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UPDATED May 2024

Use our Upright Go review to see what this product does and how well it works as well as where you can get the device for the best price.

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BOTTOM LINE: The Upright Go is one of the best training devices for those with poor posture. It can retrain your back and help you walk freely without feeling any pain in your back, neck or shoulders. The device works with an app to give you all the info that you need.

PROS: You can use this device to train your back and learn how to sit in the right position without slouching or hunching over. It comes with several adhesive strips that keep it on your back. You also get access to an app that gives you basic information as you use the device.

CONS: The device can lose its charge over time or stop charging when you use the included cable. Some found that the included adhesive strips weren’t very strong and that the device fell off. It can also slide around on your skin.

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What is the Upright Go?

Do you remember being a kid and hearing your parents tell you to stop slouching? While you probably rolled your eyes back then, the posture that you had as a kid can relate to the back pain that you experience today. Upright Go is a new device designed to improve your posture. It costs less than an appointment with a chiropractor and can give you results that you see faster too. Many people suffer back pain today caused by minor injuries, but even more people experience back pain because of their posture and the way they sit. Whether you like sitting up in bed and watching television or you spend hours sitting behind a computer, you likely suffer from poor posture.

Upright Go fits on your back and comes with an app that monitors the way you sit and stand every day. It trains your back and body to both improve your posture and end the pain that you have. This device can strengthen the muscles in your back and core and improve the alignment of your body at the same time. If you want to know if the Upright Go works and what it does, make sure that you read our entire Upright Go review. We even included some links to resources and further reading.

What is the Upright Go

Upright Go has a compact design that won't get in your way.

How Does Upright Go Work?

If you ever watched “Dancing With the Stars” before, you probably remember seeing a few professional dancers ask their celebrity partners to wear bulky devices designed to improve their posture. These devices fit over your back and shoulders and change the way you walk and move. The Upright Go device is much smaller in size and more affordable too. It looks like a small white box and comes with hypoallergenic adhesive strips. You’ll place one of the strips on the box and then attach it to your back. After you install the app, which is available for iOS and Android systems, you can view info on the app about your posture. This app has a training option and a tracking option.

With the training mode, the app will send a signal to the device that causes it to shake and vibrate, which lets you know that you’re slouching. You can use the app to change how quickly it responds and how firmly it vibrates. With the tracking mode, the app will keep track of your movements and give you information that you can view at the end of the day or throughout the day. The Upright Go device can help you train for up to 15 minutes a day.

The Upright Go app shows you how much time you slouch and other useful information and can track your training over several days or more

How Does Upright Go Work - 1
How Does Upright Go Work - 2

How Can You Use the Upright Go?

Whether you’re active every day or spend much of the day in the same position, you can use the Upright Go. It’s helpful to download the app before you use the device. Though you might want to use the app on one device, you can download versions for other devices too. This lets you keep track of your training and tracking options at work and after you get home as well as while you run errands or enjoy your vacation. The adhesive strips that come in the package are hypoallergenic and will not damage or harm your skin. Those strips won’t leave any marks behind on your skin or clothing either. As the device fits under your clothing, you’re the only one who will know you’re wearing and using it.

You can use the Upright Go as a training device when you want to eliminate back pain and improve your posture. The first time that you use it, the app will immediately give you some general information. As you keep using it, the device will help you train your back and teach you how to avoid slouching or hunching over. As a tracking device, it keeps track of those movements over an extended period.

How Can You Use the Upright Go

What Comes in the Box

Where Can You Use it?

You might take one look at the Upright Go and assume that it’s the type of device that you can only use at home. Its small size makes this a great device for use away from home too. Those who spend long hours sitting at a desk at work can develop poor posture because they constantly lean forward to view the screen. You might find yourself hunching over near the end of the day too. The Upright Go device can alert you when you’re hunched over or when you slouch. It can also train you and teach you how to sit and stand everywhere you go.

We recommend the Upright Go for those who work from home too. Whether you work out of your living room, bedroom or home office, you probably don’t practice perfect posture every day. This small device will let you know when you need to adjust your position and when you get into a bad position. If you love traveling, you’ll find that you can take the Upright Go with you and even wear it on your trip. It conveniently fits under your clothing and lets you move freely. You only need to take it off when you’re around water.

