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UPDATED April 2024

Video editing software makes it easy for you to edit the videos that you shoot. With our Movavi review, you can find out if this is the best tool for your computer.            

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BOTTOM LINE: Movavi is an updated video suite that gives your computer access to professional editing tool. It lets you split videos and use other editing tools and includes an option for adding music to your productions.



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What is Movavi?

Movavi is a software suite that helps you edit your work. Though it may not include all the professional tools that some editors need, it does have the right tools for amateurs. 

One nice feature of this software is the built-in clipping tool. This tool makes it easy for you to clip a small section of a video from a longer one and add it to a new file. You can then add music or other graphics and name the new file. The software also lets you choose the extension for the file and edit the work in the future.

One thing to keep in mind before purchasing the software suite is that it comes in many different versions. The latest version is available from the website, but Amazon offers some of the older versions for sale. 

You may also find a number of products sold under the Movavi name. If you need a simple way to edit videos that you can share online and show to family and friends, you can use this Movavi review to see if this software meets all your needs.

Who's This for?

Do you love shooting videos with your smartphone or a digital camera but hate showing those videos to others because you made some common mistakes? Those mistakes can include:

  • Filming in settings that are too dark or too light
  • Cutting the heads off your subjects
  • Using the wrong filters or settings
  • Making the camera move and shake as you shoot

When you make any of these mistakes, you wind up with difficult-to-view videos. Movavi makes a video editing software suite that helps you edit your past work and create new ones others will love. Not only can you connect multiple sections from the same video together, but you can remove sections from multiple videos and create a brand new file.

While some users with less experience had problems using the software, most found that they could follow the directions and use all the tools with ease. This software is right for anyone who wants to learn basic editing tools and those who want to do advanced editing. While some versions may lack some of the features you want, the full version comes with the most popular editing tools.

What Types of Video Editing Can You Do?

Who's This for

Movavi Products

The top product available is the Movavi Video Suite, which allows you to make all the changes you want. It also gives you access to professional tools. This is far from the only package available from the company though. 

Movavi also makes editing tools that you can use on a smartphone and with a basic tablet. This section will highlight some of the benefits of those products and help you decide whether to use any of them in addition to your software suite.

Movavi Clips

Have you ever taken videos with your phone and wished that you had an easy way to edit those clips? You usually need to transfer the files to your computer and then use an editing program. Movavi Video Clips is a program that you can download to any Android device, including a tablet or smartphone. 

This is a free tool that lets you clip footage from a video and incorporate it into a new or existing timeline. You can also add photos to your timeline and add music before editing and then saving your finished video.

Movavi 360 Video Editor

The 360 Video Editor from Movavi is compatible with many different Windows operating systems, including Windows 10 and XP. Even if you have an older computer that cannot run larger programs, you can use that device with this software. It lets you do basic types of editing, including adding transition shots between photos and creating credits that run at the end of your video. 

You can also create a soundtrack for the video and preview the final product before sharing it. This software allows you to upload your videos to YouTube in minutes, but you can also use it to share videos via social media sites.

Movavi Slideshow Maker

Slideshows are a great way to share photos with loved ones online. While there are many different software packages and apps that let you create those shows, the Slideshow Maker from Movavi is one of the best. It comes loaded with more than 100 transition effects and more than three dozen titles that you can add and customize. 

With the dozens of filters available, you can add some fun accents to your shows too. This software is easy for beginners to use and walks you through the steps of creating a new slideshow in seconds. You can share your finished shows on sites such as YouTube.

Movavi Video Converter 19

When you watch videos on YouTube, you might wish that you could save copies to your home or work computer. Movavi lets you capture and convert videos of all types with its Video Converter 19. Not only does this software work with any format or extension, but it will also work across all the platforms that you use on a daily basis. 

You can use the software to extract audio clips from those videos too. This gives you a convenient way to save your favorite songs on your computer. The software also features tools designed for editing the videos that you save, including music videos and those shared by your loved ones.

Movavi Video Editor for Business

While you may find some great tools available from Movavi, the only software designed for professional use is its Video Editor for Business. Designed for companies that want to create commercials and ads that they can show online and to clients/customers, it costs more but is worth the price. 

It comes with two activation keys that let you activate and use the software on two different devices. You may also get a personal account manager to help you manage all your videos. Google and Intel are just a few of the companies that use this software.

What is the Movavi Price?

The chances are good that the biggest question on your mind right now is how much it costs to buy this video editing software. Your price will often depend on the product and the edition that you want. 

The Movavi free suite isn’t actually free because this is just a free trial. You get a full seven days to see how the software works before it will ask you to upgrade to a paid version. Some of the costs found include:

  • $149.85 for a full Windows version
  • $169.95 for a professional version that comes with a business license

Both of these Movavi bundle packages come with an activation code that allows you to use the software on a single device. Some of the past versions of the video editing software are available for a reduced rate of $70 or less. 

