Vivian Lou Review

UPDATED May 2024

Vivian Lou insoles are the first insoles designed for women who wear high heels. Find out the benefits in our Vivian Lou insoles review.

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BOTTOM LINE: You can get rid of the heel and foot pain associated with wearing high heels with Vivian Lou insoles. They fit perfectly inside most high heels and come in different sizes to ensure a comfortable fit.

PROS: The insoles work with any shoes that have a heel height of two inches or higher.
CONS: Some thought the insoles caused more pain than they usually experienced. There were also complaints that the insoles slipped out of their shoes after a few uses.

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What is Vivian Lou Insoles?

High heels can help show off your legs and put a spring in your step. When you wear heels for work or special occasions though, you might notice some discomfort at the end of the day.
According to the American Osteopathic Association, many heels force feet into uncomfortable positions that put too much pressure on the balls of the feet. High heels in general are also known to cause a lot of potential damage to one’s feet.
Abby Walker experienced the same problems, which is why she created these insoles. Vivian Lou insoles are products designed to help you wear high heels for up to four times as long as you usually do with little to no discomfort. The validity of these claims, while they do have some backing, should be taken with discretion.
What is Vivian Lou Insoles
Vivian Lou claims to make some of the only insoles that you can't feel when using them. Some customers dispute this claim.
Whether you like shoes with a high wedge heel or those with pointy toes, you can wear these insoles. They come in different sizes that you pick based on your shoe size.
The insoles appeared on the pages of magazines such as Redbook and Real Simple as well as on some television programs and blogs. You can learn everything you need to know in our Vivian Lou insoles review.

How Do Vivian Lou Insoles Work?

Most of the insoles that are available today are designed for flat shoes such as the ballet flats you wear to work or the running shoes you wear to the gym. Vivian Lou designed insoles that work with high heels.
As long as your heels have a two-inch or higher design, you can use the insoles. Unlike other insoles that come in a one-size-fits-all design, the company makes insoles meant for specific shoe sizes.
According to the company, they are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), and their product has received the APMA Seal of Acceptance.
These insoles change the position of your foot inside a shoe. The insoles shift your weight and push the heel bone up giving more stability in the ankles. The insoles also add more padding under the balls of your feet, which is meant to take some of the pressure off.

his image uses shades of red and yellow to show the more intense pain experienced with other insoles compared to these insoles. These claims are made directly by the company.

How Do Vivian Lou Insoles Work

How Can You Use Vivian Lou Insoles?

The most important thing to keep in mind when ordering Vivian Lou insoles is the size that you need. Sizes range from petite to large and fit shoe sizes up to a US 12. Each insole features a strong adhesive on the bottom.
You need to purchase a set of insoles for each pair of shoes that you wear. If you use the insoles in one pair and then remove them to use them in another pair, the adhesive will not work right. Not only can it wear away from the shoes, but the adhesive can break down and cause the insoles to slide out and leave behind a sticky residue that is hard to remove.
Before adding the insoles, you will want to clean the interior of your shoes to remove any debris. You can then place the insole inside the shoe with the adhesive side facing down. Once it’s inside, press down on the bottom to make sure it extends from the toe to the heel.
You will also want to rub your hands back and forth across the insole to make sure that the adhesive sticks to your shoe. After you repeat this process on the opposite side, you can grab your heels and go.

Vivian Lou Insoles Size Chart

Where Can You Use it?

You might use Vivian Lou insoles in different situations, including:
Vivian Lou insoles are also suitable for any of the special occasions on your event calendar. Many women wear high heels on their wedding days because they want the confidence that they feel in those heels. Between the long ceremony and the even longer reception, you might hurt so bad at the end of the night that you just want to soak your feet.
They’re also a good choice for other types of events such as:

What Types of Shoes Will the Insoles Fit?

Where Can You Use it

Who's This for?

These insoles are made by Vivian Lou for women who want to wear high heels without feeling uncomfortable. The company says that these insoles are for women who love high heels but hate pain. Whether you want to wear a pair for a few hours to dance the night away with your gal pals or for a full day at work, you can slip a pair in your favorite heels.
They recommend buying more than one pair to make sure that you have enough to fit all of your shoes. They work in any shoe with a heel height of at least two inches.

How Long Do Vivian Lou Insoles Last?

Once you properly install them, the insoles can last up to the life of your heels.

Vivian Lou Options

The name Vivian Lou appears on three different types of insoles that each has some benefits for users. Most women buy the Classic version, which the company made with the help of a podiatrist according to their website. They have a unique design with a wider section beneath your toes and a thinner section below your heels.
The company used that design and gave it a tweak to create the Couture. These insoles have a slimmer design and can fit easily into your favorite designer heels. They won’t peek out over the sides and are invisible to the naked eye. Some of the benefits of the Couture include:
There are now Vivian Lou Cradle insoles available too. Vivian Lou designed these insoles for women who suffer from intense pain in their heels when wearing certain types of shoes.
They look like small cups that you place in the heels of your shoes, and the cups cradle your heels to reduce pain and discomfort. As with most claims of foot pain results will vary and some of the more extreme claims of instant recovery are dubious at best.

Tips for Picking the Right Size Insoles

Vivian Lou Options

Where to Buy?

