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UPDATED June 2024

Get all the information that you need about the hottest and latest insoles with our Mindinsole review. We’ll give you the low down on these new shoe inserts.

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BOTTOM LINE: The manufacturers of Mindinsole created inserts that work like acupuncture on the soles of your feet. Though most shoppers had mixed results, some felt more energetic and had better circulation after using them.

PROS: Magnets inside these insoles soothe your feet and can make you feel better about yourself With just one pair inside your shoes, you can improve your circulation and have more energy.
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Mindinsole Review: Treat Your Feet

Whether you spend hours on your feet every day or work out a lot, you know that you put your feet through the wringer. Even if you wear the right shoes, you might feel aches and pains that worsen and suffer from bunions and other common problems. The minds behind Mindinsole wanted to create inserts that would reduce foot pain along the arches, balls and toes. They came up with new inserts that slide right into your feet and perform acupuncture with each step that you take. If you want to know the insoles work and whether you could benefit from a pair, we highly recommend reading through our entire Mindinsole review.

Named for Mind In Sole, these insoles use the idea that every part of the human body is connected. The pain and discomfort that you feel in your feet can lead to leg and hip pain, which can then impact your back and shoulders. Even if you tried inserts before and didn’t find any relief, you may want to invest in a pair of these. They use magnets that keep your feet cool and a combination of ridges and bumps that roll along the soles of your feet as you walk. By the end of this Mindinsole review, you’ll understand why thousands of customers love these insoles.




Who's This for?

Do you spend a lot of time on your feet every day? If you patrol for work, need to walk multiple times a day or stand in the same position for hours, you really need a pair of inserts that fit inside your shoes. Most inserts use some type of gel that acts as a cushion for your feet. That gel will make your feet feel cooler and more comfortable. Mindinsole is a new type of insert that can help you on the job and at home. These inserts work in both shoes and boots. They use a combination of magnets and massaging elements to eliminate all the stress and pressure that you feel. We highly recommend the insoles for those with certain job titles, including:

Mindinsole inserts are also a good choice for anyone who loves working out. Whether you run for a few miles every day or head to the gym to use some of your favorite equipment, you can wear this inserts to reduce the stress that you put on your feet. They can also keep your feet from sweating and overheating.

What You Can Do While Wearing Mindinsole Insoles

Who's This for - grocery shopping
Grocery shopping
Who's This for - run
Take a long run
Who's This for - Play outside
Play outside w/ the kids
Who's This for - gym
Hit the gym
Who's This for - amusement park
Visit an amusement park
Who's This for - shopping at the mall
Go shopping at the mall

How Do the Insoles Work?

The main reason these insoles work is that they feature a combination of magnets and acupuncture points. When you make an appointment for acupuncture, the professional will use sterile needles and insert one into each pressure point on your body or an area of your body. Acupuncture can help you reduce stress, battle certain medical conditions and feel healthier. These inserts work in the same way. Each one features a combination of points that the manufacturer calls acupoints. Those points apply a small amount of pressure to the right spots on your foot. You may find that you feel less stressed as soon as you take a few steps and that you feel even better as you walk around.

While similar inserts use just one type of acupoint, this pair uses three. You’ll find both micro and medium acupoints as well as 12 larger ones. Each one targets a different stress or pressure point in your foot. Each insole also features eight cooling magnets. Those magnets pull some of the heat away from your feet to keep your soles from sweating. We like that these magnets can keep you from overheating in the middle of a long day too.

Mindinsole Acupoints and Magnets Help with Pain and Heat

Benefits and Reasons to Use Mindinsole Inserts

It’s very important that you consider some of the benefits and reasons to use the Mindinsole inserts before you buy. We gathered information from both our experiences and the experiences listed in Mindinsole reviews to create a list of some of those benefits, which include:

  • Reduce pain: The sciatic nerve starts in the lower back and runs through the buttocks and hips down into the legs. Sciatic nerve pain can be excruciating and make you want to spend as much time as possible in bed. These inserts can reduce some of the pain you experience because of that condition and others. If you suffer from foot pain, you might want to check out our doc socks review.
  • Help you endure: Foot and leg pain can come on suddenly and last for hours or more, making it impossible for you to get through the day. Mindinsole inserts can help you endure and get through the day with less discomfort and pain.
  • Get more energy: You may have less energy than you normally do because you didn’t get enough sleep or because your body is fighting a virus. These inserts can actually help you get the energy that you need without downing a cup of coffee. That energy can help you get through the longest workouts and days at work.

How Do You Know if You Have Sciatic Pain?

Sciatic pain can occur because you overworked a muscle. It’s often hard to diagnose at home, but you can look at whether you suffer from symptoms such as:

Benefits and Reasons to Use Mindinsole Inserts - charlie horse
Benefits and Reasons to Use Mindinsole Inserts - shooting pain
Benefits and Reasons to Use Mindinsole Inserts - muscle spasm
Benefits and Reasons to Use Mindinsole Inserts - Back pain

Mindinsole Weight Loss: Can You Lose Weight?