Who's This for?

The Upright Go is suitable for anyone who has poor or bad posture. Do you suffer from aches and pains in your back and neck after finishing a big project at work? That pain can occur because you spent too much time leaning forward and staring at your computer screen or because you spent a few hours hunched over a table in the conference room. We recommend the Upright Go device for those who suffer from poor posture because of their jobs, including the work they do in an office or store and any work that they do at home.

This is also a suitable device for those who use poor posture when they stand or move. You might stand in a position with your chest and butt sticking out. This can weaken your core and make it hard for you to stand in any other way. There is also something called a flat back position, which is when you stand with the lower part of your back flat and your pelvis slightly tilted. If you spend a lot of time with your phone tucked under your chin or with your shoulders rounded, you might suffer from back pain too. The Upright Go can help with all types of neck and back pain.

Who's This for

What is Text Neck?

Text neck occurs when you spend time hunched over as you stare at a phone screen to send text messages or surf the web. It puts more pressure on your neck and can strain your upper back muscles.

Where to Buy?

Don’t even think about buying an Upright Go device until you check out this link. When you use our affiliate link, you can get a single Upright Go device or multiple devices for a lower price than you would find anywhere else. The price starts at just $79.95 for a single device, which is a savings of $20 off the regular retail price. With the Upright Go Bundle, you get the Upright Go device, travel case, charging cable, training tips guide, three alcohol swabs for cleaning your skin and nine adhesive strips that keep the device securely on your back. Other packages that you can purchase include:

Not only do the bundle deals help you save money, but they also come with free shipping for those who live in the United States. Our link also lets you take advantage of a special deal on adhesive pads. You can add a three-month supply of those strips to your order for only $6.97. That same supply of adhesive strips usually costs $9.95.

Where to Buy

Should You Buy it?


The chances are good that you tried quite a few remedies to reduce back pain in the past. Ice packs and heating pads are two of the more popular treatments. You might also exercise regularly or stretch the muscles in your back. Not all treatments work as well as others, which is why you might worry about spending money on yet another device that doesn’t work. We recommend that you check out the top pros of the Upright Go and then look at the cons to see if it’s worth your money.

Small and Compact Design

The problem with most posture correction devices is that you can only use them at home. Most of these devices look like braces that force your shoulders back and your chest up while pushing your stomach and back into different positions. Though some are suitable for wearing under your clothes, most are not. If you wear even the slightest of figure-hugging shirts, everyone can see the device sticking out. One nice feature of the Upright Go is that it is small and compact. You can wear it under any type of clothing without anyone knowing.

Easy to Use

No matter how much experience you have with posture trainers, you’ll have no problem using the Upright Go. It comes with alcohol swabs that you’ll use to clean your skin. You can then remove one of the adhesive strips from the packaging and attach one side to the back of the device and the other to your back. Though some prefer wearing it near the bottom of their necks, others like wearing it somewhere lower to keep it hidden beneath their clothing. Once you sync the device to the included app, you can get a detailed look at your posture and track your improvements over time.

Should You Buy it_Upright Go

What Stops the Adhesive from Sticking?

Trains You to Help Your Posture

A key benefit to the Upright Go is that it trains you and helps you improve your posture every day. You know you suffer from poor posture when your clothing doesn’t hang right and/or you experience regular pain around your back. When you decide to buy the Upright Go, you choose to change your posture, which is a step in the right direction. Unlike other devices that only work when you wear them, this gadget works when you don’t have it on too. As it vibrates every time that you slouch, it makes you more aware of your positions. With regular use, you will eventually learn how to avoid those positions when you’re not wearing the device.

Changes That You Can Feel

One thing we noticed when reading Upright Go’s reviews is that it produced changes that users could feel. After just one day of wearing the gadget, many noticed some pain around their cores and in their backs and sides. That pain occurred because they adjusted their bodies into new positions. Think of it this way: if you sit in the same chair every day at work and then moved to a new desk on your boss’s orders, you would probably feel weird and even a little strange. As you continue sitting in that seat, you’ll grow accustomed to your surroundings. The same thing is true of the Upright Go. The more you use it, the more familiar you’ll feel with it.