You can also take advantage of special pricing when you visit the website. As of January of 2023, the Movavi cost is just $79.95 for the home version. Mac users will find special deals that reduce the price down to around $70 for the home version too.

What Can You Do with the Movavi Video Suite?

What is the Movavi Price - 1
What is the Movavi Price - 2
What is the Movavi Price - 3
What is the Movavi Price - 4

Should You Buy it?

We want to make sure that you feel comfortable downloading and using this software on your computer, which is why we wanted to go over the top reasons to buy it and a few reasons why you should skip it. One reason it’s worth your money is because it comes in so many different versions. 

If you need to save money, you can invest in one of the older versions. Those who have more cash on hand can buy the latest edition and get access to all the latest tools and features. You will also find Movavi Mac for Apple users and another version for Windows users. The software will work with older versions of Windows back to XP and Vista as well as computers that run Windows 10.

“Is Movavi free and safe?” is a question that many prospective shoppers have, especially those on the hunt for video editor-free software. You may find some free bundles and packages out there, but you should use caution before downloading any of them. 

Those bundles may come with spyware that spies on your online activities and sends information to another computer. You also risk downloading adware that will let ads run on your computer. 

Those ads can run when you try to play a game or when you open a new program. As long as you download the software from a reputable source, you don’t need to worry about downloading a Movavi virus.

While other tech companies offer limited support, Movavi makes it easy for you to get in touch with a representative when you need help. When you visit the official website, you can chat live with one of those reps. The company’s reps offer help for those who want a refund and those who aren’t sure how to download the software. 

You can also get help with any of the available tutorials or when you have problems using the software. Keep in mind though that some Movavi reviews came from customers complaining that customer support couldn’t help them with their specific problems.

Signs You Have Malware on Your Computer

Should You Buy it

We like that Movavi works on both traditional computers and touchscreen devices. When you use it with a touchscreen computer, you can simply press a finger on the screen to select the section of the video you want to export. If you have a sensitive screen or larger fingers, you may find that you accidentally press the wrong area of the video or that you have a hard time selecting a specific section.

With the Movavi Video Editor, you can edit any type of video, including those shaky movies you shot with your smartphone and the high-definition films you captured with a high-definition camcorder. The included editing tools let you import and export video clips, add new transitions and effects, create new titles and end credits, and design a soundtrack for the finished video. Movavi even offers upload support for videos that you want to put on the web.

The Competition

Though Movavi is a top name in the video editing software business, it faces some stiff competition. One of its main competitors is Sony, which makes the Movie Studio 13 Platinum. Suitable for amateurs and professionals alike, it offers a direct upload option for those who want to share their videos on Facebook and tutorials that walk you through how to use all the included editing tools. 

You will also find bubbles that pop up when the software detects you have a problem. Though this suite is around the same price as Movavi software, it comes with built-in support for touchscreen devices.

Professionals and those who want professional-quality videos might prefer the PowerDirector 16 Ultra from Cyberlink. This software package is compatible with Windows devices that use an operating system of Windows 7 or higher. It is available as a direct download online, but you can also buy a version that comes shipped to your home. 

The software lets you use up to seven clips when creating a new video and comes with tools not found on the Movavi software. As you get more tools though, you’ll also have to spend more money.

If you need a budget-friendly way to edit videos, you might consider FotoWorks XL. The developers released the newest version of this software in 2019 and included features not found in past editions. 

Designed to work on systems running any version of Windows from XP and beyond, it is easy to use and features buttons across the top of the screen that let you select the edits you want to make. This is quite affordable and sells for less than Movavi programs do, but it doesn’t have as many tools or features.

Those looking for the ultimate way to edit videos might want to look at Director Suite 365. Some refer to this as PhotoShop for videos because it comes with some of the same tools as that photo editing software does. Not only does it let you edit videos and photos, but it includes some audio editing tools too. 

The main downside to this software is that it isn’t easy to use. You may find the instructions confusing and have a hard time figuring out some of its features. This software costs much more than Movavi video editing software does.

Reasons to Use Video Editing Software

The Competition - small business
The Competition - Remove mistakes and scenes
The Competition - Preserve home movies
The Competition - Edit funny videos
The Competition - finished videos to Facebook

Final Verdict

When you look for Movavi reviews online, you will find that most shoppers only write reviews when they’re extremely happy or unsatisfied with the software. Most of the negative reviews we encountered came from shoppers who had problems using all the tools with the software. 

You need to give yourself a few days to feel familiar with those tools. It might take some time until you feel confident enough in your work that you will want to share it online. If you’re after something to help you digitize and share family albums and video montages from old analog films and tapes try iMemories, which we’ve reviewed here.

Sharing your videos is just one of the reasons why we like this software. That option lets you automatically upload videos to a YouTube or Facebook account, but you’ll find that you can use other sites to share your work too. Movavi features a number of editing tools for cropping bad angles and removing sections of your movies before creating a brand-new file. 

If you’re in the market for video editing software that will run on a Mac or Windows computer, Movavi has you covered.

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