One of the more common questions we found when researching Mindinsole insoles is whether they can help users lose weight. The weight loss industry makes more than $1 billion dollars a year and includes everything from food plans that ship meals to your home to bars and shakes that you can use in lieu of meals. While Mindinsole inserts might not be the first thing that you think of when looking at weight loss products, some users claimed that the insoles did help them. Most Mindinsole reviews for weight loss claim that they work because they form a connection between your mind and body and because they help you work out for longer periods of time.

Let’s say that you tried to lose weight before but found yourself slipping and indulging in sweet snacks instead of hitting the gym. When you wear these insoles in your shoes, you’ll notice that the acupoints hit your soles in all the right places. Those points help you connect your mind and body and serve as a constant reminder that you need to focus on your health and weight. The insoles can also give you the extra energy that you need to visit the gym before heading home or to take a run when you finish at work.

Signs That You Need to Lose Weight

Mindinsole Weight Loss - Can You Lose Weight - Body Mass Index
Mindinsole Weight Loss - Can You Lose Weight - physical activities
Mindinsole Weight Loss - Can You Lose Weight - simple tasks
Mindinsole Weight Loss - Can You Lose Weight - weight

How to Cut the Insoles

A key benefit of the Mindinsole inserts is that they come in a one size fits all option. The only things you need to cut down those insoles are a pair of scissors, some craft paper and a pen. You can follow our steps below.

Mindinsole: Where to Buy

The Mindinsole website makes it easy to buy these insoles and to read some of the benefits of using a pair. We also recommend using the official site to check out some of the other products available from the manufacturer, including:

Mindinsole inserts are also available from Amazon via the link shown at the top of the page. Some of the Mindinsole customer reviews we found claimed that shoppers had an easier time processing returns through Amazon than the official site.

Benefits of Reflexology

Mindinsole - Where to Buy - circulation around the body
Mindinsole - Where to Buy - depression
Mindinsole - Where to Buy - improves happiness
Mindinsole - Where to Buy - Relieves certain types of aches
Mindinsole - Where to Buy - weight loss

Should You Buy it?

The smartest buyers know that reading Mindinsole shoe insert reviews is the best way to see how the insoles work and what other shoppers loved about them. Though we included some of the benefits in our Mindinsole review, we wanted to create this section to focus on all the pros of these insoles.

Suitable for All Users and Sizes

One of the biggest things we like about the Mindinsole insoles is that each pair is suitable for all users and sizes. You no longer need to pick an insole based on your sex/gender or your shoe size. Each pair of Mindinsole insoles will fit any size shoe. If the insoles are too large for your shoes, you can use a pair of scissors to cut them down to the right shape and size. We like that you can use these in different types of footwear too, including:

According to the manufacturer, Mindinsole inserts will fit any man shoe of a size between seven and 12. The insoles will also work in women’s shoes in sizes ranging from six to 12.

Number and Location of Acupoints

Number and Location of Acupoints

Though similar shoe inserts also feature an acupuncture design, Mindinsole is the only pair that uses multiple acupoints to focus on all areas of your feet. The 270 smallest points work on your arches and heels to reduce the pressure that you ordinarily feel, while the 120 medium points target the sole’s pressure points. You’ll also find 12 larger points that roll across the bottoms of your feet to make you feel more comfortable as you walk. All those acupoints work together to hit an impressive 400 areas of your foot. Even if you need to cut down the inserts, those points will still target your feet.

Cooling Points

While the acupoints provide some relief, you will also feel some relief thanks to the cooling magnets used in the insoles too. Each insole features eight different magnets, which you can see in the images in this Mindinsole review. Though one magnet sits almost in the exact center of your heel, the other magnets target different areas of your arch up to your toes. Those magnets act in the same way the acupuncture points do to target some of the more stressful areas of the foot. They also help reduce the temperature of your feet to keep you from sweating or feeling overheated.

Easy to Use

A great reason to opt for the Mindinsole insoles is that they are so easy to use. If you ever used a similar pair before you might find problems such as:

These inserts are easy for anyone to use. Though you may need to trim the pair to fit your shoes/boots, you can follow the steps we provided and cut them down in just a few minutes. It’s then just a simple matter of sliding them into your shoes. Many people found that within a few days of using the insoles, they forgot they even had them.

Problems That Occur When Your Feet Overheat

Easy to Use - feet to sweat
Easy to Use - Athlete's Foot
Easy to Use - dry skin
Easy to Use - foot conditions

Other Benefits

As we read some of the top Mindinsole inserts reviews on the webs, we kept finding some of the same positive aspects of the product mentioned time and time again. Those pros include:

Signs of Athlete's Foot

Other Benefits - Skin that appears dry
Other Benefits - itching sensation
Other Benefits - Thick and crumbly toenails
Other Benefits - burning sensation

Is Mindinsole Legit? Cons to Consider

As you read through the pros of Mindinsole inserts, you might feel as if they are too good to be true. The truth is that there are some major issues associated with these insoles that you should consider. One of the largest issues is that you may have a hard time getting your money back later. Whether you buy from Amazon or the Mindinsole website, you can only request a full refund if the inserts are in new or like new condition. If you already tried them out and cut them to fit your shoes, the manufacturer will not give you a refund.

