Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner Review

UPDATED May 2024

A good cleaner will remove smudges and dust from your glasses. Before you buy, read our Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner remove to see if it meets your needs.

Total Rating: 4.5

Over-all Score:


Reliability 90%
Ease of Use 95%
Durability 85%
Value for Money 90%
Safety 90%
BOTTOM LINE: This eyeglass cleaner helps to remove smudges, dust, fingerprints, and debris clinging to the lenses of glasses. Their main claim is that it works quickly and will not leave behind any scratches or damage to the protective coating on the glass.
PROS: Peep’s eyeglass cleaner works on various debris and smudge marks, and comes in various colored cases.
CONS: It works better against streaks of natural body grease compared to other types of debris.

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Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner Review Basics

A new pair of glasses can easily set you back a few hundred dollars or more between the cost of your appointment, the frames, and the lenses. You also need to wait at the eye doctor just to take a vision test and come back in the future to pick up your glasses.
Keeping your glasses clean and free from smudges and prints can be a laborious and repetitive task. Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner offers a simple product to help clean your glasses.
According to Peeps, a single one of their cleaners offers up to 500 cleanings from a simple device. Their cleaner can also use replacement pads to make let work longer.
The Peeps eyeglass cleaner is usable by both adults and kids for cleaning their own lenses. As the pads used are so soft and smooth, there is a minimal risk of damaging glass or plastic lenses. Even if you have a special coating on your lenses, the Peeps eyeglass cleaner will not damage it.

Who's This for?

How many times have you grabbed your glasses after waking up in the morning and found them to have fingerprints or smudges on them? Even if you clean your glasses before heading to bed, the lenses may not look as clean the next day.
Dust and lint may have settled on them overnight, or if you have a pet then there may also be hairs on them. There is also a chance that any flies or other insects in your home might land on the lenses and leave behind some debris.
This handy little eyeglass cleaner is suitable for anyone who wears glasses. This includes those who wear:
  • Lenses made from glass or plastic
  • Glasses with any type of frames
  • Prescription or non-prescription sunglasses
This eyeglass cleaner is safe to use on most typical types of lenses because it is soft and smooth. Each set uses small pads that clean both sides of the lenses at the same time. It will not leave behind any scratches or cause grease to spread from one area to the other.

Common Reasons Why Your Lenses are Dirty


How Does the Cleaner Work?

The Peeps eyeglass cleaner is a simple yet highly effective device. It has a small cap on one end that opens to reveal a hidden brush inside. That cap keeps dust and lint from sticking to the brush.
You can hold your glasses in one hand as you slowly run the brush across the front and back of each lens. This will remove any lint and skin cells stuck to the surface as well as any other debris. The cleaner also slides out of the case to reveal two small pieces that look like tweezers with soft pads between them.
As you hold your glasses slide the lens in between the two pads and press down. There’s no need to worry about dropping the frames. The pads feature a carbon compound specifically designed to remove smudges caused by natural oils.
When handled correctly it will slowly move the pads across the lenses for a few seconds to remove any of the oils or smudges that you see. You can clean both sides of your lenses at the same time or one side and then the other.

Peeps Eyeglass Testing

When it comes to your glasses it’s best to be careful about the products that you use. Scratches on lenses is something nobody wants. Even the most minor scratches can cost a lot to fix and may require that you replace the lens.
We used the Peeps eyeglass cleaner in a few different ways and on glasses with both glass and plastic lenses to make sure that the eyeglass lenses remained free of scratches.

Peeps worked on all types of lenses in our tests.

Build Quality, Durability and Feel

This eyeglass cleaner was more durable than first expected. It features a soft carbon cleaning compound that won’t damage average lenses. This compound is part of the interior brush that remains hidden from view until you remove the cap.
There are also two strong arms that allow you to run the brush across your lenses without leaving behind smudge marks. Afterward, the device can easily slip inside the included case when done.
As it uses two separate parts, you need to keep an eye on the case when you set it down to make sure that you don’t lose it. The compact size can be easy to store, but just as easy to lose.
Unlike other similar cleaning methods, water is not needed to use it. Whether you’re camping, hanging out with friends, spending time at work or just relaxing in bed, you can get rid of fingerprint smudges and dirt without any type of liquid.

The Peeps cleaner comes with everything that you need to clean your glasses.


What's It Like to Use?

As a lens cleaner, Peeps works differently than ordinary cleaning cloths do. Normal cleaning cloths can pick up dust and other particles as they then run across the lenses. This can cause scratches.
The Peeps cleaner sits inside a small case that keeps it away from those particles. It takes just a few seconds to wipe off most lenses and up to a few minutes to give them a good cleaning.
We liked that we could run the brush across the nosepiece to remove skin oils and also use it on the earpieces. It did an amazing job of taking away fingerprint smudges and oils as well as dust.

