Muama Enence Review

UPDATED June 2023

Find out about one of the handiest tools around with our MUAMA Enence review, including how this device translates everything you say.

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BOTTOM LINE: With the MUAMA Enence, you can now have conversations with people no matter where you go. Designed to fit in the palm of your hand, it is easy to operate and can translate words and phrases from multiple languages. This is a great tool for those who travel.

PROS: This two-way communication device responds in 1.5 seconds and translates more than 30 languages. It is available at a low price with discounts when you purchase more than one. You get up to four days of use from the battery too.

CONS: A big issue is that the translator did not work when it came out of the box and that customers had problems getting in touch with customer support. Other shoppers received an error message because the device could not hear them or understand their voices.

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What is the MUAMA Enence?

Have you ever been on vacation in a foreign destination and felt frustrated trying to communicate with the locals? Even if you feel familiar with that language, you may come across a dialect that makes it difficult or nearly impossible to communicate with others. MUAMA Enence is a new portable translation device that makes it easy for you to speak to anyone who doesn’t understand English.

What is the MUAMA Enence
The MUAMA Enence fits in the palm of your hand and any pocket.

Not only does it fit into your pocket, but it translates in real-time to help you get the info that you need faster than ever before.

This handy device can help when you’re traveling away from home and in an area where you don’t speak the language. You can use it when shopping and checking in at your hotel and when you hail a taxi or visit local attractions. It’s also a great tool for those who do business with people from other countries. It can translate exactly what you say and translate what others say too. You can now have a full conversation in less time than you thought possible. With our MUAMA Enence review, we’ll look at how this device works and how long it takes to translate words as well as who can use it and where you can buy one.

How Does the MUAMA Enence Work?

The chances are good that you want to know if this little translator works or if it’s a dud product that you should skip. Not only does this device work, but it performed better than some expected. The first time that you use the translator, you need to charge the internal battery. It will then last for up to four days of continuous use. To translate between languages, you press the button and speak into the device. In less than two seconds, it will respond and translate those words into a different language. That makes this one of the best tools for travelers who want to communicate with the locals.

Another nice feature is one that many MUAMA Enence reviews do not talk about. You can use Bluetooth to connect the device to your phone and scan documents. This feature lets you translate the words that you see on street signs and the phrases found on restaurant menus and in documents. The MUAMA Enence translates those words and phrases quickly to help you find your way around town or order your favorite dish while on vacation. When you use this and other translation features, you can get the info that you need in a few seconds or less.

Why is the MUAMA Enence Better Than Translation Apps?

How Does the MUAMA Enence Work - frequent updates
How Does the MUAMA Enence Work - phone battery
How Does the MUAMA Enence Work - extensive range
How Does the MUAMA Enence Work - background noise
How Does the MUAMA Enence Work - easier to use

Translation apps are free and paid tools that you can download to a smartphone or another device. They help you communicate with others via a voice recording that translates your words into another language. The MUAMA Enence is better than those apps in a few ways, including:

How Can You Use the MUAMA Enence?

You can use the MUAMA Enence in two different ways. The first is as a simple word translator. Ordering the wrong food in a foreign restaurant is such an embarrassing possibility that it popped up in scenes from popular films and television shows hundreds of times. Whether you’re in France or Japan, you might order a dish that comes to your table complete with eyes staring back at you. If you have any food allergies, you risk ordering a dish that comes with some potentially harmful ingredients too. This device lets you scan a restaurant menu and translate each word on that menu. You can also use it to translate any of the signs that you see on your trip too.

It also functions well as a communications device. Let’s say that you find a man injured in the streets and realize that he doesn’t speak English. You can use the MUAMA Enence to communicate with him and get some basic information that you can share with the paramedics and doctors. It also works well to translate a short conversation with the front desk worker at your hotel, a doctor you need to see on your trip or a prospective client that you want to chat with to seal a big deal.

The MUAMA Enence makes translating on the go easy.

How Can You Use the MUAMA Enence

Where Can You Use it?

If you sit down and think about it, you could probably name a dozen places off the top of your head where the MUAMA Enence would come in handy. Some of the situations where we think it’s useful include:

One of the best ways to learn a new language is through immersion. Experts believe that it’s easier to pick up a second language when you start young, which is why many elementary schools offer Spanish and other foreign language classes. As an adult, you can easily pick up a new language when you live around those who speak it. Until you develop a good understanding, you can use the MUAMA Enence to chat with others. It lets you:

The MUAMA Enence is also a good device for taking on trips where you’ll visit two or more countries. No matter how close those countries are, you might find that people who live there speak at least two languages. With this translation tool, you’re only seconds away from getting the info that you need.