Symptoms and Signs of Poor Posture

There are clear signs that indicate you suffer from poor posture.

Changes That You Can Feel

Works Anywhere

Another reason why Upright Go is so popular is that you can wear it anywhere. One review claimed that the woman wore the device while riding the subway to work in New York City and on multiple errands around town. When she got home at the end of the day, it was still firmly in place. How long the device sticks to your skin can depend on factors such as how carefully you cleaned your skin before applying it and whether you sweated during the day. We recommend that you avoid wearing the gadget when you exercise because the sweat can wear down the adhesive. It’s suitable for wearing when you run errands, have fun on vacation or spend the day at work.

Strong Charge

With all the tech gadgets on the market today, many shoppers buy products based on how long they last in terms of their batteries. We noticed a few reviews that mentioned problems with the Upright Go battery. Even more, reviews claimed that it lasted longer than they expected. If you use the gadget a few times a day or for a few hours each day, it can last for two days or slightly longer. When you use the Upright Go more often, the battery should still last for one to two days.

Can the Upright Go Help with Sciatica Pain?

The sciatic nerve runs through a good portion of your body.

Strong Charge

The Upright Go can help those who suffer from pain caused by sciatica and those who suffer other common types of nerve damage. Some of the signs of sciatic nerve pain include:

Other Reasons the Upright Go is Worth the Investment


Now is a good time to consider some of the cons of this posture trainer. Quite a few Upright Go reviews claimed that the battery life was short. They said that it would sometimes last for one to two days but that it often died within 24 hours. Some claimed that the battery slowly wore down over time and eventually died after only five hours of use. There were also some complaints about the charging cord, namely how long it took to charge the battery.

There were also issues with how it corrected them. Some customers thought that the vibrations produced were too weak and that those motions didn’t cause them to improve or change their posture. If you have the same problem, you can use the app to adjust the vibrations and make them stronger. The tracking portion of the app could use some work too. While it remembers information about your daily usage, it registers those actions in five-minute increments. Unless you spend a total of five minutes slouched over, the app will not remember it.

Other Cons of the Upright Go

Upright Go Cons

The Competition

Comezy Back Posture Corrector

Most of the posture devices and trainers that compete with the Upright Go are bulky and hard to wear. One example is the Comezy Back Posture Corrector, which is suitable for men and women. It has a Y-design with two straps that you wear over your shoulders similar to how you would wear a backpack. The back of the device puts pressure on your body that forces you to align your back and shoulders. This corrector is bulky and can stick out when you wear tight clothing. It fits chest sizes of 26 to 40 inches.

AIYUE Back Brace

Another posture corrector that functions as a back brace is the AIYUE Back Brace. This is even larger than the last one and better for men than women. It uses a mesh fabric that helps the brace breathe as you work out and a soft velvet fabric on the inside that feels smooth against the skin. The base of the brace is large and wraps around your stomach. The brace also has a Velcro closure that lets you adjust the brace to fit your body. As it is bulky and heavy, it can feel uncomfortable. There’s no guarantee it will fit you either.

Benefits of Better Posture

Improving your posture comes with these benefits:

The Competition 3

Final Verdict

Those who think that back pain isn’t serious are those who never experienced it before. When you suffer from sciatica or another type of nerve damage, you might feel a pins and needles sensation in one or both legs and a shooting pain that leaves you curled up in a ball with a heating pad on your back. No matter what type of back pain you have, we recommend giving the Upright Go a try. This little device has great reviews from customers who use it daily. They love that they can wear it under their clothing without anyone knowing and that they can wear it the whole time they’re at work.

We like all the benefits that come from wearing and using the device too. Not only can it improve your posture the first day that you wear it, but it can train you on how to move and avoid the actions that cause back pain. The device works with an app that shows you how much time you spent with perfect posture compared to how much time you spent slouched over every day. You can compare those figures to see how well it works too. With our Upright Go review, you can find the best places to buy the device and all the reasons to invest in it.

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