We make it easy for you to find and buy Vivian Lou insoles because you can use this link. Our affiliate link offers some great deals and discounts that are available whenever you click that link. Other sites will direct you to a page that offers a limited time only deal that is only good for a few minutes after you click. You can avoid those high-pressure sales tactics and use our link to find deals such as:

When you choose the second deal, you’ll save $29.99 on the regular price of that order. The third deal lets you save $89.97 on the original price. Both of those deals also come with free shipping and handling. If you order only one pair, you’ll need to pay extra for shipping and handling. Free shipping is available to all buyers living in the United States. You can also pay with a credit card or debit card as well as with PayPal or Shopify when you order through our link.

How to Return Insoles if You're Not Happy

Vivian Lou allows shoppers to return their insoles if they aren’t happy. They’ll get a full refund minus the shipping and handling charges.

Should You Buy it?

As with any product, we would never tell you to buy the Vivian Lou. We think it is best for you to look at the pros and cons and come to your own conclusion. Depending on what you are looking for you may wish to buy these insoles, or you may want to keep looking elsewhere.

Slim and Thin Design

When you look at some of the other insoles designed for use with high heels, you may notice that most are bulky and thick. They mimic the design of the insoles that you wear when jogging or exercising.
Vivian Lou insoles are thinner and slimmer because high heels are different from other types of shoes. Measuring only 0.5cm at their thickest point, these insoles don’t take up nearly as much space.

Possible Pain Reduction

Heels push your body into an unnatural position that might make you put too much pressure on your feet and joints. Vivian Lou insoles may reduce the pressure and pain on the heels, ankles, and toes of some individuals.
As with all claims of pain reduction, these should be taken with a heavy grain of salt. While many do seem to experience positive effects from using Vivian Lou, it is still by no means a guarantee.
Should You Buy it

Wearing high heels have some benefits you might not know.

Benefits of Wearing High Heels

Works in All Shoes

Vivian Lou insoles work in all types of high heels. The company recommends using them with heels that have a height of between two inches and four inches. Two-inch heels include kitten heels and four-inch heels can include stilettos.

Pick Your Size

While Vivian Lou makes insoles that fit multiple sizes, the range is small. This creates a better fit for more exact shoe sizes. These insoles won’t add bulk or weight to your shoes and work with all types of heels. You can pick the right size based on American or European sizes.

Hazards of Wearing High Heels

Pick Your Size

Wearing high heels every day can cause some problems in the future

Other Reasons to Choose Vivian Lou Insoles

Reasons to Skip the Insoles

Though some thought that the insoles were soft and comfortable, others thought that they were hard and uncomfortable. The material used in the construction of the insoles can feel a little rough and hard when you first wear them.
Shoppers also experienced more problems due to the adhesive used on the bottom of the insoles. This includes a lack of stickiness that caused the insoles to slide out of their shoes and poor adhesive that caused the insoles to shift as they walked.
If you do not properly clean and install the insoles, the adhesive can wear down even faster. It usually wears off on the sides first, which allows dust and lint to accumulate inside your shoes. That build-up can cause the insoles to come out even faster.
Depending on how much time you spend in high heels, you may notice no difference when wearing the Vivian Lou insoles.

Other Cons of Vivian Lou Insoles

Reasons to Skip the Insoles

The Competition

Vivian Lou does not have the market cornered on insoles for high shoes. Dr. Scholl’s makes these High Heel Relief Insoles. One pair will fit shoes between sizes 6 and 10 and use a gel material.
You do not need to trim the insoles unless they are too large for your shoes. The gel material isn’t suitable for all women though. It can leave your feet slipping around inside your shoes and wear down quickly, which will keep the insoles from working.
High Heel Relief Insoles
Another product that some women might like is the Ballotte Ball of Foot Cushions. Similar to the Cradle product that Vivian Lou makes, these cushions are small in size. You fit each one into the bottom of your shoe in the toebox.
They have a sticky design that lets them stick to your shoes without sliding around. Though they are reusable, most can only use them once or twice before they stop sticking. The insoles add more padding to your toes to reduce the discomfort that comes from wearing heels or pointy shoes.
Ballotte Ball of Foot Cushions
Viewm Soft Black Insoles come in both pointed and round designs to specifically fit shoes with toes of either type. You can buy a single pair or a set that comes with multiple pairs.
One issue found with this product is that it has a large piece on the back that can stick over the tops of your shoes. The insoles come in multiple colors because you can pair them with your shoes. The sponge used in the construction of the insoles is quite thick. It can keep your shoes from fitting comfortably.
Viewm Soft Black Insoles
The 10A Girl Heel Cushion Inserts come in two sizes that fit women who wear between a 4.5 and a 7 and those who wear up to a size 11 shoe. The insoles use a nonslip sponge that keeps your foot from sliding inside a shoe.
That material can rub uncomfortably against your feet though, especially if you wear a pair of heels for hours. Some women liked the extra padding on the back though as it kept their shoes from digging into their heels. The insoles come in several colors too.
10A Girl Heel Cushion Inserts

Final Verdict

While you might experience some discomfort because you wear the wrong size, foot pain can also occur because of the shoes that you wear too. High heels change your center of gravity and disrupt your natural balance. They also change the way you walk and stand, which can cause some pain.
While Vivian Lou insoles might not cure all the pain that you experience, they might let you spend more hours in your favorite pair of high heels.
Available in multiple sizes for women, these insoles change the way your feet fit into shoes and shift your weight to take the pressure off both your ankles and toes. They won’t change the way your shoes fit and will work with the socks or tights that you wear every day. Thanks to our Vivian Lou insoles review, you can view all the benefits of these insoles in one convenient place.

Edited and fact-checked by Jacob Wilson:

Edited and fact-checked by Jacob Wilson:

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