Where Can You Use it


Who's This for?

The MUAMA Enence is a translation tool designed for anyone who needs to use two or more languages at the same time. As we stated before, it’s a handy gadget for both business and pleasure travelers. As much as you might love the idea of relaxing on a tropical beach on a trip away from home, you might not consider how little English the locals speak. Simply ordering dinner at night is difficult. With this device, you can translate what you want to say to those locals and hear their responses just as quickly. In most cases, it issues a response in 1.5 seconds or less.

Let’s say that your boss wants to bag a big whale of a client from another country but no one in your office speaks the language. You can use the MUAMA Enence to communicate with those clients and anyone they bring with them to make sure that you follow cultural norms. The device can reduce the risk of you making a big mistake or saying the wrong thing that causes that prospective client to head for the hills. You can use it in a social setting or anywhere else where you come across people who don’t have a strong grasp of the English language too.

How to Download the Instant App

Who's This for - right store
Who's This for - install button
Who's This for - download

Where to Buy?

We highly recommend that you use the link we provided to buy the MUAMA Enence instant translator device. That link takes you to the site where you can get the device and take advantage of the latest sale. Though you might find the portable translator available on other sites, you’ll pay more when you order from them. A great reason to buy online is that you get a discount when you buy more than one device. The prices that we saw started at $89 for a single translator. With sale prices, you might find packages that include:

MUAMA Enence at Low Prices

There is also a deal where you get one free MUAMA Enence device when you buy two. The site offers a secure checkout that keeps your debit or credit card number safe when you place an order. Once your order goes through, you’ll get a tracking number that makes it easy to see where your translator is as it ships to your home. You can also use the site to get in touch with the manufacturer if you have questions about placing an order or using the device.

Should You Buy it?

The main reason you might look for MUAMA Enence reviews online is that you want to see what this translation device does and how well it works. That is why we devoted the biggest section of our review to whether or not you should not do it. It’s hard to say whether it will work for you until you get one and try it out. Capable of translating more than 40 languages, it works in nearly every destination that you visit. The device is also small and weighs just a few ounces, which makes it fit perfectly in your pocket or bag. There are some other reasons to invest in this translation device rather than one of the other products, but there are also some issues you should check out.

Reasons to Buy the MUAMA Enence


The odds are good that you owned either an iPod or another MP3 player in the past. Those handy devices let you carry thousands of songs with you, which you could listen to while exercising or sitting on the bus. The first time that you hold the MUAMA Enence, you’ll notice that it’s just as small and compact as those music players. Not only can you slide the device into your pocket when traveling, but you can also store it in an outer pocket on your purse or backpack. It fits in one hand and lets you press either button with a free finger.

Tips on Using the MUAMA Enence

You can communicate with someone in a different language easily with this device, but you may want to use some simple tips.

Real-Time Communications

The biggest issue with some of the popular translation apps is that they take too long to work. When you use a dictionary app, you need to make sure that you spelled the word correctly or spend time flipping through the app to find the right word. Other types of apps can take 20 seconds or more to determine what someone said and even longer to translate those words. MUAMA Enence is the only product that works in real-time. It translates longer phrases and can translate multiple sentences in less time than other devices do. That cuts down on awkward pauses as you talk to another person.

Support for Foreign Languages

Most of the translation devices that we found make you pick one language and stick to it. With the MUAMA Enence, you can automatically translate two languages at the same time. You simply hold down one button and talk to let the device translate your words from English to another language. It also lets you translate from another language into English first. When you press the second button, you can translate from that native language back to English. Most devices only stick to some of the common languages such as English, Spanish and French. With this one, you can choose from dozens of languages and some unique options, including Thai, Hungarian, Tagalong, Czech, Slovak, Dutch and Hindi.

Insider Tip

If you need to translate with this device while in a crowded space, hold it as close as possible to your mouth before you speak. This helps it focus on you rather than any background noise nearby.

