. The antenna can catch all broadcasting signals in its proximity. After catching the signals through your wiring system, the device converts these signals into audio and video signals and then relays them to your television set. 

Easy of Use

Configuring TV for your home isn’t easy. You may have to call a cable guy to set the service up in your home.  The Livewave system, on the other hand, is extremely easy to set up. All it needs is an electrical outlet to turn your entire home into a giant TV antenna. Just plug the small device into your electrical outlet.

After that, run its wire from the socket and plug the antenna’s wire into the cable input of your television. Lastly, grab your remote and turn your TV on, open the TV’s Menu, and navigate the “scan for new channels” option to browse through all available channels. This is everything you will need to do.

Livewave Antenna is a unique device and offers several exciting features. Despite that, the device isn’t expensive at all. The whole device along with its setup comes with a one-time payment of less than $50. Moreover, users won’t have to bear with subscription fees or monthly charges of any kind.

Easy of Use


Some people get cautious when they hear that the device leverages their wiring system because they fear that it can cause an electrical hazard. However, Livewave is completely safe to use, and it doesn’t compromise your safety in any way.

You see, the device doesn’t mess with the internal components of the wiring system of your house. Instead, it utilizes the magnetic field of the electrical wires to attract more signals to itself. 

Therefore, there’s no safety risk involved with the usage of Livewave Antennas. No one will get shocked by the antenna even when they pull the antenna wire from the socket wall (though it’s better not to try that as it can damage the antenna wire).

If you do not see this window, you can open My Computer and look for the USB icon. It should show that there is something inside that port. Once you double-click on it, the computer will authorize the Photostick software to run. If you have a Mac that won’t run the stick, you may need to search for the USB option on your computer. 

You also have the option of opening your file manager and typing the extension name of the stick into the box, which will force it to run. Once it finishes running, you have the option of removing the stick or leaving it plugged into your computer.

Picture Quality

Livewave Antenna works best when you have broadcast towers nearby. However, it continues to provide excellent service even when these towers are present at a distance. The device has no problem in delivering content in HD and even Ultra HD.

Still, the clarity of content also depends on the quality of the channel itself. Channels are often broadcast in either standard definition (SD) or high-definition (HD). If the channel doesn’t broadcast its content in high-definition, then there’s nothing your antenna device can do to change it from SD to HD.

Picture Quality

These days, the majority of channels have been enhanced to HD. As a result, people can see intrinsic details in each video frame of their favorite content if they have an HD television. 

For instance, Livewave Antenna users can see each distinct shade of color on an exotic bird. Twenty years ago, people could only dream of such clarity in their television. However, now, it has become the norm.

These days, the majority of channels have been enhanced to HD. As a result, people can see intrinsic details in each video frame of their favorite content if they have an HD television. For instance, Livewave Antenna users can see each distinct shade of color on an exotic bird. Twenty years ago, people could only dream of such clarity in their television. However, now, it has become the norm.

Picture Quality - 2

Channel Options

Antenna devices provide your television for free. However, these devices rely on the broadcasting of signals by nearby channels to display audio and video. As a result, the majority of these devices only offer a handful of channels.  

Livewave Antenna, on the other hand, is a much more powerful device and can attract signals from broadcasting towers far away. Therefore, it provides more channels than your typical antenna device. You can expect to see the following channels on your television:

Channel Options

Besides these basic channels, users will be able to view many news channels, Spanish channels, shopping channels, and weather and sports channels. Compared to typical antennas, Livewave Antenna is great as it can pick up 30 or more channels. In the end, the number of channels you receive depends on how many channels your local broadcast tower broadcasts.


As we have mentioned before, Livewave Antenna allows its users to watch television 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without paying a penny. And of course, you can also watch some of these channels in Ultra HD. 

The optimal range for Livewave Antenna is within 30 miles of the local broadcast towers. Typically, environmental factors can affect the quality of signals in antenna devices, but Livewave Antenna’s advanced technology can easily overcome this problem. 


Livewave Antenna is a unique device and offers several exciting features. Despite that, the device isn’t expensive at all. The whole device along with its setup comes with a one-time payment of less than $50. Moreover, users won’t have to bear with subscription fees or monthly charges of any kind.

Legality 100%

The problem with many services is that the majority of them are working against the law. For instance, torrenting platforms allow us to download content for free. However, they do so because they are involved in copyright infringement. If you’re caught using these services, you will have to face a hefty fine and in some cases, even jail time.

However, Livewave Antenna provides free television while operating within the scope of the law. Television operators are required by law to distribute TV signals free of charge. Livewave Antenna lets you capture these signals to let you watch your favorite content.

Warranty and Money-Back Guarantee

Livewave Antenna also offers an exclusive money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the service. Not only that, but the vendors also offer a warranty, in case the device malfunctions. 

Livewave Antenna Cons

Depends on Local Broadcast

As we have mentioned before, Livewave Antenna relies on nearby TV signals to show you channels. However, if the local broadcast station in your area does not issue TV signals, then it’s impossible to use the service effectively. 

Limited Number of Channels

Livewave antenna depends completely on your TV signals for displaying TV channels. Therefore, it cannot display channels exclusively available on satellite TV or cable. Remember, Livewave Antenna is only a cost-effective alternative to cable TV. 

Therefore, it only offers a limited number of channels and does not support the full list of channels that cable TV has. However, the device has been made for people who don’t want to pay for.

Limited Reviews

LiveWave Antenna is a fairly new product in the market. Therefore, it does not have enough reviews to get a second opinion before purchasing the device. However, in our opinion, the device is a cost-effective solution for people who want to cut down their cable TV costs.

By purchasing Livewave Antenna, users won’t need cable TV to watch television. Instead, they can utilize the Livewave device only to watch the channels they like. These users can then use the money they save on other streaming services to fulfill their entertainment needs.

Livewave Antenna is not a full-fledged TV service provider. However, it does a fair job of cutting costs for people who need limited channels. The device allows its users to save thousands of dollars on cable or satellite TV. 

The device allows users to benefit from free channels available through radio signals in the atmosphere. Moreover, the device gets rid of the ugliness of previous TV antennas through its sleek design. The device uses military technology to catch distant TV signals and allow you to watch TV with enhanced picture quality.

That’s not all; the device is not only safe to use but is also extremely easy to set up in your home. Opposed to most free services, Livewave TV is also 100% legal. Even if you are not satisfied with the service, you have the option to avail its customer-friendly and also 30-day money-back guarantee.

However, one should remember that Livewave Antenna cannot provide you with cable TV service completely. The service depends on the TV broadcast signal to show you the channels you want. So it won’t work properly in places where your desired TV channels are not broadcast. Moreover, since Livewave is an innovation, it also doesn’t have many reviews to back its claims.

In short, Livewave Antenna is the perfect option to minimize your TV costs and see your favorite channels without paying for them. You can finally stop paying for channels you don’t watch and benefit from a permanent, cost-effective TV solution. 

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