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UPDATED June 2024

VIZR works like a personal driving competition to help you access apps and use tools on your phone. Our VIZR review goes over everything you love and dislike about the product.

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BOTTOM LINE: VIZR is a navigation and driving app aid that is meant to be set up in less than a minute. It is meant to help keep your eyes on the road and still follow your planned route, but there is a lot of skepticism about this product.



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What is VIZR?

VIZR is a product that tries to help you focus on the road ahead. This tool turns your smartphone into a heads-up display (HUD) and provides you with access to all your important apps.

One thing to know about this tool is that it’s compatible with all types of smartphones. It doesn’t matter if you have the latest Galaxy/iPhone or if you still use an old phone. All makes and models will work with its universal design.  You can mount it right in the center of your dash or right above your steering wheel to follow along with the navigation app as you drive.

What is VIZR - High fines and fees
What is VIZR - Possible jail time
What is VIZR - Damage to vehicles
What is VIZR - Increased insurance rates

Dangers of Distracted Driving

Who's This for?

This tool consists of a mounting device that mounts your phone to the dash. It also features a HUD that pops up on top of the phone to show you the route you’re on. You can use a few different features with this display such as a fighter jet mode. I

instead of showing you a simple road, this mode uses bright colors to make you feel like you’re in a cockpit. It also has a trip mode that shows you some information about your most recent trip, including the miles you drove and your average speed.

VIZR is a handy gadget to have when taking a road trip with family or friends. You no longer need to worry about taking your eyes off the road to check your GPS because the navigation you need is right in front of you. 

How to Set Up and Use the VIZR

  • Clean your dash: Any debris stuck to the surface of your vehicle will keep it from adhering properly.
  • Apply the device: To actually set up the VIZR in your car, place it flat on the dash with the adhesive side facing down. Once you find the right location for it, remove the strip from the adhesive and push down to attach that strip to the dash.
  • Choose your app: VIZR works with a number of different apps, including those you already have on your phone and those you download.
  • Adjust the display: It’s often helpful to sit behind the wheel in the same position that you use to drive. You can then move and adjust the screen until you can see clearly.
How to Set Up and Use the VIZR

Tips for Cleaning Your Dash

What Apps are Compatible with VIZR?

Though VIZR is a handy tool, you may wonder what types of apps you can use with it. You can use any of the popular navigation apps such as Google Maps and others that are already installed on phones today. Those apps show you how to get from one point to another and the number of miles between those points. 

You can also view different routes between those points and how long it will take to drive each one. The manufacturers of VIZR recommend other apps too, including:

  • FIXD App

Other Apps Compatible with VIZR

What Apps are Compatible with VIZR - WITH TEXT


When there is something wrong with the engine in your car, you will see a light that pops up telling you to check the engine. This can occur because of an electrical short in the wiring. The only way you can really know what’s wrong is with a trip to the mechanic, which can cost you a few hundred dollars or more. 

An alternative to the mechanic is a product such as FIXD. This is a tool that you plug in to run a diagnostic scan. It shows you exactly what’s wrong with the engine and what you need to do to turn that light off.

As long as you have the FIXD tool and app, you can use it with your new VIZR. The two apps are compatible and will work together to make your car last longer. 

Even if you have multiple apps downloaded and want to run a navigation app while driving, you can still use FIXD. You also have the option of using VIZR with another app without spending extra on the FIXD app.


Benefits of At Home Diagnostic Scanning

Should You Buy it?

Before buying the VIZR heads-up display, it’s important that you weigh the pros against the cons. Once you look at the VIZR app and how it works along with all of the other benefits, you may feel confident that it’s worth your money or that you shouldn’t waste your time with it.

How Much Does VIZR Cost?

The biggest question on your mind is probably how much it will cost to buy and set up a VIZR in your own car. This question is even more important when you want multiple devices to use in all your vehicles. Though some sites offer this product for sale, it’s not currently available on Amazon. The best place to buy it is from the official site. We included a link at the top of the page and another on the bottom of the page to that site.

One reason you should buy from the official site is because you can get a discount when buying more than one. You can get a single VIZR for just $39.99. When you buy three, the price drops to $79.99 or $26.66 per unit. This is like paying full price for two units and getting the third for free. The site also has a deal that lets you buy one for full price and get a second for half the retail price, which brings your total to $59.99. No matter how many VIZR units you decide to buy, you’ll also need to pay for shipping and handle, which the site charges on all orders. Free shipping is available in the United States for those who buy three or more units in a single order.

How Much Does VIZR Cost

How Does VIZR Financing Work?

When you buy from the official website, you can apply for financing and reduce the amount you need to pay upfront. Once you finish adding items to your virtual shopping cart, you can head to the checkout and enter your shipping information. When the site asks how you want to pay, click on the affirm button. This will lead you to a new page that asks some simple questions to decide whether you qualify for financing. If you qualify, the site will charge the card attached to your file each month for one-third of the total amount you owe.


Universal Design

The manufacturers of this gadget claim that it will work with both larger and smaller phones, including those from top companies such as Samsung and Apple. It creates a bright display that you can see from anywhere in your car. 

The universal design also ensures that this HUD will work in any vehicle too. Not only can you place it in your truck or SUV, but you can also use it in a van or car to more easily navigate.

Universal Design
No matter what type of smartphone you have, you can use it with the VIR

Follow the Law

Many states in the country have laws in place that forbid drivers from using electronic devices while in a moving vehicle. Though some states only ban teens and younger drivers from using those devices, others stop any driver from using one. With the VIZR, you can follow the laws in your state and still get the help that you need. As the large display shows you the directions and navigation that you need, you can easily get to a new destination without holding a device in your hand. It lets you see the information that you need while keeping a good focus on the road.