Some Mindinsole insoles reviews claimed that the product worsened their foot problems. Those who suffer from nerve damage caused by diabetes or other medical conditions should avoid these insoles. The lack of sensation you feel in your feet can lead to the insoles leaving behind rough spots on your feet or wearing off the skin on your soles. Even if you wear thick socks, the insoles can still cause some significant damage to your feet.

The Mayo Clinic released a study in 2005 that found patients dealing with foot pain experienced little to no relief when wearing magnetic insoles. This study pointed out that the placebo effect was in place. Rather than feeling any real relief, patients simply felt better because they assumed the product would work. This study did not look specifically at the Mindinsole inserts though. As this insoles use both magnetic and acupuncture elements, you may find that they offer more relief than magnetic insoles alone can.

Primary Cons of the Mindinsole Insoles

Is Mindinsole Legit Cons to Consider - Ads and product descriptions
Is Mindinsole Legit Cons to Consider - cost less
Is Mindinsole Legit Cons to Consider - website charges much more
Is Mindinsole Legit Cons to Consider - not feel as comfortable

The Competition

After weighing the pros and cons and reading different Mindinsole customer reviews, you may want to consider some of the alternatives that are out there. The biggest alternative to Mindinsole insoles are the Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts. If you live close to Walmart or another major big box store, you can use one of the company’s orthotic machines to see what type and size you need. Amazon offers these same inserts at a lower price. You can choose from designs with more or less support for your arches and designs for those with flat or high arches. All of these inserts feature microfiber on top that stays soft and cool on your feet.

Timberland, the same company that makes so many different types of shoes and boots, also makes the PRO Anti-Fatigue Insole. Designed to replace the insoles in most of its products, they will also work in shoes from other manufacturers. You can use the size chart to determine what size you need. The insoles use a foam material that absorbs shocks and pressure as you walk and run. As an anti-fatigue insole, it further reduces pressure and stress to help you get through a long day without your feet running out of steam.

The problem with most insoles and inserts is that you need to choose one designed for men or women. We found a few products that will work equally well for users of both sexes. One of those products is the Physix Gear Sport Orthotic Inserts. Suitable for those who workout multiple times a week, they can stand up to the most demanding of physical activities. Each insole uses both PU materials and an EVA foam. Those materials absorb odors and sweat to keep your feet dry and cool. The insoles have both an ergonomic and nonslip design too.

We also like the HappyStep Shoe Insoles. While some companies only give you one insole, this set comes with a pair that fits in both your right and left shoes. This is one of the only insoles that uses the same memory foam used in your pillows and mattress. The memory foam will mold to the exact shape and design of each foot and then bounce back when you take off your shoes. It is lightweight and provides some good support for your feet. As with the Mindinsole inserts, you can cut these to the shape and size that you need.

If you want insoles that will fit perfectly in your running shoes, you might prefer a product such as the WERNIES Sneaker Insoles. Designed specifically for running shoes, these insoles come in blue, sky blue, gray and red options. Each pair features a thin layer of material near the toes and a thicker sole under your heels. They use foam that molds to your feet and gel that keeps your feet cooler. You can wear this pair when on vacation as you take in all the local attractions and activities. The inserts are also suitable for professionals who want to feel comfortable at work.

How Dr. Scholl's Custom Inserts Work

To get custom orthotic inserts from a machine owned by Dr. Scholl’s, you must first use the web to find a store in your area that offers one of those machines. You may need to wait in line or come back when the machine is active. Some of the steps you need to take to use the machine include:

The Competition - Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts
Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit
Orthotic Inserts
The Competition - PRO Anti-Fatigue Insole
PRO Anti-Fatigue
The Competition - Physix Gear Sport Orthotic Inserts
Physix Gear Sport Orthotic Inserts
The Competition - HappyStep Shoe Insoles
Shoe Insoles
The Competition - WERNIES Sneaker Insoles
Sneaker Insoles

Final Verdict

As so many people question the validity of the Mindinsole inserts and whether they can actually do everything the manufacturer claims, we wanted to create a Mindinsole review that focused on more than just the top reasons to invest in a pair. In our section on the cons of the product, we included all the reasons you might want to spend your money on other inserts. Most readers find that the pros outweigh all those issues though.

The Mindinsole inserts offer a number of health benefits. A simple pair can improve your circulation, keep your feet from sweating, give you the energy to get through a long day and even help you lose weight. We hope that our Mindinsole review provided you with all the resources and information that you needed to buy a pair for your own shoes.

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