You can now get the Peeps eyeglass cleaner in a variety of fun colors.

Testing Methodology

While there are other cleaners for eyeglass lenses on the market, Peeps is a great option. In our tests, our team tried the lens cleaning technology with both glass and plastic lenses.
Unlike other cleaners that can miss some smudges or spread natural oils, this cleaner removed everything that it came across. We also tried it on different types of lenses such as sunglasses and found that it performed equally well.
The only things that we didn’t like were that the case was small and easy to lose and that the brush can wear down from regular use.

This cleaner works on both prescription lenses and sunglasses.


Tips for Using the Peeps Cleaner

When using the eyeglass cleaner by Peeps, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. We compiled a list of tips that you can use each time you need to clean your glasses.

  • Use a liquid cleaner: If your glasses are especially dirty, you should apply a liquid cleaner first. These cleaners come in small spray bottles and contain a concentrated formula that will remove most types of debris.
  • Check the Peeps cleaner: You should always check the cleaner first to make sure that the pads are in good condition. Though the manufacturer claims the pads will last for up to 500 uses, you may not get as much use out of your set.
  • Apply pressure: Though you might worry about breaking or damaging your glasses, you should still use some pressure when using the Peeps cleaner.
  • Brush first: The brush will remove lint and other larger materials stuck to the lenses. This helps the pads do the cleaning that you need.

Signs That You Need New Pads


Where to Buy Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner

One of the most common things prospective customers search for about the Peeps cleaner is where they can buy it. Get Carbon Klean is the official website for the cleaner.
You can purchase a single cleaner for yourself or buy a bundle package that includes multiple cleaners. The official site offers free shipping on all purchases too and lets you order the Peeps eyeglass cleaner replacement pads that you need.

How Much Does the Peeps Cleaner Cost?

As you read through our review and check out other Peeps carbon eyeglass cleaner reviews, you may have some questions about how much it costs. This simple cleaner retails for $14.99 on Amazon. Each of the various color options costs the same amount. If you are not a Prime member, you’ll need to pay extra for shipping. Some resellers who offer the cleaner on Amazon charge the same amount and will also charge you for shipping. You should avoid those resellers unless the color you want is out of stock on both Amazon and the official site.


The Get Carbon Klean site offers one basic eyeglass cleaner for $19.99. If you want to buy more than one cleaner, you can purchase a bundle package. Though the cost of these packages changes over time, you might get three of these cleaners for less than $40, which is a significant saving. This site also runs special deals around the holidays that give you one or more cleaners for free. If you buy two, you might get one for free, and if you buy four cleaners, you’ll get four more for free. The official site offers all the same colors that Amazon does and provides free shipping to customers in the United States.

Should You Buy it?

The Peeps lens cleaner is a good alternative to wipes. It is a self-contained unit that features both a brush and pads that remove any type of debris that you can see from the lenses of your glasses.
Each time that you push your glasses back up or touch the lenses with your fingers, you transfer oil onto the lenses that can smudge and interfere with your overall vision. The Peeps cleaner can remove those smudges in a few minutes or less.


Strong and Durable Materials

Most of the eyeglass cleaning kits that you see for sale in optometrist shops and offices today come with a microfiber cloth inside. Microfiber is a popular choice because lint and dust stick to the material but it’s so soft that it will not scratch or damage the glass lens.
This cleaner uses a combination of materials that are both strong and durable. That combination includes 70% plastic materials and 10% goat hair. This is a type of real goat hair that is non-abrasive, which means that it won’t stick to lenses made from glass or plastic. It also has a rubber exterior that helps you hold onto the cleaner.

Easy to Use

This device has a small cap on one end that opens to reveal a hidden brush inside. That cap keeps dust and lint from sticking to the brush.
You can hold your glasses in one hand as you slowly run the brush across the front and back of each lens. This will remove the lint and skin cells stuck to the surface as well as any other debris. The cleaner also slides out of the case to reveal two small pieces that look like tweezers with soft pads between them.

Suitable for Reading Glasses

This kit is meant to work on all types of reading glasses, including prescription pairs you get from an eye doctor and those you buy over the counter at a drugstore. It will even work on bifocals and will remove natural oils without damaging the lenses.

Safe for All Lenses

Peeps Cleaner works on both plastic and glass lenses, and with lenses that have special coatings too. You might opt for a surface coating that reduces the risk that you might scratch the glass. Another type of coating can significantly reduce the glare that you see when wearing your glasses outside. The Peeps glass cleaner has little chance of damaging any of those coatings.