Extended Range

Not everyone who uses portable translation devices can stand right next to the people talking. You might take a boat tour with a guide standing several feet away or follow a group on a walking tour and find yourself near the back. The MUAMA Enence is a great tool for using when you need to translate someone far away from you. It has a range of more than six feet or two meters and can easily pick up voices that are further away. Whether you’re in the middle of a crowded restaurant or standing on a sidewalk with city noises all around. The device can still translate for you.

Long Battery Life

A common issue that you can encounter when traveling is one that relates to your electronic devices. If you travel outside of North America, you need special adapters to use those devices with foreign outlets. You might find yourself traveling to areas where electricity is a rarity too. That makes the MUAMA even handier because it has a battery that lasts longer than those in similar devices. That battery gives you up to four days of use and can last even longer if you only use it for a few minutes at a time. You can easily charge the battery rather than replace it too.

What are Some of the Advantages of the MUAMA Enence?

Long Battery Life - Translates back
Long Battery Life - travel bag
Long Battery Life - iPhone or Android smartphone
Long Battery Life - popular and less popular languages

Bluetooth and Internet Options

One reason so many people like the MUAMA Enence is that it includes both Bluetooth and internet options. If you are in a popular destination with a WiFi signal in your hotel or resort, you can link it to that internet connection and make full use of all the device’s features. When you’re in the jungle or anywhere else and don’t have access to the internet, you can easily connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. This allows you to use it as an offline translator without downloading any additional software. Even when used offline, the translator still responds and finishes translating in five seconds or less.

Photo Translation

We also love that the MUAMA Enence has a photo translation feature because you won’t always find yourself around other people. If you go out hiking and wind up losing the trail, do you expect other people to also get lost in the wilderness? As you wander through the jungle, you can keep your eyes peeled for signs that direct you back onto the trail or to other parts of the area. With this device, you can take a photo of the sign with your smartphone and almost instantly get an English translation that shows you what the sign means. This feature comes in handy when you want to see what foods are on a restaurant menu and when you need to translate signs you see on the street or in a cab.

What Comes in the Box?

Reasons to Skip It

None of the portable translators on the market today have a 100% accuracy rating. You shouldn’t expect the MUAMA Enence to instantly know what you or someone else said every time. Not only can it pick up the wrong words, but it can mistranslate a word in the middle of a sentence. You should also avoid using slang or local words when you speak. The device translates exactly what you say but cannot translate your tone. This can result in some embarrassing situations.

Another issue that some brought up in MUAMA Enence reviews is that this isn’t a product you should use in a serious situation. If you think that you broke your leg or you come across someone with a serious injury, you should seek medical help or get to a local as soon as possible. If you try to use this device to get more information, you risk the injury worsening before help can arrive. It’s far better for use as a convenient tool to talk to someone in a different language than something to use in a life or death situation.

Reasons to Skip It

Cons of the MUAMA Enence

The Competition

Portable translation devices are popular with those who frequently speak to others who use English as their second language. One alternative that you might find helpful is the CM Smart Instant Language Translator. It responds almost instantly and requires just one click of a button to operate. This device has a battery that lasts for up to 24 hours and can last for 180 hours in standby mode. With the Pocketalk Language Translator Device, you can chat with anyone in a different language. It has built-in data that doesn’t require Bluetooth or an internet connection and a battery that can last for up to two full years before it needs replacing.

Travelers also like the Instant Voice Language Translator Device, which is available in both a white edition and a black version with rose gold accents. The large screen on the front lets you select the language that you hear and what language you want to use when translating. A more affordable product is the KingBaas Smart Language Translator Device. It uses Bluetooth and works with an app that you can use on any smartphone. This device offers support for nearly 40 languages and is easy to use.

Why Choose the MUAMA Enence Over Other the Competition?

Final Verdict

As we looked at the MUAMA Enence reviews on the web, we came across some serious complaints from customers. There were issues with the device not recognizing voices and words or phrases and with the device simply turning on when they first got it. We highly recommend that you fully charge the battery and that you experiment with the device. You may find that it responds best when you cut down on the background noise around you and when you speak clearly into it.

While there other portable translation devices out there, few can compare to the design and the price of this one. Not only can you get the device at a low price, but you can take advantage of discounts that help you save more and/or give you free products that you can share with others. You also get free shipping and a money-back guarantee when you buy today. Whether you want to learn a second language, climb up the corporate ladder or travel to exotic destinations, you can get a lot of use out of this small device. The MUAMA Enence is perfect for communicating with others in their native tongues. You can buy one today before your next trip.

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