Durable Design

VIZR is one of a few heads-up displays that is resistant to damage. Its durable design is resistant to scratches and smears. Even if your hands are dirty, you can still see the screen and directions without any problems.

Limited Distractions

When you mount it on the dash right above your steering wheel, the screen sits right in front of your eyes. You get a clear view of everything on the screen but can still see straight through the windshield. One of the best benefits of this design is that it limits any of the distractions around you. 

The VIZR navigation updates in real-time. If you’re going around a curve, the arrow on the screen will turn at the same time that you do. This can help you make sure that you’re on the right road.


When using the VIZR, you can safely grab it and go whenever you want because of its slip-resistant design. That design helps you keep a grip on the phone when setting it up and removing it later. It also keeps the phone from slipping as you use it in your car.

Secure Mounting

VIZR does a really good job of keeping your phone securely attached to the dash. As it’s nearly six inches long, it can support the full weight of even the largest of phones now available. You can just as easily remove your phone when you reach your destination as you can attach it to the device before taking off.

What if the VIZR Adhesive Wears Off?

Secure Mounting - super glue
Secure Mounting - refund
Secure Mounting - clean the dash
Secure Mounting - Velcro strip


With so many HUD products on the market, you might wonder why you should spend your money on this one. The simple answer is that it’s one of the only products with an adjustable design. Have you ever used a more traditional mounting device to hold your phone on your dash? Those products typically only work in one or two ways and can stop you from seeing the screen clearly. Any glare coming through the window can get in your way too. The adjustable design of the VIZR allows you to move the display to the perfect position.

One-Year Warranty

Though some shoppers disliked the guarantee offered by the manufacturer, they did appreciate its warranty. The guarantee that you get only lasts for 30 days and will start as soon as the shipper confirms deliver. You also get a limited warranty that lasts for a full year. This warranty lets you exchange your VIZR for problems that occurred for a number of different reasons. It typically covers manufacturing errors that interfere with the design and use of the product. You can also request an exchange or a refund if it is not compatible with your phone or if it wouldn’t mount to your dash.

All Climates and Weather Conditions

When using a HUD that works with the windshield, you will have an even harder time seeing outside. VIZR is one of the few tools we found that works great in all climates and weather conditions. You can use it to stay safe whenever and wherever you drive.

Reasons to Use Navigation Apps

All Climates and Weather Conditions

Customer Service and Support

When you visit the official website, you can click on a button on the screen to view the contact information. Not only can you contact the manufacturer over the phone, but you can also get in touch via email. It’s very important that you have that contact information accessible, especially if you need to request a refund or want to exchange your VIZR.


Though I found a number of positive VIZR reviews, I wanted to highlight a few of the negative aspects of the product. The biggest of those is the guarantee offered by the manufacturer. While other companies that make similar products offer a guarantee that lasts for up to two full months, the guarantee on this one only lasts for 30 days. That might not be enough time for you to fully try it out and see how it works.

A few users had complaints about the apps that worked with the VIZR. They found that it wasn’t compatible with the navigation apps they preferred and that the compatible apps had too many glitches. 

Some users also had problems getting the adhesive to stick to their cars. You need to make sure that the dash is as clean as possible. If there is any dust or dirt left behind, the adhesive won’t stick.

One issue that might concern you is that VIZR will disable some of the features on your phone. Some users found that it blocked any incoming calls and that it stopped them from viewing their text messages. Others said that they had problems using their favorite apps and phone features later. As long as you limit the permissions that you give and turn the navigation apps off, you shouldn’t have any problems accessing all the features of your smartphone.

Reasons to Use VIZR Every Time You Drive

The Competition

Though VIZR is quite popular, it’s not the only HUD on the market. I want to take a look at some of the other displays that are now available and how they compare to the VIZR.

The first of those is the YICOTA 5.5” Original High Definition Car HUD. Its display is large in size at 5.5 inches and allows you to see clearly at any speed. One downside to the product is that it requires an OBD-II port, which is only available on newer models. It may not work in an older car or an import. 

The display uses a number of bright colors to distinguish between all the information on the screen. As it plugs into your motor, it can tell you how fast you’re driving and the voltage of your motor. This display is not compatible with as many apps as the VIZR is though.

Another option is the Wireless Heads-Up Display from Hudley, which is compatible with all makes and models of vehicles. This is a more traditional HUD that functions as the VIZR does. The large display lets you view navigation information and view routes when driving. 

It is compatible with many different apps, including Waze and Google Apps. All the information you need appears right on your screen in a convenient location that you can view without taking your eyes off the road. Though the display on this product is larger than the one on the VIZR, it’s also a little more expensive.

One of the more unique displays is the Vufine Wearable Display, which looks just like a pair of glasses. The frames are adjustable to fit your face and aren’t likely to cause discomfort when you wear the pair for an extended period of time. 

It comes with a magnetic docking station that charges the internal battery. That battery provides up to 90 hours of use. The high-quality display allows you to stream directions and even text messages right to your eye.

If you want something more affordable, you might consider the LEANINGTECH Car HUD Display. This cheaper HUD can give you an exact temperature reading from your motor, tell you the top speed you hit, and let you know the amount of charge your battery has. 

It’s not really the best choice for those who want to use navigation apps though because it’s not compatible with those apps. VIZR is the only HUD we found that works with apps to give you directions and tell you about your engine.

Common Reasons for Distracted Driving

The Competition

Final Verdict

You can easily use the FIXD app to keep an eye on maintenance issues such as when you need to change your oil or replace your fluids. Other apps make it easy to get the exact driving directions that you need when traveling to a new city or taking off on vacation. You can get the directions that you need without depending on someone telling you what to do and without constantly glancing down at your phone. 

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