For Sunglasses Wearers

The Peeps cleaner is one of the only products available today that works just as effectively on glasses as it does on sunglasses. It removes the oils left behind after sweating without damaging the protective coating on those lenses.

Pocket Size

Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner made a small product that fits into your pocket. This tool consists of arms that work like tweezers and a brush on the opposite end. All the parts fit conveniently inside a case that you can literally put into your pocket. This case will also fit into the pocket of a suitcase or a glove box.

Unique Design

Peeps’ product uses a unique design that relies on ionic attraction. The carbon used in the pads actually attracts the oils on your lenses. This lifts that oil off the lenses and puts it on the pads.
It may take a little experimentation before you understand how much pressure to use or which direction to use. The manufacturer recommends moving the device in a circular motion over your lenses.

Lasts for Months

One of the complaints we saw from online Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner reviews came from those who claimed that it just stopped working one day. It’s important that you keep in mind the lifespan of this cleaner before you buy.
The Peeps cleaner will not work forever. As it uses a natural attraction method to clean your glasses, it will stop working when it loses that natural charge. Though the manufacturer claims it will work for up to 500 cleanings, this can vary based on how long you spend cleaning and where you store your cleaner. Even if you use it just once a day, you might get a year or more out of the cleaner.

Works on All Types of Oils

Oils building on the bridge of the nose can easily spread onto the top edge of your lenses and then down across the center or sides as you move. The Peeps carbon eyeglass cleaner works on all types of oils. You can remove the oils from your fingers, ears, face, and palms.

How to Do the Tissue Test


No Expiration Date

Most of the chemicals that manufacturers use will only last for a specific period of time, which can range from a few months to a few years. One thing that many users like about this glasses cleaner is that it does not expire.
As long as you have enough charges left in the pads, you can keep cleaning your glasses. You do not need to do anything special to store the cleaner to maintain that charge either. The manufacturer claims that you can store and use it in both cooler and warmer climates.

Works on All Types of Film and Residue

The eyeglass cleaner from Peeps does a good job of removing debris without leaving behind any residue. You can use this cleaner to eliminate any film, residue, or hazing that you see on your lenses too. Its ionic attraction design works on both fingerprints and smudges also.

Top Benefits of the Peeps Glasses Cleaner



There are a few possible issues that you should know about before you shop. The most common issue we found was that the cleaner just didn’t work right or as well as some thought it should.
A few reviewers even claimed that it did such a poor job that they had to go back over their lenses with a microfiber cloth. There were also some who said it left their glasses with streaks because the pads just pushed the oils around on their lenses.
We also noticed a few reviews from shoppers who said the cleaner broke. A very small number of reviewers claimed that the cleaner actually scratched their lenses or that it left behind tiny cracks in the glass. This should only occur if there are sharp or large pieces of debris on your lenses. If you take a few seconds to wipe off the lenses first, the cleaner should not damage them.

Percentage of Positive Reviews











The Competition

Most of the eyeglass cleaners on the market look like small wipes. One example is the Optix 55 set. This set comes with 400 cloth wipes that you can use on your glasses and electronics. Each wipe comes individually wrapped inside a small packet.
You can store them in your bag, suitcase, car, or anything else you carry or use. They are safe for use on cameras and expensive items too.
There is also the Koala Kleaner Care Kit Bundle. Though you can use this set with the Peeps cleaner, you can also use it on its own. The set comes with two bottles of a specialty cleaner designed for glasses. Each bottle has a full eight ounces of cleaner inside. You also get two microfiber cloths that help you remove lint and debris from your glasses.
Another alternative is Foame, which is a type of shampoo designed for glasses. One feature of this product is that you can use it on both your lenses and frames. The foam both cleans your glasses and disinfects them. You might enjoy using this product during cold and flu season to remove germs from your glasses.
Edited and fact-checked by Jacob Wilson:

Frequently Asked Questions

A: You should clean your lenses at least once a day. Though some clean their glasses first thing in the morning, others wait until right before they go to bed. If you wait until your lenses are really dirty, you risk dragging lint and dust across the glass and leaving behind scratches.

A: While you can wipe your glasses on with a lens wipe or a liquid/spray cleaner for glasses, you’ll want to dry those lenses thoroughly before using the Peeps cleaner. A microfiber cloth rubbed against the lenses will remove any excess moisture and prepare them for using the Peeps cleaner next.

A: The frames on your glasses can also pick up the natural oils from your skin. Those oils can rub against the back of your ears and cause breakouts or skin irritations too. You can use most cleaning products on your frames, including products designed specifically for plastic and glasses. We recommend a spray product because you can spray the liquid on the frames and use a soft cloth to move it across the bridge and down along the earpieces. A dry cloth will remove any excess liquid.

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